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For market analysists, a rush to cash in on the branch of AI that deals with text comprehension is leveraging long-standing ties between university researchers and systematic investors — and opening a new frontier in so-called sentiment analysis. #business #tech #wallstreet #openai #chatgpt #chatbots #ai #tech

Die Anleger hoffen auf eine baldige Lockerung der Geldpolitik der US-Notenbank Fed. Eventuell steht sogar eine Zinssenkung in Aussicht. Doch die Zinseuphorie nach den jüngsten Konjunkturdaten rückt in den Hintergrund.#Wirtschaft #AnlegerundUnternehmen #DowJones #WallStreet
Dow Jones schließt im Minus: Verluste bei Energietiteln lassen Zinseuphorie verpuffen
Vor der Veröffentlichung des neuen Arbeitsmarktberichts halten sich die Anleger an der Wall Street bedeckt. Staatsanleihen sind gefragt, ihre Rendite sinkt folglich.#Wirtschaft #WallStreet #DowJones #Aktienkurse #Aktienhandel
Tech-Werte gefragt: Rally des Dow gerät ins Stocken
Loki the Cat
2 days ago

Move over Wall Street bankers, it's time for AI to make some serious cash! 💰💼 According to McKinsey, generative AI tools could add a whopping $340 billion to their profits. Who needs human productivity when you've got ChatGPT spitting out financial poetry? 😹📈 Brace yourself, finance sector, the robots are coming... and they're here to steal your sales, marketing, and call center jobs! #AI #WallStreet #MischiefManaged

Nach einem starken Lauf in den letzten Wochen geht es an den US-Börsen erstmal wieder abwärts. Vor allem bei den Technologiewerten nehmen Anleger Gewinne mit. Der Bitcoin dagegen profitiert von Spekulationen auf anstehende Zinssenkungen.#Wirtschaft #WallStreet #Aktienkurse #Aktienhandel #DowJones
Bitcoin erlebt Renaissance: US-Börsen legen Rückwärtsgang ein
Schwache US-Wirtschaftsdaten sorgen an der Wall Street für derart gute Stimmung, dass der Dow ein neues Jahreshoch erklimmt. Einige Anleger wetten nun schon für Januar auf die erste Zinssenkung der Fed.#Wirtschaft #DowJones #WallStreet #Zinspolitik #Fed #JeromePowell
Zinsabwärtstrend pusht Kauflaune: Dow Jones stößt auf Jahreshoch vor
Alex Neihaus
6 days ago

THIS is why you should _never_, *ever* do business with a financial institution that offers to "save trees" (aka, reduce their costs) by forgoing paper statements.

It could all disappear in a collision with a cosmic ray.

#finance #banking #investments #fidelity #wallstreet

Fidelity Investements' website cannot display account balances. Woe unto those who don't get paper statements.
Zum Ausklang eines starken Börsenmonats entwickeln sich die wichtigsten US-Aktienindizes in unterschiedliche Richtungen. Der Dow profitiert von starken Salesforce-Zahlen und geht mit einem satten Plus aus dem Handel.#Wirtschaft #DowJones #Aktienkurse #Aktienhandel #WallStreet
Kurssprung bei Salesforce: Dow schwingt sich auf höchsten Stand seit fast zwei Jahren
Die Hoffnungen auf eine geldpolitische Entspannung geben Aktienkursen zunächst etwas Schwung, doch im Laufe des Handelstages verpuffen die Gewinne wieder.#Wirtschaft #DowJones #Aktienkurse #Aktienhandel #WallStreet
Ölpreis klettert weiter: Wall Street tritt auf der Stelle
Hochrangige Vertreter der US-Notenbank denken laut über kommende geldpolitische Lockerungsschritte nach. Das hört man an der Wall Street gern, die US-Indizies schließen im Plus. Auch der Goldpreis steigt, und das schon den vierten Tag in Folge.#Wirtschaft #DowJones #WallStreet #Aktienkurse #Aktienhandel
Gewinne an den US-Börsen: Fed-Banker lassen Anleger aufhorchen
1 week ago

Inside #PolandSpring’s Hidden Attack on #WaterRules It Didn’t Like

By Hiroko Tabuchi | Oct. 24, 2023 | New York Times

"When #Maine lawmakers tried to rein in large-scale access to the state’s #freshwater this year, the effort initially gained momentum. The state had just emerged from #drought, and many Mainers were sympathetic to protecting their snow-fed #lakes and #streams.

“Then a #WallStreet-backed giant called #BlueTriton stepped in.

“BlueTriton isn’t a household name, but its products are. Americans today buy more bottled water than any other packaged drink, and BlueTriton owns many of the nation’s biggest brands, including Poland Spring, named after a natural spring in Maine that ran dry decades ago.

“Maine’s bill threatened BlueTriton’s access to the #groundwater it bottles and sells. The legislation had already gotten a majority vote on the committee and was headed toward the full Legislature, when a lobbyist for BlueTriton proposed an amendment that would gut the entire bill.

“'Strike everything,' starts the proposed amendment, which was written in a Word document that contained a digital signature showing that it had been created by Elizabeth M. Frazier, who represents BlueTriton and is one of the most influential #lobbyists in Maine. The document was e-mailed by Ms. Frazier to lawmakers in the days after the committee vote.

“After BlueTriton’s intervention, the committee pulled the bill back. The company’s actions, which haven’t previously been reported, were described to The New York Times by three state legislators. The Times also reviewed several of the e-mails sent by Ms. Frazier as well as the Word document.

“'We couldn’t believe it. Their amendment strikes the entire bill,' said Christopher Kessler, a Democratic state representative who represents South Portland and a committee member who voted to advance the bill. 'Because all this happened behind closed doors, the public doesn’t know that Poland Spring stalled the process.'

“Bottlers have faced increasing scrutiny for the millions of throwaway #plastic bottles they produce, the marketing message that their products are safer or healthier than tap water, and for a business model in which they buy freshwater, often at low cost, only to sell it back to the public at much higher prices.

“And while the bottled-water business doesn’t use nearly as much groundwater as the nation’s thirstiest industries, like agriculture, the pressure on bottlers is building as awareness grows of the stress that intensive pumping can place on local water supplies. A Times investigation this year revealed that many of the aquifers that supply 90% of the nation’s water systems are being severely depleted as overuse and #GlobalWarming transform fragile #ecosystems.

“BlueTriton has been caught up in issues of local opposition and water use, and not only in Maine. The company also is fighting for access to water sources in numerous states, including #Michigan, #Colorado and others.

“In response to detailed questions, BlueTriton on Monday pointed The Times to a new page on its corporate website. 'After thoughtful consideration, BlueTriton opposes the proposed legislation,' the page says, because the bill 'would make it unaffordable for any large-scale water purchaser, including Poland Spring, to invest in infrastructure and operations.'

“Ms. Frazier didn’t respond to detailed questions.

“Groundwater use is regulated by states, not the federal government, which means there is little national coordination, monitoring or management of a vital natural resource. Maine’s bill seeks, among other things, to put a seven-year limit on contracts for large-scale freshwater pumping by corporations that ship water out of Maine, and to make the deals subject to local approval. That would block BlueTriton’s current efforts to lock in contracts up to 45 years long for pumping water.

“'We couldn’t believe it,' State Representative Christopher Kessler said of the lobbying effort.

“Industries and other interest groups routinely try to influence lawmaking, and there has been no suggestion that Ms. Frazier violated any rules. But it seemed 'unusual procedurally' for a corporation to propose rewriting an entire bill after it had already advanced within the Legislature, said Anthony Moffa, associate professor at the University of Maine School of Law.

“State senator Mark Lawrence, a Democrat who heads the committee considering the bill, said the committee would consider amendments proposed by any interested person or party. In Maine, 'a lot of the legislation that’s proposed is written by lobbyists, companies, different people like that,' he said.

“Mr. Lawrence also said that, at the same time the amendment was proposed, several members had begun to express fresh concerns that the State Legislature would be setting overly stringent curbs on contracts.

“BlueTriton finds itself pitted against local water boards, environmentalists and other groups across the country.

“In Colorado, environmental groups have been battling a 10-year contract that BlueTriton renewed with a semi-arid county to pump water from the Upper Arkansas River Basin, a region affected by historic drought.

“In #California, BlueTriton has publicly criticized and vowed to fight a cease-and-desist order issued by the state’s water board to stop diverting millions of gallons of water from a spring in San Bernardino County.

“In Michigan, lawmakers have proposed legislation that would close a loophole that enables BlueTriton and other commercial water users to pump water from the protected Great Lakes watershed. Known as the 'bottled-water loophole,' it allows for water to be used this way if it’s in containers that are 5.7 gallons or less.

“On its new corporate page, BlueTriton said 'there is no evidence of adverse impacts to the aquifer' in Colorado, and that California’s ruling 'negatively impacts every water agency and farmer in California that relies on groundwater, and in doing so, indirectly harms every Californian.'

“BlueTriton is a major presence in Maine, drawing water from eight locations around the state. It is currently trying to lock in a new contract of up to 45 years to pump water in Lincoln a former mill town.

“That would be BlueTriton’s second decades-long contract in the state, the kind of deals that would run afoul of the State Legislature’s proposed 7-year cap. The company’s pursuit of these deals, and the uncertainties of how climate change may affect Maine’s water supplies in the future, is what inspired the legislation, said Margaret M. O’Neil, the Democratic state legislator who introduced the bill.

“'We’re seeing our communities get locked into these contracts that are going to last, basically, the rest of my lifetime,' which is too risky, she said, considering climate uncertainties.

“In 2016-17 and in 2020-22, Maine experienced significant drought, followed by wet years. The state has also started seeing what scientists call 'snow drought.' As winters warm because of #ClimateChange, #snowpack and groundwater recharge can dwindle.

“John Mullaney, a hydrologist with the USGS's New England Water Science Center, said that a warming climate meant Maine was likely to experience more variability, with stronger rains but also worsening drought. 'The question is, what will we be able to do in 50 years,' he said. 'There might be changes that need to be made, including reducing groundwater extraction.'

“Industry groups emphasize that Maine still has ample groundwater and that bottled water accounts for only a small portion of its use compared to practices like irrigation. They also stress bottled water’s value in emergencies when drinking water is disrupted.

“And in Maine, BlueTriton has a powerful local ally: local water utilities, which say the revenue generated by selling water to bottlers helps keep costs down for everyone else.

“'Turning away a customer that’s seeking to pay money to the utility because of an alleged problem with extraction would be contrary' to ratepayers’ interests, said Roger Crouse, a board member at the Maine Water Utilities Association. 'If they have a contract that could be expiring in seven years, and the math doesn’t work out, they’re going to have to invest their money somewhere else.'

“Still, hydrologists warn that bottled water should not be discounted as an additional strain on aquifers and watersheds, as well as on residential wells. Last month, the US Geological Survey began its first-ever study of how the activities of the bottled water industry result in changes to groundwater levels, spring flows and water quality. 'Withdrawals, no matter what the use, influence movement of groundwater,' Cheryl Dieter, a hydrologist who is leading the study, said in an interview.

“BlueTriton itself is a creation of Wall Street. It is owned by the private equity funds One Rock Capital Partners and Metropoulos & Co., which paid $4.3 billion in 2021 to buy Nestlé’s North American bottled-water business.

“In Maine, some neighbors of BlueTriton, like Natalie DiPentino, are skeptical of the company for more personal reasons.

“Ms. DiPentino, who lives near Lincoln, can’t prove it but wonders if pumping by Poland Spring contributed to a crisis in her home during a drought in 2017, when her well ran dry along with those of several neighbors. Her family had to haul buckets of river water to flush the toilet, she said. Stores nearby ran out of bottled water.

“After learning about BlueTriton’s proposed 45-year contract at its Lincoln facility, she led calls for a public hearing, arguing that deals were being cut behind closed doors and that Poland Spring would be paying too little, $15,000 a month, for millions of gallons of water. 'You don’t know how badly you need water until you don’t have it in your house,' she said.

“The hearing she sought is now scheduled for next month."

Full article:

#WaterIsLife #WaterCrisis #BigWater #WaterRights

Die US-Aktienmärkte tun sich weiter mit einer klaren Richtung schwer. Mit moderaten Verlusten knüpfen sie an ihre verhaltene Entwicklung vom Freitag zum Ende einer starken Woche an. Investoren warten auf weitere Zinshinweise von der Fed.#Wirtschaft #WallStreet #DowJones #Fed #Zinspolitik
"Cyber Monday" treibt Amazon: Wall Street schließt mit moderaten Verlusten
Jeffrey Yost
2 weeks ago

Imitating Insiders

The bot is imitating human traders well, same insider trading, same lying about it. That does not constitute thinking or intelligence, just the opposite, mindless imitation.

@histodons #tech #AI #trading #wallstreet #history

Nach dem Feiertag wird in den USA nur verkürzt gehandelt. Impulse sind Mangelware. Der Blick richtet sich bereits auf das OPEC+-Treffen. Von dort könnten indirekt gute Nachrichten für die Einzelhändler kommen.#Wirtschaft #WallStreet #Aktienhandel
Fokus auf Weihnachtsgeschäft: Wall Street mit dünnen Gewinnen
ambi 💫
2 weeks ago

As much fun as it is to watch #WallStreet sweat.... for a bit, I can't not see a faux revolutionary grin on this movie.


#DumbMoney #film #movies

Paul Dano, wearing red bandana, in kitty t-shirt, raises up glass of beer: "Let's drink to that."
2 weeks ago
In den USA gilt der Brückentag nach Thanksgiving seit langem als umsatzstärkster Tag des Jahres. Über die Schnäppchenjagd, die auch in Deutschland bei Firmen und Verbrauchern immer beliebter wird, spricht Dietmar Deffner mit bei WELT TV Jan-Patrick Barnert von Bloomberg News.#Wirtschaft #BlackFriday #Schnäppchen #WallStreet #DietmarDeffner #USA #TV #Karriere
Börse am Mittag: „Chancen für Santa-Rally an Wall Street stehen nicht schlecht“ - Video - WELT
Einen Tag vor Thanksgiving legen die US-Börsen den Vorwärtsgang ein. Robuste Konjunkturdaten sorgen bei den Händlern für gute Stimmung.#Wirtschaft #WallStreet #Aktienkurse #Aktienhandel #DowJones
Gewinnmitnahmen bei Nvidia: Wall Street vor Thanksgiving in Feierlaune
2 weeks ago

#Nasdaq knapp +15% seit Ende Oktober...
und viele offene #Gaps.
#Thanksgiving traditionell fester, aber im Anschluss die Konsolidierung?

#Börse #Wallstreet

In der heutigen Folge „Alles auf Aktien“ sprechen die Finanzjournalisten Anja Ettel und Nando Sommerfeldt über die unheilvolle Xmas-Trübsal, die verschobene Zinswette der Wall Street und flüchtiges Glück bei Morphosys.#Sommerfeldt-Nando #Börse #AllesaufAktienPodcast #Zinsen #Ettel-Anja #Morphosy #Microsoft #AmericanEagleOutfitter #AMD #Volkswagen #DWS #Rheinmetall #SiemensEnergy #Intel #WallStreet #AnjaEttel #NandoSommerfeldt #ApplePodcast #WKN #Terrorismus
Börsen-Podcast: Unglaubliche Nvidia-Zahlen – wie weit der KI-Hype noch reicht
Die Erholungsrally an den US-Börsen gerät eins Stocken: Die US-Börsen gehen mit leichten Verlusten aus dem Handel.#Wirtschaft #DowJones #Aktienkurse #Aktienhandel #WallStreet
US-Einzelhändler gehen baden: Rally der US-Börsen erhält Dämpfer
jesuiSatire …ᘛ⁐̤ᕐᐷ
3 weeks ago


Remember #gameStop, that #reddit #shortSqueez of the /r #wallStreetBets that made it to the #news?

Guess what, they made a #movie about it ..


How ever forget?
I laughed so hard when I saw the dip sh**'s on CNBC whining and yelling, I guess my neighbor fell out of his bed:
"Fraud! They are about to getting their fair share! .. That's impossible! That's not fair!"

#stocks #markets #WallStreet

A screen picture of the movie "Dumb Money".
Martin Nutty
3 weeks ago


I think #ElonMusk is asset rich, but a lot of his money is tied up in #Tesla stock. To keep #Twitter going he’ll likely have to liquidate his stock.

The alternative, of borrowing money from banks, is no longer an option given the mismanagement of #X. For the #WallStreet folks, that would be throwing good money after bad


3 weeks ago

Another fascinating episode of the #SearchEnginePodcast "The #Bull of #WallStreet," diving down the history hole of artists, #Manhattan in the 1970s, and that famous brass bull #sculpture.

Poetry News
1 month ago

We look to Wall Street for solace
And welcome the Fed's words of encouragement
We cast our gaze at Asian markets
In search of that needed assurance
Jamie's insight helps guide our way
Providing insight for us each day

#wallstreet #asianmarkets #financialmarkets #jamiemcgeever #ode #poetry

1 month ago

#Revolution missing in the #movie “Dumb Money”


This movie is probably the most miserable attempt to sell a pathetic trick as a revolution!

Some have become rich with the stocks and a hedge fund has been hit, but where is the revolution and redistribution? It’s not about taking advantage of a pathetic trick to get rich yourself, but about smashing the exploitative
#system. The question of whether the criminals from Wall Street were even allowed to stop trading and block the app was not clarified at all. How are you supposed to defeat them if they keep changing the game rules in their favor?

The movie is probably the worst kind of spoof of wanna-be revolutionaries.

#cinema #entertainment #exploitation #WallStreet #Finanace #Gamestop #economy #politics #money #fail #news #capitalism #crime #rich #wealth #power #internet #hedgefond

New Headache for #Bosses: #Employees Aren’t #Quitting
Turnover declined so steeply some large #employers find themselves over budge, requiring leaders to weigh whether to postpone projects or to cut additional staff as end of year approaches. Some executives say they have been surprised at how quickly #labor-market flipped, posing new challenges. #MorganStanley had layoffs in recent months in part because of low attrition at 80,000-person #WallStreet firm
I don't feel bad

1 month ago

#Gaza: "The UN warned that there was “clear evidence” that #warcrimes may have been committed ... Meanwhile, #WallStreet is hoping for an explosion in 💰💰profits💰💰.

During third-quarter earnings calls this month, analysts from Morgan Stanley and TD Bank took note of this potential profit-making escalation in conflict and asked unusually blunt questions about the financial benefit of the war between Israel and Hamas."

Wall Street eyes big profits from #Israel-#Hamas war

1 month ago

The CEO and co-founder of Blackstone, one of the largest corporate landlords for residential and office buildings in the world, goes out of his way to take a swipe at remote workers.
#wfh #remotework #Blackstone #Landlord #WALLSTREET

#WallStreet Embraces #AI Despite Risks of Catastrophe
“One day we will give agency to the systems,” said one person at the forefront; even those who aren’t worried say concern is valid. #MorganStanley has launched a #ChatGPT-fueled assistant for financial advisers, saying generative AI would “revolutionize client interactions.” #JPMorgan Chase filed a patent for a product called “#IndexGPT” to help traders decide where to #invest. #WhatCouldGoWrong #ThisIsFine

1 month ago

“One day we will give agency to the systems,” said one person at the forefront; even those who aren’t worried say concern is valid.
#WALLSTREET #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #finance #JPMorganChase

ambi 💫
2 months ago

The opening of #FairPlay was intriguing, but only for that awkwardly amusing cunnilingus incident. I lost interest as soon it shifted to an oblivious hedge fund workplace drama and turned it off.

"yet Fair Play wants us to believe that the problems of high finance are the problems for women everywhere."


#movies #WallStreet #capitalism #misogyny #finance #HedgeFund #ClassWar #chauvinism #stocks #romance #thriller #corporate

#Capitalists Against #Capital Standards for #Banks

How the biggest banks are using community #bankers to front for the self-interest of #WallStreet in trying to weaken the rules

A conglomerate of #WallStreet CEOs, represented by hedge fund manager #BillAckman, has said they have built and/or are building dossiers on academics and students vocally opposing #Israel or blaming Israel for the current conflict, saying they "want to know who they are" so "none of us inadvertently hire any of their member".

"The CEO of Pershing Square Capital Management said he has been approached by ‘a number of CEOs’, adding: ‘One should not be able to hide behind a corporate shield when issuing statements supporting the actions of terrorists"
Additional Wall Street voices entertaining this initiative include #JonathanNeman, CEO of food chain Sweetgreen, DoveHill Capital Management CEO #JakeWurzak, and EasyHealth healthcare services CEO #DavidDuel.

Personally, I think the actions of all these high-level Wall Street members goes a long way to dispelling the myth that Jews control global Western financial institutions.

2 months ago

God bless @juddlegum
for shining light on #NoLabels & revealing the #WallStreet collusion to deny both #TFG & #Biden

Big funders of No Labels include Peter Thiel, Foster Friess, Home Depot founder Ken Langone, and Clarence Thomas's sugar daddy Harlan Crow. All Trump supporters….

Judd Legum asks,

"Is No Labels a thinly disguised effort by Wall Street and Trump supporters to deny Biden a second term?"

#NoLabels #DarkMoney #WallStreet

Who's funding the "non-partisan" front group No Labels whose objective is to siphon off Democratic votes and put Trump back into the White House? As Judd Legum @juddlegum reports, the group fights to keep its donors secret.

But internal documents obtained by Daily Beast show "prominent executives from Fortune 500 companies and leading financial-services firms have contributed to No Labels…."

#NoLabels #DarkMoney #WallStreet

3 months ago

#WallStreet Bet Big on Used-Car #Loans for Years. Now a Crisis May Be Looming.

The used-car market’s hot streak may be ending as borrowers struggle to make payments and regulators say some auto lenders are “setting up consumers to fail.”

#Cars #Retail #PersonalFinance #Investing #News

🎢 Artist: Duo #FAILE / #FaileArt in City: #Munich Schleißheimerstraße 144, Germany 🇩🇪 2023 - Title: "Wall Street Windfall" - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Artwork #München #WallStreet

Streetartwall. On the outer wall of a multi-storey modern building has been sprayed / painted a mural with a group of people in a roller coaster. The mural is designed in comic book style and shows a society of young people, the party mood with a roller coaster rushing into the depths. To recognize are the "Wolf of Wallstreet", next to it a kind of Marilyn, further back a politician with campaign hat. A black woman holds up a sign with the text "Too big to fail" in the air. Below it is the title "Wall Street Windfall."
The Western world rushes merrily into the abyss.
5 months ago

#WallStreet’s biggest #banks passed the Fed’s annual stress test, clearing a key hurdle for returning billions of dollars to investors

Tormod Halvorsen
6 months ago

Hey Wall Street, looks like those investments are producing some tangible returns!

#WallStreet #Wildfires #Smoke #NewYork

Orange smoke over Manhattan. Photo by Associated Press.
Texas Observer
6 months ago

NewsGuild journalists went on #strike Monday in #Austin and elsewhere, demanding better pay and a change in leadership at #Gannett, reports Senior Staff Writer @gusbova. Congressmember Greg Casar even stopped by in support:

(📷 Photo by Gus Bova)
#unions #news #journalism #Texas #JournoLife #Dallas #labor #NewsGuild #WallStreet #politics #USpol

Wearing a white shirt and jeans, Greg Casar speaks into a bullhorn opposite a row of reporters on Congress Avenue Bridge holding protest signs with slogans like "Save Our Statesman".
6 months ago

@Radical_EgoCom #StudentLoan debt & #medicaldebt are only 2 of the curses of #GOPfascists & #wallstreet. We need to invest in our future not offer our people up as #humansacrifices at the altar of #kleptocracy #debt #bankruptcy

Today On Screen
7 months ago

Today, May 6, 1985 is corporate raider Gordon Gekko's birthday. Hoping to meet with Gekko, junior stockbroker Bud Fox presents him with a box of contraband cigars (Wall Street, 1987)

#Film #Movies #Cinemastodon #WallStreet #GordonGekko

An 80s computer screen showing the day’s itinerary for May 6, 1985. The first item is “Gekko’s birthday”
A stockbroker saying, “C’mon pal, tell me something I don’t know. It’s my birthday.”
Cory Doctorow
8 months ago

#WallStreet loved the look of this: the #PrivateEquity giant KKR took over #DollarGeneral in 2007 and went on a acquisition and expansion bonanza. Even after KKR formally divested itself of Dollar General, the company's hit-man #MichaelMCalbert stayed on the board, rising to chairman.

The dollar store market is a duopoly. Dollar General's rival is #DollarTree, another gelatinous cube of a company that grew by absorbing many of its competitors, using Wall Street's money.


Rachel Anne Williams (she/her)
9 months ago

The #StockMarket and #WallStreet are so inspiring.

They show us it’s possible that even if you’re really, really bad at your job, if you made a single lucky prediction 20 years ago, you can still be seen as a visionary genius with special powers to peer into the random chaos and predict the future.


Jim Parsons
9 months ago


From individual, family, patient POV:
there's no bottom here

• +5 years academics, clinicians, health institutions, therapists, etc. have been singing praises of #BigTech #AI “magic beans" for #MentalHealth

• past +3 years have been a despicable cess pool of #SiliconValley #WallStreet MH startups harvesting / brokering #PersonalData

• elite MH institutions lapping up #BigTech research $’s for #DigitalMentalHealth over a decade

Dawn of #AI = time for #Privacy self-defence

U.S. Politics in Real Time
9 months ago

'Educators Are Nation Builders': Sanders Bill Would Ensure Minimum $60K Salary for All Teachers. "The situation has become so absurd that the top 15 hedge fund managers on Wall Street make more money in a single year than every kindergarten teacher in America combined."


Jim Parsons
9 months ago

Use of #OpenAI / #ChatGPT for #MentalHealth #Therapy doesn’t have a long way to go... it’s a #SiliconValley #VC #WallStreet commercial fantasy & human nightmare dead end.

Use on *any* #DigitalMentalHealth #AI requires;
• #privacy
• dignity
• legal frameworks
• data governance & trusts
• 100% data agency
• individuals
• patients
• families
• researchers
• institutions
#BigTech / #VCs


Cory Doctorow
9 months ago

Hey look at this

* Help #ProPublica Journalists Investigate the Dairy Industry

* Let's build a #Chrome extension that steals everything (h/t @kottke)

* The Left Bank’sKottke Warning About #WallStreet (h/t David Sirota)


10 months ago

Americans pay more for everything.

Another outrageous type of fee is charged to public pension funds under contracts that are exempt from #FOIA. @davidsirota wrote about it recently.

#fees #wallStreet #fraud

11 months ago

Fortune: Goldman Sachs cut 3,200 employees last week, its largest layoff since the 2008 financial crisis. While the tech industry kicked off the layoff tsunami in 2022, banking has picked up the mantle, with BlackRock, Morgan Stanley, and Citigroup recently announcing job cuts.#WallStreet #layoffs #financialsystem #banks #bellweather another #FinancialCrisis #studentdebt #mortgages #creditcards

11 months ago
E Warren Fan
1 year ago

SBF went on a super popular #Finance podcast Odd Lots with one of the best #WallStreet reporters and described FTX as a literal Ponzi scheme 6 months ago. These guys are idiots 👇