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9 hours ago

Hey Folks! I promise no books were burned during the making of this episode.

#AggroChat 451 - Scour League

Topics Discussed:
-- #Warhammer Fantasy Cities of Sigmar
-- #PathOfExile Toucan Treasure Hunt League
-- #SudokuCon
-- #ArmoredCore6 life after new game plus

David Marshall
13 hours ago

The new tyranid codex lists flesh hooks among the bio-weapons of the hive fleets (description page 28, picture page 29).

They are not listed on the datasheet for lictors, either equipped or as an option.

Or for any other creature, as far as I can see.

Did I miss something?


PC Gamer
23 hours ago

Darktide's new talent trees let you throw an 'Ogryn-sized' grenade with a blast radius of 16 meters

Check it out! 👇

#FatsharkGames #Warhammer #CoOp #Fps

1 day ago

#warhammer #war the bulk of the two forces engage in the center in what is sure to be a bloody engagement

1 day ago

The battle sisters are moving fast to the objective
#war #warhammer

1 day ago

The two armies clash in the center like waves on rocks, as they fight #warhammer #war q

1 day ago

Kolejny chaosyta zrobiony, błyszczący werniks robi robotę. #warhammer #40k

1 day ago

Die #pnpde Kurzkritik: Zur #Warhammer #Fantay #Rollenspiel Kampagne "Der Innere Feind" #EnemyWithin gibt es von #UlissesSpiele das kurze aber gehaltvolle "Monumente des Reiklands" nur als PDF, im F-Shop oder auf #DriveThruRPG - Feine Sache, diese Denkmale auf je 2-3 Seiten und mit den Hooks wird der #ttrpg Spielleitung auf Wunsch auch das Denken abgenommen, oder mit zwei Ansätzen die Saat für dritte und vierte Ideen gelegt. 👍 Mit unter 4€ klare Kaufempfehlung von mir!

Cover: Warhammer Fantasy Rollenspiel - Monumente des Reiklands - zeigt in einem Mittelstreifen ein Denkmal einer Person mit erhobener Hand, dem jemand den Kopf abgeschlagen und mit einer Rübe ersetzt hat.
「 Swampy 」
2 days ago

My Night Lord claw grows! Gunna need a warband name at this rate!

#Warhammer #Warhammer40k #nightlords #nightlords40k

Mm, this is proper technique to dry freshly dyed cloth, right?

for @FenAesirs

[ #NSFW #NSFWFurry #Furry #Fantasy #Skink #Warhammer #Rope #Bondage ]

A male skink is draped in red cloth, part across his eyes as a blindfold, across one shoulder, and across one thigh. His arms are bound behind his back with red ropes.
Rollleaf Drumlinhat
2 days ago

#FiveforFriday #Hobby Bingo!

@heresyheroes - Wonderful pod chatting to hobbyists on their life in #Miniatures.
@Dorotheos - Bright #SpaceMarines and Votann to brighten up the timeline.
@UniqueUserID - sweet minis, check out the crisp Necrons.
@HobbySwampy - Night Lords, not sweet but very excellent.
@SurfaceTension stunning #painting - #OnePageRules Empire, a must see.

#FF #FollowFriday #Warhammer #WarhammerCommunity #Miniatures #PaintingMinis #MiniPainting

3 days ago

Poor Primaris guys - that demonic cat ate their salad!

#WarhammerCommunity #warhammer #Meme #CatSaladMeme #Primaris

Cat-Salad-Meme but instead of the two women being upset about it it's two of the new Primaris Minis.
Rollleaf Drumlinhat
3 days ago

eBay rescue on the table. Done some green stuff to theme this warhorse for my #StirRiverPatrol. Lots of happy lurker fish vibes going on. Attempted some freehand - you can see where I have covered it up with white, disaster 😂. Some of the rough plating on the front of the horse works for my theme of a battered, ramshackle River Patrol.

#Warhammer #WarhammerFantasy #WHFB #PaintingWarhammer #EbayRescue #TheOldWorld #TheOldWorldLives #PaintingMiniatures #Miniatures #PaintingMinis

Green stuff lurker fish, the emblem of the Stir River Patrol on the back plate of a warhorse.
Empire Warhorse. Lots of battered playing, and luminous green skulls.
Zoomed out view of the other side of the horse, the head piece has been replaced to have the lurker fishes lure.
3 days ago

To any cosplay prop makers do any of you make Warhammer 40k props that won't cost me an arm and a kidney? Mainly I need a Omnisian Axe and a gauntlet so my arm looks more mechanical.I'd make them myslelf, but
A. I don't know how to work with foam
B. My 3d printer is currently broken until I can afford to replace the extruder head assembly >.> (had a gcode error and it bent the wheels beyond repair I need to replace the whole assembly)
#foam #cosplay #warhammer #40k #maker

Matt L
3 days ago
3 days ago

Worked on washes for the terrain, here is a preview battle scene. #mini #art #40k #warhammer #miniatures #warhammer40k

Working on painting terrain used some cheap primer from wall mart that had a nice gray chalk effect. Then used a wash and dilliuted with water made terrain look old.

Dan Coghlan
4 days ago
「 Swampy 」
4 days ago

I really like this Kitbash of mine, tried to emulate the classic Night Lord hero with his weird gravity fed boltgun!

#warhammer #warhammercommunity #warhammer40k #nightlords #nightlords40k #chaosspacemarines #kitbash #spacemarines

4 days ago

... but also - what about My Little Pony, but in the style of Warhammer?

Have another Abaddon-pony. But this time: In the grim darkness of the far future of Equestria, there is only war!

#Warhammer #WarhammerCommunity #Warhammer40k #MyLittlePony #Crossover #MLP #AbaddonTheDespoiler

Realistic but exaggerated sketch of a very angry horse in black and white on grey paper with white highlights. the horse has Abaddon's signature hairdo and added skulls and armour.

Straight up, this is one of the single best accolades for my #SistersofBattle fiction that I've ever had.

Not the tears (tho' words touching a reader to that extent is powerful enough), but the fact that faith - even for the Sororitas - is complex, and has layers.

#Warhammer #warhammercommunity

Tweet from @crunchychobo describing herself in tears in Starbusk's, and how the Rose in Darkness book touched something in her own faith.
4 days ago

Yesterday I got asked for My Little Pony/Warhammer-crossover art.

Since I have no idea about MLP (I remember watching the first season, but it's a blur) and I am not a fan (no hater either, though. Just no thoughts about it), I declined.

But someone really wanted Abaddon-pony.

So here's him.

And the b/w-version to colour yourself. Go nuts!

#BlackLegion #WarhammerCommunity

A coloured drawing of Abadedon the Despoiler in the style of "My Little Pony - Friendship is magic". He is galopping to the left and has skulls and a Black Legion-cutymark.
Black and white outlines of the Abaddon-MLP.
「 Swampy 」
4 days ago

Working through my kitbashed Night Lords squad!

#Warhammer #Warhammer40k #ChaosSpaceMarines #nightlords40k #nightlords

WarbossKurgan (Saul)
4 days ago

Okay folks, from a game-design point of view, what is you favorite dice/card/token game mechanic?

#GameDesign #GameMechanics #DiceMechanics #DiceRolling #CardGames #Boardgames #RPG #Warhammer #Warcry #WarhammerCommunity #BoardgameMechanics

Doctor Spork
5 days ago

It feels like progress is slow, but this guy is so much surface area just base coating him is taking forever.

#wipwednesday #Warhammer #Warhammer40k #orks #orktober #Sporktember #miniatures #WarhammerCommunity #3dprinting

A half painted ork gargant on a brown background. The gargant is painted green with yellow and red details
Geek Native
1 week ago

Games Workshop keep Warhammer FRP, Wrath & Glory, Soulbound and the Warhammer 40K Imperium Maledictum tabletop RPGs with Cubicle 7 in a renewed license deal.
#warhammer #warhammer40k #gamesworkshop

Rollleaf Drumlinhat
2 weeks ago

NO! You’re the one who can’t resist anything #Mordheim related…

Reckon if I ask nicely that they’d honour those launch deals?

#Warhammer #WarhammerCommunity #WHFB #WarhammerFantasy #Miniatures

Cover of the Games Day ‘99 Booklet. It’s signed by lots of GW legends.
Centre spread of the booklet is all Mordheim mayhem
Mail order sheet from the day, lots of Mordheim order goodness. £50 for a starter and lots of add ons. Oh bring it back please.
Doctor Spork
2 weeks ago

Well this is what you voted for, due to the size of this project I have decided to get started straight away. I cleaned up the prints, primed and test fit most of the parts.

I hope you all enjoy watching this journey as much as I enjoy taking it.

#wipwednesday #Warhammer #Warhammer40k #orks #orktober #Sporktember #miniatures #WarhammerCommunity

A primed and partially painted ork gargant at 28mm scale on a messy table
Andrew Howe
2 weeks ago

I painted my first miniature! 😀​ This could be the start of a rather expensive hobby… #Warhammer #Warhammer40k

A simply-painted Warhammer 40000 Space Marine miniature. The Space Marine is painted in dark purple and holds a silver and brass-coloured flamer gun.
2 weeks ago

Finally getting into #warhammer40k after being an enthusiast of the lore and video games for over a decade #warhammer if you have any painting tips and tricks please send me a message! #hobby #nerd #geek

CJ Shearwood :pmgpurple:
2 weeks ago

Back from the USA and working on a Carcharodon kill team for a Badab War event. All rescue models from the Box of Old Shit I couldn't bring myself to throw out, with the terminators converted to look more like the old FW named character. All the new studs are nail art hemispheres.

Probably about two thirds done, except for basing which I still need to think about (suggestions in a reply please!)

#warhammer40k #warhammer #WarhammerCommunity #killteam #BadabWar #miniatures #wargaming #paintingminiatures #miniaturepainting

A Carcharodon Space Marine kill team consisting of (left to right, first rank):

- Firstborn tactical marine in MKVII with a phobos bolter
- Firstborn tactical support marine in MKIV armour (with studded MKVI pads) with a plasma gun
- Firstborn sergeant in MKVIII armour with a heresy-era plasma pistol and a power fist, with a tabard and a gold chain strung with skulls
- Firstborn tactical marine in MKIV armour (with blank MKVI pads) with a phobos bolter
(second rank)
- Modified tartaros pattern terminator with an studded indomitus helmet and lightning claws, and a braided silver chain threaded with three skulls
- Firstborn devastator marine wearing MKVI armour carrying a plasma cannon
- Modified tartaros pattern terminator with an studded indomitus helmet and lightning claws, and a braided silver chain threaded with three skulls

All are painted in the light grey chapter scheme, with red eye lenses. The sergeant and the support marine have bare heads, with ashen pale skin. The bases are unpainted, and there are still details such as plasma coils missing. The sergeant has a facial tattoo.
A close up of the sergeant showing better the face and the tattoo, which consists of one thick curved line over the left eye and two thinner lines next to it.
Brett V. Forsgren
2 weeks ago

Just finished Minka Lesk. This was a fun one to paint, might pick up another just for the separate pose.

#warhammer #warhammer40k #WarhammerCommunity #AstraMilitarum

Warhammer 40,000 model I painted of the character Minka Lesk.
Linux ☑️
3 weeks ago

::: Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader & Linux support?

Many Warhammer games come with native Linux support (even Day 1).

It's a wonder why this one doesn't indicate Linux yet at all?

Maybe Owlcat Games should be reminded - also that Linux surpassed macOS in Steam..


#Owlcat #games #Warhammer #RogueTrader #Linux #Steam #support

3 weeks ago

the biggest difference between #DnD and #warhammer is that in #DnD your character is allowed to have some personality aspects that are not entirely about toxic masculinity.

Martin Rundkvist
3 weeks ago

In tabletop battle games with minis, a unit commonly has no hit points. The minis themselves are HP that get removed from the table. In #ttrpg combat, your character works just the same, only instead of little pewter men you have a number on your character sheet. You are effectively a #warhammer unit occupying less table space.

3 weeks ago

I got some old space marines models on TradeMe and have been painting them to test Vallejo Xpress Color paints.

Now should I go Goblin Green base or modern?

#warhammer #miniature #rpg

A 28mm miniature "beaky" space marine from the Warhammer 40,000 universe.
Brett V. Forsgren
3 weeks ago

I finished painting today.

#Warhammer #AdeptaSororitas #Warhammer40k

Painted Adepta Sororitas Combat Patrol
Tom Watson
3 weeks ago

I've been thinking about getting into #3dprinting and getting a resin printer for #miniaturepainting.

People who've done it - was it actually worth it? Does it get a lot of use?

In terms of printers, what's the minimum cost for something decent for printing #warhammer alternatives like Highland Miniatures? Any specific recommendations?

3 weeks ago
Sketch of Saqqara and Arrian kissing. Arrian is holding Saqqara at the neck and Saqqara is clutching Arrian's other hand at his chest. Both are wearing armour.

The Rose in Darkness is out today!!

Follow Sister Augusta on her first full-length adventure, now available from the #BlackLibrary!

More on my #Substack :)

#warhammer #warhammer40k #WarhammerCommunity

Hardcover, featuring three Sisters of Battle in scarlet armour and all firing weapons, backed by a stone statue.
James Smith 💾
3 weeks ago

The #Warhammer group I play with did a short segment on Radio 4’s Today programme this morning, and then they spoke to Ian Goddamn Livingstone about it. I’m in nerd rapture right now. starting at around 1:52:45.

Gareth Harmer
1 month ago

I think part of the problem is that games are this ephemeral and intangible thing that you can just forget about, whereas the #MagicTheGathering cards
and #Warhammer models I’ve collected are a physical presence. I wonder if my neurodivergent brain has just started to tune them out, like vegetables in the crisper drawer of my fridge.

And if that’s the case, what do I do about it?

My world and my life have changed massively. I’m no longer the hardcore raider. So what am I?

Goddess of dark Ashes
1 month ago

I was looking forward to this game for a long time, but unfortunately I have to say that this very joy was dimmed because if that Finisher-feature. It spoils the fun for me just watching it. Why? Because I don't like being forced to use these finishers to get back something like health or resources, etc. SM2 is compared to Doom for that reason, and guess what I already didn't like in Doom?

#gaming #games #videogames #warhammer #warhammer40kspacemarine2

1 month ago

I was up in the attic today (digging out some of that crappy white polystyrene stuff that I have saved - for a crafting project)... and while I was up there, I thought I'd take a couple of photo's of some old treasures :)

(note that some of this is second hand stuff that I got a hold of when I first discovered ebay 🙂 )

#ttrpg #dnd #oldhammer #spacehulk #40k #warhammer #gamesworkshop

CJ Shearwood :pmgpurple:
1 month ago

Complete just in time, Mars walks for the Goonhammer Open in Leicester this weekend.

12 thallax, the magos, one krios and the karacnos were all meaningfully painted in the last two weeks. Nothing like a deadline, right?

Looking forward to the event this weekend, and loving having the army ready. Puts me of a mind to expand it now...

#HorusHeresy #WarhammerCommunity #Warhammer #warhammer30k #Painting #Miniatures #MiniaturePainting #PaintingMiniatures #Wargaming #GoonhammerOpen

A 2,500 point Horus Heresy 2nd Edition Mechanicum army consisting of:
24 thallax (in four units if five and a unit of 4)
A jump pack archmagos (in the unit of 4 thallax)
Two Krios Venator tank destroyers
A Karacnos
Olympus Mons, the Acastus Knight Porphyrion

The mechanicum units are painted in Martian red, the knight is painted in heresy era Knights of Tarannis blue and white. They are based on scrubland bases.
A closeup on some of the thallax, showing their green visors and bright blue weapon coils
A closeup on some of the tanks, showing the freehand on the Karacnos and the hazard striping on the weapons
A closeup of the knight, showing better his pose standing on a crushed cargo container
Rollleaf Drumlinhat
1 month ago

32 quick and dirty Dark Elf Repeater Crossbow troops with all the base colours down. Need to drybrush metals, cloths, and flesh. Finally, give them quick basing, and we’re tabletop ready. Palate cleanser from all the KillTeam and hyper focus on one mini, and this I am hoping will get me excited to go and get those Reaper Bolt throwers sorted.

#Warhammer #WarhammerCommunity #WHFB #WarhammerFantasy #DarkElves #PaintingMiniatures #PaintingWarhammer

Mass ranks of Dark Elves with shields and crossbows. Purple used as a highlight colour on a Zenithal base.
1 month ago

I don't do fan art often, but it's usually Warhammer 40k when I do. I'm trying to push myself on lighting and contrast a bit. I'm not afraid to draw anything, but I really want my paintings to have more kick. #art #mastoart #warhammer #warhammer40k #fanart #scifiart #fantasyart

A Warhammer 40k Space Marine of the Dark Angels chapter.
Sean @ TCRepo
1 month ago

updated V2 WH40k 10e Datasheet Template available!

Now EVERY element is editable/movable/deletable so you can customize to your hearts content and really make the final output clean!

#WarhammerCommunity #Warhammer40k #Warhammer #WH40k

Dr. Matt Lee
1 month ago

Still feeling salty that my planned game of #Warhammer didn’t happen today for the stupidest reasons.

Taking a step back from the hobby for a little bit while I reevaluate how much of a let down I feel today vs how much I want to keep spending money on miniatures.

Mr. Vasiljevic
1 month ago

Right dear peeps and followers and anyone into #3dPrinting and #warhammer i need some help:

A certain blackstone fortress eldar model broke. And the top of her rifle is now lost in the void.

Does anyone have a link to (or has an STL) of an Eldar Sniper rifle that could be used to replace it?

Boosts appreciated!

Dr. Matt Lee
1 month ago

This week’s miniature painting efforts #warhammer #warhammer40k #bloodbowl

Space dwarf bikes
Fantasy dwarf football team
High fantasy models engaged in battle
Space dwarf army ready for battle
Dueling Brushmen
2 months ago

Finally finished this huge beast. Additional pictures from the alternate version coming soon! 🐀
Verminlord version 1
Commission work - level 3
Enfin terminé cette grosse bébête. D'autres photos de la version alternative arrivent bientôt ! 🐀
Verminarque version 1
Travail de commande - niveau 3

#WarhammerCommunity #PaintingWarhammer #warhammerAoS #warhammer #AgeofSigmar #warhammerTheOldWorld #TheOldWorld #ToW #gamesworkshop #miniaturepainting

2 months ago

Day 10 at #RPGaDAY2023 #ttrpg (2/2)

Decades later I read the Vampire Genevieve omnibus, written by #KimNewman under the pen name #JackYeovil.

Stories take place in #Warhammer fantasy setting. But Newman likes old horror movies, so he inserts references to Hammer horror movies, Phantom of the Opera, or films about Jack the Ripper. These two flavors go great together, and make Vampire Genevieve stories far more entertaining than your average tie-in fiction.

#movies #horror #booktodon

Nicolas Legrand
2 months ago

#RPGaDay2023 #day1

First RPG played (this year)

#Warhammer FRPG 1 according to my schedule. Maybe it was cancelled as a lot of them were (and this campaign seems dead now). So #SvärdetsSång/#ForbiddenLands may have been the real first one. I plan to finish this campaign (#korpensklagan) this autumn.

2 months ago

Hey fediverse, what are some great instances that focus on analog gaming? #warhammer, #boardgames, #magicthegathering, #roleplaying #miniaturepainting etc? Im thinking of building a relay to help expand our nerd corner and looking for good candidates - or does a relay like this already exist?

2 months ago

Hello there. Just a dude from Germany who likes videogames and #tabletop. Used to be #Warhammer now it's mostly the #BatmanMiniatureGame with some homebrew and #Necromunda. I love the creative side of the hobby but BMG has really caught me because of the tactical gameplay and deckbuilding.

I read comic books and watch movies.

He/him white guy but this is a #lgbtqia -friendly account.

Favourite games are #MajorasMask, #SmashBros,

A shot of a few tabletop gaming miniatures. It's the Ninja Turtles fighting a mutant shark on a boat.
Sahar Mirhadi (She/Her)
2 months ago

Mirri is showing how I am feeling right now. If only I could have a mid-afternoon nap 😴

ps my husband is a keen #warhammer nerd

#catsofmastodon #catsoffediverse
#mtgcat #sleepingcat #kitty

cat sleeping on chair
Augury Ignored
3 months ago

Someone once said to me “Miniature painting is just Warhammer for nerds”. I ponder these strange words to this day. It’s like a koan or something. #ttrpg #miniaturepainting #warhammer

Carlos Burges
3 months ago

Another day, another vice. I'm going to start painting #Warhammer figures. No armies, just individual figures, each one different. It will be a learning exercise, for fun, in between Gundams or on breaks.

A half build Gundam points with his arm to three intermediate boxes of Warhammer Figures.
Alexander Hay
3 months ago

@ianob @Valheru @mr_whateley @rollleafd I think a server FOR #Warhammer - and #Wargaming - fans, rather than one which is ABOUT Warhammer and Wargaming, would be best.

In other words, one which caters to hobbyists, rather than mandates them. Shit posts, off-topic rambling and pictures of cats are all signs of a healthy online ecosystem, albeit one which is also full of Noise Marines and quality Zoatage.

3 months ago

Slightly random question - anyone got any good storage solutions for #warhammer #miniatures ? Asking for a friend (my son).

Rollleaf Drumlinhat
3 months ago

RE that last boost of @mr_whateley. It’s something all of us on should be thinking about an maybe a bit uneasy with.

Would be great to get something of a steer from @ianob but to be fair to him, he was pretty clear he hadn’t the time to manage things here, so it’s sorta on us for staying.

Might need to think about what server to move to which I’m sentimentally reluctant about 😂

#Warhammer #WarhammerCommunity #Mastodon #Hobby #Migration

#Introduction time!

I'm Charlie, and I'm new to I've been working in the tech industry for nearly 20 years now. Stuck between #GenX and #Xennial. An extroverted introvert. I have three cats.

I'm bi/pansexual. :flag_bisexual:​

I love #gaming of all types, especially of the #RPG, #OpenWorld, and #MMO variety. I play #BoardGames and #Tabletop games like #Warhammer, #frostgrave, #DnD, and #OSE.

If I'm not sleeping, I'm listening to music. Mostly indie bands, post rock, shoegaze and dream pop.

Always looking to follow people with similar interests!


3 months ago

I am taking it back! No! Fabius doesn't deserve more attention! Please, GW, don't! Noooo!
Fuck. I am so anxious now.

Nothing against Haley. He's a solid writer and miles ahead of Graham McNeill. But after Josh Reynolds left, GW shouldn't try to give Fabius to another author. They can't win this.
Or, maybe Chris Wraight.
But anybody else? Nope.
I wish I'll eat my words later, but as an avid Fabius-fan I'm 99% sure it will be horrible.
#WarhammerCommunity #Warhammer #EmperorsChildren #WH40k

Cartoony Fabius Bile shaking his fist and yelling. There's a talk balloon that implies he's saying what's in the post above.