The CDC updated their NWSS #covid #covid19 #wastewater data yesterday (December 1, 2023) and I re-ran my test-site-coverage script on it. 1205 sites have been updated since October 1, 2023, and 366 sites haven't been updated. So, a ~little~ bit of improvement there. Scroll up for a link to the script.

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Covid wasewater in my county in IL is nearly at 80% of peak (which was measured during omicron wave).

This is not inconsequential.

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metro yvr wastewater covid bot
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Metro Vancouver wastewater COVID surveillance data was published December 1. The most recent test was November 27. #covid #covid19 #wastewater #vancouver #yvr

metro yvr wastewater covid bot
2 days ago

Metro Vancouver wastewater COVID surveillance data was published November 24. The most recent test was November 20. #covid #covid19 #wastewater #vancouver #yvr

Markus Falk
2 days ago

UPDATED: Northern Health estimated daily new #COVID19 cases, extrapolated from #PrinceGeorge #wastewater #SARSCoV2 load.

Eric's Risk Assessment
2 days ago

🚨 #Ontario has crossed over last year's #WasteWaterSurvelliance #sarscov2 peak

#PHO #WasteWater report issued today wasn't restated downwards.

We are now 15% over last year's peak (and climbing), 5 weeks earlier.

Most recent data point:
Nov 25/23 @ 2.04

Last year's peak
Dec 31/22 @ 1.77

Last year's peak was exceeded on Nov 19/23.

#Covid19 #SARS2 #WearARespirator #CovidIsNotOver

COVID19 Waste Water Signal report for published Nov 30 hits 2.
Nov 25/23 @ 2.04
Last year's peak 
Dec 31/22 @ 1.77
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A new book is coming out:

The Big One: How to Prepare for World-Altering Pandemics to Come
by Michael Osterholm and Mark Olshaker.

It comes out in February, I believe.

Osterholm has been right about nearly everything with regard to this pandemic. And the more people who understand, the better our chances of being more prepared than we were the last time.

Let's be the leaders on this.

#covid #Covid19 #CovidIsNotOver #Pandemic #PandemicResponse #Wastewater #WastewaterSurveillance

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"Nationally, the wastewater viral activity level for COVID-19 is currently HIGH." --CDC

New wastewater data. I'll have to explore it to see if I can get as granular as before.

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@shades By the way, the CDC's NWSS site is not the only source for #covid #covid19 #wastewater data.

Two of the CDC's NWSS's current and former sampling contractors (it's complicated :) make their data available publicly. Their coverage may or may not overlap the CDC NWSS dataset. You can find Biobot's data at and Verily's data at

Also, many states run their own #covid #covid19 #wastewater sites. Again, their coverage may or may not overlap the CDC NWSS dataset.

@shades If you are looking for a text-based version of the new map view, you can expand the "Data Table +" element toward the bottom. That will display a table that has rows like "Colorado" and "Moderate." If you click on "link to dataset" ( that will get you a json view of the underlying data. The levels appear to be scaled from 1 to 10, and the json view gives you those levels and the text-based label they have given the category.

EDIT: the CDC explains their categorization system for their new site here:, "Data Methods" section.

If you want more detailed data from the NWSS, the old interface at is still there. You can input your state and then see categories for every sampling site in the state. Warning: this is the hard-to-use-site that everyone complained about and led to the new visualization site.

#covid #covid19 #wastewater

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"If the virus appeared in a nursing home’s wastewater, '[we’d] test everybody — bada bing, we found it.'"
Spot-testing allowed Houston to see just an 8.4% COVID death rate at long-term care facilities, vs. national average of 23.4% Wow, good for them.
#COVID in #WasteWater #excellent #predictor of #new #cases #virus in #waste #water #indicator #CDC #online #tool #find #your #region #test #positive #prevent #breakouts #nursing #home #hospitals #negative #results #badabing

Definitely Dr Dieterlen
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New CDC Covid wastewater monitoring website, at last!
Easy to use, shows trends at the national, state, and regional levels.
If your state, like mine, ceased collecting data on 9/15, they have resumed and will be displayed here once they have enough data collected to be meaningful (my interpretation).

If wastewater monitoring is new to you: it's the most reliable virus tracker, because everyone poops, not just people with health care, etc.

#covid #wastewater #cdc

Hi folks, it’s the weekly #washingtonstate #kingcounty (that is, #seattle and environs) #COVID #COVID19 #wastewater poop toots.

Unfortunately, while the wastewater section of the Washington State respiratory data dashboard is labelled as having been updated today, none of the three individual sites in King County have updated data. In fact, I couldn't find any Washington State wastewater facilities that have updated data this week. I imagine this is a case of Thanksgiving throwing everyone's work schedule off.

You can find overviews, individual sewershed results, and a breakdown of variants for the state wastewater surveillance program, along with other metrics like case counts and hospitalizations for Covid-19 and other respiratory illnesses, at The dashboard gets updated every Wednesday (generally).

Markus Falk
3 days ago
Eric's Risk Assessment
3 days ago

Michael Hoerger reporting that BIOBOT #SARSCOV2 #WasteWaterSurvelliance is today at 67% of all time peak in the #US.

Using the #IHME nowcasting model for infections, he gets a stupendous 0.94 correlation coefficient between the #wastewater & infection curves.

Using that, he is estimating a current 1.85% or 1 in 54 infectious rate for the US.

He is forecasting a coming 1.5M #SARS2 infections per day with a 3.14% 1 in 32 infectious rate by Christmas in the #US.

It looks pretty clear that this wave risks meeting or exceeding the US Jan/23 peak.

This gives us a view of the shape of things to come in #CanadaCovid as well given #Ontario is estimated to be running at 1 in 18 *right now*.

#CovidIsNotOver #COVID19

TraceyThekla 🎨
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Can someone suggest which wastewater data site is best for the San Francisco north bay now? The one I was using hasn’t updated since November 14th. Is Biobot back? #covid #wastewater

The CDC says it has resumed #covid #covid19 #wastewater testing at the sites that disappeared out of its dataset in mid-September, yay. The missing sites represent a quarter of the sites in the US national wastewater surveillance program.

They say the site-level data will be posted at beginning two weeks after the sampling has restarted. I checked last night's update, and the numbers were actually a little worse than Sunday night's numbers, so ... not yet.

Hat tip to CBS's Alexander Tin, who for some reason is still posting at Elon's nazi stitch-n-bitch / Pizzagate investigation collective / Reddi-Wip huffing station.

A screencap of a portion of a website that says:
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
COVID Data Tracker
Maps, charts, and data provided by CDC, updates Mondays and Fridays by 8 p.m. ET 
Testing has resumed for commercial contract wastewater sites (about 350 sites) that have had a temporary delay since September 15, 2023. Site-level data will be available two weeks after a site resumes testing.

Let’s Not Coat Our #Roads in #Toxic #Wastewater. Apparently this needs to be said.
This can't be a thing anyone's actually considering, right? Right? Drilling for #oil and #gas produces a lot of wastewater. There’s tons of the stuff just sitting around, too toxic to release back into the environment; so... Just dump it onto roads in #winter to stop #snow from sticking. Except that #drilling wastewater poisons cattle, and you go, why are we even talking about this?

Kate Nyhan
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Hi #Boston #COVIDisNotOver #PublicData people, I am late to the party - I just discovered the series of #wastewater reports from the Boston Public Health Commission. Really good!

Twice weekly PDFs (not sure yet if the data is available in a more flexible format) for the whole city and 11 specific neighborhoods

metro yvr wastewater covid bot
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Metro Vancouver wastewater COVID surveillance data was published November 24. The most recent test was November 20. #covid #covid19 #wastewater #vancouver #yvr

I ran my test-site-coverage script with CDC NWSS #covid #covid19 #wastewater data that had been updated yesterday, 11/25/2023. Since in the U.S. we had one of our grind-to-a-complete-halt holidays, it was no surprise that we made almost no improvement in restoring our pre-September sample site coverage this week: 1195 sites have been updated since October 1st, and 380 sites haven't been updated.

You can scroll up on this thread to find a link to the script I used to collate these data.

Eric's Risk Assessment
1 week ago

Every time you hear minimizers disclaiming "Don't worry were are not getting hospital admissions" remember these graphs, replotted by Bill Comeau

Hospitalization is a *trailing* indicator of serious disease.

#WasteWater is a *contemporaneous* indicator of infection.

#SARS2 #Sars #COVID19 #Ontario

Plot of Ontario SARS2 WasteWater signal & COVID hospitalization signal showing the trends between the two. h/t Bill Comeau
Plot of Ontario SARS2 test Positivity signal & COVID hospitalization  showing the trends between the two. h/t Bill Comeau
Markus Falk
1 week ago
Eric's Risk Assessment
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#Ontario #WasteWaterSurvelliance

Here is the Ontario #WasteWater plot redone by Bill Comeau.

The parity in the Ontario synthetic signal Y axis can be seen more clearly.

Note the forward shift in time as well. We have a Nov 23/23 current value compared to a Jan 1 peak of last year's wave.

As an exercise for the reader, take a look at the graph and ask yourself where was it Nov 23/22 & how far down does it have to come just to match last year?

Then notice we are well past that point.

Another way to think of this is we are already 10x over the July minimum. With no peak in sight.

#SARS2 #sarscov2 #COVID19

Eric's Risk Assessment
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#Ontario #SARS2 #WasteWater #Survelliance for Nov 23.

Every region 📈 well ahead of last year's curve.

Ontario & #GTA

#sarscov2 #Covid19 #covid #WasteWaterSurvelliance

UPDATED: Northern Health estimated new daily #COVID19 cases, extrapolated from #PrinceGeorge #wastewater #SARSCoV2 load.

UPDATED: Island & Interior Health estimated daily new #COVID19 cases, #wastewater #SARSCoV2 load.

Values either stable or increasing again after post-Halloween spike.

#VictoriaBC #Nanaimo #Courtenay #Comox #Kamloops #Kelowna #Penticton

Greetz poop peeps, it’s the weekly #washingtonstate #kingcounty (that is, #seattle and environs) #COVID #COVID19 #wastewater poop toots.

Folks, we’ve got some good-looking data this week! 🥳

Let’s start with the West Point sewage treatment plant: the Sars-CoV-2 concentrations 7 day rolling average extends last week’s downturn with more good news this week. The last averaging calculation is from November 19th.

You can find overviews, individual sewershed results, and a breakdown of variants for the state wastewater surveillance program, along with other metrics like case counts and hospitalizations for Covid-19 and other respiratory illnesses, at WSPT is one of three King County(-ish) sewersheds in this dataset. The dashboard gets updated every Wednesday (generally).

Note: when the state switched over to new data providers in September, they also removed the previous historical data from the graphical interface. That's because the two providers used different methodologies that made direct comparisons difficult. Unfortunately, it also removed valuable context for interpreting the results. We're just seeing what happened in September 2023 until now.

A screencap of the Washington State Department of Health's Covid wastewater data for the West Point Wastewater Treatment Plant. The trend line of the graph is described in the toot text.
2 weeks ago

New wastewater data monitoring #COVID19 levels for #Montreal are, Uhh, not good!

Wear a mask and make sure to get the updated vaccine ASAP!

#COVID #Pandemic #Quebec #Wastewater

Markus Falk
2 weeks ago
Denis - The COVID info guy -
2 weeks ago

🇸🇪 Sweden: COVID in wastewater.

Jaw dropping levels in November 2023.

#COVID19 #Sweden #Wastewater @auscovid19


2 weeks ago

A new #American #study has confirmed southeastern #BritishColumbia #CoalMines are #contaminating waters shared by #Canada & the #USA, adding the miner’s attempts to remove #selenium from #wastewater aren’t making much difference to the amount flowing south.

“It’s making a small dent,” said Meryl Storb of the #UnitedStates #Geological Survey, lead author of the newly published study.

#Ecocide #BCpoli #Pollution #BCNDP #PNW #PacificNorthwest #Cascadia

I ran this script again with yesterday's (10/17/2023) updated CDC NWSS #covid #covid19 #wastewater data. We now have 1185 sites getting updated since October 1st, and 385 that haven't been updated. That's a modest improvement, or, as I like to say, "directionally correct." I hope we see more sites coming online in the coming weeks with the reported short-term Verily contract.

Scroll up to find a link to the script I used.

Eric's Risk Assessment
2 weeks ago

#Ontario #WasteWaterSurvelliance for #sarscov2 for period Nov 16.

Trending up, about 4-6 weeks earlier than last year's cycle.

#GTA continues to climb.

NorthWest & SouthWest are exploding.

#SARS2 #covid19 #wastewater

2 weeks ago

#Fukushima #Nuclear Power Plant starts 3rd round of #wastewater release, potentially impacting #seafood quality in U.S.

By Belle Lewis - November 14, 2023

"The #FukushimaDachii nuclear plant started its third release of nuclear wastewater on Nov. 2 as scientists warn that seafood products from the #PacificOcean could be #contaminated

"Although the International Atomic Energy Agency approved the 30-year water release plan, scientists and civilians in nations bordering the Pacific Ocean have questioned the safety of the plan, especially as it relates to seafood.

"In a press release approving of the plan, the IAEA stated, 'the discharges of the treated water would have a negligible radiological impact to people and the environment.'

"#PaulDorfman, member of the Irish Government Environmental Protection Agency Radiation Protection Advisory Committee and chair of Nuclear Consulting Group, explained that some scientists have questioned IAEA’s approval of the water release.

"'I and others are concerned by IAEA’s attitude,' Dorfman said. 'Normally even low levels of radioactive pollution will find its way into local seafood, one way or another.'

"In 2020, #Japan exported 332,926 kilograms of frozen scallops to the U.S. Japan exports many fish products to the U.S.

"Samantha Valeriano, a psychology student from Hawaii, said she eats seafood about once a week. She does not often think about where her food comes from but wants to be more cautious following the nuclear water release.

"'I think I would be a little more cautious of what I ate, checking labels a little bit more,' Valeriano said. 'I would be conscious of what I ate and where it came from.'

"As the People’s Republic of #China has imposed bans of Japanese fish exports, the #USA has supported the Japanese market by increasing fish purchases.

"In a press release, the #UnitedStates Embassy and Consulate in Japan explained that military bases in Japan will carry Japanese seafood as a way to buoy up seafood markets and undermine the PRC’s ban.

"'United States elected representatives and senior government officials have stood in solidarity with Japan during this baseless ban,' the statement said. 'Another step to help provide additional sales to counter the ban was to start selling Japanese seafood at the U.S. military facilities in Japan, both through the commissaries and mess halls.'

"According to the statement, government officials like former speaker #KevinMcCarthy ate seafood from Japan as a testament to Japan’s safety standards.
However, other U.S. agencies, like the National Association of #MarineLaboratories question whether accurate research was conducted by the IAEA and Japanese Government to determine safety of seafood products.

"They explain that the lack of data on potential health impacts is a cause for serious concern.

"'Many of the #radionuclides contained in the #accumulated waste cooling water have half-lives ranging from #decades to #centuries, and their deleterious effects range from #DNADamage and #cellular stress to elevated #cancer risks in people who eat affected marine organisms, such as #clams, #oysters, #crabs, #lobster, #shrimp and fish,' the statement reads. [Not to mention all the critters that feed off them! Bioaccumulation works up the food chain!]

"Eve Nagareda, medical laboratory science major from Hawaii, shared she wants to avoid seafood from dumping grounds even if levels are considered safe.

"'I think I would try to go as far as possible from it,' Nagareda said.

"Kylee Wasano, pre-communications disorders student from Oahu, agreed. She explained she feels that she might already be consuming contaminated seafood.

"'I feel like I already am eating that, and I just don’t know,' Wasano said. 'Anything that could expose you to (radiation) you should be considerate about.'

"As organizations weigh safety concerns, scientists turn to the water release process to determine potential effects."

#WaterIsLife #NoDumping #Hormesis #TEPCOLies #Corruption #Bioaccumulation #RethinkNotRestart #NoNukes #NoNewNukes

2 weeks ago

This #wastewater data for north of #Boston tracks w/ what my teacher husband & kids report from school.

Lots of productive coughing in classrooms & a notable number of teacher absences.

School district has NO covid policy this year 😠 but my husband has gotten multiple voluntary notifications of covid in recent weeks - surely just the tip of the iceberg.

It's not easy, but at least right now, lone masking is absolutely worth it. 😷


#CovidIsNotOver #MaskUp

A green dot plot showing covid prevalence in local wastewater vs. time, with a black line graph showing the 7-day average. A hand-drawn red arrow points to the most recent data point at just below 1800 copies/mL, a significant jump from previous values, which were around 400 copies/mL.

UPDATED: Northern Health estimated daily new #COVID19 cases, extrapolated from #PrinceGeorge #wastewater #SARSCoV2 load.

This one's brutal.

UPDATED: Island & Interior Health estimated daily new #COVID19 cases, #wastewater #SARSCoV2 load.

The exponential trend that we started seeing last week with Metro #Vancouver, not so anomalous after all.

#penticton #kelowna #kamloops #VictoriaBC #Nanaimo #Courtenay #Comox

Ed Suominen
2 weeks ago

You ever get the impression they really don’t want us knowing how bad it is?

#Covid #COV19 #wastewater

Data disappears after “lab methods changed 8/21/20203”
Markus Falk
3 weeks ago

According to @betsyladyzhets, the CDC has put into place a short-term contract with Verily for #covid #covid19 #wastewater monitoring while Biobot's protest against losing the contract works its way through the federal contractual dispute system. She notes that it will take some time to get the covered site sampling stood up and reporting again. (As you can see from the previous toot from yesterday, it's not happening yet.)

Needless to say, it would be fantastic to regain visibility into those missing ~400 testing sites as we enter the winter respiratory illness season.


I ran this script again to see how the CDC's NWSS data is going. As of last Friday, 1168 #wastewater sites had been updated since the start of October, and 400 sites haven't been updated. It's barely moved since last week.

Jeff Gilchrist
3 weeks ago

#Virus update for Ottawa, ON, #Canada (Nov 12, 2023)

#Wastewater levels in #Ottawa remain higher than the peak of the first #Omicron BA.1 wave and #hospitalization *for* #COVID19 continues to increase ( ). 🧵 1/

The one page easier to share version of this thread can be found at:

Graph of wastewater levels in Ottawa, Ontario. Weekly stats available at ( )
Graph of # of people currently hospitalized *for* COVID-19 in Ottawa, Ontario. Weekly stats available at ( )
Markus Falk
3 weeks ago

UPDATED: Northern Health estimated daily new #COVID19 cases, extrapolated from #PrinceGeorge #wastewater #SARSCoV2 load.

Last date: 11/1.

UPDATED: Island & Interior Health estimated new #COVID19 cases, #wastewater #SARSCoV2 signal.

Last date: 11/2 for both.

#Kelowna #Kamloops #Penticton #VictoriaBC #Nanaimo #Courtenay #Comox

Hippy Steve
3 weeks ago

Just took a look at the #wastewater dashboard. Didn't realize you could do the entire Western Region.

I'm not sure I agree with their characterization of Influenza as "LOW: Pathogen is seasonal and not in onset" I mean it looks like levels are shooting skyward.

graphs of various viruses in Western Region wastewater monitoring.

SARS-CoV-2. Medium. No trend and medium concentration in the last 21 days.
curve peaked at 300 near the beginning of september. now around 200.

Influenza. Low. Pathogen is seasonal and not in onset.
curve has a slight bump to around 5 in early october.  more recently there has been a gradual rise to about 10 through November but has shot to 20 in the past few days.

RSV. High. Upward trend and high concentration in the last 21 days.  Curve that rose to a plateau of about 6 in oct.  has been rising faster in the 2nd half of oct and very fast in the last few daysto above 20.

HMPV. Low. Pathogen is seasonal and not in onset. Noisy curve thru mid Oct around 0.3.  Higher in late Oct/early Nov around 0.6
4 weeks ago

PA Update for 11/6/2023!

Good morning SARS2PAians!

Hope your Fall is going healthy and well, esoecially as we get colder temps. ❄️


Nationally, HV.1 still at the top with over 18% of random sequencing.:

A few potentially troublesome varaints are being watched as they climb up the sequencing ladder.

JN.1 holding at .32%.

(I forgot to highlight JD.1.1 last time which is also being closely watched.)

In PA, not much sequencing done at all.:

In NY/NJ, fast-moving variants (compared the the current already fast variants!!) holding at around .9%. JD.1.1 at over 2%.:

JN.1 updates

JN.1 looks like it's seriously affecting infection numbers in Canada, Muenich, and especially France, where JN.1 is already estimated to be the top variant. Very bad for the holidays.


Sato Lab has done some additional research for BA.2.86 (NOT BA.2.86.1 or JN.1, they are completely different entities now and will require their own testing.):

Takeaways from this:

🔴BA.2.86 defintiely has potential to take over the whole variant market in the future. (And this is the SLOWEST variant, the parent of even faster variants.) With over 30 mutations to all current variants it has great potential to infect through any current immunity, due to antigenic shift alone.

🔴Four antivirals work against it including Remdesivir. (Molnupiravir is strongly discouraged by the viral genetics community.)

🔴The cell fusion is only slightly greater than BA.2, meaning it has potential to not cause as severe disease as something more fusogenic (i.e., it's not Delta-like).

🔴"Overall, BA.2.86 does not appear to pose an increased risk to human society. However, it is possible that its virological phenotype may change or even worsen in the future by acquiring additional mutations. Continued monitoring and surveillance are important now and then."

Sato is being encouraged to do similar testing for JN.1 and JQ variants which are descendants of BA.2.86 and have been proven faster movers.


Nationally, looks like the Fall honeymoon is over and wastewater levels are starting to go back up.:

Regionally, the Midwest and West are yet again adjusted upwards.:

In PA, 5/9 stations (excluding the 2 that don't seem to report lately to Biobot) are going upwards.:

WastewaterSCAN has our area in the Northeast at HIGH levels for SARS2.

WWSCAN has the Dauphin/Harrisburg area on a rise again through Oct. 31.

🔴WWSCAN has Norovirus (the common "stomach virus") as HIGH nationally. Please wash your hands often, make sure utensils and eating places are clean, and also wash any fresh food that might need it (fruits, veggies, etc.)

What's going in the Lackawanna area??? Please get a hold of this before the holidays or we're gonna have a bad time. Also in Bucks/Franklin areas. Clean that air and use those respiratoirs!


Lots of new hospital admits all along south of I-80. Also in Western half border counties. Philly area is stable.:

Staffed inpatient Beds map has improved. Numbers increasing in Lawrence Co. especially.:

Staffed ICU beds somewhat increasing surrounding Dauphin Co and over in the Somerset/BedfordCo areas.:

🍁A little bit of caution now will prevent a lot of life, learning, and financial loss later on.

Be careful and protect yourself this Fall (and get those flu and XBB vaccinations!) 🍁🍁🍁

#Covid #Covid19 #CovidIsNotOver #BA286 #JN1 #Pennsylvania #PA #Wastewater #WearAMask #VaccinesSaveLives #StayHome #SARS2PA

I took a look at the updated CDC NWSS #covid #covid19 #wastewater data: 1153 sites have been updated since the start of October, and 409 sites haven't been updated. Progress.

As I noted in the toot above, keep in mind that this national-level view might not represent what's going on in state-level or other views.

The script I used for this is here:

metro yvr wastewater covid bot
1 month ago

Metro Vancouver wastewater COVID surveillance data was published November 3. The most recent test was October 30. #covid #covid19 #wastewater #vancouver #yvr

1 month ago

PA update for 11/3/2023!

Good Morning SARS2PAians!

I hope your Fall is going great. 🍁

There's no new CDC stuff today.


Nationally, HV.1 still in the lead by very far and away at over 18% of random sequencing.:

A few potentially fast variants are creeping up the ladder. JG.3, HV.1.1, JG.3.1, and of course potentially very troublesome JN.1 (=BA. are above the "fold" and are all theoretically clocked faster than BA.2.86.

In PA, not a lot of sequencing done here but no troublesome varaints found. That doesn't mean they're not out there but at least they're not prevalent enough to come up the sparse sequencing we do have.:

In NY/NJ, HV.1 now at over 20% of random sequencing. Very fast variants JG.3, JG.3.1, and JN.1 all very close to 1% already. BA.2.86.1 slowing down a bit but still at almost .5%.:


Nationally, wastewater creeping up again.:

Regionally, the Midwest and South keep getting adjusted higher and higher. Northeast hitting a plateau, still stuck in very high levels.:

in PA, 5/9 stations (excluding Dauphin and Erie) still overall climbing upwards.:

Butler and Indiana seems to be handling it!!

MontCo is SMASHING IT!!! Yous are below national levels again!

Flu Comparison

Just want to remind everyone that flu levels are still absolutely minimal for PA and its surrounding States so far. If there's people sick, if it's not a teeny bit of rhinovirus (which actually is the common cold), it's COVID.:

It's not the flu. It's COVID.

Please be honest with everyone around you about your illness and STAY HOME/WEAR A QUALITY RESPIRATOR if you or your household contracts COVID.

Test often as rapid tests might not pick up levels that can still infect you the first few days of illness.

We can prevent life, learning, and financial loss if we just do some common-sense things for each other.

Continue to have a SAFE and great Fall!! 🍁🍁🍁❄️

#covid #covid19 #CovidIsNotOver #WearAMask #CorsiRosenthalBox #BA286 #JN1 #HV1 #Pennsylvania #PA #StayHome #Wastewater #SARS2PA

I went back and looked at the updated CDC NWSS #covid #covid19 #wastewater data, and there's still a fair amount of sites that aren't updating right now on this national dataset: 1120 sites that have been updated since the beginning of October, and 440 sites that haven't been updated.

Keep in mind that this national-level view might not represent what's going on in state-level or other views. For example, a big chunk of Washington State sites aren't being updated in the CDC dataset, but the Washington State Department of Health website has nearly every state vsite updating right now.

A postscript about the CDC dataset. I did a spot check of several Washington State sites that were affected by the Biobot contract switchover and show a lack of Biobot historical data in the graphical view. The good news is that it's all there in the downloadable csv.

I got curious about how #covid #covid19 #wastewater sites weren't getting updated. One thing led to another, and I wrote a Python script to use the CDC's National Wastewater Surveillance System 10/22 snapshot to figure the actual numbers.

In #washingtonstate, I found that 12 of 28 sites in the NWSS dataset haven't been updated this month. Nationwide, 503 sites out of 1570 haven't been updated this month.

EDIT: as both @jrefior and @statesdj have helpfully pointed out, the vast majority (or all) of the lack-of-update issue is due to an in-progress testing data provider switchover at the CDC. Salon has a pretty good article about the switchover here:

The CDC tracker website says it will be updated on Fridays, so I'll run my script again next weekend. I hope to find out that lots of sites are back in business.

The script is here, if that is your jam:

Jeff Gilchrist
1 month ago

Virus update for Ottawa, ON, Canada (Oct 20, 2023)

#Viral indicators continue to increase for #Ottawa, #Canada ( ). #Wastewater levels in Ottawa are now higher than the peak of the first #Omicron BA.1 wave. 🧵 1/

Unrolled one page version:

Graph of wastewater levels in Ottawa, Ontario. Weekly stats available at ( )

Here are some notes I put together on sources for #covid19 #covid #wastewater data. This is mostly focused on #Seattle and environs in #washingtonstate, but most of these sources have data on other areas in the US as well. I'll pin this toot to my profile, with the expectation that it will get updated from time to time. Corrections/updates are welcome.

Washington State Respiratory Illness Dashboard

This site is run by the WA Department of Health and has statistics for multiple respiratory diseases in the state. The dashboard is here:

Here's the link to jump directly to the Covid wastewater data:

It has three tabs:

  • an at-a-glance map of the 15-day percentage change at treatment plants across the state ("statewide view"),
  • a line chart of 7-day rolling averages for specific treatment plants ("facility trends"),
  • a stacked bar chart of detected variant types for specific treatment plants ("variants").

All three tabs have downloadable data in Excel workbook format.

At present there are three King County area treatment plants represented: Brightwater, covering both King and Snohomish Counties; West Point, in King County; and King County South, covering both King and Pierce Counties.

For a while many sites weren't getting updated, and presumably this was fallout from the Biobot/Verily transition (see below). But as of 10/27/2023, nearly every site is being updated, with some of the data being provided by the state Public Health Lab. In some cases, there's a popup attached noting that the PHL methodology is different from the previous Biobot methodology, and so the historical Biobot data has been removed.

Strange quirk: if you download their dataset, you get the historical Biobot data for the sites that transitioned, but you won't get the new PHL data.

The dashboard as a whole gets updated every Wednesday. But you'll need to look at the dates in the underlying facility trends table to see how recent the site-level data are.

CDC's Covid-19 Wastewater Surveillance page

The CDC's National Wastewater Surveillance System (NWSS) has a web page with national and regional trends for wastewater metrics. You can also look at state and county metrics for current virus levels, percent change in the last 15 days, and percent of samples with detectable virus.

The CDC page is here:

There is also an option to download the entire data set, or data for a specific site. The data are in .CSV format.

This site uses a sewershed numbering system instead of names. I think the King County sewershed IDs map as follows:

  • 2420 (previously 1142): West Point
  • 2419 (previously 1139): King County South
  • 676: Brightwater

The CDC recently switched from Biobot to Verily as a data source, and it appears that the changeover has disrupted the update cadence, at least for some subset of the sites. This includes the three #Seattle area sites.

Salon has an article about the switchover and its impacts here: Politico has an article here: Katelyn Jetelina ("Your Local Epidemiologist") has a summary of the wastewater contract situation and its impacts here:


As I mentioned in the section on the CDC page, Verily is the new data provider for wastewater surveillance. Their wastewater testing dashboard is here:

As of this writing, there's one Washington State site, the City of Snohomish, listed. It is up to date.

Verily has a good description of their methodology here:

Verily's COVID wastewater data is part of their multi-disease wastewater dataset. You can also download Verily's data in CSV format from this site:


Biobot was the CDC's previous wastewater data supplier, but does continue to publish some wastewater data at its own site:

While there's no data for King County shown, it does show current sample results for several other Washington State counties.

Biobot has a whitepaper describing their normalization methodology here:

There's no user interface element that lets you download the data. Behind the scenes, it is grabbing a CSV file of wastewater data, but more work would be involved to turn that into usable data.


v1: October 18, 2023 - initial version
v1.1: October 19, 2023 - added link to Salon article
v1.2: October 27, 2023 - noted that almost all WA state sites are reporting data again, some via the Public Health Lab. Notes some sites have had Biobot-supplied historical data removed due to different sampling methods. Added Politico link about Biobot/Verily contract issues.
v1.3 October 31, 2023 - added Verily's new City of Snohomish to the Verily section. Noted the WA DoH quirk that you can still download the historical data that doesn't display in the UI, but not the new PHL data.
v1.4 November 2, 2023. Added a link to Katelyn Jetelina's summary.

Jeff Gilchrist
2 months ago

Virus update for Ottawa, ON, Canada (Sep 30, 2023)

#Viral indicators continue to increase for #Ottawa, #Canada ( ). #Wastewater levels in Ottawa have almost reached the same as the peak of the first #Omicron BA.1 wave. 🧵 1/

The one page easier to share version of this thread can be found at:

Graph of wastewater levels in Ottawa, Ontario. Weekly stats available at ( )
Andres Salomon
2 months ago

The rest of the country dropping back down while the NE rates stay stubbornly high. 🙁

#Covid #Wastewater

Graph of the last 6 months of "covid-19 wastewater monitoring by region"

Rates gradually dropping in lockstep (from less than 400 to less than 200 copies per mL of sewage) across all regions between April to mid-July, after which they all start to rise. From mid-July to Sept they all go up, with every other region peaking around early/mid-Sept and then dropping significantly from 500-700 down to 400-450. The NE region, however, peaks in mid-Sept around 730 and then mostly stays flat, with the slightest dip down to 704.
Ed Suominen
2 months ago

#Spokane County #Washington #SARSCov2 #wastewater levels, showing that about as many people have #Covid as have for about half of the last 60 weeks or so.

No, #CovidIsNotOver and you should be saying #NoToBrainInfections by simply wearing an #N95 respirator.

I’m really tired of this #pandemic. It sucks. My social life is a smoldering ruin. But neither my preferences nor yours dictate what happens with a highly transmissible, immune-evasive airborne #virus.

Spokane County SARS2 concentrations in wastewater since the lull of Spring 2022. Levels are rising from a 2-month long local minimum, though with considerable variance that makes the upward trend less statistically significant. It’s difficult to estimate from the plot what the levels would be even if the first derivative since June remained roughly the same, and there is no evident exponential growth.

Horizontal red line shows the current levels compared to what they’ve been for the past 14-15 months. Contrast with the zero-virus level shown with horizontal yellow line, and note area under the curve overall vs limited to the red line. If levels had been constant over plot interval at current level, we would have had most of the infections we did. Red line appears to be near the median now.

CORRECTED: Metro #Vancouver #wastewater #SARSCoV2 signal and estimated new daily #COVID19 cases. Last date: 9/18. Corrected mistake w/ formula.

#SurreyBC #NewWestminster #Burnaby #RichmondBC #LangleyBC #Coquitlam #NorthVancouver #WestVancouver

Markus Falk
2 months ago

#Covid #Denmark #wastewater 2023-09-19

This is the only data I find for Denmark atm.

Denis - The COVID info guy -
3 months ago

By Mike Hoerger, PhD MSCR MBA @michael_hoerger

PMC C0VID-19 Tracker, Sep 13, 2023

🇺🇸 U.S. #wastewater levels are higher than during 64% of the pandemic:
🔹 1.8% (1 in 57) are infectious
🔹 >800,000 C0VID cases per day
🔹 >40,000 #LongCovid cases per day

#COVID19US #COVIDisNotOver #COVIDisAirborne #COVIDisNotFlu @auscovid19

Twitter/X source:

3 months ago

@bug138 Sweet! #Wastewater monitoring is a great tool that should be expanded everywhere. Even my little podunk backwoods has one now!

Miss Fidget
3 months ago

Sewage don't lie - check covid trends measured scientifically in waste water for #Pennsylvania
#Covid19 #wastewater #Data

Gabriele Pollara
3 months ago

One of the things I became aware of in #COVID19 was how #wastewater #surveillance can be such a useful #publichealth tool to monitor emergence and activity of infections in the community.

Great article on this 👇
#IDMastodon #medicine #MedMastodon #AMR #viruses #infectiousdiseases #mpox

Wastewater monitoring: 'the James Webb Telescope for population health' | Exemplars in Global Health

Amadi Lovelace
3 months ago

Today is the final day to submit a public comment to the #CDC so that they keep #wastewater tracking for #COVID and other viruses. With almost all other COVID metrics disappeared, this is our last tool for understanding how sickness is spreading in our communities. A single supporting sentence is sufficient.

Please submit using this link:

3 months ago

2/2 #Wastewater testing was stopped in my county > a year ago and we are flying in the dark. CDC says to mask when community levels are high, but how is anyone to know?
It’s imperative that you continue #wastewater testing throughout the country--and preferably that you expand it. #Covid #surveillance #Biobot


cat static
3 months ago

Today (9/7) is the last day for comments on expanding #wastewater surveillance of #COVID19 and other infectious diseases. Right now there are only FIVE comments.

Please, please comment - This is the only way we can monitor #disease threats in this podunk mess of a nation. #Covid #pandemic will not be the last and we need tools.

#CDC comment form:

More info:

Hi, it’s time for the weekly #washingtonstate #kingcounty (that is, #seattle and environs) #COVID #COVID19 #wastewater toots.

The West Point sewage treatment Sars-CoV-2 concentrations 7 day rolling averages have trended back down after last week's climb. Note: even though the dashboard is dated 9/6/2023, the most recent underlying data from this site is from 8/29/2023.

You can find the data for the state wastewater surveillance program, along with other metrics like case counts and hospitalizations, at WSPT is one of three King County(-ish) sewersheds in this dataset. The dashboard gets updated every Wednesday (generally).

A screencap of the Washington State Covid Data Dashboard wastewater metrics for the West Point sewage treatment plant in King County. The most recent data shows a seesaw pattern, currently trending down.


Right now there are only


The CDC is taking comments on a National Wastewater Surveillance System for SARSVOV2.

I think some people here might have a comment about that.

I just found this. It's not too late

#WastewaterWednesday #Wastewater #Covid #SarsCoV2 #CovidIsNotOver #LongCovid


Tomorrow (Sep 7, 2023) is the

LAST DAY for comments!

Proposed Project National Wastewater Surveillance System for SARS­CoV­2 and other infectious disease targets of public health concern--New--National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases (NCEZID), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

#WastewaterWednesday #Wastewater #Covid #SarsCoV2 #CovidIsNotOver #LongCovid

Background and Brief Description  This information collection request is  built upon a project currently approved  under the COVID­19 Public Health  Emergency (PHE) PRA Waiver. This  expanded information collection request  is for three years. The COVID­19  pandemic has demonstrated the need  for timely, actionable surveillance data  to inform disease prevention and  control activities. The genetic material  of SARS­CoV­2, the virus that causes  COVID­19, has been detected in the  feces of infected individuals, regardless  of their symptom status. Therefore,  sampling and testing wastewater  provides a means to assess SARS­CoV­  2 infection trends in the community  independent of clinical testing or other  healthcare indicators. This public health  surveillance approach can be used for  other infectious diseases or targets, such  as mpox, influenza, and antimicrobial  resistance. Recommendations for  wastewater data collection for specific  infectious diseases will be based on
CDC will accept all comments for this  proposed information collection project.  The Office of Management and Budget  is particularly interested in comments  that:  (a) Evaluate whether the proposed  collection of information is necessary  for the proper performance of the  functions of the agency, including  whether the information will have  practical utility;  (b) Evaluate the accuracy of the  agencies estimate of the burden of the  proposed collection of information,  including the validity of the  methodology and assumptions used;  (c) Enhance the quality, utility, and  clarity of the information to be  collected;  (d) Minimize the burden of the  collection of information on those who  are to respond, including, through the  use of appropriate automated,  electronic, mechanical, or other  technological collection techniques or  other forms of information technology,  e.g., permitting electronic submission of  responses; and
(e) Assess information collection  costs.  To request additional information on  the proposed project or to obtain a copy  of the information collection plan and  instruments, call (404) 639­7570.  Comments and recommendations for the  proposed information collection should  be sent within 30 days of publication of  this notice to ‘‘  public/doPRAMain’’. Find this  particular information collection by  selecting ‘‘Currently under 30-day  Review--Open for Public Comments’’ or  by using the search function. Direct  written comments and/or suggestions  regarding the items contained in this  notice to the Attention: CDC Desk  Officer, Office of Management and  Budget, 725 17th Street NW,  Washington, DC 20503 or by fax to (202)  395­5806. Provide written comments  within 30 days of notice publication.
3 months ago

Day 2 of the new #school year and covid in #wastewater is predictably rising. 😩

Among a myriad of back-to-school emails, the school district has not mentioned covid even once. This year's policy is no policy at all. 😠

My kids report about 1-2% #masking rate (about 1-3 kids per grade).

I hate this timeline.

#CovidIsNotOver #MaskUp

Source of wastewater data in Greater #Boston area:

A green dot plot (with green error bars) of covid detected in wastewater vs. time for Boston and cities/towns north of Boston. A black line graph through the green dots shows the 7-day average.

Recent data shows an increase in covid in the wastewater, with the last update being >1000 copies/mL, which was last seen around February 2023.
An orange dot plot (with orange error bars) of covid detected in wastewater vs. time for cities/towns south of Boston. A black line graph through the orange dots shows the 7-day average.

Recent data shows an increase in covid in the wastewater, with the last update being ~800 copies/mL, which was last seen around February 2023.

OK, this toot is seriously niche ... but for the two other people in this world who care about this, this talk by Marc Johnson (@solidevidence at that other place) on #covid #covid19 #wastewater monitoring is a totally, completely, 1000% fascinating science detective story.. 💩🤓

LM Little
3 months ago

Good to see this report @cbcNorth. "An official with the Giant Mine remediation project says if #wildfire were to reach the site there's no risk the 237,000 tonnes of water-soluble arsenic trioxide buried underground would leach into the environment."

#NWT #Yellowknife #mining #toxic #wastewater #arsenicTrioxide

Time for #WastewaterWednedsay !!

Definitely a #Covid surge going on in the US according to #Wastewater anyway.

Take note of the reported cases.

No really.

Take note of the reported cases.

Home tests were the beginning of the end. Just my opinion. If people even do test, they don't get reported in any measurable way. We are left w/ very little or very skewed data to assess our own risk & personal safety.

Stay safe!

#CovidIsNotOver #MaskUp #LongCovid #CovidIsAirborne

Graph showing wastewater levels over 500 in March, dropping to under 200 at the end of June and back up to 500 at the end of July. A separate line shows cases with a spike in March between 100k and 200k then down around 25k but close to zero for all of July.
Ed Suominen
4 months ago

The plots show the concentrations of the #SARS2 #virus in #wastewater for #Spokane, which is the most populated area here in the eastern half of my state. I’ve added a red horizontal line showing where we are at with the numbers released today.

And where we are at is not good at all.

Go take another look at the plots. Note how much area is under the curve below that line. That area represents virus particles—how many and for how long. It represents damaged bodies and ruined lives. 3/

IT News
4 months ago

New SARS-CoV-2 variant gains dominance in US amid mild summer COVID wave - Enlarge (credit: Getty | Thomas Trutschel)

For a fourth consec... - #hospitalizations #testpositivity #seasonality #sars-cov-2 #subvariant #wastewater #covid-19 #pandemic #vaccines #omicron #health #deaths #summer #cdc #fda