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🐧And defend our #Gentoo chops!

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Nicd (EN)
11 hours ago

And update to this: I'm now using #GNOME on #Wayland and the #gTile extension to move windows into their places after they've been flown around after a monitor disconnection. It's not ideal but I can work with this for now. I tried #AwesomeWM but for some reason it detected my monitor as being larger than it is and I don't know enough xrandr to fix it. I also looked at #SwayWM but it doesn't want to run because I have the proprietary Nvidia drivers installed (even though I'm not using that GPU) -- but the laptop refuses to boot if I use just Nouveau. Maybe I'll give it another look later, if I can know how to make #GDM add the "run even if Nvidia" flag to Sway.

I switched to Wayland so that
#Alacritty scaling works correctly, and it seems everything else I use works on Wayland already, like screen sharing.

As of now, ☑️Waycheck (for checking protocols your #Wayland environment supports) is available in @opensuse (openSUSE #Tumbleweed to be precise)! 🎉

You can get it by installing the `waycheck` package. Now you too can easily see what features your desktop has and does not have to go poke (kindly!) to get *all the features*, courtesy of yours truly! 🤠

Naturally, Waycheck 0.2.0 is on its way and will be available in the next Tumbleweed snapshot release!

(Shameless plug:

An openSUSE Tumbleweed system running Wayfire showing Xfce Terminal on the top right with output showing "waycheck" installed through DNF. Waycheck is running in the center showing the protocols that Wayfire supports.
1 day ago

I am testing the usability of #wayland in #Ubuntu.
To make it more difficult I have an #nvidia card.
And well... It works quite reasonably, including:
* Firefox natively (with hardware video acceleration).
* Steam (Xwaland), but CS2 and BG3 (BG3 with proton) work OK.
* Teams (window and screen sharing),
* Chrome, VSCode (Xwayland, but no problems).

The only drawbacks are that the font is too small in some older applications (I have a 4K monitor).

Still better than I've expected.


:arch: XeroLinux :kdelight:
1 day ago

If you build the #gnome ISO today default session will be #Wayland if you encounter any issues please let me know before I upload final ISOs.. Thanks. #Foss #Linux

1 day ago

Erratic mouse screen behavior with Wayland on Gentoo #gnome #mouse #touchpad #hp #wayland

:arch: XeroLinux :kdelight:
1 day ago

There's an issue am aware of with Qt apps not being themed on #Wayland where qt5ct is not working in #Gnome. I reported the issue upstream waiting for reply. Will keep you posted. #FOSS #Linux

October is upon us...

As such all #XeroLinux ISO profiles have been updated on Github.. You can safely build them now. As for pre-built ones will be available in next few days... Also #Wayland has been included on both #KDE and #Gnome, up to you if you use it or not (not recommended if you use #nVidia). #FOSS #Linux

Piotr Miller
2 days ago

#nwg-iso 2023.10.01

- Included kernel: 6.5.5
- ISO size: 808.3 MiB
- Installation guide:
- Resources:
- Issue tracker:
- Matrix space:


- You no longer need to type `install-shell` after rebooting/logging into the (super)user account. The command has been added to `~/.bashrc`.

#nwgshell #sway #Hyprland #wayland

Joshua Lee
2 days ago

#wayland has been my display protocol of choice for... all of 2023 now I think.

Linux ✅
2 days ago

::: XFCE | Kevyt Linux-työpöytä suuntaa kohti Waylandia 💫

Mitä landia? Wayland: moderni näytönhallinta joka esim. ERISTÄÄ syötteen / lähtevät asiat (kirjoituksesi, jne.) joka ikkunalle.

Tämähän lisää edelleen tietoturvaa.

Wayland tuo toimitukseen selkeää suoraviivaisuutta ja tehokkuutta kaikelle piirrolle näyttöön!

GNOME (Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian) ja Plasma (Steam Deck) työpöydissä Wayland jo onkin.


#Wayland #Xfce #Linux #tietokoneet

3 days ago
Jeff Fortin T.
3 days ago

My #AMD #Radeon is back on #Wayland on #Fedora 39 / GNOME 45; it feels smoother than it was in previous versions ☺️
Still accumulates lag over time though!

Unfortunately the #Linux kernel & #Mesa graphics stack don't provide the perf stack traces required to be able to profile the whole operating system, as observed with the "unwindable" lines in #sysprof captures 🤷️ (thanks to Christian's explanation in reply to my downstream ticket in !)

Sophie :nixos: :ferris:
4 days ago

And once again #vscode is broken on #wayland. Of course it's an upstream #electron issue so it's just sitting there unanswered and no one can do anything.

Robert Mader
4 days ago

Appendix: the #RaspberryPi 5 is said to have HDR support - IIUC that means the decoder and the hardware planes theoretically support displaying H.265 in 4K@60fps 10bit in the P010 pixel format and bt2020 color space.

An example video for that would be "Camp by Sony" from the kodi sample files (

The current status regarding HDR is that neither the #Wayland protocol nor the #linux kernel APIs are finished and implemented. BUT: we are much closer here than we were ...

4 days ago

#TBT to Daniel Stone's great talk at #FOSDEM earlier this year, "Graphics: A Frame's Journey"! Interested in learning more about modern display pipelines? This talk is for you: #GPU #Wayland #OpenSource

Daniel Stone speaking at FOSDEM 2023

Step 2 will be te beginning of 2 major changes the move to #Qt6 and the addition of #Wayland. But I decided to take the latter slowly, only supporting #AMD and #Intel GPUs with #nVidia coming much much much much later if ever... #FOSS #Linux

Los odiadores estúpidos (que les importa un cojón el debate técnico) del mundillo GNU/Linux son tan gilipollas como cualquier de otro mundillo. De #systemd lo criticaban por tener mucho alcance en sus características. A #Wayland por ser mínimo en sus protocolos núcleos. Resulta que no les gusta, ahora, una base mínima y ser extensible. Yo lo flipo.

5 days ago

I just started using #sway on #wayland for #endeavouros

When in #TeamsForLinux , or #bravebrowser , I lose the mouse/focus. Whatever I try, the window seems to ignore my click.

What’s going on?

Robert Mader
5 days ago

If everything works well together, this allows devices to highly efficiently play video without using much CPU or GPU resources.

You may guess already what's coming next: we (generally) don't do that in the Linux desktop world yet - unlike our competition, be it Windows, MacOS or Android.

I won't get into the details, but using hardware planes this way is not really possible on #x11. We first needed #Wayland to give us good APIs.

Patrick Laimbock
5 days ago

@odo That's a nice surprise. Wow "Studio One is a #Wayland application and won't run in an X11 session". I guess it's time for #Bitwig to catch on.

Robert Mader
5 days ago

The #RaspberryPi 5 is here and like its predecessor it supports decoding and displaying H.265 in 4K@60fps.
Some of you may wonder: does that really work on a modern #Linux / #FDO desktop? If my laptop fan starts spinning when playing such content, how can the PI handle it?

Here I'd like to draw your attention to a pretty cool feature we just introduced in #GNOME45 - support for YCbCr or YUV pixel formats in the system compositor (Mutter).

Short 🧵

#GNOME #Wayland #GStreamer #mpv

5 days ago

Firefox Snap crashes as soon as any video starts playing (23.04, Wayland) #firefox #snap #wayland #amdgpu #2304

I am once again considering to write my own window manager

...unless the setup I am thinking of is already possible, let me construct this in your head:

On the top of the screen, there is narrow status bar, which is split into two parts. On the right side of the bar, you have your clock, your battery, your signal strength and so on.

On the left side, there is a clickable tab for every window you have opened. It's like browser tabs: Every window always uses the entire space below the status bar.

On the far left, there could be an icon which opens a searchable list of applications, kind of like #dmenu but vertical. Everything supports mouse input as you would expect.

Does that exist? Should I make it? It would be awesome for smaller screens, like phones.

Edit: I should add that I'm planning to run it on a Nokia N900 with a single 600 MHz CPU core, 256 MB RAM and a resolution of 800×480 pixels. Existing full desktop environments like Xfce4, LXDE, and so on are way to heavy to run.

#linux #programming #windowmanager #x11 #wayland

As of now, ☑️Waycheck (for checking protocols your #Wayland environment supports) is available in @fedora (as well as @centos, @almalinux, *et al* through #EPEL9)! 🎉

You can get it by installing the `waycheck` package. Now you too can easily see what features your desktop has and does not have to go poke (kindly!) to get *all the features*, courtesy of yours truly! 🤠

(Shameless plug:

A Fedora Linux 39 system running KDE Plasma showing Konsole on the top right with output showing "waycheck" installed through DNF. Waycheck is running in the center showing the protocols that Kwin supports. A system dialog box next to it shows that it is Fedora Linux 39 with KDE Plasma, with another dialog behind it partially obscured showing KDE reporting the same information as Waycheck in a less clean fashion.
Piotr Miller
5 days ago

#nwg-displays 0.3.8

Added popup & countdown timer to restore from improper settings.

Release notes:

#nwgshell #swaywm #Hyprland #wayland

~whynothugo/way-secure - Helper to create Wayland security contexts - sourcehut git

"Using a secure-context is required to create a secure #sandbox on a #Wayland desktop, but not sufficient. A client can trivially just inspect $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR and find a fully privileged socket. This tool is intended to be used in concert with other sandboxing techniques."

5 days ago

Today i started to use #Hyprland and #Wayland it was so much great experience.
its easy to config and has so many nice animations!

5 days ago

Cando se vai arranxar o tema "tarxetas gráficas" en linux, pregunto.

#linux #wayland #ubuntu

¿Vas a echar en falta el "Hey, Macaroni!" en #Wayland?

El autor de #XScreenSaver habla de #Wayland. Dice no estar motivado para proponer y promover un estándar para salvapantallas en Wayland.

6 days ago

#Wayland compositors truly are the future. This particular compositor, #Hyprland, only has a load of 3.2 while doing absolutely nothing! Truly the epitome of computing!

Campbell Jones
6 days ago

Have you ever wanted to see exactly what #wayland protocols your compositor implements, AND what protocols it doesn't?

There's now a tool for that: introducing ☑️Waycheck!

:archlinux: Arch: extra/waycheck
:fedora: Fedora: waycheck
:flatpak: Flathub: dev.serebit.Waycheck (

:gitlab: Source:

A window that's displaying the name of the running Wayland compositor (Unknown, due to running in a sandbox), and a table of Wayland protocols both supported and unsupported by that compositor.
1 week ago

Been running #hyprland for a few weeks now and I'm so happy with it. Especially since mouse grabbing in some games got fixed. Amazing #wayland compositor

Cleo Menezes Jr. :verified:
1 week ago

Leaving #Xorg is like starting to bury the corpse after so many years at a funeral.


1 week ago

So, I tried #Wayland and #Sway again today as I had forgotten why it didn't work last time. And of course, the reason was that it still doesn't support #Nvidia.

And yes, as a user, I refuse to see it the other way. Wayland is claiming to be the future, yet it doesn't support 70% of all home computers. I have no other option than to run #X, and the only ones in a position to fix it (Wayland/Sway) will not.

Thorsten Leemhuis (2/4)
1 week ago

Switched back to running #Thunderbird using Xwayland instead of #Wayland due to one small but annoying bug:

Copying messages using drag'n'drop does not work reliably. #sigh

Justine Smithies
1 week ago

And that's my #Qtile #Wayland dotfiles migrated to #Sourcehut

Justine Smithies
1 week ago

Hmm I've been running #Qtile #Wayland from their git repo for 7 hours now and still haven't managed to get it to crash. Usually it would have crashed by now. This maybe progress or as I hear someone saying right now "Don't speak too soon".

Justine Smithies
1 week ago

Oh dear Lord please help me !
I really love #Qtile running under #Wayland but recently it seemed to crash a lot for no apparent reason. Yes I reported the issues but we could not find the reason. So I switched to #SwayWM as everything just works there. But you know me I keep going back to Qtile and as of today's commits I cannot make it crash ! So far that is. I really need to stop this back and forth and just commit 100%.
Anyone else keep switching between or is it just me that needs help ? 😂

1 week ago

Cairo 1.18 released

Cairo 1.18 was released today as the first major stable release to this 2D graphics library in five years. This vector-based graphics library is widely-used for a variety of purposes from GNOME's GTK toolkit to other apps making use of Cairo for targeting different back-ends from PDFs to OpenGL contexts. Mozilla Firefox, WebKit, Mono, and many other open-source projects are notable users of


1 week ago

Wayland color management protocol posted For Weston

The Wayland Color Management protocol has been years in the making and is needed for a client to specify the color space and HDR metadata of a surface. This color management protocol is ultimately needed for getting high dynamic range (HDR) support working out well within Wayland environments. This week an initial merge request was o


1 week ago

Regarding #Wayland, @Conan_Kudo nails it with "total protocol breakage and everything being completely different". And interesting to hear that @BrodieOnLinux is not using #Wayland due to "issues". "There are issues with Nvidia, absolutely. There are issues with window-manager-y things." So basically we all agree!

2 weeks ago

I find it fascinating that #linux users by now say #wayland is inevitable yet I've still not found a single thing where it would actually bring me an improvement (aside maybe the input handling, but that gets balanced out). Meanwhile from what I know outside of linux on the other *nix os there in many cases is just the bare minimum for wayland to work at best (#FreeBSD, my daily driver, being an exception, but still)

ricardo :mastodon:
2 weeks ago

#Wine #Wayland Driver Updated With Basic Window Management Capabilities 🍷 :wayland:

2 weeks ago

I switched my main computer over to #Wayland the other day. I had to reconfigure my #Plasma docks because my Latte Dock config was incompatible. Not quite happy with what I made and will have to play around more.

It's mostly going well other than the fact my computer won't suspend anymore. That will be a deal-breaker unless I can figure it out. My monitors will lock and even shut off, but something wakes them back to the lock screen and my computer never goes to sleep. Works fine in X11.

Linux ☑️
2 weeks ago

Fedora Linux 40 | To go full Wayland? Rid the main desktop's X11 (ancient)? :fedora:

Wayland: a modern windowing system.

"X11 session isn't getting the testing it needs, and is an additional resource burden".

What about old hardware? Some query - one can always use "granny" Debian, right?

Users with new hardware demand newer tech on software too +their ways also help in testing (for stable branches down the line).

What d'YOU think?


#Fedora #Wayland #Gnome #Linux

ricardo :mastodon:
2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago

So let’s talk about this Wayland thing

KDE's Nate Graham talks about Wayland, and sums up both its history, current status, and the future.

Wayland. It comes up a lot: “Bug X fixed in the Plasma Wayland session.” “The Plasma Wayland session has now gained support for feature Y.” And it’s in the news quite a bit lately with the announcement that Fedora KDE is proposing to drop the Plasma X11


/me découvre #Hyprland

Mais j’étais bien avec i3, moi ! Pourquoi vous me montrez un truc comme ça ? 😱

#TilingManager #Wayland #i3

2 weeks ago

The bug isn't marked fixed, but you might want to try again with 5.27.8 and let the developers know if anything changed:

@greypilgrim @9to5linux @kde #wayland #kde #plasma

Linux Is Best
2 weeks ago

That all said, I support the idea of any distro migrating to full Wayland.

Wayland has been out for 15 years (September 30, 2008)

The vast majority of systems and apps, especially the mainstream ones, have implemented either base support or full support.

The few that have not yet are likely the developments that are not going to do anything until the change is made -It's time to pull that metaphorical band-aid off.

#WayLand #Xorg #Linux

Linux Is Best
2 weeks ago

The following graphical user interface (GUI) desktop environments (desktop shells) work just fine with Wayland:

* KDE Plasma
* Lxqt
* Gnome
* Budgie
* Cutefish
* Cinnamon
* Deepin

The following have Initial Wayland support:

* Mate

The following have some limited support, but is not yet Wayland compatible:

* Xfce

The following have been discontinued:

* Lxde (the development team moved to Lxqt)

#WayLand #Xorg #Linux

#Gnome #Wayland why do you do this to me :'c

glitchy window of GIMP

It's Time. Fedora 40 Plans to Drop KDE Plasma X11 Session Completely

#fedora #opensource #linux #wayland #kde #kdeplasma

MsDB42 🦘♀🌈🐧
3 weeks ago

***LAST EDITED*** 2/9/23



Tried #Debian for a change after using #Ubuntu for nearly a couple decades. New #Gnome looked pretty good. But then wanted productivity back so #Sway because #Wayland.

Can't get it to work! It won't re-render unless I change TTY and back. #wtf.

While debugging, read about #Wayland and the problems. #wtf 2. Let's try again in a decade.

Back to #xubuntu and #i3 #itjustworks But, damn I hate #snap

Jeff Fortin T.
3 weeks ago

@topher Indeed, #Wayland's current design does not honor app requests to position their windows in a direct way:

There's a mention of a potential replacement in the form of a "xdg-session-management" protocol which would be ; it seems there's still some activity happening in that WIP.

I can live without this in the meantime; what I want first is perfs.

Jeff Fortin T.
3 weeks ago

After months of using the #Wayland version of GNOME Shell 44.x on my workstation with open source AMD #mesa drivers, I have to go back to the #Xorg / #X11 version for a while, as the stutters (with the mouse cursor and most UI interactions) after some hours/days of uptime are unbearable, even with the "patched for triple-buffering" version of Mutter + Shell at
I'd like to sysprof it, but probably only makes sense in F39 + GNOME 45

Andy Piper
1 month ago

I, for one, do like the new screensaver options in macOS Sonoma. #Wayland

Matthieu Herrb
1 month ago

My work on #Wayland on #OpenBSD is now committed to the ports tree (but not yet linked to packages builds). The documentation has also moved to the tree :

I've submitted a #LightningTalk to #EuroBSDCon in Coimbra in two weeks to present this too.

Day two with my new laptop #slimbook – time for some first impressions.

Apart from the hardware, I also took the opportunity to check out #GNOME on #Wayland, some games, as well as Slimbook’s own apps.

The IR camera is kinda cool, I have to say :blobcat:

1 month ago

GNOME is shaping up really nicely for privacy

• Background App indicator
• App permissions
• Device Security Settings
• Mic / Camera* Indicators
• Screen Sharing indicator
• Remote Desktop indicator
• Incrementally better app sandboxing
• VPN (incl Wireguard) support
• Quick Network Toggles

Made possible by #Flatpak #Wayland #PipeWire and our talented community.

#Linux #privacy #WireGuard #VPN

* Available in the upcoming GNOME 45 release

A screen of GNOME privacy indicators and quick toggles.

It shows the Screen Sharing, Microhpone and Camera indicators active and in orange. 

There is also quick toggles for VPN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ...

And Background App indicator.

My #Slimbook / new laptop adventure continues! And with it a new blog post:


• why I decided for #EndeavourOS on a #Btrfs #RAID-1 on two #LUKS encrypted SSDs and not something else
• how I intend to mitigate the challenges this combination brings with it
• how to leverage #Tmpfs to make your SSD live longer and make your browser much faster
#Borg is a great backup tool
#Wayland … I hope

4222 words on #Xorg and the hell that is, plus how #Wayland was marked its successor.

Also the start of my experimentation into writing something that does a thing on the server side of the Wayland protocol.

Have fun.

#Linux #FOSS #X11 #xdgportal #Accessibility #NVIDIA #HDR

Robert Mader
1 month ago

Just landed a fix for a small issue in the #mpv dmabuf #Wayland backend, where the overlay surface was always present, even when empty (no controls or subtitles).

This prevented direct scanout of the video surface on AFAICS all common compositors (and would have added an extra blending step of the full window size where it did still work).

1 month ago

I've fantasized about writing my own FluxBox clone for Wayland in Crystal, but I don't have the time and wouldn't know where to start. Although, FluxBox is mostly C++ so porting it to Crystal should be easy.
#wayland #fluxbox #crystallang

1 month ago

Wayland needs a usable OpenBox/FluxBox-like window manager. Not everyone wants to use a tiling window manager. Nor does everyone want a heavy Desktop Environment like Gnome/KDE.
#wayland #openbox #fluxbox

Robert Mader
1 month ago

For #Wayland folks: just found out about - quite neat!

Robert Mader
1 month ago

Just watched Sintel in 4K using display hardware YUV->RGB conversion and scaling on #gnome Mutter with #mpv - no 3D GPU usage (no shaders, no compositing) and also very littly CPU usage (video decoding done by VAAPI) and thus very power efficient.

We are finally getting there - unleash the power of #Wayland :P

If you're interested in the technical progress or want to try:

Tonight on Things I Should Not Be Doing But Did Anyways....

Rebased and took over the patches to add VR/DRM leasing support to #GNOME!

Easier than I thought, though I need to sort out the TODOs and review the general flow.

Not too bad/hard, considering I don't know too much C, let alone Mutter internals.

Might make my own compositor soon, then I can do things like this but in a more familiar env (Rust).

#Linux #FOSS #Wayland #SteamVR

Kai Klostermann
1 month ago

It's kinda weird that #wayland doesn't support screen sharing yet. 😅


@marcan I agree, but last time I tried #Wayland half my screen was black, my keyboard layout was permanently wrong and my touchpad scrolling didn't work.

I would love to abandon Xorg, but as a regretful NVIDIA user I can't. KDE Plasma isn't ready to deal with it either, and Firefox still expects XInput for two-finger-scrolling.

I'm sorry, but we're are not Wayland yet. Not even close.

Linux ☑️
2 months ago

Gamer on Linux? Share an instant replay - GPU SCREEN RECORDER 🎮 💻 💥

Just as the more known ShadowPlay from Windows - instantly replay yer gaming glory.

Pulled off an amazing stunt, yes? GPU Screen Recorder already saved it!

Using GPU only - the fastest screen recording tool for Linux.


#gaming #replay #instantreplay #screen #record #Linux #ShadowPlay #GPU #GPUScreenRecorder #X11 #Wayland

Terence Eden
2 months ago

Anyone know how I can get 2-finger swipe navigation working in Firefox for Linux?

Things I've tried:
Updating to the latest version of everything.
Reading search results, bug trackers, and forums.

My laptop supports pinch to zoom & 3 finger gestures in the OS.

What else can I try?

#PopOS #Linux #Wayland #Firefox

Screenshot of Firefox config screen.

With the announcement of Wayland only builds will Firefox finally allow the Flatpak to default to Wayland for people who are using Wayland? It has been available behind a flag for years

Not only does it run better, it provides much better security isolation by not running on the outdated X11 protocol. Forcing Wayland users to use XWayland just seems unnecessary now

#Mozilla #Firefox #Flatpak #Wayland #Linux

2 months ago

#KDE Plasma 5.27.7 Desktop Update Is Out to Improve Support for Multi-Channel Audio Setups, Plasma #Wayland, Support for #NVIDIA GPUs, and More

@kde #OpenSource #Linux

Screenshot of the KDE Plasma 5.27 LTS desktop environment showing the applications launcher.