kaiserkiwi :kiwibird:
25 minutes ago

Ich bin auf Arbeit ja nicht nur Full Stack #Webdev, sondern auch Teamlead. Eine meiner Aufgaben (die ich mir selbst gegeben habe) ist, meinem Team teils die Fundamentals von Dingen zu erklären.

Einfach weil heutzutage (Durch Bootcamps, Tutorials und sonst was) viele in den Beruf gehen und direkt mit #Sass, #Symfony / #Laravel, #Vue / #React etc. anfangen. Ohne #CSS, #PHP, #HTML und #JavaScript im Kern richtig kennenzulernen.

Und jedes Mal, wenn ich eine solche Session hinter mir habe, fühle ich mich einfach gut. Meist egal wie es mir vorher ging, danach ist einfach eine positive Grundstimmung in mir.

Wenn ich irgendwann mal keine Lust mehr habe, selbst beruflich als Webdev zu arbeiten, werde ich definitiv versuchen irgendwo als Lehrkraft reinzukommen. Ich kann mir echt vorstellen, dass das etwas ist, mit dem ich glücklich und alt werden könnte.


27 minutes ago

"Discovering the Power of JavaScript Proxy After All This Time - DEV Community" #javascript #proxy #webdev

Look how stressed this man is, trying to understand the difference between `let`, `var`, and `const`.

#javascript #webdev

A gentleperson with the head in their hands.
2 hours ago
3 hours ago

#Development #Launches
Meet Safari for spatial computing · Learn how people can experience your web content in a whole new way

#Apple #WWDC23 #SpatialComputing #visionOS #Safari #WebKit #WebDevelopment #WebDev #Website #Frontend #AR #XR #3D

Webdev Weekly
5 hours ago
Don McCurdy
6 hours ago

every day is a good day to reinvent undo/redo


A webpage titled "History API Demo", with two sliders and two "Undo" and "Redo" buttons. A cursor intermittently moves the sliders around, then undoes and redoes changes.
9 hours ago

🦖 Symbol.toPrimitive 🦖

The Symbol.toPrimitive static data property represents the well-known symbol @@toPrimitive. All type coercion algorithms look up this symbol on objects for the method that accepts a preferred type and returns a primitive representation of the object, before falling back to using the object's valueOf() and toString() methods.

#webdev #JavaScript

Jack Brewster
9 hours ago

Dear #webdev: I refuse to let you break my spirit.

Also, golf clap for not telling me the password was ONE CHARACTER TOO LONG as I filled in the form, and instead making submit it first. Check out client-side form validation. It's gonna blow your mind.

Screenshot of a password field from a web form showing an error message: The password you gave is too long.
Jack Brewster
9 hours ago

Dear #webdev: AYFKM? A popup _in_ a popup?! You're a gotdamned infinity mirror of shitty design choices. Congratulations. You have sunken beneath even my low expectations.
9 hours ago

El soporte para el CMS Drupal 7 Se extiende hasta el 5 de enero de 2025

#drupal #webdev

Webdev Weekly
9 hours ago

Prim+RPC: a bridge between JavaScript environments. Easy-to-understand, type-safe, transport-agnostic RPC/IPC for JavaScript, supporting callbacks, batching, file uploads, custom serialization, and more.


#javascript #programming #webdev

Jack Brewster
9 hours ago

Dear #webdev: If you think this link needs to open in a popup with no window chrome NO IT FUCKING DOES NOT

And do not tell me to adjust my browser settings. They're fine. You need to build a better website.

10 hours ago

Regarding the Apple VR thing..
Are there any major
#webdev considerations?
Not necessary talking about the physical computing side.

Finally started working on my #codeberg page.

I'm still learning CSS and planning to work as a front-end dev.

Here is my progress so far.

Music: Ambulo - inspired by U

Also huge thanks to @Codeberg for providing an opportunity to leave gitlab/github :blobfoxheartcute:

#css #html5 #html #webdev

A video of my personal work in progress website.
The video shows the home/welcome page with the following text.
Welcome to my ✨AMAZING✨ Codeberg page.

The ✨AMAZING✨ text is appearing and disappearing letter by letter with a slight background glow.
Noelle Mitchell 📚
12 hours ago

I officially just finished the HTML part of the online web developer course I'm taking!! Next part of the course is CSS. 😄 I feel pretty excited.

#WebDev #coding #learning #html #css

15 hours ago

Greetings to all #JavaScript #HTML #CSS #SVG #HTTP #Accessibility #webdev #mdn developers and enthusiasts.

I'm a bot, and every sixth hour I'll randomly pick an article for you from 'mdn web docs'¹.

Alternatively, you can subscribe to the RSS feed², see my GitHub repo³ for any other options and information.

Live long and prosper 🖖


Jacob Tender
15 hours ago

Today I’m evaluating the #Blisk Browser as a web development tool. I work on consumer websites where the implementation of responsive design is paramount.

Being about to refresh one browser window and see the results of my changes in multiple viewports is a massive productivity boost.

#WebDev #productivity

A Blisk Browser window showing the same website in three different viewports: mobile, tablet, and desktop.
15 hours ago


// first tip - you can add browser console commands by overriding window object. here an example:

Object.defineProperty(window, "command", {get: () => {console.log("Hello World!");

// how to use such command then? just open browser console and type command to get a reply :)
// #webdev #code

Webdev Weekly
17 hours ago

We built an open source, fully functional enterprise React.js CRUD app boilerplate, offering a selection of 5 UI frameworks and backend services


#internetisbeautiful #javascript #programming #reactjs #webdev

Looking for a good framework(?) for creating node based applications for the web, preferably something with minimal setup and works within HTML/CSS/JS, any suggestions?

#WebDev #js #webdevelopment

18 hours ago

Writing a #Lambda in #Ruby today. In my eight year career I've probably only ever written a handful of these! I suppose its because there's a lot of use cases when it makes sense to just use a method. #programming #webdev

Web Axe
19 hours ago

ARIA 1.2 is now a W3C Recommendation #aria #webdev #a11y

Don McCurdy
19 hours ago

WebXR confirmed for Vision Pro —

"Safari on Vision Pro currently has testable support for WebXR, available behind a feature flag while we collaborate with the W3C Immersive Web Working Group on updates to the web standard.”

#WWDC #WWDC23 #webdev #threejs

Steve Faulkner
20 hours ago

Assume the Position—A Labelling Story By @lloydi

“Many aspects of web design have become de facto standards. In other words, it may not be that there was ever a hard-and-fast rule about how something should be laid out/designed, but has come about through years of repetition. Breaking away from such trends only causes usability problems, whether the de facto standard is actually the best approach or not; it’s all about familiarity”

#a11y #ux #WCAG #WebDev

21 hours ago

🦖 spacing 🦖

The spacing attribute indicates how the user agent should determine the spacing between typographic characters that are to be rendered along a path.

#webdev #SVG

Webdev Weekly
21 hours ago

Js Confuser: An open-source JavaScript obfuscation tool made by me! Check out this live demo here:


#javascript #programming #webdev

NMR Online + NMRD
22 hours ago
Dark blue background. The word GO is displayed large and centred, and in the form of neon blue lights. Inside the O is the name of the software: Electro. This is written in lowercase, off-white text. Towards the bottom centre is the NMR Online logo
Alvin Ashcraft 🐿️
22 hours ago

Dew Drop – June 6, 2023 (#3958)

Top links today:
- What’s new in SSDT 17.6: Ledger, performance, Copilot
- Personalize your WinUI DataGrid: Quick & simple customization
- Unity runtime on Arm-based Windows devices
- M365 Dev Podcast - MS Graph Dev Proxy w/ Garry Trinder & Waldek Mastykarz
- New Uno Platform release: Media Player Element on mobile, web, Linux. WebView2 support.

#dotnet #ai #webdev #cloud #mobiledev #windowsdev #database #csharp #visualstudio #dewdrop

WP Code Guru
1 day ago

Ever wondered what managed WordPress hosting is? 🤔 We take a look at what it is, how it works, and the benefits of using it in our latest article 🧑‍💻

#WordPress #wordpresswebsite #webdevelopment #webdev #webhosting #website #hosting

Steve Faulkner
1 day ago

The Accessible Rich Internet Applications Working Group has published Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA) 1.2 as a W3C Recommendation.

#accessibility #webStandards #HTML #ARIA #WebDev

1 day ago

#Development #Tools
Colour Contrast Checker · A web tool to check color contrast against WCAG standards

#WebDevelopment #WebDev #Frontend #Accessibility #A11y #Contrast #Color

Space Sloth
1 day ago

Took me a long time to figure out why my mastodon wouldn't validate with my website but I figured it out.

Turns out I got the SSL certificate, but I hadn't gotten it activated.

#webdev #Mastodon

1 day ago

Hey is there anyone who can help me out with a #userScript question?
I have a script which moves the compose area of the mastodon web interface to the top of the first column, rather than taking up a whole column all the time. It works if I copy and paste it into the console, but not if I run it through Tampermonkey. The script runs—I can see it logging stuff in the console, but where I have:
`let destinationContainer = document.querySelector('div.column');
console.log("dest = " + destinationContainer);`
it returns `null`. If I paste it into the console it works fine.

So obviously the DOM isn't ready at the time it runs.…? How do I delay it until the DOM is ready?

#Javascript #WebDev

Hacked mastodon web UI with the compose, navigation and search areas at the top of the local timeline column
So my free domains registered at are not resolving anymore, and I don't know what to do! I'm hoping it comes back, but if it doesn't then Lexiconga isn't going to have a domain anymore, and I don't know of any other registrars I could get a .ga domain from in order to retain it or even redirect it to a new domain 😬

What can I do in this situation?? #webDev #DNS #domainName
1 day ago

🦖 TreeWalker: previousSibling() method 🦖

The TreeWalker.previousSibling() method moves the current Node to its previous sibling, if any, and returns the found sibling. If there is no such node, it returns null and the current node is not changed.


1 day ago

#Development #Techniques
Write better code by following these JavaScript best practices · Guidelines that can elevate your JavaScript skills to the next level

#WebDevelopment #WebDev #Frontend #JavaScript #Guidelines #Debugging #Maintenance

Don McCurdy
1 day ago

MaterialX shader graphs in Apple's Reality Composer Pro is great news. Still hoping to see any mention of other standards, like WebXR or WebGPU…

#WWDC #WWDC23 #webdev #threejs

Don McCurdy
1 day ago

Any recommendations for an advanced, opinionated guide to state management in React? Looking for something targeted to large applications with complex state — not an introduction to reactive programming.

Suggestions for guides related to other web frameworks would also be welcome!

#webdev #javascript #react

Don McCurdy
1 day ago

“Reflect: High-performance sync for multiplayer web apps.”

Not enough details public yet to say how this might work for specific applications, large documents, or geospatial and 3D scenes. Regardless, looking forward to trying this out!


Ruby Weekly
2 days ago
Axel Rauschmayer
2 days ago

Soon (macOS Sonoma): Desktop Safari will let you install web apps natively (like Chrome and Edge).
#WebApps #WebDev

2 days ago

I kid you not, this conversation just happened.

Project Manager: We need to have a cookie banner for this page.

Me: But we do not track anything there are no analytics, no preferences no cookies whatsoever, we track nothing.

Project Manager: Yeah but we need it so it looks like a proper website.

Me: 😡😂 😭🤦‍♂️(deep breath...deep breath)... no....just no....

what is next? adding advertisement every other click so it looks "proper"

#webdev #wtf

2 days ago

After taking some personal time to bolster my skills, I am currently looking for a new fulltime #webdev job opportunity.

I specialize in #WordPress & #PHP as well as #CSS & #JavaScript and I always have an eye towards #accessibility.

I'm incurably curious and love learning new skills.

My website has my history and tons of other info:

Primarily looking for fully remote-- or hybrid in the Boston area.

Boosts for reach are appreciated. #FediHired

2 days ago

#Development #Techniques
Stop rewriting your CSS! Use ‘:not()’ instead · A guide to :not() pseudo-class, showcasing several practical use-cases

#WebDevelopment #WebDev #Frontend #CSS #NotPseudoClass #HasPseudoClass #Debugging #CMS

2 days ago

occasionally I regret having set ‘ooo’ to auto-expand to `outline: 2px dotted orangered;`

#webdev #css

a text conversation. partner: ‘oooh dinner time’, my response ‘outline: 2px dotted orangered;’
Clayton Dewey
2 days ago

A great collection of demos of different scroll-based animations

#CSS #JS #UX #WebDev #OpenSource

#Software should only be written after careful consideration of the problem it's solving and whether or not software needs to be written to solve it. The worst software is written by #programmers who are "looking for work to do", and must then be maintained. Trying to look busy is a junior #developer behavior, and companies that encourage it are screwing themselves.

#webdev #engineering #softwaredevelopment #softwareengineering #programming #coding

Web Axe
2 days ago

Learn Accessibility "An evergreen #accessibility course and reference to level up your web development." #a11y #webdev #webdevelopment

Microsoft Edge Dev
7 months ago

In that spirit, we'd like you to share your honest opinions and insights in this survey ☺️
Your candour is immensely helpful to us, in rolling out new updates to Microsoft #EdgeAddons #WebDev #EdgeExtensions