Nigel Poulton
18 hours ago

Putting the finishing touches to next week's #Dockercon session.

Can't wait to be back at one of my all-time favourite events 🤗 #Wasm #WebAssembly #Kubernetes

Wasm all the way down.
Filip W
2 days ago

my new blog post: dotnet WASI applications in .NET 8.0

🏷️ #dotnet #wasm #wasi #webassembly

2 days ago

The best time¹ for sandboxing all² third-party libraries and codecs using #WebAssembly inside #Firefox was in 2021, the second best time is now...
² of course this will never really happen because when you are the underdog of the browser market (again), you cannot afford even the smallest performance degradation, even if the sacrifice would make you stand out in scenarios like this one...

Cool. #Raverie Game engine and editor.

#Unity-like #GameEngine running in pure #WASM #WebAssembly

"Our end goal is to use this engine to create an online Flash-like hub for games that people can share and remix, akin to Scratch or Tinkercad."

The online #game editor can be found at:

And discussion on HN:

Arun Raghavan
3 days ago

Last talk of the day in room 1, #GStreamer on the Web with #WebAssembly by Jorge Zapata


Title slide: "GstWASM: GStreamer for the web"
Andy Blum
3 days ago

#Hacktoberfest is back! I have several projects I'd be happy to receive PRs on:

💧 #Drupal Smart Snippets: a VS code extension to boost the DX of Drupal developers

🐘 Fed-Embed: a #WebComponent that embeds #mastodon posts in regular HTML with no tracking or forced styling

📆 PHP-Date: a static site with #PHP in #WebAssembly to help format datetime strings in PHP

Build #LVGL Apps with #ZigLang and run them in the Web Browser with #WebAssembly ... Join me online this weekend at Apache #NuttX International Workshop

Free Registration:

I feel like #WebAssembly is never going to catch on because it's the worst of both worlds; you've got to interface with a #JavaScript runtime so non-JS coders will hate it, but it's not #nodejs so you can't use #JS libs so JS devs hate it too.

#webDev #wasm

Webdev Weekly
4 days ago

Web Development recap for week 38/2023

#css #javascript #nodejs #programming #typescript #webassembly #webdev

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M. H. Neifer
6 days ago

"Eine Umfrage von CNCF zeigt, dass immer mehr Entwickler WebAssembly für Projekte jenseits des Browsers einsetzen. Sie schätzen Flexibilität und Portierbarkeit." - #wasm #webassembly

6 days ago

Just blogged about HCL Domino Designer running in the browser
#dominoforever #webassembly

1 week ago

This is really cool! A cross-platform, open source voxel (3D-pixel-) editor that also fully works in the browser, thanks to the power of #webassembly! :cuteFroggie: :WebAssembly_Logo:

Adam Austin
1 week ago

Have you ever needed to get a group of students set up with R? If yes, I'm so sorry 😅

Never fear, @coatless is here! Run, don't walk, to the extension quarto-webr to provide an R runtime right from the browser! Edit and execute code without any setup on the end user's part. It's basically witchcraft.

Learn more and try a demo!
#PositConf2023 #Quarto #webassembly

blake shaw
1 week ago

The systems programming language that the co-creator of #WASM has been working on for over 20 years:

#Virgil is a programming language designed for building lightweight high-performance systems. Its design blends functional and object-oriented programming paradigms for expressiveness and performance. Virgil's compiler produces optimized, standalone native executables, WebAssembly modules, or JARs for the #JVM. For quick turnaround in testing and debugging, programs can also be run directly on a built-in interpreter. It is well-suited to writing small and fast programs with little or no dependencies, which makes it ideal for the lowest level of software systems. On native targets, it includes features that allow building systems that talk directly to #kernel, dynamically generate machine code, implement garbage collection, etc. It is currently being used for #vm and programming language research, in particular the development of a next-generation #WebAssembly virtual machine, Wizard.


Webdev Weekly
2 weeks ago

Web Development recap for week 37/2023

#css #javascript #nodejs #programming #typescript #webassembly #webdev

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Jerome Laban
2 weeks ago

SIMD is really a curious feature with #webassembly. It seems to be having all sorts of incorrect behaviors (in Safari) and is unsupported in Edge's "Enhanced Security" mode.

In #unoplatform, we considered that since #dotnet 8 enables it by default, there was no point in disabling it because it was supported by all browsers, but not quite.

We're now re-introducing the ability to disable SIMD for net8, if users can't use it because of security constraints (or bugs!):

@sebsauvage agreed. #SQLite getting incredibly popular for all kinds of use cases. And including production DB at relatively high scale too.

What popped up in my head as an extension of this thought experiment, having taken an interest for #WebAssembly (server-side Component Model + #WASI) was SQLite + #Wasm ..

And then picture - in this case - OpenDocument as a WASI interface, backed by SQLite.

@mauve @helge @mariusor

I see you mention #P2P use of #ActivityPub which is 😎

What do you think about #C2S and rich #LocalFirst client apps I wonder, given your expertise in that last area?

Btw, I keep tabs on #WebAssembly/WASI which brings a nice buzzword spaghetti within reach 😜

Serious though. Like #polyglot development of sandboxed server-side modules that can be composed together. #Golang 1.21 recently acquired more native Wasm support, for instance.

#Spritely will bring wasm OCaps.

2 weeks ago

Time for a proper #introduction!

I'm an open-source enthusiast and self-hosting masochist. Initially a #JavaScript developer, still doing all things web, big #WebAssembly fan, recovering conference addict. I am a #DevRel focusing on #DevEx & OSS communities in particular. Also a staunch advocate of flexible, async remote work.

I co-founded #RustFest (that really needs a proper fediverse presence, until then, check out @eurorust) with @jer & @skade

Frequently have Opinions™ and post about #conferences, especially online, #remoteWork, my #homelab & #selfhosting hobby (currently rebuilding, follow along at #homelabNG )

For Canine Cuteness head to #pupdate, #doggyDaycare and @lumi

Other contacts and chat: link in bio :brows:

📸 by Juli Racsko

Flaki sitting on a bench in Tallinn with the coastal Noblessner area in the background. He has a white hoodie, jeans and lace-less black shoes, looking directly into the camera a bit squinty. His right hand is held up to the side, where Lumi the young blue merle collie is lying on the bench, sniffing his palm in search of treats. His left hand is full of colorful dog things, including a fox toy and Lumi's bright blue lead. The rest of the picture has a an overall faded, bluish tint and a white border that makes it almost feel like an album cover.
Ivan Enderlin 🦀
2 weeks ago

WASI support in Go,

The Go compiler now supports Wasm with the WASI ABI. It still produces quite heavy modules and it’s kind of slow. TinyGo remains a best option,

#GoLang #WebAssembly #WASI

Jamie Magee :unverified:
2 weeks ago

All the cool languages are doing wasi 😎

#wasi #wasm #webassembly #go #golang

Edoardo Vacchi
2 weeks ago

Hey cool the #wasmcon talks are already published! Watch me talk about #wazero here #wasm #webassembly 👇

Davy :ferris:
2 weeks ago

WEPL - The WebAssembly Component repl

#rust #rustlang #wasm #webassembly

Nicolas Fränkel
2 weeks ago

What languages are supported in #WebAssembly outside the browser?


Chrome sent an Intent to Ship for #WebAssembly Garbage Collection 🗑️, also known as #WasmGC, earlier today: This allows bringing garbage-collected languages like Java, Kotlin, or Dart to #Wasm, without having to bring their own garbage collection logic. I'm especially excited about the experience the Google Sheets team has documented:

Webdev Weekly
3 weeks ago

Web Development recap for week 36/2023

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3 weeks ago

#Development #Findings
The State of WebAssembly 2023 · Adoption, applications, challenges, opportunities, languages

#WebDev #Programming #Frontend #Backend #WebAssembly #WASM #WASI #JavaScript #Rust #Survey

The State of #WebAssembly (#Wasm) survey results got published: (PDF). The IMHO most interesting slide is slide 17, which names debugging and troubleshooting as one of the top challenges.

3 weeks ago

One thing that I don't understand is people that want to use #webassembly outside of the browser, I don't see what use that is, another abstraction, in a slow ass language like #javascript , just for sandboxing? There must be a better way to do that...

Jerome Laban
3 weeks ago

This new 4.10 release of #unoplatform is huge!

Getting #MAUI controls to run on Mobile and #Windows is opening a lot of third party doors, ShadowControl and #Neumorphic style support is giving some interesting looks to apps, #dotnet iOS Hot Restart is catering to Windows #mobile developers, and #webassembly CSP support gives additional security and performance improvements.

Big thanks to the team which has worked very hard on this one, and thanks to our contributors!

Mete Atamel
3 weeks ago

In this blog post, I explore the complicated language support of #WebAssembly running outside the browser:

3 weeks ago

Is anybody exploring how to make plugins for #obsidian using #webassembly ?

Like having a bit of bootstrapping typescript code and then handling any further processing within webassembly?

I would like to create plugin for my work that invkoes web-service client lib and embed the result in an obsidian note.

yes, I've gone already the iframe+webpage route in obsidian sucessfully 😃

Learn #WebAssembly by writing small programs

3 weeks ago

quote: the name “#WebAssembly” is a historical accident; essentially ‘a way to sell to management that this is something we should be working on’ 🤣

Webdev Weekly
3 weeks ago
Webdev Weekly
4 weeks ago

Web Development recap for week 35/2023

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1 month ago

If you like to hear about customising #Flatcar #Container #Linux using #systemd's cutting edge composable image technology and/or are interested in the latest #webassembly things, make sure to tune in on the #WasmCon talk

"Let's Build a Linux Just for #wasm !"

with @squillace and @ahrkrak

on Thursday September 7, at 2:15pm - 2:50pm PDT.

(link to stream here:

Karsten Schmidt
1 month ago

#HowToThing #010 — Creating a basic web app with declarative UI/DOM creation via Zig/WebAssembly and the super extensible and its add-on module, both hybrid TypeScript/Zig libraries. See alt text of images for details.


Source code:

Also see the related project template (and its readme and comments) this example is based on:

Also, several more advanced (and interesting) hybrid Zig/TypeScript examples and extensive docs can be found in the readme...

#ThingUmbrella #Ziglang #Zig #WebAssembly #WASM #TypeScript #JavaScript #WebDev #Tutorial

Fully commented Zig example source code (also see linked GitHub gist)...
Zig v0.11.0 build script to compile the example as WASM module. Launch via `zig build` (also see linked GitHub gist)...
Commented TypeScript source code to initialize the WASM module and the bridge APIs in the browser (also see linked GitHub gist)...
Screenshot of the minimal web UI created by the example. A headline says: "Hello Zig 👋", below a button with a counter...
Webdev Weekly
1 month ago

Web Development recap for week 34/2023

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Axel Rauschmayer
1 month ago

New compiler from #OCaml to #WebAssembly:

Quoting the paper’s abstract: “An extension called Wasm-GC is introduced, enabling the compilation of garbage-collected languages to Wasm by incorporating features like int31 and garbage-collected structs. The paper presents Wasocaml, a complete OCaml compiler for Wasm-GC, and discusses benchmarks and future work in compiling garbage-collected languages to WebAssembly.”

GitHub repo of Wasocaml:

Metin Seven 🎨
1 month ago

A kind question for coding wizards...

The coder of our former game dev team has converted our 1997 Windows game Moon Child from C++ to WebAssembly, using SDL and emscriptem.

The game works in a browser now, but the only thing that doesn't work is full-screen mode.

Is there someone who has experience in porting C++ games to WebAssembly, and might want to help out our coder with the full-screen challenge?

Many thanks!

#code #coding #programming #WebAssembly #GameDev