26 minutes ago

Dear developers who disable right click in your sites:
You know I can just Shift+Right click and bypass that bullshit, right?
Like, what's the point?
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The Spicy Web
2 hours ago

A new day, a new video!

One of the cool things about using shadow DOM inside your #WebComponents is you can separate your internal component’s structure and functionality from the consuming usage of the component (aka “light DOM”) using slots.

In this video I show you how to set up a MutationObserver so you can monitor any changes to child content in a slot and update your UI in real-time. And you’ll learn a bit more about vanilla DOM APIs along the way!

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2 hours ago

I'm giving a lunch talk presentation to my old code bootcamp tomorrow and my theme/title is "Applications, Interviews, and Early Career Challenges". Any insights or advice you'd want to share with your past self?

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Supposedly, studies say that the ideal width for paragraphs of text is somewhere between 50 and 70 letters wide.

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A demonstration of 3 paragrphs of text at different widths.

Hugo can automatically generate a table of contents for a page. I've always wanted to do that thing where it sticks to the side and follows you down when you scroll. Stretching the tutorial to the full width of the page would make the paragraphs uncomfortably wide anyway, so I might as well limit its width and use the extra space for the table of contents.

↘ Contains:
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Jérôme Coupé
3 hours ago

This is still one of my favourite website ever:

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Roni Laukkarinen
3 hours ago

Air-light WordPress starter theme v9.3.2 released! :neon_skull:

This release is brought to you by 4 contributors and financed by @dude. I'm so happy I can do this for a living. :bunhdheart:


* When page is loaded with "s" in url parameters try to set focus to search input field (kudos to EliasKau)
* Calculate mobile nav top and height in js when there are air notificans present (kudos to @Tumppex)
* Fix irregularities with keyboard navigation #175 (kudos to @michaelbourne!)
* Fix navigation focus trap #175 (kudos to @michaelbourne!)
* Stylelint: Add number-leading-zero from devpackages
* Fix navigation issues #177 (kudos to @michaelbourne!)

WordPress theme directory:

Source code:


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3 hours ago

#Business #Design #Development #Guidelines
Are you making these five mistakes when writing alt text? · The advice ‘describe what you see’ may seem simple, but it’s not

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5 hours ago

New article: With or without the JS framework

Is it really that unusual for a frontend developer not to use a JS framework?

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7 hours ago

There's rarely a page I mark up that doesn't have me wishing that the long-since proposed <lt>/<lc>/<lh> tag were adopted. The …

<p>In the Power of Love, FGTH sang about:</p>
<li>pretty girls</li>

… pattern is ubiquitous yet has always felt awkward compared to:

<lt>Frankie says:</lt>
<li>live those dreams</li>
<li>scheme those schemes</li>
<li>hit me with those laser beams</li>

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Webdev Weekly
7 hours ago
Dan Shappir
9 hours ago

.@jherr puts out consistently excellent videos about #ReactJS and #webdev. For example this one about the React's new cache function. Highly recommended!

10 hours ago

I actually like writing web server based software, I even like doing HTML based UIs. What I really dislike is CSS, by all its power it's a trainwreck to happen.
SASS and LESS and the rest of the tools only make it fractionally better and they add another lever of fuckery to the mix.
Sometimes I look back at the time when notepad was enough to build a website — I can do without table layouts, though (and spacer.gif).
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11 hours ago

#Development #Outlooks
The end of front-end development · Things are going to change, but not in the scary way people are saying

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Webdev Weekly
11 hours ago

vore - a simple rss/atom feed reader



#Signals are just the reactivity model from #Solid, #MobX, #Ember, #Knockout, et al. It pushes a notification with an #observable-like mechanism that something has changed, there’s a dependency graph (implicit or explicit) that is notified. Then, it schedules a pull to calculate values. #ReactJS #Preact #javaScript #webDev #frontend

Webdev Weekly
15 hours ago
Josiah Winslow
17 hours ago

Just realized that I didn't add back the Mastodon verification link on my website when I updated it 😅

(If your website has a link to your #Mastodon profile with the attribute rel="me", it will have a green checkmark on your profile!)

#webdev #WebDevelopment #HTML #FediTips

      <i class="fa-solid fa-envelope"></i>
      <a href="">winslowjosiah<wbr></a>
      <i class="fa-brands fa-square-twitter"></i>
      <a href="">@WinslowJosiah</a>
      <i class="fa-brands fa-mastodon"></i>
      <!-- Mastodon verification! -->
      <a rel="me" href="">@winslowjosiah<wbr></a>
      <i class="fa-brands fa-square-github"></i>
      <a href="">WinslowJosiah</a>
      <i class="fa-brands fa-itch-io"></i>
      <a href="">Josiah Winslow</a>
    <span>&copy; 2023 Josiah Winslow.</span>
The Mastodon profile page for The info section shows the following info:

Feb 06, 2023



The WEBSITE box is dark green with light green text, and the website link has a light green checkmark next to it.

Why use Rust on the backend? by @adam_chal is a great read from someone who actually does use Rust in production.

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19 hours ago

When you're a dev and you have to work on code you wrote 17 years ago... 🤮

Even worse when you have to try to change it to do something else, but all you want to do is burn the whole internet down so no one will ever see what you did!

I'm THAT old my old code could have grandchildren by now.

Upside: the customer is still a customer after all this time.

Downside: they don't have the funds to regularly update their site, which is a community project and gets a massive number of visitors and is in desperate need of an upgrade.

#developer #webDev #developersDilemma #legoZombie #devZombie #php

A zombie lego figure dressed in typical geek clothing showing frustration at code which appears on the screen. Realising that they themselves are responsible for the code causing them frustration.
Bryn :heart_cyber:
19 hours ago

Has anyone in #IT, #TechSupport, #CyberSecurity, #WebDev, and/or #developer folks had any kind of luck with Per Scholas? It seems like exactly the sort of program I'm seeking to further my career.

No, website, I sincerely do not want to download and "enjoy" your app. You grossly overrate both the quality of your app and your importance to me. And if you can't make a decent website, why would I want to install your shit code? #webDev #pwa #nativeApp #android #ios #appStore #app #web

20 hours ago

#Development #Tools
Make Bookmarklets · A web tool that helps you build tiny JavaScript apps stored in a bookmark url

#Bookmarklet #WebDevelopment #WebDev #Code #JavaScript

20 hours ago

Over the weekend, I did some #webdev for my #blog at . I built some #css for pretty code listings. The HTML contains pretty standard pygments output, and the CSS automatically adds line numbers. Lines are dynamically wrapped to the screen width, and line breaks are indicated with little arrows in the line number column. OS-level dark mode settings are respected through a media query. Everything works without any JS.

A screenshot of a code snippet on a website. The code snippet is shown with line numbers on the left, and is syntax-highlighted in a monochome color scheme. Lines are wrapped to screen width, with wraps indicated by little arrows in the line number column on the left.
The code snippet from before, with part of the code selected. The selection stretches from a headline above the code snippet into the code snippet, and notably does not include the line numbers or line wrap arrows on the left.
An image similar to the last one, but this time the entire page is in "dark mode", with a dark gray background, and light-gray text.
Martin Heinz
20 hours ago

You only need one function for functional programming in Python and that's `reduce` - here's all the things you can do with it #Python #programming #DataScience #webdev

Okay so, I have a webpage that just uses only CSS variables for its colors, and all the elements have a transition for the background color

When changing the theme, I simply swap out an attribute value in the HTML element for the CSS selector that contains the CSS variables for the corresponding theme

However, while changing themes, the CSS transitions just don't seem smooth at all on mobile... Meanwhile on other websites that do similar don't have this issue

I'm confused

23 hours ago
23 hours ago

"the biggest problem I think we face is webpages keep getting bigger" -Bruce Lawson speaking at #axecon

"the medium desktop webpage…is up 397.1% in the last decade" (and mobile web up 1307%!)

#webperf #webdev #fail

Webdev Weekly
23 hours ago
Christian Alder 🌱
1 day ago

This talk on keeping the eleventy config file organised by @lene is great!

Highly recommended to any #11ty folk on here, who, like me, might have been dealing with an increasingly cluttered config (and not doing anything to remedy it 😅)

Lene even shares some neat tips on simplifying the addPassthroughCopy method which passes through static files to the output folder.

#WebDev #Frontend #Eleventy

Webdev Weekly
1 day ago

Web Development recap for week 11/2023

#css #javascript #nodejs #programming #typescript #webassembly #webdev

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Web Axe
1 day ago

Wanted: Frontend Engineer - Accessibility, at Quansight #webdev #a11y #jobs

Ruby Weekly
1 day ago
1 day ago

“If your site has a favicon when you launch, you launched too late.” — Marc Köhlbrugge

#Design #Development
#ProductLaunch #ProductDesign #UiDesign #WebDesign #WebDevelopment #WebDev #Frontend #Website #Favicon #Quotes

Dear devs,

It's NEVER ok to create accounts for a webapp that require an email address, unless you validate that address first.😡

Every week, I get someone signing up for some kind of site with my email address without my consent.

And most of those sites make it difficult if not nearly impossible to stop their transactional #email.

:boost_love: Please boost for basic education.


1 day ago

Here's a regular reminder to check how your website impacts the planet. 🌍

#carbonfootprint #webdev

Screenshot of a Website Carbon Calculator showing results for website and highlighting that it is cleaner than 97% of web pages tested.
1 day ago

Didn't have time to recommend @ben talk on "Hijacking Screenreaders with CSS" at #axecon yet. Great deepdive into SR mechanics with unexpected outcomes.

"Browsers don't create the #accessibility tree, they curate it!"

#a11y #webdev

Alvin Ashcraft 🐿️
1 day ago

Dew Drop – March 20, 2023 (#3903)

Today's top links:
- A principled approach to app pinning and app defaults in Windows
- What you should know about Angular Ivy
- Bing preview release notes: Bing in the Edge sidebar
- A first look at Blazor and .NET 8
- The Download: GPT-4 is here, GitHub Galaxy, curl turns 25, ClippyGPT and more with @film_girl

#dotnet #webdev #csharp #mobiledev #windowsdev #visualstudio #ai #cloud #dewdrop

gemma lynn
1 day ago

hey when you're gluing apis together don't forget to check the body of the error responses coming back from your endpoints or you might lose TWO FREAKING HOURS to a FREAKING MISSING USER AGENT HEADER AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

dear #github please put "did you forget a user agent header" in your api troubleshooting docs some of us are very stupid

#webdev #gha