Kyle Nazario
2 days ago

Even bad visual designers like me can make something half-decent with SwiftUI. Compare Autofill Email Codes' in-app native macOS paywall with the Chrome web version:

I'll massage the web version and do better with Tailwind, but still

#ios #aec #webdev #webextensions #chrome #safari #SwiftUI

The paywall modal in my app, Autofill Email Codes. It uses SwiftUI to display a native macOS layout. Looks nicer than the web version.
The Chrome and React version of my app’s paywall. It uses Tailwind for styling and looks less good.

@tiagojferreira outros projetos interessantes para o usuário final seriam aqueles que usam a linguagem #WebExtensions para fazer substitutos livres, exemplo: . Para usuário final e desenvolvedor, sugiro #GNU #LibreJS que bloqueia e mostra como libertar as partes não livres para o usuário final.

Kyle Nazario
2 weeks ago

Is there anyone in the Fediverse that can help me get my Google Oauth application approved? Gone several rounds with the interviewers over my browser extension and they still don't seem to understand it

#WebDev #oauth #WebExtensions #chrome #google

3 weeks ago

Blog post: Google Ads in Browser Extensions

Chrome Web Store policy allows ads in #webextensions, but can Google’s ad products be used in browser extensions? Let’s dig through some policy docs to find out.

3 weeks ago

Questionable podcast idea!

Title: Speaking of extensions…

Premise: I spend an hour talking with someone I know/admire about a mutual interest (#webdev, #videogames, #devtools, etc), then inevitably end up talking about #webextensions

It's like hanging out with a friend, but probably more awkward!

@johns An update: since my computer usage habits have changed recently, and having noticed my lack of contributions to #FreeSoftware front lines which I can contribute and know a little on how to do so, I also decided to use #SystemD and #Trisquel, specially so that I can help develop #WebExtensions to replace #JavaScript / #JS, and also use #Java to help #IRPFLivre, a replacement for a nonfree software to fill personal income tax declaration.

Consent-O-Matic is a browser extension that auto-responds to all the #GDPR and similar consent popups with optimal user preferences.

Unlike the extension "I don't care about cookies" which just accepts all cookies, Consent-O-Matic clicks the prompts on your behalf to reject most of the cookies. You can also choose what to accept/reject in the preferences.

Available for Firefox, Chrome and others.

I've been using this on Firefox :firefox: for quite sometime now and it works great!

Their Github page has links to official extension stores:

#AMO link:

#privacy #webextensions #addons #addon #extension #chrome #firefox #safari

Consent-O-Matic preferences screenshot
Kent Brewster
3 months ago

Just shipped Tootski 0.0.3, which adds a Use Tootski button for replies; click to open the post in a new tab on your server, all filled in and ready to go.

Firefox landed instantly; Chrome is under review.

#tootski #webextensions

Kent Brewster
3 months ago

Just put Tootski up on Product Hunt; upvotes appreciated!

#tootski #webextensions #shamelessSelfPromotion

Kent Brewster
3 months ago

Good news, everyone: Tootski is ready to try out on Chrome and Firefox. Please see the explainer at for details.

Thanks to @vincent and @xian for the inspiration!

#tootski #webextensions

Kent Brewster
3 months ago

That thing where you submit the first version of your browser extension and start waaaaaiting for a reply. #tootski #webextensions

Kent Brewster
3 months ago

Element.animate() let me add a custom animation from a browser extension on pages whose content security policy made it impossible to add CSS keyframes.

#webdev #webextensions #tootski

Jeremiah Lee
3 months ago

Important Tab Tosser update (v3.3.0) fixes a bug that could result in more tabs being tossed than intended.

I recommend manually checking for updates to get it sooner than Mozilla rolls out extension updates.

This bug accelerated the release of some planned changes for v4, such as the simplified setting aligned with Mobile Safari's implementation of closing ignored tabs.

#TabTosser #Firefox #WebExtensions

Screenshot of Firefox. URL: about:addons . Extensions tab. Tab Tosser screen. Gear icon menu expanded. Check for Updates menu item selected.
3 months ago

It bothers me that #WebEtension and #webextensions are two distinct tags. The flow of a sentence might make singular or plural more appropriate, but when I go looking for posts about this topic I have to make sure to search both. That bit of #MastoUX isn’t great

Jeremiah Lee
3 months ago

Tab Tosser v3 released today!

• Firefox 109+ required, as it now uses WebExtensions Manifest v3

• Default tab ignore time is now 3 days

• Max ignore time reduced to 3 weeks, as Firefox is updated every 4

• Post-install page more explicit about action required

• Removed `management` permission request

This is mostly a maintenance release. A bigger update is planned for v4 in response to how Firefox's UI has evolved over the last 4 years.

#Firefox #WebExtensions

Gonçalo Valério
3 months ago

"...let’s build a Chrome extension that steals as much data as possible."

#security #browsers #webextensions #chrome

n8chz ⒶⒺ
3 months ago

@Revertron I'm happy to see that #Mozilla #Firefox is not appeasing #Google on the V3 stuff, but this makes me more convinced than ever that ditching #AddOnSDK in favor of #WebExtensions in the first place was probably a mistake.

#Firefox has removed some extensions from their store.

First, they removed Bypass Paywalls:

Second, they removed

If you know of any other extensions that have been removed recently, please reply. Also, does anyone know why #Mozilla is removing extensions all of a sudden? Boosts are also appreciated.

#WebExtensions #RuffleRS #Ruffle #BypassPaywallsClean #BypassPaywalls

Timothy Hatcher
4 months ago

@cory We added support for #WebInspector #WebExtensions to #Safari last fall. Just need the frameworks to release their extensions now.

Jeremiah Lee
4 months ago

I updated Tab Tosser to support Manifest V3, but Mozilla AMO recommended I not release it yet.

Firefox 109 is the first version to support Manifest V3 and it just came out 2 weeks ago. In the spirit of supporting “current version - 1”, I will wait to update Tab Tosser until Firefox 110 is released on February 14.

#Firefox #WebExtensions

Thomas Greiner
4 months ago

@dotproto Big thanks for everything you've done to help guide and assist me and other extension developers through the Manifest v3 transition and to discover new and exciting things about #webextensions along the way.

Looking forward to see what comes next!

@gasrios I don't have much except MDN itself, but you don't use only #JavaScript but #WebExtension / #WebExtensions, which both improves and restricts some of the things that can be done with #JS.

5 months ago

I get that promises are cool but why is the entire #WebExtensions api written asynchronously, even when it's stuff like "tell me what tabs are open" which should execute instantly? #javascript

5 months ago

This all came up because I was reflecting on a perennial desire to read more people talking about the future of the #web #webbrowsers, and #webextensions (I wish there was a better way to handle tags and pluralization). I want to find more of these conversations and think deeply about them. I want to share my thoughts in the hopes of discussing them in detail with others, finding out what I’m missing or misunderstanding, leading about other considerations or paths i may not have examined, etc.

5 months ago


If you're building a browser extension, Plasmo is really really good:
- Bundles, resizes icons, generates manifest
- Conveniences for building content script UIs
- MV3 (Chrome) and MV2 (Firefox/Edge)
- Separate dev + prod builds, dev environment has hot reloading
- Built for React
- TailwindCSS + TypeScript support
- GitHub action for publishing (didn't get that working yet)

#Chrome #Firefox #React #TailwindCSS #WebExtensions

Timothy Hatcher
6 months ago

The #Safari #WebExtensions team will available for another Q&A office hours on Thursday at 9am PST. You can register and submit your questions now for the team to answer at the office hours.

Register here:

11 months ago

I wrote some advocacy on #firefox #webextensions - Manifest V3 is coming, and some of the changes coming may end up dumbing down some of the nicer features of extensions in Firefox vs. other #browsers like #chrome.

Take a read!

mirk0dex :gnulightened:
11 months ago

Ouch, it does not support #WebExtensions. I can't manage to get #LibreJS working, that's kind of bad.

Hippo 🦀🦀
1 year ago

#HelpWanted: Is there an easy way to let #webextensions call public JSON APIs?

I'm trying to make a :firefox: #Firefox #addon that manages a #GhostCMS instance, but can't find my way around the #CORS errors.

I get they're needed for general browsing, but is there some kind of relaxed mode for my addon to call a user's custom Ghost API (or any other JSON API for that matter)?

Dick Smiths Fair Go Supporters
1 year ago

Mozilla website. Find the #API. You can searx for #WebExtensions API.

Their site has a examples and even a #boilerplate for building a skeleton of the app automatically.

What addon are you thinking of producing? Maybe it exists already?

WebExtensions dürfen ab iOS 15 in Safari auf iPhone und iPad. Mit Google, Mozilla und Microsoft arbeitet Apple an der Vereinheitlichung der Erweiterungen. Apple öffnet iPhone und iPad für Browser-Erweiterungen
4 years ago

@nolan things I know from develeoping browser extensions, at least newly WebExtensions, myself:
* you cannot generalize it so much, i.e. the claim "browser extensions make browsers slow" is not always true.
* with the to-be-standardized browser extensions (#WebExtensions), it really matters what they do. There are clear APIs.
* e.g., a browser extension that is only triggered by clicking on a button and has no other permissions, does not impact browser performance at all or only slightly…

4 years ago

I am really missing a nice abbreviation of for "browser extension developer".

Something like #webdev…? 🤔

And I know, a #browserExtensionDev is also a #webdev thanks to today's browsers, but I want something more specific…

#WebExtensions #addon #addons #Firefox #browserExtension #chromeExtension

4 years ago

> My *ideal* would be sandboxed native apps shipped with a standard package manager.

Isn't that basically what #WebExtensions are?
@alcinnz @aral

Adrian Roselli
4 years ago

With coming changes to web extensions, here is an effort to start a conversation about #a11y implications:
The draft #WebExtensions “Manifest v3” document has some great privacy and security ideas, but appears to present barriers to #accessibility extensions that need to run on all pages. I posted some suggestions:!topic/chromium-extensions/5BO_7FAq1XU - please join…