Audrea 🌸
11 hours ago

“A trial published in the spring and funded by Novo Nordisk, the company that manufactures #Ozempic and #Wegovy, examined people who had taken #semaglutide once a week for 68 weeks and then stopped using it. After a year, participants gained back two thirds of the #weight they had lost.” #weightloss #diabetes

Paul Squires
3 days ago

No wonder so many people are overweight and obese when the definitions aren’t consistent.

Excess body fat is absolutely not the same as BMI.

#weight #obesity #health

4 days ago

I have really put on quite a bit of #weight since my son was born 4 months ago. But dang, holding him all the time has been good for my biceps!

1 week ago

Mein neuer Fahrradtacho 🚴‍♂️ möchte
vor Arbeitsbeginn verschiedenste
Dinge wissen. 🤔
Unter anderem das Gewicht meines
Fahrrades... Aber so gar keine Ahnung!

Also wiegen.
Kofferwage von Freund geliehen.
Ok, dann also 15,05kg...

Das beruhigt mich ungemein! 😁

Ich muss ja auch sehr auf's korrekte Leistungsgewicht achten,
wo ich doch selbst kein Gramm
zu viel habe! 😁😇😁

#Fahrrad #bike #Gewicht #weight

1 week ago

#weight : that property of bodies by which they tend toward the center of the earth

- French: poids

- German: das Gewicht

- Italian: peso

- Portuguese: peso

- Spanish: peso


Report an incorrect translation @

Lucus Levy Keppel
1 week ago

After discovering recently that an ounce today and an ounce in Ancient Rome are roughly equivalent (a Roman "Libra" is 12 "uncia", or about 11.6 ounces), I was inspired to dig into the history of currency and mathematical division. This isn't the sort of thing I usually write about - but it's been absolutely fascinating to learn!

#math #maths #currency #history #Rome #Britain #weight #measurements #metal

Mr Grudenko
2 weeks ago

"I’m not telling you not to lose #weight, or how to be with your #body. You do you. Bodily autonomy is super important. Get information — actual information, not just the prevailing wisdom — and do what works for you."

Stéphanie Pageau
2 weeks ago

Sooo... It's actually possible to go about your day without thinking about #food all the time?!

I know people have big thoughts about using medication to lose #weight, but wow, I finally feel normal, even on a small dose. Kyle tells me that's how he's always felt?!

I see food I like and don't even want it unless I'm actually hungry. This is a whole new world lol

2 weeks ago

This is why #fat shaming can have tragic consequences.

If this sort of #weight-based #medical bias happens to any of y'all, politely tell the #doctor (during your visit) that you want them to write in your file that they are refusing ordering tests for you because of your current weight. This usually causes them to order the test anyways because they do NOT want a malpractice suit. Remember: You want to make a paper trail to hold them #accountable.

This is why fat shaming can have tragic consequences.

If this sort of weight-based medical bias happens to any of y'all, politely tell the doctor (during your visit) that you want them to write in your file that they are refusing ordering tests for you because of your current weight. This usually causes them to order the test anyways because they do NOT want a malpractice suit. Remember: You want to make a paper trail to hold them accountable.
💪🏼 Pixy's Fit Journey 💜
2 weeks ago

I got on the scale this morning. Last time I'd weighed was 10 days ago. I was 81,8 then. Today it measured 80,3 (it's in kilos).
So that's a nice change. I really didn't think I'd lost any weight. Thought I hit a plateau. Maybe the slow change to some healthier snacks is slowly paying off?

#PixysFitJourney #Weight #EatingDisorder

Three measurements from Samsung Health. The weight comes from the gym's scale, the muscle and fat from. Y watch.
Weight 80,3 kilos. (12,65 stone/177 lbs) 
Muscles 28,8 kilos.
Fat 26,1 kilos.

#Ozempic is a #climate story
If corporations' claims about #weightloss impacting consumption are true, then weight loss is a #degrowth story--and not just waistlines.
Witness these reports:
#Walmart did datamining and determined customers who are taking one of these #weight-loss #drugs are actually buying less food
#United #Airlines reported, because of popularity of these drugs, that if everyone who flew lost 10mb, it could start saving as much as $80M/yr on jet fuel.

Throwing up a recommendation for “Better Weight”. It’s a really nice #weight tracker app. Auto syncs with #AppleHealth, has nice graphs/reporting and you can set a goal weight, target date to achieve it and a configurable set of checkpoints where the app measures your progress periodically. Reminders to weigh yourself, BMI calculator, private photo gallery and more. AND your car can’t hack into it to compromise your data privacy! 🎉

1 month ago
IT News
1 month ago

Americans may soon get warnings about ultra-processed foods: Report - Enlarge / Students decide between Lunchables and a walking taco during ... - #ultraprocessedfoods #dietaryguidance #science #health #weight

Tech news from Canada
1 month ago

Ars Technica: Americans may soon get warnings about ultra-processed foods: Report #Tech #arstechnica #IT #Technology #ultraprocessedfoods #dietaryguidance #Science #Health #weight

Elan Hasson
1 month ago

This is a big deal. #Mounjaro helped me lose 110lb in less than a year. It changed my life for the better.

The best thing about this drug is it silences the _food chatter_ in your head.

#Obesity is a #MentalHealth issue.

#FDA Approves New #Medication for Chronic #Weight
Management | FDA

#WeightLoss #Health

Thee Domasan🔜
1 month ago

Captured Trojan

#domasan #bondage #CBT #weight

Daniel Cachapa
1 month ago

One aspect of #Libra I've been neglecting is its #localization.

The app is currently translated in ~30 languages, with varying levels of completeness but most are needing some love and attention.

I just set up #Weblate to try and fix that trend, and have already received some great contributions.

#flutter #weight #health

1 month ago

I'm providing y'all a 15% discount on all commissions involving bears, gnolls, and boars! DM me with any questions. 
Commission info and prices can be found here:

#novembear #gnollvember #novemboar #bear #gnoll #hyena #boar #pig #fatfur #fat #fur #muscle #musclegut #bara #weightgain #weight #gain #wg #tf #transformation #ad #advertisement #commission #sheet

Commission Advertisement for November
💪🏼 Pixy's Fit Journey 💜
1 month ago

Samsung Health share of my weight info with a background of the info from the fitness scale.
I'll try to add all info in the alt text.
Put it behind CW because of the mention of weight, fat, and all that.

#SamsungHealth #Weight

Samsung Health share of October 29th 2023. Scale info (background) of the fitness scale: fat percentage 46%, muscle percentage 51% and bone percentage 3%. It says my BMI is 27,7 which is still past the halfway of the overweight bit.
Samsung info from my watch: 81,1 kilos (though I took that from the scale as well), muscles 28,6 kilos and fat 33,5%
I think the scale measures lower body and the watch the upper body.
Bishop Greer
1 month ago

The mounjaro is working! The #weight keeps going down.

Weight loss progress photo. Down 53.4 pounds.

🗂️ Opinion | Ozempic Can’t Fix What Our Culture Has Broken

📝 When women say that it is better to be sick and thin than healthy and fat, they are perfectly rational. [...]


🏷️ #weight #weightloss #healthcare #society #interesstingRead #jasonsFeedReader

2 months ago

Because I took a better job 2 years ago, it was also more demanding, and I've been struggling to find time to keep up the fitness I was doing over covid. So I'm afraid I should admit to myself that I've gained some weight.

I've managed to keep the healthier diet I started over covid, but I think we really need to stop tying people to desks for 40 hours a week.

#weight #health #diet #office

💪🏼 Pixy's Fit Journey 💜
2 months ago

Last year around this time, I used my home scale more. I shifted between 83,5 and 81,7 kilos a year ago.
This morning I was 82,2 according to the fitness scale. I'll use my home scale next Sunday.
(don't want to weigh too much or it may get to be an obsession again)
So it's been a year of ups and downs...
Went to 90/92 a few times in this year. Came down to 87/89 a few times. Kept stable...
Till the meds change...

#PixysFitJourney #Weight

Some weights by my home scale for the period of 25-9-22 to 30-10-22. Lowest weight was October 19th with 81,7. Highest was October 5th with 83,5. All other dates I weight it's been in between these two weights. I was overweight but rather stable.
💪🏼 Pixy's Fit Journey 💜
2 months ago

Spot any difference? 😊 I'm so happy with this... Not satisfied yet, mind you (but are we truly ever completeky satisfied? 🤔). But it's such a big change!

#PixysFitJourney #Fitness #Weight

A big picture of me in front of a mirror with a smaller one added in the bottom. In the big one I'm wearing mostly black and I added the text 11/10/23 82,2 kilos. With the little one I'm wearing a light blue top. And I added 27/8/23 91,6 kilos.
On top the text #PixysFitJourney.
All text is in purple.
💪🏼 Pixy's Fit Journey 💜
2 months ago

OMG! I through I was around 83/84 kilos but. I am at 82,2. I had not expected that! 😁
It's about 181,2lbs or 13 stone... Still overweight. But no longer obese. (overweight is BMI 25-29,9, obese is BMI +30, where I was a few months ago).
I'm quite happy. "just" 10 more kilos and I'd be great. Or at least at a decent weight for my hip to bear me...

#PixysFitJourney #Weight

82,2 kilos! Fat 45%, muscles 53% and bone 2%. BMI 28,1.
Ryan Pollard
2 months ago

Really interesting article in the Post today about the economic impact of diabetes and weight loss drugs on everything from restaurants to jet fuel. Frankly, the thought of "what happens when a sizeable portion of the population starts consuming less" fascinates me. Full disclosure, I started taking Mounjaro in August to treat Type 2 Diabetes.

This is a gift article from me if you don't have a WaPo subscription.

#Economics #Weight #Ozempic #Wegovy #Mounjaro #GLP1

A screenshot of a headline from The Washington Post that reads "Food, clothing, airlines: Ozempic is coming for these industries and more."
💪🏼 Pixy's Fit Journey 💜
2 months ago

Whoop whoop! A day early as I'm not home tomorrow morning. And this time from my home scale. But still! 83,8 kilos! To know I was 91,6 on August 27th!
Just 0,2 kilos away from losing a Basje since the vacation ended.... So close! 😂

#PixysFitJourney #Weight

Measurement of my scale on October 7th 2023. 83,8 kilos, a BMI of 28,7, fat 34,7%, muscles at 26,5% and water at 47,3%.
My scale measures through my legs (lower body resistance). I wish I had one that also included my upper body but they're bloody expensive...
💪🏼 Pixy's Fit Journey 💜
2 months ago

Back in 2019, after a God awful divorce, an OD attempt, a big depression and meds... I gained loads of weight.
A way to stimulate my weight loss, I measured in "Basjes". Bas is my parents Dachshund who was 6 kilo's at the time. (Basje means little Bas).
Now, the little bugger is at 8 kilo's, so it's a lot harder to lose one of him.
But I still had this image that I used during that part of my weight journey.


A yellow chair with a grey plaid. On the plaid lays a black and tan longhaired Dachshund. I added the text "a Basje = 6 kilo's" with a flexing arm icon next to it.
The Coding Beard
2 months ago

Being productive for me is about #offloading #cognitive #weight in the form of todo lists using #todoist.

Ondine B.
2 months ago

Financial firm suggests an unconventional cost-saving solution for airlines: encouraging passengers to lose weight using slimming medications to trim expenses (rather than reducing the number of flights)
#airlines #flight #ozempic #obesity #weightloss #weight

Jason Stiff
2 months ago

My Withings scale app has a funny way of congratulating me on weighing myself 350 times.

THREE FIFTY today?!? How much birthday cake did I EAT yesterday?!?

I wonder if I have enough fitness apps on my phone. 🙄😄

#Montana #Billings #scale #fitness #health #weight #weightloss #birthday #cake #withings #samsunghealth #googlefit #fitbit #Thursday

2 months ago

So I went on holiday for almost 3 weeks, ate absolutely loads of vegan food, including loads of protein actually but also sugary puddings, 3 courses a day every day.

I was convinced I had put on lots of weight.

But according to my scales, my fat has stayed the same and I’ve lost 3lbs of muscle.

Granted I didn’t do much rigorous exercise while I was there but I just don’t understand this, unless the scales are wrong. Make it make sense 😣

#weight #muscle

Delta Epsilon
3 months ago

Short but strong! Sketched commission for Ryleization on FA/Twitter.

#furry #FurryArt #muscle #MuscleFur #Riolu #pokemon #male #biceps #pecs #abs #flex #bodybuilder #weight #EyeContact

Furry art of the character Ryle showing off. Ryle is a very muscular anthropomorphic Riolu. He is standing proudly, flexing one arm and raising the other above his head holding a weight that is larger than he is. One foot is standing on a few spare weights that look small in comparison. He is grinning confidently at the viewer.
💪🏼 Pixy's Fit Journey 💜
3 months ago

I wish my legs were stronger so I could do them all 😅.
Maybe I can work towards that, if I don't skip leg day too often 😇.
I do hope I can keep my exercises up, as I'd love to show a little muscles if I ever get rid of my obesity.
My last BMI 29,6. Up till 24,9 is considered OK. I've checked and to get that BMI I need to weigh 75 kilo's. I'm at 86,5 now.
I saw that 25-29,9 is pre-obesitas, so it seems I left obesitas 1. 😊

#Weight #EatingDisorder #FitnessJourney

A row of weight machines aimed at training your legs. All machines are orange and grey/black as these are my gym's colors.
💪🏼 Pixy's Fit Journey 💜
3 months ago

I lost another 0,4 kilo's! It may not sound like much, but for someone struggling with weight for years, it's awesome!
Still too heavy, yeah... But I've lost almost 5 kilo's since my vacation and it feels amazing

#Weight #EatingDisorder #FitnessJourney

Samsung Health share. Date September 14th. Weight -0,4 at 87 kilo's. Muscles at 28,8 kg. Fat at 32,5 kg.
IT News
3 months ago

Hefty 3D Printed Quadcopter Meets Nasty End - You can readily buy all kinds of quadcopters off the shelf these days, but sometim... - #3dprinterhacks #3dprinting #quadcopter #weight

Charlotte Hunter
3 months ago

My morning vitality drink - makes me feel better in so many ways: matcha, 3 g white kratom, 5 g creatine, 10 g collagen powder, 15 g super greens. With 1 cap berberine and 2 caps acetyl L-carnitine (ALCAR). Goes down kinda gross, but sets me up for a super duper day. (Shedding a few belly pounds too, ehhh!)

#health #greens #matcha #kratom #energy #drink #ADHD #pain #PTSD #weight #SelfCare

Divas for Democracy
3 months ago

Although I don't like to discuss my #weight, I weigh 208, and there is NO WAY #Trump only weighs 5 pounds more than I do.


3 months ago


#Trump’s #bondsman says his #height, #weight will be taken off ID

Trump’s height & weight in the #jail logs will likely be taken off a government ID like other defendants in the case, said #BailBondsman Charles Shaw.

(You know he lied on that)

3 months ago

Will we learn #Trump’s #height & #weight from #Georgia #booking record?

…Based on the booking records for his #CoDefendants that have already emerged this week, anyone expecting those details is likely to be disappointed.

- Amy Gardner (the investigative journalist who acquired the Raffensperger phone call tape)

4 months ago

As a short, round & fairly muscular teen the skinny thigh photos used to really mess with my head. Why couldn't my legs look anything like that?

Also, and this is probably obvious, but the shape of a thigh can change a lot based on how you hold it. I would sit wondering why my legs pressed down't didn't look like legs carefully positioned to look slim from an angle.

When I figured this out I felt like I'd be tricked! (If this makes me sound kind of naive ... well I was.) #weight #diets #ed

my black and white line drawing of thin thighs as seen in shorts seen from above. 

The "skinny thighs" photos are back...
my sketch showing how legs look slim from the top and wider from the side if held above a chair seat... but if pressed down they look slim from the side and wide from the top.
4 months ago

I had a rather strange occurrence at my annual #physical, yesterday. I was stepping on the #scale fully dressed and with shoes on... and the scale read 8lbs LIGHTER than what my home scale had said earlier that day.

So, I've come home and tried to make sure my scale is reading properly and it is still saying way heavier than the Dr's scale. I'm now confused as to how much I actually weigh and what my target weight is/should be!

#health #weight

Brittany Trang
4 months ago

ICYMI: Isa Cueto's beautiful story from last week is about so much more than an obesity clinic for kids.

It's about changing the way adults and kids think and talk about weight and health, about the hard choices you make with $27 in your pocket, about being a parent, and about being a kid.

#obesity #health #weight #healthequity #healthcare #medicine

5 months ago

Do you know how serious the belief in unicorns was?

In ~1100 #Vikings started trading narwhal with Inuits to sell on to merchants.

The tusks look like #unicorn horns, which were thought to neutralise poisons. The tusks were made into cups & sprinkled into food.

By the 13th c., the tusks had become relics.

When Danish #King Christian V. was crowned in 1671, his throne was made of “unicorn” horn to show his power.

The value had reached 20x that of its #weight in #gold.

#mythology #history

This is an underwater photograph of a narwhal.

It shows the whale just under the surface of the ocean. The creature is large, about the size of a big sea lion. It has a round squishy body, with a short round head and a long smooth-fined tale.

On its bulbous head sits the famous tusk. It is very long, multiple metres at least, and wound smoothly to narrow at the tip.

In this image, it appears that the very end of the tusk is just touching the ocean surface.

The whale itself is a dusky grey on top, with a lighter belly. The tusk is of a muted beige.

The water is a turquoise green, dark but with the sun breaking through the surface we can just make out the majestic creature.

The surface is wavey and bubbling.

An unprecedented watershed of medical innovation

Beyond #Crispr and #Covid #vaccines, there are countless potential applications of #mRNA tools for other diseases; a new frontier for #immunotherapy and next-generation #cancer #treatment; a whole new world of #weight-#loss drugs; new insights and drug-development pathways to chase with the help of #machine #learning; and #vaccines heralded as game-changing for some of the world’s most intractable infectious diseases.

Danie van der Merwe
6 months ago

Withings Body Smart Review: A Connected Scale For the Masses that includes baby/pet weight

I like devices that are not locked into an OS ecosystem (Apple, I’m looking at you!) and although I already have a Fitbit Aria scale, it gets thrown out when my wife stands on the scale with a pet, to get the pet’s weight (you weigh yourself, hold the pet, an ...continues


#health #smartscale #technology #weight #Withings

6 months ago

Withings Body Smart Review: A Connected Scale For the Masses that includes baby/pet weight I like devices that are not locked into an OS ecosystem (Apple, I’m looking at you!) and although I already have a Fitbit Aria scale, it gets thrown out when my wife stands on the […]

Steven Saus [he/him]
7 months ago

From 15 May: Diet sodas are not actually good for your diet, WHO guidance suggests - Enlarge / Packets of Equal and Splenda in a coffee bar in New York in 2016. Getty Richar... #artificial-sweetener #beverage #cardiovascular-disease #diabetes #food #health #science #sugar #sweeteners #weight-loss #who

"I'm not overweight, I'm undertall."

Inverting the formula for #BMI you can figure out how tall you should be for a given #weight to still be considered #healthy (this is the male formula only)

height in inches ~= 5.3 * sqrt(weight in lbs)

weight | height
150 5'5"
170 5'9"
180 5'11"
190 6'1"
200 6'3"
210 6'5"
250 6'11"

(This seemed more funny when I thought of it. It's just sort of middle-of-the-road unhealthy unfunny now.)

Kay Elúvian
7 months ago

Hola #trans mastodon. Anyone able to recommend surgeons for vaginoplasty who have less strict BMI restrictions than in the UK? I'm dieting etc. but realistically I don't think I'm going to be able to get down to the 70-80kg range they want. My current BMI is 40.

Yes I know blah blah being fat is bad. If that's your answer do please fuck off.

Recommendations + boosts appreciated x

#transgender #transwoman #mtf #vaginoplasty #gcs #srs #surgery #weight

8 months ago

#weight : that property of bodies by which they tend toward the center of the earth

- French: poids

- German: das Gewicht

- Italian: peso

- Portuguese: peso

- Spanish: peso


Report an incorrect translation @

Scientific Frontline
9 months ago

A UCLA-led team has developed an inexpensive, #universal oral #COVID-19 #vaccine that prevented severe #respiratory illness and #weight loss when tested in hamsters, which are naturally susceptible to #SARS-CoV-2. It proved as effective as #vaccines administered by injection or intranasally in the research.
#Covid19 #Pharmaceutical #Microbiology #Virology #sflorg

Colin Sullender
9 months ago

Excited to watch how hundreds of millions of dollars of pharmaceutical company advertising completely shifts public opinion on obesity being "a choice" just so they can market new GLP-1 based weight loss drugs directly to patients. Scientists and doctors spent years trying to advocate for obesity as a chronic biological disease, turns out all they needed was a bigger advertising budget.


#Obesity #Pharma #Drugs #Weight #WeightLoss #GLP1 #Medicine #Science #News #STAT

Screenshot of text from the article:

A two-part message is permeating the halls of medicine and the fabric of society, sliding into medical school lectures, pediatricians’ offices, happy hours and social feeds: Obesity is a chronic biological disease — and it’s treatable with a new class of medications.

The condition has long been framed as a result of poor lifestyle decisions and a failure of willpower — eating too much and exercising too little. But a new generation of highly effective obesity medications, and the overt and subtle messaging from the pharmaceutical companies making them, are starting to change the narrative.

@imdat weight loss is a life long challenge, has to be done one day at a time.

Finally in my mid 40s have I understood it a little bit, but it is still an everyday challenge.


Roni Laukkarinen
10 months ago

How it was vs. how it's going

29.7.2021: 10km 8:30/km 1:25:12 92.5kg

16.9.2022: 10km 5:24/km 0:54:11 74.5kg

Started eating properly with #CICO and running weekly in the end of July of 2021. Lost over 15kg (30 lbs) by the spring 2022.

In 2023 been running daily and maintaining my weight. Because of the weather it's difficult to concentrate on speed and distances so I'm waiting for spring and summer for better running platforms.

What a journey :bunhdheart:

You can do anything you set your mind in to.

#Running #LosingWeight #Weight #Paino #RolleJuoksee #LifeChange #WeightLoss

Me when started my running hobby, 15kg overweight
Me after Finlandia Marathon 10K race, smiling and happy

I'm fat.

I mentioned to Greg this morning that I'd lost almost 5kg in the 3 weeks that I've been in the UK with him, and his response was "oh my god, baby! Are you OK? We can feed you more food!"

I hadn't been mentioning it for any specific reason, other than to remark on it. But it was fucking NICE to not have him respond with congratulations, and for him to move straight into recognising that weight lose isn't automatically a good thing and often is indicative of health issues. That's not something fat people are often met with.

Also, 5kg in 3 weeks isn't a big change for me. My weight yo-yos any time I'm going through change.. and it's not surprising me that I've lost that much with all the sex and kink play I've been having.

Ideally, I'd like to drop a little bit more and get to 100kg, because my body feels it's strongest and fittest then. And I like when my body feels strong and fit.


@FuckCarsReddit Ideally we'd have #PublicTransport everywhere 24/7 as @dmoser and many others advocate for, or bikeable and walkable neighbouthoods as @notjustbikes shows, but even something as less passive-agressive #MotorizedViolence and more #efficiency in terms of #space and #weight would be a good start...

Something like this - but unsarcastic!

After suffering from #longcovid for well over 6 months, I swore to myself that as soon as I started feeling well, I would become fitter than I have ever been. Started a #wholefoods #plantbased #diet while doing pretty heavy #cardio along with #weight #training. I like creating systems, so I am using Cronometer to clearly picture food intake, Apple Health to record exertion, Paprika App to collect and build a recipe book and the Starting Strength program to efficiently build strength🌱 💪

does anybody have any recommendations for sub-gram scales? something that has at least 0.01g accuracy.

I'm starting to bake and my current scale just won't cut it for measuring yeast. (and honestly I've wanted a more accurate scale for a while anyway).

#baking #cooking #measurement #weight #scale

James Cuff
1 year ago

In case you’re wondering, I’m now at this point of parameter optimization in my #hpc career.

#weight #pound of #power

Apple power adapter on a food scale.
Karen Yin :verified:
1 year ago

“Body weight is a sensitive topic for many youth, and the way that parents talk about it can have an emotional impact on their children.” —Rebecca Puhl, UConn #RuddCenter for Food Policy and Health

📗 #Read: "For Adolescents, Word Choice Matters When Talking About Body Weight":

📥 For more #ConsciousLanguage updates, check out my monthly #newsletter:

#Weight #Appearance #Health #Respect #Parenting #WordsMatter #Editing #Editors #WritingCommunity

1 year ago

With so many new joining, I decided to send a fresh #introduction. I am an #AfroLatino Associate #Professor at #California State University, East Bay, one of the most diverse universities in the US. I study #stress and disease with a focus on health #disparities, #obesity and #weight loss. I’m also a Clinical #Health #Psychologist with a passion for Health #Tech. I’m happy to be here. | #Psychology #stress #health #weight #disparities