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Perpetual Son: The Thing About These Human Girls Pg.15
Commissioned ARTWORK done by: Anonymous Artist COLORS by : Cosmic

Characters and script by me and xxmercdarkxx
No logo and HQ alt here:
Harriett's attempts to tucker out Chris but to no avail!

CheMel steps in to take over that duty!

#perpetualson #straightshota
#adultwebcomic #oneshota #originalcharacters #western

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The episode is one of many #HighProfile fallouts across the #Western #arts world in recent weeks over the #MiddleEast war, focused on accusations of #AntiSemitism.

Several tense cases are focused in #Germany, which has a special responsibility to #Israel given its history arising from the #Holocaust. However, artists, protesters and activists say #Berlin’s #crackdown confuses #criticism of #Israeli policies with #AntiJewish #racism.

#Censorship #Palestinians #Arabs

S. Lott
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#WordWeavers #western #horror

11/30. How would your protagonist and antagonist describe you to their besties?

(Current work in process.) MC Geraldine would warn Antonia that I’m a dime novelist looking to sensationalize the unfolding tragedy. Antonia would agree and add that I’m mostly harmless, don’t carry a gun, and have a weak handshake.

De Chokier would tell Mr Charles to keep an eye on me to be sure de Chokier can be properly seen where I’m writing, usually on the porch at the Lodge.

JM Horner :blobcatcowboy:
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Tonight's #western is Smoke Signal [1955

"Capt. Harper's cavalry patrol returns to the fort to find it besieged by Ute Indians. The apparent cause is the recapture of Army traitor Brett Halliday, who deserted to the Utes in a previous war; but Brett has a different story. With capture imminent, the only chance for the surviving men (and one woman) is to boat down a wild, uncharted river, where Harper and Halliday must pull together, like it or not."

Dana Andrews as Brett Halliday tied to a hitch rail inside the fort.
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Kabitte as a cool bounty hunter!
Paige likes to draw her friends in cool outfits.

#mastoart #manga #sliceoflife #digitalart #art #artistsonmastodon #originalcharacter #illustration #comic #scifi #fantasy #monstergirl #western #catgirl

Digital art of a pink-haired catgirl with long rabbit ears that end in metal claws. She is dressed as a bounty hunter with a gray poncho that hides part of her face and big pants. She is raising one arm and one clawed ear in opposing S shapes. She has a serious expression.
S. Lott
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#WordWeavers #western #horror

11/29. If you could go back and change one thing about your writing in your earlier work, what would it be?

Get a better grip on plot than I had when I started writing screenplays so many years ago. I thought I understood plotting, but I really didn’t.

My "on hiatus" book is very rambling and needs a complete rewrite to focus on sensible plots that get finished in 50,000 words.

Steve Henderson Fine Art
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Always, there are lists,

Things to do in a hurry,

Until you say, "No."

How odd that we have turned "time out" into a punishment term, in which we force a child to sit in a chair until he behaves. Time out is a gift, an opportunity to step back from the fray to think, in a state of calmness.

Time Out canvas print --

#cowboy #western #art #mastoart #fediart #travel #ayearforart #haiku #poem #writing #buyintoart #nature #artist #painting #watercolor #southwest #horse

Canvas print of an original watercolor painting depicting a cowboy on a horse, looking over the landscape.
S. Lott
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#WordWeavers #western #horror

11/28. Do you target your work to a specific audience?

For decades, I have read books aloud while my partner cooks dinner. (I act out voices and everything.)

I write the books I want to read aloud. I structure the plot around the questions my partner will ask. I walk carefully around the tropes that could lead to eye-rolling. I try to anticipate their smart-ass comments when the MCs do something stupid.

In the sixth week of #Israel’s war on #Gaza, #Western leaders employed one of #Orwell’s #linguistic bugbears – “euphemism” and “sheer cloudy vagueness” – to refer to Israeli action, as IDF troops stormed Al-Shifa in search of evidence that #Hamas uses the hospital as a command centre. via Tamooda

S. Lott
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#WordWeavers #western #horror

11/27. At what point during the writing of your WIP do you know what the last line is going to be?

I write the ending first. Cycle around to the beginning. And fill in the middle. Very plotty.

Since there can be a number of beats to finish the character arc, I wrote about 5,000 words to frame a final sentence for the current WIP.

Then. On to the opening.

Argh! The #western insistence that everything comes from them is sometimes so aggravating. From a site I read:

> To remedy this discrepancy and to ensure that the traditional #Chinese calendar keeps pace with the #Gregorian calendar, the Chinese implemented the #lunisolar method of timekeeping.

Their implied narrative is that the solilunar calendar, first introduced in the #Zhou Dynasty (c. 1046–256 BCE) was used to keep pace with the #Gregorian (1582CE) calendar.


S. Lott
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#WordWeavers #western #horror

11/26. What question would your antagonist dread being asked by an interviewing journalist?

(Current WIP). Earlier you said the ranch operation is only one small aspect of your undertaking. How will you generate enough revenue to operate this “temple” if it grows at the rate you said? Will you have other industries? What makes you think this “spirit realm” can be a reliable source of food and firewood for your followers? How can spirits provide tangible goods?

JM Horner :blobcatcowboy:
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Tonight's #watchparty #western is en ETR/SBI presentation of The Tin Star [1957]

Come join us at 8pm Eastern time (that's less than an hour from now) and watch along with us.

Henry Fonda looking a little insulted.
S. Lott
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#WordWeavers #western #horror

11/25. Secondary character POV: You are allowed to play a prank on the MC. What would that be?

(Current WIP) The indigenous woman who lives in the Valley of Fire mission sneaks through the cattails to surprise Antonia by the fishing hole. No one gets killed, which is good.

Another example. Indio tries to sneak into the mission without waking up everybody. It seems like a great idea for a prank where he surprises everyone.

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Für ein paar Dollar mehr

Italo-Western-Festwochen im BR und der ARD Mediathek

Wir hatten guten Grund zur Hoffnung und das Programm des Bayerischen Rundfunks mag uns nicht enttäuschen: Nach „Für eine Handvoll Dollar“ (Per un pugno di dollari, 1964) dem ersten Film aus Sergio Leones „Dollar Trilogie“ in der letzten Woche, gibt es heute mit „Für ein paar Dollar mehr“ (Per qualche dollaro in più, 1965) den zweiten Film, bevor „Zwei glorreiche Halunken“ (Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo, 1966) die Kultreihe abschliessen wird… Weihnachten kommt früh, im BR, dieses Jahr!

Für mich und diesen Blog ist die Wikipedia immer eine absolut essentielle Quelle gerade für die Informationen, die insbesondere in der ARD-Mediathek sträflichst vernachlässigt werden. Informationen über die Besetzung, Crews und selbst das Produktionsdatum finden wir dort nur als absolute Ausnahmen. Was ist daran so schwer? Am Ende sind es Datenbanken. Einmal eingepflegt, können diese ewig genutzt werden. Und der Service am Publikum wäre nachhaltig. Andere können das um Längen besser. ARTE ist sicher das Vorbild für alle anderen.

Für ein paar Dollar mehr

Zu „Für ein paar Dollar mehr“ liest die deutsche Wikipedia sich allerdings tatsächlich wie die „extended Version“ eines Programmheftes zum Film. Dort hat ein:e Autor:in seine ganze Liebe in die Enzyklopädie gepackt, das ist deutlich. Ein wenig zu kurz kommen dort aber die künstlerischen Inspirationen des Filmemachers. Denn so wie im ersten Film der Trilogie Akira Kurosawa und dessen Film „Yojimbo“ für Sergio Leone Pate gestanden haben, so waren es für den zweiten Teil Robert AldrichsVera Cruz“ (1954) (mit Gary Cooper & Burt Lancaster) sowie „The Bravados“ (1958) von Henry King. Der italienische Revolutionär des ur-amerikanischen Westerns kehrte also sozusagen zu den Quellen des Mythos zurück.

Für Clint Eastwood war Sergio Leone ganz ohne Zweifel erheblich daran beteiligt, den Grundstein für seine spätere weltweite Blockbuster-Karriere zu legen, so wie auch er für Lee Van Cleef, eigentlich die Dritt- oder Viertbesetzung für seine Rolle in diesem Film, dafür verantwortlich war, ihm eine noch weit längere Karriere in der Welt des Italo-Westerns und seine Verewigung als eine ihrer Ikonen zu schenken. Im dritten Teil der Trillogie werden wir beide wieder sehen.

Klaus Kinski

Für den deutschen Klaus Kinski, in dessen Wikipedia-Biographie seine lange Italo-Westernkarriere erstaunlicher Weise kaum Erwähnung findet, war dieser Film tatsächlich ein Ausbruch aus dem bürgerlichen deutschen Kino – und ein erster Zahltag der ihm ein vergleichsweise komfortables Leben in Italien ermöglichen sollte. Wenn sie sich die Knallcharge aus Winnetou II. in Erinnerung rufen und dann die Nebenrolle als  „der Bucklige“ in „Für ein paar Dollar mehr“ sehen, dann wird klar, wie sehr er an seinen vorherigen Rollen unterfordert gewesen sein muss. Für sich selbst und seine Familie und Mitmenschen, war er sicher und tragischer Weise der wahrhaftig größte Feind, ein Ekel, ja ein Monster. Filmhistorisch, bleiben seine Figuren ein Teil der Geschichte.

FSK 16

Über die Jahre gab es mehr als eine Handvoll Schnittfassungen dieses Klassikers. Die Ausstrahlungen im deutschen Free-TV waren, soweit ich es verstehe, immer wesentlich beschnitten, um den Ausstrahlungszeiten gemäße Zensurvorschriften der „Freiwilligen Selbstkontrolle“ zu berücksichtigen. Über die Jahrzehnte haben sich diese Vorschriften dann aber doch wesentlich dem Zeitgeist angepasst. Dennoch ist die heute angebotene Schnittfassung mit einer Gesamtlaufzeit von 126 Minuten immer noch um gut 10 Minuten kürzer als das künstlerische Original von 1965. Das mag dem Sendeplatz vor Mitternacht geschuldet sein.

„Für ein paar Dollar mehr“ (Per qualche dollaro in più) – in der ARD-Mediathek verfügbar bis zum 03.12.2023 ∙ 00:50 Uhr

Western, Italien, Spanien, Deutschland, 1965

FSK: ab 16 (22:00 Uhr)

Regie: Sergio Leone

Musik: Ennio Morricone

Mit: Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef, Gian Maria Volonté, Mara Krupp, Luigi Pistilli, Klaus Kinski, Josef Egger


6 days ago


>> they were not driven by 'bloodlust', but by desire to rid themselves of what they regarded as an outpost of #Western #imperialism

Have you looked at the size of the land in blue #FromTheRiverToTheSea?

How do you explain imperialism in a tiny speck of land? ➡️

Also, read some history and you'll learn that #Jews are not "#Western people". They have lived on that land for more than 3200 years (since before ~1200 BCE)

#West wasn't discovered until 15th c. CE.

Julien Lemaire / Sticmac
1 week ago

J'ai fait cette illustration pour illustrer le #JDR #western #actualplay que l'on fait avec @PapyPolca ! On reprend les épisodes ce soir à 21h sur sa chaîne Twitch et on espère vous voir nombreux !

Sa chaîne Twitch : 😁

Illustration de trois cowboys faisant dos au soleil couchant
S. Lott
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#WordWeavers #western #horror

11/24. What would make your protagonist and antagonist work together?

(Previous book this series) Aufteilen’s vague understanding of the otherworldly horrors makes it nearly impossible to work with him intentionally.

However. He could be duped into attempting magical workings that were actually the opposite to what he thinks he wants. Evil does not require him to be smart or even astute.

Nick Garlick
1 week ago

A favourite film a day for 365 days: Ulzana's Raid.

One of the best films of the 70s, and most definitely NOT a simple Cavalry vs Indians tale.

#westerns #western #wildwest #movies #cowboys #cowboy #oldwest #film #westernmovies #cultmovies #70smovies

Papy Polca
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"Ce sont les frères que j'ai choisis"

Retrouvez Charlie Stokes, jouée par @Pitchoune , ce soir à 20h30 sur

Illustration de @sticmac

#jdr #actualplay #western

Charlie Stokes
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gilles geirnaert schrieb den folgenden Beitrag Thu, 23 Nov 2023 16:19:30 +0100

Guerre en Ukraine : les journalistes russes, cibles de l'armée atlantico-ukrainienne

Logiquement, dans les zones de combats, les journalistes signalent leur présence par des signes vestimentaires distinctifs, afin que les forces armées en place puissent les épargner - puisqu'ils ne sont pas combattants. Ce principe universel ne s'applique pas au conflit en Ukraine, où les journalistes russes évitent de se faire remarquer lorsqu'ils couvrent la zone de front, pour ne pas devenir, justement, une cible. Hier encore, l'armée atlantico-ukrainienne a touché un groupe de journalistes, qui préparaient un reportage sur les dégâts commis par cette armée dans les villages de la région de Zaporojie. Les témoins gênants doivent être écartés, pour pouvoir tranquillement construire un discours politico-médiatique totalement fantasmagorique. Personne ne parlera du décès de Boris Maksudov.

L'information a été donnée hier par le ministère russe de la Défense :

"Le 22 novembre 2023, les forces armées ukrainiennes ont lancé une attaque avec des munitions à fragmentation depuis un appareil aérien sans pilote contre un groupe de journalistes russes, qui préparaient des reportages sur le bombardement par les forces armées ukrainiennes des zones habitées de la région de Zaporojie.

À la suite d'une attaque de drones ukrainiens contre un groupe de journalistes, Boris Maksudov, correspondant de la chaîne de télévision Rossiya-24, a été blessé par des éclats d'obus.

Le journaliste a été rapidement évacué vers un établissement médical du ministère russe de la Défense. Il n'y a aucune menace pour sa vie. Boris Maksudov a reçu tous les soins médicaux nécessaires."

Selon les déclarations du correspondant de guerre Andreï Khorkov, pour la télévision de Mélitopole :

"Soudain, il y a eu une explosion et j'ai vu un nuage de fumée noire à 50 mètres de nous. "De l'air", ont crié nos guides, après quoi nous nous sommes cachés sous des branches séchées. Il y a eu une autre explosion, après quoi l'hélicoptère s'est envolé. Apparemment, il s'était rechargé. Il est arrivé et a fait un largage, et voici le résultat."

Ce matin, nous apprenons que Boris Maksudov est décédé des suites de ce crime commis par l'armée atlantico-ukrainienne.
Nous ne trouvons aucune trace de cet "exploit" atlantico-ukrainien dans les médias occidentaux ... Les associations professionnelles sont muettes. Il s'agit de journalistes russes, cela n'a aucune importance.
Le fascisme ordinaire ...
#ukraine #western #nato #ukrainian #terrorism against #media
Das Wesen
1 week ago

.: Hutwesen (Outtake) :. Heute viele Bilder gemacht, und die sind stellenweise sehr viel besser geworden als dieses hier. Ihr kommt aber damit klar, wenn ich es trotzdem zeige. Oh, ihr habts ja schon gesehen gerade. Naja. :PIKApp:
#FotoMontag #schwarzweissfotografie #blackandwhitephotography #photography #fotografie #monochrome #Bildwesen #Cutemonsters

Das Wesen, seitlich photographiert mit einem übergroßen Westernhut auf dem Kopf.
S. Lott
1 week ago

#WordWeavers #western #horror

11/23. Do your characters ever express gratitude to each other?

Regularly. In both books of this series, the MCs are barely cordial to each other, but gratitude is a practice they all share. Their pursuit of the uncanny is very much a religious calling that includes praise and thanksgiving.

Papy Polca
1 week ago

"La vie c'est comme le poker, on sait jamais sur quel escroc on peut tomber."

Retrouvez Stanley Cross, joué par Hydro, vendredi à 20h30 dans un jdr western en live sur

#jdr #western #actualplay

Stanley Cross, par Sticmac
Nick Garlick
1 week ago

A favourite film a day for 365 days: Dead Man.

Spare, beautiful and hypnotic, with an ending that leaves me sitting still and quiet every time.

#westerns #western #wildwest #movies #cowboys #cowboy #oldwest #film #westernmovies #cultmovies

Papy Polca
1 week ago

"On peut pas sauver ce monde de merde, mais on peut le faire chier."

Retrouvez Jack Ortega, joué par @sticmac, vendredi à 20h30 dans un jdr western en live sur

#jdr #western #actualplay

Silhouette de Jack Ortega, illustration de Sticmac
S. Lott
1 week ago

#WordWeavers #western #horror

11/22. Did any particular books, movies or games influence your story?

I can’t mention @KenLayne and the book Desert Oracle, Volume 1 enough.

Very inspiring.

Nick Garlick
1 week ago

A favourite film a day for 365 days: Monte Walsh.

Lee Marvin's ageing cowboy witnesses the fading of his way of life as cities expand and 'civilisation' moves in.

#western #wildwest #movies #cowboys #cowboy #oldwest #film #westernmovies #cultmovies #70smovies

1 week ago

Oof, what a dud. Curious about what #western our lead's watching at (I assume) Autokino Rudow though. CC @spaghettiwesterndb

#cinemastodon #film #SpaghettiWestern

EDIT removed part of the image description of screenshot two because of spoilers. See follow-up.

One of the actors in the western. The movie appears to be of the spaghetti kind and from the mid-1960s. here's a stubbly man with a bit of a bowl cut in a white shirt in front of a rough looking stucco-ed wall.
This scene only shows a close-up of a woman with short(?) dark hair in a white bodice and long dark skirt .
S. Lott
1 week ago

#WordWeavers #western #horror

11/21. “If a scene is boring, add dragons.” What do you do if a scene is boring?

If it’s boring the stakes aren’t high enough. Are the characters all in?

Horror creeps into lots of mundane activities. If it’s boring, add horror seems essential to me. After all, the otherworldly horrors are what’s at stake for everyone in the book.

Cleo of Topless Topics
1 week ago

Looking for #book recommendations on CD for my dad to listen to (his eyesight isn't good enough to read books anymore). He likes stuff like #JohnGrisham but he's already read them so many times. Courtroom, crime #thrillers and #western s are good, no fantasy please. He was listening to a western called "the tracker" but he just said he's tired of it because it's too episodic, there isn't really a singular plot building up throughout the book. Thanks!

Jess McGrath
1 week ago

WOLF LOWRY (1917): Some years back MOMA ran a series of William S. Hart #western #silentfilms, which opened my eyes to Hart’s charms and talent. This another excellent example of the quality product he churned out. Hart is Wolf, toughie softened by love of a woman- until her fiancée resurfaces. Really well done. Beautifully photographed, especially night scenes. Good turns by Hart, Margery Wilson. And that melancholy ending is quite a final note. Recently restored, on BluRay, worth viewing.

Nick Garlick
1 week ago

A favourite film a day for 365 days: McCabe and Mrs Miller.

This must be the ultimate anti-Western. Grim, glum, disenchanted take on the 'American dream'. Also absolutely enthralling. And a key 70s film

#westerns #western #wildwest #movies #oldwest #film #westernmovies #cultmovies #70smovies

Stefan Münz
1 week ago

Westjordanland? Nein, Wilder Westen, und zwar im Osten von Andalusien. #Western #Filmkulisse #Fotomontag

Ein einfaches, in die Jahre gekommenes Holzgebäude ohne Anstrich mit zwei Etagen. In jeder Etage jeweils zwei Fenster. Im Erdgeschoss zwischen den Fenstern die Eingangstür, und im Obergeschoss zwischen den Fenstern ein großes Schild mit der Aufschrift West Bank. Das Erdgeschoss hat eine vorgelagerte Pergola mit Holzzaun. Im Hintergrund sind kahle Berge und ein paar vereinzelte Bäume zu sehen.

Viste altre puntate, devo dire non male finora, sono stupefatto. Come serie #Western direi che è onorevole, e al giorno d'oggi è già moltissimo.

Forse hanno dosato un tantinello troppo l'aspetto religioso/buonista come sfondo, e cmq il protagonista ha un qualcosa che non mi convince fino in fono, ma sta evolvendo.

Fabiano Cerqueira 🖖
1 week ago

Tarzan #41
Ebal, Feb 1969
Cover: George Wilson

Brazilian edition for Tarzan of the Apes #177, published by Western, July 1968.

#Tarzan #Ebal #GeorgeWilson
#BrazilianComics #comics #Western #EdgarRiceBurroughs

S. Lott
2 weeks ago

#WordWeavers #western #horror

11/20. What’s your antagonists’ soft spot?

(Previous book this series) Aufteilen’s soft spot is himself and his pursuit of spiritism. He’s sure he’s found a path to power that others have overlooked. Other people treat him poorly because they see the path he’s on and are envious or perhaps even angry and their poor choices.

Jess McGrath
2 weeks ago

THE FURIES (’50): When they said this is a “Freudian Western”, they weren’t kidding. Lotta “strange” stuff going on with father-daughter duo of Babs and Walter. And really a bold choice for a ranch name, eh? Having recently indulged on Anthony Mann’s collabs with James Stewart, I’ve become a fan of his darker takes on the #western. Agree with criticism of the ending- didn’t feel a fit after what preceded- but this is one pretty darn good pic, with top turns from stars, beautiful photography.

Nick Garlick
2 weeks ago

A favourite film a day for 365 days: The Salvation.

Savage revenge Western written and directed by Danes, with a Danish lead and filmed in South Africa. Great polyglot cast, vivid colour photography, and bad guys who are really bad. Wonderfully unpredictable.

#westerns #western #wildwest #movies #cowboys #cowboy

2 weeks ago

#Campaign to #boycott #Western producers linked to #Israel has #reignited demand for #soda brand founded by #Greek #beekeeper.

#SpiroSpathis, #Egypt’s oldest #CarbonatedDrinks company, is having a sensational #comeback.

Founded in 1920 by a Greek beekeeper from #Kefalonia whose name it bears, “#Spathis” has been part of life for generations of #Egyptians.

2 weeks ago

Over the past 75 yrs of the occupation of #Palestinian territories, the #Israeli #regime, thanks to #BiasedCoverage of #Western #MainstreamMedia, has been using #propaganda & #disinformation to #justify its #atrocities against people of #Palestine. In the ongoing war on #Gaza, #Israel is once again using propaganda stunts, some already going beyond comic #absurdity, which are viewed as #desperate attempts to pose as #victims & #legitimize the #genocide in Gaza.

S. Lott
2 weeks ago

#WordWeavers #western #horror

11/19. Do you ever use mundane daily tasks to show character or world-build?

Endlessly. To me it seems mundanity is creates the necessary contrast between MCs lives and the horrors they encounter. There’s a series of beats in the current WIP largely devoted to an argument on why the abbess goes fishing when there are otherworldly horrors to face.

JM Horner :blobcatcowboy:
2 weeks ago

Tonight's #watchparty #western is an ETR/SBI presentation of Billy Two Hats [1974]

Join us at 8pm Eastern to watch.

Screenshot from Billy Two Hats [1974] - Esther Spencer stands crying with a burning wagon behind her and the rocky hillside beyond that.
S. Lott
2 weeks ago

#WordWeavers #western #horror

11/18. If your MC were a superhero, based on their strengths, what would their SH name be?

(Previous book this series) Diane is called The Hunter by the indigenous folks. They have a longer name for her, but don’t dare say it when she’s around. No one knows how she’ll take it, so they stick with Hunter.

Amy hasn’t been given that kind of title, but she’s trying to be the Loremistress.

2 weeks ago

Für eine Handvoll Dollar

Ein einsamer Fremder reitet in ein Dorf in der Wüste Mexicos. Am Ende sind alle Bösen tot. Der Fremde reitet weiter.

Mit Verlaub, was der Bayerische Rundfunk sich dabei gedacht hat, mitten im November, einen absoluten Meilenstein der Filmgeschichte in seinem dritten Programm zu verstecken, ohne vorher in wochenlang laufenden Trailern auf allen Rundfunkwellen darauf hinzuweisen, weiß vermutlich nicht einmal Christine Strobl. Für mich ist deshalb heute einer der höchsten Feiertage im Jahr.

Auch weil dieses epische Meisterwerk von Sergio Leone, Ennio Morricone, und natürlich, Clint Eastwood, gewöhnlich so um die Weihnachtsfeiertage herum von RTL-Nitro oder Kabel1, angereichert mit mindestens 30 Minuten TV-Werbung, vollkommen zerstört und gegen Mitternacht einem darüber relativ gleichgültigen Publikum in den Kanal gespült wird, dass sich vermutlich am  nächsten Morgen schon nicht mehr an den Film erinnern kann. – Ist mir selber schon häufig so ergangen. – feiere ich meine öffentlich-rechtliche Mediathek gerade heftig dafür.

Denn auch das ist ihr gesellschaftlicher Auftrag: Filmkunst zu bewahren und ihre Meisterwerke ihrem Publikum in bestmöglicher Qualität zu präsentieren. Und weil zur bestmöglichen Qualität auch die originale Tonspur gehört, hat die ARD auch diese im Angebot.

Es ist ja so, liebe Kinder: Früher, in den Siebzigern, als es nur drei Programme gab, und gewöhnlich um kurz nach Mitternacht das Fernsehen einfach aufgehört hat, zu senden. Da haben wir diese Filme höchstens im Spätprogramm sehen können. Nicht jede Woche, doch vielleicht ein, zwei Mal im Jahr.

Und später, in den Programmkinos, da haben wir dieses „Hollywood“ und seine Western geliebt… und besonders die Filme, die gar nicht aus Hollywood kamen. Sondern aus Europa. Und die das stock-konservative US-Filmgenre vermutlich vor sich selbst gerettet haben. Nicht auszudenken, wo wir heute wären, wenn die Italiener, mit deutschem Geld, sich dieses Genre nicht einfach – und ohne zu fragen – kulturell angeeignet hätten.

Wie Japan und Italien den amerikanischen Western vor sich selbst gerettet haben…

Wobei… um historisch und kulturell bei der Wahrheit zu bleiben, gehört der Ruhm einem Japaner. Nämlich Akira Kurosawa ohne dessen visionärer Erzählung Yojimbo, Sergio Leones Karriere unter Umständen doch im europäischen Sandalenfilm geendet wäre. Dafür nahm er Maß bei John Sturges und Die glorreichen Sieben, der welterfolgreichen Übersetzung eines anderen großen Films von Kurosawa, Die sieben Samurai, vier Jahre zuvor. Ob ich heute wüsste, wer Kurosawa war? Ob ich seine Filme auch ohne die amerikanisch/italienische Zusammenarbeit kennen und lieben würde? Am Ende ist es die Kultur einer Welt.

Ein wahrhafter Filmkanon für die Ewigkeit.

Und eine Nacht in der Oper…

„Für eine Handvoll Dollar“ (Per un pugno di dollari) – in der ARD Mediathek verfügbar bis zum 26.11.2023 ∙ 00:20 Uhr

Western, Italien, Spanien, Deutschland, 1964

FSK: ab 16

Regie: Sergio Leone

Drehbuch: Sergio Leone, Duccio Tessari

Musik: Ennio Morricone

Mit: Clint Eastwood, Marianne Koch, Gian Maria Volonté, Wolfgang Lukschy, Sieghardt Rupp, Josef Egger

Ebenfalls in der Mediathek: Ein ungleich gewaltsamerer Film aus dem „Django“ Sub-Genre. Hier hat Quentin Tarantino – in seiner in B-Movie-Filmtheatern vergeudeten Jugend – gleich mehrfach zugesehen…

Töte, Django (Se sei vivo spara) – in der ARD Mediathek verfügbar bis zum 18.12.2023 ∙ 02:15 Uhr

Western, Italien, Spanien, 1967

FSK: ab 18

Regie: Giulio Questi

Mit: Tomás Milián

S. Lott
2 weeks ago

#WordWeavers #western #horror

11/17. Do you get book cover ideas while you write, and have you ever used those?

I think more along the lines of cinematic trailers. I try to write beats that permit extracting lines to convey mood, character, stakes, conflicts, context, etc., without revealing much story arc.

(Some trailers retell the story. “Good. After seeing that, I can save myself two hours.”)

Sans Dec
2 weeks ago

#vendredilecture #western #steampunk #urbanfantasy l'alliage de la justice de Brandon Sanderson J’avais littéralement dévoré la série Fils-des-brumes (vers 2011 ou pas loin, en un weekend et une soirée), c’est donc avec plaisir que je retrouve cet univers. C’est très immersif, j’ai été très vite portée par l’action. Ce roman commence 300 ans après la fin du héros des siècles. C’est une enquête sur fond d’allomancie et de ferrochimie dans un pays qui s’inspire XIXème siècle et du début de la révolution industrielle.

(comment on "L'Alliage de la justice", page 135)

L'Alliage de la justice (ORBIT)
S. Lott
2 weeks ago

#WordWeavers #western #horror

11/16. Do you make up words for your books? If so, any tricks you’d care to share?

For my (on hiatus) fantasy series I made up a whole language. It’s a challenging process because grammar rules can (and should) be upside down from English. (I’ve got 3 lonely undergraduate credits in linguistics. I know very little.)

I’m a programmer, so I wrote code to emit phrases in the Western Empire trade language from manually parsed English.

S. Lott
2 weeks ago

#WordWeavers #western #horror

11/15. Do you favor certain senses when writing? If so, are they your dominant sense?

I try to emphasize sight, sound, and latent dread. I try to keep a sense of wonder, also. To the MCs it’s all new.

A sense of “justice thwarted” is essential to horror, I think. The antagonist has to be successful — in part — or it’s just a bunch of weird cultish religiosity gone haywire. The MCs do address the horrors unleashed, but only in part.

S. Lott
2 weeks ago

#WordWeavers #western #horror

11/14. Secondary character POV: How would the story be better if you were the MC?

(Previous book this series) José would say that he’s a better cook than Amy. (Except for biscuits, which involve secrets she can’t or won’t reveal.) He’d say he knows more languages than Amy because Amy doesn’t know any Ute or Diné. He’d remind you he doesn’t need a stick to walk. And he has his own hair. (Amy wears a wimple, something he calls cloth hair.) He knows the old songs.

Rabi'a Elizabeth
3 weeks ago

Watching the events in #Palestine, those folks know what's important. It's the afterlife, not what goes on here. #Family too, but as a refugee from #Western #Secular culture, I don't have that. But, in my own way, I thrive anyway, Alhamdulillah.

I'm NOT looking for pity. Statements about similar experiences would be welcome, however.

I find it a relief just to tell the truth and stop flailing at attempts to look and feel "normal." That flailing is all about fear, not growth, recovery, or faith.

#AutisticElders #Neurodivergence #Qadr #Tawhid


Ricardo Harvin
4 weeks ago

#LandBack and #rematriation are proving to be highly effective ways to effect long-term Everything, Everywhere, All at Once #ClinateChange mitigation, in addition to being morally righteous and long overdue.

"#Western #conservationists have...ignored #Indigenous people’s knowledge of #landscapes and #wildlife...that is no longer tenable...Indigenous-managed lands host 80 percent of the world’s #biodiversity...and...much of the...intact #forests, #savannas and #marshes."

Werner Keil
1 month ago

#JenseitsDerSpree S02E03: Wertstoff - Eine Art #Urban #Western über #Cyberstalking und #Erpressung mit #Bitcoins. Die erste Folge nach dem Drehbuch von @sixtus, mal gespannt, wie die in #Staffel3 wird.

Ricardo Harvin
1 month ago

"The problem is...people live and work on these lands. #Communities have to see a benefit in regrowing and maintaining lost #forests...this is, again, developed #Western #nations asking the least developed communities to shoulder the weight of their past [and barely abated] #ecological damage...every #community [has] different needs and...challenges."

Everything, Everywhere, All at Once must include Everyone, Everywhere, All the Time.

#HalfEarth #ClimateChange


Ricardo Harvin
1 month ago

#white / "#western #saviorism is not part of a Everything, Everywhere, All at Once #ClimateChange mitigation strategy.

The people who live in a place where such work is to be done must always be directly involved in and benefit from any solutions, and may already have successful methods that just need more resources.

"When you go into any small village in #Africa, you will find that people #conserve as a way of living, not because they were called to '#conservation.'"

Michael Marten
1 month ago

#Palestinians: “This is a genocide we’re experiencing!”

#Israeli government: “Heck, yeah, we wanna make a genocide happen!”

Historians and human-rights lawyers: “This sure looks like a #genocide to us.”

#Western liberal governments: “It’s a complex issue, we have to look at both sides here.”

Tucker Teague
1 month ago

I just watched John Ford's 1946 masterpiece, MY DARLING CLEMENTINE for the umpteenth time. One of my all time favorite films. Of course, it's very much American mythology, manifest destiny, and hagiography (problems with so many American films). It's also a master class in classical Hollywood storytelling and amazing cinematography. Every shot is perfectly crafted and some are, I believe, the most beautiful in the history of Hollywood cinema.

#film #cinema #movies #hollywood #western #JohnFord

The second to last shot from the film MY DARLING CLEMENTINE showing Clementine standing, hat in hand, a big sky with clouds above, and a long wooden fence beside her in the desert landscape.
1 month ago

"The conflict in the Middle East has once again undressed the hypocrisy of the great #Western powers, whose rulers and tycoons arrogate the power to dictate to the rest of the planet how to conduct their internal affairs, as well as to extend or withdraw certifications of respect for human rights, while murdering freedom of expression to protect the interests of their accomplices.

Today in the so-called Western world, when talking about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, enormous courage and unwavering ethical commitment are required to tell the truth. In democracy, who's in charge? "The international officials of the high finance, voted for no one?" Galeano asked."

#Palestina #Israele #Gaza #genoside #Hamasattack
#Palestine #Israele #Netanyahu

1 month ago

Aujourd'hui sur Blog à part – Western Love, tome 1

L’Ouest, le vrai, avec ses shérifs, ses hors-la-loi. Et ses coups de foudre improbables, comme dans ce premier tome de Western Love.

#romance #western

S. Lott
1 month ago

#WordWeavers #western #horror

10/23. Do you prefer writing likable or unlikable characters?

It seems like horror requires sympathetic, likable characters. Without the reader’s investment in the character, what happens isn’t horrible, it’s just awful and weird. Without a likeable character, the book devolves to anecdotes about some jerk who tried to pet a bison and gored.

1 month ago
Old wooden building "The Union Hotel" --  from the 1800's, western town.
Inside of hotel/saloon, showing a wooden bar, wood roof, old fashioned lights, moose head on the wall. Barstools surround the bar.
Pool table, red felt. Everything is old wood. The wood on the walls and roof looks ancient, from the 1800's. Cowhide chairs against the wall. There's a buffalo head on the wall, and a deer. Old west memorabilia on the walls.
Upstairs in the hotel, a leather couch and lounge... just in case you are looking to open an old west brothel.
JM Horner :blobcatcowboy:
1 month ago

Tonight's #western is Man Of The West [1958]

"Heading east to Fort Worth to hire a schoolteacher for his frontier town home, Link Jones is stranded with singer Billie Ellis and gambler Sam Beasley when their train is held up. For shelter, Jones leads them to his nearby former home, where he was brought up an outlaw. Finding the gang still living in the shack, Jones pretends to be ready to return to a life crime."

Juanita (the lady at the bank in Lasso) pulls a gun on Link and Trout.  She looks worried and asks them to leave.
S. Lott
2 months ago

#WordWeavers #western #horror

10/13. Antagonist POV: What would a perfect day be like for you?

(Previous book in this series.) Aufteilen would be pleased if his mercenaries could capture or kill the “Red Indian” woman who keeps interfering with his workings. A delightful day would be bringing her back in chains and also driving those meddlesome American women away. A perfect day would include the proper demonstrations of respect from Stone and the other mercenaries.

I just finished watching the original "True Grit" and the remake and both are great movies. With the epic line "Fill your hand you son of a bitch" in a 4 on 1 gun fight on horseback. It's not the first time I've watched them but it's the first time I've watched them back to back. I highly recommend both if you like the Western genre.

#films #westernmovies #western #TrueGrit

Tina Donahue Books
2 months ago

Reckoning - The Ty Dawson Mysteries Book 3 - 1970's Neo-Western Thriller - and a Giveaway #Western #NeoWestern #Thriller #1970'sNeoWesternThriller #Giveaway #MFRWAuthors


2 months ago

I've been watching "The Wild, Wild West", which I remembered as being mostly adventure #Western with some #SciFi and a touch of #steampunk. Powerful explosives, robots, torpedoes, earthquake machines. I recalled the episode where Dr Loveless trapped West in a painting, but it turns out there's a lot more stuff irreconcilable to science that I'd forgotten, like a shrinking potion. Still viewed in a scientific light, however.¹

But I'm halfway through the second season, and have encountered two episodes that were more #fantasy. One a #HauntedHouse with some #TimeTravel, the other time travel by psychic power. I wonder how many more episodes are on the F end of #SFF?

The series is on #PlutoTV, BTW. #ClassicTV #VintageTV #ScienceFiction

[1] "Flying carpet" or "antigravity cloth"? The same basic concept can be viewed in different ways, with different tones.

The Video Game Library 📚
2 months ago

Rome did not fall to barbarian hordes, civil war, or treachery. It was vampires.

If a steampunk western with gothic horror elements sounds promising, then you'll want to check out:


Learn more here:

#VideoGames #VideoGame #Gaming #Gamer #Horror #Book #Books #Bookstodon @bookstodon #ArtBook #Art #Artist #Gothic #Western #Steampunk #SydMead

The cover for The Art of Darkwatch. A fanged character with a wide-brimmed hat and black and tattered steampunk western clothes is wielding 2 pistols against a blue moon and graveyard backdrop.
Stu :att:
2 months ago

@ritualdust Looking forward to seeing the video and of course banger job on the #MostWanted sign , looks so #Western


Mina Hanse
2 months ago

Overcoming setbacks, NATO-trained brigade breaches #Surovikin line in #Zaporizhzhia Oblast

Formed from scratch a year ago, the brigade often known by the name “Magura," was prepared with the counteroffensive in mind; its soldiers, trained in #NATO countries and equipped with superior new #Western equipment, were to be the spearhead of the advance here.

#Ukraine #Russia

JM Horner :blobcatcowboy:
2 months ago

Tonight's #western is The Professionals [1966]

"An arrogant Texas millionaire hires four adventurers to rescue his kidnapped wife from a notorious Mexican bandit."

Woody Strode tests out his longbow while Burt Lancaster fiddles with some dynamite among some rocks.
S. Lott
2 months ago

#WordWeavers #western #horror

9/23 What is your favorite drink while writing?

During the day, dark roast coffee, black. I like my drinks bitter and despairing.

After the sun moves past the yardarm, Laphroaig 10 year, neat. It reminds me of the dreams of elder gods, looking at our world with disdain and contempt.

Jill Minor
3 months ago

Four stars for THE MADSTONE by Elizabeth Crook. What is it with me and this love affair with westerns this year?

#BookReview #TheMadstone #ElizabethCrook #western #BookBlog #bookstodon #books @bookstodon

Jill Minor
3 months ago

Who loves a good #audiobook? CHENNEVILLE by Paulette Jiles, read by Grover Gardner, will be released tomorrow. In my top book picks of the year. Gardner is a great narrator. More about the novel on my blog @bookstodon

#western #books #bookstodon #audiobooks

Geek Native
3 months ago

My first reaction to opening the Far West PDF was that it looked pretty good!
#ttrpg #wuxia #western

Charlie Stross
3 months ago

#writingwonders #western #horror

8/23/2023 In your MC's mind, what's the worst thing they've ever done?

(Ghost Engine):

A: Picked the wrong academic institution to pursue his research in.

S: Accepted the watching brief.

V: Fucked the professor *and* her husband instead of keeping a sensible distance.

(They're all wrong about these being their worst actions, but as the consequences include an interstellar war they can be forgiven for thinking that.)

JM Horner :blobcatcowboy:
4 months ago

Tonight's #western is Dallas [1950] -

"After the Civil War, Confederate soldier Blayde Hollister travels to Dallas to avenge the savage murder of his family. Discovering his enemy is now an esteemed citizen, Hollister plots to expose the outlaw and his syndicate."

A wanted poster with Blayde "Reb" Hollister's face on it.
4 months ago

Day 4 at #RPGaDay2023

Most recent game bought?

Most recently, I bought the game Tiny Pirates. It is one of the several #TinyD6 products I own.

While this game specifically is oriented towards playing 17th century pirates, the system is flexible enough that there are versions for playing #Cthulhu games, #western, #Fantasy, and so on.

While I still haven't actually ran a TinyD6 game, I am... cautiously optimistic about this.

Dr BethFishReads
4 months ago

Vampires of El Norte by Isabel Canas -- out this month

A supernatural western set along the border between the USA and Mexico in the 1840s

#fiction #bookstodon #SFF #western #BookMail #booklove #reading @bookstodon

Book cover showing a Latina woman in a red dress with cacti and lightening
Tim Mak
4 months ago

In a sign of just how much of a pariah he has become, #Putin will not be attending an August conference in Johannesburg, #South Africa, due to an International Criminal Court warrant for his arrest.

Separately, Saudi Arabia and #Ukraine are planning a summit with the help of around 30 other #Western countries.

Saudi Arabia is set to host after previously being accused of profiteering off of high oil prices at the outset of the Russian invasion.

@conductor @dwgill @BlackAzizAnansi #CornelWest's co-author #JeremyTate created "The Classic Learning Test... an alternative to other standardized tests such as the SAT and ACT, the test is heavily based in #Western culture and was 'devised to follow the great classical and #Christian tradition'". It's used mostly in Christian schools.

There's more...

Herr Irrtum!
5 months ago

↓↓↓ German version far below the English one ↓↓↓

RADIO IRRTUM!, your only constant needed in the chaos of those times… is back! \o/ Tonight,
2023-07-08 at 8:00PM (UTC+2) at Alex Berlin, at FM 91 MHz/DAB+ Ch.7D, or via stream: .

#Radio Irrtum! is my German language #radioShow exploring the sonic vastnesses of the #underground. Don't be afraid about that German language aspect - it's a show to raise your attention for new unheard #music all over the genre spectrum - and exactly this music is what has priority above all other things; so if you don't speak German at all, you’ll still be sonically pleasured! :)

This time there will be literally a
meeting of sheer lots of different musical styles, all insanely cramped into one wretched hour of air time.

That means in particular:

- melancholic UK
- finest UK
- bloody
#Techno (seriously, and I will dissociate myself by showing yøu what shitshow became of it by practical examples ;) )
#Bass, Halftime, 140 whatever (as always)
#Berlin electro #PostWave
#ContemporaryClassic formed by stylistic devices of #MusiqueConcrete
- lots of
#alternative #Indie
- pure cold
- phenomenal
#emo #punk’y punchy #antifascist #powerviolence from #Dortmund (and it’s #CreativeCommons too!)
- Goth Spaghetti

As always I'll post the playlist after the show here (provided I’m at home, else it will come up the day after). And if you have questions about the music – I'll gladly answer! Just ask!


↑↑↑ English version above, the German one is still below ↓↓↓

Radio Irrtum!, Eure Konstante im Irrsinn des Alltags ist wieder da:
Heute Abend, 20 Uhr über Alex Berlin auf UKW 91MHz/DAB+ Ch.7D (Stream URL oben).

Radio Irrtum! ist meine Radiosendung, in der wir zusammen die Weiten des musikalischen Untergrunds erforschen.
Diesmal wird es sich wie ein
Meeting jeder Menge verschiedener Musikstile anfühlen:
Im Detail:

- UK Pop
- UK Rap
- Techno (kein Mist, und ich werde anhand praktischer Examples beweisen, dass dieses Genre verkommt! ;) )
- Bass, Halftime, 140 (wie gewohnt)
- Post Wave (AUUUUS Berlin!)
- Contemporary Classic geformt mit Mitteln der Musique Concrete
- viel Alternative/Indie
- pures hartes Hardcore
- geiler Emo-Punk bzw. antifaschistische Powerviolence aus Dortmund (Creative Commons!)
- Beatmaker
- Goth Spaghetti Western

Playlist nach der Show (spätestens Sonntag) genau hier. Fragen einfach stellen – ich antworte!
Bis heute Abend :)

The animated Radio Irrtum! logo with a soviet(?) woman holding an old soviet(?) transistor radio in front of a wall with lots of musical genres written on it. This time it includes (think eastereggs in summer) a little meeting scene originally done by WKUK. And that is, because this episode of Radio Irrtum! is called "The meeting".

Here's a Colt Canyon battle I previously posted on the birdsite. The enemies call more and the ambushes can be dangerous-- it really helps to have a team of your own (members for which you can recruit sometimes from the people you save).

I also like that Colt Canyon allows you to mess with difficulty settings for many aspects of the game. Made it more fair when I adjusted it, in my opinion. But for those who like games to be PUNISHING, you can ramp that difficulty up, too.

#roguelikes #roguelites #IndieGames #western #westerns #ColtCanyon #NintendoSwitch

Got back into playing Colt Canyon this weekend and this morning a little. I loved it so much on Switch, I just put it on my Series X because it just went on sale for less than $5 (might still be on sale - seriously, try it, it's a killer roguelike). It's such a good game for quick runs. Now I have to unlock all the characters and weapons. It's a blast.

But over the weekend I couldn't stop thinking about og Diablo. I want to start up a new run of that sometime soon. Gonna try being a rogue (as I realized the other day I've never tried a rogue in any Diablo game), although I'm kinda worried about some tough spots. I beat the game a couple years back for the first time (I played it a bunch as a kid but never beat it) using a warrior, after not being able to get anywhere as a sorcerer. Especially the Butcher fight, that's a brutal early one it's easy to get stuck on if your character isn't strong enough. Best thing about og Diablo though, it's the only Diablo you can save anywhere. That's the best way to beat it, too. Just keep portaling back to town and healing/restocking.I had all my inventory just lying on the ground in town, since there's no stash. 🤣

#ColtCanyon #roguelike #roguelikes #Diablo #arpg #arpgs #games #gaming #western #westerns #SwordAndSorcery

Just a friendly reminder that I write books!

Get the complete THE DEVIL'S REVOLVER series wherever you buy books and ebooks. First two are available on Audible, with the others coming next year!

#books #bookstodon #fantasy #Western #horror #WeirdWest #weirdwestern

Noel J. Penaflor
7 months ago

John Wayne takes a break during the filming of ‘The Undefeated’. (1969). Wayne’s biographer Michael Munn chronicled Wayne’s drinking habits. According to Sam O’Steen’s memoir, Cut to the Chase, studio directors knew to shoot Wayne’s scenes before noon, because by afternoon he “was a mean drunk.”

#history #histodons #histodon #historian #pic #picture #pictures #pics #photo #60s #photography #Photomonday #photograph #foto #fotografie #fotograf #Movies #movie #film #films #cinema #cinemastodon #Moviestill #western

John Wayne takes a break during the filming of ‘The Undefeated’. (1969). Wayne’s biographer Michael Munn chronicled Wayne’s drinking habits. According to Sam O’Steen’s memoir, Cut to the Chase, studio directors knew to shoot Wayne’s scenes before noon, because by afternoon he “was a mean drunk.”
Kriszta Satori
7 months ago

'Nationalisation in full swing: #Putin goes after #Western companies remaining in #Russia

For the first time since the start of the war, Russia has begun to openly #nationalise Western companies — their owners will lose everything', according to Novaya Gazeta Europe

“One of the most popular conceptual models in #Western #education was built on the wisdom and sophistication of a First Nations society, which was then made completely invisible in the literature. “

#Maslow #MindBlowing #History #Indigenous

@davidanaxagoras practically Lewis L'Amour's entire bibliography :blobcatlaugh:

#writing #fiction #western #1800s #pacificnorthwest

David Anaxagoras
9 months ago

Wanted: resources, links, book recs, for #writing #fiction set in the Old West ( #western ), say mid to late #1800s, perhaps #PacificNorthwest US.

Dezene Huber 🌻
10 months ago

#Athabasca #University is a vital part of the #postsecondary #ecosystem in #western #Canada and beyond. Its #online courses often help #students complete #degrees at other institutions in a timely fashion, and provide #educational access to less-traditional students who may not be able to attend a brick-and-mortar institution.

This ongoing chaos is a disaster.

"Athabasca University board fires president who fought #Alberta government on staff relocations"

Estelle Platini
10 months ago

Kamil #Galeev discusses #reputation building to a foreign audience:
#Moscow liberals and nationalists support Alexei #Navalny because they see his succession as a "return to normality": #media #Russia #minorities #Western #journalism #imperialism

ArtBear on Mastodon
10 months ago

"Life ain't hard but it's too long,
To live it like some country song."

Real 'Texas rock' energy debut, with a tip of the hat to Steve Earle.

Miranda Lambert - Kerosene

#music #MirandaLambert #Country #Western #Pop #BearTracks #USA #00s

@steveirons I can't work out why political parties, almost invariably in a #western "democracy" led by old #white men can't understand why #women won't run for high office. Perhaps it will be better when the #Murdochs are all dead.

The Union Pacific No. 119, a 4-4-0 steam locomotive, was built by Rogers Locomotive and Machine Works of Paterson, New Jersey in 1868. The No. 119 pictured here--on a rainy and gloriously steamy fall day at the Golden Spike National Historical Park at Promontory Summit, Utah--is an exact replica built circa 1978.

#Trains #SteamTrain #Utah #History #Western #Photography #LinuxPhotography #Darktable

A beautifully decorated 19th century steam locomotive with steam pouring out of the whistle and brass drive cylinder, the brass bell is clanging, and dark smoke shooting out of the smoke stack indicating to anyone nearby that it is about to begin moving.