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A baby beaver has been seen in London for the first time in 400 years, 18 months after Enfield Council began an initiative to reintroduce the species to the capital as part of a wider rewilding and natural flood-management project.
#Beavers #Wetlands #London #Enfield #Rewilding #FloodManagement #Wildlife #Biodiversity

Richard Ważny
16 hours ago

The Arafura Swamp is one of the largest wooded swamps in Australia and covers approximately 1,300
square kilometres. This incredibly diverse wetland can support up to 300,000 waterbirds at any one time,
including Magpie Geese, Egrets, Black-necked Stork and Brolgas. The swamp is of great cultural significance to the Yolngu People and was also the location for the 2006 film ‘Ten Canoes’. Photo taken several weeks ago is a typical scenario with a wild buffalo & collections of egrets & magpie geese sprinkled around with wetland grasses in the foreground.🤔 😎 😜
#nature #wetlands #arnhem #VoteYESAustralia #photography #birds

Blue sky with a dense forest of trees in the background flocks of egrets (white water birds) & magpie geese scattered in left middle & a buffalo side on on the right with long graase & water in the foreground
Richard Ważny
19 hours ago

Sunrise in the Arafura Swamp wetlands of Arnhem land in far north Australia with a striking silhouette of two trees and sets of bird flocks. Taken several weeks ago.🤔 😎 😜
#travel #photography #sun #wetlands #Arnhem

Sunrise with orange colored ball with a couple of trees in silhouette
1 day ago

Late summer and fall is berry time! Jack-in-the-pulpit (Arisaema triphyllum) has not only very interesting spring flowers - its red berries are adding color in the floodplain forest, too. No wonder it is called "Feuerkolben" (fire bulb) in German.

#FloweringFriday #Florespondence #Wetlands #Biodiversity #Bloomscrolling

A solitary Jack-in-the-pulpit flower shaped like a long rod emerging from a green striped tube ("pulpit") that elongates on one side into a kind of roof for the tube opening. The flower is green with darker green and brown stripes. The flower is hugged by an unfolding three-part leaf. The ground around the plant is covered in wood chips left over last year's brush clearing efforts.
Closeup of two unfurling green and brown Jack-in-the-pulpit plants, young flowers and leaves.
Closeup of a cluster of bright red (and a few dark green) berries emerging from the plant of a stem against a dark background
3 days ago

I’ve been hanging out in the marsh the last few weeks trying to see the sora who have come to eat the wild rice. They are easy to hear but hard for me to see through the thick vegetation. I think this photo will be the best I get this year. Happy Wednesday everyone!

#Sora #BirdsOfMastodon #BirdPhotography #WildlifePhotography #Wetlands

Photo of an immature sora peeking through a bunch of wild rice.  This a a brown/tan chunky bird with a thick yellow bill.
4 days ago

Cold Day at Little Washoe Lake

January 24th, 2021

📷 iPhone XS



ISO 25

Download full rez original at flickr.

#ccAttribution #ccby #digital #LandscapePhotography #NorNev #PhonePhotography #Washoe #wetlands

Tall photo of shore of a shallow desert lake, with snow-capped mountains and a cloudy sky in the background
4 days ago

I saw this on the outskirts of #mumbai #india, today. Someone on #inaturalist suggested these were #yellowcrazyants . This is very disturbing, as these #ants are one of the worst #invasivespecies in the world. To make matters worse, the place where I saw them is a diverse and vibrant #wetland. Birds from all over the world migrate here.

Could someone help confirm if Yellow Crazy Ants native to India?

#insects #invasive #entomology #myrmecology #naigaon #wetlands

Ants devouring a caterpillar
Mary C Legg
1 week ago

Female White-legged Damselfly, Platycnemis pennipes Canon 400D EF 100 2.8 f/8 1/250 iso: 400 Srbsko, Czech Republic 6/26/2009 #Odonata #dragonflies #damselflies #jewelwings #Insects #invertebrates #macro #Wetlands

1 week ago

Wetlands inspectors risking their lives to check the miserable condition of infrastructure on this pond.

#IdąPsięta #wetlands #wetland #Polesia

General view of a huge fish pond on the edge of a forest
Two dogs walking on an access plank to a partially submerged water outlet near the bank of a pond.
1 week ago

Despite attempts to eradicate them, #beavers are still at work here, helping our #wetlands to stay wet.


1 week ago

Army Corps Of Engineers Struggle To Stop #SaltWater Creeping Up #Drought Weakened #MississippiRiver Basin From The #GulfOfMexico. Plaquemines Parish Already Can Only Use #BottledWater, But #NewOrleans #Louisiana And Many More Communities, Plus #Agriculture, #Wetlands, #wildlife And Industry Threatened Day By Day As Situation Worsens

#GiftLink via #WashingtonPost #SubscriberBenefits #ClimateCrisis #InfrastructureFail

An underwater sill barrier is being constructed to block upriver flpw of saltwater in the Mississippi River that is threatening area water supplies. HOW THE SILL WORKS o Because saltwater is heavier than fresh water, the Sill location placed at the bottom of the river to stop the saltwater from traveling farther upriver. [ Saltwater flow Source: Army Corps of Engineers THE TIMES-PICAYUNE
Salt WaTer Flowing Up River Threatening Drinking Water And Livelihoods Along Lower Mississippi Basin .Lake Pontchartrain and New Orleans threatened by the flow of salt water creeping up the Mississippi River from Gulf of Mexico . So-called underwater left built to try to stop a salt water wedge  flow
1 week ago

A Spotted Redshank amongst Common Redshank at Bowling Green Marsh, #Exeter #Devon this morning. Quite proud of this one as it should help for peeps to ID the former against the latter. Enjoy!

#SpottedRedshank #CommonRedshank #BirdsOfMastodon #Birds #nature #wildlife #tringa #birding #wetlands #thursday

1 week ago

A visit to Bowling Green Marsh over the high tide this morning- it rained, it sunned but the birds were there in force. Ruff, Turnstone, Bar and Black-tailed Godwit, Greenshank, Common Redshank Spotted Redshank, Curlew and Whimbrel and a single Avocet. Also, Shoveler, Pintail, Mallard, Gadwall and Teal.

#Birds #BirdsOfMastodon #nature #wildlife #Devon #BowlingGreenMarsh #wetlands

📷 #Pintail in the rain
📷 #Avocet amongst the Curlew
📷 Spotted Redshank amongst Common Redshank
📷 Ruff

Cascade Pine
1 week ago

I’m still learning shorebirds. The yellowlegs really caught my eye at the wetlands the other day, with their funny way of bobbing their heads.

#birds #birdwatching #birdPhotography #wetlands #nature #naturePhotography #yellowlegs

A medium-sized bird is wading through the mud and water at the wetlands. The bird has a very long, thin, slightly upturned beak. Its legs are very long and gangly, and it’s lifting one of its feet as it takes a step.
Mary C Legg
2 weeks ago

Four-spotted Chaser, Libellula quadrimaculata Canon 400D EF EF 75-300 f/7.1 1/320 iso: 200 Prague, Czech Republic 6/8/2008 #librelluidae #dragonflies #Odonata #Insects #Invertebrates #macro #Wetlands

2 weeks ago

September is my favorite time in the marsh, partly because I get to watch red-winged blackbirds (and sometimes the elusive sora) eat the wild rice.

#RedWingedBlackbird #Wetlands #BirdsOfMastodon #BirdPhotography #FotoMontag

Photo of a female (I believe) red-winged blackbird perched on a wild rice stem.  She has a small grain of wild rice in her beak, and rice is seen in foreground and background.
Mary C Legg
2 weeks ago

Downy Emerald, Cordulia aenea drying wings Canon 400D EFS 60 2.8 f/4 1/125 iso: 800 Prague, Czech Republic 4/23/2009 #Dragonflies #odonata #Insects #invertebrates #Macro #Wetlands

Mitchell Whitelaw
2 weeks ago

New paper! "The Sound of Water: sensing a wetland intervention through interactive environmental audio" just out in cultural geographies: reflecting on making an audiovisual environmental data-story.

A joy to work with collaborators Skye Wassens and Adrian Mackenzie on this. This article will be part of a "Digital Ecologies" special issue coming soon 👀

#ecoacoustics #dataviz #scrollytelling #morethanhuman #wetlands

A web interface showing audio spectrograms and a large inland banjo frog.
2 weeks ago

Masza, #wetlands explorer.


A dog standing on a wetland meadow, looking into distance, near a patch of young ferns.
Mary C Legg
2 weeks ago

Common Darter, Sympetrum striolatum Canon 400D EF 100 2.8 f/5 1/320 iso: 400 Srbsko, Czech Republic 9/28/2008#odonata #Sympetrum #Dragonflies #Darters #skimmers #insects #invertebrates #wetlands #macro #wetlands

2 weeks ago

Late wetland summer - Nodding Beggarticks (Bidens cernua) like stream banks, wet, silty ground and don't mind the occasional flooding.They have been blooming in small numbers all summer, but now they seem to be suddenly everywhere.

#FloweringFriday #Florespondence #Wetlands #Biodiversity

View at several golden-yellow flowers reminiscent of marigolds. A few white splashes of smartweed and the lacy panicles of witch grass give it the feel of some kind of flower arrangement.
A dense cluster of yellow flowers with pointed dark green leaves. Many of the flowers are nodding a little.
A lush green meadow covered with yellow flowers. They are not as tall as they might be since  it had been mowed a month or so back.

I don’t know if the great blue herons I usually see fishing on the west and east sides of the wetland shore are always the same individuals, but I have fallen into the habit of calling them West and East Herons. And West Heron consistently has an astonishing success rate for fishing strikes! Even so, e didn’t quite know what to do when e caught two at one blow yesterday :)

Content Note: smol fishes in distress

#birding #birdPhotography #Oregon #wetlands

A great blue heron, seen head on so it looks goofy rather than majestic. Its small head has a white stripe between dark blue eye-stripes, and its throat is messily streaked with navy blue on white, fringed with long grey feathers that are wet and wispy from the hunt. The heron has two staring-eyed fish of the same apparent species in eir beak. They’re small but not tiny, and the one held or pierced at the tip of the heron’s beak is squirming. The heron’s protuberant gold eyes look as if e is gazing cross-eyed at eir catch, and it’s hard not to feel e is a bit perplexed by what to do with the squarely caught fish and the squirming one.
The great blue heron has committed to trying to toss both fish back! Now not only head-on but mouth agape, e looks like a ravenous muppet of some kind. The rearmost fish is headed squarely for the gullet, but the other is in not between the jaws— might be tenuously transfixed on the end, and very well might slip off! Oh no! Eir snacks!
E saves! The heron’s long dusty blue beak is almost at the water line, having plucked the second fish from loss and ruin (water is running off the fish, so it had touched the lake again!) This time e has the fish securely pinched in eir wicked beak, and e won’t lose the snack again. Dinosaurs: 2. Bony fish: 0.
Mary C Legg
3 weeks ago

Black Darter, Sympetrum danae Canon 400D EF 100 2.8 f/5.6 1/200 iso: 400 Srbsko, Czech Republic #Sympetrum #Dragonflies #odonata #Insects #invertebrates #Macro #Wetlands #canon

Mary C Legg
3 weeks ago

Willow Emerald, Chalcolestes viridis Canon 400D EF 100 2.8 f/5.6 1/40 iso: 100 Prague, Czech Republic 9/8/2008 #Damselflies #Odonata #emeralds #spreadwings #Insects #invertebrates #wetlands

3 weeks ago

I found this common ribbon snake in the marsh last week. I read their presence may be an indicator of healthy wetlands, so I was pleased to find it! Happy hunting little one.

#FotoMontag #Snakes #CommonRibbonSnake #Wetlands #Nature

Photo of a common ribbon snake slithering down a bended plant stalk.   Snake is slender and long, dark brown with cream stripes.   Other marsh plants are seen including the native dotted knotweed.
Ulf Mehlig
3 weeks ago

The Amazon region is best known for its tropical rainforests. However, there are other ecosystems … Here in Bragança and the neighbouring districts there are seasonal coastal wetlands between the mainland and the mangrove-covered intertidal zone. They are inundated by freshwater during the rainy season. A common aquatic plant in channels and lakes is Cabomba aquatica, a distant relative of the water lilies.
#Amazonas #wetlands #Cabombaceae #Nymphaeales #botany #aquaticPlants #BragancaPA

A channel flowing through wetlands with herbaceous vegetation and some trees in the distant background. Yellow flowers of Cabomba aquatica cover the water surface in the more distant parts of the channel
The yellow flower of Cabomba aquatica; the flowers are associated with the floating leaves and open above the surface of the water
Shoots of Cabomba aquatica in a channel; the finely divided submerse leaves are green with a reddish tint, the floating leaves are red and the tiny flowers yellow
3 weeks ago

If you have any questions about living in the #wetlands of #Polesia, ask now.

3 weeks ago


Botany Field Trip, Saturday, 9/16, Brooklyn, NYC

Marine Park is the largest park in Brooklyn, and contains 530 acres of grassland and salt marsh. Come join the Torrey Botanical Society to explore this important urban ecosystem, and the plants that call it home!

Trip Leader: Priyantha Wijesinghe


#Botany #Botanists #Brooklyn #NYC #Events #FieldTrips #Wetlands #Grasslands

cc: @darwin

Paria sans portefeuille
3 weeks ago

"In #LostLands — Second-Place Winner of the Yale #Environment 360 #Film Contest — #Cambodia-based filmmaker #AndyBall focuses on two families who describe how unchecked mining of river #sand for #UrbanDevelopment has devastated their #fisheries and food-producing #wetlands."

#SandMining #MekongRiver #documentary

3 weeks ago

The New-England Aster (Symphyotrichum novae-angliae) is the most iconic of the American Asters and a garden favorite around the world. There are over 100 species and hybrids in this genus though, typically with many small white, blue, or purple flowers. In our little wetland, they are just now starting to take over the late season bloom from the sunflowers, bonesets, and goldenrods.
#Florespendence #FloweringFriday #NativePlants #Wetlands

Closeup of a flower with many thin amethyst colored rays and a dark golden center. A black and yellowish-white leafcutter (?) bee is foraging on it for pollen and nectar. On the bottom and left part of the stem, leaves and more blossoms can be seen, the rest of the background is a blurred dark green.
A dense cluster of purple and gold flowers resembling daisies. Viewed from the top, the rest of the plant is not visible. The flowers are surrounded by the leaves of Japanese Hops.
A slightly more distant view on the same cluster of asters. It suggests that the flowers are just peeking out between otherwise tall, dense vegetation covered by the sprawling vines of Japanese Hops.
View at the very top of a spike of small white ray flowers with yellow centers. Only the top flowers are open, there are many more buds below. The background is dark green.

This is one of the several white species found around here.

Still processing Monday’s #birding photos, and I am pretty charmed by this immature kingfisher with one of his feathers stuck on his snoot after preening. 💙

#wetlands #Oregon #BirdPhotography

A young male belted kingfisher perched on a dead branch above an unseen swampy lake. His deep blue head feathers are swept back and his wings are only partly folded so the white check at their ends is slightly visible at their long points. The clues that he's a youngster are bronze feathers lingering under his arms and mixed with the blue of his chest band. Maybe he is molting some of these babyish feathers, and that's why he needs to preen! Either way, his beautiful 'hunting kingfisher' profile with dark shortsword bill, large bright black eye, and white false-eye spot in front of it is rendered slightly ridiculous by a curling wisp of a white feather at the very point of the wicked beak!
3 weeks ago

I got a chance to look for birds yesterday but saw very few (too hot maybe?). So instead I spent my time watching crabs duel, a praying mantis eating lunch and this swamp cicada climbing the wild rice.

#WildRice #Cicada #NativePlants #Wetlands #Insects #Nature

Photo of a swamp cicada climbing up wild rice.  The rice stem is green and thin branches spiral out close to cicada’s front legs.

Party at the sewage pond/wildlife refuge today! Lots of young red-winged blackbirds whooping it up (well, more like beeping), along with ducks, herons, and some cormorants who never heard they were supposed to be ugly and were instead dramatically beautiful :)

#birding #oregon #wetlands

A young red-winged blackbird perching on a vertical shrub branch. Its belly is strikingly streaked, espresso brown and cream, and its sleek little head has several pretty eye-stripes. It looks sharp and curious and READY.
A double-crested cormorant posing in the beautiful setting of its own concentric ripples, lifting a long hook-ended bill to the sun with a few thrown-off beads of spray. Its wet feathers are plain brown, and its eye and bottom bill are plain yellow, but the shape of it is elegant and relaxed.
Visions of Napa
3 weeks ago

#MeerMittwock #SeaWednesday

Napa River and Bay Trail

The waters, #wetlands and uplands you see along the Napa River Bay Trail are part of an interconnected watershed system that drains into the San Francisco Bay. Except for the section north of Imola Avenue in the City of Napa, the route is also part of the ambitious 500 mile-long region-wide San Francisco Bay Trail, now a little more than half completed.

#Napa #NapaCounty #SFBay #California #hiking #walking #biking #birding #BirdWatching

Wetlands are bewitching ecological wonderlands! Basically every time I go #birding in the wetlands I come home wanting to belt the song “The Swamps of Home”!

“In my soul is the beauty of the bog; in my memory, the magic of the mud.
I know that blood is thicker than water, but the swamps of home are thicker than blood!”

#wetlands #Oregon

(Link is to audio of Carol Burnett singing this song in the original Broadway production of “Once Upon a Mattress”:)

I am happily flummoxed I got decent photos of these dear river otters that approached me curiously today! I was so awed and flustered I spent the 30 seconds of their closest approach staring, hoping they weren’t trying to warn me off, and absolutely forgetting to use the iPhone I’d fished out of my pocket (as they were by then too close for my zoom lens!)

I wasn’t even 100% sure whether there were 3 heads or 4 in that shifting Celtic knot of otters!

#RiverOtter #wetlands #NaturePhotography

The head of a North American river otter peeking out of green water, accompanied by the turbulent wake of its own serpentine swimming. It has a broad wet forehead and small flappy ears, small dark eyes that look almost curious, a big leathery nose, and copious white whiskers dripping swamp water.
FOUR otter heads sticking out of the rippling water of the lake! The nearest is only nose-up and eyeing the camera dubiously; behind it on the same course, another otter is whiskers-up but half-buried in its own bow wave, looking with a more curious expression at the human. To its left, another otter has nostrils flared, just surfacing. The rearmost otter is the only one not facing at all toward the photographer, instead displaying its sleek seal-like profile as it looks back to the shore they just bounced off.

There are FOUR otters!
Michael Cervieri
4 weeks ago

after supreme court ruling last spring, many US wetlands lose protection.

"This rule spells out how the [Supreme Court] decision has undermined our ability to prevent the destruction of our nation's wetlands, which protect drinking water, absorb floods and provide habitat for wildlife."

#environment #nature #wetlands #law

Dr Rebecca Rooney
4 weeks ago

#wetland #ecologist, why post so much about the #housing minister and the #housingcrisis ?

#urban development is a major driver of #wetlandloss in #ontario and the Provincial Policy Statement (under the Planning Act) is the source of protection for Provincially Significant #wetlands. The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing is the lead Ministry for the PPS as well as policy instruments like the #greenbelt Plan.

Housing matters to wetlands.

#onpoli #conservation #environment

1 month ago

@breadandcircuses Now I feel conflicted; wouldn't #MiyawakiForests be pretty much the same type of #wetlands they describe in this article?

Which leads me to my next question, which is: if the Miyawaki forests *are* essentially the same as these wetlands, is there then no positive aspects of the forest to outweigh the potentially armageddon-provoking negatives?

CelloMom On Cars
1 month ago

EPA slashes federally protected #waters by more than half after #SCOTUS ruling

" It could impact up to 63% of #US #wetlands by acreage and around 1.2 million to 4.9 million miles of #EphemeralStreams. An ephemeral stream is one that typically only has water flowing through it during and immediately after rain events. "

There goes protection against storm surge, pollution filtration, water sources in arid places, just as the effects of #ClimateChange hit harder.

1 month ago

@breadandcircuses be sure to pave any #wetlands that you find as well!

Vittoria Pirone 🇪🇺
1 month ago

One year ago we flooded a forest - the results are insane

#Rewilding #Wetlands #Mosstodon

Eric Lawton
1 month ago

We studied more than 1,500 coastal ecosystems - they will drown if we let the world warm above 2℃

> Rising seas are pushing coastal ecosystems to the limit of endurance. Now international research reveals a “tipping point” will be reached if we allow more than 2 degrees of global warming.

#climate #wetlands #coast

1 month ago

The EPA removes federal protections for most US’ wetlands

The amended EPA rule is to comply with a Supreme Court ruling this year that narrowed the scope of the Clean Water Act and the agency's power to regulate waterways and wetlands.

#government #usa #collusion #developers #wetlands #ecological #destruction #crucialecology #planetkillers #profit

Priscilla Stuckey
1 month ago

New at Nature :: Spirit:

"In old Hawaiʻi, turning water permanently out of its streambed was against the law. It wasn’t just illegal, it was unthinkable. Because to the Hawaiians, ola i ka wai: water is life. Water is for everyone, and for everyone equally."

Where Water Wants to Go: thoughts on Lahaina, colonialism, and mālama ʻāina, or caring for land

#water #colonialism #irrigation #wetlands #fire #plantations #Indigenous #swamp #Mesopotamia #GreatBlackSwamp

1 month ago

In Poland Canadian goldenrod is an invasive species, quashing local plants, and it covers more and more wetland meadows in my area. But it's beautiful.

#bloomscrolling #doomscrolling #wetlands #Polesia

A wetland meadow at dusk, partly covered by Canadian goldenrod, fog is rising over the meadow.
East Anglia Bylines
1 month ago

Last autumn, Anglian Water aired an advertising campaign claiming their commitment to preserving clean waterways through the creation of #WildlifeFriendly #wetlands. But...

Petra van Cronenburg
1 month ago

@chillicampari @plants As #sphagnum is the essential part of #wetlands and #bogs which are so important for biodiversity, it may need their pH level, too. But there's some confusion about the name: So the pH of the water will be essential.

1 month ago

As summer advances, the tall flower spikes of the Blue Vervain (Verbena hastata) are nearing the end of their bloom. The individual blossoms may be small, only a few millimeters wide, but their multitude feeds countless species of bees, bumblebees, wasps, flies, and soldier beetles with pollen and nectar; birds like Sparrows and Cardinals may later snack on the seeds.

#Florespondence #NativePlants #Wetlands #BloomScrolling

A dense cluster of thin tall flower spikes. At their very tops are a few buds, below a ring of tiny bluish-purple flowers, below columns of spent flowers and growing seeds.
Closeup of the top of one of the flower spikes and the ring of small five-petaled flower that - at least individually - vaguely resemble light purple forget-me-nots.

I would have been very happy with photos of just one belted kingfisher, but I believe this is FOUR: perhaps the whole family that lives in this area. I have seen three of them before, taking it easy together. However, they were not taking it easy today! Hovering, diving, fishing, and (the one pair) engaging in aerobatic LARKS!

#birding #kingfisher #wetlands

A belted kingfisher perched on a timber post. His eye is bright, his bill is keen, and his dark blue head plumage has a windswept nonchalance. His white collar and shirtfront are impeccable, as is his slate blue tailcoat; but his tie (breast band) is a muddy brown, as if the rusty bronze of a juvenile is mixed with the blue stripe of an adult male kingfisher. Thus it is my guess that he is a teen heartthrob, not a fully grown one!
An adult female kingfisher hovers in midair against an overcast sky, seeming to float upright in mid-backwing. She looks intently at something below.
The adult female from photo #2 dives laterally, her beak slightly open, the light pricking out constellations on the dark feathers of her tightly controlled tail and wings.
Two kingfishers in mid-frolic: the upper juvenile (heavily berusted in the sweater vest regions) is flying easily toward the left of the photo, while beneath em another youthful male is cupping the air with his wideflung wings as he banks hard in pursuit, his white belly and the pale patterns on his flight feathers thrown open to our gaze.
Robbie Rowe
2 months ago

As summer begins to shade into autumn, the warblers have fallen silent and the marsh is a much quieter place. The wind whispers in the reeds, circling buzzards mew, house martins chirrup as they hawk. The plant life is still riotous, with hemp agrimony and purple loosestrife adding colour. Berries ripen, seeds mature, thistledown drifts

#Wetlands #FishlakeMeadows #August #ClimateDiary #Birds #BloomScrolling #NatureNotes

An earth path leads into the distance, fringed with luxuriant growth. In the middle distance on the left is a skeletal tree. In the far distance are mature deciduous trees beneath a bright but cloudy sky
Spikes of purple loosestrife grow out of lush vegetation by a stream. Behind are water meadows dotted with scrub
Reed beds with the chocolate brown heads of bullrushes, framed by clusters of white umbellifer flowers in the foreground and clumps of trees in the distance
Tufts of fluffy pale pink hemp agrimony flowers grow head-high beneath a dead tree
2 months ago

False Dragonhead (Physostegia virginiana) blooming among the tall grass.

#FloweringFriday #Florespondence #Wetlands #NativePlants

A cluster of blooms in dense tall grass. Spikes or densely arranged purple-pink  flowers forming tight rows along the stem. The flowers  vaguely resembles snapdragons and beardtongues - although this plant is related to neither but is a member of the mint family.

#Scandal in #Ontario. Surprising literally no one, @OntarioAuditor concludes that a high level #Ford staffer gave preferential treatment to certain developers in the #Greenbelt land grab. What IS shocking is that just 2 developers stand to gain $8.3 billion and own 92% of the land involved. These 2 pirates are robbing Ontarians of 1000 acres of #wetlands and #woodlands. #duffinsrougeagpreserve #onpoli

The first time I saw a black phoebe, I had to show the distant, fuzzy, glare-distorted photo to birdodon to ask for help identifying it.

So I was SO excited yesterday when my second black phoebe came much closer! I got to watch the winsome little hunter perch and pose and hawk after insects!

#birding #BirdPhotography #wetlands

A perched delicate bird with tail, back and slightly crested head all feathered quite black. Only the edges of the folded wingfeathers are limned lighter so one can pick out the shape of each. The tummy feathers are white and quite fluffy looking. Its sharp shining bug-catching beak is turned a bit toward the camera, though the sparkle in its black eye is hard to catch.
The black phoebe in midflight! An action shot with the small bird darting from the left toward a hovering, unsuspecting honeybee on the right. The bird’s wings are unfurled and flirted up at the ends, feathers spread and curled for exact control. The fan of tailfeathers is still fairly tight, but ready to deploy at any moment!
2 months ago

Vuko discovering a tropical jungle in the #wetland forests of #EasternPoland.

#IdąPsięta #DogsOfMastodon #Wetlands

A dog standing in the shadow of trees and bushes, looking at a shallow duckweed-covered pool in a forest.
2 months ago

Something for #Mosstodon today although it's not a moss at all but just as cool! Like mosses, liverworts don't have a vascular system and spend most of their lifecycle as gametophytes with a single set of chromosomes. If we humans did that, our eggs and sperm would grow into independent organisms who then would do the mating and growing babies instead of us.

#Moss #Liverworts #Wetlands

Closeup of an emerald-green liverwort thallus of sprawling flat lobes of tissue. Its surface resembles the scales of some reptiles.
Liverwort sprawling on a moist wall at a drainage ditch.
Rewilding Magazine
2 months ago

#NASA Applied Sciences’ Ecological Conservation program area funds the beaver #rewilding project.

Associate program manager Cindy Schmidt recently joined the team in Idaho to build beaver dam analogs—temporary, human-created structures which help beavers get established in an area.

After seeing how the beavers benefited the land, “I became a beaver believer,” Schmidt said.

#beavers #conservation #wildlife #wetlands

2 months ago

Nawrantapu NP has a walk to a bird hide. We went there today and saw Hoary Headed Grebes and Musk Ducks which I'd never seen before. The scenery at the hide wetlands was stunning today...

#tasmania #lutruwita #australia
#wetlands #reflections #silentsunday

Blue reflection on a lake. White clouds are clearly seen on the lake. Greenery frames the left side of the lake, while hills stretch into the distance of the centre and right side. The lake has some flora dotted around on it
Ricardo Harvin
2 months ago

$1,200,000,000 for #property that will be reclaimed by the #wetlands in the next decade or two?

Why is anyone buying any property anywhere in #SouthFlorida?

#Miami #RealEstate

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2 months ago

With less than a year to go, the Murray-Darling Basin Plan is in a dreadful mess. These 5 steps are needed to fix it
"The Murray-Darling Basin covers about a seventh of the Australian land mass: most of New South Wales, parts of Queensland, South Australia and Victoria, and all of the Australian Capital Territory. It includes the Murray River and Darling River/Baarka and their tributaries...."
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Petra van Cronenburg
2 months ago

#BiodiversityShrines The #butterfly Colias Palaeno was native in #Alsace in Eastern #France. It is now extinct even in the nature parks of the #Vosges. Since 1980 it vanished in 4 French Departments, which was 33% of its habitat. Its #extinction is humanmade by destroying #wetlands. The butterfly was particularly vulnerable because it depends on a single #bog plant: Vaccinium uliginosum. Micro habitats shall protect them. #Lepidoptera #biodiversityLoss #FibreArts @fibrearts #NatureArt #Activism

A rectangular shrine made of a cheese box. The 3D photorealistic butterfly (greenish-yellow with dark edges) is in the middle. Its body is made of silk. The wings on the right side are hidden under a handmade web of raw silk with green and yellow threads. The butterfly flies over a small green white blossom made of the tiniest glass rocailles in French beading. Precious golden green braids are fixed on the cream-white and glossy fabric background. Hot pink saree silk stripes cover the outside of the box. The glue is still drying, the project not finished yet.
Detail: The greenish-white flower reminds the blossom parts of Queen Anne's Lace.
A macro shows the braid behind the perlage flower. It's a vintage braid. Green twisted threads are interwoven with golden ornaments.
Detail: The butterfly.
Alexander Hay
3 months ago
3 months ago

This longboi goes by the nickname Wanderer for off world-ers. He's instrumental in helping Heldel on his mission.

Learn more about the Ardeidane people and Heldel here -

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heron-like alien humanoid that's walking through a swamp

I had a feeling I was being watched ...

I'm really pleased how this turned out. Taken live, in the field, on the banks of the Hudson River in the Adirondacks.

This is a teneral adult dragonhunter, meaning it was emerging from its last molt and could not fly yet, which is why it was such a cooperative subject.

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Ewen Bell
3 months ago

Light. It's all about the light. Cameras don't see birds or ripples or trees or leaves. They see light. Always the light.

#Lumix #Photography #Wetlands #ArnhemLand #Australia #AlwaysTheLight

The first frame is the early morning light reaching through the paperbark forest. A few hours later, on our way back to the lodge, someone on the boat asked if we could take that shot again. But the moment was now gone. The light was now gone.

The bottom shot was a little earlier in the morning, just as the light reached over Mount Borradaile. I love a silhouette of birds in flight, but especially with the extra layer of the scenery behind. It gives a sense of depth to the scene.

Finally, the middle shot. This is a simple enough technique, with a slower shutter in the reduced light of post-sunset. We power back to camp in the boat with a hint of colour dabbled across the water.
Ewen Bell
3 months ago

A few moments from Arnhem Land that I'll treasure for a long long time. Flocks of Magpie Geese flying across the billabong. Whiskered Terns catching fish in amongst the lily pads in the shallows. Backlight illuminating the young Rock Figs at the site of the Rainbow Serpent.⁠

I'm very lucky to have had the chance to travel in my lifetime. Through photography, I get to experience it all over again and again.⁠

#Lumix #Photography #Wetlands #ArnhemLand #Australia

A few moments from Arnhem Land that I'll treasure for a long long time. Flocks of Magpie Geese flying across the billabong. Whiskered Terns catching fish in amongst the lily pads in the shallows. Backlight illuminating the young Rock Figs at the site of the Rainbow Serpent.⁠
I'm very lucky to have had the chance to travel in my lifetime. Through photography, I get to experience it all over again and again.⁠

Just a quick note about lenses for this post too. Three vastly different bits of gear for this set. The tern in flight was captured on the Sigma 60-600mm telephoto zoom for L-Mount, and what a marvellous wildlife lens it is. So sharp and the AF performance is amazing in combo with the LUMIX S5II. The second is taken with a Sigma 105mm F2.8 Macro lens for L-Mount, and I really love having a dedicated macro in my kit now. The third is one of my go to lenses, the LUMIX S 18mm F1.8. It's sooooo small and tiny and delivers gorgeous bokeh when shooting wide open, or in this case is ideal for capturing a big scene with a wider than wide perspective.⁠
Ewen Bell
3 months ago

Another montage from my last trip, this time deep inside the stronghold of mosquitos. I'm more scared of them than the crocs to be honest. Anyway, the Sigma 60-600mm is an absolute peach combined with the LUMIX S5II.

I need to write up a feature on that lens, and another comparing my experience with the full-frame S5II compared to my much loved G9 and the super-nimble 100-400mm (equivalent of 800mm).

#Lumix #Photography #Wetlands #ArnhemLand #Australia

Another montage from my last trip, this time deep inside the stronghold of mosquitos. I'm more scared of them than the crocs to be honest. Anyway, the Sigma 60-600mm is an absolute peach combined with the LUMIX S5II.

Top frame is the whistling kite. Middle frame is magpie geese at sunrise. Final frame is a butterfly, captured with the 105mm F2.8, also Sigma.
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2022's features in #CurrentBiology now in the #OpenArchives (11/24): South American #wetlands being on fire was a problem I didn't see coming, but it is a serious one, caused by #deforestation in the #amazon. #science #ecology #environment #anthropocene For some reason, this is the most clicked science related entry on my blog ever (there are three older, culture-related ones above it in the all-time charts. Any clues?

In August 2020, wildfires devastated large parts of the Pantanal. This photo shows a Panthera Brazil team trying to save wooden bridges on the Transpantaneira road. (Photo: Fernando Tortato/Panthera.)
4 months ago

A tree fell on one of our favourite paths. This means there is no car traffic that would partially curb the growth of nettles. We'll have to buy a machete. Or a chainsaw.

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A branch of a fallen tree partially obstructing a dirt road along a  large ditch. The road is almost completely covered with tall plants, some small dogs are walking on the old tire tracks.
Arena Cops 🇺🇦✌
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@annejefferson Leonard Leo's the SCOTUS ice-cream maker & vendor, with currently six ice flavors in his box, wandering about & praising each: "Buy one & have all! Waiting for your bid — highest wins!"

It's simple: Clean SCOTUS from Federalist Society affiliates & have a clean America!

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Aviel Roshwald
4 months ago

If maintaining a well-regulated militia means anyone can own a mass-murder machine, why shouldn’t wetlands-protection legislation mean anyone can kill the planet, Supreme Court rules, with what experts are calling impeccable logic.

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