Aida Akl
10 minutes ago

This raises questions, as does anything coming from #Meta. #privacy

#WhatsApp Announces One-Way Broadcast 'Channels' for Following People and Organizations
2 hours ago

#Whatsapp komprimiert Bilder aggressiv. Was auf Smartphone-Displays noch annehmbar aussehen kann, wird auf größeren Displays zur pixeligen Qual. Jetzt deutet sich in der WhatsApp #Beta Besserung an:,136701.html?utm_source=Mastodon&utm_medium=ManualStatus&utm_campaign=SocialMedia

Danie van der Merwe
2 hours ago

WhatsApp launches Channels feature for broadcast messages, long after Telegram, but plans to monetise it

Seems the broadcast feature will work very similarly to Telegram’s broadcast channels in that an unlimited number of users can subscribe, but communication is broadcast one-way without any replies or comments from subscribers.

This is very useful for espec ...continues


#broadcasting #technology #whatsapp

Tech news from Canada
2 hours ago

Make Use Of: WhatsApp Introduces Channels That Allow You to Follow Important Updates #Tech #MakeUseOf #TechNews #IT via @morganeogerbc #SocialMedia #WhatsApp

Mela News :verified:
3 hours ago

#WhatsApp copia a Telegram anche la gestione dei canali. Questi tra poco saranno integrati all’interno dell’app

Danie van der Merwe
3 hours ago
Seems the broadcast feature will work very similarly to Telegram's broadcast channels in that an unlimited number of users can subscribe, but communication is broadcast one-way without any replies or comments from subscribers.

This is very useful for especially government, disaster management, news services, etc where millions of users can potentially tune-in, unlike with groups. Broadcast channels are also easier to manage as there is no moderation required.

But the differences come in with WhatsApp wanting to monetise these channels, and also limit them so that individuals are not able to use them. On Telegram's side, they have always been free, and even individuals could just create one and get going with them.

So WhatsApp continues to try keeping up with Telegram, but they always seem to be two steps or more behind with so many features. Yet we do know that the best features, the best security (I'm speaking broader than Telegram), most interoperable protocols, have never featured in the mass users' choice of what they use (just think VHS vs Betamax).

If corporates want to ever escape the ongoing squeeze of money out of them, they need to think open networks, interoperability, etc.

See WhatsApp launches Channels feature for broadcast messages

#technology #WhatsApp #broadcasting

With Channels on WhatsApp, Meta is empowering its 2 billion users with more ways to stay connected and scrambling for monetization avenues.

3 hours ago

WhatsApp launches Channels feature for broadcast messages, long after Telegram, but plans to monetise it Seems the broadcast feature will work very similarly to Telegram’s broadcast channels in that an unlimited number of users can subscribe, but communication is broadcast one-way without any replies or comments from subscribers. This is […]

3 hours ago

#WhatsApp's Channels, the new way to follow what matters

5 hours ago

WhatsApp wird nun auch öffentliche Kanäle bekommen, wie Telegram. Die Telefonnummer soll nicht sichtbar sein. Besser wäre natürlich, wenn man ganz von der Telefonnummer weg kommen würde.

Ojalá los 4 canales de #Telegram que sigo migren o dupliquen su contenido en canales de #WhatsApp 🤞🏻

#LliureDirecte #Ahora puedes #participar llamando al 963915721 o por #WhatsApp #Telegram 601274474 LLIURE DIRECTE - RÀDIO KLARA 104.4FM #València

6 hours ago

WhatsApp has announced the availability of Channels in Colombia and Singapore. It will eventually bring them to more countries and allow you to build a business around your channels. #WhatsApp #Channels

#LliureDirecte #Ara podeu #participar telefonant al 963915721 o 601274474, també per #WhatsApp #Telegram LLIURE DIRECTE - RÀDIO KLARA 104.4FM #València

#Meta-owned messaging platform #WhatsApp announced a new feature called ‘Channels’, enabling users to receive updates from people and organisation within the app #press

heise online
8 hours ago

WhatsApp führt Channels ein: Broadcast-Kanäle von Organisationen und Personen

Mit Channels können Organisationen und Personen einseitig kommunizieren. Die Kanäle sind nicht Ende-zu-Ende-verschlüsselt, Inhalte verschwinden nach 30 Tagen.

#Telegram #WhatsApp #news

8 hours ago
Markus Tippner
12 hours ago

#WhatsApp ist mit #Version 23.11.78 endlich!!! auch auf mehreren #Smartphones gleichzeitig nutzbar!!! 🥳🎉

Paul Flo Williams
18 hours ago

Good to see #WhatsApp finally doing the right thing with anti-spam settings:

WhatsApp Groups settings.

Who can add me to groups
* Everyone except Tories
* My contacts
* My contacts except ...
The Hindu :press:
19 hours ago

#WhatsApp offers users the ability to block any number of saved contacts, here is how you can find out if someone has blocked you on the instant messaging platform. #press

22 hours ago

#WhatsApp és una merda.

Quin fàstic.

23 hours ago

Nueva función de #WhatsApp para enviar una foto sin perder calidad de una manera... ¡¡¡MUCHO MÁS SENCILLA E INTUITIVA!!! 🎉🎉🎉

1 day ago

“Contact Posters will also be available for third-party calling apps.” This is good news as most of my calls are through WhatsApp! #whatsapp #IOS17

1 day ago



#MinorityReport 0.1Beta --In #Frankreich in der Umsetzung

Das #französische Innenministerium und Staatsanwaltschaft in Verbindung mit der Polizei versucht in einem Prozess*, die Verwendung von Consumer-Apps zur #Verschlüsselung wie #WhatsApp, #Signal, #VPN, #TOR, #ProtonMail sowie für Massenspeicher zu kriminalsieren.

Sollte sich das bewahrheiten, was in dem untenstehenden Artikel* steht und es tatsächlich...


Actress Samantha Morton as one of  the 3 Precogs in the movie Minority Report, floating in a pool filled with water, hooked up to a computer network
A future policeman on Minority Report in front of a wall-type computer screen,  piecing together the  little bits of information the oracle of the  Precogs gives them to foresee a target that is foreseen to become a murderer.
Ràdio Klara 104.4FM València
1 day ago

#LliureDirecte #Ara pots #participar telefonant al 963915721 o per #WhatsApp #Telegram 601274474 a LLIURE DIRECTE - RÀDIO KLARA 104.4FM #València

Ràdio Klara 104.4FM València
1 day ago

#LliureDirecte #Ara pots #participar telefonant al 963915721 o per #WhatsApp #Telegram 601274474 LLIURE DIRECTE - RÀDIO KLARA 104.4FM #València

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is developing a tool with which users will be able to crop a picture on #WhatsApp itself #press

It's a pleasant how rarely I have to turn to my burner #whatsapp (on a 8 year old phone with a disposable number sitting in a drawer) to talk to people in #Indonesia anymore - nearly everyone is on Signal or Telegram now. Not just professionals in tech or civil society folks, but most of my friends, too, are on those platforms.

#India and #Malaysia, however, is another story.

gianni contarino
2 days ago

Dalle case in cui Felicità è stato accolto arrivano le impressioni di chi lo ha letto.
Grazie di cuore ai lettori per gli apprezzamenti.



#libri #mastolibri #whatsapp

2 days ago

@ksv236 With so many features superior to even #whatsapp business, there should be a lot of people using it, but they still refuse to make the switch. They only appear when whatsapp fails, it's a shame.
Anyway, I'm not very good at inviting and encouraging the use of telegram either, but I'll try making a bot to see what I can achieve.

Ràdio Klara 104.4FM València
2 days ago

#LliureDirecte #Ahora podéis #participar llamando al 963915721 o por #WhatsApp #Telegram 601274474 LLIURE DIRECTE - RÀDIO KLARA 104.4FM #València

Ràdio Klara 104.4FM València
2 days ago

#LliureDirecte #Ara pots #participar telefonant al 963915721 o per #WhatsApp #Telegram 601274474 LLIURE DIRECTE - RÀDIO KLARA 104.4FM #València

Ràdio Klara 104.4FM València
2 days ago

#LliureDirecte #Ara si voleu #participar, podu telefonar al 963915721 o 601274474, també per #WhatsApp #Telegram... a LLIURE DIRECTE - RÀDIO KLARA 104.4FM #València

The #Government is trying to block the #COVIDInquiry from accessing unredacted #WhatsApp messages that could reveal how #RishiSunak ignored scientific advice and launched the “Eat Out to Help Out” scheme in 2020, which caused a surge in infections.

#ItsViral | A #Twitter user recently shared their conversation with a #WhatsApp scammer. Since being shared, the tweet has gone viral #press

#WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging app, which was experiencing an outage is back and functioning properly #press

Sonnie ✔
3 days ago

#Datenschutz massentauglich erklärt ohne Nerd-Anstrich bei #ARTE über #whatsapp. Gut gemacht.

C-onner :tux:
3 days ago

Kennt hier wer eine Gute #transkriptor App für WhatsApp/Signal #sprachnachrichten ?

#whatsapp #signal #kommunikation #boost

#ItsViral | A #Twitter user recently shared their conversation with a #WhatsApp scammer. Since being shared, the tweet has gone viral #press

heise online
3 days ago

Irland: Kleinstadt einigt sich auf Smartphone-Absage für Grundschulkinder

Elterninitiativen in Greystones sind sich einig, dass Kinder unter 11 Jahren keine Smartphones bekommen. Das ist freiwillig und richtet sich gegen Gruppenzwang.

#Instagram #Smartphone #Snapchat #SocialMedia #TikTok #WhatsApp #news

adingbatponder :mastodon:
3 days ago

#whatsapp seems to have a bug. If you select an image from your device and share it with more than one person it gets sent but then when you open whatsapp the image is shown with the comments field ready for data entry. Then you think that the image has not been sent and press on send. Then everyone gets it twice. Is it just me?

The Times Of India :press:
4 days ago

#WhatsApp now lets users edit sent messages: How to use, biggest change, time limit and more

WhatsApp has finally announced one of the most anticipated features — Edit message.

via @gadgetsnow #press
4 days ago
4 days ago

It may be VERY relevant if #Johnson's #whatsapp messages contained a finance-based conversation with someone like Andrew Bailey as to how #Sunak's #CovidLoanScheme had every potential for fraudulent practice - as indeed it was later proved.

4 days ago

It may be VERY relevant if #Johnson's #whatsapp messages contained a science-based conversation with someone like Chris Whitty as to how #Sunak's #EatOutToHelpOut scheme would increase the 'R' rate - as indeed it was later proved.

Check First
4 days ago

Misinformation in #WhatsApp #Family Groups: Generational Perceptions & Correction Considerations in a Meso-News Space. MalotraPranav examines how extended family group chats on WhatsApp operate as meso-news spaces, focusing on how #misinformation is negotiated within these spaces. News-Bot
4 days ago

Britische Regierung droht Johnson in #WhatsApp-Streit

Lady Wicket
4 days ago

“It was turning out to be one those days. The sort you got every day.”
Terry Pratchett; The Fifth Elephant
#DiscWorld #ToryInFighting #BlueOnBlue #WhatsApp #CovidInquiry

4 days ago

Sophy #Ridge suggests #Johnson's #WhatsApp messages will reveal how #Sunak undermined him whilst he was a Prime Minster.

We do know

Records on DomainTools show that Sunak's website – – was registered on December 23, 2021 but Johnson's Premiership ended in July the following year.


5 days ago

Irgendwie ist das sehr krass, dass #Messenger wie #whatsapp, #telegram oder #Signal ungestraft hochgeladene Kontakte irgendwie und besonders irgendwo speichern und der User keine Möglichkeit hat eine saubere Löschung aller Daten nach Deinstallation der App zu bekommen.

#Datenschutz @bfdi

mister Camino
5 days ago

#whatsapp прекратит работать на моём смартфоне 23 октября 2023 года. Поддержка андроида 4.4 прекращается. Видимо пора покупать новую сотку. Только вот эта ещё вполне работоспособны, причём на родном аккумуляторе. А куда вы деваете старые сотки? Вариант выкинуть или отдать родственникам не предлагать.

Social Commentary Bot
5 days ago

"#BorisJohnson’s #WhatsApp messages claim doesn’t make sense, security sources say"

That's because it's his version of #Trump's "I'm not allowed to show you my tax returns because I'm being #audited" lie.

And whatever #Sunak is hiding must presumably be at least as bad, if not worse, than anything people might speculate - otherwise they wouldn't bother.

#CovidInquiry #Tories #Primeminister

Mic Pin
5 days ago

TL;DR L’uso di #WhatsApp per compiere #truffe non è certo nuovo. In questo ultimo periodo si stanno moltiplicando le vittime di un attacco basato sull’ingegneria sociale che induce le vittime a effettuare pagamenti attraverso bonifici istantanei, nella convinzione di fare un piacere al figlio.

John Refior
5 days ago

Is Facebook too big to fail?

They can spread conspiracy theories that elect Trump and inspire school shooters, and hundreds of millions of people just keep using them (or billions? really?)

(Including WhatsApp and Instagram)
#meta #facebook #instagram #whatsapp #SocialMedia

Chart from Wikipedia page showing 2.9 billion users on Facebook, 2 billion on WhatsApp, 1.5 billion on Instagram. Page says source is Statista.
Statista chart showing 3 billion monthly active users on Facebook
6 days ago

Großbritannien: Der Ex-Premier und die begehrten WhatsApp-Chats

Die britische Regierung weigert sich, WhatsApp-Nachrichten Johnsons unzensiert an einen Untersuchungsausschuss weiterzugeben. Nun will der Ex-Premier sie selbst aushändigen - und geht damit auf Konfrontationskurs mit der Regierung.


#Johnson #WhatsApp

🌞 Morning, y'all, and Happy #PrideMonth, Day 2!

The artist #FreddeLanka made #Pride stickers for #WhatsApp in 2021. Here's one. You can find the others and more of Fredde's #Queer AF work at

animated GIF of a person blowing a kiss that becomes a heart made of pride colors.
Keith Wilson
1 week ago

Isn’t the problem that MPs are using #WhatsApp to conduct government business in the first place? Just as you can’t use personal email for official business, they should be using a secure system with built-in auditing to ensure that important information isn’t lost.

Dierck ✅
1 week ago

Krass was WA *jedes Mal* beim Öffnen abfragt. Da bin ich doch gerne bei Telegram.
#WhatsApp #Telegram #Messenger

Simon Brooke
1 week ago

@mcc That's an interesting way to describe his #WhatsApp messages...

Cuando estén en una conversación sobre #IA y la otra persona insista en que tomará conciencia y será el fin de la humanidad, le mandan este #sticker :

(lo tengo en #whatsapp y #telegram por si ocupan)

sticker con el formato del etiquetado de la secretaría de salud mexicana con el texto "exceso de hype"
1 week ago

In der Tabelle sieht es so aus, als könnte man Threema von #fdroid herunterladen. Dort gibt es aber kein Threema, falls ich es nicht übersehen habe.

#followerpower #messenger #signal #whatsapp #threema #matrix #telegram

Mike Kuketz 🛡
1 week ago

Liebe Community, es ist erneut #Followerpower gefragt. Ich möchte die Messenger-Matrix aktualisieren bzw. auf neuesten Stand bringen. Das geht mit vielen Augen einfacher. Wenn ihr etwas seht, was nicht mehr aktuell ist, dann einfach Nachricht an mich. Danke euch! ❤️ 👍

- bitte keine Anfragen für die Aufnahme weiterer Messenger
- bitte nur Beiträge, die zur Aktualisierung der bestehenden Matrix beitragen

#messenger #signal #whatsapp #threema #matrix #telegram

1 week ago

Task: migrating to a new #Android phone without having a Google Account.
#Deltachat: export, install, import, done.
#Telegram: install, get confirmation code on old phone, enter on new phone, done. #Whatsapp: read docs, create backup, put backup into specific location on new phone, install, no restore is performed, try with other restore location, fail, StackOverflow, retry, try sth. else, verification call, Reddit, no success, profuse sweating, more Reddit, finally success. #whatsappNotEvenOnce

CK's Technology News
1 week ago

Private Spies Hired by the #FBI and Corporate Firms Infiltrate #Discord, #Reddit, #WhatsApp

Ralf Stockmann
2 weeks ago

Immer wieder eindrucksvoll: was #whatsapp so alles an Daten sammelt. Ständig.

From: @Signal3r

Flo(h)rian Kohler
2 weeks ago

I've been receiving Whatsapp messages from unknown numbers in the Philippines and the UK, all of them having the name "Justine Dejito".
So I've created a group chat with all of them
#JustineDejito #Whatsapp #scammers

Screenshot of Whatsapp group chat "Justine" with one message "So, my dear @⁨Justine dejito 1⁩ @⁨Justine dejito 2⁩ and @⁨Justine Dejito 3⁩ - who would like to begin?"

Reminder that #WhatsApp sucks for #Privacy (especially outside the EU) and that you should urge everyone and yourself to move to something else.

My suggestions (in no particular order):

Feel free to boost, so that more people are aware.

Edit: Reasoning as to why I think the way I do are in the replies!

#Tech #Messenger #Messaging #Security

2 weeks ago

#WhatsApp is about to introduce usernames as a privacy enhancement. #Telegram has it already.

When will #Signal follow?! Sharing phone numbers sucks.


heise online
2 weeks ago

WhatsApp bald ohne Anzeige der Handynummer nutzbar

Wer über den Messenger-Dienst WhatsApp Menschen kontaktieren möchte, musste diesen bisher seine Handynummer zeigen. Das soll sich in Zukunft ändern.

#Datenschutz #WhatsApp #news

Andre Louis
2 weeks ago

My phone has a strange #WhatsApp bug. If I tap on the 'Unread Filter' button, even if I turn it off later, the 'Archived' chats button disappears and will not return until I close it from the app switcher and reload it.

@Merovius also handing over someone elses contact details without their explicit permission is literally anfelony in #Germany as it violates #GDPR & #BDSG...

#NotLegalAdvice but this is why I can't and won't use #WhatsApp, #Signal, #Telegram or any other #SingleVendor / #SingleProvider #Messenger: They steal data AND have unacceptable ToS!

2 weeks ago

WhatsApp-Nachrichten sollen nach dem Senden geändert werden können

Vertippt, vertan, anders überlegt? Dafür gibt es beim Messengerdienst WhatsApp nun einen doppelten Boden. Nutzer sollen ab sofort Nachrichten bis zu 15 Minuten nach dem Versenden bearbeiten können.


#WhatsApp #Meta #Messengerdienst

2 weeks ago

So #WhatsApp has all kinds of useless features that nobody uses, like status, communities and whatever, but doesn't support something like "@here" to just notify the people in a group chat. You have to manually at them all.

Kevin :ve:
2 weeks ago

This is big…

#Facebook #Instagram & #WhatsApp owner, Meta, has been fined a record €1.2bn (£1bn) and ordered to suspend the transfer of user data from the #EU to the US.

The fine – equivalent to $1.3bn – imposed by #Ireland’s Data Protection Commission (DPC), which regulates #Meta across the #EU, is a record for a breach of the bloc’s General Data Protection Regulation ( #GDPR ).

#Privacy #oligarchy #SiliconValley #Zuckerberg #socialmedia

Markus Günther
2 weeks ago

Ok the new #Whatsapp alternative in the school is called and is an #electron app.

The website is based on #TYPO3

My Whatsapp alternative at the moment was no chat with other parents at all :D
Worked also well until now.

2 weeks ago
heise online
2 weeks ago

WhatsApp ermöglicht Editieren von bereits gesendeten Nachrichten

Wer vorschnell WhatsApp-Nachrichten verschickt, muss sich bald keine Sorgen mehr machen. Der Messenger-Dienst erlaubt das Editieren von Nachrichten.

#Facebook #SocialMedia #WhatsApp #news

Green Hombre
3 weeks ago

Meta is now selling your Whats App number to “business partners” to send you ads for things like crypto.
The Zuckerberg/Musk/Bezos enshitification of the internet continues.

Here is a great read about how enshitification is destroying the internet and why regulation is needed.

#facebook #meta #twitter #socialmedia #whatsapp

3 weeks ago

Anyone else here using #Signal who think that message notifications are unreliable? I hate having to use #WhatsApp but at least I get notified of messages coming in.

Not only is E2EE necessary to protect us from griefers, stalkers, corporate snoops, mafiosi, etc, but E2EE is the only thing standing between the world's dictators and total surveillance of every digital communication. Even tiny flaws in E2EE can have grave human rights concerns. For example, a subtle bug in #Whatsapp was used by #NSOGroup to create a cyberweapon called #Pegasus that the #Saudi royals used to lure #JamalKhashoggi to his grisly murder:


1 month ago

#WhatsApp is facing #privacy concerns as users allege that the microphone on Android smartphones is being activated without their consent. Parent company Meta has defended the app, blaming Android and claiming it has no control over the problem.

@couts @agreenberg well, #WhatsApp and #Signal are too #Singlevendor / #SingleProvider "solutions" with no transparent #cryptography or even #SelfHosting capabilities.

Also #Facebook snitches it's users as do all #GAFAM|s & #PRISM members...

Mike Kuketz 🛡
1 month ago

Aktuell empört man sich (vornehmlich auf Twitter) über den Messenger WhatsApp. Angeblich soll WhatsApp nachts das Mikrofon mehrmals allein aktiviert haben. Offen gesagt verstehe ich die Aufregung nicht wirklich. WhatsApp war nie, ist nie und wird nie ein vertrauenswürdiger Messenger sein. Es gibt aber genug Alternativen. 👇

#whatsapp #messenger #datenschutz #sicherheit

Das Bild zeigt, wie WhatsApp in der Nacht angeblich mehrmals das Mikrofon aktiviert.
Rajdeep Singha
1 month ago

#macOS people who also use #WhatsApp, there is a native app beta that you can download from their website:

heise online
1 month ago


"Es bauscht sich auf" – Soziale Medien schüren Eltern-Ängste

Ein Fremder hat ein Kind auf der Straße auf verdächtige Weise angesprochen, schreibt jemand in einer Whatsapp-Gruppe. Und plötzlich hört man von vielen Fällen.

#Kinder #Kinderschutz #Messenger #SocialMedia #WhatsApp

Thunderbird :trek_pro_murf:
1 month ago

That's an old trick.
First they offer you a product for free. They build a huge userbase which is dependent on their service. Then they gradually take away what was once free or introduce changes which everyone hates. Despite that, users cling to the service.
Been there.
Switched from #Google to #DuckDuckGo. Switched from #GMail to #ProtonMail. Switched from #Whatsapp to #Signal (partially). Switched form #Twitter to #Mastodon (almost copletely).
Everyone else can too!

heise online
1 month ago

WhatsApp: Umfragen und Bildunterschriften

Die Umfragefunktion von WhatsApp wird zu einer Art Doodle. Medieninhalte kann man künftig mit einer Bildunterschrift versehen.

#Facebook #WhatsApp #news

heise online
1 month ago

US-Behörde: Facebook immer noch "substanzielles öffentliches Risiko"​ ​

Trotz Rekordstrafe soll Meta weiter Datenschutzauflagen verletzt haben. Die FTC will jetzt speziell Kinder schützen. Ob das Manöver gelingt, ist offen.

#Datenschutz #Datensicherheit #Facebook #FederalTradeCommission #Instagram #MetaPlatforms #Recht #WhatsApp #news

Facebook-Konzern erreicht 2 Milliarden User und höchsten Quartalsgewinn
1 month ago

Het is me 9 jaar gelukt om #WhatsApp te mijden, maar vandaag moet ik er toch (tijdelijk) aan geloven. In verband met de verkoop van een (niet mijn) huis moet ik verplicht in een WhatsApp-groep. Toch weer een overwinning voor #BigSocial. Ze zijn zo ver in de maatschappij geïntegreerd dat je er nier omheen kunt.

heise online
1 month ago

"Es bauscht sich auf" – Soziale Medien schüren Eltern-Ängste

Ein Fremder hat ein Kind auf der Straße auf verdächtige Weise angesprochen, schreibt jemand in einer Whatsapp-Gruppe. Und plötzlich hört man von vielen Fällen.

#SocialMedia #WhatsApp #news


@neil @Em0nM4stodon #WhatsApp does not employ actual #E2EE, since users don't own the private keys at all.

Also they're #collaborators in the #PRISM program - just like their acquiring company #Facebook - so they can't and won't violate #ITAR, #CloudAct & said agreement.

Or as all the #Monero people might say:
" #NotYourKeys = #NotInYourControl!"

1 month ago

#Business #Findings
Some major social networks obfuscate their referred traffic

“Website owners and marketers should expect that a large portion of traffic marked as ‘direct’ in their analytics was likely sent by these networks.” — Rand Fishkin

#SocialMedia #Marketing #DigitalAnalystics #WebAnalytics #DarkSocial #Referrals #Obfuscation #Traffic #Discord #Facebook #Instagram #LinkedIn #Mastodon #Pinterest #Reddit #Slack #TikTok #Twitter #WhatsApp #Youtube

Michal Bryxí 🌱
1 month ago

FYI: When you change your phone number linked to your #WhatsApp account, it will ask you if you want to inform your contacts about the change. This feature either straight does not work or is wonky. I'm still finding out that some people don't know my new number. The years later😩

@mbd I'd love to know if you get any suggestions. I left #WhatsApp exactly because of this. A few people installed #Signal mostly so that they can chat specifically with me. Others still message me on FB two years later to ask why I am ignoring them on WhatsApp.

Parents at my kids’ school are starting group chats and have chosen #WhatsApp as the platform, not paying attention to the long list of privacy issues. Is there a way to avoid succumbing to #Meta’s evil without being left out of potentially important information? I’m happy to try and encourage a shift to #Signal or something, but you know how hard it can be to convince others to change what they’re used to.

A screenshot showing the types of data linked to you by WhatsApp. It includes

It's interesting to me that so many of us are regular smartphone users now, and we all use them in such different ways.

Figured I'd look at my phone's most used apps as I've never paid much attention to it before. Out of the 55 apps I've used in the last 6 days, yeah, my top 6 aren't a surprise to me at all. 🤣

#DiabloImmortal #Tusky #Chrome #Instagram #YouTube #WhatsApp #apps

A screenshot of my phone's top 6 uses apps over the last 6 days. Diablo Immortal, Tusky, Chrome, Instagram YouTube, and WhatsApp made the cut.
heise online
1 month ago

Mehr Nutzer, mehr Werbung: Meta steigert Umsatz trotz sinkender Werbepreise

Gewinne sinken, aber der Facebook-Konzern übertrifft Erwartungen, kann Umsatz wieder erhöhen. Die unerwartet positive Prognose lässt Aktie nach oben springen.

#Börse #Facebook #Geschäftszahlen #Instagram #MarkZuckerberg #MetaPlatforms #Metaverse #OnlineWerbung #Werbung #WhatsApp #news

Smartphone mit den Apps von Facebook, Facebook-Messenger, Instragm, WhatsApp und Oculus vor dem Meta-Logo
heise online
1 month ago

WhatsApp-Konten künftig auf vier Smartphones gleichzeitig nutzbar

WhatsApp erweitert die Möglichkeit, mehrere Geräte zu nutzen. Künftig können bis zu vier Smartphones ein Konto verwenden.

#Smartphone #WhatsApp #news

heise online
2 months ago

WhatsApp: Lesezeichen-Funktion für temporäre Nachrichten angekündigt

Die Entwickler des Instant-Messengers WhatsApp kündigen eine Speichermöglichkeit per Lesezeichen für Nachrichten mit Ablauf-Funktion an.

#InstantMessaging #WhatsApp #news

Anders Borch
2 months ago

“WhatsApp Users Can Now Save
Disappearing Messages If the Sender

Or, they can, you know, take a screenshot 🙄

#WhatsApp #Privacy

2 months ago

@Atomicbutterfly #WhatsApp is indispensable sadly. But I use it only via the #matrix bridge so I deny #Facebook much #data.
But I’m not happy. The best option is to give the #alternative. Don’t host on a single page, not #medium, not #anything. We have to be reachable and offer options. Thank you so much

Are you a #Telegram user?

I much prefer it to #WhatsApp, but 90% of my friends are still on WA

I especially like that I can initially connect with people without giving out my mobile number.

I was reading the features for Premium (paid) Telegram users. One of them is no-adverts. I have to say I have never seen an ad in telegram. Have you?

Messageries Club de France
2 months ago

#whatsapp #signal #Viber et d'autres services de messagerie plus ou moins connus ont adressé une lettre ouverte au gouvernement britannique pour lui demander de repenser le projet de loi sur la sécurité en ligne, un texte législatif qui permettrait aux autorités de régulation de demander aux plateformes de surveiller les utilisateurs afin d'identifier les images d'abus d'enfants. Les services craignent un dévoiement de l'objectif.

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heise online
2 months ago

Weitere Entlassungsrunde bei Meta: Jetzt trifft es Technik-Jobs

Die jüngsten Kündigungen sind Teil von Zuckerbergs Jahr der Effizienz. Betroffen sind nun Mitarbeiter in technischen Bereichen und das Instagram-Büro in London.

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Frau mit Handy vergräbt ihr Gesicht in der Hand
2 months ago

A few people have recommended me #Telegram recently, i know, it's not one of the most secure apps, there are a few things about it I don't like, but it seems to be popular enough so people are using it these days, same as #WhatsApp, which I like much more, however like I have said for a couple of times, I don't like the fact that if I want to talk to someone on #WhatsApp I have to share my phone number, on Telegram I can hide it. Another alternative is #Discord, but I can't find any good, active servers/groups I could join. I won't mention other apps, because they are usually either inaccessible or paid. So are there any groups on Telegram related to the #Blind and #VisuallyImpaired I could join, if I decided to instal and use this app. I'm just curious. Thank you.

heise online
2 months ago

Chatkontrolle: Signal, Threema, WhatsApp und Co. gegen Online Safety Bill

In einem offenen Brief fordern die Messenger-Dienste Signal, Threema, WhatsApp und Co. eine Überarbeitung der Pläne der britischen Regierung zur Chatkontrolle.

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@rbreich We can always quit #Twitter, #Facebook, #Instagram and #WhatsApp. Like I already did long time ago. Your keep using it does not help with the situation. Delete your account now!