Aby Darling
1 day ago

Pro-Blackness scares some because there is an assumption that it operates like white supremacy: violently.

-- Broderick Greer

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1 month ago

"Es ist kein Zufall und kein Unfall, dass Judith Butler die Mörderbanden der Hamas und der Hisbollah schon 2006 als Teil der „progressiven Linken“ bezeichnete. Es ist kein Zufall und kein Unfall, wie Antisemitismus aktuell in Form von vulgär-postkolonialistischem Antizionismus hervorbricht, der Jüdinnen und Juden zu kolonialistischen weißen Unterdrückern umdeutet."
-- Beatrice Frasl

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Aby Darling
1 month ago

On the idea that emotional labour isn't something that happens within interpersonal relationships, because capitalism:

The sociologist who really talked about emotional labour wrote papers on the experiences of Black women and WoC who were nannies for white families, and who were caregivers for those white kids while also being unable to be caregivers for their own children who were left in their countries of origin. She also speaks about the experiences of people like restaurant/diner servers (who are also predominantly BIPoC) having to ignore their own emotions while appearing happy, bubbly, pleased to serve, etc. to their customers.

So, yeah.. it's about capitalism, but it's also about the emotional cost of having to provide care for others while sacrificing personally.

The times that I see this talked about as 'that's not emotional labour!!!!1' is pmuch always by white leftists who are shutting down BIPoC complaints about having to educate white people and sacrifice their own emotional states (ie - explaining calmly why racism is not ok, instead of having space to be angry at the racist)... this tracks pmuch perfectly with the experiences of the workers discussed above.

The times that I see people being all 'I'm performing emotional labour!!!!1' and are actually just talking about an emotionally difficult/painful interpersonal relationship, it's (again) been white leftists.

When I see BIPoC talking about performing emotional labour, they've never talked about just an emotionally painful/difficult relationship, and have always talked about the fact that they are non-consentingly forced into the caregiver role in those situations, are expected to stifle their own emotions and sacrifice while acting as a resource for whites, and never get any support in doing so - that IS emotional labour. If you want to analyse it further, it's labour because BIPoC (especially who aren't men) are seen solely as a resource to be used up by whiteness.

So, pmuch whenever I see white leftists talking about emotional labour, I'm meh about their opinions, because if you scratch the surface they're all about either declaring their own 'labour' (which isn't labour), or denying the declaration to BIPoC (who ARE performing labour) because of their shitty class reductionism when it comes to analysis of capitalism and inability to see how race plays into it all.

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Aby Darling
1 month ago

No one is going to give you the education you need to overthrow them. Nobody is going to teach you your true history, teach you your true heroes, if they know that that knowledge will help set you free.

- Assata Shakur

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Aby Darling
1 month ago

The police are the pointed end of white supremacy.

I hope every single one of them die horrid deaths.

#Aboriginal #Indigenous #Decolonise #SovereigntyNeverCeded #racism #whiteness #WhiteSupremacy #FuckRacism #FuckWhiteness #FuckColonisation #AbolishPolice #AbolishPrisons #Abolition

"Sources say the man, 40, is Aboriginal. He is one of several Aboriginal men to be shot by police in Queensland in recent months, including Mareeba man Aubrey Donahue and another man in the Brisbane suburb of Grange."

In contemporary discourse, the term #whiteness often emerges, causing a spectrum of reactions, from appreciation to discomfort. However, this terminology often remains misunderstood. Whiteness, as discussed in this context, is not merely a reference to skin color or ethnic origin. Instead, it represents a complex sociopolitical construct that bestows certain privileges and perpetuates inequalities, often invisibly.

The concept of “whiteness” crystallized over centuries, creating hierarchical structures that placed “white” at the top of a racial pyramid. It became synonymous with normalcy, power, and privilege, reinforcing structures that marginalized other racial and ethnic groups. This construct subtly infiltrated all spheres of life through colonization, globalization, and systemic practices, from culture to legislation.

Read more:


Doug Belshaw
2 months ago

I have thoughts, but don’t have anything useful to say publicly about this. So instead I’m going to just link to another article by Tim Bray who is himself a middle-aged cis white guy. It would seem that we, collectively, need to step back and STFU.

The reason I am so annoyed is because ingrained male privilege should, really, be a solved problem by now. […]

2 months ago

As a nuevamexicana, I feel comfortable saying that #whiteness was invented before the 17th century. But apparently, Sweden validated it with "science."

#racism #newmexico #history

#Diversity According to #Whiteness.

Diversity according to whiteness is not about #who should occupy the #spaces of #publicdiscourse, so much as it is about who should have the #power to #decide who occupies the spaces of public discourse.

It’s time we grew up, stepped out of our cartoon nostalgia, and moved beyond a child’s understanding of what the real diversity in our world looks like.

#Women #Transgender #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #Race #Rascism #BlackMastodon

White = GodLess

EVEN the God of (the) Self.

THAT's why it's such a Death Cult.


I've completed my alchemical system based around the myths and practices of various European indigenous peoples.

This article is a deep drive into manipulation and balancing of Calas, Gwyar, and Nwyfre. Enjoy.

This article requires fundamental knowledge of my #Awen centric cosmology that I laid out in the prior article but have no fear I think to it at the top of the article.

This was actually published some time ago but I have been working my fucking ass off lately. Both my #Yule and Ancestor worship articles have been completely rewritten to include more information.

I have almost completed a rewrite of the #Barbarianism article as well. In this I lay out the basic premise of the spirituality, ecology, society, etc which I have defined as Barbarianism.

I have completely rewrote most sections notably on whiteness abolition and statecraft which now includes far more information on indigenous practices of the region in terms of governance and economics including the #Thing system, #Brehon Law, Kinship, and Celtic Tribal confederation.

Further I make a much stronger connection between #Romanization and #whiteness.

Stay tuned yall. There's plenty to come.

#Polytheism #Alchemy #Occultism

2 months ago

Once you learn the truth about #whiteness, it makes you scrutinize folks that claim it.

"taco, how can i go about this?"

ask about how #AffirmativeAction is being accomplished by the teams that are running your conventions!

and don't settle for "we're a diverse team of queer people", most of the #furry #fandom is #queer. we need more #bipoc voices explicitly, or we're going to fall prey to the clutches of #whiteness and #christofacist sanitation. ask why there isn't more information talking about race in the fandom and talk about why it's important!

i fear we, as "intersectional "allies"" are falling into this same exact trap of #whiteness with #fursonas in the #furry #fandom. more and more #white people who are affluent purchase fursuits, and we forget that the creation of this key piece of fandom history, the #fursona, is a product of #black #queer history.

we need to make sure this is corrected at an #institutional level. and by the #institutions, i mean the #conventions that we host and the 501c3s that we run to host them.

...which are mostly run by #white people.

"That “legitimacy” bestowed by #whiteness actually changes the definition of #rap for the #American culture. When the most popular #rappers in the country are #white rappers doing a decent impersonation of black master rappers, what kids see as legitimate rap changes. [...] When these same white rappers are given #Grammys for their attempts, over more talented black rappers, it makes it harder for rap by #black artists to be accepted by mainstream culture—because it sounds different than what they’ve come to know as 'good rap.'"

  • So You Want to Talk About Race, Ijeoma Oluo

“There is a #Latino affinity for #White non-Hispanics over African Americans that is part and parcel of the Latino identification with #Whiteness. [...] When Latinos select a single fixed category, they disproportionately select White, as did 81 percent of Latino single-race box checkers on the 2020 #census and as 92.3 percent did the decade before."

  • Tanya K. Hernandez, in Racial Innocence

my mom told me to do this! she explicitly told me to pick "white" on any paperwork if latino didn't exist. no need to 'other' yourself

#RacialInnocence #Racism

3 months ago

Excerpt: "Sometimes I talk about how #whiteness prevents me from being fully human. Part of that emptiness, those parts of myself that aren't completely and deeply in humanity, involves coping with the ugliest realities Because whiteness has allowed me to believe the world is mostly good, and because whiteness has given me generations of...denial skills when faced with violence and #injustice, I don't have a lot of #practice holding conflicting truths together at the same time."

3 months ago


sounds like #EDI props rather than a legitimate aspect of humanity.

Or 'ethnic spice'..

"Within commodity culture, #ethnicity becomes spice, seasoning that can liven up the dull dish that is mainstream #whiteculture" — bell hooks


There seems to be a lot of people using the current Discourse™️ to gather up ally cookies and jostling to gain position in the weird celebrity hierarchy that happens in leftist spaces.

Stop worrying about hierarchy and put your time and effort into actually doing the work.

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3 months ago

Today my daughter's school had to evacuate because the police were told there was an "active shooter." I wrote about this in terms of my addiction to #whiteness and becoming fully human. Knowing that parents of children who are Black (often) have to have “the talk“ with their children, and how infuriating enraging how brutal that is.

#WhitenessRecovery #BlackLivesMatter

Some people here need to understand that racism is primarily systemic. While there are individual aspects to it (yes, what your uncle said IS racist), that just not using slurs or being a "good person" doesn't mean you're not actively complicit in racism by reifying racist tropes that these systems rely on to keep functioning.

Everything exists within a context, and nothing happens in a vacuum.

Even if you "didn't mean it like that", it's still perceived that way and still lends power to systemic racism.

Yeah, it's tiring to constantly be aware of the impact your words have. Suck it up, sunshine.

This is what we mean by "doing the work". But no matter how tired you are, I guarantee it's literally nothing compared to the tiredness felt by those people who exist under that racist system.

It never ends. It needs to be done. Stop complaining and just get on with it and stop crying about it.

#racism #whiteness #WhiteSupremacy #FuckRacism #FuckWhiteness

Where is the #outrage over #racism #discrimination #bigotry and #islamophobia on the #fediverse?

The whole thing with #Ro has proven one thing: that so-called "safe spaces" on #Mastodon were NEVER meant to be for anyone other than #white #LGTBQ people. Just look at all the #AntiBlack racism, showing that even #BlackTrans folks are not safe here.

#Whiteness is the only thing that provides any protection here. Offend a #WhitePerson, and prepare to get #fediblocked. Anything else is fair game.

By the way if like me you're a cis white dude who qualifies for the senior discount menu at IHOP, now is the time to show your support for Black Fedi in concrete ways - send a few bucks to the project and post that you like the idea of Mastodon not actively chasing away Black people any time our fellow white people get called out for racism.

#whiteness #racism #theBadSpace

it's not intersectional if it doesn't include black people
it's not radical if its inaccessible to the poor
it's not liberation if we left someone behind

- Grace Alexander

#racism #whiteness #WhiteSupremacy #FuckRacism #FuckWhiteness #anarchism #activism #poor #FuckTheRich #AbolishMoney #Indigenous #Decolonise #SovereigntyNeverCeded #Treaty #Disability #Aboriginal

Yeah, when I see fellow white people being offended by the actions of a Black person, I rarely give these white people the benefit of the doubt.

I also block liberally because why would I want to waste time on them.

#whiteness #racism

TFW a white person gets annoyed at my “inconvenient” name and starts snapping at me.

I knew it was coming with this person, but still…I’m tired, y’all.

#whiteness #racism #MyNameIsValid

the people's eva
3 months ago

A lot of you have been going hard at recently (as well as other instances involved in the situation) and I think we need to be reminded of certain core principles of solidarity with marginalized groups because some of you are seriously missing the point.

I had wanted to stay out of the whole debacle because my server is still very new and very small, and therefore easily swept up in drama between much larger instances. I did not want statements I made to hurt my users or the community on my server by drawing harassment or driving away folks who might otherwise have joined. However, at this point I can't justify staying quiet bc I think we server admins have a responsibility not just to ourselves but the Fediverse community to take a stand for marginalized groups.

I've been seeing a lot of posts saying that has been demonizing a former user of oliphant, making things up about the user, and basically participating in a smear campaign against them. Recently (as well as .art) posted and then retracted a statement about that user perpetrating ongoing anti-indigenous abuse after it turned out to be a case of mistaken identity. This led to the thread below:

Go read the thread (it is required reading for my post). The whole thing, it's kinda long because she had a lot to say. I'll wait right here. ............................................................... Great! Now.

I know a lot of you are not going to want to hear this, but I don't care. L.J. is correct here. She does a fantastic job of outlining the reasoning behind her values generally and it applies to her actions in the example above specifically.

I think some of you are getting caught up in the fedi drama of taking sides and are forgetting the fundamentals. So I'm going to ask you a question about general principles, and I'm going to ask you to consider the question outside of the recent conflict: do you stand with Black and indigenous fedi users, or do you stand with whiteness?

Because if you really, truly, and unreservedly stand with us, you need to ask yourselves what risks you are comfortable taking to work against white supremacy. You simply cannot work against the status quo without taking risks, that's the whole point.

White supremacy means that more often than not, people who experience racist abuse are not believed. Or, even if they are believed, no action is taken to defend them. Whiteness confers a presumption of innocence automatically. That's just how power works.

Do you agree with that? No? Then what are you going to do about it? As L.J. points out, you can never be 100% sure about the facts of a situation you weren't party to. So when, to use this situation as an example, an indigenous person comes to you privately saying that they've been experiencing racist abuse from a white person and asking you to speak out about it. What do you do?

On the one hand, you could tell them to provide receipts or you won't do anything. After all, you don't want to risk falsely accusing someone. On the other, you could go ahead and speak out, just taking them at their word.

Tell me this. All other factors aside, which one of these approaches centers the person marginalized by race and which one centers the white person being accused? As someone who claims solidarity with Black and indigenous folks, which option do you think centers their struggles against white supremacy?

Can you see why and .art may have had cause to make the decisions they made in this situation, even if you disagree? Their actions are consistent with their stated principles. They received information and made a decision to act on said information according to their values and best judgment. Then, when it was revealed that the info was incorrect, they issued a retraction.

Can someone explain to me how that is an effective smear campaign? Why they would put out a statement and then retract it so soon after? That doesn't make any sense at all if they're truly trying to just make someone look bad. I guess I'm just not understanding the supposed master plan here.

To close, I am going to need y'all to remind yourselves about promises you've made about how much more racially inclusive you want fedi to be. You said you wanted us here; are you willing to center us or not? Are you willing to believe us or not? Are you willing to risk a false accusation or would you rather risk us not coming to you with our struggles? Because make no mistake, as things stand now, that’s a choice you may need to make from time to time. It may get messy and it may get complicated, and you will probably lose friends over it. And if you ain’t about that life, please just let us know now rather than string us along because we don't get the luxury of having that choice. Thanks.

#BlackMastodon #BlackFedi #WhiteSupremacy #Whiteness

Leftists must stop building their #identity around being Leftists.

Identity is primary to the human experience and will always be protected. If 'the revolution' or whatever society you advocate for were to occur that identity would be obliterated because Leftists largely understand themselves in relation to #Capitalism ie the dominant mode. As such they will take any and all action required protect that identity.

This particularly applies to whites because their identity is generally speaking far more fragmented than those who have cultural, community based, or ancestral identities and mythologies (ie collective stories) to reinforce other aspects of their identity.

#Politics #Leftism #Myth #Whiteness

3 months ago

@chargrille glad it is finally publicly disintegrating. Something has always disturbed me about this festival and one way to put it would be its #whiteness, a caricature of it, i.e. aggrandising tendencies, entitlement, ambitions of cultural norming when all they do is rehash very tired and narrow tropes. I suppose this is a great shadow example of why #climateaction and #climatejustice are the same fight.

Ricardo Harvin
3 months ago

Because I'm focused on hopefully reversing my #diabetes (got my #A1C down to 6), I have severely restricted my #alcohol intake and still haven't tried #BlackGirlMagic #wines I've seen.

Given the blinding #whiteness of the #industry, globally and in the #US, I definitely plan to add their delicious-sounding #SauvignonBlanc and #CabernetMerlot blend to my list of selections when I do buy and drink bottles again (I don't "collect").

3 months ago

The way these #ESPN pundits on #thehoopcollective
#hoopcollective are salivating over #AustinReaves is about as uncomfortable as it is to watch them sneering about how much other players earn and how they'd be able to thrilled to earn as much.

Troubling levels of #Whiteness

Félicien Breton
3 months ago

"Internal FAO documents show that the agency was aware of widespread environmental and public health problems that resulted from its distribution of #pesticides. The agency’s own assessment found that the toxic chemicals were handed to farmers without any protective equipment, such as gloves and coveralls, or adequate training on how to use them safely." #FAO #agriculture #whiteness #racism #pollution #cropProtection #fenitrothion #Kenya #mango

4 months ago

#Colonialism is so unbelievably absurd: During #WorldWar1 #British and #German forces cooperated during an anti-colonial uprising in #Nyasaland / #Malawi lead by #JohnChilembwe , because "Germans and British are #white men first".
#Germany #UnitedKingdom #Britain #whiteness #racism #history

The European Network
4 months ago

Having shaken off nationalism, Europe risks civilisationalism.

It is possible to be black and Dutch, or for a person of Moroccan descent to be unequivocally French. But is it possible to be non-white and to think of oneself as “European”?

Might eight decades of EU integration accidentally foment a form of ugly, pan-continental bigotry?

A new book decries the continent’s subtler form of chauvinism.

#Europe #Identity #Chauvinism #Ethnicity #Whiteness

4 months ago
When you're a descendant of white settlers on other peoples' land, as a lot of us Americans are, how do you think of yourself? This is not a do-over for Western Europe and we're not Europeans. So just who the hell are we? I think that's the heart of a lot of our problems. Identity. If we could just start from the position that we're all human beings, that would be a good start.
#America, #Humanity, #mushrooms, #NewsOfTheWorld, #TomHanks, #Tribalism, #Tribes, #Whiteness

“He said, ‘I thought I was dying in the cell last night’. He said ‘I couldn’t move’,”

She said the arrest was so violent it could have broken a bone when the young man was thrown to the ground. She claimed an ambulance was not called despite his seizures.

In May a NSW police officer was found guilty of assaulting a 16-year-old Indigenous boy in inner Sydney in 2020, when he threw the boy to the ground using a similar leg sweep manoeuvre.

#Aboriginal #Indigenous #Decolonise #AbolishPolice #Abolition #AbolishPrisons #anarchism #CommunityNotCops #racism #whiteness #WhiteSupremacy #FuckRacism #FuckWhiteness #SovereigntyNeverCeded

4 months ago

We can't quote-tweet so I'm sharing the link to a post "This is not a drill, antiracists—it's time!" by @Blackgirlinmaine especially for my fellow white people and adding hashtags.

**Please share her original post.**

#BlackLivesMatter #WhitenessRecovery #Racism #Antiracism #Antiracist #Decolonise #whiteness #liberals #leftists #WhiteSupremacy #FuckRacism #FuckWhiteness #Antifa #BLM #StopFacism
#StopRacism #USPol #NoJusticeNoPeace #solidarity

Tbh a lot of the criticism about Rachel Zegler's interview comments being smug and inappropriate just feel grounded in misogynistic racism and "why is that non-white person having An Opinion?!"

Like she's said that the original Snow White movie was problematic about consent (it was)

She's said that the original Snow White movie was scary for a child to watch (it was)

She's said that they've rewritten her character so she's not some love obsessed girl, but is motivated by being a fair and good leader (which is a better story to tell)

She's said that she (and all people who worked on it) deserve to be paid when the film is shown on streaming services (they do)

#SnowWhite #Disney #Streaming #WGAStrike #racism #whiteness #WhiteSupremacy #FuckRacism #FuckWhiteness

"Herman and I called it an “antirape squad.” We set up guidelines for the other prisoners who wanted to stand with us: Work in pairs; never alone. Use violence only as a last resort. Every Thursday on fresh fish day we armed ourselves and went down the walk, introduced ourselves to the new prisoners, and told them they were now under the protection of the Black Panther Party. We escorted them to whatever dormitory they were assigned to and we explained the type of games that a prisoner played to sexually assault or rape another prisoner, or coerce him into becoming a sex slave. “Don’t borrow anything,” we told them. “Don’t take anything that’s offered, don’t ask for favors, don’t accept favors. If you do you are opening yourselves up to being in debt to sexual predators.” We told them if they needed anything to come to us. We’d help them find what they needed—whether soap, toothpaste, deodorant, or “zuzus,” the term we used for snacks like potato chips and candy. If we came upon anyone threatening another prisoner with rape we stopped it. Sometimes all it took was to say something—“Brother, leave that, go ahead on” or “This ain’t gonna happen”—and that would be enough. Other times we had to fight. We put the word out that if you messed with someone under our protection you had to deal with the Black Panther Party. As the presence of the party grew on the walk we knew the prisoner “shot callers”—those who had profitable gambling, drug, and prostitution businesses within the prison—were watching us. I never had a direct confrontation with any of them, but we always traveled in groups of two or three. That wouldn’t protect us from being attacked but it made us feel better.
Wherever we were, in the dorm, at our jobs, on the chow line, on the walk, Herman and I talked about the Black Panther Party. Some guys would make remarks to me like, “Damn, man, that’s all you talk about, the Panthers.” I didn’t deny it. For me it was always the Panthers. Our list of enemies was long. It wasn’t just the prisoner pimps and drug dealers, both white and black, who hated us. Snitches gravitated to us too, trying to get information they could sell. Security officers overheard us. We knew we were a threat to the status quo. I got scared of being killed sometimes. But I believed what I was struggling for was more important than me. It never occurred to me to stop what we were doing."

-- Albert Woodfox
Former Angola 3 political prisoner
from Solitary: Unbroken by Four Decades in Solitary Confinement. My Story of Transformation and Hope

This solidarity is the reason the Louisiana prison authorities tortured the Angola 3 political prisoners -- Albert Woodfox, Herman Wallace, and Robert King -- in solitary confinement for over 40 years.

#racism #whiteness #WhiteSupremacy #FuckRacism #FuckWhiteness #anarchism #activism #AbolishPolice #AbolishPrisons #Abolition

“The purpose of the chief repressive institutions within the totalitarian capitalist state is clearly to discourage and prohibit certain activity, and the prohibitions are aimed at very distinctly defined sectors of the class–and race–sensitized society. The ultimate expression of law is not order–it’s prison. There are hundreds upon hundreds of prisons, and thousands upon thousands of laws, yet there is no social order, no social peace. Anglo-Saxon bourgeois law is tied firmly into economics. One can even pick that out of those Vital Statistics. Bourgeois law protects property relations and not social relationships. The cultural traits of capitalist society that also tend to check activity–(individualism, artificial politeness juxtaposed to an aloof rudeness, the rush to learn 'how to' instead of 'what is')–are secondary really, and intended for those mild cases (and groups) that require preventive measures only. The law and everything that interlocks with it was constructed for poor, desperate people like me.”

--George Jackson, Blood In My Eyes

#racism #whiteness #WhiteSupremacy #FuckRacism #FuckWhiteness #anarchism #activism #AbolishPolice #AbolishPrisons #Abolition #FuckCapitalism

"I am the granddaughter of the witches you couldn't burn"

She says in response to a native woman pleading with her to stop appropriating our sacred medicines

"Haters mean I'm doing something right"

She says in response to a black woman telling her that not all magic belongs to her, that she can't understand the suffering that makes this power, that she can't access the wisdom that comes from this pain

She spiritually bypasses her work again and again

She takes and she takes

She shows no remorse

She wants their #blackgirlmagic
She wants their soft brown skin
She wants to drink in the honey suckle from their hands
She wants to know the lines of their grandmother's palms
She claims "womanhood"
She denies the ambient being, the energies inside us that batter back and forth
Not male, not female
She calls it "social justice warrior shit"
Ignores that the Cree were here before her

She is not the granddaughter of the witches they couldn't burn
She is the granddaughter of the man who lit the fucking match

Who pillaged our villages, stole our sisters, destroyed our lands

Stripped us of our land rights
Stripped us of our names
Residential schools and slavery
Shoving us into their modern European binaries-
One built on the backs of the stomped out earth religions of the Celts, and the little people who pebbled the frozen coasts

She is the jailer
The bounty hunter
The one who demanded the Chinese build her railroad

She created these borders
She divided us
She forgot we are still here

And she dares to teach about the magic of creation

When all she knows is how to destroy

Bite your tongue, witch
The earth remembers
And so do I

- Ally Lopez

Tip Ally for all their hardwork!: $allyjayne98

#racism #whiteness #WhiteSupremacy #FuckRacism #FuckWhiteness #anarchism #activism #Karen

A black woman looks into the camera with tears streaming down her cheeks, while a white woman's hand with pink nail polish covers her mouth to silence her.
4 months ago

@cmorris I heard this episode, even posted it about it here. It's a good one!

But I usually access Throughline either via NPR website ( so I can read the transcript while listening.

I had no idea Throughline ever posted episodes on YouTube.

#History #USHistory #Whiteness #Asian #SouthAsian #Desi #India

We do ourselves and our community a disservice when we ignore the oppressor within. Let it be freeing to know we all can and do harm. My identity doesnt protect me from supporting systems of oppression.

- Makia Green (Facebook)

#racism #whiteness #WhiteSupremacy #FuckRacism #FuckWhiteness #anarchism #activism #Aboriginal #Indigenous #Decolonise

Why are the guys who insist that racism doesn't exist in their country always from places that have literally seen ethnic cleansing and pogroms??

Like, my guy.. come on.

#ReplyGuys #racism #whiteness #WhiteSupremacy #FuckRacism #FuckWhiteness

5 months ago


The more I learn about the history of #Whiteness, the more amazing it is to me that Black folks are willing to consider being friends with white folks at all.

Great intentions can't possibly make up for blind spots, and only Jesus can forgive the shit that just Keeps Happening Everywhere.

I just try to stay in my lane & keep learning.
Solidarity from Tacoma :solidarity: :af: :iww: :better_pride:

"We don't talk about race anymore, we use 'ethnicity' because there's no scientific basis for 'race' to exist..."

Sure, and by switching the rhetoric to ethnicity you're providing space for white people and especially white academia to dodge the consequence of creating 'race' through the toxicity of whiteness, so fucking stop.

#racism #whiteness #WhiteSupremacy #FuckRacism #FuckWhiteness #anarchism #activism #Academia

It's taken me decades to understand exactly how racist the white resentment of "walking on eggshells" about race is. Because quite a lot of it is founded on resentment of the appearance of POC walking easy in the same situation.

Y'all are okay with us walking on eggshells afraid the police will kill us, but you resent having to think carefully in social justice spaces where whiteness isn't centered?

We see you.

- Kat Tanaka Okopnik

#racism #whiteness #WhiteSupremacy #FuckRacism #FuckWhiteness #anarchism #activism

Being okay with racism makes you a racist. In a fundamentally unequal society, there's little practical difference between hating POC and being wholly indifferent to their well-being.

- Heath Wong

#racism #whiteness #WhiteSupremacy #FuckRacism #FuckWhiteness #anarchism #activism

Amelia 🏳️‍⚧️ Baeddelia
5 months ago

There is no such thing as "#white culture" or "the white #race" because #whiteness isn't a #culture or an #ethnicity. It's the opposite of those things. It exists specifically to destroy them. It was crafted, not born, in concert with #capitalism, to arbitrarily privilege some at the expense of others. 1/*

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5 months ago

Today (it's after midnight where I am) I'm 27 years sober. I wrote about it, but more than that I wrote about recovering from my addiction to #whiteness and here on mastodon I use the tag #WhitenessRecovery for this kind of thing. Here's my blog post, I'd be honored if you checked it out!

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Screenshot text:
Institutional racism and lack of cultural competency behind deaths of three Aboriginal women
A coronial inquest has identified that institutional racism and a lack of cultural competency from health services were behind the deaths of three Aboriginal women in the remote Indigenous community of Doomadgee in north-west Queensland.

The coroner, Nerida Wilson, identified that the deaths of Doomadgee residents, Adele Sandy, 18, in 2019, Yvette Booth, 17, in 2020 and Shakaya George, 27, in 2020 were caused by complications due to rheumatic heart disease and, with proper and adequate care, could have been avoided.

In her 137-page report, Wilson identified a lack of collaboration between health services in Doomadgee, a failure to provide adequate care and a lack of “cultural competency” had led to a, “complete and fundamental breakdown of trust” between the community and the health providers servicing them.

She concluded that health services need “resetting” and that the inquest “... brought out the very worst and best in all involved. Without exception, all involved, individuals and organisations, have acknowledged the circumstances of the deaths and identified the gaps... All say they want to do better.”

Providers have a clear role resetting health services and health care delivery while ceasing to be complicit in the injustices and inequities in healthcare systems.

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Screenshot from Guardian article, text in toot
Screenshot from Guardian article, text in toot
Screenshot from Guardian article, text in toot

Not using certain words is less about causing someone offense and more about recognizing the power of language, particularly colonial languages, to reinforce and validate systems of oppression.

- Afrofuturist Abolitionists of the Americas

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White supremacy is a system where white comfort comes at the expense of POC distress. why is it that we are supposed to end white supremacy by continuing to prioritize white comfort?

Does that look strange to you, too?

- Kat Tanaka Okopnik

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Jochen Lingelbach
6 months ago

Just in time for #ECAS2023 my book "On the Edges of #Whiteness. #Polish Refugees in British Colonial Africa during and after #wwii " is out in paperback (just not yet shipped here).

Order it for a 35% discount with code ECAS23 on the publisher's website:

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Promotional flyer for the book ON THE EDGES OF WHITENESS
Polish Refugees in British Colonial Africa during and after the Second World War
Jochen Lingelbach

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May 2023, 306 pages, 15 illus.
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From 1942 to 1950, nearly twenty thousand Poles found refuge from the horrors of war-torn Europe in camps within Britain’s African colonies, including Uganda, Tanganyika, Kenya and Northern and Southern Rhodesia. On the Edges of Whiteness tells their improbable story, tracing the manifold, complex relationships that developed among refugees, their British administrators, and their African neighbors. While intervening in key historical debates across academic disciplines, this book also gives an accessible and memorable account of survival and dramatic cultural dislocation against the backdrop of global conflict.

“Jochen Lingelbach is to be applauded for his elegant handling of a complex narrative, switching between British colonies without losing the reader; the author writes in clear prose, ...
Dave Rahardja
6 months ago

Spent a bit of time reading the 2011 paper (not the book) “White Fragility” by Robin DiAngelo and I’m at once struck by how perceptive it is, but also how incomplete it is, particularly when it comes to what to *do* about the problem.

White defensiveness (of which white fragility is a part) is undeniably a common, observable, culturally-learned cluster of behaviors. Being aware of this phenomenon as a person of color is helpful—it’s even more helpful for white people to learn about it. Having said that, it describes only a small piece of the behemoth that is systemic, pro-white racism in the USA.

In the end, I reacted to the piece with little more than a shrug—it’s a great observation, but probably won’t really help move the needle at scale.

You can read the paper yourself here (PDF):

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Can we stop using mental illness as a label when talking about police brutality and white supremacy?

No, they aren't psychopaths. They're racists.

They aren't sociopaths. They're racists.

They aren't narcissists. They're racist.

If you label them as being mentally ill, you're:
a) being shitty towards those of us with mental illness

b) giving them an excuse for their bullshit.

Please stop it.

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Black activists are extremely controversial.

Native decolonizers are extremely controversial.

Kanaka Maoli nationalists are extremely controversial.

Anti-Zionists are extremely controversial.

Queer radicals are extremely controversial.

Marxists are extremely controversial.

Corporate media pointedly ignore all of them.

But those media love to cover Jordan Peterson and other reactionary hacks (including neo-Nazis). They don't provide that coverage because the subjects are controversial (see above). It happens because corporate media have an affinity for regressive ideas and a vested class interest in promoting them. By conditioning debate around spectacle, with a cast of smug and unlikable protagonists, reporters and pundits can ignore economic and racial injustice, even as they gesture at disapproval of the provocateurs they cover. (You disapprove of Peterson? Great! Maybe start ignoring him?)

Don't let reporters and pundits absolve themselves of introducing awful people to wide audiences by hiding behind sensationalism. The world has tons of controversial thinkers who are also insightful and compassionate. Arbiters of the newsworthy don't want to cover them. And they wouldn't be allowed to, anyway.

Pay attention to all that is missing from corporate media rather than assessing what they offer. The real story, as always, exists in the systematic absence of certain narratives.

- Steven Salaita

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