Cristiano R. Amon
2 hours ago

[Re. @patel_rahul_g]
Now that’s a thing of beauty 😍 With @Qualcomm FastConnect 7800 and #WiFi 7, it doesn’t get much better than this. Congrats on the launch @Acer!

Cristiano R. Amon
2 hours ago

[Re. @Snapdragon]
The @SamsungMobileUS #GalaxyS23 Ultra powered by #Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy delivers accelerated performance and unparalleled connectivity. Get #BackToSchool ready and unlock epic experiences across #AI, #5G, #WiFi, and #Bluetooth today.

2 hours ago

The @SamsungMobileUS #GalaxyS23 Ultra powered by #Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy delivers accelerated performance and unparalleled connectivity. Get #BackToSchool ready and unlock epic experiences across #AI, #5G, #WiFi, and #Bluetooth today.

2 hours ago

Pues nada chicos, me rindo, mi batalla por instalar #linux en un #macbookair me ha superado, no soy capaz de que funcione la #wifi, ninguno de las distribuciones ligeras los carga por defecto y cuando intento meterlo yo, no lo reconoce y da error. Ya he perdido muchas horas por intentar hacerlo funcionar y estoy totalmente atascado, al final este ordenador se irá para el reciclaje.

Following the success of its first public #WiFi zone, #Srinagar will now get about 50 more smart electricity poles, officials said

(@snehilsinha27 reports) #press

Peter Mount
10 hours ago

Now updating the firmware on one of the Smoke alarms...

Currently saying over 3 hours...

That said, this is #zigBee and not #wifi so there's not a lot of bandwidth available to it...

Progress bar showing a firmware update for one of my Smoke Alarms, saying it's got 3 hours 23 minutes remaining
Neil Brown
22 hours ago

Can I have a cable... please?

I must be getting old, because I've found recently that I quite like cables.

#BlogPost #Cables #Bluetooth #WiFi #Ethernet #Wired

Tomasz Nurkiewicz 🇺🇦
1 day ago

If you provide #WiFi access in public places, like cafes or conferences, consider QR codes encoding name/password. E.g. using When scanned, your phone connect to said network with one click.

OTOH: be careful when scanning random codes and connecting to random networks...

Cristiano R. Amon
2 days ago

[Re. @Qualcomm]
Join us for a webinar on 6GHz #WiFi. Qualcomm VP of Technical Standards Rolf de Vegt joins industry experts from @meraki, @geteero, and @Bell to discuss the role 6GHz spectrum is playing in fueling global innovation. Register here:

Holger Hellinger ✔️
2 days ago

Kaum im #ICE die ersten Lamentierenden am Telefon, dass sie sich vielleicht einwählen würden, wenn das WiFi nur funktionieren würde. Also ich bin im #WiFi und es ist besser als auf der ganzen Strecke von London kommend. Da hat es zwischen Lille Europe und Brüssel gar keines gegeben. 🤷 Wir sind übrigens 16:08 (anstatt 16:06) in Midi angekommen und Punkt 16:22 abgefahren. Ich habe große Hoffnung, dass es wieder ein Erfolg wird. :-)

Umstieg nachher in #CGN #LDNGAU

Hey #Apple: just give me back my #Airport #wifi #routers! I am SO SICK of being in the #eero environment! #WWDC

5 days ago

Why do bats always get good WiFi in their caves? Because they give it the bat-signal boost! 🦇📶 #pun #joke #bats #WiFi

5 days ago

the #mikrotik #wifi is weaker than the #centurylink one :/

i dunno what the default is but i'll try setting it to max
5 days ago

Κρύψτε το Wi-Fi δίκτυό σας
#tweaks #wifi

5 days ago

#ADSB-B Receiver Setup mit #Flightaware #MLAT #PiAware #RaspberryPi 3B+ und einfacher #Wifi Antenne läuft!

5 days ago

isp router can do multi ssid so i make a 5ghz exclusive one...

man u see bruh. u see why #dualband #wifi is bad. it prefers to use the shitty 2.4ghz cause it's nice and strong despite the 5ghz being way faster even at 2-3 bars. -_-

5 days ago

the problem with dual band #wifi is that it'll tend to pick the 2.4ghz if it's stronger even though the 5ghz wouldve still been a lot faster

6 days ago

The grey dotted square indicates disturbances #wifi #wlan

6 days ago

Today in my neighborhood.
Making 5ghz #wifi unusable again.

Was wondering why nobody was on channel 100+ anymore.

After looking at the transmission speed and even the Fritzbox reporting errors I'm not surprised...

Probably time to inform the Bundesnetzagentur about this.

1 week ago

【Computex 2023】會場實測 ASUS Wi-Fi 7 速度 達 4.7 Gbps 極速比 Wi-Fi 6E 快一倍有多
Wi-Fi 7 標準將會在明年陸續完成,不過廠商已經急不及待推出相關產品。在 Computex 大會上 ASUS 除了展出首部 Wi-Fi 7 路由器,更即場實測連接速度,確實比目前的 Wi-Fi 6E 快上一倍有多。
The post 【Computex 2023】會場實測 ASUS Wi-Fi 7 速度 達 4.7 Gbps 極速比 Wi-Fi 6E 快一倍有多 appeared first on 香港 玩生活.樂科技.
#配件 #asus #COMPUTEX 2023 #WiFi 7

1 week ago
Alexander 😷
1 week ago

#SanFrancisco public library forced to turn off Wi-Fi at night, because homeless people were using it:

Sounds like some community #WiFi is needed in the neighborhood! ✊ 📡


1 week ago

A must read for anyone interested in Wi-Fi security
Exploit power safe features for leaking clear text frames and more


#infosec #cybersecurity #wifi #wireless #security

Thomas Traynor
1 week ago

Unless it is my home network I always assume the network I use has been compromised or at least trying to snoop on what I am doing. First thing I do is launch the VPN. Even when I connect to the work network I fire up the VPN.

#VPN #wifi

1 week ago

【Computex 2023】ROG Rapture GT-BE98 電競路由器登場 支援 Wi-Fi 7 奪最佳產品類別獎
Wi-Fi 6 仍然陸續普及之際,支援 Wi-Fi 7 的產品已經逐漸準備就緒。ASUS 在 Computex 大會上,就展出了全球首部 Wi-Fi 7 路由器,從外觀到規格都相當進取,主打電競等高要求應用。
The post 【Computex 2023】ROG Rapture GT-BE98 電競路由器登場 支援 Wi-Fi 7 奪最佳產品類別獎 appeared first on 香港 玩生活.樂科技.
#配件 #asus #COMPUTEX 2023 #WiFi 7

1 week ago

I can live without #wifi support, main thing is to get a system up and running so I can start learning #guix and guile/scheme 😸 📚
1 week ago

Knowing how to make #WiFi calls on #Android comes in very handy when you're out of cell signal but need to send or receive a call.

Sanjaymenon :mastodon:
2 weeks ago

The Dark Side of Wireless Networks: Intro to Wi-Fi Hacking
- Megi Bashi & Ryan Dinnan

#Hacking #Infosec #Security #WiFi

Actually I'm a big fan of #WiFi 6, but #5G still unnecessary for my usage...

2 weeks ago

Clonar 24 pendrives al mismo tiempo utilizando 24 routerts TP-Link MR3020

#Clonar #MR3020 #OpenWrt #ParallelSSH #Pendrive #SSH #SysAdmin #TPLink #USB #WiFi

Clonar 24 pendrives al mismo tiempo
2 weeks ago

In addition to our Kali container, we've added a number of individual tools. We now have asleap, bettercap, hcxdumptool, hcxtools, hostapd and wpa_supplicant, kismet, reaver, WEF, and wifite2 #wifi #penetrationtesting #pentest #security #container #docker

Tixie Salander 💕
2 weeks ago

Question: how to I force my macOS computer to use the 6ghz channel (or 5), for now it's connect to the 2.4ghw every time.

My router broadcast a same common SSID for every channel, so do you know a way to tell my computer "I would prefer to connect to the 5ghz channel" ?

#wifi #macos

On this week’s Intego #Mac #Podcast

Hosts @mcelhearn & @theJoshMeister discuss:

• New #hacking tool #BrutePrint can unlock smartphones — including some iPhones w/ Touch ID.
#Router infections can be hard to remove; could #security have been a reason why #Apple got out of the #WiFi business?
• Is it safe to use an #iPhone that can’t run the latest #iOS version?


Sami Lehtinen
2 weeks ago
Links & QR codes and UX in general: #Android #WiFi #Hotspot got this exact issue. But even worse. You can generate QR code and share it. But you can join using qr code with camera or qrcode image. Garbage tier #UX guaranteed. It was easier to enter 20+ character random password than utilize the QR code. Many apps have similar problems with the links the application generates. There's no way to use the links in the app. One of those really badly engineered apps is actually Twitter. #Twitter generated #links won't work in Twitter #app at all. Pasting the link to the search box always says that content can't be found. Go figure. Post chain continued:
Sami Lehtinen
2 weeks ago
Links & QR codes and UX in general: #Android #WiFi #Hotspot got this exact issue. But even worse. You can generate QR code and share it. But you can join using qr code with camera or qrcode image. Garbage tier #UX guaranteed. It was easier to enter 20+ character random password than utilize the QR code. Many apps have similar problems with the links the application generates. There's no way to use the links in the app. One of those really badly engineered apps is actually Twitter. #Twitter generated #links won't work in Twitter #app at all. Pasting the link to the search box always says that content can't be found. Go figure.
Alex Lynd
2 weeks ago

Doing some development on #DNSDriveby and testing the ESP32-C3 for bluetooth #wardriving this week! 📡

Already noticing speed improvements over the #ESP8266, and the arbitrary UART / I2C pin assignment definitely beats SoftwareSerial crashing the #WiFi stack 💻💥

Poetry News
2 weeks ago

Boost your WiFi signal
With the best extenders around
For better connection

#wifi #extenders #connection #haiku #poetry

Digital EU 🇪🇺
2 weeks ago

📍 Grand Cahors 🇫🇷 is one of the major stops on the way to the famous Santiago de Compostela trail. It's home to the historical Pont Valentré, but also #WiFi4EU hotspots!

📶 Free #WiFi connectivity improves the municipality’s e-services, for its citizens and tourists alike.


The Govt doesn't believe #wifi on trains is a priority for customers;

I'm sure that's right; we're more focussed on trains running on time (or running at all), and services not being so full you have to stand for hours;

so, yes there's lots of things that need to be sorted before one might get into the where's & wherefores of wifi, but equally if they think passengers (sorry customers) will be happy when they cannot connect in-train, the Govt. may find its opened up anther front of hostility!

Karri Huhtanen
2 weeks ago

If you missed my #WiFi #roaming #security and #privacy presentation in #TammerSec meetup or are interested otherwise, I will present an updated presentation tomorrow 23rd of May 08:00 - 09:00 UTC and on Thursday 25th of May 16:00 - 17:00 UTC. Webinar registration is available at https://radiatorsofware/webinars/

Radiator live webinar about Wi-Fi Roaming Security and Privacy on the 23rd and 25th of May 2023. Wi-Fi Roaming Security topics: Evil Twin Man-in-the-Middle (MitM), Remote Brute Force / Denial of Service (DoS), (log4j) Injection, VLAN Penetration/Hopping. Wi-Fi Privacy topics: MAC address based tracking, MAC address randomisation, Roaming RADIUS authentication and accounting privacy, SIM authentication privacy and IMSI privacy protection.

I joined Keith Parsons to talk about the observations and recommendations for migrating to the latest #WiFi #security suite, #WPA2 to #WPA3, and why/how some clients "misbehave" and won't even connect to Wi-Fi networks designed to support both generations.
30-minute audio podcast with transcript at: @packetpushers #security #infosec #wireless

2 weeks ago

Rail passengers in England could lose wifi access amid cost cuts

'DfT tells operators wifi is low priority for travellers and they need to justify business case for it'

#UK #rail #railway #railways #wifi #technology #internet

Digital EU 🇪🇺
2 weeks ago

📶 If today we use #WiFi, #Bluetooth and #GPS, it is also thanks to the brilliant Hedy Lamarr!

In 1942, Lamarr 👩‍💻 developed a technology that was later used in wireless systems - and earned her the titles of "Mother of Wi-Fi".

Hedy is one of our #ProphetsOfDigital!


Andrzej Wąsowski🌻🕊️☑️
3 weeks ago

Seen in-between the packets. Is #Pythagoras in the room?

#wifi #ssid

A screenshot of wifi networks in State Library Victoria, showing a network with SSID being a 20 digit expansion of  the Pi.
Ossi Herrala
3 weeks ago

My latest home network upgrade is completed!

I managed to buy Mikrotik hAP ax³ and cAP ax wifi access points. These replaced my two old wAP ac access points which have served me well since ~2015.

This brings my home network to 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6 Wave 2).

Currently the hAP is serving my house and the cAP is serving the utility building. However, I plan to run some benchmarks to see if there's any difference and then switch their places.

@mikrotik #homelab #network #mikrotik #wifi #wave2

James Bartlett :terminal:
3 weeks ago

I'm no security researcher, but my intuition has always told me that #SmartHome devices shouldn't have direct access to the network. Therefore, I've gone out of my way to avoid #WiFi based devices in favor of #ZWave or #Zigbee whenever possible, working under the assumption that an attacker would first need to #pwn my #Hubitat before they could access any of my actual #HomeAutomation devices. In your expert opinion, is my intuition on this subject more or less accurate?

3 weeks ago

I have to get a new #wifi #router today. Any #suggestions?

It has to be reliable, play well with #ubuntu and #debian #linux, and preferably not use third parties to manage #software

3 weeks ago

Nice project that collects the best Wi-Fi USB dongle with good Linux support
It contains a lot of up-to-date useful information

#wireless #wifi #80211 #Linux #usbwifi

@dolari whereas even for #Windows-Fans there are simple tools like #netplan ( ) that just allow simply setup a failover-#bond between #Wifi and #Ethernet and assign it one #IPv4 (and even #IPv6)...

And it just works...

Note: #netplan does not run on Windows, because Windows is trash!

Friday so far. It is 7.20 am.
Wifi down 😡
Reset router ❌
Check phone for Sky Contact no ❌
Turn router off/on ❌
Grab phone, drop phone, phone disappears under bed 😡😡
Is bed heavy and full of towels/blankets/bedding? ✅ 😔
Is there loads of furniture to move before bed can be moved? ✅ 😔😔
Move furniture 😓
Move bed 😓😓
Find phone 🥳🥳
Put back bed and furniture 😓😓
Open laptop.
Wifi back on. 🤬🤬
#FFS #TakingThePiss #Technology #Wifi #Furniture

Pete Prodoehl 🍕
1 month ago

I wonder how reliable WiFi connections are on the Raspberry Pi Pico W. Could I set two up to talk to each other and it'll just work, even after I ship it to someone across the country? How reliable is it? Will they always see each other properly?

I haven't done much with WiFi stuff on microcontrollers, and... I know it *should* just work, but the real world is a harsh environment.

#raspberryPi #raspberryPiPico #arduino #microcontrollers #WiFi

Jessica Canady
1 month ago

So the Unifi U6 Pro wifi6 access point only has a single Ethernet port, rather than in/out.


So on the assumption that running Ethernet through plaster/lath walls is going to *absolutely suck,* does anyone have recommendations for a Wifi-to-Eth bridge, and/or thoughts about Unifi vs. Anything Else for wifi?

#homelab #unifi #ubiquiti #wifi #networking #ethernet I ended up getting a #Ryzen 5500U #miniPC for $290. With 16GB RAM and 6 CPU cores it should be able to handle any emulator core #batocera can throw at it. I'm pretty confident in #AMD's #Linux support, so I shouldn't have any trouble (except #Bluetooth and #wifi of course!)

Hemish 🇮🇳
1 month ago

@linmob @nikodunk Appereantly I am not able to access in #India since last week? I was not able to access it through BSNL network's broadband #wifi. I checked again on my phone, I wasnt able to access it on Vi network's mobile data either. Did they just secretly block India and network providers are weird, they sometimes randomly block Codeberg,, and now this! I had to use VPN just to check out the blog

Thomas :damnified:
1 month ago

WLAN IEEE 802.11be: Warum noch Wi-Fi 6E kaufen, wenn Wi-Fi 7 viel besser wird? -

Klingt nach einem sehr interessanten Artikel! Hab's nur kurz angelesen.

#wifi #wlan

Leigh Dodds
1 month ago

Does anyone know why, after rebooting, it takes so long for a Virgin Media router to offer a stable wifi connection?

I've got 2 home networks on ours. They both come and go intermittently during the reboot cycle. As if it initialises them several times, with the more secure network being the flakiest.

#virginmedia #wifi #routers

1 month ago

I’ve had a few amusing wireless SSIDs over the years but haven't seen these before 😆

Vladimir Routin
Vladimir Computin
Abraham Linksys
For Whom the Belkin Tolls
...and my new favourite...
Panic At The Cisco

#tech #technology #wifi

Linux ☑️
1 month ago

Linux 6.4 to get notable networking boosts! 📶 :linux:

Changes & performance optimizations - new hardware support - for instance: Apple M1 Pro/Max WiFi (Yes!)

- Optimized route lookup for IPv6 addresses

- The MediaTek MT76 driver: WiFi 7 support

- WiFi 7 (EHT) mesh support enabled

- Intel's "iwlwifi" WiFi driver has been prepared

- Many (e)BPF features for developers

- AMD Pensando core device Ethernet support

- Realtek RTW89 driver with better 6GHz scanning

& Much more =>

#Linux #networking #kernel #WiFi #Apple #Pro #Max #M1 #WiFi7 #EHT #AMD #Pensando #Realtek #ethernet #Internet #network

Kim Mi
1 month ago

@TilliAtHome Beim #Wifi warte ich noch auf neue FRITZ!Box Modelle und Repeater, die Wifi 7 unterstützen. Vermutlich kommt da noch dieses Jahr was.

Dennis Faucher :donor: :mastodon:
1 month ago

I'm working on a weak #WiFi connection to day and just found this very informative CloudFlare #speedtest site

Silly question…
WiFi access points with roaming.
I know Ruckus and UniFi and Aruba.
I mostly like Aruba as no need for controller/director.
What other options are there?
What “consumer” grade multi AP solutions are good?
#wifi #aruba #ruckus #unifi

Ted Curran M. Ed. 🆒
2 months ago

DEAL: Google’s Nest WiFi router is SUPER CHEAP right now!

They're really burying the lead here. For #parents, the #1 selling point of these Google #WiFi routers is that you can cut Internet to any device in your home on a whim or a schedule. Really helps me enforce bedtime when I can disable his tablet and Switch from an app on my phone. Makes it easy to hold wifi hostage until after homework is done.

Is This The Greatest Power In The Universe Loki GIF

Android FOSS app providing a configurable widget for the monitoring of your WiFi connection details. Built with Jetpack Compose.

Download :

#foss #android #app #opensource #widget #WiFi #foss_android #JetpackCompose

Jeff Fortin T.
2 months ago

Started #rsync of my home directory, from my old #ThinkPad X220 to my "new" ThinkPad T480, over SSH.

Started with one of them on #WiFi N (while the other was wired), got only a couple of megabytes per second. Unacceptable!

Plugged the X220 into the wired network, and now I'm getting between 80 and 110 MiB/s (i.e. ~640 to 870 mbits/s) 👌🏼

I'm going to save hours of waiting. This is why I insisted to have all the walls #wired up with gigabit-capable #ethernet cables in the @ideemarque HQ 🦊

A network monitor graph showing 108 MiB/s upload speed
2 months ago

Hoping someone might have a thought or two on the easiest way to set up a #bluetooth to #wifi bridge/extender for @homeassistant with an #ESP32.

How would you recommend someone who's never used an ESP32 before go about it?

Essentially I have a couple lying around, and want to extend the range of my #Miflora devices in #HomeAssistant, so I can see how my plants are doing.

Also, if I do this, am I likely to be able to see battery levels in my Miflora devices?

Thanks y'all!

Crossed Wires
2 months ago

Tomorrow, we’re recording with good friend of the show @alexlowe30 to talk all about #WiFi, with a focus on explaining some of the issues people can face wirh it.

Do you have any questions you’d want answering, or maybe concepts you have to keep explaining to less tech savvy friends and family members?

Drop a reply or email and we’ll try to address them as we record!

2 months ago

The @adafruit #Metro M7 with #AirLift takes a very powerful #NXP #arm Cortex-M7 #microcontroller, puts it in the #Arduino #Uno’s form factor, and then squeezes in an #Espressif #WiFi subsystem plus all the extras found on their recent boards. ⚡️💪🗜️

heise online
2 months ago

heise+ | Kurztests: USB-Festplatte mit 22 TByte, tragbares Touchdisplay und Wi-Fi-6-Stick

Diesmal im Test: Eine 22 TByte USB-Festplatte von Western Digital, das tragbare Touchdisplay Viewsonic TD2465 sowie ein USB-WLAN-Stick mit Wi-Fi 6 von Edimax.

#Festplatten #Hardware #Test #USB #WesternDigital #WiFi #WiFi #WLAN #news

Bradley Taunt
2 months ago

New post!

"Bypassing the WiFi Hardware Switch on the Lenovo X201"

#thinkpad #hardware #wifi

Cross-Platform file sharing solution via WiFi.

LocalSend is an open source app to share files and messages between nearby devices using the local wifi network.
The communication between devices is entirely end-to-end encrypted via HTTPS.
No Internet required. No tracking*. No ads.


#foss #android #OpenSource #localsend #Sharefiles #wifi #endtoendenryption

2 months ago

"Polar Caps melting so you can have your cell phone "
"WiFi tearing the Earth's magnetic grid up"
#WiFi #globalwarming #environment #Pacha Mama #digitalart #drawing #drawingoftheday

Does anyone on here have a Wifi 6E router and have tested their network speed between 5Ghz and 6Ghz?

Because every device I try in whatever configuration has roughly ~400Mbps Down on 6Ghz, but reaches nearly ~850Mbps Down on 5Ghz. All happening on 80Mhz bandwidth

Making the availability of 6Ghz basically useless, it gives no speed improvement whatsoever.

Is this just my router (Netgear Nighthawk RAXE300), or is WiFi 6E simply just not as developed as I thought?


heise online
3 months ago

Nighthawk RS700: Netgears erster Router mit Wi-Fi 7

Netgears erster Wi-Fi-7-fähiger Router spannt drei Funknetze auf und hat zwei 10-Gbit/s-Anschlüsse. Ab dem zweiten Quartal 2023 soll er verfügbar sein.

#Netgear #Router #WiFi #WLAN #news

Netgear-Router Nighthawk RS700
The Calyx Institute
3 months ago

The Calyx Institute is excited to offer a new device: the Inseego MiFi X PRO! This 5G capable #hotspot includes an #ethernet port for tethering your favorite #router or device. Check it out as part of our #unlimited #wifi Sustainer membership here: #internet #privacy #mobile

Bradley Taunt
3 months ago

Wrote up a small post about my switch away from #eero #wifi

"Replacing My Eero Mesh Network with Two Mangos"

Topher 🌱🐧💚
3 months ago

Unless I am completely overlooking something, it is absurdly, unnecessarily difficult to find a consumer line home wifi router that doesn't have cloud-based safety features in its firmware and require account signups with privacy policies that pretty much at best say they're going to collect (only possibly sell) all your usage data

It's past 0200 my time zone. Client call at 0900. I started this yesterday, and not like 5 mins left of yesterday, either

#privacy #wifi #router #network #internet

Martin Owens
3 months ago

I managed to complete the #repair on this @system76 ratp4 by drilling two holes in the blank pci plate and mounting two WiFi antenna sockets. Internally these are short wires which plug directly into a #wifi card stripped out of a laptop. Externally this then goes to a pair of bunny ears which my wife finds amusingly old fashioned. But super happy with the clean mount.

Wifi signal has gone from 15Kb/s to 2.5MB/s

#reuse #recycle

The back of a system76 ratp4 desktop computer showing all sorts of ports. Two golden screw on antenna sockets are mounted on the single pci cover plate.

I hate how much of my brain is just sitting there holding neuronal connections that encode for smart home wireless protocol nonsense #zigbee #zWave #wifi #homeAssistant #thread #bluetooth #matter #phillipsHue #homeAutomation #smartHome #protocol #wireless #networking #homelab

Joey Gibson :fez:
4 months ago

Anyone have anything to say, good or bad, about the eero 6+ mesh devices?

#Wifi #Hardware #Networking #eero

How many devices do you have on your home #wifi network(s)? Such that if you changed your wifi SSID, you'd have to change the network on each of these devices. Include your phone(s), laptop(s), smart devices, home automation, etc.

For me, its definitely 30+

#Boost if you want

Luke Dorny🛹
4 months ago

@philcoffman might have to make it text only, amirite? #3G #LTE #5G #WiFi #KneeSlap

Trash Robot
4 months ago

I'm puzzling over this #wifi #antenna structure. I want to figure out how to replace it with a coax breakout I can take out to a #yagi. Any thoughts? It's 2.5 ghz. Obviously I'm way past voiding all warranty etc etc. Thanks!

Markus Tacker
4 months ago

Adding #WiFi to #cellularIoT has been on the wishlist for many of #NordicSemiconductor's customers and starting today you can order the #nRF7002 Development Kit:

The Calyx Institute
4 months ago

Give a #ValentinesDay gift that says "I love you, and I love digital privacy too"! A Calyx Institute membership comes with a @calyxos phone or #unlimited wifi hotspot that everyone is sure to love! #privacy #wifi #smartphone #gift

Doug Parker
4 months ago

How have we not solved #WiFi redirects yet? If you're activating a new model or accessing a public network, you just get a bunch of #SSL errors as the network tries to redirect you but the browser refuses them. Users don't understand what these errors mean and definitely don't know the trick.

Is there really no way we can securely say: "The router is refusing your connection and redirecting you to your ISP's website"? This feels solvable, isn't it?

4 months ago

"Wi-Fi" is a trademark, so written. The logo of the Wi-Fi Alliance lacks a hyphen, and the variants WiFi, wifi, and wi-fi are very common. "Hot spot" is quite often one word in common usage, but most style guides call for two words. Edited text most often refers to a "Wi-Fi hot spot."

#words #tips #wifi #hotspot

The Wi-Fi trademarked logo from the Wi-Fi Alliance. The background is black and "Wi" is in white, next to which is "Fi" in black inside what suggests a white speaking bubble. The trademark symbol is in small type and faded after the bubble.
The Calyx Institute
5 months ago

Which #browser do you trust most to #protect your #data? The @calyxos #Chromium is based on #Bromite and includes #ad blocking. Check out to compare the #privacy features of your browser of choice. #internet #wifi #degoogle #anonymous #surveillance

@rysiek @ares
The real problem with #IoT is internet connectivity that:
- has global reach
- does not require any user authentication to connect (as in #wifi)
- is not user-controlled (cannot be switched off or checked to see if it is sending/receiving anything)

Currently, the #ecall system in cars fulfils all the above conditions and, unfortunately, is generally required by law in the EU.
Edward Betts
5 months ago

When you're travelling on a train on the Elizabeth line take a look at the line diagrams posted around the inside of the train. In top right hand corner is a little message about "Wi-Fi data collection".

If you want to opt-out then you need to remember to turn off WiFi on your phone every time you travel.

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A sign that says: "Wi-Fi data collection TfL collects Wi-Fi connection data at some stations the Elizabeth line to better understand journey patterns and improve TfL services. TfL will not identify individuals. You can opt out by turning off your device's Wi-Fi. For more information visit"
The Calyx Institute
5 months ago

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OverSoft :unverified:
5 months ago

Android’s Wifi stack is very weird, especially in prioritization and fallbacks.

You have two networks configured.

Number 1 uses WPA EAP (enterprise networking with username and password)
Number 2 uses WPA PSK (just a password)

Number 1 has priority.

On a location with both networks, the device connects to #1. Location with only network #2, it happily connects to #2. Change any of the cipher details on the network of #1, it automatically connects to #2.

But: remove the user from network #1 (so it can’t authenticate) and it will continue to try to connect to it, constantly. It will never fall back to #2.

This is sucks for M2M devices in enterprise environments. We use the fallback network (#2) to reprovision the username/password for #1 in case of relocation of the device or if the password expires, but we can’t now, because it doesn’t fall back automatically.

Oh well, another change I have to make to my Android ROMs…

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