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🌏🐦 The World's Most Dangerous Bird Found Swimming Near Australian Coast

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#OTD in 1965, "Miss Goodall and the Wild Chimpanzees" was first broadcast on CBS.

Since then, #JaneGoodall has become synonymous with wildlife conservation & research, especially regarding chimps.

Watch Goodall speak in this 2017 episode of PBS NewsHour:

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Lone Wolves or Pack Power: Which Wolf Species Still Roam the United States? 🐺🇺🇸

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⚡️ Thai Authorities at Suvarnabhumi Airport stopped an attempt to smuggle 17 Indian star tortoises out of the country. The seized animals will be handed over to the Wildlife Health Management Group for further handling. A complaint has been filed with the Provincial Police Station for prosecution. #WildlifeConservation

Stuart Longland (VK4MSL)
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Imagine telling people drop bears are this size?

Update: Amended the alt text to give the full text of the sign. The QR code took a bit of signal processing to extract, but it links here:

I think those are Twitter/X handles: so @burleighbrewing@bird.markup, @currumbinwildlifehospital@bird.markup and @binnaburra@bird.markup -- not sure if they've got profiles somewhere on the Fediverse.

#art #WildlifeConservation

A statue of a koala (with Aboriginal-style artwork, blue in colour), about 1.5m high, stands on all fours beside a sign about wildlife conservation.
The sign close up.

Burleigh Brewing

Represents the unification of two worlds, the Aboriginal world and the Western world, and reflects harmony and balance.

Burleigh Brewing acquired the Connection Koala as part of a fundraising program for Currumbin Wildlife Hospital.  One of the busiest wildlife hospitals in the world.  Currumbin Wildlife Hospital's mission is to treat, rehabilitate and release sick, injured and orphaned Australian wildlife.

Bureigh Brewing have shared the Connection Koala with Binna Burra where it stands proudly in this beautiful location as a way for visitors to connect and reflect on our shared love for koalas, their habitat and their future.  The artwork spoke to Burleigh Brewing's own ethos of Balance, Character and Soul and its passion for building local connections that can enhance and nurture our community for all.

<qr code>


Simply scan the QR code with your phone and follow the prompts.

Second sign:

We ask you also to consider acknowledging our Koala's hard work as a selfie model by making a donation to the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital.

Share and tag @burleighbrewing, @currumbinwildlifehospital and @binnaburra.
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Just learned about the incredible #Pangolin today! These unique animals are nature's armor-plated wonder, helping to maintain a healthy ecosystem. Let's work together to protect these gentle, scaly creatures and preserve their habitat. 🌍💚 #WildlifeConservation

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Mixed fates of rehabilitated bears spur new conservation hopes in east Sabah.

Carolyn Cowan from Mongabay visited the rainforests in Malaysian Borneo to report about the rehabilitated sun bears.

Be the first to know more as this story comes out! Follow us on Instagram (@mongabay) and subscribe to our Youtube channel (@MongabayTV)!

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Hopefully the devastating ecological harm from the invasive horses can finally end soon. Rounding them up would cause too much damage and make the problem even worse, possibly wiping out one of the critically endangered wildlife species. Aerial shooting will have the least environmental impact, but will have loud opposition anyway.

#InvasiveSpecies #BiodiversityCollapse #WildlifeConservation

Some of the wildlife that are critically endangered from invasive horses
srrpnj 🌳♻️
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What if you found out that a #bird you saw today is scheduled to completely vanish from its #habitat in a few years?

How would you react if you learned that the key reason why that bird's #species will vanish is due to wide scale, global #deforestation ?

#ClimateChange #landpreservation #wildlife #WildlifeConservation

What if you found out that a #bird you saw today is scheduled to completely vanish from its #habitat  in a few years?

How would you react if you learned that the key reason why that bird's #species will vanish is due to wide scale, global #deforestation ?
Rev Debbie
2 months ago

I believe tortoises, like all beings, have worth just because they exist but, headline aside, it's still good news worth sharing.

#Tortoises #GalapagosIslands #wildlife #habitatrestoration #wildlifeconservation

Hundreds of birds are dying every year after colliding with a glass building in Chicago. The McCormick Place Lakeside Center is a notorious bird-killer, especially during migration seasons. Conservationists are calling for bird-friendly design and lighting to prevent this tragedy. #birdcollision #glassbuilding #wildlifeconservation

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For those of you who were playing along at home.

I'm happy a raptor made the top 10. I hope polls like this give rise to further conservation efforts.

#WildlifeConservation #ReverseExtinction #StopHabitatDestruction

A colourful cartoon of three Aussie birds standing atop podiums. Many other Aussie birds look on. Underneath the caption reads "Australian bird of the year 2023: final top 10 ranking".
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India’s cheetah project: A costly diversion from more pressing priorities

The project, hailed as a saviour for abused ecosystems and endangered species, now faces scrutiny over its suitability, transparency and feasibility.

#cheetahs #CheetahActionPlan #KunoNationalPark #WildlifeConservation #wildlife #biodiversity #environment #india

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🐦 Part Time Nerd Projects

Yesterday my washing line was proudly displaying yellow and red cloth bags. My 'ringing bag' was packed and my wellies given a good wash to removed any contamination from my last outing. I was hoping to go out this morning & continue my bird ringing training - but the weather had other ideas 🙄

What is bird ringing & why do we do it?
Here is an article by the wildlife trust:

Maybe next time 🤞

#blog #birds #science #wildlifeconservation

Washing line in a back garden. Blue sky with some fluffy white clouds. Red and yellow cloth bags with toggle fastenings are hangign out to dry. White text on red background states "Rain check!"
Corinna 🦕
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My good friend Brenda Scott Royce wrote a terrific book about two very different gorillas. We couldn’t wait to read it. Here’s more info if you’d like to read it too: #books #gorilla #WildlifeConservation 🦍

I read Angela and Lulingu to Elsa Dog
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This is music to my ears!
#Biden will cancel 7 Trump-era oil and gas leases in the #ArcticNationalWildlifeRefuge and protect more than 13 million acres in Alaska.

Slowly Biden is repairing the damage Trump has done to our land, our people, and our beautiful country.

#ThankYouPresidentBiden !

A new approach to wildlife conservation is under way in Kenya, where people and wild animals are living side by side.Traditional methods often meant moving K...
Kenya wildlife conservation: Living in harmony with wild neighbours
Poetry News
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Head stuck, help came free
Brave park manager, bear cub safe
Relief, joy, released
Reunited at last

#bearcub #rescue #pennsylvania #wildlifeconservation #cinquain #poetry

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Me in front of a rainbow
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⚡️ Two leopards found dead near Madakasira in Sri Sathya Sai district of Andhra Pradesh. Suspected poisoning as froth found in their mouths. Forest officials suspect poachers used poisoned prey to lure them. Carcasses sent for necropsy and samples sent for further investigation. Previously, two leopards captured in human habitations on Tirumala hills. #WildlifeConservation #PoachingConcerns

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SUPER proud of my cousin, Cy, who was on the local news recently!
Come check out his #artwork at #London Mall Galleries next month if you're in town :D

#wildlifeArt #artists #wildlife #conservation #biroArt #Africa #Uganda #wildlifeConservation #MastoArt

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Great news! #California has a new #GrayWolf pack!
In July wolf sighting we’re reported in #SequoiaNationalForest. Tracks, scat & hair samples were found & genetically tested. It was confirmed: 5 gray wolves! DNA tests revealed 1 female is direct descendant of CA’s 1st documented wolf since the 1920s; OR7. 1 male is poss descendant of Lassen Pack.


Wildlife conservationists in Bolivia are being forced to rescue an increasing number of animals in the Amazon Rainforest.Climate change related weather event...
Bolivian amazon: Conservators fight to save vulnerable animals
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‘Rude magnificence’ restored: following in the footsteps of pioneering naturalist Gilbert White #wildlife #wildlifeconservation

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Three macaw chicks in a cardboard lined plastic basket
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Safeguarding the pilot whales: How many are left and what dangers do they confront? 🐳💔

Have you ever wondered about the current population of pilot whales and the challenges they encounter in their marine habitat? Explore the article to discover the crucial facts and join the conversation on protecting these magnificent creatures.

#WildlifeConservation #MarineLife #PilotWhales

They’re “gulls” not “seagulls” which is why they’re so common inland, in fact many gulls aren’t oceanic at all except during winter.

Almost all birds and nests are protected in Canada under the Migratory Birds Convention Act that dumptrump tried to cancel…so it’s illegal to harass or harm nests most birds without a permit from CWS.

#WildlifeConservation #Biodiversity #WildlifeManagement #Gulls

Please report Franklins ground squirrel sightings, the grey head and bushy tail are the identifying characteristics. They’re both on the ground and in trees.

#WildlifeConservation #Biodiversity #FranklinsGroundSquirrel

These don’t work well, or at all when not put on kitty before being released out to slaughter wildlife. They’re just another excuse for irresponsible pet owners to continue being irresponsible wildlife killers.

#Catio #Catlines #LoveYourPet #BirdConservation #WildlifeConservation #EndangeredByCatOwners

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Here's my #introduction. I'm Dan, a #WordPress website designer.

My wife and I operate a web design company in upstate NY.

My hobbies and side business ventures include #LEGO projects, #microgreens and #gardening, #pinball and #retrogaming #arcades, camping, and hiking.

I #make stuff: Websites, landscaped gardens, home DIY projects, Sprinter conversion van, and eventually the largest animal loitering easement on this side of the Mississippi.

#vegetarian #nonprofit #wildlifeconservation

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The busy #WildlifeRehabilitation season has begun & the 1st #injured & #orphaned #RedShoulderedHawks are coming in. Here are before & after photos of this very hungry #hawklet. She fell 60 feet from her nest, and was found by kind-hearted #hikers who brought her into the wildlife center. 2nd photo after eating 4 chopped mice. 😳☺️

She still has her #EggTooth (tiny white spot) on tip of beak - helps her to crack egg shell when she was hatching.


A full bodied view of a rescued and still fuzzy red shouldered hawket siting on a towel before being fed.
A full bodied view of a rescued and still fuzzy red shouldered hawklet siting on a towel after being fed. Hawklet has a large protruding crop bulge after eating 4 mice.
Joel at Seldon Crisis
8 months ago

My son and I attended a talk by Ryan Phelan on Bringing Biotech to Conservation. We were shocked to hear about the sudden die-off of Pacific kelp forests off of Northern California since 2014 due to a wasting disease attacking a certain kind of sea stars resulting in an explosion of sea urchin population which block the recovery of kelp forests. Surprised it's not a bigger story.
#ClimateChange #Biotech #WildlifeConservation #Kelp

The Sloth Lemur's Song is now out in paperback!

A revelatory book, this is a natural history of Madagascar in the broadest sense of the word and a passionate plea against simplistic conservation narratives.

#Books #BookReview #Bookstodon #EnvironmentalHistory #Madagascar #WildlifeConservation #Paleontology #Archeology #Scicomm @bookstodon

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Welcome to the recent wave of #NewPeople migrating to #Mastodon. Our #Community goes round-n-round via #hashtags, here’re some I’ll be boosting & tooting about - always looking to connect with my tribe. #WelcomeNewbies, you’ll love it here!



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@QasimRashid Excellent statement, and so well said.👍 One exception; unless your work is on behalf of #animals and all #NonHumanLife on our planet. In this case, take the mic and roar.

#WeAreAllConnected 🌎

Andrew Thompson
10 months ago

Scottish Government ends the ‘sport’ of #foxhunting

This is a big moment for #animalWelfare and #wildlifeConservation in #Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Well done #OneKind who commented
“For the foxes:
We are delighted to be able to say that 24th January 2023 was the day that the ‘sport’ of #fox #hunting was finally consigned to Scotland’s history books.

Natasha Vizcarra
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Finally, my #introduction !

I'm a freelance science writer and editor writing mostly about #climatechange, #earthscience, #conservation, #forestconservation, and #ecologicalrestoration. Soon, I'll publish more pieces on #energy, #wildlifeconservation, and #immigrantculture.

I'll be sharing my science writing here and my favorite #narrative #nonfiction. But I'm really more excited about sharing #garden and #pet photos. If you #compost and keep a worm bin, let's chat!


@alex two things where I'm involved in outside of my technological bread and butter work (which requires scale) but which don't scale well are #Montessori methods and #WildlifeConservation ... Thank you for writing this. Hope this paper becomes a good starting point for having discussions with the tech warriors and saviours who want to "disrupt" these markets ... Errrr ... spaces.

@kissane @meeta

(((Emma Cook)))
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My cartoon in todays @DomPost & online @NZStuff
Aotearoa's vanishing species.
The cuter ones get a lot of attention but that means we're not caring for the rest of indigenous species.
#Aotearoa #ClimateEmergency #VulnerableSpecies #WildlifeConservation #NZ

Title: Aotearoa's vanishing species   Text to the left:  "THERE ARE 8000 ENDEMIC INDIGENOUS SPECIES AT RISK OF EXTINCTION. DOC RECEIVES $300 MILLION A YEAR. MUCH OF THE $300 MILLION IS SPENT ON PEST CONTROL. ONLY $29 MILLION IS DEVOTED TO SPECIES SPECIFIC FUNDING. 70% IS SPENT ON BIRDS. 30% IS SPENT ON PLANTS, INSECTS, FISH AND FUNGI."  Drawings: Grayling fish - head popping out of a pond.  A snail sadly sliding past. A worried wētā waving for help. Three blue (very sad) entolama fungis, two lonely bees hovering, one upset monarch butterfly and three little mountain daisies looking maudlin. They're all saying, "We're not cute! But we're still needed!"