Frauchen Will Raus
4 months ago

Gottogott, wo sind wir dann hier gelandet? Altötting! Römisch katholische Merchandise, überall wo man hinguckt. Das ist hier big business und es ist total gruselig. Wer kauft dann so einen Schrott? Anscheinend sind es viele 😬.

OMG, where did we end up then? Altötting, a small town in Germany. There’s Roman Catholic merchandise everywhere you look. It’s big business here and pretty scary 😱. Who buys that kind of stuff? Apparently a lot of people do.

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Die Schaufenster eines Devotionalien-Geschäfts mit farbenfrohen kleinen Statuen von Heiligen und Kreuzen. Die Rahmen und die Tür sind dunkelgrün. In den Fenster spiegeln sich andere Gebäude. Vor dem Laden steht ein Fahrrad mit einem Korb, darin sind einige Gegenstände.

The window of a devotional shop with colorful small statues of saints and crosses. The frames and the door are dark green. Other buildings are reflected in the windows. In front of the shop there is a bicycle with a basket containing some items.
Die Schaufenster zweier Geschäfte, die Devotionalien verkaufen. Rechts eine Wachszieherei, in der Kerzen in allen Größen und zu überhöhten Preisen verkauft werden. Links ein Gold- und Silberschmied, da gibt es jede Menge Kleinkram. Ein Radfahrer fährt gerade vorbei. Er trägt einen Helm und eine Umhängetasche.

The windows of two shops selling devotional items. On the right a wax factory, they sell candles in all different sizes and for exorbitant prices. On the left a gold and silversmith, there are lots of small stuff. A cyclist just drives by. He's wearing a helmet and a shoulder bag.
5 months ago

View from the boathouse 😺

6 months ago
6 months ago

Somewhere in Colorado!

A pair of stained glass windows in the church of St Cattwg in Port Eynon, Gower, Cymru. The upper parts of the windows depict Bible scenes relating to the Sea of Galilee, the lower parts show local coastal scenes relating to rescues at sea by local lifeboats. Port Eynon is a small coastal village which suffered the tragic loss of an entire lifeboat crew when attempting a rescue - and where some of the residents still crew the lifeboat.
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Colour photo showing pair of stained glass church windows  - details are in main text of this post.
Duncan Batey
7 months ago

Another beautiful piece of Butterfly Art in the window of Jacks Art Gallery, Wells, Somerset, UK.

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An arrangement of electric blue butterflies in a glass jar, in a window display
Duncan Batey
8 months ago

A propos of nothing, here is a work of art made of butterflies. Seen in the window of Jacks Art Gallery in Wells, Somerset, UK.

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A domed glass container, inside are colourful butterflies, some bright electric blue, arranged artfully. Red wooden wall behind.
8 months ago

Whether you’re weathered
whether or not,
You still peek out at me
saving glimpses of beauty
time-worn and well loved
A mystery, a hundred stories, a mourning dove
calling out from your eaves

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Close-up of exterior of an abandoned house, peeling paint and rotten siding on both sides of a wooden window frame. Three out of four panes are boarded up and one glass pane shows reflection of sky and winter-stripped tree branches
Bob Jeselnik
8 months ago

What a nice day out, but I'm too lazy...
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8 months ago

"With words
like 'lost and found'
and 'don't look down'
and 'someone save temptation'..."
-from The Trapeze Swinger by Iron & Wine

West Bottoms, Kansas City, MO

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A view looking upward from the bottom of a fire escape on an old brick factory building with arched windows
Blake Leyh
9 months ago

Our cat Laika the Abyssinian looking out the window

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A brown Abyssinian cat perched on top of some wooden shutters facing away from the camera, looking out the window into the street. The window is framed by old fashioned brown wood. Across the street we can see red brick brownstone houses with pointed roofs, some leafless Winter trees, and a patch of blue sky.

This is another significant #Fensterfreitag. This is Tuol Sleng Prison, located in Phnom Penh, #Cambodia. The site is a former secondary school which was used as Security Prison 21 by the Khmer Rouge regime from 1975 until its fall in 1979. From 1976 to 1979, an estimated 20,000 people were imprisoned at Tuol Sleng and it was one of between 150 and 196 torture and execution centers established by the Khmer Rouge.

This was an eerie image I took of one of the rooms.
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Eerie picture of Tuol Sleng Prison