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Microsoft experiments with Windows driver development in Rust

Microsoft has opened a GitHub repository for a set of tools to create Windows drivers in Rust.

This repo is a collection of Rust crates that enable developers to develop Windows Drivers in Rust. It is the intention to support both WDM and WDF driver development models.


Note: This project is still i


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¿Qué quiere decir exactamente la expresión "amigable con la privacidad"?

A ver si alguien ayuda con sus conocimientos de #seguridad

Gracias anticipadas

#software #softwarelibre #windows #linux #gnu

Peter Falkingham
1 hour ago

#Microsoft #Windows is getting me down

**WARNING - this is a very niche rant** I'm quite a tech nerd. I enjoy gadets, and phones, and even writing software and addons. A big part of this is that I just generally enjoy interacting with my computer's operating system to get stuff done. I've been firmly embedded in Windows most of my life, but using it is really starting to get me down.

Nicolas Delsaux
4 hours ago

Tiens tiens tiens, un outil permettant de développer un driver Windows en Rust (avec signature et compagnie). Ca me donne presque envie de relancer mon driver vidéo vers UPnP (pour transformer facilement n'importe quelle télé en écran) #windows #rust #opensource #driver #développement #idée

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3 semaines sur Windows 11 pour tester, résultat des courses, #windows c'est toujours non pour moi ! Retour sous mon #debian. Je reconnais qu'ils ont fait des gros efforts, mais à l'usage Debian (très à jour) reste plus agréable.

How-To Geek
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How to Change the Date and Time on Windows 11

Check it out! 👇

#Windows #Windows

Blake Leyh
5 hours ago
Looking through an arched window two and a half hours after sunrise the sky is full of dense gray storm clouds and the glass is covered with rain drops. Pointed roofs of Harlem brownstones are across the street, and a taller apartment building can be seen in the distance. The green tops of two trees are entering the frame on the bottom and right.
Nicolas Delsaux
6 hours ago

Un article très intéressant de quelqu'un ayant fait le choix pas forcément simple de se monter un système avec Windows 98 ... Aussi étonnant que ça puisse paraître, ça a l'air de marcher suffisamment bien (surtout grâce aux mises à jour fournies par la magie de Legacy Update), sauf bien sûr en ce qui concerne le HTTPS. #ordinateur #performance #windows #économie

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Microsoft #paint app updated with AI-powered Paint Cocreator feature and support for layers, transparency, and the addition of a background removal tool. Here is what new #Windows11 #Microsoft #Windows

How-To Geek
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Error Code 403 on Roblox: 7 Ways to Fix It

Check it out! 👇

#Windows #PcGaming #VideoGames

Ich habe heute tatsächlich zum ersten Mal meinen #Mac zurückgesetzt. Das Ding war so vollgemüllt und voller Faxen, dass es nach 1,5 Jahren mal sein musste. Ist aber auch keine schlechte Dauer. #Windows musste ich immer alle paar Monate neu installieren.

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Wahrscheinlich hilft nur abschalten! #Microsoft #Windows #Azure noch was? 😂

Bildschirmfoto des Feedback-Dialogs von Microsoft. 1 bis 5, wie zufrieden sind Sie insgesamt mit "Mein Konto"?.
1 ist ausgewählt und im Textfeld für Verbesserungsvorschläge zur Benutzeroberfläche steht: Wahrscheinlich hilft nur abschalten
Dalbo (extinct) | flo
10 hours ago

#Google: if it's free, you're the product.
#Microsoft: if it's not free, you're still the product.
#Apple: if it's not free, you're still the product, it's just more expensive.
#Linux: if it's free, it's free.
(Kommentar von 'linux_asmr' zum Video unten)

Umfragen hier im #FediVerse zeigen immer wieder, dass Linux und #MacOS die am meisten genutzten Betriebssysteme sind.

Wenn Du #Windows nutzt, schau Dir dieses Video an:
"Windows, macOS & Linux PRIVACY compared: why do they need ALL THIS DATA?!"


Ja, ich verstehe natürlich, wenn viele Windows nutzen und nicht umsteigen können, zB wegen "Spezial-Software", die sie selbstständig nutzen müssen.

Außerdem verhält es sich ähnlich, wie mit dem FediVerse zur Wahl einer passenden Instanz:
"Soll es Linux sein, oder Arch oder BSD? Welche Distribution passt zu mir?"

Aber für viele, die "Standards" machen - surfen, Mails lesen, bissl Office - wäre Linux einfach passend!

12 hours ago

#Linux: Built by hundreds of people. Generally follows a style for command-line arguments.

#Windows: Made by one single organisation. Has both "/Cleanup-image" and "/Restorehealth" as arguments on a single command.


14 hours ago

I'd like to make a backup of my system onto my NAS. Windows' own feature keeps crashing my PC during backup so that's just not gonna work.
Out of all the various alternatives, what would you suggest I do? I use Win10.

#backup #windows

Can Microsoft recover from the collapse of its Surface business?

“After nearly a decade of steady growth, revenue from #Microsoft's #Surface devices plunged in 2023, and next year doesn't look much better.“

#microsoftsurface #laptop #notebook #windowspc #windows #tabletpc #tablet

23 hours ago

@hughtaylorscifi #windows #linux FWIW, I’ve been running #ubuntu LTS versions on my lenovo with an i3 for years off of a USB SSD (I leave the windows partitions alone). Still my favorite platform and the new 22.x has been very easy to keep up for low-level understander like me.

23 hours ago
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Joey van der Poel
1 day ago

It looks like #McDonalds hasn’t got its device management in order. #windows #activation notification on a ordering terminal.

Photo of an ordering terminal at McDonald’s with a message telling to activate the windows install.
How-To Geek
1 day ago

What's the Discord File Size Limit, and How Do I Get Around It?

Check it out! 👇

#Onedrive #GoogleDrive #Files #Discord #Windows

Sometimes, a podcast is gripping less for the content than for the presenter's internal logic.

In #Windows Weekly #847, @thurrott rationalizes his sour, endless whining about the OS as "love" and "coming from the right place" as he throws #Microsoft under the bus, as he invariably does.

Having worked with journalists for many years in software marketing, both your mother and I can tell you that, once in a while, honey does better than venom and "I know better."

How-To Geek
1 day ago

How to Open JAR Files on Windows 10 and 11

Check it out! 👇

#Windows #Windows #Windows

Richard Kogelnig
1 day ago

Developing Windows Drivers in Rust has landed: #rust #rustlang #windows

1 day ago

A small demographic of users are opting to stay on Win7, it's weeeird. Are people just afraid to go forward in time? I understand modern windows is shit but why not use linux? Why not use linux with a win7 virtual machine for nostalgia reasons? It's weeeird.
#tech #windows

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Bitwarden agora suporta WebAuthn em contas gratuitas
#segurança #sistema #windows #noticias #tech #tugatech

Bitwarden agora suporta WebAuthn em contas gratuitas
1 day ago

Whenever I boot my #Windows VM I want to write lengthy rants*. Win Update still sucks, system is slow, Microsoft decided to overwrite my settings for standard software and settings in the browser. Also it's time again to mug users to use online accounts for an local OS.

This is one, a short one, but I because the VM is rebooting because of updates the 2nd time in a row, I can't find more stuff to rant..

Aida Akl
1 day ago

If you missed this, there's nothing good about this list. #Microsoft

10 Reasons #Windows Is Going in the Wrong Direction @PCMag

Blake Leyh
1 day ago
Looking through an arched window two hours after sunrise the sky is full of dense gray storm clouds. Pointed roofs of Harlem brownstones are across the street, and a taller apartment building can be seen in the distance. The green tops of two trees are entering the frame on the bottom and right.
1 day ago

It's 2023. I was able to install Fedora Linux in under 4 minutes. It took like 5 clicks. Everything worked right out of the box. I installed Steam and played a few games.

I wasn't able to install Windows 11 on the same system. After I had figured out the issue it still took me 20 minutes and multiple dozend clicks to install. My license is still invalid for some reason. There's Bing.

It may never be the year of the Linux desktop.
But that's no longer a Linux issue.

#Fedora #Linux #Windows

Ale Funguju
1 day ago

I made a little something for my girlfriend and all other Photoshop users to help organise their PSDs on Windows. Suzr generates BMP files for your PSD files so that the Windows Explorer is able to make previews of them for you. This way, you don't have to open each of the files manually. And it's non-invasive and won't break your system, unlike other similar tools.

It's free, get it here:

#photoshop #graphics #windows #previews #thumbnails #utility

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Jahia CMS (prevoiusly: jContent) – a hybrid content management system (CMS) developed #cms #linux #osx #bsd #windows #solaris

2 days ago

What #operatingsystem do you use?

Please boost for maximum exposure.

#linux #windows #apple #macos #windows10 #windows11

#Microsoft is releasing an #AI tool on #Windows called #Copilot

So I'm using the opportunity to take a dig at #Twitter, AI, and Microsoft by reminding people about Tay:

"Twitter taught Microsoft’s AI chatbot to be a racist a**hole in less than a day"

2 days ago

Grab a #free copy of The Night of the Rabbit via GOG #DRMFree for a limited time.

#gaming #linux #windows #macosx

2 days ago

Prepare yourself for NEW Xbox Game Pass/PC Game Pass additions! Just think...
✅ Call of Duty
✅ Diablo
✅ Warcraft
✅ Destiny
✅ Skylanders
✅ Crash Bandicoot
✅ Overwatch
✅ Starcraft

"UK regulator: Microsoft concessions ‘substantially address’ concerns about Activision deal" - Geekwire
#xbox #windows #games #activision #blizzard #callofduty #diablo #destiny #warcraft #overwatch #starcraft #skylanders #crashbandicoot

2 days ago

Ich habe heute ein Problem mit #Windows gehabt und habe mal die Problembehandlung gestartet.
Diese hat das Problem schnell ermittelt und behoben.
Mehr Details dazu unten in der Antwort auf diesen Toot.

Jonathan Lamothe
2 days ago

Can anyone recommend a #VNC server for #Windows? The one that keeps coming up is RealVNC, but it seems to force you to create an account and run everything through their servers. I don't want any of that garbage, especially since VNC is not an encrypted protocol, and could easily be eavesdropped upon and/or MitM'd.

This is to do remote tech support on my father's PC. I've already got him on my private VPN, so there's no need to worry about dynamic IP or NAT issues. I thought about Windows' native Remote Desktop software, but in Microsoft's infinite wisdom that's not available on his particular version of Windows.

2 days ago

Beyond All Reason

Juego de estrategia en tiempo real de ambientación futurista espacial.

Tanto las unidades como los proyectiles se calculan en tiempo real y ofrece una balística de proyectiles, una física de explosiones y una deformación del terreno totalmente simuladas.

Más de 400 unidades disponibles

En este juego conocer el terreno es importante, tanto a la hora de construir, mover nuestras tropas, etc.

Disponible para #gnulinux y #windows
2 days ago

Tabletop Club

Juego donde podrás jugar a diversos juegos de mesa creados por la comunidad, o crear los tuyos propios, en un entorno 3D con físicas

Incluye diversos juegos como ajedrez, damas, domino, póker, etc.

El juego está siendo desarrollado usando el motor #godotengine

Disponible para #gnulinux, #windows y #macos

two #windows from one of my favourite places, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark

silhouette of a person looking out of a wide corner window over the øresund straights between Denmark and Sweden. Next to them there is a art installation of a diving board that is intersects the glass of the window.
Very large window overlooking a small lake surrounded by trees. The window has 7 tall sections. In the foreground there a a sculpture of a walking man by Giacometti. Otherwise the space is empty apart from a chair.
Ænðr E. Feldstraw
2 days ago

More interesting #usability weirdness in #microsoft #windows: you can access the taskbar notification buttons using the Windows-B keyboard shortcut, then use arrow keys to activate the network listing... but can't use any keys to activate an available network. And thanks, @microsoft
2 days ago


Motor de código abierto para crear juegos A-RPG (Action RPG), similar a las dos primeras entregas de Diablo.

Cuenta con un juego oficial, Flare: Empyrean Campaign, totalmente jugable y que nos da una idea de lo que podemos hacer con él.

Disponible para #gnulinux, #Windows, #Macos, #Android, incluso para AmigaOS 4

2 days ago

I think part of the reason why #Windows is so popular despite its price tag is because it's often included in the price of a PC you're already paying a ton of money for. If people had to pay for and install the OS separately after purchasing their devices, I bet way more people would consider #Linux for the savings alone.

3 days ago

It was me. My manager as kind enough to give me the honor of turning off the RISc, PowerPC, and MIPS build machines ... 6 months after we'd announced that we were no longer building #Windows (NT) on those platforms. I didn't bother shutting them down gracefully. I just powered them each off, one at a time, in front of a small audience of dignitaries... loup, davec, mz, and a few others.

heise online
3 days ago

Freitag: Microsoft mit mehr KI-Unterstützung, Surface-Laptops mit mehr Kernen

KI-Boost für Edge & Bing + Windows-Update mit Copilot + Upgrades für Surface + Updates für Apple + Satellit findet Methanlecks + Podcast zu EU-US-Datenverkehr

#Apple #Bing #Datenschutz #Exploit #Klimawandel #KünstlicheIntelligenz #Laptop #Microsoft #MicrosoftEdge #MicrosoftSurface #Notebooks #Satellit #Sicherheitslücken #Windows #news

Mensch am Laptop mit symbolisierter KI; Freitag: Edge- & Bing-KI, Windows-Copilot, Surface-Upgrades, Apple-Exploit, Methan-Lecks & Datenschutz-Podcast
c't Magazin
3 days ago

heise+ | Passende Windows-Treiber finden: Auswahl, Installation und drohende Fallen

Im Idealfall brauchen Sie sich unter Windows um Hardware-Treiber nicht zu kümmern. Doch manchmal kommt man um die manuelle Installation nicht herum.

#Backup #Hardware #Updates #Windows #news

c't Magazin
3 days ago

heise+ | Wie Sie dem Windows-Setup ein nicht erkanntes Ziellaufwerk bekannt machen

Sie wollen Windows frisch installieren, doch das Setup-Programm findet das Ziellaufwerk nicht? Wir haben da einige Tipps für Sie.

#Betriebssystem #Windows #news

c't Magazin
3 days ago

heise+ | Windows-Setup: Probleme mit Datenträgern lösen

Wenn das Windows-Setup das Ziellaufwerk nicht erkennen will, kann das viele verschiedene Ursachen haben. Systematische Fehlersuche führt häufig zum Ziel.

#Betriebssystem #Windows #news

c't Magazin
3 days ago

Wie Sie Windows 11 automatische Treiberupdates abgewöhnen

Wie bringt man Windows bei, die Firmware eines Notebooks nach einem Downgrade nicht sofort wieder zu aktualisieren? Die Lösung ist überraschend einfach.

#Betriebssystem #Windows #news

3 days ago

Oh... my... god... #Windows, seriously...
So here I am, opening the Task Manager. I sort the processes by CPU usage while struggling through the bulky laggy interface that once upon a time was so damn simple and straightforward. And... Can you guess what I find? The very first process, the one using up more CPU than anything else is... wait for it... none other than our dear taskmgr.exe!
No kidding. The damn Task Manager itself is using more CPU than my bloated web browser, which pretty much exists to eat resources. It outpaces even my IDE and those so inefficient electron apps I've got running!
I remember a time when Task Manager was insignificant yet being super easy to navigate. And now? Hell, it takes an eternity just to launch!
And don't even get me started on the Start menu... honestly, I can't even bear to dive into that disaster. What was once an efficient launcher has been reduced to... well, let's just say it's no longer what it used to be. I meanseriously, Windows! Why? Why would you take a splendidly working piece of software and just casually turn it into something that resembles absolute crap?
#Microsoft #windows #Windows10 #Windows11

Why the hell does #cyberpunk2077 run smoother on #linux through #wine then on #windows for me?? Lol!

Avg 63 fps vs Avg 52 fps
(Ray tracing Low R7 7700X+2070 Super)

#linux_gaming #linux_gaming #lutris #gog

@primesuspect*nodds in agreement*

I think that making #GameDevelopment for #Consoles accessible and easy to do isn't necessary at odds with the interest of said platform owner (#Microsoft) as for #Xbox and #GamePass, #content in the form of #games is desireable.

Obviously that should still mean #Quality and no #Shovelware but unlike on #PC the "walled garden" nature does make it easy to exert #QualityControl.

Also @godotengine & @defold do support Xbox & #Windows pending developer agreement.

3 days ago

Install Windows the Arch Linux way

Installing Windows strictly through the Command Line is an important tool to have. If Windows changes the installer or out of box experience, you can bypass any changes with this guide!

I had no idea this was possible. I knew you could open up cmd.exe during installation and do certain things there, but I didn't know you could perform the entire Windows installat


Jakob Thoböll
3 days ago
@tagesschau berichtet: #windoof 11 soll eine #KI Assistenz bekommen, die auf in allen Programmen des Gerätes mitliest äh... hilft.

Wie können wir verhindern, mit unsere Dateien auf den Rechnern von Kollegen und Freunden zu #trainingsdaten zu werden?

Liebe Windows-Nutzer: vergesst nixht, dass ihr nicht nur eure #Privatsphäre bedenken müsst beim Umgang mit Daten auf eurrn Geräten.

#AI #Sicherheit #Datenschutz

3 days ago

ProTip: Did you know that in Windows 11 you can hit WIN-ALT-K to MUTE your microphone for any app that leverages the Taskbar Mute button ("Call Mute") like Microsoft Teams, (As of Windows 11 version 22H2)

Alternatively, there's a Windows PowerToy that accomplishes the same thing

#microsofteams #teams #powertoys #keyboardshortcuts #windows #windows11 #mute

IT News
3 days ago

Windows 11 Gains Support for Managing Passkeys - At an event today focused on AI and security tools and new Surface devices, Micros... - #windows

Blake Leyh
3 days ago
Looking through an arched window fifteen minutes after sunrise the sky is a clean cloudless fade from orange at the horizon to cornflour blue above. Pointed roofs of Harlem brownstones are across the street, and a taller apartment building can be seen in the distance. The green tops of two trees are entering the frame on the bottom and right. The window is dirty and showing a lot of grime on the bottom.
Terence Eden
3 days ago

🆕 blog! “Better Bluetooth Sound Quality on Microsoft Teams in Windows 11”

Here's the problem. The current Bluetooth spec doesn't allow high-quality audio to be sent to a headset when it is also sending audio from the microphone. Instead, it switches to the Hands Free Profile (HFP) which only streams low quality mono sound. It makes Teams calls …

👀 Read more:

#bluetooth #HowTo #windows

Better Bluetooth Sound Quality on Microsoft Teams in Windows 11

Here's the problem. The current Bluetooth spec doesn't allow high-quality audio to be sent to a headset when it is also sending audio from the microphone. Instead, it switches to the Hands Free Profile (HFP) which only streams low quality mono sound. It makes Teams calls sound like garbage.

The usual solution in Google Meet, Zoom, and MS Teams is to manually tell the app to use Bluetooth for speakers but a separate mic for input. In my experience, that never works with Teams. It forces HFP even if you choose a different input source. Or it cocks-up the sound somehow.

So here's how to fix it on Windows 11.

Open "Settings" and click on "Bluetooth & devices" and select "Devices":

Then scroll down and click on "More devices and printer settings":

Right-click on your Bluetooth headset and select "Properties":

Open the "Services" tab and un-tick "Hands-free Telephony":

Hit the "OK" button to save your changes.

When you next use Teams, select your Bluetooth headset as the speaker and your laptop's mic as the input. You'll have beautifully clear sound while listening to Barry from accounts talk about this quarter's EBITDA.

#bluetooth #HowTo #windows

3 days ago

How to rip off #Apple in one move! #AppleVisionPro

Compatible with Mac #OSX, #Windows and #Linux

4 days ago

Today I learned this weird Windows keyboard shortcut opens LinkedIn

If you’re running Windows try holding down CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + WIN + L. Then watch in bemusement as LinkedIn opens in your default browser. Windows watcher Paul Thurrott posted this bizarre keyboard shortcut on X (Twitter), noting that it’s an operating system hotkey.

So why does Windows even have


Jon S. von Tetzchner
4 days ago

Yet another Windows update this morning and a reminder to finish the install and restore the Microsoft recommended browser defaults...

@EU_Commission #Windows #Microsoft #DMA

5 days ago

#Design #Previews
Move over Photoshop! · Microsoft Paint now has layers and transparency

#UiDesign #WebDesign #GraphicDesign #Tools #ImageEditing #AI #Photoshop #MsPaint #Windows

Devin Prater :blind:
5 days ago

So I don't know if Android will ever catch up to iOS. And the constant questions of how to use dictation and Google Assistant talking over TalkBack for others when they use headphones, and all that definitely doesn't help, along with how snappy some people in the blind Android Users community are. Now what was I gonna say? Oh yeah. I don't know if Android will ever catch up to Apple accessibility, but I'm really getting use to using my PC for everything. Emacs is turning out to be more than good enough as a writing environment, with company-mode suggesting words, mostly correctly, way before Apple's word suggestions would have popped up. There's no lag in Internet browsing, I can use Gmail or Outlook for email, yeah I have a good setup here. And with Beeper (which isn't completely accessible), I can text from my computer and read texts in full, including the conversation.

#accessibility #blind #android #windows

Capybara :neovim: :arch:
5 days ago

When you press PrntScreen on #windows, which folder does it store your image in?

heise online
6 days ago

Microsoft bringt Ebenen und Transparenz in Vorabversion von MS Paint

Eine Vorabversion von MS Paint unterstützt nun auch die Arbeit mit Ebenen und transparenten Bildelementen. Die Konkurrenz kann das schon lange.

#Bildbearbeitung #Microsoft #Windows #news

Katzenbild in MS Paint
Chris Pirillo
6 days ago

will #microsoft #windows change (for the better) now ~ #tech #news

Why is it that you can install any version of #Windows or #Linux on basically any #x86 chip, but you can't install #Android on just *any* #ARM phone or #sbc

Everybody always says to stick to #raspberrypi because of "support" meaning there are OS images for it

I gather that each #SoC has a unique set of modems and gpus for which a custom build of Android must be used, but Windows systems come in millions of configurations and they just load drivers on the fly

#hardware #orangepi #lattepanda

Mike McCaffrey
6 days ago

Speaking of #enshittification, #Microsoft is replacing their Chief Product Officer, who has been in charge of the #Windows and #Surface development with a marketing guy who has spent recent months hawking AI bullshit.

ht/ @aardrian

Alex Standiford
6 days ago

The splash screen background while migrating to the new Outlook looks straight out of Windows XP. I'm disappointed to find that I didn't get the music, too.


6 days ago

Perhaps some #infosec people can help me make sense of this?

I got a #linux webserver, offering an application for download. For some time now, my logs are flooded with requests (from different IPs) for the #windows binary v4.25.0 - this is the next release version, so the file does not exist, yet (never did; never was linked anywhere).

It's not massive enough for a #DDOS but excessive for an update probe. Putting a dummy file there has no effect.

Any ideas what this could be about?

Screenshot of an Apache style webserver log, showing a massive number of failed download requests for a file that does not exist.
c't Magazin
1 week ago

Windows-Taskmanager: Prozessansicht bändigen

Wenn ich in der Prozessansicht des Taskmanagers einen der laufenden Prozesse auswählen will, hat sich oft schon die Reihenfolge geändert und ich klicke daneben.

#ctTippsundTricks #Windows #news

Gordon Anthony
1 week ago

Getting ready for a short holiday break, but I decided to start up my PC to get some small chores out of the way. For no very obvious reason, JAWS has reverted to using the Eloquence voice which I hate. If I switch focus to the JAWS app, my preferred Serena voice returns, but as soon as I move focus to run anything else, bloody Eloquence kicks in again. I don’t have time to investigate today, but if it’s still misbehaving when I get back, I’m going to need to contact Sight & Sound support to fix this.
The only thing I can think that might have caused is this is an update to Windows 10 which ran on Friday. I do hate it when tech misbehaves.
#JAWS #Accessibility #Windows

Devin Prater :blind:
1 week ago

So who all knew you can do control + tab from the Outlook messages view, the um, yeah that thing, and get to the message body? No stretchy stretchy fingers to do F6 or anything!

#accessibility #keyboard #outlook #windows #blind

I can't believe it. I restarted my machine to apply an update, and I swear to Goddess, less than a half-hour afterward, it said I have to do it again for a whole new update. So infuriating. #Windows #security #updates

Jon S. von Tetzchner
1 week ago

This is something I have been looking forward to sharing with you: Vivaldia 2, Free Arcade Game, early access.

The first Vivaldia was integrated into @Vivaldi. This 2nd one will not be integrated. It is a much bigger game. I hope you enjoy it!

#Vivaldi #Arcade #Computer #Windows #Mac #Linux #Android

Vivaldia 2 game poster
Stefan TRMSC | eduBW
1 week ago

Was für ein cooles Programm! 😯🥰

Mit #ferdium lassen sich #websites als eigene #apps in einer eleganten Oberfläche zusammenstellen! 🧩

Insb. mit Seiten, die man regelmäßig ansteuert, lässt sich so eine saubere, praktische "Zentrale" - sogar mit verschiedenen Workspaces und vielen, optionalen(!) Einstellungsmöglichkeiten - erschaffen! 🗃️

Und das alles #opensource #freesoftware #plattformübergreifend für #linux 🙌 #windows und #mac!


CC @_DigitalWriter_