An example of why I love DOSgamert (Bart's) channel on YouTube, I just found out about this awesome looking PC game from 2010 called Tasty Planet: Back for Seconds from a video of him playing it a few days ago. (And it's a sequel, I gotta go play the original too!)

See the screenshot below-- the game is top down and you're a ball of goo. You gobble up all kinds of things to get bigger. It reminds me of Bubbles in the arcade or Katamari, which are two of my favorite games. There's even a free demo of it!

Free Tasty Planet: Back for Seconds demo:

Bart playing Tasty Planet on YouTube via his Dosgamert channel:

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A screenshot of the 2010 Windows game Tasty Planet: Back for Seconds showing the little gray ball of goo with eyes that you move around, eating and collecting things with. It's on a green background with some of the other little things you eat behind the ball of goo.
Camiel Hirschberg
9 months ago

Who didn't feel like a badass hacker while playing Uplink (2001)
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Just curious: Is there any way to play those Windows games KISS Psycho Circus and BLOOD on Linux? I use my laptop with DOSBox for DOOM, Wolfenstein and others. But I wanna play those 2 games, but not with Wine, I cannot configure it easily. I want something easier as DOSBox
Any advices?
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