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What to buy: Good Housekeeping Wine Awards 2023

Recetas con sazón
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🍷 🍊 🍑 ¡¡¡Sangría española!!! Una de las bebidas más populares en España y que más gusta a los turistas 😀. Aprende a hacerla en casa y cuando la pruebes verás como se convierte en tu receta favorita de sangría 😊. Sigue el paso a paso de la receta haciendo⬇️ ⬇️ clic en el enlace⬇️ ⬇️.

#recetasconsazon #drink #vino #wine

🍇Artist: #Parvati / #ParvatiArtwork in City: #Quincy France 🇨🇵 - Title: "Nektar" - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Artwork #Wine #Bird #GoodMorning ! ☕🥐

Streetartwall. On the outer wall of a one-story house there is a somewhat strange , but beautiful mural depicting a birdman tasting wine. The background is a yellow circle on which blue vines of wine are painted. The main character, however, is a yellow and blue bird wearing a white man's shirt and holding a wine glass in the air. The house on which Mr. Bird was painted belongs to a winemaker.
Info: By the way, the yellow-blue bird is a "Euphonia hirundinacea" and lives in Nicaragua.b
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Big Bottles the Current Big Hitters | via @WineSearcher & @SustainableKW #wine #wineknowledge #knowledge #knowledgeispower #winelover #winelovers #bigbottles

Why the hell does #cyberpunk2077 run smoother on #linux through #wine then on #windows for me?? Lol!

Avg 63 fps vs Avg 52 fps
(Ray tracing Low R7 7700X+2070 Super)

#linux_gaming #linux_gaming #lutris #gog

Mat DJ 🐶 🐕🐕 :donor:
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Satisfaction is where you pull the silver bag out of the box of CabSav and you cut off the top two corners and you hold it over the wine glass and it pours out beautifully and you get about three seconds of laminar flow and you go "ooooo" out loud and you explain it to your wife and she looks at you like you've gone loopy

#wine #CabernetSauvignon #satisfaction

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Tonight’s wine…

Jam Shed

Cheers! 🥂🥂

#Wine #Australia 🇦🇺

Letošní úroda. #wine

Hronzové víno.
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Insider UA
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🇺🇦 Історія одного бога: Як винороб військовим став

#Ukraine #wine #winery #war

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Alex Bardsley :orangewine:
1 day ago

I've got a bottle of the '74 Heitz Martha's Vineyard on the list at L'Auberge Chez François. Come and get it. #icon #cabernet #wine

@PlutoisAPlanet @Teh404Gal @barnibu

Well, I remember they required #Trident when it was #Windows-Exclusive and that modding some files to make it load #Gecko instead on #Wine would make it run on #Linux before they even supported #macOS...

brad m
2 days ago

#Wine-growers around the world from #California to #SouthAfrica are feeling the heat as #globalwarming increases temperatures, throws patterns of precipitation out of whack and drives up the frequency and intensity of #extremeweather events and #wildfires
#Terroir and the #appellation system might be canny cultural-marketing strategies, but both might prevent French #wine-makers from being agile and innovative in the face of” #climatechange #France

2 days ago

Graham’s launches 2018 Late Bottled Vintage Port #portwine #lbv #wine #winelover via @thedrinksbusiness

Retro Librarian
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What's for Dinner?
Holland House Cooking Wines, 1978
#Wine #Dinner #Cooking #Food #Advertisement #PepperSteak #retro #Vintage

A large square pot of tomatos, peppers, mushrooms, and steak
ricardo :mastodon:
2 days ago

#Wine #Wayland Driver Updated With Basic Window Management Capabilities 🍷 :wayland:

2 days ago

Tonight’s wine…

This lovely Portuguese Red.



Cheers! 🍷

#Wine #Portugal 🇵🇹

Tucker Carlson's Nuts
2 days ago

🥥 Don't think of #AltText as a chore you have to perform.
Think of it more as an art form, like #Haiku or #Bonsai; a fine #wine or a rare #cheese that YOU can hand craft. 🥥

2 days ago

Wine barrels, details, 17th century. Cave alsacienne, musée Unterlinden, Colmar, 2023.

#photography #history #alsace #wine #art #wednesday

Close up on an iron carved fish at the base of a wine barrel turned on its side, decorating the spout, and of the iron carved structure protecting the face of the barrel.
Close up on an iron carved fish at the base of a wine barrel turned on its side, decorating the spout, and of the iron carved structure protecting the face of the barrel.
2 days ago

🍷 Become a Wine Expert! 📚

Navigate the intricate world of wine ratings with our in-depth guide. Know the key players, understand the systems, and make informed choices.

🔗 Learn More

#Wine #WineRatings #WineWednesday

Hey I made a guide to get #TheSims :plumbob:​ running on Linux (using #Wine and #Gamescope)

If you end up using it, feedback is very much welcome. Took a lot of effort figuring this stuff out so I just had to write it down somewhere. :blobCatSweats:​


Mark Squires :orangewine:
2 days ago

@wineworldnews Fascinating article. I will have to find time to read it more carefully. #wine

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2 days ago

Wine Art: Liquid Therapy

2 days ago

Wine’s True Origins Are Finally Revealed
#wine #study #wineknowledge #knowledge #KnowledgeIsPower

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می دونید فرق شراب و کنیاک چیه؟

در لینک زیر یکی از همراهان می بازار به این سوال پاسخ داده است:







dubst3pp4 🎧️
2 days ago

Der DJ Controller, den ich mir gekauft habe, funktioniert nun unter #Linux mit #Mixxx als auch unter #Wine mit #DJUCED... wenn sich's kacke anhört, liegt es also an mir 😉

je fais tourner un logiciel windows avec Wine (bottle) et le logiciel fonctionne correctement.
Le seul souci est que le logiciel permet l'importation de fichiers et les fichiers ne s'importent pas. Je peux les sélectionner mais ils ne passent pas.

Quelqu'un aurait il une idée ?


#wine #logiciellibre

Danny :verified:
3 days ago

Red wine is a bit of a belter after drinking white wine all summer, not the sort of stuff you can quaff in a hurry

#RedWine #wine #Malbec

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3 days ago
Danny :verified:
3 days ago

Colder weather must be here, I'm back on the red stuff

#wine #malbec

My desktop mascot, Mr NoName is standing next to a bottle of 2022 Norton Malbec
Mark Squires :orangewine:
3 days ago

@dnc yes. Back it goes. I'm not spending that type of money for pushed-up corks. You don't know why they are pushed up, but most of the reasons are not good ones. #wine

Mark Squires :orangewine:
3 days ago

@dnc Ridge is often an outlier as they age unusually well. From memory, and that's been awhile, it's not the greatest vintage and this is not their best bottling (they have a lot!).

But it has a chance if very well stored and only one way to find out. #wine

Mark Squires :orangewine:
3 days ago

@wineworldnews As I've been predicting for a while. The "French paradox" saved wine way back when. I don't think that's going to happen again, because we know why, drinking isn't necessarily needed and we have more info on effects of alcohol too.

Now, I'm listening to young doctors talk, on reading the latest studies on brain health, that they went from having a glass or two every night to have one glass on Saturday night. This is ultimately going to have an effect on the industry. #wine

3 days ago

European Alcohol Policy Is Coming for Wine via @Meiningers_Int 🤔🍷🤔#wine #European #Europa #winelover #wein #wineworldnews

Not sure what to do in #Lancaster on Friday?

Why not come over Runner Duck Wine Room (Kings' St.) & enjoy an evening of all #Motown records... it was such a good night last time, #ProfDJ is doing it all again.... as always, all spun on #vinyl, some great #wine & a lovely venue.

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Research into Words That Describe Wine

Markus Wine Co.
4 days ago

Fresh-picked Lodi Zinfandel.

#Lodi #Zinfandel #Wine

Markus holding up a cluster of grapes and smiling.
Elizabeth Kennen
5 days ago

Chateau Montelena in watercolor 🍷 🍂

#SilentSunday #art #wine #MastoArt #autumn #NapaValley

A watercolor painting of Chateau Montelena in Napa Valley. Vibrant fall colors and leaves on the ground.
Greg Harvey 🌍
6 days ago

Evolus Pencil for wireframing on #Linux is nice!

New discovery, there's a few little bugs here and there but in general it provides the same experience as Balsamiq Mockup, without the pain of #wine. 😎

Yes, @philipnorton42 - wireframes coming your way. 😉

Sunnywines 🌞🍷🇪🇺
1 week ago

Was für ein Tag zum Start der #Weinlese2023. Und so beginnt es!

#wine #harvest2023 #wein #weingarten #vineyard #bio #organic

Blick in einen Weingarten. Junge, saftig grüne Zweigelt Reben mit schön hängenden, fast reifen, blauen Trauben unter wolkenlos blauem Himmel.
Derselbe Weingarten aus einer anderen Perspektivem Im Hintergrund viele große Windkraftanlagen.
Dr. Victoria Grinberg
1 week ago

A city tour through #Trier, some unplanned shopping (so many lovely independent places), bubbly and some wine to remember the trip later (I unapologetically love German wines, especially the Rieslings though I'd also not say no to a good Weisser Burgunder 🍷).

And in between we picked up the repaired car two towns over.

Still not feeling at 100% but it was a good vacation day.

#MoselVacation2023 #wine #wein #moselwein

A relief map of Trier in Roman times, showing a big city built in a chessboard pattern, just like ködern American cities are.
A medieval house in Trier, the entrance is at the second floor!
Me holding a small glass of bubbly wine with the main city of Trier in the background.
A box with eighr white wine bottles from Weingut Wallerath, some Weisser Burgunder and Riesling are visible.
Mark Squires :orangewine:
1 week ago

@simonjwoolf I just saw this article & had a chance to read it. Very well done and raises a lot of good points. "The end game was never supposed to be faulty wine." Indeed. #wine

1 week ago

Portuguese town ‘flooded’ with 2.2 million litres of red #wine after distillery tanks explode


Ang Black
1 week ago

Portuguese town flooded by river of ‘good quality’ red wine

> The Destilaria Levira in Anadia said it took full responsibility for the incident, which saw 2.2 million litres of #wine gush down streets

Portuguese town flooded by river of ‘good quality’ red wine
I Like Books
1 week ago

"Bringing a bit of European small-time organization across the pond, a US/Dutch resident of Oregon is launching a startup to allow wine drinkers to bring bottles back to wineries for a refill.

Such infrastructure exists in Europe, but in the US, where 765 million glass bottles are used every year in the wine industry, only one-third are even recycled, much less reused.

The company is called Revino, and they collect, wash, and sanitize the bottles before removing labels and returning them to wineries to be refilled. The design is imprinted with a leaf to help customers identify them, and they are also tailor-made to fit into existing automatic filling machines.

Customers can either take them directly to wineries for a refill or deposit the bottles at collection points at liquor stores and recycling facilities."

#USA #Oregon #Dutch #Refillables #Wine #Environment #Reuse

Simon J Woolf :orangewine:
2 weeks ago

Natural wine was a movement founded on noble goals and ideals - the idea of creating more honest, authentic and expressive wine. But somewhere along the line, the message has become garbled.

I increasingly see signs that the category is at risk of becoming a parody of itself.

That's why I wrote this piece for @noblerotmag magazine, issue 32 published in June. Now I made it available for everyone to read at

Illustrations by @paulyblow

#naturalwine #wine #winewriting

Natural wine shouldn't be a style.

Illustration by Paul Blow, together an article preview.
2 weeks ago

Hmm, going to try to make #grape fruit leather. Will have a lot of grape juice as a result. (fruit leather uses the pulp, not juice). Still have plenty of #wine (and raisins) from the last harvest... 🤷 #gardening

🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
2 weeks ago

Maynard James Keenan admits that playing AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Portishead to his grapes has no effect whatsoever on the taste of his wines: "100%, no. It's just a great story"
Maynard James Keenan: what a wag

#MaynardJamesKeenan #ACDC #PinkFloyd #Portishead #Wine #News #Entertainment #MusicIndustry #RockBands #CelebrityWines

If you're coming to the #LancasterJazzFestival, why not soak up some classic Blue Note sounds between gigs on Friday at Runner Duck Wine Room (King's St. #Lancaster). #ProfDJ will be spinning all Blue Note, all on #vinylrecords from 8.30 on Friday night... its a great little venue with some outstanding #wine - pop in & join us from an evening of music from the most famous label in jazz history

Boiling Steam
2 weeks ago
Chuck Taggart, Private Eye
2 weeks ago

Chef Leo picked out the wine for us, a Valpolicella from Italy which was perfect for our dishes. (2/3)

#food #wine

A bottle of wine -- Ripassa Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore, 2018. Black label with gold cursive-style lettering.
Dr. Aimee Gunther
2 weeks ago

imperfections are beautiful 🍾

#Wine #Champagne

A close up of a wine glass with laser-etched imperfections in a hexagon shape at the bottom of the bowl. As a result, the bubbly champagne creates vertical lines of bubbles from those spots. The name of the wine tasting restaurant is in the background (Buyers and Cellars) on a carafe of water. Wine bottles decorate the room
3 weeks ago

Hello - just a very quick #Introduction (or reintroduction) as I figure out how to move instances. I gave up the bird last November in one of the migrations and haven't looked back since. I genuinely prefer this calmer, more nuanced, more enjoyable type of social media. I am a Secondary school English teacher in the UK. Keen to connect with #Education people, #Teachers #EduTooter and the like, but I also love #Food #Wine #Cheese #TaylorSwift and #WhiteTailedEagles

If you're planning on being at the #LancasterJazzFestival, why not join #ProfDJ this Friday at Runner Duck Wine Room (Kings' St.) for an evening celebrating #BlueNoteRecords... we'll be playing some great #jazz music on the most famous jazz record label of them all.... pop in between other gigs, chill out to some great jazz & enjoy some well-curated #wine - you know it makes sense!

Marcus Kida
3 weeks ago

If I knew beforehand that it would take hours to compile #Wine on #Linux, I wouldn't have started it now 🤨. I just wanted to try something out on it...

Charles Perry
3 weeks ago

After drilling 240 holes for shelf pins and cutting 100 shelf boards, I finally got the first wall of bins installed. The bins are 18.5 inches deep, and are made from 1×10 boards that are stacked two deep. Here are a few in-progress shots, and then a photo of the completed wall of bins.

#ProjectWineCellar #wine #woodworking

Charles Perry
4 weeks ago

Achievement Unlocked: I built a small jig and used it to build a larger jig.

I’m working on shelves for #ProjectWineCellar, and I need to drill identically spaced holes for shelf pins in about a dozen boards. The small jig has two holes with the proper spacing and I used that jig to transfer the spacing to the large jig that can do an entire board at once. #wine #woodworking

The small jig is made from a 12 inch long board with two holes drilled at the proper spacing.
The large jig is a 87 inch board with several holes properly spaced. The jug is shown clamps that are holding everything together while the glue dries.
4 weeks ago

I did a big tidy up and inventory of my #wine fridge. Moved the whites off to their own section.

I knew there was a bit of space free. Didn't expect to have two cases of space free! I suspect an order to be placed sometime soon - if only to make the fridge more energy efficient.

I also finally, after 3 years, fixed the rattling issue when the compressor kicks in. Little piece of plastic was vibrating. Knew I'd get to it eventually 🤣

Kriszta Satori
1 month ago

#BBCNews - #France to spend €200m destroying #wine as demand falls

Rebecca @ RH Fine Arts
1 month ago

Is it ever to early to plan ahead ro get ahead of the rush? I have some gorgeous oversized pieces on metal like this beautiful view looking across the pool to a foggy vineyard. Here is some inspiration for you.

Oversized Art Print:

#Photography #OversizedArt #Art #MastoArt #Fedigiftshop #fediart #Tranquility #fineartphotography #fineart #wallart #buyintoart #Nature #Photo #Metal #Wine #vineyard #fog #Pool

Turquoise blue pool overlooking a foggy vineyard in Portugal
Beautiful oversized metal print of a foggy vineyard hanging over an enormous soaking tub
Over sized artwork of a blue infinity pool leading off in the a foggy vineyard in Portugal hanging over an overstuffed sofa in calming neutral tones
Closeup of a oversized metal print of a vineyard beyond a turquoise infinity pool. Very soothing artwork.
1 month ago

Nothing like a date night and wine-ding down with your favorite person~

Comm for @ado

[ #FurryArt #Furry #Lion #MountainLion #Wine #MastoArt ]

A full color scene depicting a male lion and a male mountain lion seated at a small round table, each with a glass of red wine. They are in a low light cocktail lounge/speak easy, with a deer bartender behind the bar pouring a drink.
1 month ago

Is anyone a wine snob who has a non-alcoholic red they would enthusiastically recommend?

#Food #Wine #NoAlcohol

Dan Gero
1 month ago

Hi. It’s been a bit hard to post because there’s a lot of stuff going on at the moment. Tl;dr: I don’t have access to a #Windows computer for the next 2 weeks or so. Unless someone can suggest a way for me to get #NVDA working fully through #Wine on #Linux Mint or there’s a Linux version of #Vocaloid, I probably won’t be able to fulfill any Vocaloid-related obligations until I can bring my Windows computer back up.

Alexander J. Stein
1 month ago

Winemakers in #Bordeaux uproot #vineyards as (inter alia) #GlobalWarming hits: producing #wine is more difficult, warmer temperatures drive #consumers to white & rosé wines, and they render traditional Bordeaux wines too alcoholic & tannic: #ClimateChange

Birgit Moldenhauer Art
1 month ago

Shuimo painting or ink wash technic is a type of brush painting that uses black ink, as used in calligraphy, in different concentrations.

I used it for a pair of grape paintings.

#ChinesePainting #Ink #ChineseArt #BuyIntoArt #JapaneseArt #Ink #Wine #AYearForArt #Art #Asia #MastoArt #Painting #Grapes

Chinese ink painting of grapes
Birgit Moldenhauer Art
1 month ago

The second of my pair of grapes.

The paintingstyle does not put high importance on a precise depiction of a real object. As in Calligraphy, the brushstroke in Chinese ink brush painting is less a means of applying ink than an emotional statement.

#ChinesePainting #Ink #ChineseArt #BuyIntoArt #JapaneseArt #Ink #Wine #AYearForArt #Art #Asia #MastoArt #Painting #Grapes

Chinese ink painting of grapes
R. L. Dane
1 month ago

Forgot to make this public, so I'm re-posting:

@benjaminhollon @joel

People talk about #GamingOnLinux like it's such a new thing…

There was a company 20+ years ago (Loki Software) that chiefly ported games to linux (commercially).
There was also a wine-based #Proton-like compatibility layer called (IIRC) #CrossOver. I think it was actually an "open core" system, where sales of the software helped fund #Wine and/or older versions/portions of the software was released as source for wine.

1 month ago

Having difficulty reading about Italian #wine tonight.


A brown tabby kitten is laying on top of an open book about wine. It’s opened to pages about southern Italy.
Peggy Hill’s Glasses
2 months ago

It’s harvest season (which came 3 weeks early this year, I wonder why) and my sidekick and acclaimed sommelier Stingray stopped by the farm en route between Texas vineyards today. She brought me an unlabeled, winery-fresh bot of our just-bottled Chenin Blanc and gave me a free haircut,. The chenin is fucking delightful even if, as she claims, it hasn’t quite “settled” from bottling. The haircut is butch af. Best friend ever.

#wine #ClimateChange

Black and white self-portrait. Closeup of my head, face-on, with a major buzz-cut.
E. Schneider 🇪🇺
2 months ago

@arstechnica et pour ceux qui lisent la langue de Molière, je leur suggère de lire le très bon numéro de Canard PC Hardware de l'été qui explique comment Valve a réussi cet exploit. (Spoiler alert: #Wine et d'autres ont beaucoup aidé) #CPCHardware

2 months ago

This tour is being led by an amazing tour leader, @irmantesungailaite on Instagram, who I've traveled with before! The dates are Sept 12 - 20, a great experience with wine, food, sightseeing, and more! Click the link for the full itinerary.

The deadline to sign up is this Saturday, Aug 5th. Pass this on to your friends!

#travel #Italy #Sicily #wine #food

Hynek Schlawack
2 months ago

It may sounds weird but I consider it my highest achievement in life that most of my friends defer the choice of #wine in restaurants to me.

It isn’t at all that I’ve got a sophisticated palate. It’s not that I know anything about wine.

It’s just that I have developed a sense for wines that I’ll like and they’re happy to follow me. #blessed

amen zwa, esq.
2 months ago

I am a connoisseur of #programming languages. And like a #wine connoisseur who does not own a vineyard but appreciates the drink, I do not make languages, but I enjoy them all the same.

Even the most jaded wine critic has his favourite wine. I, too, have my favourite language. It is #StandardML, a language that has never been (nor will it ever be) an IT industry "standard" nor has it have anything to do with the IT industry's darling of the day—machine learning "ML".

Mark Squires :orangewine:
2 months ago

This 2001 Auslese Riesling is a good example of how big acidity can cut through sugar and fruit. Even now, some 20 years on, this has a touch of grapefruit. It is refreshing and tense. The sugar is the balancing factor. Impressive, with a lot of life left. In fact, it should pretty much outlive me.
#winesofgermany #wine @weingut_maximingruenhaus #riesling

2001 Auslese Abtsberg from Max. Grunhaus
Randy Resnick
2 months ago

I make #music and have been for over 50 years.
But I also love #science #sciencefiction and #photography #tech and #design
I've also worked closely with #wine producers who are passionate artisans.
Been Internet since 1987 (telnet, pipe, gopher...) #amateurradio was a big thing in my teens.
I had a weekly #podcast for 12 years, starting in 2007. Love #Cooking

Mark Squires :orangewine:
2 months ago

Okay, have you had enough Portuguese wines lately? No I didn't think so. Still it is summer and fresh whites from Greece are always a good idea. They kick ass too. Crisp, elegant and a bit tense, this is holding beautifully. It is in a very good place, but no rush. Lovely.
#wine #winesofgreece @vassaltisvineyards

2016 Vassaltis Santorini wine
2 months ago

Question: I got this second hand #windows PC to replace one that recently broke down. Unfortunately, the previous owner seems to have been a heavy smoker.

Any good advice on getting the tobacco smell out of it? Buying new isn't an option, since the computer is needed to run some legacy *erm* "entertainment" software (though I'm really considering #wine and #linux).