Ed Tittel
5 days ago

When I try using #WinGet to install DevHome on various PCs, the results are "hit or miss." Deets -- and a workaround -- follow. #WindowsInsider #WIMVP #Windows10 #Windows11

The unZip part works OK, but winget throughs a dependency missing error at the end of the process when Winget tries to install the archive's contents. It's reported and you can use the MS Store to install instead
5 days ago

Una pequeña guia para instalar mongodb en windows (con winget)

#windows #instalar #mongodb #mongo #winget

5 days ago

Tak - właśnie aktualizuje paczki Wingetem
tak nie jest to najlepszy menadżer pakietów jednak jest lepiej niż wcześniej

podoba mi się na pewno to że jak pobrałem aplikacje z źródła to Winget bez problemu znajdzie aktualizacje do nich

#Winget #windows

Ed Tittel
1 week ago

When a new #Winget version (1.4.11017) showed up yesterday and an odd error followed, I knew what to do. Deets follow... #WindowsInsiders #WIMVP #Windows10 #Windows11

After a new version emerges, with new source to match, older winget instances may throw the error "failed in attempting to update the source..." Here's the fix.

Microsofts certification has approved the update, it took a little longer as usual. I've also updated the package for #winget, should be ready soon too.

Brandon LeBlanc
2 weeks ago

[Re. @chendrixson]
This is the SUPER SLEEPER FEATURE at #MSBuild this year. We didn't demo it, and nobody has reported or tweeted about it that I've seen. So here it is...

App Restore backs up your #WinGet applications, and #DevHome can install them for you!!!

2 weeks ago

Can't believe i'm saying this but #Microsoft's moving really fast with #AI, for better or worse, and makes #Google's effort seems like a joke atm. we all know Microsoft's been trying to win over developers (since devs largely prefer #Linux and #macOS) and that's why they heavily pushed things like #WSL and even include a terminal-based package manager on #Windows 11, #Winget. Their recently announced (and presumably free) inclusion of Windows #Copilot seems to be another move towards that effort.

do not tell them WSL was what introduced and made me move to Linux permanently tho


Jason Pester (GameDev)
2 weeks ago

🚩 This Build 2023 session on Winget should be of interest to #GameDev

Discussion of WinGet usage for automated app updates / platform configuration on Windows has heightened in recent years (it's similar to Linux package management).

Set up your dev machine in record time with WinGet and Desired State Configuration


WinGet Docs

#Microsoft #Build #Build2023 #MicrosoftBuild #Windows #WinGet #PackageManagement

"Set up your dev machine in record time with WinGet and Desired State Configuration" session at Build 2023
3 weeks ago

#Sengi is now available on #winget! The latest version has been submitted and you can now install it with "winget install sengi". 🙂 :cpp_language:
4 weeks ago

We just published the #release v1.1.5.2305 of #NumeRe! #Winget updates will be available later this day, but you can already download via #SourceForge or #GitHub.

NumeRe release badge for v1.1.5.2305
Rocky Lhotka 🌲 🤘🖖
1 month ago

My desktop workstation crashed and #windows11 can't repair itself, so hopefully a recovery drive will help.

Worst case is a reinstall, which isn't so bad these days thanks to apps in the store plus #winget plus #chocolatey. Still kind of a PITA, but nothing like it was in the old days!

2 months ago

Not sure why I love using #winget. I just do lolol

Wepwawet ☑️
2 months ago

Not sure why I love using #winget. I just do lolol

Zeroday Podcast (stefan)
2 months ago

Gestern ist Episode 104 online gegangen.
Dieses Mal hat sich Sven aufgrund mehrerer Empfehlungen das tool winget angesehen und erzählt mir was das ist.
Wie immer gibt es auch viel am Rande zu News, Datenverlusten, Hausmeister-Info und am Schluss noch ein wenig spaß.

#zeroday #podcat #securiy #datenschutz #windows #Winget #paketmanager #datenverlust #news #informationssicherheit #dsgvo

Ed Tittel
2 months ago

Check it out: another thrilling installment in the never-ending Windows update story, with some juicy #Winget tidbits. #WindowsInsiders #WIMVP #Windows10 #Windows11

Winget sees that Chrome needs an update, but does not do the deed (left). SUMo sees that Chrome isn't updated, either (right). Help-->About within Chrome will take care of this, but Winget can be persuaded, too.
David Sandilands
2 months ago

Using windows Package Manager? You can now use winget to install the @puppet developer kit (PDK)

Find PDK at

Find out more about winget and Windows Package Manager at

#winget #puppet #packagemanagement

Ariel Richtman
3 months ago

#WinGet is unforgivably shit for a problem that's had sound solutions for literally decades

#Windows #PackageManagement

Tomas Ekeli
3 months ago
powershell v 7.2.9 saying that there is an upgrade available to 7.3.3

running winget upgrade powershell returns a message: "no applicable upgrade found".
JSkier :archlinux:
3 months ago

I don't show a lot of gratitude for #Windows much (lol, the opposite I suppose), however, I mostly dig #winget for package management. Sure it's got some kinks, but man, the direction they're going with it is a thing of greatness 🙂 :cpp_language:
3 months ago

We just published the new #release candidate for v1.1.5 of #NumeRe. It is available here:

Using #winget is not yet possible, because the PR has not yet been fully checked

Displays the version number of the current release

Best thing ever on windows is winget. You install "app-installer" from the micrsoft store, reboot and open a powershell.
winget upgrade -r
will upgrade a lot of 3rd party software. It's just nice.

#winget #Windows #powershell

3 months ago

So @Microsoft @Windows' own package manager #winget has now the @CrystalLanguage package available. 🤩

Thank you @TrenlyMC! 🙏

3 months ago

Oh #Microsoft and your ever failing #winget package manager. #Powershell 7.2 is installed, 7.3 is available and winget upgrade won't work because "install technology is different [...]. Please uninstall and install newer version".

#WinGet el comando que te permite actualizar todos los programas de Windows…

4 months ago

WingetUI – Une interface graphique pour Winget et Scoop #Windows #winget

Det er tirsdag, og det betyder en ny episode af CYBER2GO!

3 i min optik UTROLIGT spændende emner for dagen!

* #NameCheap hacket, brugt til #phishing
* #Pepsi hacket og sensitiv persondata stjålet
* #WinGet nede pga. #SSL

Lyt med hvor du normalt hører dine #podcasts, eller på!

#cybersikkerhed #cybersec #IT #teknik #fælleshjerne #dkmastodon #cybersecurity #cyber2go #hacking

4 months ago

How could we have anticipated certificate expiration!?!? We’re not wizards! #winget

Heath Stewart
4 months ago

New #AzureDeveloperCLI out today:

I helped create an #MSI package for a ubiquitous install package across #Windows regardless of the package manager (or straight download) used. That said, it's available via #winget and soon via #Chocolatey.

4 months ago
4 months ago

Salut, des utilisateurs de par ici ? En comparaison avec #winget, cela donne quoi ? #Windows #microsoft #Application #Update

4 months ago

Microsoft Intune in a Nutshell

#intune #winget #betainproduction

4 months ago

#WingetUI is a graphical user interface for #Winget, #Scoop, and #Chocolatey.

➡️ install, update and uninstall packages from all three package managers.
➡️ Detect if manually-installed apps can be updated
➡️ Shows notification when there are available updates

#Windows10 #Windows11 #PackageManager #FOSS #OpenSource #GitHub

5 months ago

@minzmade No need for downloading random *.exe/*.msi files anymore.

I recommend using #winget instead. It is preinstalled on #Windows10 and #Windows11 and comes preconfigured with a community repository.

Whenever I encounter a #Windows #PC in the wild I run "winget upgrade --all".

Markus :verified:
5 months ago

maybe #servicepost
soeben keepass mittels #winget aktualisiert
"winget upgrade DominikReichl.KeePass"

winget ist ab windows 10 einfach dabei...😱

5 months ago

Today while installing a new computer I realized Tim Kosse of FileZilla is a bit of a 💩 and had FileZilla pulled from most package managers except chocolatey which shows he's just a hypocrite imo. I take pride in my system configuration scripts and yeah this was a minor annoyance today 🤷‍♂️
#windows #winget #powershell

The latest A Daily Dose of PowerShell! Thanks to #powershell #winget

In case you need fast and efficient way to make Windows development enviroment for python, here is one way:

(based on years of multi-machine development).

Of course, open for suggestions / improvements 🙂 and thanks for re-blog

#Windows #python #MiniConda #PyCharm #WinGet

5 months ago

Za slučaj da vam treba efikasan način za kreiranje python razvojnog okruženja na Windows mašinama (namerno množina 🙂), evo jednog:

(bazirano na višegodišnjem iskustvu rada na više mašina).

Naravno, otvoren za sugestije/predloge za unapređenje :-)

I da, neću se žaliti na re-blog :-)

#Windows #python #MiniConda #PyCharm #WinGet

Bien sûr, comme tout avec cmd/powershell, l’autocomplétion est inexistante, tout comme la gestion du presse-papiers et des raccourcis, qui plus est incompréhensible.


Frank Garufi Jr.
5 months ago

Inside Windows package manager

Great blog post on understanding Windows Package Manager ( Win-Get )

#Microsoft #Windows #WinGet #WindowsPackageManager #SysAdmin

I still find the need to revert to Twitter to search for tech troubleshooting stuff. For example, the Microsoft Package Manager Client winget CDN issue? Is it still a thing? Are people still discussing it? And I know of at least one instance where the symptoms are still occurring. Is today's encounter a CDN issue or something else?
#winget #Microsoft #WindowsPackageManager



5 months ago
6 months ago

@xpil I think we talked about #Chocolatey recently. I just found out, that there's been a Windows system tool for 2 years now that does the same job: #winget

@JeffHicks what did you expect. The #winget team are really not #powershell advocates and have been resistant to do anything pwsh related from the getgo. I tried hard to give them clues but well. My take is it's a badly designed power toy. I can not see a real need for their product.

Recorded Paradox :donor:
6 months ago

@mikekanakos Definitely! It works well, but for #Windows I expect the #msstore to be the future for Windows #packagemanagement and am testing #winget since my preference is to use a built-in Windows package management app.

João Antunes
6 months ago

@Moke totally agree!
I sorely miss something like that, particularly on MacOS.
On Windows, we can use #Winget, which isn't exactly the same, but at least there's no need to be messing with manual downloads and gui installers.

Widdershins Smith
6 months ago

Fellow #Geeks
Is #winget down again?
Does @Microsoft have a #Mastodon account?
I'm getting the following on each of my #boxen:

Andreas Heil
7 months ago

Ich liebe #winget - einfach schon wegen sowas: "winget install Microsoft.DotNet.SDK.7" #dotnet #cli

James Turner
7 months ago

Once I get more familiar with #Chocolatey and #WinGet, I plan to make some more tools and utilities to distribute that way.

James Turner
7 months ago

One of my #dotnet #projects that I want to revisit at some point is DDNS4ME - using Cloudflare, I made a basic DDNS tool because I was getting tired of paying for one.

It takes advantage of Cloudflare's API and any third party service to returns your current IP as plain text. Best of all, you can use a Cloudflare worker to do the IP address part for you for free.

What I want to do is package it up for #Chocolatey and #WinGet to make distribution easier.

7 months ago

@zrail 💙 at it's core coder/coder creates things, turns them on and turns them off. Anything that can be terraformed can be managed.

Like right now I (@ghuntley) am working on a M1 mac but am doing some work on #windows to add #winget and #chocolatey support. After this done will be adding support for #freebsd to coder/coder.

Joe (the maintainer of #codeserver) uses coder/coder to provision his teaching environments. See

Nutzer des Paketmanagers WinGet von Microsoft hatten seit Tagen einen Funktionsausfall zu beklagen. Jetzt haben die Techniker den Fehler behoben.
Microsoft: Störungen des WinGet-Paketverwalters behoben