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2 months ago

Honderdduizenden huishoudens in Canada nog steeds zonder stroom na winterstorm

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Shannon Says
2 months ago

Some freezing rain this morning, but not bad yet. It is getting scenic.#Wisconsin #WinterStorm

Snow on the ground everywhere but a day of freezing rain. Some birch and oak in the foreground. A small cabin surounded by spruce trees is visible in the background. Branches are starting to droop some due to the weight of miniature icicles forming.

I hear tell, I'm in a snow globe, and someone shook it up. #BostonWeather #WinterStorm #Noreaster It's getting quiet out there. No big wind, yet.

3 months ago

More snow for your morning! I’m still in bed with coffee. View out onto our deck. #PureMichigan #WindowFriday #FensterFreitag #WinterStorm

View out into our snow-covered deck; the sliding glass doors framing the image, the trees and hill beyond.
3 months ago
Nighttime pic of the snow silently covering the formerly bare ground of our front yard. The red maple, branches bare, centers the image. Piles of branches from the ice storm two weeks ago await warmer weather to continue cleanup.

The #AtmosphericRiver seems to be mostly churning south of us, which in a way is a good thing, because it means more moisture for the central valley that desperately needs it.

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Sarah Stierch
3 months ago


Laytonville Healthy Start has food and supply boxes available for folk who have been without power or stranded due to the winter storms. Call (707) 984-8089 or email to learn more on how to get a box!

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Sarah Stierch
3 months ago

This is what is going in northern #Mendocino County. The local community has had to step up because local government hasn't. Many people still do not have power after 12 days and freezing temperatures. Great work by my colleague Kate Fishman at The Mendocino Voice.

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Sara Hjelm
3 months ago

Det är lite som förgjort … varje gång man tror att nu har det chans att bli riktigt bra skridskois, bara ett par nätter till, så kommer det snö. Imorgon t.ex.
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Natasha Bates
3 months ago

Sherbrooke Street in Notre-Dame-de-Grace neighbourhood of Montreal after the second recent snowstorm. #Snow #Neige ☃️#snowstorm 🌨#WinterStorm

Snow drift in front of a barber shop in Montreal. It's an old red brick building with a traditional barber's pole. Snow is all the way up to the middle of a window.
3 months ago

Update: we got more snow than I realized! Tony says they got 9 (they’re six miles from us), and Mark said 7 or 8 but it’s hard to tell since it’s so heavy and had settled by the time I went out. #WinterStorm #PureMichigan #miwx

Karen Dorman
3 months ago

Sigh. Got some shoveling ahead of me I see. A day late for #FensterFreitag but the #ThunderSnow was quite dramatic. #March ?

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Photo of the side of the house. Yellow brick wall with tall gothic window.  The wild winds and heavy snow have built up against the wall and there is thick snow stuck to the bricks and the window.
Jan McCartney
3 months ago

#Thundersnow !

Texas sent a snowmageddon to Canada's south coast.

Lightning strikes all over the city and boomies.

Also, the bones of the garden beautifully frosted by Ma Nature.

See and hear the thundersnow:

#Winter #Snow #WinterStorm #ONStorm

Black and white view of frosted trees, bushes and garden lights on a blanket of pristine snow in my Japanese garden.

Broken tree limbs all over the yard, including three major branches from one tree. Doesn't look like that tree will survive.

Thankful we still have power. Many folks in our neighborhood are without power.

According to Power Outage US website, over 300,000 Michigan electric customers are without power.

#WinterStorm #Michigan #PowerOutage

Here we go again in southeast Michigan with power outages.

Over 100,000 DTE Energy customers without power as of 7:25pm, about 10 minutes ago.

Snow storm will continue for the next 4+ hours.

#Michigan #PowerOutage #WinterStorm

DTE Outage Center summary showing 4,140 field resources, 106,225 customers without power, and 95.28% customers with power.

Well, I'm inside for a while. Went out to shovel snow for the second time and saw lightening light up the sky.

And there goes the thunder rumble.

Power outages have been reported in several west metro Detroit suburbs, including Livonia, Canton, Plymouth, Garden City, and Westland.

#Michigan #WinterStorm

3 months ago

What a difference a couple of hours makes! #WindowFriday #WinterStorm #PureMichigan

The view out the sliding glass doors into the deck. Snowy! Blowing snow! A whiteout, in fact.
Sarah Stierch
3 months ago


Published at 11 a.m. by the National Weather Service Eureka.

#LakeCountyCA #LakeCounty #CAwx #WinterStorm

A National Weather Service chart that is called Lake County Weekend Weather. It was published in Eureka, California, on Friday, March 3, 2023.
🆘Bill Cole 🇺🇦
3 months ago

So, here in #Eastpointe we are getting snow according to the radar, but in fact there's nothing reaching the ground.

Grammargeddon Angel
3 months ago

That winter storm our weather service was watching went elsewhere.

Good news for us, but I feel bad for whoever gets it. #Weather #WinterStorm

Sarah Stierch
3 months ago

🌬️⛈️🌨️ The weekend storm will bring more wind, rain and snow to the region, making travel "nearly impossible" on some areas of Mendocino County. Today, Friday, will be mostly sunny, so it's a perfect day to prepare. Here's the forecast.

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3 months ago

Getting a bit more exact! Mark’s map’s are usually quite accurate. So . . . 10 + inches for us is the forecast. Two inches of snow per hour possible after 6 pm. #TGIF! #WinterStorm #WinterStormWarning #PureMichigan #Miwx

School closings are starting to be posted in preparation for tomorrow's winter storm warning in southeast Michigan.

Some public school districts are closed for the day, others closing at 1pm.

#SchoolClosings #Michigan #WinterStorm

Winter storm warning starting Friday, March 3 at 1pm for our southeast Michigan area.

Forecast is 6-10 inches of snow.

"Very heavy snow rates, on the order of 1 to 2+ inches per hour, are likely over a short three to six hour window."

#WinterStorm #Michigan

3 months ago
Desert Dweller 🌵
3 months ago

Move to #Arizona, they said. It's warm and mild and dry, they said. 🙄 🥶

Not the first time I've complained to the world about those words, but since we're now into March, I am less and less amused. This is the most snow I've seen all winter on the eastern face of the #Chiricahuas.


Fresh snowfall glowing with the light of sunrise on the eastern face of the Chiricahua mountains. Foreground shows a fenced dog yard and a small cypress tree in a protective fence shield.
Zoom Earth
3 months ago

#Juliette is currently circulating near the Balearic Islands, and forecasts show the system moving east to bring snow and rain to Corsica and Italy in the coming days 🌨️

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Zoom Earth
3 months ago

Incredible snowfall in #Mallorca at the Castle of Alaró from Winter Storm #Juliette ❄️

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3 months ago

Two bald eagles in a nest in Big Bear, California, are working hard to ensure their eggs stay warm as a #winterstorm brings cold weather and snow to the area. #CAwx #BigBearLake #Winter #baldeagles #baldeagle

Zoom Earth
3 months ago

An impressive swirl of low pressure brings heavy rain and blizzard conditions to California. #WinterStorm #CAwx #weather

Zoom Earth
3 months ago

California is facing a major winter storm today with heavy rain and heavy mountain snow. #WinterStorm #WinterStormPiper

Radar over the last few hours shows the increasing intensity of the storm:

Liam Lonsdale
3 months ago

LIVE: Skyline Boulevard, #Oakland #SNOW


#weather #winterstorm

Maria Jordan
3 months ago

@bdimcheff Canton in Wayne County checking in. We have have been without power for 9 hours with no ETA. #DTEEnergy states ice on power lines is the cause. There was several loud booms and light flashes. So, I thought a transformer blew. I do not know if it matters, but we have underground lines. It’s supposed to warm up later in the afternoon. Hopefully that will help #PowerOutage #WinterStorm

3 months ago

Weather Forecast Summary (from NWS via Ventura County OES) #VenturaCounty #WinterStorm #WX #CAwx




    Moderate to heavy rain is expected Friday through Friday night
    Thunderstorm potential Friday night and Saturday (including small hail, gusty winds, and potential for waterspouts)
    Small stream and urban flooding potential
    Gusty SE-S winds on Friday, turning SW-W Friday night (30-50 mph for coasts and valleys)
    High surf, minor coastal flooding, and beach erosion
    Significant snowfall anticipated in mountain areas



    Total rainfall amounts of 3.0-5.0” in coasts and valleys, and 4-6” in foothills/mountains (but transitioning to snow at higher elevations).
    Peak rain rates of 0.25-.75” per hour expected for most areas, with localized rates of 1.00” per hour possible.

    Higher hourly rate potential on south-facing foothills/mountains 


    1-6” of snow anticipated between 1,500 and 2,500 ft. (Santa Ynez Mtns., Santa Monica Mtns., Cuyama)
    6-12” of snow anticipated between 2,500 and 4,000 ft.
    Heavy snow accumulations anticipated above 4,500 ft., totaling 2-5’.
    Snowfall rates of 2-4” per hour.



For the full forecast and latest forecast updates, visit
3 months ago

Significant Winter Storm Event / Update from Ventura County OES (via our ham radio emergency group) #wx #CAwx #VenturaCounty #WinterStorm

The National Weather Service and Ventura County Sheriff’s Emergency Services are monitoring a winter storm system that is set to impact the Ventura County Operational Area region beginning tomorrow (Thursday) through Saturday. The storm is expected to bring significant snowfall to our local mountains, along with periods of heavy rain and gusty southerly winds throughout the county. The primary period of concern for this storm system is currently projected to be Friday to Friday night. Additional forecast information can be found in the National Weather Service summary below.


At this time, the forecast information remains preliminary and no evacuation warnings or orders have been issued.

Staff from Sheriff’s Emergency Services are continuing to monitor the latest data and will be convening with internal stakeholders Thursday morning to evaluate the need for any evacuation orders within the unincorporate County areas should the forecast intensify.



    The Ventura County EOC will be opening on Friday, 2/25/23.
    Updated information for the public will be posted on and on social media beginning tomorrow. 


    Confirm readiness of City EOCs by communicating with key department heads and staff members about the impending event and taking appropriate preparedness actions. 
    Confirm readiness of local public works crews and the availability of
3 months ago

Freezing rain, trees & powerlines don't mix. We got ourselves a tree on fire.
#Storm #WinterStorm #IceStorm #OnStorm #Ontario

Tree heavily weighed down with ice from the storm catches fire after the branches make contact with powelines. Emergency vehicle is parked infront of the tree on the street.
Zoom Earth
4 months ago

Major winter storm affecting large portions of the US today. Yellow = very heavy rain 🌧

Huge difference in temperatures too (displayed in Fahrenheit). #weather #WinterStorm

4 months ago

Massive number of cancellations and delays today in the United States due to the incoming #WinterStorm - 218 incoming flights cancelled (52%) at MSP.

'Hazardous winter travel conditions': Winter storm to hit Barrie, Orillia, Blue Mountains and Simcoe County #Winter #Barrie #Orillia #SimcoeCounty #Bizzard #WinterStorm #onpoli @barrie @onpoli

4 months ago

Winter storm at the golf course, I. Indiana, January 2023 #aowsimages #indiana #usa #midwest #snowstorm #winterstorm #snow #blackandwhitephotography

Shannon du Plessis
4 months ago

Just a couple of examples of the tree damage on our property from the Texas winter storm.
The sounds here are incredible. What we hear ranges from a popping or cracking sound to something akin to a gunshot right before the branches break and fall.
Anyone else in the Texas Hill Country?
#Texas #Winter #winterstorm #Trees #ice

Trees damaged by winter storm
Trees damaged by winter storm
Sacha (she/her)
4 months ago

Plenty of food in the house. Refilled the bird feeders and squirrel station. Replenished the heated birdbath with fresh water (since it's also a drinking source). Ready for the next 24 hours of #INwx! #WinterStorm

The power outage killed my tomatoes in the greenhouse, froze three dozen green tomatoes with them. A sad sight… #winterstorm #gardener #gardenersofmastodon

Inside of a greenhouse with dead, tall tomato plants. Blue sky peeking through the plexiglass of the roof.
5 months ago

Via Daniella Sands, Reporter at Mendocino Action News: Widespread #PowerOutage in #California due to #Winterstorm causing #flooding downed power lines and trees into houses and onto vehicles. #cawx PrepareToday Check @PGE4Me #OutageMap for current outages:

5 months ago

What a wild weekend and the weather still hasn't let up (not so much snow now but unpredictable high winds causing poor visibility) where I am. I hope I can leave the house Monday morning!

I hope everyone is safe and had an okay Christmas if you celebrate.

I am grateful for a warm home with hydro to stay in and frozen meals to eat. It's been a rough few days. Sending warmth and love to everyone.

#WinterStorm #ONstorm #QCstorm

cynthia rose
5 months ago

Maybe more people would listen to the extreme weather warnings if #meteorologists explained that this is happening bc we broke the jet stream, so there’s no longer anything stopping the #Arctic #Wx from bleeding south. Explain that shit, say it out loud. People clearly do not understand. They MUST understand! Euphemisms kill! This isn’t an #arcticblast, it’s the fucking Arctic slipping out of place. And that’s… you know. Bad. 🤨 #climatecrisis #extremecold #winterstorm #bombcyclone #justlookup

Reminder for iPhone users - you can share your location via Find Me, even when cell coverage is down. #winterstorm

5 months ago

On this stormy day my gratitude goes out to hydro linesman braving the storm to restore my power. The snow plow drivers clearing the roads for the emergency workers. The health care workers who gave up being at home to care for others.
As Tracy Chapman sang ‘ I've seen and met angels wearing the disguise of ordinary people living ordinary lives.’
#WinterStorm #EssentialWorkers #gratitude #quotes

Deborah League
5 months ago

This is my cousin's house in Iowa. She just turned it into a cool B&B. Rustic door, vines cover the stone walls, a bathtub serves as a planter in season and string lights cast a convivial glow over the scene.

See it -

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Rustic Door Frosted With Snow is a fine example of shabby chic. Vines cover the stone walls, a bathtub serves as a planter in season and string lights cast a convivial glow over the scene.

See it -
Janette Speyer
5 months ago

How is everyone? Are you all ok? Been reading about icy cold weather and power outages. My heart goes out to you all #poweroutage #winterstorm #bombcyclone2022

6 months ago

The #bombcyclone #winterstorm sweeping across the US looks absolutely horrific and I truly feel for anyone caught up in it.

One very trivial question: why do American reporters speak every sentence like a newspaper headline, omitting the auxiliary verbs? Has this always been a thing?

"Thanks Don. Yes, Denver experiencing its lowest temperatures in a generation. Thousands without power tonight, the State government advising people to stay in place."

Anyway: stay safe, USian friends.

Michele Banks
6 months ago

I just went to put my winter boots on and this happened 😂 #winter #winterstorm #winterstormdmv

Boots falling apart completely