Western Exposure
3 hours ago

This evening's concoction for #ArtAdventCalendar Day 9. The light piece in the center bugs me. I'll probably change that tomorrow. Good night y'all. It's 2 a.m. here already.🌙
#oneadaychallenge #collage #wip #acrylics #sketchbook

A square multicolor collage composed of             painted and printed papers, including parts of a book page. Some papers have type on them, some patterning.
5 hours ago

I don't know if I've posted this one here yet, but I just went through and made some changes, just something fun that I had bouncing around! #house #housemusic #WIP

Henry Darger’s Ghost
8 hours ago

This is what it looks like after all the black wash layering. Next step will be applying sculpting medium, but I’m not 100% sold on the pattern I have planned so I’m going to let it cook on the back burner for an hour or two before committing.

#WIP #MastoArt #xmas2023

Continuance of my white gesso spiral painting on stretched canvas.  The last pic featured still wet paint wash showing off the first layer of black acrylic wash.  Since then I’ve added five or six more layers of wash making the black areas much darker.  At the moment, the painting looks like an orb of multicolored light floating in the darkness.
10 hours ago

Started a bigger drawing today. I managed to finish the line work, and continue to work on the rest over the next few days.

#ink #drawing #art #GenerativeArt #wip #MastoArt

Hand drawn generative art in ink on watercolor paper. This abstract work in progress looks a bit like an oyster shell or a seed pod.

Playing with these 'strings' again in today's #inkyDays drawing, and using different colors for the strings themselves and not just the 'beads'.

Here's a work-in-progress shot.

#ink #drawing #art #wip #GenerativeArt #SciArt

Hand drawn generative art in ink on an open page of my sketchbook. The abstract pattern looks a bit like a jumble of strings with a few beads on them.
13 hours ago

#wip #イラスト

タイムアップ #WIP

Retro Heart
14 hours ago

Objectionable Darkstalkers WIP!
Partially from yesterday's stream, but with some cleanup after.
#Art #DigitalArt #MastoArt #WIP #Fanart #Darkstalkers

WIP of Felicia from Darkstalkers pointing off to the side and shouting "Objectnyan!"
WIP lineart of Lilith from Darkstalkers, folding her hands while leaning her elbows on two bats, saying "Please stop yelling at me."

去年の絵と同じキャラをまた描こうかなと #wip

Sarah Sammis
20 hours ago

Here’s another surreal chicken drawing I’m working on. #wip #procreate #art #mastoart

Rooster woman in profile. Mostly just an outline right now.
22 hours ago

Can you help me choose which outfit that suit for my future oc?

I haven't create full description nor create world building yet.. bu I'm pretty sure she will have tsundere type personality.

#question #wip #workinprogress #chibi #anime #drawing #oc #originalcharacter #art #mastoart #fediart

Work in progress chibi nurse with pink coat
Work in progress chibi nurse with white coat
Henry Darger’s Ghost
22 hours ago

We’ve got a cold night coming so I’m up with the fire tonight. Only thing I’m going to do tonight is layering on black washes in a similar pattern in this picture. So instead of documenting every step along the way, consider this still wet painting the “before” picture and the next will be the “after” when all the layering is done.

#WIP #MastoArt #xmas2023

A multicolored spiral on stretched canvas.  Still wet black acrylic wash has been applied to the outer edges of the painting, leaving a circular shape in the areas untouched by the black wash.
from d4rkness
23 hours ago

here's a #sketch I did recently. I have been sketching a lot lately, but not sharing. I'm trying to be more social and explore mastodon. I have not done social networking since 2010, and even then I never was

I have done years of drawing zombies while hitchhiking around mostly canada and living on the street and selling it to buy weed and booze and food. I have never tried to invest in doing #art online. This is my revival.

#mastoart #wip

a sketch of a weird freaky looking 100 ft tall humanoid monster grasps a person between their index finger and thumb for eating in one of their six hands, attached to six different arms. they have six alien like dark shiny eyes, and six breasts upon their chest. they have sharp teeth and no nose, except for pushed up nostrils. they are balding, and have stringy wavy hair reaching just below shoulder length.

in the foreground, white cops are pulling non-white people to the beast for feeding.
1 day ago

#WordWeavers 8: Most important MC change?

The original serial was Carrie's transformation from an egocentric complainer to a more selfless introspective individual. The #WIP sequel has her coming to grips with her time powers, in that she loses them. Thus the change is in how she has to rely more on others, while still figuring herself out (particularly romantically).

Minegame YTB
1 day ago

New W.I.P
#furryart #wip

Henry Darger’s Ghost
1 day ago

Need to add another layer of color after the painting completely dries. Don’t get used to all that color. The next layer will likely be the last for today as I want the background to be bone dry for several hours before starting the next part.

It almost sounds like I know what I’m doing. I don’t, but that’s pretty cool.

#WIP #MastoArt #xmas2023

Black acrylic wash poured and spread over a white gesso spiral on a stretched canvas.
After the black layer in the previous picture was mostly dry, I added yellow and spread it around the spiral.
When the yellow layer was done I added red acrylic wash and spread it around the spiral.
Added quite a bit of blue acrylic wash after the red was mostly dry.  Spread it around and really roughed up some areas to the make the colors blend more.  The overall painting this at this point looks like a tie dye spiral on stretched canvas.
Jaycee Jarvis
1 day ago

“You don’t need any special gift to help me weave. Then you can keep an eye on me. Put a stop to things if I look ready to faint.”

“I will endeavor to catch you in that case,” Roth said, determined to match her light tone, even though he didn’t see how making a bunch of baubles would be worth the strain.

“Thank you.” Her tone was teasing but there was something warmer, and more serious, in her eyes.

#FridayKiss: WARMER #WIP #FantasyRomance

Henry Darger’s Ghost
1 day ago

I thought I’d bring you along while I work on an Xmas gift for my step brother. My relationship with him is pretty rocky. I wouldn’t say we dislike each other but it is fair to say we tolerate each other more than anything else.

Excuse the crappy lighting. I had to use a pen light for lighting so the texture would be noticeable.

#WIP #MastoArt #xmas2023

Spiral design made with white gesso on stretched canvas.
Eric Lewis
1 day ago

Just a reminder that my short story collection As It Seems is FREE! Nearly 300 pages of Grimdark Fantasy & Sci-Fi sure to entertain and traumatize. Trigger warnings? Yes dearies, all of 'em.

#fantasy #gaslamp #gaslampfantasy #amwriting #amwritingfantasy #wip #bookstagram #writingcommunity #read #reading #bookboost #bookreview #bookrecommendations #indieauthors #kindle #reviewcopy
#arcreaderswanted #bookstoread #free #freebook #freebooks #bookstodon

I started #painting #nudes again. This is unfinished #wip In our judgmental times, the #nude is a difficult #subject ..maybe I should leave it like this. It looks slightly #japanese I like how it feels like #summer when it is freezing and icy here in #prague ... #art #zeitgenossischekunst #contemporaryart

Unfinished painting of a nude woman lying on her back

Christmas MG has gotten some more progress today over stream! :bunhdheart:

We have some colour! WOOO!! :njumpinggirl:

I'll do lineart last, cuz I'm not a big fan of doing it hahaha


1 day ago
2 days ago

The new Skeleton kit is gorgeous but so, so fragile. Even compared to the Cursed City skellies. We'll see how many survive painting intact.
#WarhammerCommunity #WIP #HolyFireMinis

Secrit Lyfe
2 days ago

#PennedPossibilities 156 — Is your MC or SC deceptive, or willing to lie or deceive to achieve certain means? Why or why not?
Zack and Ruby, #WIP
No. My MC is so much like me that she has always been a rule-follower. She gets trapped sometimes because there isn't always an honest way out of a situation she finds herself in. My SC is a bit more questionable just because he has such a short temper. But when he tries hard, he is really just a big pussycat.

Secrit Lyfe
2 days ago

I just found a story I started years ago that is 19,000 words! I think it will be nice to try to write about something else since I appear to be hopelessly stuck in the other book.
#amwriting #WIP

BoneHouseWasps 🔶
2 days ago
The dragon now has the numbers 2, 2 and 4 behind it, with the dragon forming the 0.


BoneHouseWasps 🔶
2 days ago
A dragon being drawn in Adobe Illustrator from a hand-drawn sketch

LesFicFri: Wrong

From: "For the Love of a Konbini Idol, I Faced Her Onryo Lover"

There’s a saying that if you save someone’s life, you become responsible for them. Shiomi was vulnerable and wasn’t in her right mind, so I couldn’t throw her out and live with myself. I didn’t know how much she was out of her mind until later, when I asked her about that night…

For updates follow the hashtag #KonbiniIdol

#LesFicFri #Sapphic #SapphicRomance #ParanormalRomance #QueerFiction #Yuri #WIP

Image: A woman with light blue hair stands behind the counter of a convenience store. She is in a black and gold uniform. Behind her are stacked shelves of colorful goods.


Text: There’s a saying that if you save someone’s life, you become responsible for them. Shiomi was vulnerable and wasn’t in her right mind, so I couldn’t throw her out and live with myself. I didn’t know how much she was out of her mind until later, when I asked her about that night…
Lisa Makes Stuff (she/her)
2 days ago

This is certainly an ambitious plan. Everything hinges on:
1) when the rest of the fabric for the larger WIP arrives (queen size bed quilt)
2) when the new project kit arrives
3) whether I can make enough space in the studio to keep working on the current WIPS/new project

I have to figure out where to put the new machine (I have an idea, we'll see if it works) to get it out of my way until I have time to put the frame/electronics together and learn how to use it.
#quilt #quilting #WIP #fabric

2 days ago

Hey look I did a rig! Still not done, but it's (mostly) working~

©2023 Periodyc Studios LLC
#3D #blender #rigging #wip

Screenshot of a low poly model of an anthropomorphic fox lady, demonstrating the progress of her animation rig

I've been working on this dork during the past days 🥴 (Trying something new! :blobfoxartist:​ )

#MastoArt #Wip #Furry #FurryArt #Inkscape

A work-in-progress of a vector artwork of a really cartoony furry/anthropomorphic numbat original character. He is smiling and looking at something off-frame. The lines have a wobbly look to it, intentionally.
David Sabine
2 days ago

Let's be honest, limiting #WIP is among the most important steps on the road to effective #productmanagement.

How to take this crucial step…

Just imagine never using the word "priority" in its plural form.

The result?
Purposeful focus.

Holland Albright ♫ 🌈
2 days ago

WIP - I felt like my song "Tender Heart" could sound nice with ocarina and harp. Has some cozy fantasy vibes, I think. :)

(yes the "ocarina" sound is a recorder, my current ocarina isn't great so this will have to do for now)

#composer #fantasy #gamedev #gamemusic #VGM #classicalmusic #musician #fantasy #fantasymusic #videogamemusic #animation #animationmusic #gameaudio #music #musicproduction #DAW #vst #filmscore #filmmusic #film #rpg #rpgmusic #ocarina #harp #orchestra #wip

Sarah Sammis
2 days ago

Spent 2.5 hours today piecing together things for the digital collage I'm building as a reference image. Once done, I will recreate this as a painting using acrylics on a 24x18 canvas. On top of which I will paint 50 chicken caricatures to represent points in my life so far.

#wip #collage #HalfCenturyOfChickens #art #mastoart

Digital collage of things from 1973-1989 to be used as the background layer of an upcoming painting
:heart_sp_les3: Elliot 🔞
2 days ago

Relatable expression. I will post this full thing when I'll have it at a more completed stage!!! A "Rush In!" part called Washed Ashore.
#sketch #OC #DigitalArt #OriginalCharacter #Wip #Comic #BlasphemyDoodles #RushIn

A cropped and zoomed picture of a digital sketch, colored in greys, depicting a young person with a very annoyed, baffled and offended expression
Retro Heart
2 days ago

Revisiting and resketching some older pieces. I considered starting with Bun-E03's winter designs, but her summer and beach looks caught me first.
#Art #DigitalArt #MastoArt #Sketch #WIP #OriginalCharacter #BunE03

A close-up of Bun-E03, an android with mechanical bunny ears, wearing a bikini and holding two popsicles while licking her upper lip with a smile. The one closer to the viewer is cat-themed with a sour expression, while the one further away is rabbit-themed and has a bite taken out of it.
2 days ago

Felt like some cut-clear lineart.

The most unforgiving technique and quite a good choice if one aims to burn sth/smn into memory.

#mood #artist #artistonmaston #wip #drawing #nerdswhodraw

Evening atmosphere, desk illuminated only by red LED and computer screen which an open console, with a begun drawing in the right lower corner visible. Dark calm atmospheric mood.
WIP drawing depicting a man with mid-long hair, beard and hoodie
WIP drawing, line-art details
KesieV Norimaki
3 days ago

It's December. Here, take this Snowman. As any snowman, it will defeat itself if any ally is wounded. Please ignore the Tree Man and the Computer Man. They are not for you. Bye. #wip #opensource #card #game #printandplay

Jan Willem Tulp
3 days ago

I like the labeling I came up with for an upcoming side-project #wip #dataviz

自分の絵に落とし込むのにめっさ苦労してるSkebご依頼 #WIP

Sarah Allen Reed
3 days ago

i'm not entirely sure what i was doing with this but it's a fun enough riff

#music #lmms #wip

3 days ago

Took me basically all day to get this text box looking like something that I didn't hate.

We'll see how long I keep it.

#WipWednesday #wip #ttrpg

Screenshot from a layout program, showing a portion of a two page spread. A list of writing and art credits are framed in a dark text box with scan lines and glitches, hopefully giving the impression of an ancient computer system.

#hermione #hermione_granger #harry_potter #cameltoe #wip #r18 #loli #girl #missionary #3d #daz3d #dazstudio #horse #horsecock #bestiality

big comm wip
brrr in that pussy

let me know what you think

(if you enjoy what make,feel free to join my fanbox and drop a coin,ty a lot)
Main pixiv:
old pixiv:

Kit Irving
3 days ago
Secrit Lyfe
3 days ago

154—What role do dreams / nightmares play for your MC or SC?
Dreams and nightmares play a big part in my #WIP. Dreams and nightmares carry tremendous information to my main girl so she can regain her memory and figure out her identity. Plus dreams and nightmares factor heavily into my own life. I guess that's partly why she dreams a lot.

Kristin ( Admin)
3 days ago

It's a dark and dreary rainy day, here in San Francisco. I've been wanting to crawl back into bed since I got up.

Drawing a simple fractal with a little more chaos than I usually play with, in today's #inkDays.

Here's a work-in-progress photo.

As usual, the finished drawing is posted for my supporters on Patreon and Ko-fi.

#ink #drawing #art #Fractal #MathArt #GenerativeArt #flowers #wip #wipwednesday

Hand drawn generative art in ink on an open page of my sketchbook. The abstract pattern is a simple fractal based on floral growth.
:heart_sp_les3: Elliot 🇵🇸
3 days ago

I'M BACK! Kinda.
here's a rough sketch of my main character since I gotta remake their ref. The trashcan rat is back again :blobfoxknife:
#MastoArt #DigitalArt #OC #OcArt #OriginalCharacter #sketch #WIP
#BlasphemyOCs #WIPWednesday

Digital rough sketch, full body, depicting a person with a vintage dress style (suspenders, warm colors, shirt etc.); they have curly, short brown hair, glasses, and wear  jewelry.
Hexephre 🐉
3 days ago

i was looking back through my old posts and saw what i wrote on this one and... that it was posted in august... hahaha

i did get a little further, but "a timely manner" was not to be. alas. might still finish it someday, might not!

#MastoArt #WIP #WIPWednesday #furry

digital sketch of a green anthro dragon playing the piano
Bruno Bellamy
4 days ago

#WIP (#Watercolor In Progress) "Noël 2023" : l'#aquarelle est presque terminée, puisqu'il ne me reste plus qu'à repasser les traits de contour à la couleur au pinceau super fin… ;)
#art #illustration #bellaminette #Tipeee
Vous aimez ? Aidez : !

Photo de l'aquarelle de la bellaminette du mois presque terminée !
4 days ago

Back to inking comics. Only one chapter (plus prologue) left now. Hoping to finish it all by February.

Today's page WIP

#comics #WIP #art

Inked comic panel showing our heroes, Rebecca, Pearl and Frank, running through a literal dungeon.
James 🌈💜
4 days ago
Lisa gave her a small squeeze, "So... We both agree life sucks. Anything we can do in a cold office, with snow outside, to cheer ourselves up?"

"We are not building a snowman."

Her coworker gave a little tune, "I wanna build a snowman..."

"No." Chrissie said flatly.

"Come on, let's go and play! I wanna build a snowman!"

Chrissie shrugged her off, "You'll not see me anymore, if you try and build a snowman."
5 days ago

Practicing chibi style, drawing Alfa.

#chibi #WIP #art

Digital pencil sketch of Alfa, the science girl, drawn in chibi style.
James 🌈💜
5 days ago

"This stuff isn't even due until March!" Lisa said with frustration, "It's snowing! I can remember it snowing just once. I was going for my Ls, and terrified, and that was a mess, but... Once! It's snowing and I'm in here with -"

"Seven fifty four!" Chrissie snapped.

Lisa nodded tiredly, "Yeah. Complex and frustrating, because spreadsheet programs just don't wise up and use fixed point decimals. Especially with an adjustable precision! This thing just sucks."

#WIP #amWriting

5 days ago

Today's #MicroPrompt: Float

Reply with:

+ A #story that contains the prompt word (derivations and tense changes ok), or
+ An excerpt from your current #WIP that contains the prompt word, or
+ A #poem!

The only rules: keep it to a single toot and be sure to check out the other replies!

Reply only to me, not the tagged group.

#amWriting #writingCommunity @penprompts

Sarah Sammis
5 days ago

The washing machines are done. #wip #digitalart #procreate #mastoart

Two paint splattered washing machines.

Allons-y! Dans le programme (chargé) de ce matin, il y a la prise de photo d'illustration pour la nouvelle version de la boutique !

Allons-y! This morning's (busy) schedule includes taking some illustration photos for the new version of the shop!

#FediArt #MastoArt #Cyanotype #WIP

Photographie de mon bureau éclairé par une lampe uv et rempli de cyanotypes, de dessins sur négatifs, de fioles et de petites décorations. Il y a également un appareil photo et une planche de bois.

Photograph of my desk lit by a uv lamp and filled with cyanotypes, drawings on negatives, vials and small decorations. There's also a camera and a wooden board.
5 days ago

We now have pan and tilt. Gonna mess around with the values but yeah. #maker #robot #wip

Another added upgrade for binarys head
Sarah Sammis
5 days ago

Almost done. I’ll finish tomorrow and varnish on Wednesday. #wip #commission #portrait #chickens #mastoart

Portrait of a woman hugging a chicken
lee :Fire_Trans:
5 days ago

wip! gonna hide this in a wallet 😘

#wip #fediArt

a piece of natural toned leather with the beginning of a leather tooling project. a many-petaled flower has been carved in, and the edges of one leaf and petal have been beveled.
6 days ago

Finally got a function neck for Binary #maker #robot #wip

Head test. #maker #wip
6 days ago

Sinon J'ai enfin commence le super coussin oeil de dragon. Je vais faire les deux yeux en symétrique, et en version taie de coussin parce que j'ai trop de coussins.

Modèle : dragon eye pillow par hookedbykati
#crochet #fiberarts #wip

Début de la fente de l'oeil au crochet en noir.
Différentes parties au crochet avant assemblage, un oeil de dragon fendu, un oeil et la fente non cousue, les cornes de dragon blanches au crochet non cousues et le sourcil supérieur rouge foncé.
Andriy Kachalo
6 days ago
Subjects icon decoration for Christmas.
Kristin ( Admin)
6 days ago

Thinking about networks and atomic bonding angles while working on today's #inkyDays drawing.

Here's an in-progress shot.

#ink #drawing #art #GenerativeArt #SciArt #wip

Hand drawn generative art in ink on an open page of my sketchbook. The abstract pattern looks a little bit like a chemistry diagram
Nilly Robot
1 week ago

I have a VISION with this #wip but its having a hard time coming out. This is where the thumbnail is at.

Digital sketch. Two figures reaching for each other mirrored vertically down the page. The top one is silhouette of a spider looking monster hanging from wires. The bottom figure is a man falling. The background is a town flipped upside down.
1 week ago

Hands full today at RSHQ, juggling pages and a Kickstarter commission for another webcomic you might have heard of...

- - -

#Art #MastoArt #Comic #Comics #IndieComics #WebComic #WebComics #Fantasy #RisingSand #ScreenShotSaturday #WIP

A screenshot of Adobe Photoshop, displaying a WIP page of Rising Sand on the left, and ??? on the right.

Est-ce que je vais réussir à graver ce modèle pour une lino ?
Je ne sais pas... Sinon ça restera un print numérique (ou un cyano)

Will I be able to carve this model for a linocut? I don't know.
Otherwise it will remain a digital print (or a cyanotype).

#WIP #MastoArt #FediArt #Linogravures #Linocut #Fennec #Anarchie

Un fennec avec une casquette et un drapeau noir. Autour de l'animal, il y a un décor avec des motifs végétaux et des blocs avec des textures variées.

A fennec with a cap and a black flag. The animal is surrounded by a background of plant motifs and blocks with different textures.


just a handsome kitty ~


#furry #furryart #mastoart #wip

Sarah Sammis
1 week ago

Five hours of work and the first washing machine is done. #wip #chickens #digitalart #art #mastoart

Drawing in progress of a rooster and a hen standing on a pair of paint splattered washing machines
Sarah Allen Reed
1 week ago

Scanned in, time for screentones then it's off to the editor

#gimp #illustration #artonlinux #wip #process

1 week ago
Sarah Allen Reed
1 week ago

Doing it with typewritten paste-ups as God herself intended

#makingcomics #wip #process

Sarah Allen Reed
1 week ago

Nearly done now. Just gotta glue on the text boxes--made the old fashioned way on Valentine, my Brother WP-760D word processor here--and add in just a bit more inks.

#wip #process #mastoart #illustration #comics

Sarah Allen Reed
1 week ago

Wasn't happy with how heavy/overworked the shading was on that third panel, so I ended up slapping some patch paper on and redrawing it

#wip #illustration #makingcomics #process

1 week ago

Designed a new character! Her name is Phoebe and she's the youngest sister of Fenrir and Rhea.

#oc #originalcharacter #characterdesign #artist #wip #digitalart #painting #illustration #girl #art

Portrait of Phoebe compared to her older siblings
1 week ago

My layouts offer precious insights into my process.

The full behind the scenes:

#webcomic #wip #behindthescenes #layout #ass #funny #fantasy #patreon

Joy asks Landa something. In a discarded layout she was pressed against her. She doesn't respect personal space.
A soldier stops and questions a citizen. The sketch reveals that the soldier has a fine ass under his tunic.
Kristin ( Admin)
1 week ago

Thinking about more rooms in the pattern I've been playing with over the last few days of #inkyDays drawings.

It's a new month, so I'm starting new posts for my supporters on Patreon and Ko-fi. I'll be posting this month's in-progress and finished drawings in these posts.

#ink #drawing #art #GenerativeArt #MastoArt #wip

Hand drawn generative art in ink on an open page of my sketchbook. The abstract pattern has an organic feel to it, like branching twigs with nodules on them.
1 week ago

New character: This is the monster tamer. Can tame enemies or spawn a helper.

Also 🔊 sound fx! These are very #wip but things are coming to life.

#roguelike | #gamemaker | #indiedev

Aria 🏳️‍⚧️ :therian:
1 week ago

Alright, I drew the thing I posted about earlier.

#furry #furryArt #wip #gryphon

A gryphon sitting in front of a wall.
The wall has graffiti reading "The future is bleak" There is a red X over the L in Bleak. The gryphon is holding a red paint brush.
Sarah Allen Reed
1 week ago

Scenes from the studio, 11/29/23. Hasty first-pass pencils for Our Lady Maven (with @hexadecim8) / slightly cleaner pencils for something else / watching Brigands forget who the main character is in the beloved Sierra classic Jim Walls Does The Red October / tonight's top secret diversion

#makingcomics #comicart #illustration #wip #process #scenesfromthestudio

Some very sketchy pencils on a piece of bristol board. A wiley old man in the first panel states to a young girl "Luckily, there always seems to be money in my pockets...or maybe yours?". In the second panel, the girl checks her pockets while the old man taps his cane on the sidewalk, creating an audible " clik!", causing him to disappear in the third panel in a puff of smoke. The fourth panel shows the "old man" without his disguise, revealing him to be--THE AMAZING BAFFLE!!
Three visible panels worth of comic art. The leftmost shows a hand holding a cup of coffee, with the next displaying a self-portrait of the artist looking tentatively into the distance. The third panel, displaying the artist gazing furtively into the distances, is partially obscured by the artist's hand holding a mechanical lead holder.
A Thinkpad displaying the Youtuber "Let's Play With Brigands" playing through "Codename: ICEMAN". The text box on the screen displays the text "For the purposes of this game you are, in fact, Commander Westland."
My bedroom computer, with LMMS clearly displayed on the monitor. An open Thinkpad and Mnemosyne notebook are barely visible underneath a green banker's lamp.
Sarah Sammis
2 weeks ago

I did the detailing on Valentino. I had to change the direction of his head. What do you think? #wip #cats #art #mastoart #commission

Three cats against an abstract blue background.
2 weeks ago

Today's #MicroPrompt: Horn

Reply with:

+ A #story that contains the prompt word (derivations and tense changes ok), or
+ An excerpt from your current #WIP that contains the prompt word, or
+ A #poem!

The only rules: keep it to a single toot and be sure to check out the other replies!

Reply only to me, not the tagged group.

#amWriting #writingCommunity @penprompts

2 weeks ago


I might have gone overboard with this WIP, and yes, the characters look unusually pronounced because I want to make them a bit easier to notice amongst all the details.

Btw should I go with hatching black-and-white, or should I color it? I had too much fun fleshing out texture in the outlining phase so colors might not be suitable going forward...

#art #fediart #mastoart #WIP

A black and white wip of two houses and a stone arch standing right next to the house further in the background. There are 4 characters occupying the scene: a thief lock picking, a sword person consulting with the thief, an archer having his wounded arm bandaged by a concerning goblin, and a tanker standing next to a collapsed mutated person, writing something in their notebook.

I looked for my camera roll for something I really wanted to paint, and I found a shot I took in Andover, UT. I miss that warm sun, the air, the graininess of the sand.
#WIP #MastoArt #pastelartist

A just-started work in progress pastel painting. Looking up at a trail that leads to far mountains, sage bushes in foreground.
A progressed, but still unfinished pastel painting. The trail is more defined, and sage bush shadows cast on the trail.
2 weeks ago

After an entire day of rewiring and blown out servos, long story. I finally have binary head done. #maker #tech #wip

Movement test of binarys new robot head. #maker #robot

2023-11-27: At what point during the writing of your WIP do you know what the last line is going to be?

It depends. Everything is changeable until I've finished the final draft. That said, I have written the final line of the final chapter of one book I haven't even started yet. The final line is: It was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen in his life. That will likely change.

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Swinging back around and having another go at this river scape but this time in acrylic, charcoal, pen and gouache. Still a work in progress #wip #acrylic #mixedmedia #landscape #painting

An acrylic painting of a river, with a riverbank with trees beyond, and a mist descending over it all.
Ashenwave 🌱
2 weeks ago

Umm… What should we put inside these jars and bottles? :artcapy2:

I want to finish this 4 year old sketch but I still don’t know how to do it, so I’m open to suggestions :)
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A sketch of a scientist surrounded by empty bottles and jars containing creatures of some kind. They are on the process of opening one of them.

It’s hard to imagine a better feeling for a writer than when a reader both loves your story and *gets* your story. There’s a difference, and I suspect anyone who has published novels or stories will know exactly what I mean.
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