7 hours ago

A way to ethically and legally collect "graveyard dirt" for spellwork is to go to the graveyard after it's been mowed and sweep off the graves.
It's doing a kindness to them by clearing off their nameplate, and you can keep any dirt and detritus you sweep off.
I do this yearly to use for the wards around my property. I bring a bottle of charged water to sprinkle on the graves as an offering, and say their names out loud in thanks.

2 days ago

#paganism today

This goes out to the #pagan #heathen #witchcraft community

I was thinking about #rituals of #katharsis and how they could be performed in our contemporary lives.

I would like to invite you to share your thoughts and questions and reboosting this toot for wider audience to start a little discussion on contemporary praxis and maybe historical nice2know's.

Share your thoughts with me.

Danny Boling 🌈 ☮️
2 days ago

If there's a choice then I'm picking Satan every time! 🤣 😈

#Humor #Politics #Religion #Satan
#Evolution #Sexuality #Psychology #Witchcraft


A photo of a man standing on the sidewalk, holding a protest sign that reads "If you don't teach your child to obey Jesus, the devil will teach them evolution, sexuality, psychology, witchcraft". The caption says "That awkward moment when Satan is the reasonable choice"
Fiona Grahame Orkney News Ltd
5 days ago

"Led by experienced tour guide Ragnhild Ljosland of Orkney Time Travel the walk took us through the streets of Kirkwall as we followed the stories of those who were accused."
#witchcraft #witchtrials #walking #Orkney

the tour guide stands at the corner of Castle Street Kirkwall and explains to the seated audience the story of one of the witches
Se Ⓐnstapa
5 days ago

I went to a witches' circle monthly meetup - a video by Sedna Woo - a sceptical witch.
#witch #witchcraft #magick #paganism #pagan

DavidV.TV ®
6 days ago

🦋 #DEMONS made me #MASTURBATE. Set #FREE 🦋 from #Pornography and #Masturbation!

Youtube Comments:

* When I used to struggle with this, God used a sister from church to give me a word while I was at the altar praying. She told me "when those thoughts come to your mind, replace them with something else that you like". I immediately knew that it was this issue God was helping me with. When I got urges, I started to replace the thoughts with a beautiful beach. It worked! Been free since. Praise God for deliverance!

* Testimony: i was addicted to porn and masturbation too. I struggled my whole with this...on and off...i couldnt go longer than a month...and again i would fall back to my ways. The enemy later convinced me that there was nothing wrong with #masturbation. I bought myself toys and vibrators it just got worse. I got married and brought these #toys into my got so bad that i couldnt have sex or orgasm with out them. My husband didnt satisfy me any more. I needed those toys. 27 years later im #free from #porn_addiction, masturbation, weed, alcohol. God is working in me. I remember me and my husband were getting attacked spiritually left and right when we decided to get closer to #God....we cleansed our home, threw away sex toys, vape pens, and so much more and anioted our home and now I have been free from those things for about 5 months now. God doesnt want us to be slaves to these things. Im finding freedom in Jesus. I encourge you today to follow Jesus.

* What she said is real man. Big advice; don’t open the door for those bad spirits to come in. #Pornography, #witchcraft, anything that is not good and doesn’t come from God will hurt you. Ive struggled with the same thing, and am still #struggling with some other, but I know God will do something great in me. If you’ve just started #watching_porn just quit it. You’ll get to a point where it’s gonna be so hard to quit if you keep watching it. If you think you can quit it anytime let me tell that’s not true. Find some help, stay away from pornography, from #sexual_immorality. Fill your heart with God’s word and you’ll have wisdom to #flee from any #temptation. That is why the #Bible teaches us many things about morality and purity, because God knows how destructive sexual immorality can be to us. God loves you.



WELCOME TO THE FUTURE OF ADVERTISING! | If it Tastes Good, You Gotta LOVE IT! (Patent Pending).

Upon launch all will be notified.

* Software Architect (PhD) Supervisor -25 years 100K PMS hours
* Founder of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
* Founder of RTB (Real Time Bidding)
* Founder of HFT (High Frequency Trading) ® (Decentralized SOCIAL Network | Signup for Early Invite); ® (#International_Tech_News); ® (Just Blame Wayne & Post it);
http://Davidv.TV ® (Big Faith | Christianity RAW 101) are not affiliates of this provider or referenced images used. This is NOT an endorsement OR Sponsored (Paid) Promotion/Reshare.

🦋 #DEMONS made me #MASTURBATE. Set #FREE 🦋 from #Pornography and #Masturbation!

Youtube Comments:

* When I used to struggle with this, God used a sister from church to give me a word while I was at the altar praying. She told me "when those thoughts come to your mind, replace them with something else that you like". I immediately knew that it was this issue God was helping me with. When I got urges, I started to replace the thoughts with a beautiful beach. It worked! Been free since. Praise God for deliverance!

* Testimony: i was addicted to porn and masturbation too. I struggled my whole with this...on and off...i couldnt go longer than a month...and again i would fall back to my ways. The enemy later convinced me that there was nothing wrong with #masturbation. I bought myself toys and vibrators it just got worse. I got married and brought these #toys into my got so bad that i couldnt have sex or orgasm with out them. My husband didnt satisfy me
Mark@RCR 🌀
1 week ago

🎧 #podcast #scotland #witchcraft

Ep 6 - Corp-crèadha / Figure of Clay (feat. Cass Ezeit

In this week's episode we (Rachel Newton and Lauren MacColl - aka Heal & Harrow) discuss how Mäiri approached fictionalising difficult aspects of our history. Featuring the voice of singer, presenter and linguist Cass Ezeji.

Heal & Harrow podcast logo which features two drawn females heads back to back and pleated together by their hair, with the words, Heal & Harrow underneath with a beige background. The figure head to the left is weeping.
The Dark Primordial
1 week ago

Looking for some wickedly cool merch this Summer? Look no further than The Dark Primordial, your one-stop shop for all things weird and occult! Visit us on our Etsy page @TheDarkPrimordial for items like these and much, much more!



1 week ago

For today’s #quickwitchcraft, fill your meals with love and happiness, or whatever intentions you wish. I do this quite a bit with soups I make because my soup pot makes me think of a cauldron. ☺️

Charge yourself with sun or moon.

Meditate for five minutes.

Add spices or herbs to tea or coffee to correspond with what you need, example happiness. Add intentions to it as well. Again, something I do often.

Hope this helps people. #witchcraft

Jürgen Hubert
1 week ago

After the people of Wilster had offended them, witches sunk the whole town beneath the ground on one Sunday morning.

#Germany #folktale #folklore #witch #witchcraft @germany @folklore

German folk tale "The Witches in Wilster". Drop me a line if you want a machine-readable transcript!
Se Ⓐnstapa
1 week ago

My favourite part of the occult world is all about otherworldly beings. Are the Dancing Fairies of Northumbria Benign or Malevolent? by @IcySedgwick
#fairies #folklore #magic #paganism #witchcraft #UK

Elisabeth Alba
1 week ago

"Accept Love" from the Everyday Witch Oracle deck illustrated by me, written by Deborah Blake, for Llewellyn Worldwide.

Original painting and prints available at

Get the deck at

#oracle #oracledeck #tarot #tarotart #mastoart #fediart #painting #watercolor #acrylagouache #magic #witch #witchcraft #divination #illustration #etsy #creativetoots

Damon Thomas
2 weeks ago

"There Is A Life After Life" #writing #FlashMemoir #poetry #florida #witchcraft

There Is A Life After Life

My great-grandmother died almost 20 years before I was born. Hit by a train near Branford, FL. A very Southern Gothic way to go. I grew up with her stories. Pinches of snuff filled her mouth. Pinches left bruises on your arm. She was a witch. The black snakes crawled as she whistled. There were nail covered photos on the side of her barn. Songs to the cypress trees. Her daughter shared these things. All told with Affection. Enthusiasm. Awe. There is a life after life for those who are a good story.

Okay, so if you were going to buy a magical or devotional pagan oil, would you prefer it with the herbs in the bottle or strained out? I'm curious!
#Pagan #witchcraft

Jack Vance
2 weeks ago

"Almost 376 years to the day after the first person in the original 13 colonies was executed for witchcraft, nearly all of Connecticut’s state Senate voted to absolve those convicted and killed for witchcraft or familiarity with the devil."

#Connecticut #christianity #witchcraft #history #religion

khthoniaa :pinkmoon:
2 weeks ago

I'm surprised more witches and occultists aren't flocking to the fediverse because the symbol is literally a pentagram: :fediverse: It even has all the elemental colors (red fire, blue water, green earth, yellow air, and purple aether/spirit)!

#witchcraft #occult #pentagram #fediverse

Mark@RCR 🌀
2 weeks ago

🎧 #podcast #scotland #witchcraft

Ep 5 - Behind the Eyes (feat. Len Pennie)

“This week's story sparks discussion around how little is known about the lives of the women persecuted for witchcraft, assumptions that are sometimes made about their lives, and what could be found within the trial records. Featuring the voice of poet and Scots language advocate Len Pennie.”

Heal & Harrow podcast logo which features two drawn females heads back to back and pleated together by their hair, with the words, Heal & Harrow underneath with a beige background. The figure head to the left is weeping.
khthoniaa :pinkmoon:
2 weeks ago

Sleepy today because of an intense tarot reading/epiphany last night that led to some stellar (but draining) dreams :blobcatdizzy:

How's everyone else's practice going?

#tarot #divination #witchcraft #occult

2 weeks ago

Woke at 6:30 am, put the bacon in the oven, made O’brien Potatoes, and fluffy scrambled eggs & everyone got up/came home right when I was finished.

We discussed #witchcraft, the gods/goddesses & where we are putting our energies this weekend. As the resident #KitchenWitch this made me so happy!

Now it’s time to get out in the garden w/ my #filthiest #jockstrap on gor the garden spirits for some heavy petting/weeding.

Dr. Amy H. Sturgis
2 weeks ago

It's alive! The 2023 conference “#Witchcraft and the #Supernatural in Belief, Practice, and Depiction”!

Online. 26th-27th August. All day to hit different time zones. Talks recorded so you don't miss anything. Get discounted tickets for the first month.

#OnlineEvent #Conference #Academics #AcademicMastodon #Gothic #Literature #History #Horror #PopularCulture #Victorian #EarlyModern #GhostStories #Film

Left: The cover of THE NIGHT SIDE OF NATURE, with a ghostly figure before a window showing a moon in the sky. Right: The cover of THE LANCASHIRE WITCHES, depicting witches gathered around a devil figure.
Jürgen Hubert
2 weeks ago

Now there is no longer any magic or witchcraft in the world, for the Sixth and Seventh Book of Moses are kept under lock and key.

#Germany #folktale #folklore #magic #witch #witchcraft @germany @folklore

The Sixth and Seventh Book of Moses:  (Oral tale from Chemnitz)  Now there is no longer any magic or witchcraft, for now everything has been bound, as the sixth and the seventh Books of Moses can no longer be used for these purposes. For within them, all kinds of witchcraft, magic-workings, and summonings were described and registered in detail. These two books are now under lock in Wittenberg and are only shown to others as curiosities, but they are no longer given away.  Source: Kuhn, A. and Schwartz, W. Norddeutsche Sagen, Märchen und Gebräuche aus Meklenburg, Pommern, der Mark, Sachsen, Thüringen, Braunschweig, Hannover, Oldenburg und Westfalen. 1848, p. 90.
2 weeks ago

For today’s #quickwitchcraft

When showering, visualize the water cleansing you. This is something I do because I don’t always have time to do a ritual bath.

Visualize a shield surrounding you during the day.

Carry a crystal on you that matches your intentions.

And my personal favorite, drawing sigils or symbols on the bottom of your shoes for what you need for that day like protection.


2 weeks ago
Purple foxglove flowers in front of a black iron fence. The top of the flower spike is not yet blooming but the bottom part is in full bloom. The leaves of swamp milkweed are in the background.
Se Ⓐnstapa
2 weeks ago
Mark@RCR 🌀
2 weeks ago

🎧 #podcast #scotland #witchcraft

Ep 4 - Da Dim (feat. Inge Thomson)

“In this episode Rachel Newton and Lauren MacColl (aka Heal & Harrow) talk about a fictional case based on Foula, Shetland leading to discussion around place, community, dialect and artistic freedom vs. authenticity.”

Heal & Harrow podcast logo which features two drawn females heads back to back and pleated together by their hair, with the words, Heal & Harrow underneath with a beige background. The figure head to the left is weeping.
khthoniaa :pinkmoon:
2 weeks ago

If you choose to be buried when you die, would you approve of witches collecting dirt from your grave to use in their spells?

#witchcraft #occult #magick #GraveyardDirt

2 weeks ago

I have a #Witchcraft #Pagan question and google doesn't seem to have a clear answer (or maybe my #ChronicIllness brain is too mushy to find the answer).

I want to draw some protection runes over my bed and on the doors of my apartment. I was thinking of using regular chalk since it's just pure limestone, but I want to make sure it won't wreck the walls/doors first😅Is regular chalk fine or will it stain the walls/doors forever?🤔

Harald's Favourite Horror Shorts
3 weeks ago

A drifter begins suffering horrifying visions after taking a job on a secluded farm.
Written & Directed by: Eli Powers

I liked this one a lot! It's slow enough that it allows for a story to build without revealing too much, keeping the mystery intact until the end. Very well made, and shows that a good horror can be made without relying on jump scares and effects.

#horror #horrorshort #shortfilm #FarmLife #witchcraft
A woman touching the face of a stranger looking away from the camera.
Ryan Smith
3 weeks ago

Hey #Heathens and #Pagans:

How do you account for and address class bias and class interests when reading primary source material?

khthoniaa :pinkmoon:
3 weeks ago

I've been wanting to post on here more often, but I've been stumped on what to share 🤔 Any suggestions or requests? My preferred topics are tagged below!

#witchcraft #paganism #occultism #horror

Se Ⓐnstapa
3 weeks ago

If you are serious about learning the whys and wherefores of modern esoteric practices with a credible teacher with a PhD in Religious Anthropology then join our growing community
#pagan #paganism #witch #witchcraft #esotericism #occult #academia #learning #magick

4 weeks ago

I make custom wands for witches. These aren't the average Fimo wands. Mine start with a core usually of a stick wrapped with a piece of real pressed papyrus paper or sacred lamb vellum inscribed with symbols. Sometimes the core has other ingredients as well. Depends on the purpose and patron.
Contact me at to make a request and get a price. It depends on the necessary materials and ceremonial requirements if any.
#Pagan #Witches #WitchCraft #Wands #Magic

The core of a wand I made with wood, papyrus, copper, smoky quartz, and aquamarine.
Miscellaneous wands I've made, straight and curved.
Se Ⓐnstapa
1 month ago

Just about to start - the opportunity to ask a leading academic questions about #paganism, #witchcraft and #esotericism in a live Q&A

Se Ⓐnstapa
1 month ago

If you have any burning or even smouldering questions on contemporary paganism and magick practice - ask an expert.
Dr Angela Puca is holding a live Q&A on Sunday - Click the link and set the notification bell to see when it is in your timezone.
#pagan #paganism #witch #witchcraft #magic #magick #esotericism #occult

AGF : poemproducer
1 month ago

Navigating history in anthropology: modern witches and expanded historicities by Helen Cornish 25-04-23
for @RadicalAnthro

Se Ⓐnstapa
1 month ago
1 month ago

The Blackthorn.

"Individual thorns may reach several inches in length, being needle-sharp, inflicting severe wounds in the flesh of both man and beast. Such injuries commonly provoke blood poisoning and can prove fatal if not treated with expediency: this is the measure of respect which must be afforded the Tree and its Genius at all times."
- Daniel Schulke, 'Viridarium Umbris'

#blackthorn #wortcunning #witchcraft #macrophotography #macro

Macro close up of a tangle made of blackthorn branches. Here and there we can see long thorns and splashes of leaf green, breaking in and out of focus.
H Polley
1 month ago

Found this about Mexican sage: “Garden sage (as opposed to the white sage commonly found in smudge wands) is a general, all-purpose protection herb.” So a lot of this front yard has plants associated with protection spells. Could be a coincidence, I guess. #ProtectionMagic #witchcraft

H Polley
1 month ago

The more I learn about the plants we inherited in our front yard, the more I wonder if it was once a witch’s garden. Hawthorne and lavender are associated with protection and are on the side next to the toxic neighbor. There is also Mexican sage, though I don’t know if it’s used in spells. Most interestingly, there is also a black nightshade plant, though it could be a very unusual volunteer.

#GreenWitch #herbalist #botanica #witchcraft

Reminder: Witches' Night is this Sunday (4/30)! :catwitch:

I personally celebrate from sunset on 4/30 until sunset on 5/1, but feel free to follow your own schedule!

#witchcraft #witch #Witches

Stories and Folklore
2 months ago

If you haven’t seen it already here is the latest sneak peek at a song from the new #IsleOfWight #LGBTQ #musical - Molly Downer.

The story is about the last Island #Witch, it followers hee from the curable to the grave.

Debuting at #VentnorFringe

My Little Room performed by Ellen Careless.

Would love to hear your feedback

#folklore #WitchCraft #Witchy #music #FolkHorror

@folklore @fakegenrebot

✨ Qeli
3 months ago

Hi, hello out there, Qeli here (pronounced like Kelly) and I'm that darn starry void dragon on the Internet! Had to redo my introduction post, so here we go for round two~

So, a little bit about me:

I'm a non-binary transfemme in my 30s who works in IT, and my pronouns are she/they. I like magic, tea, and all things witchy :dragon_tea:

I can be sassy and snarky at times, but I also love to connect with folks from different walks of life and find ways to make them happy, laugh, or lift their spirits in some way. I spend most of my time either birding, gaming, reading, or working on some form of creative writing.

I have a broad assortment of interests and causes that are important to me, but I'll typically post about or share stuff regarding the following:

Creative Writing
Dungeons and Dragons
Furry Fandom
Trans/Non-binary Stuff
Video Games
Witchy Stuff

I'll typically use content warnings and alt-text on my posts, and will generally prefer to boost content from others that do the same to improve accessibility.

I'm pretty easygoing and very fond of making new friends, so if you found something here that intrigues or resonates with ya, give me a nudge sometime and let's talk! Thanks for reading ✨

#introduction #intro #trans #nonbinary #furry #scaly #dragon #stars #astronomy #macro #tarot #witchcraft #anime

Julian Crosson-Hill, ACC
3 months ago

Time for a #introduction I'm Julian Crosson-Hill an ICF certified spiritual #lifecoach and business coach. I'm a married #cisgender #gay male. I'm the admin of and the owner of Priest of Inanna, LLC. I read #tarot, practice #witchcraft and work with #humandesign. I live in Fairborn #Ohio with my husband and 2 #cats I'm also an #artist and #writer I enjoy #sewing, #3dprinting and #hiking I'm #vegan and practice #yoga

Puka Muriska :enbiebug:
3 months ago

(ES/EN) I just realized that when I deleted my toots from last year I also deleted my introduction, so here it goes again: 👇

I did freelance illustration for a few years, now I want to see how well I do creating art that really interests me. I'm thinking about zines and games, learning a bit of programming, ceramics and making jewelry.

Things I like: native wildlife, perfumery, magic and dreams, anime, games, music, yoga, horror, cats, writing.
#witch #witchcraft

Logan Grendel (any pronoun)
3 months ago

A great conversation with a great person on the connection between the celestial and the mundane⚡️✨️ Please listen and share widely!
#astrology #witchcraft #activism #zodiac #jessicalanyadoo #LoganGrendel

Promethea :flag_trans_anim:
3 months ago

New instance, new account, new #introduction

I'm a queer trans witch and activist from #Sweden and #Uruguay, with an interest in #music and #photography. Currently unemployed.

I'm also the admin of Toot Foundation, which I'm launching because my previous instance is closing and none of the alternatives scratched the same itch.

If you post about these topics, we might have something to talk about: #climate #cyberpunk #SciFi #feminism #TransRights #witchcraft #StarTrek #gaming #ChaosMagick

3 months ago

We are stardust and shadows.

🌑 🌒 🌔 🌕 🌖 🌘 🌑

#witchcraft #demonolatry #luciferianism #witches #witch #lilith #lilithian #hecate #hekate #occult #feminism

MountainWitch ⛤:flag_bisexual:
3 months ago

I keep reading how so many feel a “disconnect” in their Paganism. They feel the Sabbats don't fully match the seasons, that they are going through the motions without deep sense, that the Gods are not listening or were never really there, that so many young ones coming up are fluffy or only attached to their phones.

Here's a thought. BE what you want Paganism to be. Set an example. Show them. Reconnect. Get your hands dirty, in actual dirt. Feel cold, wet, hot, shivery, feel UNCOMFORTABLE during the Sabbats. Be outside when it's cold, be sweaty when it's hot, pull that snow away from the first shoots in spring with your bare hands. Swim in the lake when it makes you gasp to get in that water. Sit among the fall leaves with your morning coffee. Dig in the garden in the heat of summer until you are running sweat and can't wait to strip off your clothes and shower naked outside. Build a bonfire in the snow and cook your food. Stand outside in the pouring rain after a month of drought and let the rain beat down on your face, run down the back of your neck and get your clothes soaked.

Roll around in nature with your old Gods and then tell me they aren't there. They ARE there. They are with you, all around you. They are waiting for you to get down and get real. They might want the stuff you make with your own hands, food you have grown, spirits you have brewed. Even if your stuff isn't pretty or perfect. Even if your outdoor shrines are rustic and weedy. Even if your garden is a jumble. Real isn't glitter in a bottle, or overpriced crystals, or a lofty bookshelf. It's doing, and feeling and thinking and living.

Get down, get dirty and keep at it for years and years. Some day in the future, you won't even care that others have problems Paganism. You'll have been doing it all along.

#witchcraft #witches #Pagan #paganism #TurnTheWheel #OldGods

4 months ago

Bone #witchcraft post!

Do you feel humbled, coming across the #bones of a life that's gone by?

Life in the mountains means we have far more opportunity to see #death first-hand, to reach out and be taught by it.
Cities are too fast-paced for me- I do not have enough time to pull the pigeon from the road before the bus ravages its tiny body, nor to take the kitten that sickness claimed before the sanitary workers dispose of it like it was trash. I'm sure others who do #spiritwork thrive just fine there. Just not my style.

I much prefer the forest, because here, death lingers. The song thrush will melt into the earth that fed it, and its feathers may come to be the nest bed of a fresh clutch of eggs. The old fox will go to sleep in her den and wake in a different world, the snow covering her home's entrance until it's warm enough for the critters to nourish themselves on the body she left behind. We see death, sometimes invite it in- be it #hunting or culling livestock. We honour death and the life it brings.

This beautiful lady was a life. An ewe that likely bore several lives herself, before death took her. I have a special place in my heart for sheep. My people have lived alongside them for so long that maybe it's in our blood by now. She wanted to come home with me, to sit near me and the other unseen friends I keep. How could I say no?

I brought her home, meaning to dye her #skull with coffee to help the myriad textures of her bone steal the show with more contrast, but that's another post altogether.

#deathwork crew, this one's for you.

(This is a cross-post from Instagram)

A sheep skull, lit by the sun, is resting on snow.
Side profile of the same sheep skull, shaded and resting on snow.
Natalja Saint-Germain
4 months ago

In the Scottish Highlands, people used to believe that witches were capable of taking the form of a whale 🐋

#SwampSunday #witchcraft
#folkhorror #folklore

Illustration: Natalya Chernobryvets

A witch flying across the sky on a broom with two little whales
4 months ago

I am once again asking those new to #witchcraft #paganism and #spirtuality to not blindly follow and adopt any list of associations or substitutions with zero context, explanation or cultural background, whether the OP is talking about #offerings #crystals #herbs or even colours. No matter what it is, blanket statements are not your friend. Generalisation and indiscriminate tradition-blending are not your friend.

If you're not sure, ask. Request sources. Research. Experiment. Get various opinions, see if what makes sense to you but don't take one outsider's word as gospel on a culture they know nothing about.

Evie (SleepyCatten)
4 months ago

@geekysteven If we're talking about the franchise I think we're talking about, then Abigail Thorn did an amazing video about witchcraft in general a couple of years before she came out as trans.

#trans #PhilosophyTube #witchcraft #AbigailThorn

the book bear :ms_bear: 📚
4 months ago

since i've moved instances, it's time for a new #introduction.

i'm a 30 year old #polyamorous #autistic #adhd #trans #witch. i live with my nesting partner & our four #cats (which i will be posting a lot of pictures of!).

lover of #books ( #sff #fantasy #queerfiction ), #writing, #gaming, #dnd, #horror, #plants, #animals, #witchcraft, #furry, & #nature.

i will post a lot about my struggles with #mentalhealth, & i'd like to connect with other #audhd folk!

come say hi & lets be friends!

Jürgen Hubert
4 months ago

Once, a young man observed how his fiancée and her mother drank from a small glass and vanished. He drank from it as well - and suddenly was at the witches' gathering on Brocken Mountain!

Afterwards, both women were upset at him because he had drunk from the glass, and turned him into a donkey as punishment.

Eventually, his fiancée regretted what she had done, and told him that baptismal water could turn him back. He managed to accomplish this, went back to her, and they married and lived happily ever after.

#Germany #folktale #folklore #witch #witchcraft

Digital scan of German folk tale "Der Esel"
Jürgen Hubert
4 months ago

Witches knew how to project their spirits while asleep - and even make the spirit appear in visible form, so that it seemed like they were elsewhere.

This is of course useful for all sorts of things - like checking up on your employees to make sure that they are hard at work, and not (to pick a not-random example) spending any "quality time" with their lovers during work hours.

#Germany #folktale #folklore #witch #witchcraft

Digital scan of German folk tale "Hexe belauscht ein Liebespaar"
Angela Miller
4 months ago

This is a short #playlist so far, but I will be adding to it in future.
#Galloway was as much a part of the #witchPanics as many other parts of #Scotland this list is about those #accused of #witchcraft.
Witch Trials and the Accused:
#history #video #witches

Jack Graham
4 months ago

So who's got cool plans for Imbolc/Brighid's Day?

I'm gonna keep it simple. I have a nice bottle of mead to offer the gods. In this cold, keeping it short seems like a good idea!

#imbolc #stbrighid #groundhogday #pagan #witchcraft