The European Network
2 days ago

Who’s afraid of Europe’s big, bad wolves?

Wolves, thanks to years of efforts at conservation, are back and often in places they haven’t been in ages. The wolf population in Europe has surged to nearly 20,000, partly as a result of the EU Habitats Directive, a 1992 policy that set out to protect the predator and other indigenous European wildlife.

Now, conservationists face off against farmers in a familiar man-versus-nature conflict.

#Europe #EU #Wolves #Nature

Robin Applegarth
3 days ago

In Yellowstone National Park, the reintroduction of the gray wolf in the 1990s has helped reduce an exploding elk population 🫎, which in turn helped save plants 🌱 🌳 along streams and rivers, which provide habitat for migrating birds 🦅, building materials for beavers, and dam ponds for fish and frogs🐸.

#Ecology #wolves #habitat #WinWin #nature

Zack Loup
5 days ago

I am home and will be shipping any orders I got while I was gone! If you'd like your stuff to go out ASAP, order soon!

#shopsmall #tarot #indietarot #wolves #canine #mastoart #myart

Box of the Divine Canine Tarot. Two wolves, one black and one white, standing along a jungle path and howling at the moon.
The major arcana of the Divine Canine Tarot. Various tarot cards featuring wolves, coyotes, foxes, etc
Shiny gilt silver sides of the Divine Canine Tarot, card backs (two howling wolves), and the Star tarot card

Today’s adventure was seeing #wolves, then seeing our ol’ #skydiving superstar friend #VeronicaWolf at her new AMAZING restaurant cafe Papa Bear’s Kitchen in Golden, B.C.

❤️ 🐺🐺


Olivia Maes
1 week ago

Hybridisation does not just threaten #wildcats, but also #wolves.

Olivia Maes
1 week ago

Excited to be remotely attending the #WolfAlpsEU conference. #conservation #carnivores #ecology #Alps #wolves

1 week ago

The sometimes-attentive foxy-looking one has been scrabbling at the baseboards all afternoon. #Rats? #Wolves? #zombies


Small foxy-loooking dog looks at camera while a deerhead chihuahua thing flails in the foreground
The foxy-looking dog loses interest while the previously flailing chi mix licks his chops
College Mascot Designs
1 week ago
Wolf mascots shown on a variety of products as solo wolf, graduating wolf and wolf playing different sports.
1 week ago

Not too much happening with the #wolves this week, they were mostly calm. As far as I could see. I couldn't get any good pictures of the puppies, but they seem to be doing okay.

#wolf #TimberWolf #AlaskanTundraWolf

A mostly white and gray wolf standing behind a chain link fence and looking toward the left of the picture.
I'm mostly white and tan timber wolf, with some patches of black fur curled up on grass behind a chain link fence asleep.
I'm mostly black wolf walking around in a full water trough, with her snout down to the water to drink.
1 week ago
EPL Scores
1 week ago

#Liverpool 3
#Wolves 1

1 week ago

Liverpool are 1 nil down again…. #liverpoolfc #Wolves #EPL

Joachim Mergeay
2 weeks ago

The EU Common Agricultural Policy has the money to support livestock protection measures and mitigate the conflict. So is there space for wolves in Europe, and can we coexist with them? Yes. It’s actually not an ecological or economic question, but a societal one. So we need to treat it that way too. END #wolf #wolves

2 weeks ago

@bud_t This magazine article (linked below), while helpful, is more hope than reality. The "big bad wolf" idea is still very much a thing wherever wolves are reintroduced, other examples being red wolves in the eastern US (a group is offering a hefty reward for info about whoever shot one recently; bet it goes unclaimed) and Iberian #wolves in Europe. Everybody should try to let go of the emotions about these "ancestral doggies" and at least look at details of the pluses AND minuses of reintroduction programs for big cats, in Tanzania for instance where endangered lions often kill people, and Nepal where endangered snow leopards can wipe out in one night a farmer's only means of living.

In some cases, they're finding common ground.

People on both sides of the wolf issue need to give and take: laws by themselves don't work.

2 weeks ago

Exploring hashtags today and noticed there's no recent posts for #canid . It's a cool group of #dog family mammals, including but not limited to #wolves, #foxes, #jackals, and #zorros (Latin American "foxes," not 🤺 ), and many are endangered, so thought I'd add this to the individual species tags. Also:

The European Network
2 weeks ago

The future of Europe's wolf population is under scrutiny by the European Commission after a surge in wolf attacks on livestock across numerous countries.

A resolution adopted by the European Parliament late last year stated there were 680 farm animals killed by wolves in Austria in 2021, but in France in 2020 there were 12,000 livestock killed and in Germany nearly 4,000.

#Europe #Austria #France #Germany #EuropeanParliament #EuropeanCommission #Wolves #Livestock

Wolves. On a rock. In the woods.
2 weeks ago


Von der Leyen et les loups : des propos irresponsables et mensongers

Suite au communiqué anti-loup de la Commission européenne en date du 4 septembre 2023, nos associations dénoncent aujourd’hui des propos gravissimes et un message négatif pour la conservation de la biodiversité.
Sur quelle base scientifique se fonde-t-elle pour affirmer que le loup est un danger pour les humains ? Il y a 1000 loups en France, davantage en Allemagne, 2000 en Espagne, plus de 3000 en Italie, 3500 en Roumanie et d’autres populations importantes résident en Europe de l’Est, d’où l’espèce n’a jamais disparu. Si le loup s’attaquait aux humains, on le saurait depuis longtemps !
Quoiqu’il en soit, les lobbies et élus anti-nature désirant déclasser le loup depuis des années ont trouvé en elle une alliée de choix alors que jusqu’à présent la révision du statut loup n’était pas du tout à l’ordre du jour de la Commission.
#wolves #nonAuDeclassementDuLoup

2 weeks ago

Pretty sure it's a back massage. I did not draw further so we'll never be sure.

#wolves #wolf #werewolf #furryart #furry

Large male wolf on back of female wolf. paws on shoulders
2 weeks ago

This one is being made as a desktop wallpaper, it is until 4k. Is mastodon making the full resolution available? If not how do people share very large images here?

#wolves #art #mastoart #wallpaper #4k #furry #furryart

Larger dark and smaller white wolves in forest. Painting style.
Dobes Crusher
2 weeks ago volume 2 is out now! This is an lgbtq anthology centered around wolves and the future. Contains stories, art and comics by a variety of talented contributors. Edited and curated by Dobes Crusher. Includes alt text for the visual art. Buy the pdf on itch, all proceeds go to the contributors:

#artistsonmastodon #mastoart #fediart #mastodonart #zine #digitalzine #anthology #wolves #werewolf #werewolves #scifi #shortfiction #comics

Cover illustration of an anthropomorphic wolf undressing in front of a window with moonlight pouring in.

Dear friends on see shell … eh social med IA,

As we mites know,
#Intelligent Asses (IA) have been available from C shells for some time. Therefore it is important to #downgrade our #hardware to the least used. Of course C does not compete with modern #assemblers or #language generated by #AI and twerked by #dancers.

Aware of these
#FAQs I will be #changing #nothing but my inherent inefficiency. Using some boosted #Swift, #Elixir, #Squeak or commercialised language such as #Curl up with a good book

​:ablobbonebeacon:​ ​:cat_boost:​ ​:goblin_saber:​ #Buddhism #celebrities #introduction #influencers #wolves #meditation

2 weeks ago

Also, the #puppies are getting bigger. The have a bigger enclosure now. As I left the other wolves were howling (I think because of the storm), and these four were listening. I haven't heard them howl myself yet, but they're trying.

#wolves #ArcticWolf #ArcticWolves

A fenced-in enclosure behind which four white arctic wolf puppies are running.  One is near a wooden structure, two are in the foreground, and one is running behind a tree.
Three arctic wolf puppies on grass behind a chain-link fence.  Trees and a wooden platform are visible in the background.
2 weeks ago

la REV répond aux propos anti-loups de la présidente de la Commission européenne.
Commission européenne : Halte à la volonté délirante d’exterminer les loups


Dr C
2 weeks ago

My mum is very ill, I didn't get a job recently, my house is chaotic with building work so I'm distracting myself with making this #latchhook cushion for my daughter. She's obsessed with #wolves

A half finished latch hook picture of a howling wolf with a moon behind. There's no moon yet.
The Japan Times
2 weeks ago

Nicknamed "Old Gray Guy” by scientists, one wolf’s arrival on a remote island drastically improved the wolf population’s gene pool. Then he almost destroyed it. #environment #wildlife #wolves #animals #environment

2 weeks ago

Here's my #introduction. I'm a #bisexual and #polysexual guy, and this is my #NSFW profile. I have a big #werewolf kink. I'm into #teratophilia, aka #monsterfucking. Not a #furry myself, but I like furry art and #yiff, in particular stuff that involves #wolves and #canine forms. I'm also into #gaming, #scifi and #fantasy. I'm friendly and I only bite consensually, so give me a howl! #boardgames #ttrpg #videogames #terato #monsterfucker

Rewilding Magazine
2 weeks ago

"Recovering animals encounter a world that is markedly different from the one in which they declined, especially in terms of how people think about wildlife.

"Here are several reasons I see why societal attitudes toward #wolves have changed."

#rewilding #restoration #predators #ecology #biodiversity #colorado

3 weeks ago

le canard "libération", qui ne libère plus personne de quoi que ce soit, soit dit en passant, face à la proposition honteuse de Von der leyen de l'UE, de supprimer les loups de la liste des espèces protégées en europe, ne trouve qu'à relayer le bourrage de crâne de cette conne!
voici leur titre honteux:

Face au «réel danger» des attaques de loups, l’Europe envisage de revenir sur leur protection"

les loups un réel danger?????? pour les syndicats agricoles, tous confondus et le lobby de l'élevage, peut être, mais pas pour la biodiversité!


3 weeks ago

The Byculla Zoo in Mumbai has spent Rs 8.25 crore on an enclosure for lions, Rs 7.15 crore on one for wolves and Rs 3.82 crore on a third for otters. The catch - there are no lions, wolves or otters at the zoo.
#Cages #Lions #Wolves. #Zoo

3 weeks ago

attaques contre les loups, suite sans fin!

Pour Ursula von der Leyen, le loup est un « réel danger pour le bétail et potentiellement pour l’homme » en Europe
C'est vrai que les loups mangent les petits chaperons rouges tous les jours en europe!

La présidente de la Commission européenne annonce une possible révision du statut d’espèce protégée de l’animal.
En fait, c'est sous l'influence du lobby de l'élevage et du groupe de droite à l'assemblée européenne, bien sûr!

I'm not so sure that "noooo" counts as a howl...

#webcanids #comics #webcomics #furry #wolves #wolf

3 weeks ago

A couple more #wolf pictures. Everyone is pretty much in their summer coats at this point, in a couple months they'll start to fluff out.

#wolves #TimberWolf #AlaskanTundraWolf

A mostly black wolf laying in green grass in the shade, behind a chain link fence.  Her head is resting in her front paws, and she is looking toward the camera.
A light-gray timber wolf, with tan and black fur on her black standing on gravel behind a chain link fence, and looking to the left of the picture.
3 weeks ago

After being on vacation, and being sick, I went up again to the nature center today. It was beautiful, but hot, and the animals were taking it easy. The puppies are getting bigger and fluffier, and are doing well.

We actually got a fourth one - a different facility only wanted one, which left one all alone in the litter, so we took him on. They are doing well, and his siblings are accepting him. (I didn't manage to get a good picture of all four of them, so here are three of them.)

#wolves #puppies #ArcticWolf

Two arctic wolf puppies laying in the shade behind a wooden hut behind a chain link fence, both looking at the camera.
An arctic wolf puppy standing behind a chain link fence with his head in a metal water bucket, drinking.
Viking Dublin Dogs 🐕 🐺🐴
4 weeks ago

Our crowdfunder closes tonight, all the #Viking #dogs #wolves #horses are about to start a new journey. If you can spare any cash, please support us to find out more about these, their lives and roles over a 1000 years ago. Thx please RT.

A selection of bones from medium size type  Viking dogs
Mark A. Rayner
1 month ago
three white wolves, two face to face, and one whose head is down between the two, with another wolf's paw over its eyes

Unlike me, Wolves are very into exercise.

#webcanids #comics #webcomics #furry #wolves #wolf

"Fun fact: If you flip a picture of a howling wolf..."  A grey wolf is shown sitting and howling "oooooooo."
" looks like they're exercising."  The same image of the wolf is flipped, and now he has a headband on and wristbands. He is lying on a workout bench and lifting a barbell. "DO YOU EVEN LIFT, FREN?!" he says, struggling.
TL Jordan
1 month ago

New pack of endangered grey wolves spotted in California

Researchers find at least five wolves including adult female descendant of OR-7, first grey wolf identified in state in 90 years


Wolf Harvest Incentive Program
"How do you qualify?
A wolf must be humanely harvested on or within 8 km of the agricultural area. You will be asked for a legal land location for our records."
(There are still bounties on wolves in AB, B.C. Ont. Saskatchewan, Quebec, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, N.S. has no wolves)


#Wolves #Canada #Bounties #Hunting

International Wolf Day: Why Canadians are no longer afraid of the ‘big bad wolf’
"Who is afraid of the big bad wolf? Turns out, fewer Canadians than you might think. But that was not always the case.
Aug. 13 marks International Wolf Day. But 100 years ago, it is hard to imagine there would have been any ability to even conceive of such a day, at least on the part of settlers. Celebrating wolves would have seemed ridiculous, even dangerous. "
#Wolves #WolfDay

Sarah Primate
1 month ago

Happy #InternationalWolfDay everyone!

What's your favorite wolf species?

Bonus points if you add a photo!

#wildlife #wolves #conservation #mammals

Wolf howling
Wolfgang Doghouse
2 months ago

Last Waff Tonite
Wolves! Part: 1 & 2 is live now! 🐺

Part: 1

Part: 2

#Wolf #Wolves
#Furry #Talkshow

Peggy Collins
2 months ago

I saw wolves occasionally where I used to live. It was the most incredible experience. Every time. I once saw a whole pack of them running along the edge of the forest. Wow!

Wolf art is here -

#wolf #wolves #wildlife #wildlifeart #animalart #animals #art #artist #colorful #nature #naturelover #ArtForSale #AYearForArt #MastodonArt #FediGiftShop #MastoArt #FediArt #BuyIntoArt #peggycollins

Colorful artwork of a wolf in profile, by artist Peggy Collins.
Valen 🐺🐾
2 months ago

My three primary fursonas!!🥩🪽💫 #furry #furryart #wolf #wolves #fursona

A digital painting of a red wolf, a grey wolf, and a starry wolf. The red wolf looks mischievous, the grey wolf looks content and the starry wolf looks thoughtful.
2 months ago

‘Shameful loss’: wolves declared extinct in Andalucía
Naturalists decry extinction of species as loss of habitat, poaching and illegal hunting take toll
#wolves #extinction #nature #Andalucia

bossito 🇪🇺
2 months ago

‘Shameful loss’: #wolves 🐺 declared extinct in #Andalucia

Naturalists decry extinction of species as loss of habitat, poaching and illegal hunting take toll

#lobos #Andaluzia

Inside me there are two #wolves.

One longs to live in a #yurt and never see another #screen.

The other really enjoys reading release notes.

Ian Rose
3 months ago

The West needs wolves. Top predators are not only amazing creatures deserving of life on their own merits, but also have an outsized positive effect on ecosystems.

Colorado wants to bolster their tiny wolf population, but needs help from western states. That help isn't coming, and the reason is the ridiculous politicization of wolves in the rural West.

Good reporting by Courtney Flatt at NW News Network/OPB:

#wolves #wildlife #ecology #PNW

Rebecca Wang
3 months ago

A colorful painting of a white wolf in vibrant teal, blue, violet, purple, and magenta colors on a starry background. Titled "I Saw You In My Dream" Acrylics on 16x20 stretched linen canvas.

#Art #MastoArt #AYearForArt #ArtMatters #TraditionalArt #AnimalArt #AcrylicPainting #Wolf #Wolves

A colorful painting of a white wolf in vibrant teal, blue, violet, purple, and magenta colors on a starry background.
Wolfgang Doghouse
4 months ago

Excited to see this dork again in a few more days.
...Not excited about finding blue fur everywhere though.

#FursuitFriday #Fursuit

Peggy Collins
4 months ago

I once saw a pack of #wolves running single file along the forest's edge. I whipped out my phone to take a video. They all seemed oblivious to our presence in the distance except for the last wolf, who stopped and stared for a moment, then carried on. What a moment!

Art is here -

#wolf #animals #art #artist #wildlife #animals #AYearForArt #MastodonArt #FediGiftShop #MastoArt #FediArt #BuyIntoArt #peggycollins

Colorful artwork of a wolf in colors of mostly pink, blue and yellow gold against a black background, by artist Peggy Collins.
Herr Irrtum!
4 months ago

↓↓↓ German version far below the English one ↓↓↓

RADIO IRRTUM!, ladies and gentlemen... is back! \o/ Tonight, 2023-05-13 at 8:00PM (UTC+2) at Alex Berlin, at FM 91MHz or via stream: .

I know it's bloody Radio Irrtum! against trashy ESC tonight, AND I KNOW, Radio Irrtum! will win! With
REAL music & U!!

Radio Irrtum! is my German language
#radioShow exploring the sonic vastness of the #underground.
Don't be afraid about that German language aspect - it's a show 2 raise ur attention 4 new unheard
#music all over the genre spectrum. Exactly this music is what has priority above all other things; so if u don't speak German at all, you will still be sonically pleasured! :)

This time I'm in for more "gentle" music - still there will be some quite harsh tracks but not so much as usual - thus we'll visit more dreamy and sometimes calm realms without slipping into dump esoteric clichés → so the topic this time is… "Luscious Waves".
That means in particular:

#R&B #popMusic from Toronto
#LoFi hiphop #instrumental #beats
* 80s style
* soulfull
#Halftime #Bass from Czechia
* Underground Berlin legends meat dub
#Wolves will howl
#ContemporaryMusic made from code
* Psychedelics and hefty
#Punk mainly made by fantastic women
* peacefully calm & dreamy sounds from Gothenburg

Again I have to thank for lots of input from the Fediverse. Twists and shouts go out to whose music made it in here, then to & for inspiration and also to (it happened I couldn't include all tracks I thought I'll get in, there should be another post about that - some tracks I only know because of your input → thanks!).

As always I'll post the playlist after the show here. Having questions during the show? I'll gladly answer!


↑↑↑ English version above, the German one is still below ↓↓↓

Radio Irrtum!, meine Damen, meine Herren… Es ist wieder da! \o/ Heute Abend, 20 Uhr Primetime über Alex Berlin auf UKW 91MHz (StreamURL oben).

Heute trete ich gegen den üblen
#ESC an — aber ich weiß, Radio Irrtum! wird gewinnen! Mit ECHTER Musik! Mit Euch!

Radio Irrtum! ist meine Radiosendung, die die Weiten des musikalischen Untergrunds erforscht.
Diesmal nicht mit soo harter Kost (obschon hier und da heftigst die Post abgeht). Wir widmen uns vielmehr der Ruhe, dem Frieden & dem Träumerischen, ohne dabei in dümmlich esoterische Klischees abzudriften. Das Motto: "Sinnliche Wellen".
Im Detail heißt das:

* R&B Pop aus Toronto
* LoFi Hiphop Instrumentals
* 80er
* Soulfull Halftime Bass aus Prag
* Underground Berlin Legenden vermixed
* Wölfe heulen
* Experimentelles aus Code
* Psychedelics + FrauenPunk
* Traumhaftes aus Göteborg

Playlist nach der Show genau hier. Fragen einfach stellen — ich antworte.
Grüße seht Ihr oben im englischen Part…
Wir hören uns hoffentlich heute Abend :)

The animated Radio Irrtum! Logo show. This time involving waves!

Compounding this issue, once one group sets up on the wolves, everyone in the park knows & soon dozens more people have become complicit in making these #wolves easy for the killers to execute. It's an environmental crime being fomented by people that claim to love wolves. /3

Om GEAR ADVENTURE HEALTH TRAVEL CULTURE FOOD LONGREADS VIDEOS PODCASTS DAILY RALLY orty minutes later we’re at Dorothy’s Pullout, a nondescript widening in the road just past Tower Junction, which is where most people stop. “It’s not on any official park

map,” says Varley. “But us guides know of it, even if most of us don’t know who Dorothy is.” I count 12 Barked vehiclesI manx with out-of-state Blates. Their occutlnants are all outsideI bundled up against the cold. As they shuffle their feet, they keep one eye on the meadow in !ront o! us anrs tHe otger on tHe !we or six young men ana women SllBBmfi into neon orange and yellow Wolf Project vests. - “One of the best ways to find the wolves is to find the vests,” says Varley. -

Let's talk about #wolf feet. #Wolves are fed by their feet. So you'd expect those feet to be special, & they are. They're huge (compared to same-size dogs), heavily furred for the cold, webs between toes for superior swimming, & in winter the claws become ice picks (for traction)

this is a video showing close-up imagery of a timber wolf’s feet and claws
6 months ago

Thanks, @dgar! @owstarr is trying to increase the visibility of his advocacy for #Wolves, and I figured if you could get me to do an introduction, you'd have some pointers for them.

My mission is to teach people about #wolves and showcase their beauty, intelligence, and social nature. I'm struggling to find an audience here to spread my message. I'd be grateful if the community here on @Mastodon could help.

Kirk I. M.
6 months ago

#Sex and #gender is much more complicated in #nature than people like to pretend. For instance, there is a #bird that effectively has four 'genders'. #Wolves have also recently been developing a similar system in #Yellowstone where black wolves prefer to mate with gray/tan wolves, due to #disease making a mixed population more desirable (black wolves have better disease resist, but they are far less stealthy). And of course, there are one-sex #species, such as the famous #lesbian #lizards which still require, ahem, 'activity' to activate the eggs and so do it with other females. #science #news #lgbt

When is a refuge not a refuge?
When it's in the United States and you're a wolf.

#Wolves #WolvesOfMastodon #wildlife #RelistWolves #StopTheSlaughter

Black wolf standing on snow with pine trees and a nighttime sky.
Kristian Harstad
8 months ago

The #wolves they howled for my lost #soul
I fell down a deep black #hole
He'd left me for another #lady
She poured the #drinks and she poured the #power
A #diamond #girl who could talk for #hours
He'd left me for another lady

Now I am on my own
He told me he was #leaving
And I was #pleading
And I had to let him go

Her name was #NewYork, New York
And she took his #heart away oh my
Her name was New York, New York
She had #poisoned his sweet #mind

#PalomaFaith #music

Matt Hoskins
8 months ago

Back when the UK Wolf Conservation Trust did their members' "wolf walks" there would usually be a carefully supervised "meet & greet" session where you could scritch the belly of a wolf.

The handler briefs you that the wolf may, on occasion, move their nose close to your mouth if they're particularly interested in the smell of your breath and to just calmly exhale.

During one such session I managed to capture this photo of Mosi doing just that to one lucky member!

#Wolf #Wolves #Photography

Top left of frame is the face of a man in a beanie hat looking downward. Bottom right is the face of a wolf called Mosi looking upward. Her nose is just an inch from his mouth. They are looking into one another's eyes. The wolf is sampling the smell of his breath to learn more about him from it.
Wolfgang Doghouse
8 months ago

Wolves will sacrifice themselves to protect others.

Here you see me sacrificing myself in the task pup-sitting @RiverwolfVulcan.... to protect the rest of the pack's sanity.

#FursuitFriday #Fursuit
#Wolf #Wolves

Anne Fausto Sterling
9 months ago

Wolves infected with a common parasite are more likely to lead a pack. Infected animals are also more likely to leave their home packs and strike out on their own.
The parasite makes its hosts bold — a mechanism that increases its survival. To reproduce sexually, T. gondii must reach the body of a cat, usually when its host is eaten by one. Think cougars, not house cats!

#parasites #wolves #mountain lions #cougars #packleaders #toxoplasmagondii #braininvasion

9 months ago

I just finished this piece a few minutes ago and uploaded it to my website. Personally I think AI art is robbing people of the joy of the creative process. Yes this is digital art but I used two images, two different software programs and many steps and layers to reach this final cut.

Get a closer look at the link below.

#wildlife #watercolor #wolves #artmatters #AYearForArt #MastoArt #supporthumanartists

The castle guard. A digital watercolor painting of a pack of white wolves in the forest guarding the ancient ruins of a castle overgrown with ivy and vines.
Brynk Bunny
9 months ago

Artwork Memory Lane, the final chapter.

My favorites of what's left over of my fan art: Frank from Donnie Darko, Gabumon from Digimon, Kevin & Pink Wolf from AC Stuart's Awoo! webcomic, and bonus points for anyone who knows Bert & Gert, the Canadian safety PSA Rabbits from the '90s "Stay Alert, Stay Safe!" series.

#furry #furryart #fanart #mastoart #FrankTheRabbit #DonnieDarko #Gabumon #Digimon #Awoo #Wolves #BertAndGert #PSA #Hoverboard #90s #Canada

Fan art: Frank the rabbit from Donnie Darko
Fan art: Gabumon from Digimon
Fan art: Kevin and Pink Wolf from AC Stuart's webcomic "Awoo!"
Fan art: Bert & Gert, the safety rabbits of the "Stay Alert, Stay Safe" PSA series from Canada in the '90s- depicts 2 anthro rabbits riding hoverboards in 90s void of shapes & squiggles.
Wolf Conservation Center
9 months ago

For #wolves, life is about hard work and relying on packmates to function, thrive, and survive.

However, wolves also love to play! Whether they dance, bow, or chase one another, playing is fun and also strengthens family bonds.

We can learn from wolves.

Work hard. Play harder.
Be like a #wolf 🐺


Sebastian Silverfox
9 months ago

More art from earlier this year… this was my 1st real attempt at oil panting.

At some point I’ll revisit the medium because I was very happy with the results. Most of the time it’s just easier for me to work with watercolor/acrylic which I’ve been working with for 30+ years.
#MastoArt #FediArt #painting #wolf #wolves

Bryan Hansel
9 months ago

A poster I made about an incident that occurred last summer near my house. People were feeding wolves donuts. Seriously.

#MastoArt #Wolves #Nature

A poster that shows a wolf howling at a donut moon. The poster says," don't feed wolves donuts."