Onyx Serpent
20 hours ago

OH YEAH, and my sculpt-off piece! I'll be looping back to refine Rory the Assassin #wombat (in case you were wondering why I was obsessively drawing wombats recently) in the next week or two, so keep an eye out for that. As is, I consider it a #wip.

I totally messed up the pose, hence not having a full-body render. I'm reasonably happy with what I was able to complete in just 3 hours though.
#zbrush #3dArt

A non-rendered 3d model of an assassin wombat. He has a couple of daggers, and his ears poke through his hood.
Kind-of-rendered image of previous wombat
Onyx Serpent
6 days ago



#DigitalArt #sketch #wombat #MastoArt
(I should go to bed)

A rough sketch of an anthro wombat wearing simple assassin garb -- but not with his bandana pulled up. He has a couple of daggers.
Red line VERY ROUGH sketch of a cartoony wombat. Just uploaded because this is where I finally got a simplified look I liked.
Natalie Metzger
2 weeks ago

Common wombat wearing a Diprotodon (upper) skull. To approx. scale. Seemed fitting. #SciArt

I'll have these freshly printed for Rose City Comic Con this weekend! Table K-01#RCCC #ArtistAlley #wombat

A large skull about double the length of the wombat who is wearing the hollowed out skull of a giant wombat (diprotodon) on their head/body. An ear and eye peek out from the eye socket area, and four fuzzy clawed paws sticking out from the bottom of the skull. The rest of the wombat is hidden inside the skull. Pen line art illustration on gray toned paper with digital coloring.

#Wombat - because they are awesome

Fluffy wombat crouching and looking up
Wyvernsridge 🌻
3 weeks ago

This is important.

Wombats are important.


Onyx Serpent
3 weeks ago

Don't mind me just planning ridiculous things... Debating if I do more on this tonight or just call it done for now
#wip #sketch #wombat #fantasy #FurryArt

Reasonably rough sketch of an anthro wombat in fantasy garb
3 weeks ago

Ein Keller Wombat. Kurz nachdem es aus einem Keller kommt.

#mastoart #art #artist #wombat #digitalArt #mortalkombat #artwork

Tac O'Cat
4 weeks ago

I don't always create character designs from scratch, but with a push in the right direction with a general idea, I can come up with some fun stuff methinks!
These are character designs for Foxy for his two new Kahuna ideas - a sabertooth tiger and wombat. 

Full resolution -

#sabertooth #tiger #prehistoric #90s #wombat

2 cartoon character designs, a prehistoric sabertooth tiger girl and a 90s aerobics wombat girl

Driveway traffic hazard as I arrived home. #bushlife #wombat

A large chocolate-colored wombat stands next to an archery target on a rural driveway
Onyx Serpent
1 month ago

Have a random late night wombat. Greyscale, just doing some practice for a future project.

#wombat #MastoArt #DigitalArt

A greyscale painting of a wombat. It's just standing there chilling.
1 month ago


I want to be reincarnated as a #wombat

A terrible selfie of a very excited person with a wombat about 1.5 meters behind them, half on a path, digging for roots to eat
A wombat snuffling about in the hole it's digging. It's laying on a walking path and digging a hole immediately next to it
John Quiggin
1 month ago

TIL that Christina Rossetti's 1859 poem Goblin Market includes a reference to a goblin like a #wombat "obtuse and furry". I conjecture that this is the first wombat to appear in the English literary canon, and maybe even the first example of Australian fauna in works regarded as canon

1 month ago

wholesome morgenlektüre 🦛 @hannaengelmeier #wombat #adorno

Auszug aus dem Buch „Trost" von Hanna
Engelmeier: „Adorno in Frankfurt dokumentiert die Briefe, in denen er darum bat, der Zoo möge doch bitte ein Wombat anschaffen. »Ich kann mich an diese freundlichen und rundlichen Tiere mit viel Identifikation aus meiner Kindheit erinnern«, und auch eine Version seiner selbst im Gehege wünschte er sich, »wie steht es mit den Zwergnilpferden, die es einmal in Berlin gab?«"
2 months ago

Discovered #Wombat as a replacement for the deprecated #BloomRPC I used to use a lot. I haven't tried it beyond the most basic #GRPC request, but it looks promising already.


John McChesney-Young
2 months ago

@webuiltthiscity #wombat alert!
🦝 Études progressives d'un naturaliste:
A Paris: Chez Roret: 1835.

Wombat illustration, from the source cited above

Today's #wombat is brought to you by the evening cool and the letter W.

This one comes out near the house as the sun goes down most afternoons .


A large, healthy wombat with dark black-brown fur.
Tac O'Cat
2 months ago

Definitely a fun character to draw for BosonicVinegar!

#wombat #toony #Emmet

cartoony wombat posing with arms crossing, looking grumpy
Tac O'Cat
2 months ago

I really do like BosonicVinegar's unique characters, they are SUCH a pleasure to draw and their fleshed out personalities are a delight. Enjoy this VHS YCH!

#YCH #compressed #VHS #retro #toony #wombat #emmet

Art History Animalia
2 months ago

#WombatWednesday: Dumpy the #Wombat, from Louisa Anne Meredith's _Tasmanian friends and foes : feathered, furred, and finned; a family chronicle of country life, nature history, and veritable adventure_, 1881, p. 53.

black & white book illustration of Dumpy, a pet wombat described in the book, sitting in his box with his blanket eating
it's kat!
3 months ago

what? i'm just really into #wombats right now.
#wombat #art #illustration #herbivore #plants #vegan

monochrome digital ink sketch i drew of a wombat holding a white triangular flag that reads 'plants' in right paw. background is pale mint green.
digital ink sketch i drew of a cocoa & lilac wombat holding a triangular turquoise flag that reads 'plants' in right paw.
digital ink sketch i drew of a salmon & tangerine wombat holding a green triangular flag that reads 'plants' in right paw. background is pale peach.
3 months ago

Soooo, den ganzen Tag durch den #Zoo gestiefelt - Vaterfreuden. Wir riechen jetzt wie eine Bande Piraten und haben viel erlebt 😊. Leider war das #Wombat-Baby nicht zu sehen, aber damit habe ich auch nicht gerechnet, wäre zu schön gewesen. Dafür ist uns eine Familie von #Kattas über den Weg gelaufen 😄

Larena Woodmore
3 months ago

It's always cool capturing a wombat on trailcam & this one was quite a big healthy looking lump of a creature.😀

#Wombat #Marsupial #Australia #Tasmania #TasmanianForest

Photo cropped from a video of a large wombat walking up a slope in the forest., with its head down looking for something to eat. The night vision makes its muzzle look paler than the rest of the body, as if it's really just a bog soft toy.
quoll (√)
4 months ago

cleaning out old computer. here's a wombat on the california flag... no idea why i made it 🤷


The Streets of Melbourne
4 months ago

I just love this mural. I’ve posted some time ago, but can’t get enough of it

Found it again in my travels recently.

The #rosella is astonishingly good. So too the #wombat to the right of scene in the second pic.

Painted by in 2019, this scene complements another painted on brick, just off Acland Street in StKilda. It has the same humanoid figures and #Australiana themes.

I’ll visit that and feature it here, sometime in the not too distant future.

This mural (pictured in this post) however, is located in #Bentleigh #Australia.

Gorgeous, and intriguing huh?

#altext first pic 👇

#suburbanart #streetart #mastoart
#burbs #muralart #melbourne #MostLiveable #narrm #muralart #Australia #murals #mural #muralart #mastoart #publicart #art #melbourne #victoria #aesthetichedonist #makesmehappy

This scene takes in a portion of a larger mural (around 20 metres wide) on a brick wall. This section of the scene is around 4 metres wide by 4 metres high, with a vibrant rosella mid flight, tilted slightly flying from left to right, zooming through the air. 

The bird is looking at the observer (the camera) almost with human intelligence in its eye. Has various blue coloured wings, spread wide and individual / distinct feathers showing. Great painted detail. Very detailed. 

Its back and body is adorned with red and a bit of black individual feathers and it’s head is red, darker blue chin, grey curved beak and black eye. 

It’s a side shot and the bird almost has what appears to be a grin… most certainly has a cheeky look in its eye. 

Riding on its back (closer to its neck) is a slim and slender humanoid woman (has breasts) in a teal
Coloured skin suit. 

The woman has flowing blonde hair, flowing in the wind, but no face. It looks like a light brown (perhaps skin tone) disc, for a face. 

It is a real fun scene.
4 months ago
Wombat dodu en bois
Wombat dodu en bois
Art History Animalia
5 months ago

"O Uommibatto” : How the Pre-Raphaelites Became Obsessed with the Wombat

"Dante Gabriel Rossetti and company's curious but longstanding fixation with the furry oddity that is the #wombat — that 'most beautiful of God's creatures' which found its way into their poems, their art, and even, for a brief while, their homes."
via @publicdomainrev

5 months ago

Spielworks to Invigorate Web3 Development with WombatX Accelerator - Spielworks has devised a plan to reignite developer interest in Web3 Gaming.
Cont... - #zzzeditorspicks #zz_popular #spielworks #zz_index #gaming #zz_top #wombat #web3

5 months ago

For #WildlifeWednesday: a cute "little" wombat in the Waldheim area/Cradle Mountain in Tasmania, Australia. It looks so fluffy and just like you want to cuddle it (of course I didn't). And look at its little ears and snub nose 😄

#AYearForArt #BuyIntoArt #FediGiftShop #MarvelousMay #photography #tasmania #AustralianWildlife #WildlifePhotography #AnimalPhotography #wombat

A cute wombat with grey fur in front of a wooden building, in the front there is a very light grey stone.
Layla H.
5 months ago

no new art, so i'll repost some oldies! :artsweats:

here is my rendition of the "marsupial lion", thylacoleo carnifex. it was an ancient Australian megafauna critter from 30k years ago, but actually not a lion at all. more like a dog-sized, most likely carnivorous #wombat.

according to Australian #rockart it had stripes similar to the "tasmanian tiger", the #thylacene.

#mastoart #paleoart #animalart #watercolorart

a watercolor painting with visible rough pencil lines. it depicts a huge critter on a tree branch in front of a blue sky and typical australian red desert.

it's a difficult to describe animal, but imagine a very bulky cat with huge claws, pointy ears, stripes and rodent-like teeth.
a watercolor painting with visible rough pencil lines. it depicts a huge critter in sideview about to attack, with its mouth open and one arm with massive claws ready to strike.

it's a difficult to describe animal, but imagine a very bulky cat with huge claws, pointy ears, stripes and rodent-like teeth.
5 months ago

My colleague from Ireland is using all the fun euphemismsm for #WOMBAT (Waste of Money, Brain and Time) situations: #microwave license *duckup*. 😄 Missing licenses to enable #NMS features and bandwidth allowance for microwave services we currently rollout in a bunch of cantons spanning radio coverage from Liechtenstein to Geneva, From Schaffhausen and Basel-Landschaft to Ticino.
#neteng #networking RSS
6 months ago

Goed nieuws: Wombatjong ontdekt in dierentuin | Terrasweer op komst

#Wombat #Dierentuin #Terrasweer

Suoko ✅
6 months ago

#Wombat, un'IA che genera immagini senza filtri.
E il relativo dialogo creato con modalità 'surreale' svoltosi in un'altra linea temporale.

E secondo me i giornalisti usano un'IA per scrivere le notizie riguardo ai test missilistici di Pyongyang RSS
6 months ago

Eerste in Nederland geboren wombat steekt snuit uit de moederbuidel

#BestZoo #wombat #geboorte

I am the Luridex.
I speak for the wombats.
Yo hablo por los capibaras.
#absurd #wombat #capybara

@Cdespinosa A bucket holds 40 golf balls IDR (International Driving Range standard). The wombat metric conversion factor is 5 per ball. So a bucket is equivalent to 200 wombat poop cubes (8 cm^3)!
💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 WHY do we not have wombat & capybara emoji???? #wombat #capybara #metric

6 months ago

Here's an interesting one - plastic play money, BUT, with a commemorative design! The Royal Australian Mint held a competition for a student design. 12yo Victorian student John Serrano, in year 5, won out of 2600 entries and the 2004 #Australia 50 cents features his #Koala, #Wombat, #Lorikeet & initials - as does my play money.
Does anyone have any other play money featuring a commemorative design?

Last photo is from the original coin, from

Plastic play money replica of the 2004 Australian 50c piece featuring a Koala, Lorikeet and Wombat.
Representation of the 4th portrait of Queen Elizabeth II facing right wearing the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara

COPY (incuse across the Queen's neck)
The original coin, from
6 months ago
6 months ago

#art #mastoart #animalmarch #drawing #sketch #illustration #kleineKunstklasse #blackandwhite #colour #watercolour #ink #australianwildlife #wombat
Der Wombat ist vorbildlich, er hat immer einen Beutel dabei ... oder zwei ... oder drei ...
The wombat is exemplary, he always has a bag with him ... or two... or three ...

Ein fülliger Wombat ist im aufrechten Gang unterwegs (zum Einkaufen), während er an jedem Arm einen Stoffbeutel hängen hat.
A full-bodied wombat walks upright (for shopping), while it has a cloth bag hanging on each arm.
6 months ago

My, new, go to acronym of choice for some people in my profession is now: #WOMBAT - Waste Of Money Brain And Time. it used to be #PEBKAC - Problem Exist Between Keyboard And Chair.

7 months ago

#Wombat 😍 captured in the wild at #Duisburg Zoo.

A wombat looking to the camera. It's slightliy covered by a stone and in a hollow. And it's very cute!!
Larena Woodmore
7 months ago

This is why I leave trailcams all over the place. Wombat with large baby bump in the pouch. (10-second video)
#Tasmania #TasmanianForest #Wombat #Pouch #Marsupial #Nature #Trailcam

7 months ago

Wombats are fantastic
#nature #wildlife #wombat

A video of a wombat scratching their back on a metal string.
7 months ago

I did promise a #wombat

yr humble #fediverse servant delivers

A person in a suit depicting the character Zeke from the "Work It Out Wombats" animated kids show on PBS Kids is being hugged by two kids at the Boston Public Library
Dave J
7 months ago

Cubed #wombat poo puzzle completed by researchers with the help of physics, volcanic science

Peter Gray
8 months ago

And with some Wilson’s Prom wildlife #wombat #kangaroo #parrot

Grey kangaroo with joey
A crimson rosella parrot (I think)
Wombat just minding its business on the trail
Regarding the local Roos
Thomas Bergwinkl
8 months ago

Dear #lazyweb,

I miss my daily dose of #wombat #beaver and #otter content. I followed these accounts on Twitter. Any suggestions for the #fediverse?

Things Drawn By Text Models
8 months ago

"A study of nine animals"

ASCII characters on terminal

- ChatGPT 2023

#ChatGPT #AIArt #ASCIIArt #Animals #Whale #Dolphin #Snake #Elephant #Rhinoceros #Seahorse #Donkey #Wombat #Starfish

Nine screenshots of ChatGPT providing ASCII art for different animals: a whale, a dolphin, a snake, an elephant,  a rhinoceros a seahorse, a donkey a wombat, and a starfish.

They are all rhombuses. The Seahorse and the Wombat both have eyes. The Starfish is a rhombus made up of asterisks.
8 months ago
A wombat. A chonky wombat.
Vincent 🦾 🤖
9 months ago

The runaway wombat 😀
#wombat #qualityGIF #tasmania

A wombat running in a grass field.
Art History Animalia
9 months ago

Happy #WombatWednesday! Here's the #wombat from Gerard Krefft's The Mammals of #Australia, 1871. All the book plates were done by Australian sisters Harriet & Helena Scott - this one is credited to Harriet.

The Australian Museum has lots of info on the Scott sisters' prolific #NaturalHistory illustration careers here:

Digitized image of a book illustration:
The Wombat, color plate from Gerard Krefft, The Mammals of Australia, 1871. "Illustrated by Miss Harriett Scott, and Mrs. Helena Forde." (aka sisters Harriet Scott Morgan and Helena Scott Forde)
image file:

Species ID: Common Wombat (Vombatus ursinus)
Cardiac Cowboy
10 months ago

This is how we connect with our rescue wombats, no matter what size we place them on our bare skin/chest to soothe them with our heartbeats, natural skin and breathing. This gorgeous Wombie is Phill who came to us at 950grs, this method calms the rescued animal and builds a solid connection and trust. #Wombat #wildlife #wildliferescue #Tasmania

A joey wombat inside Ian's t-shirt learning to chillout and relax and trust us as its new Mum until release.
The Conversation AU + NZ
10 months ago

The most complete skull of a giant wombat has been discovered and described by scientists.

Authors of the study, published today, share their findings here:
#Wombat #Megafauna #Biology #Palaeontology #Evolution #Science #research

Cardiac Cowboy
10 months ago

This is Sophia (She/Her) who I hand raised and released in our Private Nature Reserve. Sophia loves "striking the pose" I used to love walking her through our forest teaching her how to be a wombat by digging holes & exploring old burrows. I have hand raised/rescued 10 wombats and released many more over the last 20 years. We live on a offgrid solar powered property of 75acres which is all bush overlooking the east coast of Tassie. #wombat #wildlife #wildliferescue #commonwombat #tasmania #forest

Cardiac Cowboy
10 months ago

Every wombat loves a tummy tickle... #wombat #wildlife #wildliferescue #tummytickle

Cardiac Cowboy
10 months ago

Me feeding one of my rescued wombats, they go into a trance at feeding time. I've handraised ten wombats and released all of them in our Private Nature Reserve. #wombat #wildliferescue #wildlife

The bare-nosed wombat is a robust and stockily-built marsupial, with short legs and strong claws ideal for burrow excavation. Its defining features include a large naked nose, small rounded ears and coarse fur. Their coat ranges from sandy brown to grey and black in colour. The length of an average wombat ranges between 90 – 115 cm, and can weigh from 22 – 39 kg.
Ellie Warren
10 months ago

Wombat swimmies! This game is so cute, I could watch the animals for hours.

#PlanetZoo #gaming #wombat

Screenshot from game showing a wombat swimming, its paw is held up as if waving. It has a shiny nose.

This appeared sometime during lockdown and it’s just lovely.

The #echidna is so cute, so too the #rosella… beautiful colouring. Vibrant.

#Wombat and #bluetonguelizard even get a gig too!

The peeps in this scene can be described perhaps as #gumnut characters. Not sure, but I reckon their heads resemble the fruit from a eucalypt tree.

The one in blue, riding the rosella looks like it’s having fun!

The entire face of this art piece stretches about 20 metres (65 foot) and is located in downtown #Bentleigh #melbourne #victoria

Looks terrific IRL 🙏💖

#suburbanart #streetart
#suburbs #burbs
#murals #muralart #publicart #art #bentleigh #melbourne #victoria #makesmehappy

10 months ago

🐝 🌏
Wombat Spam
How are they so cute!?
(Mum and baby eating grass together)

#MariaIsland #Tasmania #Australia #Wombat #Marsupial

A mum Wombat with her smaller baby Wombat close to her side. Both are eating grass. In the far distance you can see the Maria Island settlement
10 months ago

🐝 🌏

Wombat spam.
Wombats have rear facing pouches. So as this mum is walking along eating grass, the little baby Wombat is having a little grassy nibble as well!
Also they have cubic poo, I'll post a picture of that next 😂

#MariaIsland #Tasmania #Australia #Wombat #Marsupial

A Wombat is walking along eating grass. In her rear facing pouch between her two back legs is the face of a baby Wombat.

Zum #Wombattag stelle ich euch mal Willie das #Wombat vor.

Der wohnt auch bei uns :D


Ein graues gehäkeltes Wombat mit Knopfaugen auf einem grauen Kissen
Kät´n´Toots (she/her)
11 months ago

Sofern ich korrekt informiert bin, feiert heute #Australien den #WombatTag.
Ich finde, wir sollten den auch feiern. Schon alleine, weil #Wombats in Würfeln kacken.
In Würfeln!

#KätToon #Wombat #Wombatday #Beuteltier

#Wombat poop: Scientists reveal mystery behind cube-shaped droppings

Hier steht noch ein altes Wombatplakat^^

Eine freudige Ückück mit einem alten Wahlplakat der Piratenpartei mit einem niedlichen Wombat und der Aufschrift "Für einen Wombat in jedem Haushalt! Unrealistische Wahlversprechen? Können wir auch!