A path through the #wood up the #mountain. Where does it go? To secret #sacred places where no one else goes. To little #wildernesses and lost little valleys, where rare #plants thrive without the threat of big blind feet. To gentle trickling streams that give this place life. A place to sit and listen to what the mountain has to say. #SilentSunday #Cymru #Wales #Woodland #trees

The start of a path up through lush green woodland. A bare earth path is to the right showing the exposed roots of the trees.
Troy Decelis
1 day ago

Totally obsessed with watching videos of houses being built with wood. #issues #wood #obsessed

Martin Pigeon
3 days ago

The world's largest producer of #wood #pellets (at the expense of the forests of the US South-East), #Enviva, is no longer seen as a good investment on financial markets these days it seems: their stock has lost 88% over a year.
That's some good news.

A Fool And His Fuji
3 days ago

We do a lot of texture shots for use with our craft products (website next week for those 😁)

#logs #wood #tree #woodland #abstract #naturephotography #nature #photography #crafts #lichen #moss #bark

Photograph of a pile of logs taken from the end of the pile showing the tree rings
3 days ago

Wohin man schaut: Grün ist überall. - Wherever you look: Green is everywhere.

#ForestFriday #Wald #Wood #Nature #naturephotography #Natur #Fotografie

Nahaufnahme von frischen grünen Blättern im Wald. Die Aufnahme ist von unten nach oben. Der Fokus liegt auf den Blättern, der Hintergrund ist unscharf. Ein wenig blauer Himmel blitzt durch das Blätterdach. 

Close up of fresh green leaves in the forest. The shot is from the bottom to the top. The focus is on the leaves, the background is out of focus. A little blue sky flashes through the canopy.
3 days ago

Conclusion: using green copper #wood preservative: yuck. Way too smelly... three days later after using a small amount on ground contact wood, the entire backyard still reeks. Going back to the hazmat reuse store! #carpentry

Claudia Zahn
4 days ago
4 days ago

Deciduous forest beautiful scenery, double trunk tree with one fallen to the ground and vibrant green foliage. Temperate forest in the Masovia region of Poland.
#nature #forest #wood #tree #travel #photography #green #mastoart #art #ayearforart #buyintoart #fallentree

Deciduous forest beautiful scenery, double trunk tree with one fallen to the ground and vibrant green foliage. Temperate forest in the Masovia region of Poland.
Tono Carbajo
5 days ago

Benasque biome. Moss (Bryophyta)
(Spray on photo. Ilford HP5 film)

More information in the link:

#biomas #colapse #hermetic
#microplanet #microworld #tonocarbajo #experiment #biology #closedworlds #benasque #pirineo #ilfordhp5 #wood #forest

Moss (Bryophyta) and red spray on bwphotography
More information in the link:
Per Helge Berrefjord
5 days ago

@wedge @brianschwarz @davepolaschek @jamigibbs How many clamps do a carpenter need? Correct answer: As many as you can get. A carpenter told me this years ago. Norwegian kroner is very weak at the moment. Good for tourism, and people with euros. Usually we multiply with ten and then measure the ups or downs by eye. Had to move over to the workshop to prove my point. Everything from Biltema. Pipe clamps looks promising.
#woodworking #woodturning #wood #Clamps #Workshop #ClampWednesday

Detail of my longest clamps
Workshop with clamps in a corner.
The shorter clamps in the workshop corner.
Per Helge Berrefjord
6 days ago

The old and lonely one. Some hundred years ago there was a farm here. This pollarding tree, which have given up, is the only one left that can tell.
#Pollarding #Elm #Wood #Tree

A huge mossy tree trunk leans over and appears to fall to the right. All the branches further up the trunk are sawn off. It leans inward towards a dense deciduous forest. To the left there are two slender tree trunks disappearing high up in the open air. Sunbeams light up here and there in the green foliage closer to the ground.
Per Helge Berrefjord
6 days ago

My old classic band saw (Brandbu band saw factory), now in my countryside workshop, came back to life today. After a winter mostly alone in the woodshed – lately some abuse by me, and then taking revenge breaking the bandsaw blade. Got a much needed overhaul, tested and working fine, with new spare blade…
#Woodturning #Bandsaw #Wood #Woodworking

An old green band saw in a shed seen from above. In the middle of the photo is the adjustments and the blade coming down. You look down on the table where there up front on the left is a just cut out bowl blank. This still with the outer part of the piece surrounding it, pushed partly up to show the result. Some pieces from previous sawing on the right part of the table. A pair of solid winter (protective while working with the bandsaw) gloves is nearest to the table. To the left you look down on a concrete floor, through a doorway you look out onto a green meadow.
1 week ago

Are you Contributing to the #Climate Crisis by burning wood?

Wood heating is “the least climate-friendly option to heat a house.”

For the same amount of energy, burning #wood emits more #CO2 than #coal

Wood burning is a significant source of climate pollutants & contributes to global warming.

Burning wood is adding more CO2 to the atmosphere - when we need less.

Use of wood stoves and risk of cancers.Journal of Epidemiology,

An image that shows an adult handing a burning planet Earth to a child.
Donald James
1 week ago

The colours of a spring woodland walk today

#wood #woodlands #gorse #bluebells #isleofskye #Portree #ScottishNature

A photo of bright yellow gorse flowers
A photo of bluebells on a green carpet of foliage
A photo of a bluebell carpet in a woodland underneath a tree on the left side of the image
Per Helge Berrefjord
1 week ago

Peace in the countryside. Just arrived at the summer workshop. Out for Sunday Lunch.
#woodturning #woodworking #craft #Norway #wood #Telemark #trees

Photo of a workshop for several types of woodwork. Workshop floor is white as the timbered wall. Many of the usual tools in the picture. Various grinding stations, asliding compound miter saw close on the left, furter on a lathe. Bettery drill, battery angle drill, many woodturning gauges in a couple of racks, blanks and chucks all around. On a table further away by a window to the left is a thing with clamps on being glued. At the far end of the room an armchair in front one of the two large and two small speakers to be seen on either side of a router table on which there is an open aluminum toolbox. Above it a framed photomontage hung on the white-painted timber wall.
Ronnie Tucker
1 week ago

Evenin' guvnah
(but with varnish this time)

#woodwork #woodcarving #carving #art #mastoart #wood

Wood carving of a man with a cap.
Ronnie Tucker
1 week ago
1 week ago

I may or may not have accidentally ran over our Coleman camping table and so I did what any self respecting woodworker would do.

I scavenged the hardware and made replacement slats. (Somehow the base remained unscathed)

It looks great.

#camping #woodworking #wood

Small 2 by 2 camping table with yellowish colored wood sitting on a lawn.
A Fool And His Fuji
1 week ago

Driftwood Pile.

Final shot from our beach morning, just some nice pieces of driftwood on the beach.

#driftwood #wood #landscape #coast #waterways #beach #shoreline #waves #cumbria #LakeDistrict #sea #water #sand #pebbles #shells #seaweed #fujifilm #landscapephotography #parton

Pile of driftwood on the beach at Parton, with sea in background and early morning cloudy sky at sunrise
1 week ago

NTU Singapore unveils Gaia, the largest wooden building in Asia
#science #architecture #wood #materials #sustainability

Jake Rayson
2 weeks ago

A shout out to David Hunter, gifted woodworker based in #Pembrokeshire, he built this glorious children's den for a client's garden in #NewcastleEmlyn

If yo're in #WestWales and like natural wood, do take a look at his work 😀

#GardenDesign #wood #roundwood #coppice

Small wooden den with teeny saloon doors, squeezed behind a shed and by a fence
2 weeks ago

#AlexanderTyshler The Woman with the Tower; 1970s

#art #mastoart #sculpture #wood

Per Helge Berrefjord
2 weeks ago

New photo from yesterday's endavour.
Calmer on the other side. Pretty Sundaylike…
#woodturning #Woodworking #Ulmus #elm #bowl #lathe #wood #woodturner

A wooden bowl is lying on a table with the inside facing a window. Through the window we look down on a road far down in the landscape out there. We see close up the entire outside of the bowl from the narrow bottom at the chuck mount in front and upwards towards the wide edge. The bowl is 24 cm wide at the top and 14 cm high. There is a slight curve going from the top to the foot. It is about 5 cm. From this side we see mostly swirling patterns of brown and yellow stripes from the growthrings – swirling around a little «black spot» from a twig, most of them swings upwards towards the rim of the bowl.
Per Helge Berrefjord
2 weeks ago

Picked the Most Troubled part of the Trunk (previous posts) for turning wet today. Had spotted a bark Intrusion, branches going inside etc. Knew it would be unpleasent to turn, but difficult to tell how beforehand. This time it was indeed, as these photos testifies. However, I knew also; would be an interesting, exciting wooden bowl in the end. More on this in the captions. Put away with shavings in a paper bag now.
#woodturning #Woodworking #Ulmus #elm #bowl #lathe #wood #woodturner

3 The inside has now been fully revealed. Fortunately, only what was visible on the outside from the start is the only thing left of the bark intrusion on the inside. It is shaped like a crooked smile with a closed mouth. The large twig is visible just above to the right as a large eye. On the left side a little further up is a black remnant of a smaller twig. The pattern in the wood is in violent dark brown to yellow waves and circles.
1 Work on turning out a wooden bowl has started. We look into the bowl sitting in the lathe with support from a rotating center in the back dock, partially hidden by shavings. From the edge, it is finished about halfway in. What has become apparent is a seriously large bark intrusion that goes over almost the entire inside of what will become a bowl. It was visible in one place on the outside when it was finished turning, and here it was secured with superglue. In addition to this problem, which dulls the tool quickly and gives strong impact resistance when the iron hits, another problem is also visible now. There is heartwood in a large twig that has come out of the trunk. It also slams noticeably when it meets the gauge.
4 The bowl is no longer in the lathe, but lying on a table with the inside facing a window. We see the entire outside of the bowl from the narrow bottom at the chuck mount and upwards towards the wide edge. The bowl is 24 cm wide at the top and 14 cm high. The foot will be about 5 cm. From this side we see both the large twig down to the right, and the bark intrusion higher up on the left. Swirling patterns all over.
2 The bowl is now without support from the rear dock, the work has come further into the bowl. We can follow the scar with bark intrusion from a peak in the middle of the bowl which steps down towards where the wall is now finished further in. A strong and wild pattern in the dark heartwood, with its clear annual rings, now emerges where the bowl wall is finished.
Per Helge Berrefjord
3 weeks ago

Something for the weekend
A colorful experiment. Large wood-turned bowl in birch with spirit staines colors on the outside.
#woodturning #bowl #forest #trees #woodart #woodworking #artisan #art #craft #handcrafted #wood #Weekend

This birch bowl is close to 40 cm in diameter. You see the bowl close up from the side with some of the inside visible at the top of the picture. The inside of the bowl is treated with food-safe beeswax oil and thus has its natural variations from the wood visible, with a dark part near the edge where the marrow of the log lies. The outside of the bowl, on the other hand, is in strong colours. The edge at the top is strong red. Downward comes five so-called beads, a cm each, in a strong yellow color with black scorched gutters between them. Further down to the bottom, the bowl is strongly blue. The light and pattern in the wood, which shines through, create great variations in the blue shading
Per Helge Berrefjord
3 weeks ago

Springtime Logs – into Blanks
No Elm Disease around at this place…

#woodturning #bowlsFromLogs #Elm #forest #trees #woodworking #craft #handcrafted #Norway #Svartdal #harvesting #wood

The picture was taken during a session with a chainsaw on a rootstock. You are looking down at a partially split trunk from an elm tree. The safety helmet with hearing protection is seen in the background and the chainsaw barely sticks into the picture at the bottom right. Snow is still on the ground in the background and under the sawdust that has just been produced. In the foreground four finished split blanks sits on the ground where the snow has recently melted. The sun shines on the area. The endwood of the elm stock, which you can clearly see twice in the picture, has a clear and large field with dark heartwood and a smaller light field of light outer wood towards the bark. The log is first split into round blocks as long as the diameter of the log and then sawn lengthwise into two parts.
4 weeks ago

La bête assemblée et huilée à l’huile de lin ! Corps et caudale en robinier, nageoires en châtaignier. Le support est en bois de vigne, j’ai trouvé que ça figurait bien le fond marin 🤷‍♂️

#MastoArt #wood #sculpture #woodworking

Requin marteau en bois de robinier monté sur un support en cep de vigne
Le même sous un autre angle
Le même vu de derrière
4 weeks ago

Schönheit am Wegesrand - Beauty on the wayside

#Mosstodon #Pilze #Moos #Wald #Wood #Forest #Nature

Moose und ein kleiner Pilz wachsen auf einem Stück Altholz. Der Vordergrund ist scharf, der Pilz und Hintergrund sind unscharf. Die Farben sind grün, gelblich-orange und etwas braun.

Mosses and a small mushroom grow on a piece of old wood. The foreground is sharp, the mushroom and background are blurred. The colors are green, yellowish-orange and a little brown.
Roger Ward
4 weeks ago

Bluebells, in a roadside wood near Isfield, Sussex UK

I usually follow back, and really appreciate and often follow boosters & likers.

#Nature #Landscape #LandscapePhotography #Wildflowers #Bluebells #WoodAnemone #Sussex #BeautifulEngland #Photography #LandscapesOfMastodon #Reflection #Wood #Woodland #Spring #Springtime

Image of a field of wild bluebells in a wood, with a growing tree and saplings central in the frame, more trees and a shed in the background.
IT News
4 weeks ago

Exploring Woodworking Mysteries with Strain Gauges and Raspberry Pi - If you’re not a woodworker, you might not have heard of the “45-degree rule.” It g... - #ruleofthumb #straingauge #toolhacks #clamping #pressure #cherry #force #hx711 #joint #maple #glue #pine #wood #oak

Scientific Frontline
1 month ago

The world’s first #transistor made of #wood, it paves the way for further development of wood-based #electronics and control of #electronic plants.
#Technology #sflorg

Ronnie Tucker
1 month ago

Process from block to figure.

1/ Basswood 4x1x1". Sketch rough guide to the figure.
2/ Get carving!
3/ Finish the figure with stains and varnishes.

#woodworking #carving #woodcarving #wood #basswood #art #mastoart #stain #varnish

The bare block with a basic sketch of the figure.
The carved figure ready to be finished.
Final figure with stain and varnish.
Max, an ant whisperer
1 month ago

A transistor made of wood

"We didn't create the wood transistor with any specific application in mind. We did it because we could. This is basic research, showing that it's possible, and we hope it will inspire further research that can lead to applications in the future," says Isak Engquist.

A true fundamental researcher quote 😁

#Science #tech #wood #technology #computerScience

Deb Oppermann
1 month ago

I saw this cut tree laying in the grass from a distance and was amazed at how the shape of the saw cut wood reminded me of a flower with petals. This is a Common Pear Tree that was felled for some reason at the arboretum.
Wood Flower available here
#flower #abstract #nature #ThickTrunkTuesday #MastoArt #photography #wood #tree #BuyIntoArt #FlowersOfMastodon #MastoFlowers #artforsale

Close up of a cut tree that looks like a flower with petals, grass, leaves and log
Sara Kathleen
1 month ago

Some freehand #pyrography work on #maple tonight, to centre myself a bit. The most #meditative process of all the things I make.

#artist #art #wood #natural #naturalart #freehand #MastoArt #design

A close up of the hot red tip of my pyrography pen, above the design I’m working on. The wood is pale maple, the swirls and leaves are dark brown and organic feeling.
1 month ago

there is #wood and then there is my appletree 🌳🍏


2 months ago

A clip from the "Hear Now performance a week ago in SoHo Manhattan. @ranjit 's performance with his #wood Solenoid instrument sculpture was quite captivating during the first show. It was really neat hearing the wood and then seeing the interplay between player and MIDI solenoid magik! John Roach offered consistently interesting sonic performances and interventions while Thessia Machado dazzled with droning autobows and flappers.
#soundart #sculpture #nyc #art #performance #rocknroll #tonewood

2 months ago

In the cavernous 18th-century chapel at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, a new installation by artist Leonardo Drew explodes toward the ceiling in a massive plume, scatting shards, dust, and tiny fragments of material around the space. #installations #wood

An installation inside of a church featuring an explosion of blackened, charred plywood pieces scattered around. Emulating from a central spot on the far wall, the charred wood extends from floor to ceiling, creating a towering experience.

⚪ Ein bodenständiges ...
🟤 A down-to-earth ...
Favorite photo.
📷 by Artist: #MaxCoulon (Art) + AndreaMantovani
(Photography) in Loc.: Forêt #DOgnon Picardie, France 🇫🇷 - Title: "No Reason To Move" for the Greenline Foundation - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Sculpture #Forest #Wood #House #Photography #Fotografie ➡️ #APhotoLove 👋

Photography and Urbanart. A color photograph of an old hut with windows and door, stands on two large legs formed from the fallen trees of the surrounding beech forest.
The Artist: "Our houses are characters, we could give them
names and feet."
Max Coulon (1994) is a Franco-German sculptor, living and working in Aubervilliers. He graduated from the Beaux-Arts de Paris in 2021.

🐭 Artist: #DavidZinn in City: #AnnArbor USA 🇺🇸 - Title:
🔴 "Nadine and the Log Cabin."
🔴 "Nadine und die Holzhütte."
#StreetArt #SidewalkChalk #Art #Chalkart #Mouse #LogCabin #Wood #HomeSweetHome 🐁#GoodMorning ☕🥐🥐

Streetart. Small chalk drawing on a white tree stump in a park covered with foliage. A small mouse sits at the window and reads a book. The tiny chalk painting even has a fireplace in the background. On the wooden block is painted smoking chimney.
Sara Kathleen
3 months ago

Worked on a new #pyrography project today, having not finished the last 15 I’ve started. One day in a few months they’ll all get finished at the same time. That’s how it usually goes. Freehand on ash, a reclaimed off-cut from a furniture maker. The smell is lovely.

#wood #woodworking #mastoart #art #artist #ArtMatters #woodwork #artistsonmastodon #naturalart #pattern #design

Closeup of a plank of ash wood. On it is freehand doodling, burned with a pyrography pen. It is intricate, lots of leaves and swirls and squiggly lines jumbled together, like plants coming up from the ground. That’s what I like to think anyway.
3 months ago

Gestern beim Waldspaziergang den Blick mal wieder auf etwas völlig anderes gelenkt.
Das tat so gut.
#photography #forest #forestgarden #wood #baum #waldbaden #fokussierung #hierundjetzt #Mosstodon

grün patinierte Baumwurzel
schräg hochstehende verwitterte und bemooste Reste eines Baumstumpfes
bemooster und verwitterter Baumstamm
3 months ago

Whimsical #woodland creatures and #sea life carved by Zoe Feast inhabit raw #wood rounds.

A photograph of a raw, roundish-curved wood slab engraved to depict motifs of birds and leaves.
Per Helge Berrefjord
3 months ago

En stabel små dreide treboller laget i verkstedet mitt på #Skottfoss i #Skien

Mest pynteboller. De to øverste i syrin til fingersalt. De andre er japansk kirsebær fra #Porsgrunn – Beisfarger.

Gjør dette nå for enklest å kunne legge inn i profilen min noen emneknagger jeg selv vil følge her fra @snabelen

#woodturning #tredreiing #bolle #bowl #forest #trees #trær #emner #woodart #woodworking #art #craft #handcrafted #artist #Norway #wood #lathe #dreiebenk #bandsaw

En stabel små tredreide, fargeglade boller mot blå fotobakgrunn