Berkshire Bowls
2 months ago

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Sherri Koehler
10 months ago

For Christmas @christi3k gifted me a marbling infinity puzzle from Nervous System. It’s design is inspired by paper marbling and it’s laser-cut plywood. You can pick up pieces and move them to the opposite side and it integrates perfectly into the marbling pattern and the puzzle. Neither of us had ever seen anything quite like it before.

A few evenings later I opened it up and tried to put together a couple of pieces. It was impressively difficult! There next day I asked her to join me, she also was awed at the complexity and beauty. Plus the pieces smell faintly of a campfire!

Today, in the bright sunlight, we finally got it put together! The pieces shaped like a head and a brain are part of the whole, not novelties! It’s so satisfying to pick up pieces and move them across to the opposite side!
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A white and tabby catten inspects complicated puzzle pieces.
Marbled Infinity Puzzle finished. The marbling pattern is in blues, reds, orange, pink, purple, white, and green.
Several pieces have been moved from the left to the right side of the puzzle, including the head-shaped piece, seen at the middle right.
Several more pieces moved from left to right, giving the puzzle a Z shape.