Sometimes a paper towel gets used to hold food, so I would rather err on the side of caution. And for the holder, I would not use Tung Oil. I have mineral and will search for a good food safe alternative.

When I took my #Woodworking class, they showed that shellac is a very good finish overall. Protective and easy to repair.

Christian Haselbach
8 hours ago

I started a new #woodworking project. First step was to plane these 4x4 pieces. I think I should make a shooting board for the next step but I am not sure who well that works with this thickness.

Four pieces of 4x4s planed smooth and square on a workbench. A jack plane and a mallet are in the background.
14 hours ago

While writing up the last article for my advent calendar I had an idea: maybe we can make dry wood green with a pressure cooker / instant pot. I gave it a shot and it definitely works for some wood. I tried some black walnut and beech spoon blanks. The walnut basically didn’t work (maybe 1/8” penetrations?) but the beech was fully hydrated and cuts like butter. #woodworking

Captain Superlative
15 hours ago

(Geeking out warning)

Shellac is the best finish:

  • Nontoxic and biodegradable and renewable and requires no petrochemicals. (It's derived from a resin secreted by Kerria lacca of the subfamily Sternorrhyncha which also includes aphids).
  • Soaks into wood and forms a hard film.
  • Every fresh coat of shellac dissolves the layers beneath and forms one, thicker layer. Which means it is pretty repairable.
  • It can be tinted, it can be thinned (with alcohol), it can be combined with other things to make a sealant, a primer, an antiqued finish, a clear finish up to a French polish.
  • Dries very fast
  • Relatively low VOC
  • Application with rag or brush or whatever.
  • More protective than boiled linseed oil or modern crystalized waxes.
  • And did I mention that it's bug resin and has been in use for about 3000 years?

#woodworking #history #trivia #shellac

21 hours ago

Was having trouble getting precise cuts on small stock so I made a thing.

#woodworking #workshop

Pierre Thomasius
1 day ago

Needed a lot of sanding to get them to join back together after cutting the box open. Great tip I found is to move in a circle one direction then turn the piece by 90 degrees and move in the opposite direction. Repeat.

Wooden box half on a large flat piece of sand paper
The two box halfs stacked on top of each other with the seam being invisible
Two box halfs on a large piece of sandpaper.
The two box halfs stacked on top of each other with the seam being invisible
Pierre Thomasius
1 day ago

Really enjoyed using hand tools to flush trim the glued on top and bottom parts.

Wood block made of three layers in a vice. The top and bottom layers are bigger then the middle. A hand plane next to it, ready to flush trim.
The wood blocks cut open revealing the inside. One has glass laying inside checking that these will work as a case for them.
Pierre Thomasius
1 day ago

First time template routing something so delicate. Lucky I made one extra blank. I used clamps on the next ones and it all held fine.

Wooden blank with rough cut out of template on a self build router table, ready to be flush trimmed.
Showing the first pass of flush trim. It doesn't reach the full height.
Finishing the flush trim by turning the piece upside down and using the anyway cut edge as a guide.
The side wall broke on this piece.
Pierre Thomasius
1 day ago

Made some small Xmas presents this year. Lots learned. Much to improve, but loved every second. #woodworking

Glued up block of wood with a template on top.
A block of wood with large holes filled at the corners of the template. One with just the marks of the template.
Rectangles of wooden blocks of varying thickness on a workbench. Some of them in clamps glued together.
One of the blocks with the template shape though cut out by connecting the holes. One in clamp ready to be cut out with the jig saw laying on the work bench.
Jami Gibbs :heart_cyber:
1 day ago

@frew Yes! Two big things:

1. When working with longer spans like this, think a lot about deflection and racking. The sagulator calculator helped:

2. Quality wood will give you a lot less headaches. I saved some money buying lower quality cherry boards for the second top. They were an immense pain to flatten and laminate though. And it still has a slight warp. Hours of work could have been saved just by spending a few dollars more.


Karl Nelson
2 days ago

Good thing I made two banks since I made a hash of this one.

(Router bit slipped. Also, tearout.)


Jami Gibbs :heart_cyber:
2 days ago

I wanted to make benches that looked like "they belonged" with the table. They're simple and maybe not everyone's taste but I like the clean lines.

Pay no attention to the small plant grow station in the corner of our dining room. 🫣


A trestle table made from cherry. There are two long seating benches on each side.
Jami Gibbs :heart_cyber:
2 days ago

I didn't keep up with a build thread for this because so many things have gotten in the way of finishing it (and I kinda forgot) but I've finally made a couple of seating benches for the trestle table that I built way back in the spring.

Every dang #woodworking project is such a massive learning experience and this was no exception.

Two seating benches next to each other. They are made of cherry wood.
Pieces for two seating benches lined up before they are put together.
A close up view of a seating bench corner after assembly.
A view of one seating bench without the top attached yet. There are several support sections attached.
MonViolon [en/it]
2 days ago

The end button of my children's 1/32 #violin brake yesterday. Wasn't ebony. The hardwood I have at home is laburnum, from my parents' garden in France.
I used it to make a new small end button. Cut with a saw and a scalpel, without a wood lathe, it couldn't be perfect, but I still think it's nicer than the original. Laburnum wood is hard and dark with beautiful gold patterns.
#wood #woodworking

The broken en button of a violin. You can see it's made of light wood painted black.
Draft of a button cut at the end of a wooden cleat.
The shiny new en button in dark wood with gold stripes.
A tiny violin held in one hand, fitted with the new end button.
2 days ago

Finished the table legs last night. Forgot to take my phone for pics, but a cohort in the Friday sessions is a videographer, so she was happy to help chronicle the jig and cutting. More photos of the finished legs later.

Yes, those clamps are in the line of saw blade. The key was to not go beyond the blade exit mark. :)

There’s a reason they had to be that way, and tapers would not have been possible w/o that style of table saw (moving sled).

The 17s vid is too big to upload.


Jami Gibbs :heart_cyber:
2 days ago

well I dropped my jack again. And broke my tote... again. The one I just replaced. 😩

Serious question though, why don't they make the totes with the grain going perpendicular to the plane? You would think that would help it not break in half like this so easily. I speak from experience when I say that it's a really common break.


The tote (back handle) of a hand place broken in half sitting on the top of a wood work bench.
3 days ago

Running through what I know and don’t know breaking in my new machine. I’ve also got a boat load of mdf—so—random projects! Here we have a #midjourney generated dragon that I turned into an stl then carved into a .5” mdf (14”x12”) scrap. Needed more depth of stock to really shine but even compressed it came out neat. Cutting time was about 5 hours.

#cnc #woodworking #art #3dcarve #Shapeoko

A Chinese dragon that was carved into mdf
3D render of a detailed white dragon head sculpture with intricate scales and horns on a black background.
Bryan Fink
3 days ago
I think I have tuned some things right this week. That's the mitered corner of the top of a red oak box, still hanging together after curling out of my block plane. #woodworking
Curls of red oak on a black foam mat. In the middle of each curl is a seam where the curl starts twisting the other way.
3 days ago

Little table for gift exchange. Also started branding my work, first one with the stamp.

#woodworking #walnut #whiteelephant #handmade #madeincanada #endtable

Richard Knott
3 days ago

WallyboisWoodworking: Rough Unedited Erratic Workshop Tour #workshop #woodworking #diy

ThatKomputerKat :neocat_cool:
3 days ago

@mos_8502 @NanoRaptor that would make sense as this place already had a lot of sawdust before we moved in.

#woodWorking ?

They’re huge compared to the ones in my bench top planer.

on custom-fitting and designing/building chairs - particularly high-back lounge chairs - here's the most useful documents I found.

* Grew-Sheridan chair-fitting jig. it's pretty easy to build and mostly flat-packs:

* samples of ~2.8 lb/cf high density/high resilience foam.

* visit an Ekornes retailer (cold-cured molded foam - fantastic but not available for one-offs) and a mid-range chain store (foam, hopes & dreams). bring an angle finder.

#woodworking #furniture

4 days ago

I think I could watch vbits all day. Smoooth.

#cnc #cncwoodworking #woodworking #mdf

Arnaud Langlande
4 days ago

🔨 I have loved building things since I was a kid with Lego, Meccano, etc. Then, when I was a teenager, one of my uncles, who was a carpenter, gave me some wood scraps. I started building things with wood, like boxes and tables for skateboarding. Now, as a software engineer, I build software, but I still enjoy working with wood. Even though it is not perfect, I am quite happy with my last achievements.

💬 What about you? What creative projects fill your free time?

#BuildingPassion #Woodworking

Adam Nowak 💙
5 days ago

My first adventure with walnut, not finished yet, but… I already know that my family will be happy with their presents under the 🎄! #WoodWorking

5 days ago

Been so busy had no time to get it fully assembled but we are good to go now.

#woodworking #shapeoko #cnc #maker

5” hexagon bowl made with a Shapeoko 5 pro and a bowl bit.
Richard Knott
5 days ago

How to make the best wooden log Reindeer #woodworking
Oh if I only knew what I was doing and not a danger to all around me when I get my tools out

Chad of Sketchy Abstractions
5 days ago

I don't have time to work on my current projects so I'm starting a new one... 😀

Last year, after the flood we lost nearly all furniture. Didn't really have anything for awhile during the rebuild.

One night I went into my shed intent on creating an end table from literally anything I could find. In two hours I emerged with... a thing. Made entirely from random scrap. A Christmas gift.

Now that things are more stable I want to remake it and repeat the gift this Christmas.

#WoodWorking #Maker

A loose assembly of various scraps of wood meant to resemble an end table. 

A drawer is at the top with a crudely-made knob. The two shelves below are slatted to use the only wood I could find.
John Appel
5 days ago

With the Little Free Library moved indoors for varnishing, I had room to start making a present. This is all cherry left over from earlier projects. #woodworking

Small pieces of cherry wood lying on a workbench.
6 days ago

I forgot this one.

I fitted this on Saturday morning. My customer needed the staircase quite quickly. I managed to get this from measured to installed in 7 days.

Notice there’s no balustrade on the left of the winder because I factored in room for built in storage on their landing.

#woodworking #carpentry

Awww vom @rixx diesen wunderbaren #woodworking Keks bekommen 😍

Bild von einem großen Keks auf einer weihnachtlichen Serviette. Der Keks hat die Form eines Kreissägeblatts und darauf ist eine Axt
6 days ago

Tackled phase 2 today, came out exactly as I’d imagined.

As you can see the top winder box and the central newel posts needed structural support. Which is what their weights are transferred to the stairs and ground underneath.

The right hand newel is purely aesthetic. It’s doesn’t need to go to the ground but it would look odd if it didn’t.

#woodworking #carpentry

An upward view of a partially constructed wooden staircase with exposed timber framing against white walls.
A wooden staircase under construction, viewed from the side, with rooms in the background partially visible through the open doorways.
Side perspective of an unfinished wooden staircase with electrical wires visible, leading up to an upper floor.
Looking down from the top of an incomplete wooden staircase with visible construction markings and materials on the floor.
1 week ago

Repair work. Remade a leg for someone's wooden table. Rewarding to keep wooden furniture functional. Used some 8/ maple I had and some stain. Looks like a pretty close match to the original.

#repair #diy #lathe #woodworking

1 week ago

It’s not obvious from this picture but I planed off a quarter inch of this rock maple. Awesome 💪 #woodworking

1 week ago

Seat dimensioned. Gotta lay it out and then join it. Thinking titebond and some dowels. #woodworking

Andreas Gohr
1 week ago

dear hobby wood workers. does anyone of you have a good working solution for a fill sensor for the cyclone separator bin?


1 week ago

Really interesting project featuring the glaciers of Olympic National Park! Image credit Gisele Olson/National Park Service. Learn more at and and #nps #nationalparks #interpretation #publiclands #drawing #photography #woodworking #landscapephotography #art #glaciers #poetry #dance #music #quilting #carving and more!

A beautiful drawing by Gisele Olson of the Mount Stone Snowfield in Olympic National Park. This piece is a part of the Terminus glacier project, which explores the glaciers of the park through various media including photography, poetry, dance, quilting, and others.
Faith Humphrey Hill
1 week ago

I made a little wooden stool over the holiday at a family members huge woodshop. It was so fun!
#art #MastoArt #artist #woodworking #diy

Handmade Hearts
1 week ago

I'd like to dip my toes into Mastodon #polls before going to bed.

So, question for my fellow #artists and #artisans with #smallbusinesses - how would #UBI affect the way you approach your #craft ?

#embroidery #pottery #woodworking #crocheting #art #painting

2 weeks ago

#woodworking #holzwerken #geschenke #weihnachten

Ihr sucht noch ein Geschenk für Euren Liebsten? Jeder Mann freut sich über eine Kettensäge. Nun gibt es endlich auch eine Ausführung mit Extra-Sicherheits-Features für weniger geschickte Anwender. Schwere Unfälle durch unvorsichtiges Handling sind damit so gut wie ausgeschlossen.

Diese Kettensäge besteht aus einem Sägegriff, an dem eine normate Kette befestigt ist.
Oscar Aurin
2 weeks ago

I’m glad to say my dovetails have improved.
I’ve been struggling with my self confidence quite a lot the last year, but I can’t say anything than I’m proud of these.
#Woodworking #HandTools #Dovetails
(The attempts a probably 10 years apart)

Dovetails with everything wrong; gaps, dimensions, proportions, angles. (Doesn’t hold together)
Dovetails I’m proud of. Tight fit, good proportions.
2 weeks ago

I've seen a lot of glue ups at the atelier in the last 18 months, and did a few, and none ever involved using cauls to keep timbers from sliding up while being pressed from the sides. And slide they do.

I know it would be futile to introduce cauls, because no one would listen to me in the rush to get things done faster. (What!? Make cauls? Pfft!)

It's one example why I can't wait to work more at home, where no one is brow-beating the method/workflow and mistakes are my own.


2 weeks ago

How to correctly and firmly fit an axe head to a handle:

He also teaches how to make the handle and how to properly sharpen the blade in other episodes.

This channel is a real gem, explaining all aspects of sustainable forestry really well. These people obviously love their work, are good at it and can teach.

It's in Bavarian though, which sadly limits the audience, but on the other hand is quite charming :)

#Forestry #Woodworking #Axe #Bavaria

2 weeks ago

New table. Red oak with poplar legs. #carpenter #redoak #furniture #handmade #canada #table #woodworking

Tapir Girl
2 weeks ago

I’m finally to the finishing stage of the cabinet that I’ve been working on, and I put the first coat of oil on the marquetry door.

As I was about to start putting oil on, I noticed that there were some spots in the top left corner where the glue hadn’t adhered properly, and some of the veneer wasn’t sticking to the MDF underneath. The reason I noticed was because I could hear a difference in sound as I ran my fingers over it.

It’s amazing, at least as a hearing person, how much of woodworking involves listening. Usually it’s listening to the machines - things like gauging whether blades are making a clean cut or knowing when to stop lowering the sander - but sometimes it’s listening to the wood itself, in a very literal way.

I was able to use an X-Acto knife to smoosh glue under the pieces of veneer that were coming up, so hopefully that problem is now fixed.

#Woodworking #Marquetry

Photograph of a marquetry panel depicting a pangolin climbing a tree. The image on the panel is made of hundreds of pieces of veneer. The panel is leaning up against some shelves and has a fresh coat of oil on it.

Rounding out the trip with a stop at the Thomas Moser D.C. show room. 😍

#washingtondc #woodworking

A sign in gold letters that says Thos. Moser.
A side view of a dining room bench.
Several wood chairs lined up on front of a window
2 weeks ago

Hi #woodworking szene

I want to build a shoe cabinet for the hallway.

It should have a nice pillow to sit on to put on your shoes on one side and have enough space to store around 15 pairs of shoes and a drawer for all the things in the hallway.

The fronts, the sides, the top should be nice massive cherry wood.

The rear, the bottom and maybe some other non-visible constructive wood pieces should be multiplex.

The drawers - they should hinge open - i wanted to make out of multiplex too but the longer i think about it the more i think that it might became maple wood.

This is my second scetch of what i want to build and i want to run it by "you" to see what comments and recommendations you have.

Besides the obvious general "what do you think of the idea" the more concret question goes over "what do you think about the porpotions" and "what finish / oil / surface should i take for cherry wood inside?"

a second drawing of a shoe cabinet....

I’m basically just taking photos on this trip of trees that I haven’t seen before like a #woodworking dork.

Like this one with really cool cross-crossing bark and late season fruit. I think it’s a hickory?


A gloved hand holding two light green round tree fruit.
Tree bark that looks cross crossed.
Jeff Fortin T.
2 weeks ago

@davidrevoy @prokoudine
You guys did soldering?! And CAD?!!
A decade later, I had such a class called "technology" in the main curriculum, where we made… a folding wooden bench 🫠️

That said, that bench is very sturdy and practical, and I'm still using it daily two decades later. So there you go, bug-free #technology right there, with an Enterprise-Grade™ lifecycle 🎖️ (I suppose @federicomena would confirm that #woodworking outlasts #electronics and code by a long shot).

Lime Bar
3 weeks ago

Happy #Thanksgiving

One last hurrah for this thread (see original post ⬆️ or this link: )

Many of the sites linked by artists on this thread are offering #blackFriday #deals and #bargains. All the more reason to support #fedi #art #music #craft #writing etc. this shoppingtide.

#deal #bargain #painting #illustration #woodworking #games #leatherwork #scents

Aktuelles Holzprojekt, eine Ablage auf Maß für neben ein Bett, ohne Schrauben. Nur leider ist die Wand weniger grade als gedacht und das Bett steht an der Rückwand 2mm mehr über als überall sonst. Also die Tage noch ein bisschen am Bett sägen. #woodworking #oneLeahADay

Holz-Ablage von der Seite. Man sieht die Kabeldurchführung an einem Bein und den Ausschnitt für die Fußleiste
Holzverbindung auf halber länge der oberen Platte.
Schlitzfräsung zur Kabeldurchführung. Mit abgerundeten Enden
Draufsicht auf die Ablage.

MrIcy and I designed a sewing table based around the most stunning antique veneered wardrobe door (and 2 shelves) from "Among the Trees, Sydney" (the rest was missing :D) along with some merbau decking planks.

MrIcy spent a few months putting this together, step by step, for a very demaning client (me) as the design evolved. But look at those amazing 3-way mitred corners!

The kids can fight as to who inherited this ^_^

#Woodworking #ReuseRecycle #Sewing

Dark striped veneered wooden table top framed with a pale orange supporting structure
Closeup of a 3-way mitred joint
Showing the look from the side
Closeup showing the shelf underneath
Mark Fischer
3 weeks ago

Made two basic plant stands out of some cedar strips.

#woodworking #gardening

Two plant stands stacked on top of each other. Both are made from 1x2 cedar strips. The bottom one is about 16” square and 12” tall.  The smaller one on top is 12” square and 8” tall. They are assembled with visible screws. The boards for the top of the stands are spaced out about 3/4” to let water drain more easily. The ends of the table top boards of the smaller stand are mitered at a 22° angle and hang over the edge of the base by about 1/2".
The two plant stands inside our garden shade house. The larger plant stand is in the back with a potted pepper plant resting on it.  The smaller plant stand is in front to the left with a potted Adenium in it.  There are two other Adenium pots in front of the larger plant stand resting on the ground. The blue 2x4 supports and white shade cloth of the shade house are visible in the background.