Tim H
7 minutes ago

This is currently my go-to "ambient noise for work" option. has a lot of options! #mynoise #ambient #work

Graham Downs
2 hours ago

Ladies, Gentlemen, and Others, I have an announcement to make:

I love my job.

#ThatIsAll #Work #Satisfaction

CT History News
3 hours ago
Wu Yuansheng
6 hours ago

2023/5/30 Media Digest Morning #linkedin
The Problem With Stories

I’m Him!


Talent Surpluses and the Myth of Meritocracy in Science

Everyday Quantum: On The Origin Of Force

Homeschooling Is Key to Preserving Liberty

7 hours ago

Boss: Can you take care of this client? He's deaf.
Coworker: Then why are you whispering?
Me: Hearing impaired.

13 hours ago

A point to note for future reference (for me, that is): if you're going to get up at 04.00 the next day, do not put a two and a half hour wash in the machine at 21.00.

End of my Public Service Announcement.

#life #laundry #work

20 hours ago

"The major work of the world is not done by geniuses. It is done by ordinary people, with balance in their lives, who have learned to work in an extraordinary manner." — Gordon B. Hinckley — — — #GordonBHinckley #quote #quotes #work #accomplishment #genius

Peter Nimmo
20 hours ago

I'm lucky enough to be back at work, after being off #work with #LongCovid for a year. But I'm still not back to normal- many days, it's still a struggle. This is an interesting review of where we are- 2 million in the #UK have Long #COVID, and I'm not at all convinced that #government, #employers and #society are taking this seriously

I’m on-call for the Bank Holiday and someone decides to phone me as something is broken.

The audacity of these people. 😅

#IT #Work

Wu Yuansheng
23 hours ago

2023/5/29 Media Digest Evening #linkedin
Do you know what are 10 signs of potential failure of a business?

1 day ago

I would just like to note that I Got The Thing Working. Hurrah!

Now to get the other things working. #work

Wu Yuansheng
1 day ago

2023/5/29 Media Digest Afternoon #linkedin
The strange recession that is Czechia from my email

Confronting the Cowardice of the Far Right on Race

Weaponizing Antisemitism: From Victim to Predator


1 day ago

Abuse towards #Vets by #Pet owners is "on the rise"
"Negative feedback and negative #interactions with clients when they bring patients into our hospitals is [also] a very real factor contributing to poor mental health."
#Clients #Interactions #Pets #Work #Violence #OneHealth

Dogs poster, Coffs Harbour
1 day ago

Off to #work now. #running #laufen

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2023/5/29 Media Digest Morning #linkedin
Skill of the Week: Light a Charcoal Grill

Book Review – Viruses: A Natural History

A road trip across the cradle of civilisation

Cannes and the banality of evil

The Book of Lies

Adamas Nemesis
1 day ago

I just realized that adding up my road trips to California, Cascadia, and New England, I'll be doing a combined 30 days or so of travel this year. That's luxury living by American standards, which is kinda horrifying to contemplate.

Painting is John William Godward's "Ionian Dancing Girl".

#art #traditionalart #painting #oilpainting #beautifulwoman #beautifulgirl #thoughts #trips #roadtrip #vacation #travel #society #politics #work #jobs

Maria Karlsen
2 days ago
This is just awful.Though it's in line with everything else that's happening, treatening human rights.

Thanks to @Samuel

Augie Ray wrote the following post Sun, 28 May 2023 19:52:39 +0200 Business leaders: We can't find enough workers!

Workers: You could pay more.

Business: Nope.

Workers: Better benefits?

Business: No.

Workers: More flexible hours?

Business: No way.

Workers: Treat your current employees better to build your employer brand?

Business: Never.

Workers: Well, what's left?!

Business: Child labor!
#work #childrensrights #humanrights
Jennifer Moore
2 days ago

A lot of wealthy people have money tied up in office buildings. So don't be surprised when you hear that "covid is over" or "remote work isn't as good". Empty offices are a threat to their future riches.

"In their paper, the authors argue that remote work has led to significant drops in lease revenue, occupancy, lease renewal rates, and market rents in the office sector within commercial real estate."

#CovidIsntOver #work #WFH

Даже в выходные.

#pic #fun #log #thoughts #cola #work #dev #code #mad_skillz

Bottle caps with "code under the cap" text.
The code under the cap.
Wu Yuansheng
2 days ago

2023/5/28 Media Digest Afternoon #linkedin
What is the difference between a Leader and a Manager?

Things Worth Remembering: The Extraordinary Courage of Tatiana Gnedich

Condemned to ten years in the gulag, the scholar sat in her cell and translated an epic poem—all 16,000 lines—from memory.

2 days ago

Nothing like earning PTO, and then having to wage war to get that benefit honored. 🤬 #work

Nils Reichert
2 days ago

Dug out some 10 conifers this morning. As everyone seems to be attributing their #work to AI or whatever nowadays I give credit to #floggingmolly for half of the work. Also props to #archenemy for very effective digging of preparational sideline trenches. #gardening

Already dug out conifers, one huge one still in a pushcart, dwarving it below.
About a dozen metres of hole seen from above. A few tools are lying around, the edge of a tent and a neighbouring garden behind a fence is also visible. In the lower edges are a few leaves of a cherry tree, from where the photo was taken.
CK's Technology News
2 days ago

You don’t need to #work on hard problems

Interesting article, however from my experience I can tell this will not work, not for me and not for anyone I know in the real world.

Nell Kane
2 days ago

So I guess it is a holiday weekend? What does everyone else do for fun? I feel like all I do is work..

#Weekend #Work

Wu Yuansheng
2 days ago

2023/5/28 Media Digest Morning #linkedin
Tales of the tongue

What’s the Point of Prizes?

Susan Sontag ‘On Women’

Refuting Thomas Dalton’s Rabbinic Contention

Defy the Open Borders Movement—Whatever Its Motivation!

Steve Davidian
3 days ago

@TeamMidwest Unfortunately I think it's part of a much larger trend of squeezing workers to the maximum.
I stood at my local CVS pharmacy the other day waiting for a shot, about 10 minutes. In that time I saw 7 workers being productive at a breakneck pace. Given that they handle prescription drugs, it seems likely that mistakes can happen. But it was absolutely insane.
#work #economy

Are you a #LGBTQIA And/Or #BIPOC and have a website, store or music page you want to share a #link for people to click on?
Would you have space to do the same for others?

Drop your site below, a small banner/icon and description.
If you want I can also add #PRIDE icons and Country/Nation Flags/Icons.

I will have a dedicated page for links of this kind. All I ask is you link my website
in return.

Once I have a few links I will post the dedicated page.
I want to have links to all of your wonderful sites and projects.

Will also be interested in talking cross #promotion and more!

#web #support #queer #trans #music #writing #art #blog #opinion #work

Rey :ghosthug:
3 days ago

Dear brain. it's an ProxyTableCellView, not a ProxyCellTableView, and if you don't stop swapping the word order soon, you're gonna drive yourself batty, as well as autocomplete! #work #dyslexicAdventuresInCoding

Jim Bright
3 days ago

This week’s column…we must move beyond personal change movements like mindsets and mindfulness to change systems at work #change #mindfulness #work #career #coaching #hr #mindset

Aisling Walsh
4 days ago

My obsession with The Dude, is a complicated, a lotta ins, a lotta outs and a lotta what-have-yous!

I wrote about surviving the square world as an #ActuallyAutistic person, work and adulting woes, comfort viewing and Echolalia in The Big Lebowski!


#autism #actuallyautistic #ADHD #neurodivergent #neurokin #neuropride #autcasts #diagnosis #autismdiagnosis #outcasts #movies #films #thedude #coenbrothers #jeffbridges #adulting #work #echolalia

Chris Hallbeck
4 days ago

Revenge peanuts. #comics #work #revenge #funny

Person 1: Hey, please get me some revenge peanuts while you're at the store.
Person 2: Is this about your nemesis at work again?

Person 1: Yes, he has a jar on his desk that he keeps nuts in. Every time it's empty he switches to a new type. He likes to announce it "It's time for almonds!" "We got cashews going on!" "It's walnuts people!" He switched to peanuts about six weeks ago and I’ve been slightly refilling his jar each morning before he arrives. 

Person 2: I never imagined a magic peanut jar could be used for evil.
Petra 🦎 Geefeconomie
4 days ago

This colourful kid walked all the way to our friends place where she played in a playgroup and I helped prepare for building the yurt. And then we walked back, up hill. No we are tired and will have an early night.

#Play #Work #Rest

A girl with a pink legging, a orange skirt, a yellow shirt and a mint green poncho.

Are you very knowledgeable on #PostgreSQL and open to working in #Riyadh, #SaudiArabia with a large financial services customer? #EDB is looking for a Senior #Postgres #Consultant / Resident Engineer (full-time #onsite). Please feel free to ping me for details!

#Saudi #postgres #work #job #jobs #jobsearch #joboffer #opensource #database #databases

zomg, yes!

The space I've been in at #work has been getting logistically very difficult (beyond just going in to work). PLUS it's physically close to the #frenemy I'm trying to put some distance between.

Made some requests for a completely different and nicer space at a location also closer to my house but was keeping it mum from the frenemy.

Requests approved and pending. Frenemy was blocked from the same location.

Now ignoring his conversational openings to talk about it. #mentalhealth

Nicole M. Wolverton
4 days ago

It's Friday, and I will be off from work all next week...hopefully in Venice, although anything is a possibility at this point. So as a tribute, here's a list of stuff I've been paid to do over the years (either directly or indirectly).

I could probably come up with another 20 weird things I've done in the name of my employers because working nonprofit is often a bizarre experience.

#careers #work #weird #vacation #WritersOfMastodon

pink/purple screen with a list of stuff I've done for money:
1) handed out fruit-flavored string cheese at a mall while inside a Barney the Dinosaur costume; 2) plied drunk people with White Russians in the dark; 3) helped an exotic dancer fabricate the bio read before she danced on-stage; 4) conducted a full SWOT analysis re: ordering the cheap red chotchkie or the cheap blue chotchkie; 5) spent weeks being subjected to the psychological torture of a single Rihanna song played loudly, over and over; 6) Sang the alphabet in my head... a lot; 7) stood perfectly still and tried not to laugh while a group of be-wimpled nuns picketed me and told me I was going straight to hell; 8) shot spikes of hypoallergenic metal through the ears of screaming babies; 9) hula-hooped for a solid five minutes, wishing for swift death from the sheer embarrassment; and 10) mastered the art of hurling a hollow ring at plastic milk bottles
4 days ago

How would you react to this?

#meme #humour #work @humour

The screenshot of a tweet that says:

Guy Leech

| took my 8-year-old to the office on Take Your Child to Work Day. As we were walking around, she starting crying & getting very cranky, so | asked her what was wrong. As my coworkers gathered round, she sobbed, 'Daddy, where are all the clowns that you said you worked with?"
4 days ago
Buildings reflecting off the water.  Blue sky
Lenz Grimmer
4 days ago

"People are dedicating large fraction of their screens to a never-ending conveyor belt of conversation pile-ups. The mental overhead, and repetitive visual switchbacking, is exhausting. It’s repression through over-communication."

#chat #work #productivity

4 days ago

Remote async work really shines a light on all your communication weaknesses.

Every time I think I've expressed myself with maximum clarity, immediately all the possible misunderstandings and ambiguities jump out.

Iterating on every Slack message - a new neurosis unlocked 😅

#remote #work #communication

Republicans want to force Americans in poverty to pick up the tab for the tax cuts they gave to their wealthy donors, while giving those donors more vulnerable workers to exploit

GOP threatens to blow up the United States’ economy unless Democrats agree to shrink the social safety net by adding #work #requirements to programs such as #food assistance and #healthcare.

In doing so, GOP lawmakers are following the agenda pushed by an obscure conservative think tank, the Foundation for Government Accountability (#FGA ), that recently made headlines for helping secretly draft several state bills to roll back child labor laws.

The effort comes several years after the GOP passed massive, deficit-busting tax cuts benefiting the wealthy and corporations — and as the party pushes to make those tax cuts permanent, at an estimated cost of $3.5 trillion.

At least 40% of the workforce is engaged in #hybrid or #remote #work—i.e. still works from home at least part of the time—but our neighborhoods and stores still operate like it's 2019, and everyone is at the office from 9 to 5!

In my latest for The Wall Street Journal, I share a bunch of ideas for how we can do better.What would go on YOUR #workfromhome wish list?

1 week ago

@alifeeney Some of the Diner Swooshes I am bending at work. I always love the way the old school #neon wrapped around the porcelainized sheet metal signs. They can be a pain to make and get aligned- then again, I am sure if I did this stuff more I might develop better tools. Also some of the #ruby job I bent yesterday underneath the wraps on the aging table. All 15mm tubes.

The diner neon is gonna be on TV on. Some cooking show with some famous dude.

#diner #work #neonsign #nyc #handmade #red

2 welded sections cooling. You can see some of my splicing wonk in the right one. Paint will cover that.
How to make sure things are aligned. Note the marks on the pattern and the glass and the height tubes.
Tubes on the aging table atop yesterday's work. It's nice to be bending so much ruby!
Dipped tubes on a drying shelf.
1 week ago

Based Belinda Stronach's dad.

Employees shouldn't need unions, but we do because we have a shitty manager/investor class. If employers treated employees as partners, rather than interchangeable resources everyone would be much better off.

#Canada #cdnpoli #work

Tim Penhey 🇳🇿
1 week ago

Time to start pulling gently on this refactoring thread. The key is to stopping before it gets out of hand.

#work #refactoring #python

1 week ago

"Those problems sound like they come from something deeply wrong in the organization related to work expectations, work distribution, and valuing "busyness" over output. Sure, you can slap an AI bandage on it, but your organization will still be highly inefficient underneath."
#AI #Work #WorkBetter #Productivity #tech

1 week ago

Uff... I'm knackered... and I still need to walk home...
#personal #work #dishwasherLife

Patrick Stewart
1 week ago

Well hello there #Monday. For this area, it's the last week of school for my kids. Which is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, no more after #school activities or homework to stay on top of. On the other hand, dealing with #children at home while trying to #work is so difficult! Here is your morning #mantra.

I am thankful for living to see another #sunrise and I will use this gift to help everyone I can.

#photography for #today is the sky above Fort Worth. I just love the way the sun was poking through the clouds. Amazing!

sun rays coming through the clouds
Ben Waber
1 week ago

Next was a great talk by Heejung Chung on why flexible working leads to more work and how we can change that reality at #LSE. This is a concise review of solid evidence of why flexible working isn't necessarily a panacea for poor working conditions (7/11) #HR #management #work

Scott Matter
1 week ago

What if the most important outcome of working together in an office is that we believe in the value and importance of the work?

That sense of value and importance may be a form of collective delusion. And with less time together, engaging in the rituals of the office and reproducing the socio-cultural structure of the company, that delusion becomes weaker.

That might look like decreased “productivity,” decreased worker retention, etc. But it may also be a form of awakening to the fact that many of our jobs are neither personally fulfilling nor socially beneficial.

#BullshitJobs #Work #wfh

Chris Hallbeck
1 week ago
A freelancer talks to their new employer.
Pratik Patel
1 week ago

Oh look at this. No wonder banks and other institutions want people to work from their offices rather than from #remote locations.

Bankers are better behaved when they work from home and engage in an astonishing amount of financial misconduct when they work from the office, report finds.

#Work #FutureOfWork

Upol Ehsan
1 week ago

Weekend reflections: equity in the workplace

Scheduling calls with international teams is a challenge. Making the solution unjust only adds to the problem. But how can scheduling be unjust?

Here's a real-life example: the team is distributed in US, Germany, and Bangladesh. Almost all calls prioritize US and Germany time zones.

See the problem here?

A 🧵 👇

#futureofwork #collaboration #work #teamwork #strategy #academia #mastodon


1 week ago

We have been told for generations that lowering taxes on the rich helps the economy, and that "increased entitlements" are a burden the taxpayer cannot afford.

These are lies. The truth, borne out by history is this:

Programs that help the poor, the working poor and those unable to work, actually benefit the overall economy and are not a net tax burden on the taxpayers. 1/2

#work #education #healthcare #help #investment #food #economy #tax #taxes #housing

Daniel AJ Sokolov
1 week ago

You can make #FairUse of an infringing work, and you can make infringing use of a #work that may in other use cases be used fairly.

Creation of a work and use of a work are very different things. In reality and in US #copyright #law.

It is disappointing that professional colleagues, who create copyrighted works for their livelihood, did not grasp that fundamental difference.


Daniel AJ Sokolov
1 week ago

So #SCOTUS did NOT rule that Warhol infringed anyone's #copyright when he created those #paintings, and they did not rule that #Warhol was not entitled to create his #work.

SCOTUS only spoke to the licensing activities of the A. Warhol Foundation. A different entity, who has not created these works, but who commercializes them.

Take the very same work: Some use may be fair, other use may be #infringing.


Daniel AJ Sokolov
1 week ago

The #SCOTUS case was not about anything #Warhol did. The case was about a) #FairUse and b) #licensing by the Andy Warhol Foundation.

Two key words: Fair USE, and Andy Warhol FOUNDATION.

The US #copyright concept of Fair Use is about just that: USE! It is not about creating works.

Whether Fair USE applies or not depends on the USE of the work once created. Fair Use does not concern the creation of the #work before it is being used.


2 weeks ago

Office Workers Don’t Hate the Office. They Hate the Commute. #commuting #cities #work #transit If it sounds as though I’m using the shift to remote work as an opportunity to advocate lefty urbanist pipe dreams — better public transit! Fewer cars and more bikes! Denser development! An improved social safety net! — you’re right. I am.

But what are 

2 weeks ago

Good #morning friends 💕:blobfoxcofecute: 💕

Yesterday was a hard day on the #work front… I’d been away just long enough to forget about #OfficePolitics but they’re still here, right where I left them :revblobfoxupsidedown:

This week, I’m glad it’s #Friday. How are y’all today??

matsuko (they/she)
2 weeks ago

Sick of job postings for "part-time" roles that are actually 30+ hours/week.

#work #jobs #insurance #benefits #employers

大胆决定下周没请假的出游不带工作电脑了(反正是 hackweek 不装样子了 #work

Sandra Gibbons
2 weeks ago

Today is such a rollercoaster day!

My son graduated kindergarten. 👦🏼

The lunch waitress accidentally dumped a full glass of fruit punch, splashing it all over my white jumper, white duster sweater, and yellow fabric flats. 🫣

I finally submitted my notice at work. ✌🏼

Honestly though, I love today. I can’t really complain and feel so FREE. 🤗

#parenting #work #life #mentalhealth

Aaron Silvers
2 weeks ago

The universe is sending me clear signals that in work, as in disc golf, when success is made intangible by the conditions to produce it, polishing turds is sometimes more constructive than the alternatives, so this afternoon I'm gonna take some time to work on making better fours. #DiscGolf #work #analogies #YayCapitalism

robyn 🌱
2 weeks ago

I am also at, where I've been posting for a while, but I found that I shared so much #gardening content that I figured a dedicated instance might be the way to go 😄

I post more #tech, #work, and #urbanism content on that other account if you are interested in that.

Ben Waber
2 weeks ago

Next was an interesting talk by @professorBodker on participatory design for empowering workers in designing #work and #management software at Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (3/10)

ts thank you ☕
3 weeks ago

Hey all, I’d appreciate your positive vibes, prayers, anything along this line as I look at my relationship with school/work. What did they teach me? How did this play out during my initial foray into adulthood? If there are unhealthy patterns then I want to ID them and make a helpful change. Here’s to being brave!
#career #education #labor #school #work

I think we should work four 10 hour days per week and then have every Friday off.

#business #work

The place I #work is so bad, if they use a #technology I consider it a redflag.

Erik Sagen
3 weeks ago

I’m sure glad I learned how to play Tetris as a kid. Just didn’t know I’d have to apply those skills to re-arranging my work calendar each week. #Work #Calendaring #Tetris

Eve Glicksman
3 weeks ago

Interesting signature line on an email I received today:
"NOTE: My hours are not your hours. If this is received outside your work hours, stop right now, shut down your email, and go play with your dog." #Work

😱 Brian Morearty
3 weeks ago

#Remote #work is absolutely awful for entry level employees. They can’t learn nearly as fast and feel lonely and abandoned. That’s why my son is looking for someplace where he can work on site. And just having the entry level folks be on site doesn’t solve this.

I don’t understand why people get so angry about companies that require on site. I don’t get angry about those that are remote. Just avoid the ones that don’t work the way you want to work. Jeez.

I'd like to think that #automation would release people from unhappy, repetitive #work so that they can engage in what they want, and the social interactions could possibly be achieved through #communal establishments (eg. libraries). But we don't live in an utopia, and it's true that we tend to be, often unconsciously, not as aware on issues that we do not experience ourselves.

Pratik Patel
3 weeks ago

This is complete BS. Amazing how reporters ask somewhat famous people about subjects they know nothing about.

#OpenAI CEO Sam Altman says the "technology is not yet good enough that people can be full #remote forever, particularly on startups"

#accessibility #work

Cade the Cat
4 weeks ago

The bit of four-day-workweek drama that happened in the UK a while ago has me thinkin today, and I can't help but wonder which all of you guys would prefer.

If you could have a four-day work week, in which you're still paid the same amount total per year (your weekly paychecks won't be any smaller despite you spending less time working), would you rather:

-Have Mondays off for a three-day weekend, or

-Have Wednesdays off so you never work more than two days in a row?
#Weekend #Work #AntiWork

Rey :ghosthug:
4 weeks ago

...i broke my git.

running `git commit` with staged changes... just... returns me to my cmdline prompt. #work #nowWhat

Flipboard News Desk
4 weeks ago

Reports of child labor violations are on the rise, with migrants as young as 10 working dangerous jobs for brands like McDonald’s and Ford. Employers have faced little consequence and often claim ignorance. At the same time, there have been recent efforts in state legislatures to roll back worker protections for minors.
#Labor #Children #Migrants #Work

4 weeks ago
Outi Leskinen
4 weeks ago

more screenshots from the idea

esp if you are a person of privileges, middle class, think of yourself as respectable and responsible person, have secure job... why not? really?

#Climate #ClimateCrisis #activism #quietquitting #TangPing #biodiversityLoss #nature #hours4climate #work #jobs

In some professions and working cultures it is not feasible to do hours4climate — do not do it if your livelihood depends on it. Avoid disclosing your particular action to your colleagues.
Tell us
You can anonymously pledge at so that know our combined impact. We also have a discord channel where we share experiences, ideas and improvements to this action.

I think Shanelle Webb, of the Soul Shack, a Black & youth-led social enterprise in Lambeth, speaks for many of us:

“The fact the coronation is costing so much money is an issue: that makes its call for volunteers to work for free to help people struggling with the cost of living look like it’s not really about people: it’s just about making the coronation look good.”

Meanwhile #volunteering is in crisis.. the #costoflivingcrisis & precarious #work are taking their toll

thomas 🌸
1 month ago
Gif of a painting everyday for the month of april.
Jen Sorensen
1 month ago

This week's comic: Republicans are dismantling child labor laws in several red states.

#economy #labor #work #jobs #unions


1. 'Hey corporations! Have you considered the benefits of 14 year-old workers?'

Girl pushing pallet of boxes 

'Look at that cute little hard hat.'

2. 'These adorable scamps are learning valuable assembly line skills instead of wasting time with homework.'

Kids working on assembly line

'Keeps 'em from encountering any rebellious ideas.'

3. 'Statistically, kids are safer from mass shootings in a meatpacking plant than in school.'

Kid has accidentally cut off own arm while trimming meat

'Maybe they'll lose a limb, but hey, they'll probably survive.'

4. 'Best of all, they're cheap and their brains haven't developed enough to form unions!'

Kid carrying bag of cement mix - 'Form what?'

'Don't you worry about it!'
1 month ago

“I’ve never lost a client because I refused to take a call that clashed with family dinner or story time before bed. Work with good people and work/life integration is easy.” — Ross Simmonds

#Business #Client #Freelancing #Job #Work #Life #Family #Leisure #Quote

1 month ago

"salary remains the #1 priority, with just over 6 in 10 (61%) people saying it’s the most important factor in a job."

Insights from an ADP survey

This is fascinating and I would love to see it alongside stats on how comfortable & knowledgable people feel about negotiating their salary or how to work with their salary toward higher lifetime earnings
#work #workLife #PersonalFinance

G'morning #Adelaide. #jobhunting #ineedajob #work #help

I need a job. I'm a bit unusual, because I have a very varied background. Hydraulic engineering, CAD, IT consultant, scientific equipment repair, electronics service engineer, STEM outreach.

I can't WFH. It doesn't work for me.

Do any of you have an ear to the ground about jobs that you think could work. I'm up for basically anything.

1 month ago

Ein ganzer Tag offsite mit allen Kolleg*innen und ich freu mich immer darüber, dass die jungen Leut noch nicht so zynisch sind, wie ich. #work