Herbert Dorian Übel
6 hours ago

"Immer mehr Menschen kommen nur mit mehreren Jobs über die Runden"

Aber, aber! Laut FDP-Definition sind Menschen, die zwei/drei Jobs bedienen müssen, um ihre Familie ernähren zu können, KEINE Leistungsträger.

Leistungsträger erben Millionen und haben deshalb viel geleistet, nicht wahr, FDP?
Das ist "ganz normaler", jahrzehntelanger 🇩🇪 Zynismus!


#Mulitjobber #WorkingPoor #Arbeitswelt #Niedriglohnsektor

6 hours ago

Immer mehr Menschen kommen nur mit mehreren Jobs über die Runden

In Deutschland schaffen es immer mehr Menschen nur mit mehreren Jobs, finanziell über die Runden zu kommen. Die hohe Inflation verschärft die Lage gerade für viele Familien dramatisch. Von Katrin Wegner.


#Mulitjobber #WorkingPoor #Arbeitswelt #Niedriglohnsektor

Jürgen :verigreen:🌗🪐🌌
1 week ago

Oft polarisierend was von Sepp Schellhorn (ehemals #NEOS) kommt. Hier kein schlechter Kommentar von ihm zu #Preise von #WienerSchnitzel. Trotzdem hinkt es ein wenig. Ein Koch macht entweder mehrere Schnitzel gleichzeitig oder parallel dazu was anderes. Das geht beim Installateur nicht. #Inflation

Wir müssen uns nach und nach von #billigProdukte verabschieden, sei es wegen #Umweltschutz, #Tierwohl oder insbesondere #Menschenwürde. Niemand macht sich Gedanken wie z.B. unsere Kleidung oder Schuhe hergestellt wurden. Oft ist das de facto #moderneSklaverei. #WorkingPoor, schlechte Löhne für 6-7 Tage die Woche Arbeit, keine Rechte, katastrophale Schutz-/Sicherheitsbedingungen ohne Möglichkeit für Krankenstand.
#Resourcenschonung und weg vom #Überkonsum!

Oda Schwehla
2 weeks ago

„Man muss auch dazu sagen, Arbeit ist der beste Schutz vor #Armut ", sagt ⁦
⁩. Was er übersieht: #WorkingPoor & völlig unflexibel zuverdienstregeln beim Arbeitslosengeld. Sich aus der Arbeitslosen schrittweise rauszuarbeiten ist unmöglich.

Bei #3sat ( läuft gerade die #Dokumentation "Arm trotz Arbeit".

Leider wird im Dokutitel erneut die in der deutschen Sprache so populäre Rede von der "Armut
trotz Arbeit" reproduziert. Als ob es sich bei #Armut und #Arbeit der Sache nach um einen Gegensatz handeln würde. Dass es diesen Gegensatz ganz offenkundig nicht gibt, ist doch gerade das Thema der Doku. Der englische Sprachgebrauch von den "Working Poor", also "Arbeitende Arme", trifft den Sachverhalt doch viel besser.

#WorkingPoor #ArbeitendeArme #Kapitalismus #Ideologiekritik

CareFlag She/Her
1 month ago

@GottaLaff @joyannreid I'm often Arizona-centric, it's where I live: Sinema receives both above & below table from Harlan Crow. Her protection of rich bigoted Whites since 2019 is in service to her biggest donors. I don't see much difference between Sinema and whichever Republicans want to replace her in the Senate, lip service notwithstanding. #WhiteSisters #workingpoor #VoteSuppression #AdiosSinema
I support Ruben Gallego for Senate 2024.

1 month ago

I don't talk about my struggles much bc I'm trying to stay positive. But I wanted to post this pic bc it's important to me.

This is why I'm so into #gardening - bc it provides me w food I otherwise can't afford.

Yes, I care deeply about creating a habitat for pollinators & wildlife. Yes, gardening is something I love. But w the cost of food so high, it's also a necessity for me.

I'm very fortunate to have a garden. My life would be so much harder without it.

#ActuallyAutistic #WorkingPoor

Photo of the produce I harvested yesterday from my garden. A large black colander holding three cucumbers, a yellow summer squash, a green zucchini, half a dozen large cherry tomatoes and a handful of green beans. What I grow is constantly changing with the seasons, but this is a good representation of the average amount of fresh produce I'm able to pick each day throughout the year.

@watch_union WTF?

Ich hoffe dies wird als #Umweltverbrechen verfolgt, denn das ausbringen von #Salz ist genauso wie das Verklappen von #Öl und #Quecksilber illegal...

Das Problem ist jedoch, dass dies den Entscheider*innen in London genauso shiceegal ist wie der Neo-#Pauperismus der #WorkingPoor der wächst...

JuneSim63 💚
3 months ago

"A new minimum income threshold of £617 for individuals and £988 for couples came into effect on January 30th and anyone who fails to meet this threshold will have their #UniversalCredit cut. Have you ever heard of anything so perverse? In a cost of living crisis when they could very easily tax the rich, this is what they are doing to people instead"

Claiming benefits in today's #ToryBritain from @RDHale

#WorkingPoor #Poverty #UKPolitics

Christof Mackinger
3 months ago

Honorare für freie JournalistInnen in Österreich wurden meist seit Jahren nicht inflationsangepasst. Artikel bringen selten mehr als 250-300€, oft weniger. Dabei stecken manchmal Wochen, ja Monate, an #Recherche dahinter.

Keine der AuftragsgeberInnen reagierte bislang auf die Forderungen von vom letzten November

Aber auch wir müssen Strom, Miete etc zahlen!
#workingpoor #Journalismus

Zu Papierschnipsel zerteilter Text mit Begleitschreiber der Freischreiber an Redaktionen in Österreich adressiert

...the country’s big 3 supermarket chains — Loblaw, Empire (Sobeys) & Metro — have seen their profits rise as food prices have climbed, according to a recent Star analysis.

In response, some shoplifters are justifying their actions as retaliation for what they see as corporate greed or simply as a means to obtain necessities they can no longer afford.

#Canada #Greedflation #CostOfLiving #WorkingPoor

Joe Hill
5 months ago

I would also like to see the #LivingWageAct so corps like #Walmart get taxed to cover the amount of aid their employees need to survive.
Lastly, a law to forbid federal subsidies to a corporation that isn’t unionized. It’s the only way we’ll ever have a middle class again.

#WorkingPoor #MiddleClass #EndCorporateWelfare

5 months ago

@godlessmom "About 53 percent of the sheltered homeless had formal labor market earnings in the year they were observed as homeless, and the authors’ find that 40.4 percent of the unsheltered population had at least some formal employment in the year they were observed as homeless." #WorkingPoor #Poverty #Inequality #Justice #Sociology #poor #injustice #homeless #homelessness #endhomelessness

5 months ago

@godlessmom #BLS 9/2022: "6.3 million individuals were among the #workingpoor in 2020. The working poor are people who spent at least 27 weeks in the labor force (that is, working or looking for work) but whose incomes still fell below the official poverty level." #poor #poverty #inequality #sociology #labor #employment #unemployment #LaborLaws #work #working #SocialProblems

Simon Kuestenmacher
5 months ago

Almost 900,000 workers in #Australia hold more than one job. That's not hoards of people pursuing passion projects on the side. Rather that's how people cope with the rising costs of living. In relative terms, one in 14 workers now works multiple jobs. For a rich country that is quite frankly not acceptable.

Full column (no pay wall):

#work #workingpoor #multiplejobs #passionproject #fairpay #demographics

Progressive Power
5 months ago

Omg please don’t be dense. Economists can’t accurately calculate hundreds of billions of assets daily. The facts are: billionaires own wealth for the next 300 years. #SaveTheMiddleClass #WorkingPoor

Michael Ripley
6 months ago

Went to the dentist yesterday to fix a chipped tooth and left feeling a) poorer and b) pissed. I knew I'd leave poorer but I was PO'd because the dentist lectured me for not getting a crown. When I explained to him I didn't have an extra $900 lying around and there was a cost of living crisis and I have a kid in university, he sighed as if to say "Yeah, and...?" I can barely make my mortgage! I need to feed my family! Walk a mile in my shoes doc and see what it's like #conservative #workingpoor

Giuseppe D'Elia :verified:
6 months ago

#lavoro #workingpoor #lavoropovero #milano #italia

Questo è un esempio emblematico di quanto la svalutazione del lavoro povero (*) e l'ideologia del lavoro usa e getta danneggino complessivamente tutti.

Il budget stanziato è di poco superiore ai 10mila euro per complessive 900 ore di lavoro su una fascia oraria di 10 ore al giorno, 7 giorni su 7, incluse tutte le festività.

Si richiede la partita IVA e si include nei 10K del budget anche l'IVA, quindi...

6 months ago

Any recommendations for a general-purpose instance that isn't topic-specific?

Just read a thread (boosted) that says some instances are talking about defederating from social.

I'm so lost & stressed out. I was quite happy on social but am now scared I need to move or I'll be cut off.

The suggested instance in that thread has a fee to join & I can't afford it. #WorkingPoor

I'm also NOT a tech expert 😭

Where do I go? Help?

6 months ago

Genuine question: anyone else #struggling?

As in barely scraping by, failed at life, haven't amounted to anything, crying in the grocery store bc of food prices kind of struggling?

I love Mastodon. But everyone seems so successful & accomplished. PhDs, professors, talented artists & industry experts.

It's hard not to feel out of place. I can't imagine what I could even contribute.

I think maybe I don't belong.

#WorkingPoor #ActuallyAutistic #AutisticBurnout #RSD

Progressive Power,Liberal Resistance — If the math is staggering, you might not be able...

Sapere Aude
3 years ago

Eine #neweconomy oder #newtechnology culture ist chancenlos wenn sie den #workingpoor nicht nutzt.

Dick Smiths Fair Go Supporters
4 years ago

#Australians who support a #universalBasicIncome may wish to attend the 20th Basic Income Earth Network (#BIEN) #Conference, held in #Brisbane, #Australia and jointly hosted by Basic Income Guarantee Australia (#BIGA).

If you don't support a #BasicIncome, maybe learn more about why the #workingPoor (aka #procariat) look to #UBI to forge a #paradigmshift in our relationship with #work, amongst growing #automation.

Dick Smiths Fair Go Supporters
4 years ago

A seedy move by #CCHQPress.

But is it disinformation?

#JeremyCorbyn seems to pander to t #neoliberal faction in #Labour, rather than speak to t #workingPoor + #workingClass disenfranchised by (effectively) #openBorders.

We've not been able to watch t #UKelection closely, but t #Left seem far behind on addressing needs of everyday #workers - its throughout the #West.

They once did, but #identityPolitics + #neoliberalism hv paralysed them.

Pls prove us wrong though.


Why you should keep Doug Ford and workers separate | Journey to Diversity Workplaces #DoFo #j2dw #Workers #WorkingPoor #DougFord #SickNotes #onpoli #Barrie

I'm voting 'bout:
#MedicareforAll 💯
and everything else we been talking about for DECADES...

#jaded but gonna vote anyway because it's my right as a woman.
So, if it all turns to absolute shyte in the near future...

I know who I'll be voting for next election (2020)