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2 minutes ago

#WritingWonders 9: Do natural calamities play a role in your story?

Well, my #historicalfiction #workinprogress is set in Pompeii, so ...

#AmWriting #writingcommunity

Phew, okay I think I'm allowed breakfast now :hammyblush:

#Skal #Comics #DeskShot #MastoArt #Fantasy #WorkInProgress

A fully painted comic page on the top while a partially drawn one is resting on a lightbox. It's a fantasy comic set in a tavern-like space. A muscly boy is busy getting his kit off
Dave Dawkins
8 hours ago

The statues in the courtyard moved.

#WorkINProgress #WIP #AmWriting #writing #authodons

Lizzy Miller
17 hours ago

If I am mathing correctly, this is just under half a hat. #crochet #WorkInProgress @crochet

A denim blue strip of crocheted fabric with a ribbed texture. The left side comes to a point and will be the top of the hat. The right side is ribbing at a different angle that will become the band.
1 day ago

As the studio was closing down I was able to carry out plans to sneak these pieces into the big kiln and move the manifold over for a proper bakeout. Excited to get these #borosilicate #neon pieces filled. Some #experimental #workinprogress indeed. Studio is closed today #badair, but we should be filling tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

#krypton #argon #sculpture #light #mirror #scientific #urbanglass #nyc #brooklyn #art #glass #annealer #highvacuum #bakeout #flameworking #onwheels #commission

both doors open- I used some of the furniture available and raised the surface of the kiln to shorten all the tubulations
One door closed and a green viton hose leak checking the big purple tube- its rate of rise test looked pretty good
Emily and I capture the moment of rolling the manifold table down the hall to the hotshop- a dream come true!
view with the doors closed and manifold ready. Gotta attach mercury traps tomorrow before vacuuming it all out.
Sceafa (Gus Knot)
1 day ago

Work In Progress...

This is a little teaser for an album of a very famous band that will release a new album in the near future...

That is basically all I can say for now...

Well, one more thing:

Many people will be surprised when this album will be released...

#AlbumCoverArtWork #AlbumCoverDesign #Teaser #WorkInProgress #GraphicDesign #C4D #CoronaRender #Kill #Art #Artist #CGI #Groningen #Designer #Design #Sceafa #GusKnot #WIP #Music #AlbumArt #AlbumCover #Band #MusicArt #ArtMusic

Tamzin Cavendish
1 day ago

A tiny look at a work in progress that I’ll be finishing soon…nature always finds its way into my work 🌷

#Art #Illustration #MastoArt #FediArt #Flowers #Floral #Nature #WorkInProgress

A small section of an artwork, black ink lines showing the edge of a shape that can’t be seen properly. Coming from that is a tulip and some blossom. The centre of each blossom is drawn in yellow ink.
Yuko Katori
1 day ago

work in progress! 🍀

#workinprogress #composition

Janet Rosen :toad:
1 day ago

Today’s art… I got new toys… er… TOOLS! Uni - makers of my favorite mechanical pencils - has a .32 mm ballpoint pen called Jetstream Edge that seems to offer the best features of a ballpoint (pressure-sensitive tonality) and of my favorite Pigma microns (precision lines, archival ink). So I started inking a portrait this afternoon.
#art #pens #ink #WorkInProgress

On a piece of paper, a black ballpoint pen and a blue ballpoint pen, and in between them hatching marks made by each.
Upper section, my Kindle upright on a table easel, displaying a reference photo. Lower section, drawing paper taped to a board, with the start of a portrait in blue ink.
2 days ago

Pic from back when I 1st started work on Spectrum Break, from when I was about 60% done.

#spectrumbreak #steam #platformer #workinprogress

2 days ago

Finally got this stopwatch timer working! I just had to change a few lines of code in one of their examples and I got the proper digits to stop counting at "6". Now I just gotta write a blinky thing for it. Excited for this sculpture, pretty soon I gotta start bending- tight stuff with fancy glass
Using the old (new) 5volt arduino @adafruit (metro mini) as it works with the max485. Anyone know of an rs485 interface with 3volts?
#sculpture #time #WorkInProgress #brooklyn #nyc #alfazeta #flipdigit

d'aïeux et d'ailleurs
2 days ago

@Athenenoctua c'est un peu sans fin côté indexation... Importer tout, même avec peu de déclarations, serait déjà bien.. #workinprogress

2 days ago
A painting of a seated woman with a blue shawl that resembles water draped around her. She is surrounded by leaves, flowers and foliage floating in the water. A yellow bird sits on her shoulder. Her face is covered in plants.
2 days ago

I made some small changes, so I'm posting this again.

#WIPWednesday #WorkInProgress #MastoArt #FediArt #OilPainting #WomanArtist #Painting #Surrealism

A surrealist oil painting of a cloudy sky, an airplane, a guitar, a snake, an American flag, the moon, buildings exploding, a bottle of alcohol, a bird injecting a needle into a severed arm while holding flowers in its beak and the bottom half of a female body with a tattoo that says America xoxoxo.
Karen C
2 days ago

Vanilla-and-pink-with-sprinkles is overseeing today's batch: chocolate-and-pink-with-sprinkles.

#dragon #WorkInProgress #MachineEmbroidery #PlushieMaking

A tiny plush dragon in beige with pink "frosting" on its wings and head, with embroidered rainbow sprinkles, stands on top of an embroidery-machine frame with more wings/heads in progress in it. The wing embroidery in the frame has chocolate brown where the beige dragon has beige.
Paul Wicks
3 days ago

The lens from Mooncrest Models #SciFi and #Fantasy arrived today. This is a #model #PoliceBox not a #DoctorWho #Tardis of course (the door opens outwards) #WorkInProgress

Close up of lamp with lit bulb on roof of one sixth scale model Police Public Call Box
Unfinished one sixth scale model of a Metropolitan Police box
3 days ago

I'm working on a series of drawings I can't really talk about yet, but are also too exciting to keep silent about at the same time. #sneakpeek #workinprogress

Blue and orange illustration of a cat dressed as a king on a postage stamp.
Chris Pyak
4 days ago

Danke an #Handelsblatt Media Group & #stepstone!

Es hat Spaß gemacht bei #workinprogress über neue Wege im Recruiting zu sprechen.

Internationale Fachkräfte sowie nicht "DIN-genormte" haben die gleiche Hürde.

Danke an Fotograf #WilliNothers für das Bild!

PS: Ich möchte gerne mehr Vorträge darüber halten, wie "ungewöhnliche" Fachkräfte faire Chancen bekommen - und wie wir den #Fachkräftemangel strategisch überwinden.

Bei Interesse: Am Besten mit auf LinkedIN melden!

abby fichtner
5 days ago


I've always only done 1 painting at a time, but a few months ago I tried an experiment of having a few going at once to see if putting one down for a bit and then coming back to it later would give me new ideas, perhaps learned from other paintings I'd worked on in between.

'Cept... turns out this completely clashes with my hyper-focused obsessive personality. As soon as I move on from one to work on a other, the old one becomes dead to me. 😝

Anyway, struggling to recapture original excitement from when I'd started them, but still trying to finish them so I can go back to 1 at a time.

This is a Kitsune, the trickster fox traditional from Japanese folklore. They have paranormal capabilities that get stronger as they get older and wiser - which you can tell from the # of tails theyve grown. This is based off of a painting by feebee.

#art #goauche #painting #DefconArtists

Work in progress Glgouache painting of a Japanese girl holding onto a Kitsune with 5 tails inside of a circle. Based off a painting by feebee.
Janet Rosen :toad:
5 days ago

Today’s art - work in progress at the drawing desk. Using a Uni 2 mm red lead clutch pencil and General “white charcoal” (chalk) pencil on Strathmore gray paper.
Slightly hampered by not being able to find my Uni 2 mm lead sharpener, necessitating a quick Jet Pens order, which led me to discover Uni is making a .28 mm oil based ballpoint so I had to order in black ink and in blue ink, but hey the larger order qualified for free shipping.
#ArtLife #art #WorkInProgress #ArtSupplies

Upper half: my Kindle on a table easel, displaying the full color reference photo. Lower half: my paper taped to a board, the drawing roughed in, the clutch pencil laying on the paper.
5 days ago

An oil painting from 2006 that I'm adding to so now it's a work in progress.

Surrealism is hard to describe in alt text.

#MastoArt #FediArt #WorkInProgress #WIP #OilPainting #WomanArtist #painting #Surrealism

A surreal oil painting of a woman's lower naked body with a snake and American flag wrapped around. A severed arm is playing a guitar. A bird is injecting a severed arm with a needle while also holding flowers in its mouth. There's exploding buildings. A bottle of alcohol. A moon in a cloudy night sky. There's a tattoo on her butt that says America xoxoxo with a heart.
5 days ago

An oil painting from 2006 that I'm adding to so now it's a work in progress.

#MastoArt #FediArt #WorkInProgress #WIP #OilPainting #WomanArtist #painting

5 days ago

Dann segelt mir mal alle möglichst gut in den weiteren Tag.

#wandklex #miniaturepainting #leuchtturm #lighthouse #sailing #warnemuende #fediArt #MastoArt #art
#workinprogress 🎨 #acrylic

bemalte ein ovales Schild mit Segelschiff vor Molenfeuer Warnemünde
Cornelia Es Said
5 days ago

Work in progress: "DEFIANCE!" (#oilpainting 50x50cm)

This portrait represents the strength, urgency, and heartache of the climate justice movement. A young activist stands steadfast amidst a world on the brink. Her face radiates defiance, her dignity undiminished as she fights for a future that seems to be slipping away.

The vibrant oranges in the background, laced with haunting hints of red and blue, evoke a world on fire, reflecting the climate crisis we face. The figures and crumbling buildings at the bottom of the painting whisper a stark warning - we must act now, or face the consequences.

Just like Vermeer's 'Girl with a Pearl Earring', she wears a blue scarf - a symbol of hope in a seemingly hopeless situation. She is a beacon of resilience in the face of adversity, a symbol of the global south bearing the brunt of a crisis they did little to cause.

This is a call to action, a wake-up call to the world. We must defy apathy, defy dismissal, defy destruction. Together, we can turn the tide.

Join the movement. Share the message.

#ClimateCrisis #ClimateJustice #ArtForChange #ClimateAction #Defiance #WorkInProgress #Artivism #ClimateEmergency #GlobalSouth #Impressionism #ArtistsForClimate

Author Sharon E. Cathcart ✅
6 days ago

#WritingWonders 6.3 — Share art, pics, and/or mood boards of your WIP world.

Here you go! #pompeii #writingcommunity #dualtimeline #historicalfiction #workinprogress #storyboard

Cindy Weinstein
1 week ago

@kawulf @design_law. I got so excited about #Everett that I forgot to say what I'm reading, actually rereading for a #workinprogress. It's a fantastic novel by #MauriceCarlosRuffin. #WeCastAShadow. I highly recommend it. #bookstodon, #litstudies

Elisabeth Alba
1 week ago

Some photos of a few paintings in progress for the Witch's Familiar Oracle I am creating with author Deborah Blake for Llewellyn Worldwide, publication in August 2024!

My patrons at get way more sneak peeks! There are a lot of other perks too, like stickers, coupons, a print tier, saving for original art, coloring pages... please check it out! (:

#art #illustration #workinprogress #wip #artwip #mastoart #fediart #patreon #oracle #inkdrawing #animals

1 week ago

...wenn das Leben MIR Zitronen gibt - dann mal ich besser #wandklexschmuck draus. ☺
(zu finden hier:

#wandklex #miniaturepainting #lemons #watercolor #watercolour #aquarell #fediArt #MastoArt #art
#workinprogress 🎨 k

Halsschmuck in verschiedenen Größen mit handgemalten Zitronenmotiven
Ohrschmuck in verschiedenen Modellen mit handgemaltenZitronenmotiven
male winzige Zitronen
Le Pinceau et la Plume
1 week ago

Pleure, mon enfant
Ne retiens pas tes larmes.
Elles ne sont pas là pour rien
Tu ne t’es rien inventé.
Laisse-les couler
Laissez-les imprimer
Sur ton visage
Ce temps d’adieu
Ce temps où tu arraches
Tous ces gens de ton cœur.
Il le faut
Il est temps.
Pleure, mon enfant
N’essuie pas ces perles
Que l’amour a façonnées en toi
N’aie pas peur qu’ils les voient.
Non, tu n’as rien fait
Rien qui te valait leur indifférence.

#peinture #workinprogress #prose
Jeanne Chanet-Garcia

1 week ago

Been quiet for a bit as I’ve started a part-time fine art degree (yay/gulp) and I’ve been getting my head around what’s involved 😅 Very exciting!

Now busy trying to finish projects before starting course work. This collage is getting closer to being finished BUT my lack of drawing skills is slowing me down and chewing up paper. Making progress through and that’s what counts. #collage #workInProgress #WIP

A messy desk covered in sketches, pens and pencils, mini cutting mat, a pot of pens. I’m the centre is a collage of pieces making a leaping figure in a patchwork dress. The figure is looking up at a space where their right hand and arm will be, once I’ve finished them
Loren Hall
1 week ago

Here is the very first natural process painting for Summer 2023! This home-made gesso still is not perfect, but it has no cracks that I can see so far (fingers crossed), and very few lumps and bubbles! Next time I'm decreasing the amount of liquid, and increasing the amount of marble dust. It just needs to be thicker, but it's not cracking so far!! Thank you for your interest, and inspiration! <3 #art #abstract #abstractart #Nature #MastoArt #ArtistsOnMastodon #NaturalProcessPainting #FractalFieldPainting #WorkInProgress

There's not much to see here just yet, just the bare hints of texture in white gesso - with no pigments added yet! What's here looks a bit like organic, microscopic life so far, but who knows what it will end up looking like!

Thank you for coming along on this art journey, where our destination is not yet clear!
Dave Dawkins
1 week ago

So busy this week! At least I get to play some games on the weekend. Though I will be testing a design there so some of that will be kind of like work.

#WorkInProgress #BoardGames #TabletopGaming #GameDev #gaming

A Japanese city gate, in a very simplistic, cartoon style, with many Ba Gua mirrors on the roof.
Janet Rosen :toad:
1 week ago

Today’s art: work in progress at my drawing desk.
Alt Text : On the table easel, the reference photo on my Kindle; on the desk in front of it, a sheet of cotton paper taped to a board, with shadow-mapping in progress, with some of the mechanical pencils and the eraser and microeraser laying on the paper.
#art #WorkInProgress #drawing #pencil

description in post
Brother Soul
1 week ago


I'm kinda working out some life stuff. "i really try hard not to cuss on this platform but it's really bad with my potty mouth"

It's been a bit stressful to say the least. Major head F*)&^. It's cool. Time works.

I work stuff out through these beats, while trying to work out these things in my head.

With that said, expect a few random pop up #cratediggingsessions from yours truly. I do hope some of you can join me.

#WorkInProgress #life #labr #LoveAbrotherRadio

Dr. Adam Steer
2 weeks ago

Digitised! And doing OK at keeping the sketchy feel. Now to add the snow parts and maybe a few more ski details if needed :) ❄️ 🏔️ ❤️ #skitelemark #opensource #workinprogress

traced/digitised monochrome telemark skier making a hockey stop. Black skier on brown background
2 weeks ago

From the last few days sequestering in the Sierras, I've been often #drawing primitive repeating shapes to compose some new ideas for bigger #AbstractArt projects when I get back to #DTSJ. So far it's been productive if a bit minimalist.

Also, "Drink Coffee, Do Stuff" besides being a hilarious brand name, makes a decent canned cold brew. #art #WorkInProgress #FediArt

Abstract art , read the toot
Drink Coffee do stuff  cold brew, and abstract art
Read toot
2 weeks ago
Work in progress swimming blue mermaid with long flowy hair
Work in progress swimming blue mermaid with long flowy hair, first layers of paint
Work in progress swimming mermaid with long flowy hair, draft on black paper
Moonlit Coyote
2 weeks ago

One of my favorite things is pyrography/wood burning. Here’s a dragon in progress! I hope I’m doing this right!

#dragon #woodburning #pyrography #WorkInProgress

2 weeks ago

Starting to make some decent progress on this beholder miniature! 👁

Everybody singing with me?
🎶 Puuuurple paaain, purple pain 🎶

#Miniatures #MiniaturePainting #DnD #WorkInProgress

Photo of a beholder miniature, painted with a purple skin tone and an angry looking yellow eye.
2 weeks ago

Auf besonderen Wunsch... die ursprüngliche Arbeit die dem hier zugrundeliegt, ist mit 30x40 cm zehnmal so groß. Das war also auf 40mm Breite eine sportliche Übung, für die ich auch mehrere Anläufe nehmen musste. Doch finally...😊
#workinprogress 🎨

#watercolor #watercolour #aquarell #mastoart #creativeToots #fediart #flowers #tulips #miniaturepainting

Male in sehr kleinem Format, ca 30 x 40mm, einen Kübel voller Tulpen
2 weeks ago

This is my latest work in progress. It’s a 3D #mandala made from #CutPaper, a metal ring cut from a large can that held peanuts, pieces of old jewelry, and more! #MandalaArt #upcycle #MastoArt #WorkInProgress #CutPaperArt #Art #Artist

Three dimensional mandala art in progress. Made from cut paper, a metal ring from a large peanut can, pieces of jewelry, cut and decorated paper, and food can pull tabs. Purple, silver, teal, and turquoise.
2 weeks ago

I don't know where I'm going with this one.

#WIPWednesday #WorkInProgress #Collage #painting #MastoArt #ArtTherapy

2 collage paintings on paper. The top layer depicts torn up drawings of a unicorn, flowers, a butterfly and a deer crying. The bottom layer is abstract slashes of acrylic paint in various colors.
Ether Diver
3 weeks ago

New album #ProductionDiary! After an untoward amount of time spent futzing with the second track, I finally set it aside earlier this week, then spent a couple days or so working out a way to move forward.

I landed on setting up and recording some jams, with the intention of slicing them up and building tracks out of/on top of them. After a day's worth of setup and troubleshooting, I came up with this:

#NewMusic #WorkInProgress #modular #Strega #NewAlbum #Jam #Synth

3 weeks ago

I've made a monthly donation tier on my Ko-fi. Your support will help me to keep making art and also help me and my cats. Thank you for your help. :blobfoxcatsnuggle: 🩷

#MastoArt #TraditionalArt #OilPainting #Painting #WorkInProgress #Support

An oil painting on an easel of a garden in bright daylight. In the foreground there is bright yellow and green, purple flowers, and then some very dark pine trees in the background are in deep shadow. We can see hints of a blue sky in the pine tree branches.
3 weeks ago

Here is a short of the same video with some Brian Eno. I did not paint for long but it made me very tired. 😴

#MastoArt #OilPainting #Painting #TraditionalArt #expressionism #WorkInProgress

3 weeks ago

Progress is slow. You can see in this video my strange technique I've developed with oil based paint markers. It involves smashing the marker into the canvas until gobs of paint flows out in unpredictable ways and then I try to control the chaos with a brush. Sorry for my head blocking the frame for a bit in the beginning. I reposition and the angle is slightly better.

#OilPainting #TraditionalArt #MastoArt #painting #expressionism #WorkInProgress

3 weeks ago

It's still not done but I've been working on this painting for years.

#MastoArt #OilPainting #Painting #expressionism #WorkInProgress

Oil painting on an easel. The painting depicts a woman sitting on the ground cross legged wearing blue underwear and a blue shawl resembling water is draped over her shoulders, chest and torso. She is gripping the shawl in one hand holding it across her chest. Her other arm is raised and disappears off canvas. She is surrounded by lush plant foliage. A yellow bird sits on the plants by her shoulder. Flowers and leaves are floating.
Simon Polster
3 weeks ago

I've been working some more on the Caucasus map (it will be a 1.5m x 1.5m trailhead map Installation when complete):
- increased terrain generalization
- hillshade highlights with yellowish tint
- tweaked land cover colors
- blurred land cover raster
#qgis #gischat #maps #workinprogress

Map of the Caucasus with dramatic terrain and natural colors. Still not complete
Detailed crop of same map showing  terrain
ken Tucky Swinson
3 weeks ago

Here's a simple tip that has been a game changer with my #drawing:

I tape a pencil to the end of a long handled paintbrush. The extended reach loosens the strokes of my drawing (i can draw with more of my arm and not just with my hand). It's also helpful to be able to stand away from the canvas and see the big picture while I'm drawing (especially with big work).

#art #mastoArt #workinprogress #kentucky #chickens

a close up photo of a paintbrush handle with a pencil taped to the end.  A drawing with chickens is in the background.
Surly Amy
3 weeks ago
A bunch of barrel beads with various textures in the wet clay stage sitting on a messy wooden work table.
3 weeks ago

From "I wonder how many wings I can fit into this" to "looks lonely, let's draw him a happy little friend".

Well, here we are now, still no idea where this is going~! Completely unplanned. All of it. This is fun~!

#drachenmagier #workinprogress #angel #fantasy #fantasyArt #traditionalArt #mastoArt #wings #blue #traditionalMedia

Blue coloured lineart of the same male figure with wings, now with drafts of more wings and a dragon
Previous draft of figure with wings and dragon, now with a general blue purple base colouring and colour splatters
More progress of the same work of the male figure with wings and dragon, more details on the wing and more shading in blue and purple. Also stars. Everywhere.
3 weeks ago
draft of a male figure with wings
Cleaned up lineart of the same figure with wings
Karen C
4 weeks ago

Obligatory wings-in-progress picture! With the new workroom arrangement I can pop it in the lightbox conveniently from the machine, which is mostly for taking step-by-step tutorial shots but also means my wing pictures aren't just task lighting.

These are going to be 4" baby-style dragons because I had an order for one of these with a 3" adult-style dragon. 🤪 Not a parent-child pair though, just two different versions for a fan of The White Dragon.

#dragon #WorkInProgress :machine_embroidery:

White-on-white embroidery for four sets of plush dragon wings.
Stephen Cox Author
1 month ago

I wrote two cracking warm, heartfelt, smart SF novels that non SF readers also liked. Our Child of the Stars and Our Child of Two Worlds, about 60s US and a childless couple adopt a star child and kee[ him safe from the government.

My website has buying links, services I offer writers. and other interesting shizzle.

#writer #author #reader #books #bookchat #sff #authorservices #crossgenre #Codex

#quaker #LGBT+, #bi

#London #UK #workinprogress #science #sciencecommunication #communicator

Surly Amy
1 month ago

Starting to paint my beads. Black first. #WorkInProgress #art #ceramics #maker #paint

A few rows of barrel beads with different designs in black
It is I, Paul.
2 months ago

Today, I've page-for-page plotted out the first two 22-page issues of #IAmCauldron, my #Welsh mythology-based superhero comic.

I really need to start reading up on how to go about pitching 😅

#MakingComics #IndieComics #ComicBooks #WorkInProgress

A pencil sketch of a character design. A heavy-set character dressed in thick iron plate armour, a cauldron sits where his upper torso should be, and his head is formed of the steam rising from it. He's holding a massive sword. A mine-elf sits on his shoulder.
Si Jobling :si:
2 months ago

I’ve finally found a house style I’m happy with for @petals, something more fun and friendly which the framework should portray as a brand.

I’ve also setup a newsletter for anyone who’s interested in following along on the journey, or would even like pro tips on how to implement PETALS in your workplace - sign up here 👉

#SideProject #PETALS #WorkInProgress

PETALS team health mood board
2 months ago

Irgendwie muss es ja aufwärts gehen, sprach die Kleine Meerjungfrau. 🧜‍♀️ 🎨

#workinprogress 🎨, freie Arbeit,
#aquarell, entwickelt aus einem Referenzfoto von Babsi Kohrs (Merci!)

Malerei im Wasser schwebende nach oben driftende Nixe
The Wee Owl Studio
2 months ago

#WIP The experiment continues, colour added in mixed media, mostly watercolour. Might do some more tinkering with it, maybe some colour pencil? Not sure. Will take a break and come back with a fresh eye.
#drawing #painting #design #woman #fox #workinprogress #MastoArt #CreativeToots

A mixed media piece I am working on of a woman and a fox in profile.  There are circular design elements incorporated into the composition.  The colour palette is yellow orange red and gold.
2 months ago

(ihr hört es doch auch!)
Eigentlich heißt er Alfred, aber aus Gründen nennt er sich nur Freddie. 😁
#workinprogress 🎨, soweit die Signatur noch als work bezeichnet werden kann. Freie Arbeit, noch ein paar Strophen zum Rahmen und ins offizielle Fotozelt, dann wandert er voraussichtlich noch heute im Lauf des späteren Abends in den Shop.

#wandklex #watercolor #watercolour #mastoart #creativeToots #fediart #art #donkey #esel

Signiere eine Malerei, Esel Portrait, das Tier sieht aus als würde es aus voller Inbrunst singen
2 months ago

Und ab und zu ist mir einfach danach, eine etwas größere Eselei zu begehen.
#workinprogress 🎨, freie Arbeit, kommt später in den Shop.

#wandklex #watercolor #watercolour #donkey#mastoArt #FediArt #art #creativeToots #eselliebe #esel

Male einen Esel der in ulkiger Art und Weise das Maul aufreißt und aussieht als würde er singen
The Wee Owl Studio
3 months ago

#WIP A few folks on social media have convinced me that drawing cassowary may not be a terrible idea after all, so I'm going for it.
*Probably never sell this, but here goes😂
#drawing #cassowary #birds #WorkInProgress #MastoArt #CreativeToots

A work in progress shot of me drawing cassowary birds. It's just a line drawing at the moment, will make a couple of corrections when I do the background work.
The Wee Owl Studio
3 months ago

#WIP A little bit of background colour needed and some finishing touches to make it pop, some deeper shadows, then I'll be finished and I can list it in my shop.
#drawing #mushrooms #fungi #FungiFriday #WorkInProgress #ArtistAtWork #MastoArt #CreativeToots

A work in progress shot of me drawing rhodotus palmatus mushrooms, a peachy pink mushroom with some very interesting texture.  A wrinkled peach texture on the cap and globular liquid formations on the stalk.
The Wee Owl Studio
3 months ago

#WIP starting a new mushroom drawing, some mushrooms are weird and wonderful, none more so than this one, rhodotus palmatus, wrinkly peach!
#MastoArt #CreativeToots #mushrooms #fungi #FungiFriday #drawing #WorkInProgress

A work in progress shot of me drawing wrinkled peach, rhodotus palmatus mushrooms.  A line drawing and some highlights have been done. I'm going to start the colour now.
JC Little
3 months ago

Work in progress 🎨. Finally getting back to the painting I had started just before I got covid two months ago 😅.

“Sortie d’urgence” 14 x 20” pure watercolour.
#workinprogress #watercolor #painting #montreal #art #artist #backdoor #aquarelle #realism #contemporaryart #mastoart

Work in progress, photo of a watercolour painting of an old brown door in an alleyway in my neighborhood. I live in Montreal, in the Plateau area, and the alleyways are very interesting. This old brown door is set into a brick wall in the back of someone’s home I assume. The bricks are all different, a patchwork of newer and older bricks and even part of a stone foundation. The wall has a some graffiti on it. The old door has brown paint on it that is peeling off, revealing weathered grey wood. The door also has aging security screens covering the door window and the transom window above the door. Everything is weather-beaten. Above the door is an old sign that reads "Sortie d'urgence" which means "emergency exit".. 
Surly Amy
3 months ago

Making handles for mugs. #WorkInProgress #ceramics #art #mastoArt #maker

A row of clay handles for mugs in the wet stage. They are drying on a wooden rolling pin.
The Wee Owl Studio
3 months ago

#WIP Froggie progress...
Back to work, got a whole lot of green to make interesting now.
#frog #drawing #WorkInProgress #ArtistAtWork #CreativeToots #MastoArt

A work in progress shot of me drawing a frog.  The frog is coloured now, black, yellow and turquoise blue, got to work on the leaf he's sitting on now.