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Another night, another training in the gym… Anyone knows a good workout album? #gym #fitness #training #fitnessjourney #fitodon #workout #workoutmusic

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#ThursdayThrowback update on #PSW with an #aerobic #freestyle and strokes focused morning #workout from our Fighting Manatee Masters series.

Details on our platform at

Sebastian :coffefied:
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#Cycling to nowhere!#GoodMorning #Zwift! I’m chasing the personal best in total distance in a year, over 13000km. The goal is reachable, so let’s keep on pushing! #Bicycle #Bici #Bicicleta #Ciclismo #Velo #Fahrrad #Rower #Wahoo #Wahooligan #Velominati #LifeBehindBars #DadOnBike #Poznan #Shimano #KICKR #Fitness #Workout #BikeToot #BikeTooter @cycling @rower

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Don't worry about it, just do what makes you feel good. If you can run further, that is a good measure

#exercise #workout #running

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“Is #Cannabis What’s Missing From Your #Workout Routine?”

Text Shot: In a study Bryan’s team conducted with more than 600 cannabis users, 345 of them reported using weed with exercise. Of those who did, 78% reported that cannabis boosted recovery, 70% said it made exercise more enjoyable, and 52% said it increased their motivation. Perhaps most importantly for anyone having trouble meeting the recommended 150 minutes of moderate physical activity a week, people who combined cannabis with their workouts got about 43 more minutes of exercise weekly compared to those who didn’t.

Combo Exercise of the Day🔥

Single Leg Deadlift to Row🏋🏽‍♂️

⭐️65 years young rockSTAR online fitness client

🎯Single leg, core + upper body strength training (posterior chain)
✅ Balance
☯️ Breath control


Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can💪🏾

#workout #fitness #exercise #aging #health #lifestyle #selfcare

2 days ago

I was concerned why my VO₂ Max (cardio fitness) wasn’t going up, despite being able to run further and further each time.

Apparently you need to walk more, at heart rate zone 1, to improve it?

I don’t get loads of time to work out so have been concentrating on running only lately. I feel cheated! #exercise #workout #running

Sebastian :coffefied:
2 days ago

#GoodMorning #Zwift! Finally, I’ve started the #cycling session with some decent mindset and it was much less mundane and annoying, maybe also because my health has slightly improved. Still sweaty AF, though…😂 #Bicycle #Bici #Bicicleta #Ciclismo #Velo #Fahrrad #Rower #Wahoo #Wahooligan #Velominati #LifeBehindBars #DadOnBike #KICKR #Shimano #Poznan #Fitness #Workout #BikeToot #BikeTooter @cycling @rower

Fitness Gamer
2 days ago

Guys night... #Peloton #Cycling #Workout

3 days ago

Today's #Workout

Warm up: 8 min EMOM
- odd: 30" shoulder taps in plank
- even: 45" row (focus on technique)

- Squat
- Squat twist & reach
- Puppy

Workout: 8x(2 min work + 2 min rest), work alternating A & B:

- 12 burpee to plate (scaled to 8)
- 15 plate floor to overhead (10kg)
- max cal ski (9/8/8/8)

- 16 air squats
- 16 push press (did 8/8 with 7,5kg)
- max cal row (15/15/15/16)

And then some time to die. I'm too old for a max heart rate of 205.

#CrossFit #CrossfitForYoga #Fitness #WorkoutOfTheDay #wod #Conditioning #GymLife

3 days ago

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Yesterday it snowed for several hours and that snow was covering the path to my house. When I saw the ground turn from asphalt black to grey, to white I decided to go and start clearing the snow. It’s easy to clear snow when you have three or four centimetres, rather than more. At first it was light and easy to move so I cleared the path once, and then a second time, and then a third, and by the third I decided to stop. It had become a sisyphean task. It was falling as fast as I was clearing it.

Eventually I got around to spreading salt but because it had got wet it was clumpy and very hard to spread as efficiently as when it’s dry so in the end I didn’t spend too much time on it. I could have got away with not using any salt because within a few hours the snow turned to rain. I could have ignored the falling snow and the problem would have solved itself.

It was never about clearing the snow. It was about having a different workout than usual. It was about seeing an opportunity to have an upper body workout for free. It’s easy to walk, run or cycle. Sometimes it’s just as good to shovel snow, even if it was going to be melted by nightfall.

Eventually I was going to go for a walk, but because the snow was still falling I shovelled more snow. By this point it was wet and heavy so I eventually felt that I had reached the limit of my endurance and stopped. I was frustrated by the clumpy salt that was hard to spread because I was worried that the snow would freeze overnight and the ramp would become a rink.

Experimenting with Plex

Recently I have been listening to various Linux podcasts and I kept hearing about Plex, a video streaming service, and self-hosting solution. Plex is both a self-hosted media server as well as a film and television streaming service. Yesterday I watched Breaker Breaker as well as Ice Pilots NWT. When I watched Ice Pilots NWT on the laptop I had no ads but when I watched Breaker Breaker on an iOS device and Apple TV I did. I’m not sure whether it’s because of content type of viewing platform.

Plex looks like a great alternative to YouTube. It allows you to watch film classics like Nanook of the North, films from the 30s as well as plenty of films from the seventies, as well as more recent content. It’s divided in two. On one side you have video on demand, where you choose what and when to watch. You also have the Live TV option. Here you can watch Guardian TV, Euronews and other channels. You also have the Washington Post, Reuters and more.

The TV cateogires you can choose from are featured, news, hit tv, crime, sports, Game shows, Movies, action and more.

Plex feels like Satellite Broadcasting used to feel. You have a choice of many genres and hundreds of channels for niche interests. Rather than sorting through clickbait headlines like you do with YouTube you get real content, produced by Television and Film Professionals.

And Finally

When it snows you have a great opportunity to get an upper body workout. At this altitude it’s quite rare, so that’s why its fun. Plex is an interesting alternative to Netflix and YouTube because you have a wide variety of programs to watch when it’s convenient for you.

#films #fitness #plex #snow #strength #upperBody #weather #workout

Clouds and the Jura in the Late Afternoon
Fitness Gamer
3 days ago

starting another week... #peloton #cycling #workout

4 days ago

There. Monday #workout done 💪🐻

Bearded man, sitting on an inclined bench, taking a mirror selfie. Grey shorts, black short-sleeved hoodie and over-ear headphones. He's obviously almost ready to dive into 5h of work calls right after the workout!
4 days ago

You know what, dearest fedizens? It's time to go #workout before I jump into my 5 hours of back-to-back calls.

Especially if I don't want to strangle someone via Zoom using their own power cord!

Frustrated Strangle GIF
Fitness Gamer
4 days ago

Sunday night fun... #peloton #workout #cycling

Dragon-sided D
5 days ago
5 days ago

Hey everyone. Live Seated Yoga starting in 20 minutes. Here's the link:

I'd be very happy if some of you joined! 🩵

#yoga #mentalhealth #workout #video #live #livestream #fitness #wellbeing

Fitness Gamer
5 days ago

Riding while watching football... #peloton #cycling #workout #Michigan

Sebastian :coffefied:
6 days ago

#GoodEvening #Zwift #Cycling! I guess the morning is more of my time, as I was barely keeping myself awake on this ride and it was difficult to produce any significant power…😩 Rescued myself with an espresso afterwards…😂 Had to be done, though, #TrainingMustBeDone!🤡 #Bicycle #Bici #Bicicleta #Ciclismo #Velo #Fahrrad #Rower #Wahoo #Wahooligan #Velominati #LifeBehindBars #DadOnBike #KICKR #Shimano #Poznan #Fitness #Workout #BikeToot #BikeTooter @cycling @rower

🎉9 Years Later… 90lbs Weight-loss Maintained!

📸 While it’s not easy for me to post these pics (especially the “before” shot), my hope is that sharing my weight loss journey will inspire others to take the first step.

Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can💪🏾

#weightloss #fitness #workout #nutrition #inspiration #Boston #food #transformation

Crazy-to-Bike :Firefish:
6 days ago

Jetzt ist auch hier im #Hegau tatsächlich mal wieder #Winter. Heute sogar mit knapp unter 0°C.

Allerdings 1 Liter
#Schnee = 1 kg so nass wie der ist. 🙈

#Workout für die kommende Woche wäre damit jetzt schon erledigt 🤣

#Winterlandschaft #Schneeräumen #Schneeschippen #Winterwonderland

Mit Schnee beladene Äste hängen tief bis auf die Garage
Eine Kerze aus Birkenstamm mit aus bemaltem Holz aufgesetzter Flamme hat eine dicke Schneemütze auf. Die Flamme schaut gerade noch raus.
schneebedeckte Büsche mit Blick in den Garten
Dick schneebedeckte Zweige von Büschen
Fitness Gamer
6 days ago

Everone needs a KISS to start the weekend... #peloton #cycling #workout

1 week ago

Today's #Workout

Warm up: 3 rounds
- 30" plank
- 10 Russian kb swings
- 4x 10m shuttle run
- 10 cal ski / bike / row (different each round)

Then: 1 round
- 5/5 KB halos
- 10 kb around the world
- 10 glute bridges


12m AMRAP:
- 15 American KB swings
- 6 10m shuttle runs
- 15 V-ups (did alternating single leg)

4min rest

20min EMOM:
- 45" ski
- 45" bike
- 45" row
- rest

My right hand decided to not cooperate so half the EMOM was rather unpleasant

#WOD #WorkoutOfTheDay #CrossFit #CrossfitForYoga #Fitness #GymLife #Conditioning

1 week ago

Day 1 of 24 Days of Yoga:

5 Min Morning Yoga Workout

#Yoga #adventcalendar #christmascountdown #dailypractice #video #workout

A video of myself performing a Yoga flow. The title is Day 1 / 24 Days of Yoga / 5 Min Morning Yoga Workout.

The poses I assume are the following, in that order:

Cat Cow x5
Table top + crunch x5
Rotation x3
Side leg lift + Crunch x5
Child's pose & repeat other side
1 week ago

New Personal Best: First 10km! 🏅

And in the ice & snow as well!

Pretty proud of myself, from literally never running in my life to 10km 😆

#exercise #workout #running

Duration: 1 hour, 30 minutes, 28 seconds. Energy burned: 652 kilocalories. Distance: 10.0 km. Heart rate: 118 to 177 beats per minute. Temperature: 3°C
Sebastian :coffefied:
1 week ago

#GoodMorning #Zwift #Cycling! Watch me fly, as I dropped in a handful of antihistamines and I feel acceptably better. Still far from great, but my nose is starting to actually let air through…🤡 #Bicycle #Bici #Bicicleta #Ciclismo #Velo #Fahrrad #Rower #Wahoo #Wahooligan #Velominati #LifeBehindBars #DadOnBike #Workout #Fitness #KICKR #Shimano #Poznan #BikeToot #BikeTooter @cycling @rower

1 week ago

En in dit kader ga ik,
een vriend helpen in zijn kruipruimte puin te ruimen, zodat de installateurs van de isolatie over 2 weken geen hoofdprijs hoeven te rekenen. #workout #wod

Max 2 uur trws, met pauze er tussen ( =online gesprekje,)

1 week ago

The #Aaptiv #workout app is really working for me. I think the sauce is suggesting guided work each day, but letting me pick. Some days I’m up for a #run, core workout, and stretch. Other days, all I can manage is a 5 minute #yoga flow. All those “count” tho, and building a daily habit is good. I also love that it’s voice workouts. There’s treadmill, strength, stretching, yoga, or #pilates, with lots of new options for variety. I’m beginning my third month of near-daily workouts.

1 week ago

🏋🏻‍♀️ If you are new to the world of #gym or you just want to change your training routine, here is a full body workout for you!

#gymlife #gymmotivation #gymrat #workout


🔥OFFSET Strength Training👇🏾

Over the Shoulder Atlas Carry 😅💪🏾

▶️Watch till the end

⭐️87 years young RockSTAR from my class at the Malden Senior Center🏋🏽‍♂️

✅Postural Muscles
👣Fall prevention + Balance
🎯Healthy Aging


#workout #health #fitness #gym #fun #accessibility #healthequity #boston

Fit Geek Nyc
1 week ago

Calisthenics #workout at home today.
#exercise #fitness

1 week ago

Dear person who always wanted to actively promote your mental and physical health,

Tomorrow, we will have a #live Chair #Yoga / #Pilates session.

In December, there will be a live class each Sunday.

Plus, I'm preparing an advent of Yoga with 24 tiny exercises or poses such that you can practice just a little bit every day.

Hope you enjoy it!

Find all the details here:

#live #Livestream #workout #fitness #video

1 week ago

Today's #Workout

Warm up: 3 rounds
- 6/8 cal row
- 8/8 seated strict presses (scissor style)
- 15 jumping jacks -> 5 burpees
- 8/8 elbow on knee external rotation

- puppy
- 5/5 thread the needle
- 10/10 prone shoulder thingies (pass the block behind the back without a block)

Strenght: 6x every 2,5 mins: 3 push press (25kg)

Conditioning: 12 emom
- 12/15 cal row
- 15 push press (17,5 kg) unbroken
- 50 DU/SU -> 8 burpees

#WorkoutOfTheDay #Wod #Fitness #GymLife #CrossFit #CrossfitForYoga #Strength #StrengthTraining #Conditioning

1 week ago

#fitness #workout

I just finished the second part of my snow-moving-workout.

A screenshot from Polar:

741 kcals in 64 minutes
2 weeks ago

My #workout this morning was overly warm, even with the window open to the 40°f air. 25 minutes of #rowing & 35 of #pilates. I didn't thoroughly enjoy the rowing class, partly due to a repeated tendon click in my right hip. It came & went the entire time. It made me timid until I learned that it didn't hurt. I still worked as hard as I could but it wasn't a satisfying emptying of energy like it should be. I may attempt a walk later & I still need to do balance work.


2 weeks ago

I did my Kettlebell workout for the second time today.

I have now of course muscle aches... 😆
Is there anything i can do about it?

This morning I could hardly do the exercises because the muscle aches tortured me...😂

Thanks for the kettlebell tip ❤️ @FiStitchWitch

#kettlebell #workout #exercise #fullbody #muscle

2 weeks ago

Ich habe heute zum zweiten mal mein Kettlebell Training gemacht.

Ich habe jetzt natürlich Muskelkater... 😆
Kann man dagegen etwas machen?

Heute früh konnte ich kaum die Übungen machen weil mich der Muskelkater gequält hat...😂

#kettlebell #training #workout

✓ Coffeine 200mg
✓ Only in trunks
Let’s go

dude make butterfly on the gym, is pumped
Retro Librarian
2 weeks ago

Mousercise from Walt Disney Home video, 1984
#Disney #Workout #VHS #Advertisement #Retro #Vintage

woman in a purple and pink leotard and Micky mouse is stretching out.
2 weeks ago

Yesterday's #Workout (what, I was tired)

Warm up 1: 3 rounds
- 10 banded pass through
- 10 banded pull apart
- 10 banded strict press

Strength: 10 mins to build to a heavy rep strict press (PR 25kg!)

Gymnastics: 10 mins to either
- 5x5 weighed chin ups
- 5x8 banded chin up slow negative
Did 5x5 banded super slow negs

Warm up 2: 3 rounds
- 3 burpee over the bar
- 3 box jump/step over
- 5 cal row

Conditioning 4e4mom:
- 5 burpee over the bar
- 5 box jump/step over
- 8/5 cal row

Happy for the PR yesterday :)

#CrossFit #CrossfitForYoga #Wod #WorkoutOfTheDay #Fitness #GymLife #Strength #StrengthTraining #StrictPress
#Gymnastics #Conditioning

ArtBear on Mastodon
2 weeks ago

post #workout etc thoughts.

A man wearing a hoodie marked:
I'm Tired &
Everything Hurts.

200mg of coffeine and let’s go
ig’s a leg day #workout

leg workout
3 weeks ago

Yesterday I did 30 minutes of #Pilates and cleaned my messy freaking house, which always used to knock me on my ass (literally, I would need to go to bed after.) Today I did 500 #rowing strokes in 27 minutes (new class with #DarkHorseRowing- interval training 💪), 30 minutes of Pilates and 30 minutes of gentle #yoga stretching. Dude. 90 minutes is a solid #workout. I'm proud of myself. Kicking my week off right. Up next- ramen with the family. Sundays are too short.


wger project
3 weeks ago

Finally finished moving everything to material 3! As a bonus, there is finally a dark theme available!

#workout #fitness #flutter #selfhosted

Brother Soul
3 weeks ago

I'm digging in the crates for today's show. #wednesday #workout #wednsesdayworkout on @labr
And all I'ma say is, SOME of ya'll, gonna dance.

carry on.

#labr #loveabrotherradio #dance #music

4 weeks ago

Well my watch failed to catch the first 5 mins, and I got caught in a rain and wind storm, but that was quite a good run! My fastest this year.

#running #exercise #workout

A shared running workout from the Personal Best app. Duration: 38 minutes, 53 seconds. Distance: 5.03 km. Pace: seven minutes, forty-three seconds per km. Heart rate: 105 to 181 beats per minute. Temperature: 14°C
1 month ago

25 mins of #pilates with #JessicaValant on YT this morning. I woke up feeling like I needed movement. I have #SquareDancing tonight so I didn't want to do too much. No propranolol today & my resting heart rate is 80, which is disappointing. It bumps up to 120+ for no reason, then settles back down to high 80s, low 90s after a minute or two. Some day my nervous system will not be a complete asshole. I look forward to it.

#KickingTheShitOutOfPOTS #Workout

Chip the Android 🌈🤖
1 month ago

The Toze.69 android needs new hip-thrusting pneumatics after dancing for a cumulative 2,000 hours at the club and the gym. Some of its other "equipment" needs inspection and upgrades/repairs. Who wants dibs on what components to fix? 😏

model: @toze 😍

#maleasfr #maleandroid #sexbot #sexy #gay #shirtless #bulge #hunk #handsome #sexymen #men #workout #pecs #smoothchest #stud #underwear #toze #longhair #lgbtqia #gayart #gayartist #gaymodel #penis #cock #mastoart #mastoartist #scifi

The Toze android, clad in pink underwear which shows off its massive pleasure equipment, stands idle in a factory with its abdomen panels removed to expose its internal systems
1 month ago

First 5K run in a while! Felt really good!

#running #exercise #workout

A shared running workout from the Personal Best app. Duration: 40 minutes, 38 seconds. Energy burned: 341 kilocalories. Distance: 5.01 km
1 month ago

Got a mediocre row in today- 533 strokes in about 30 minutes. Yesterday's trip to the fiber show took a lot out of me. It's been awhile since I've done "too much" but the last few days have been a lot, plus my diet has been garbage since Halloween and I'm still trying to adjust to the propranolol reduction. Tomorrow is a new day.


Matt 🌻
2 months ago

Just signed up to the gym. 🏋️ Am I doomed to fail?

#Gym #GTL #Fitness #Workout #Health

Fitness Gamer
2 months ago

Just say “Yo”… #Peloton #Workout #Cycling

2 months ago

I *did* go #workout in the end. #Legday! @toze will be happy to hear.

Stefan Bohacek
2 months ago

A little bit of light Zwifting in the morning.

#zwift #workout #fitness

A screenshot from the Zwift cycling and fitness app showing a CGI bike rider riding through a park. Various UI elements show stats about the ride, including power output and lengths of the various cycles of the workout routine.
Prof Kemi FG
2 months ago

There is nothing that is a bigger ego boost than the post-workout photoshoot. NOTHING.

(NB: I definitely don't always look like this)

#fitness #gym #workout

Look, you gotta understand that I'm pretty. Real pretty. Anyway, this is a post-gym shot. Shirtless. Shredded like taco lettuce, you feel me?
Damn, another one? All ab-ed up (is that a word? Let's pretend it's a word). I can't even believe it myself, based on the photo.
WU-TANG TATTOO. Also, shirtless, etc. Bald head. Just so pretty.
3 months ago

Scrambled legs for brunch

3x20 DB curtsy lunge

3x10 BB squat to bench

3x12 DB stiff leg deadlift

3x10 BB sumo squat

3x10 BB close grip bench press

3x10 DB one arm tricep extension

3x20 active leg lowering

#OperationThiccBoi #workout #training

A headless man in a grey athletic top with his pants pulled down and flexing his legs

Only held it for a second but I did my first Superman today!

My shoulders need to be a LOT more flexible if I’m going to be able to hold it though :blobfoxdead:

#poledance #workout

Superman pole dancing trick demonstrated
3 months ago

It’s new program week. First up is Back and Shoulders (ugh). Volume volume volume

Superset 1
3x12 single arm dumbbell row
3x8-10 wide lat pulldown

Superset 2
3x10 barbell bent over row
3x8-10 neutral lat pulldown

Superset 3
3x10 seated overhead barbell press
3x10 dumbbell upright row

Superset 4
3x10 kneeling dumbbell single arm overhead press
3x10 supported dumbbell single arm lateral raise

#OperationThiccBoi #workout #fitness

Mirror selfie of some douchebag with a rolled up sleeve flexing one arm

Standing abs are as effective as ab workouts on the floor?


3 months ago

#deadlift is hard when you're pregnant.

I mean, so is working out in general. Also #squat. But it's deadlift day today so that's what we're complaining about.

(I love deadlift fwiw. But. Oof.)

#workout #weightlifting

4 months ago

That was a great walk, and I listened to:

Doctor Who: Once and Future, episode 4: Two’s Company

#workout #exercise #BigFinish #DoctorWho

A shared walking workout from the Personal Best app. Duration: 1 hour, 5 minutes, 17 seconds. Energy burned: 366 kilocalories. Distance: 5.94 kilometres. Pace: ten minutes, fifty-nine seconds per km. Heart rate: 105 to 135 beats per minute. Temperature: 23 degrees Celsius
4 months ago

Today’s lower body #workout (plus a little arms because gay):

3x12 Barbell Hip Thrust

3x10 Dumbbell front foot elevated lunge

3x10 Dumbbell single leg Romanian deadlift
3x Superman

3x10 Barbell back squat to bench

3x12 Barbell bicep curl

3x12 Dumbbell overhead tricep extension


A man’s legs in pink shorts from the front
A man’s legs in pink shorts from the side/rear
Essie :enby:
4 months ago

So I need advice from my brain fog/ ADHD/ executive dysfunction babes.

How do you workout and keep track of your reps, or how long you hold a pose in pilates or whatever, while also listening to a podcast? I never do my PT exercises because it's boring and I have ADHD. I can't listen to something and also count my reps AND also count to ten seconds for each rep, I just lose track. But if I can't listen to something to keep me occupied, I NEVER do the exercises. Because it's too boring. What are the tricks to keep yourself on track and also not bored?

#workout #exercise #fitness #disability #disabled #Neurodivergence #Neurodiversity #adhd #physicalTherapy #NEISvoid

Maikel 🇪🇺 | Hire Me!
4 months ago

Dedicating a bit of time to ignore the impending doom of being 1st of August and all invoices coming through to frivolise about what do I do with my gym routine?

In theory I'm on a cutting cycle, but that's not in practice what's happening. What's happening is the usual lean bulking, I'm losing fat VERY slowly but I'm getting extra muscle also VERY slowly. My weight remains the same.

This isn't optimal. Optimal is either losing weight FAST or putting muscle FAST. Lean bulking is like doing both at a very slow pace. It's wasting time. It's ideal if I were on maintenance, but I don't want to be on maintenance I want SPEED to reach my goals.

But I don't think either I could tweak it and do a proper cut, I mean, the way I could tweak it is adding more cardio & eating even less. If I do that I would have to either spend the whole morning running and/or spend the day sluggish, let alone anything involving fast-burning fat implies increased stress.

AM I ready right now to have increased stress? NOW? In the middle of the worse ever financial crisis I ever had?

I don't think so.

So, should I go back to bulking?

#workingout #workout #gym #weightlifting

4 months ago

Switching things up and doing back on a Monday. Groundbreaking

I have no idea how to flex my back properly

#OperationThiccBoi #workout #fitness

A photo of a shirtless man from behind in his bedroom. He is flexing his back moderately successfully.

The exercise app Greater Streak has really helped me keep exercising.

I’ve tried filling all 3 rings every day, but that can be unrealistic and demotivating if you break a big streak. Gentler Streak makes sure you have rest days to recover, and it’s been a joy to use so far!

And waking up to a message like this has been very motivating! 💪

#exercise #workout

Screenshot of Gentler Streak. It has a big smiley face and the following text:

State of Extra Recovery
It appears that your body is in a state of extra
recovery and this is a great sign of progress. If
that's how you feel, and if it goes with your
Activity Path, today could be the day to push

Went for a much longer walk than I initially planned to - I was listening to the latest Big Finish audio and must have gotten engrossed because I took a wrong turning!

Oh well apparently I burnt off enough calories for a burger 🍔

After living here and walking around for 5 years I still managed to go somewhere I’ve never been before 😅

#walking #exercise #workout

Screenshot of walking workout - 1 he 23 mins, 7.65km, I burned 437 calories!