3 days ago

@write_as Matt, I have a account and need to access the #help forum to report a #bug, but my username is not recognized. How can I resolve this? cc @writefreely #WriteAs #WriteFreely

Gerhard Schröder
3 days ago

Hat jemand Erfahrungen mit ?

Suche ja noch eine Fediverse-Alternative zu #substack um meine Newsletter auch im Fediverse anbieten zu können

#writeas #Fediverse

Reto Eugster :mastodon:
4 weeks ago

Product Outlook: Wie geht es weiter mit #Writefreely und #Writeas im #Fediverse

Interessante Pläne, Matt informiert in seinem #Blog

Fotoanwendung und Kommentar-Funktion sollen ua in das Blog-System integriert werden. Ob es dann noch Minimal Blogging sein kann?

Beispiel einer offenen Instanz für Writefreely:


Alex Granford
1 month ago

Got both of my profile links verified - one with #writeas, the other with #pixelfed.
Now everything is cross-linked. Nice.

Ivan Rodriguez ♠
1 month ago

I know that #WordPress is compatible to the #ActivityPub protocol, but there are not that many other options out there; #plume is not actively maintained, and IIRC, #WriteAs is a paid service. I have been asking myself, why doesn't @medium itself, not just become compatible to ActivityPub?

Suitbert Monz :mastodon:
1 month ago

Zum Tag der Abschaltung der letzten Atomkraftwerke in Deutschland: #Atomaustieg #blog #writeas

2 months ago


I want to boost your post but I do not want to promote substack. Please consider moving to writefreely, writeas, ghost or some other option (ideally libre). Ghost has similar functionality as substack and might be cheaper as well. Writefree and writeas integrate with the fediverse.

#writefreely #writeas #ghost

2 months ago


Substack is a non-free platform similar to linkedin and facebook (although smaller).

In my humble opinion you should consider writefreely, writeas or ghost (pro?). Writefreely and ghost are free/libre software and can be self hosted. Writeas and ghost (pro?) are the hosted versions.

Writefreely/writeas integrates with the fediverse. Ghost (pro?) is similar to substack.

#ghost #writeas #writefreely

Ok. #WriteFreely / #WriteAs power tip u guys.

Gripe 1 - no live preview of your Markdown, no WYSIWYG
Gripe 2 - post date is when you created the Draft not when you publish

Just found: - #SilverBullet is an offline or online cross platform .js based WYSIWYG markdown editor. Obstensibly its a note taking app but it saves pages in .md files and if you put your "pages" folder in a cloud folder to sync across devices.. Write posts there then paste 2 WF!

2 months ago

Minimalist designed blog built from nextjs and tailwindcss supports activitypub. It even has comments with avatars which is an advantage over writefreely.

Github repo here:

#tailwind #tailwindcss #nextjs #markdown #blog #minimalist #activitypub #opensource #fediverse #mastodon #pixelfed #misskey #pleroma #plume #writeas #social #foss #writefreely

2 months ago

@metranet PS potresti anche valutare #writeas (e chiedere a Devol se ti danno uno spazio) @devol

@jlogancarey Do you have a spare computer kicking at home/work/server closet (who doesn't!?) - I just setup a WriteFreely instance to bail on WordPress. Check it here:
Don't mind the looks, I haven't begun obsessively customizing my stylesheet.

If self-hosting isn't your bag, try #WriteAs - its a paid #WriteFreely instance, and there are others out there.

3 months ago

Anybody using

Here is the link to the Chrome extension (works on Brave and Edge at least):

#blog #extension #writeas @photoreportage
3 months ago

Hva tenker folk om @medium vs. Substack vs. Egen nettside vs. Annet alternativ?

Det er egne plattformer her slik som eller WriteFreely Osv. Som gjør langform innhold. Men selv om jeg synes det er plass for langforminnhold liker jeg best at artikler er separat og deles om i post til allheimen.

Men hva er deres refleksjoner?

#allheimen #NorskTut #medium #substack #wordpress #writeas #writefreely

Dana Amundsen
3 months ago

Hello my friends! I just sent out a newsletter about some upcoming Zine Fests that I will be attending. Should be hitting your inbox soon if you are subscribed. If not, check out the post on :blob_cat_melt:

#WriteAs #MastoArt #ZineFest #Newsletter

4 months ago

Here we are again - but on my own space now. What a lovely little experiment!

Dav, Brummie, mixed heritage, cis-gay. A fan of books, movies, music, Air Max, and socialising. Pretending to be more techie than I have any right to be. Writes stuff. Slowly learning Cymraeg, Español, and Français.

The Fediverse on #pixelfed on #writeas on #bookwyrm on #mobilizon on #matrix

Big Social

‘tis I! #introduction

andere sorten
4 months ago

#Followerpower Gibt es Leute, die hier nutzen? Bin an kurzen Erfahrungsberichten interessiert... #Writefreely #Writeas #Blogging

Suitbert Monz :mastodon:
4 months ago

@Vorinstanz @write_as Hallo, ich habe im Dezember ein gestartet. Eine Import-Funktion habe ich leider nicht entdeckt. Ich hatte alle Beiträge als Markdown-Dateien vorliegen. Letztlich habe ich alles per Copy-and-paste erledigt. 😜 Wenn man googelt findet man den ein oder anderen handischen Versuch dazu. Z.B. hier für Wordpress: Viel Erfolg! #writeas

Reto Eugster :mastodon:
4 months ago

#Followerpower #Writeas

Wir testen gerade Dort fehlt die (bei #Writefreely bekannte) Import-Funktion. Ist meine Annahme richtig, dass diese in der Testversion abgedreht, aber ansonsten verfügbar ist?

Davon gehe ich aus, möchte aber sicher sein. Im Support-Forum gibt es keine Antwort auf die Frage meines Kollegen Frage.


4 months ago

De layout van mijn site en beetje aangepast en een nieuwe blog online gezet op
#fotos #blog #writeas #write #photos #aphotosaysmorethenwords #words

Suitbert Monz :mastodon:
4 months ago

Neu in meinem Foto-Blog: Städtereise Barcelona – Besuch bei Antoni Gaudi und Mies van der Rohe #fotografie #writeas

4 months ago

Later vanmiddag weer een nieuwe blog online :-)
#blog #schrijven #leuk #writeas

Alex Granford
4 months ago

@alisonborealis Take care and thank you! Will consider moving my single and only post back to #WriteFreely / #WriteAs, from #Substack

4 months ago

@alcea Very neat! But so #writeas is made by #writefreely for those who don't have access to a server they control to get started. I'm not looking to self-host just yet (altho having my own server sounds dope)

4 months ago

hiii are there any #writeas communities that are open to applications right now? I closed down my #Google blogger months ago to work on #neocities and find a stripped-down indie blog/RSS space and seems perfect. But the free option is unavailable and $6/month isn't affordable for me right now

#blog topics I write long-form about: #makerspace projects (3D printing, cosplay), fan conventions #c2e2, plans to twitch stream about fannish topics and tech, esp FOSS, etc.


4 months ago

@reivad it’s probably from a blog federating via ActivityPub. #writeas is one of those warum nutzt du dazu nicht die Fediverse Dienste #Plume oder #writefreely #WriteAs

Ich glaube, das das super dazu passen könnte

@smittyplusplus @coachtony @matt It’s wiser to use a separate domain (preferably on a different server) in case your main one goes down.

If goes down, @medium can let everyone know why & when #Medium will be back up.

#WriteAs ( which is the company behind #WriteFreely ( does the same thing by using @write_as on Writing Exchange ( instead of their own website.

Arindam Basu
5 months ago

There’s another, easier way: if the blog you want to follow is say at, search for and follow and then you can receive the new blog posts in your feed as status updates. For example, my blog address is, and my #Fediverse version is


#Writeas is a fantastic mature #Fediverse compatible blogging app, free and open source, very nicely done. Their paid option is very reasonably priced as well.




The Bird
5 months ago

Hi all,

As a #FediTips, if you wish to follow any @write_as blogs, you will need to take the URL of their blog and paste it into the search bar. That will bring up that specific blog. You can then follow it in Mastodon.

See my screenshot for how I found mine:

#writers #writing #Writeas

Shows the sidebar of the web client of Mastodon. In the search bar is an URL. The URL is formated as: https://ServerName/UserName/ and is circled with violet highlighter. This search pulled up 1 result under People. It lists TheBird@BlanketFort.Blog. Next to that username is a purple person marked with violet highlighter to mark the button for following the blog.
Dana Amundsen
5 months ago

I created a account to send out newsletter updates. Please subscribe if you want to get updates about my work. I plan to send them out quarterly.

My first post is up, and it's a recap of my 2022.

#WriteAs #newsletter #2022Recap

⛳ rebel
5 months ago

@Tanith selbst gehostet oder eher zur "Miete"

Da gäbe es nämlich auch #WriteFreely #Ülume oder #WriteAs das man nutzen könnte

Roel Willems
5 months ago

Contemplating 3 options to host my blog.

1., user from the kickstarter campaign. I really like the community although with the rise of Mastodon not looking for a separate social channel, just a place to host my writing.

2. Wordpress, self-hosting ❤️ although I have the tendency to tinker vs writing.

3., like the simple interface and 3 blogs that are included in the Pro.

One question for #writeas users, can you have multiple blogs with on different custom domains?

Alex Granford
5 months ago

Madeira tips and best locations, part of my move from #Medium and #Substack to a paid #WriteAs blog.

#twittermigration #madeira #portugal #travel

⛳ rebel
5 months ago

@_Steinchen wäre es nicht viel besser, das du dir dafür einen extra Account anlegst wo du mehr zeichen hast.
Das ist zum einen für alle lesenden viel besser und die zerhackstückelung hört auf.

Genau dafür haben wir doch extra Dienste, denen hier auch jeder folgen kann wie #Misskey, #Pleroma #Friendica oder man nutzt dafür Blogdienste wie #Plume #Writefreely #WriteAs

Schau dir das mal an, bevor du zu viel Energie rein steckst

⛳ rebel
5 months ago

Wenns nichts wird, kannst du noch #Pleroma #Misskey #Friendica #Plume #Writefreely #WriteAs ausprobieren.

Das sind alles Dienste im Fediverse und alle reden miteinander. Egal welchen Zugang du für das Fediverse nutzt. Viele haben mehr und andere Features als Mastodon

Jeff Piestrak
6 months ago

Started a new blog...

Head, Heart, and Hands: Working and learning out loud in support of healthy people, places, and planet

I'm experimenting with the fediverse connected platform, so my posts can be followed here on Mastodon

#HeadHeartHandsBlog #writeas #fediverse

Marco Zehe
6 months ago

Are any of my #blind followers publishing blogs on #WriteAs or a similar #WriteFreely instance? How do they stack up if you compare them to stuff you used before like #WordPress or even a direct comparison to #MicroBlog? I know Micro.Blog is a bit of a different beast, as it is both blogging and social media at the same time, whereas Write.As is more writing focused, but I am still curious what, if any, made you choose one over the other..

7 months ago

Hello and welcome to my Mastodon page, I am Pop's, I'm also sometimes referred to as Kev 😁

I am a Hobby Photographer, kind of a bad Artist and very much a total newbie Linux user.

All my appropriate links can be found on ->

#Hubzilla #pops #PopZilla #photographer #photography #artist #art #linux #opensource #fediverse #friendica #mastodon #pixelfed #mastodonart #peertube #bittube #writeas #fosstodon #lemmy #diaspora #tumblr