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Free on Amazon, my anthology Stand with Ukraine: Debunking the Propaganda Hard-hitting Perspectives from the Resistance Book One of the Series: United Resistance Support Archives ******************* ****************** Get it now! (You don't need to have Kindle Unlimited, price to own is zero!) "Mad love for what seemingly cannot be and in so doing makes it possible." Alexander Reid Ross, Portland State University Author of "Against the Fascist Creep" #author #authors #bookstodon #WritersOfMastodon #writing #WritingCommunity #amwriting #author #authorlife #book #books #creativewriting #indieauthors #fiction #novelist #writer #writerssupportingwriters #writing #writingadvice #writingcommunity #writinglife #writingtips #bookaholic #bookworms #ilovebooks #bookworm #ilovereading #Russia #ukraine #StandWithUkraine #propaganda
book cover
Catherine Ivers Norton
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A small wrapped gift is offered in the palms of two hands. The caption reads, "We don't know if it's a blessing or a curse until we open the box."
Bek Andrew Evans
6 hours ago

I'm looking to grow my audience in #ttrpg . I'm Bek and I'm a #writer and illustrator. I'm working on getting a #cofd #chroniclesofdarkness #devianttherenegades #dtr story podcast up and running, hopefully in the next month. I already have a Deviant novella out on #storytellersvault

#artist #affinity #krita #digitalart #amwriting #podcast

gallery, published works, and more:

kim kjagain moes
12 hours ago

2023 writing goal #100rejections


177 submissions
20 acceptances
102 rejections
Several still pending.

A super fun writing year.

"Oh, another rejection, YES!" or
"Oh, another acceptance? I better write/submit something else!"

#amwriting #goalscrushed #ididit #writers #writing #microfiction #writer #writerslife #writingcommunity
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Today in Labor History December 9, 1842: The Anarchist formerly known as Prince, Peter Kropotkin, was born on this date in Moscow. Kropotkin was a geographer and anarcho-communist. His most well-known works include “Conquest of Bread,” “Fields, Factories,” and “Mutual Aid, A Factor of Evolution,” which explores the role of mutually-beneficial cooperation and reciprocity (i.e., mutual aid) in the animal kingdom and human societies both past and present. It was an argument against the theory of social Darwinism, popular at the time, that argued that existing social relations were the natural consequence of rich people’s inherent genetic superiority over the poor. Kropotkin argued that because mutual aid has pragmatic advantages for the survival of human and animal communities, it has proliferated through natural selection. In 1874, Kropotkin was arrested and imprisoned in the Peter and Paul Fortress for subversive political activity. In 1876, he escaped and fled to Switzerland. During his younger days, he served as a geographer for the Russian empire. In 1873, he published a scientific paper showing that the existing maps entirely misrepresented the physical features of Asia.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #anarchism #kropotkin #russia #prison #geography #MutualAid #Revolution #books #writer #author @bookstadon

Kropotkin in 1876, with receding hairline, bushy beard and wire-rimmed glasses. By Nadar - This file comes from Gallica Digital Library and is available under the digital ID btv1b53107360h/f1, Public Domain,
16 hours ago

Writing with the Swan Lake finale blaring in my headphones is a singular experience.

I think this is how it must have felt to write the really exciting parts of the Bible 😂

#Writing #SwanLake #ClassicalMusic #Writer

Adamas Nemesis
1 day ago

From the depths of an alien ocean, two intrepid humans end their lives catapulted onto the ultimate trip, far beyond the stars of our night sky...

Read more at my #blog:

This post's featured image is a detail of Ivan Aivazovsky's "The Ninth Wave".

#worldbuilding #OCs #originalcharacters #scifi #sciencefiction #story #writer #writing #author #interstellartravel #spaceflight #gravitationalcatapult #underwater #submarine #aliens #alienintelligence

RS, Author, Novelist
1 day ago

So you know, @fringemagnet
, @taur10 is calling me out for a sentence he found in a beta chapter. Essentially, it reads as:

She made people believe I was by her declaration..., by a flurry of articles which..., by manufacturing that..., by displaying me to..., by making me personable and believably romantically involved..., /and/ by leaving me in charge...

The sentence is 81 words and 465 characters long. My grasp of rhetoric and elocution are on display. YMMV.

My nose feels well tweaked, but I'm still publishing it! (Raspberry sound.)

#comma #writing #writer #author #writingcommunity #writersofmastodon

Dennis M. Myers ✏️📚
1 day ago

This is my first unboxing video. I'm experimenting to see what helps me gain traction. My third book comes out on the 22nd of December.

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Bastian Espada
2 days ago

"The sun sets, we ride!”

And so they did, for a while, then they stopped because they couldn’t see anything.

#author, #authors, #writer, #writing, #AmWriting

Vanessa Krauss/Bubbly Brain
2 days ago

For all the griping I do, "No one reads my work," "I'm a bad #writer" "Why doesn't anyone pat me on the head, tell me I'm a good girl, and feed me a treat?" (Wait, you weren't supposed to see that)...

These results for a #book that came out on Nov 30th is none of those things.

Eric S Burdon
2 days ago

We make over 35,000 decisions every single day. Some of these decisions we don't even notice while others will make or break our lives later down the road.

It's a pretty big deal.

But I don't think the self-help industry talks a lot about it. Not to mention how we can make better decisions all around.

So here's a helpful guide. All you need to do is ask two essential questions.

#amwriting #writing #medium #writer #selfhelp #personaldevelopment #personalgrowth

Catherine Ivers Norton
2 days ago

Ruins remind us of impermanence - the futility of "holding on" to the material things of this world. Everything that rises will fall. Every diamond found will be lost. Nothing stays young and beautiful forever.

Whether this is upsetting or liberating depends on what we value.

Do we speed through time chasing things don't last, or expand time by being fully present in each moment of our lives?

#ReadTheStain #writer #coach #psychology #spirituality #mindfulness #presence #awareness #expansion #impermance #time #choice #focus

A bathtub full of sand in the ruins of a desert house. The caption reads, "The only thing that matters is the life we live."
Maxime Jaray
2 days ago

My latest #ebook "The Gentleman 3000", is arriving on various platforms (publish in progress) on preorder (release December 22).

#French version :

#English version :

#writing #EroticWriting #gay #amwriting #auteur #writer #indieauthor

Untold Tales
2 days ago

How delightful! Her tea forgotten and perhaps already growing cold, she reached for these items. ”Oh, I can’t wait to try them out. I’ve so many ideas. Thank you, Jasper.”

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Noel J. Penaflor
2 days ago


A wonderfully tense bottle #thriller filled with photogenic #movie stars.
Mahershala Ali and Julia Roberts used to laugh at Ethan Hawke when they'd play the "Which one of Us Has an Oscar?" game and Hawke would always come up empty. Even on set visitor Julie Delpy had a field day laughing and pointing at him. Seems unnecessarily mean.

Full Review #Link Below-- This Leave The World Behind Review (2023) Has Joaquin Phoenix Doing A South American Accent for Napoleon!

films #cinema #cinemastodon #Reviews #film #filmmastodon
#writing #writer #writingCommunity #writers #article #read #reading #netflix

Leave the World Behind onesheet
RS, Author, Novelist
2 days ago


...power to those who [publish].

Indeed. And thank you. But kudos also to people who just get their work read.

I have learned sooo much in the intervening years. Where as I won't mind publishing conventionally, what matters now is that what I write gets read by enough people that I'm satisfied my message is getting out. I will probably always do some fanfiction, regardless of what I am writing, for that reason. I'm not going to worry about such things as advertising budgets that a publisher might have, or competition, not that I won't do my best! Just getting my message across is pretty flapping nice.

#Writing #Author #Writer #Writers #WritingCommunity #WritersOfMastodon #WritingLife

RS, Author, Novelist
2 days ago

#WordWeavers 12.7 — Do you use foreshadowing, and if so, how do you do it?

There is a place for stream of consciousness stories where the author takes the reader on an interesting, perhaps symbolic journey, then ends the tale.

/I don't write that type of story./

Yes, I foreshadow. Unlike real life where events may seem random, storytelling requires me to telegraph where I am going with a story. Foreshadowing leaves clues to mysteries in the character's world. Foreshadowing allows the reader to feel the dread the character ought to feel, or creates a sense of destiny. Foreshadowing ensures that story events make sense by providing a sense of /history/ leading up to revelations and realizations.

How do I foreshadow?

Good question! I always start a story by knowing the ending. Besides ensuring I might finish the story, knowing the ending allows me to immediately drop clues about what will happen in the future. Further, I will even drop clues if I don't know what might happen. (Until publication, I know I change anything. It isn't history, so sometimes I throw lasagna at the computer.) Of course, I must eventually tune the foreshadowing to ensure events make sense in the context of the created history of the story.

Since I am a pantser, other than knowing where the story will end, I don't always know where the story is going.

Then... how can I foreshadow during composition, you ask?

  1. Foreshadowing: When I think I know where the story has to go, I drop hints just as the character intuits (i.e., the author intuits) where things are going.

  2. Backfilling: When something important happens in the story, I think of tipping points and crucial events that can lead to the character (and reader) coming to that revelation. I add the foreshadowing at the earlier points in the story, then resuming composition.

  3. Revision: Once the story is complete, I cut out all red herrings (they leave a sour taste in the reader's mouth). I will add foreshadowing or teak what passages to enhance expectation or add clues.


#fiction #fantasy #sf #sff #sciencefiction #writing #writer #writers #author #writingcommunity #writersOfMastodon

Astrobach :breadified:
2 days ago

A write-along/TTRPG Playthrough stream!

Santa left the elves alone & they trashed the North Pole with a raging party.
Now, WE have to fix it or Xmas is cancelled!

Let's fix Xmas Tonight LIVE right NOW:

#writingcommunity #indieauthor #writer #story #vancouver #indie #fiction #stream #livestream #litgames #amwriting #vancouverwriters #writeyourstory #emergingwriters #writealong #TTRPG #SoloTTRPG #DnD #pathfinder #itchio #Xmas #Christmas #santa #elves

A table top with loose candy-cane ribbons and christmas baubles has a green beer bottle lying on it with a santa hat. Overlaid Text: Oh Holy... What Happened Last Night? - A Game of Holiday Hijinks, by OopsAllSmurph
Rayne Hall Author
2 days ago

"I'm proud to be an introvert. Most of the best writers are."

#writing #writingcommunity #writerscommunity #amwriting #writer #writerslife

A blonde woman, dressed  in blue, with spectacles, sits inside a bubble and looks contented.  The text reads, "I'm proud to be an introvert. Most of the best writers are. Rayne Hall."
Lisa Shea
2 days ago

I just finished my 4-week seminar series. Yesterday's session covered Facebook, Instagram, Twitter/X, Threads, Mastodon, LinkedIn, Bluesky, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, Flickr, Wattpad, & GoodReads. I've written a summary book, 76 pages, describing what each one is best for. I could use some beta-readers! #author #writer #artist

Social networking overview
Maxime Jaray
2 days ago

"What happens when you're in a relationship with a geek whose ideas are sometimes a little twisted?"

This is the question answered by my latest #erotic #story , The Gentleman 3000. The #ebook is currently under publication with #draft2digital

The expected release date is December 22 and the book will be available for #preorder once published.

#writer #amwriting #gay #writing

Alan Langford
3 days ago

A new blog post about my — um — incredibly productive NaNoWriMo.

#WritingCommunity #writer

3 days ago

Today in Labor History December 7, 1905: A General Strike of 150,000 workers began in Moscow, at the climax of the 1905 Russia Revolution. The strike escalated into a general uprising, with thousands of workers taking up arms against the imperial government. At least 400 workers died. The revolt was based in the apartment of writer, Maxim Gorky. Militants made bombs in his study and ate in his kitchen. On December 10, socialist revolutionaries bombed the headquarters of the Moscow Okhrana (secret police). By December 12, the rebels held six of the seven railway stations and many neighborhoods. On December 15, they assassinated the head of the Okhrana. However, the Imperial Guard brought in reinforcements on the 15th. They shelled the proletarian district of Presnia, home to 150,000 textile workers, and ultimately quashed the rebellion.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #russia #Revolution #socialism #MaximGorky #GeneralStrike #rebellion #moscow #writer #author #fiction #books @bookstadon

The barricades of Presnya, 1905. Black-and-white photo of a [preparatory sketch?] painting by Ivan Vladimirov (ru:Владимиров, Иван Алексеевич, 1870-1947) depicting the December, 1905 rising in Presnya district of Moscow. Collection of Moscow Museum of Modern History (former Revolution museum). Attribution: [1] (the year 1955 refers to the date on the negative, not the painting. Note the painting is similar but not identical to the photograph, potentially indicating this was a sketch for the same painting.) Description by the Imperial War Museum: Barricades erected by police in Moscow during the Russian Revolution of 1905. The barricades were erected during fierce street fighting with revolutionaries who refused to accept the Tsar's ‘October Manifesto’ of October 1905. The Manifesto permitted the establishment of a constitution, and a legislative Duma, with a Prime Minister. The Soviet rejected this concession and fierce street-fighting took place in Moscow from 22 December 1905 to 1 January 1906. By Ivan Vladimirov - photograph Q 81555 comes from the collections of the Imperial War Museums., Public Domain,
Elis Rowlands
3 days ago

The #Hbomerguy video about #plagiarism on #youtube has had me thinking about the issue of plagiarism in the creative #WritingCommunity.

It was never bought up as an issue in my #CreativeWriting uni course, but does anyone know how big an issue it is for #writers submitting to #LitMags? Does anyone have examples of author’s works being stolen? What can #authors do to protect themselves?

This also ties in to generative #AI and the the threat it poses to #artists.

#LitMag #writing #writer

3 days ago

One of the best has died. Rest in power, Benjamin Zephaniah. You were a wonderful man.
#BenjaminZephaniah #Poetry #Dub #Writer

Benjamin Zephaniah: Writer and poet dies aged 65 - BBC News

Catherine Ivers Norton
3 days ago

Life offers infinite opportunities to serve our higher purpose. Our values provide guides for actions to follow.

Consider: How do my day to day actions honor my core values?

#ReadTheStain #writer #coach #psychology #spirituality #mindfulness #presence #awareness #values #action #intention

A delicate hand lightly touches a white flower illuminated by an unseen source of light. The caption reads, "What is the point of having values without commitment and dedication?"
RS, Author, Novelist
3 days ago

#pennedpossibilities 155 2 of 2 — Has your MC or SC ever forgotten something that was or is important to them? Are they afraid of forgetting things like that?

My #tootficto which this is a reply so scroll up—is a lightly edited reprint from a (hashtag)Writever prompt that exactly answers today's prompt.

"Show, don't tell," right? If the last few paragraphs of the story don't emphatically /show/ what's forgotten and why she's afraid, I'm gonna have to practice a whole lot more.

If you wondered what I meant the other day when I answered "Gender Fiction" when asked about the genre I write, this IS gender fiction. It covers stories that touch on the expression of gender in people's lives. The sub-genre is science fiction fantasy. Her society is gender-equal. Human, yet unsettlingly alien, and not alien because of their strange forms.

The MC is the main antagonist of my current WiP, which takes place about 250 years after this story. The antagonist as MC currently has a few of her own stories, and it'll be interesting who ends up with more. Her? Or the devil-girl whose life she eventually makes so miserable.

I hope you find it interesting.


#fiction #fantasy #sf #sff #sciencefiction #writing #writer #writers #author #writingcommunity #writersOfMastodon

RS, Author, Novelist
3 days ago

The waiter reached for the coin on the plate. I smiled because he was well muscled, lean, hips attractively lit in the incipient dawn; everything my body desired. Laying my hand over his, I asked, "Any plans for after your shift?"

"I'm attached," he said demurely and walked inside.

I sniffed at my shoulder. I'd chosen bread over a bath. I could smell the road on me and shrugged, standing. It didn't help that despite looking pretty, I looked odd.

A greyhair exited the same door, wearing a reflective apron. I spotted the flame brand on his right wrist, then the seagrass idyoglyph that climbed up from his right ankle, down his arm, twining around his fingers. He fueled stoves using a dangerous government-controlled miracle.

Blue eyes blinked at me as he changed course. Not too old, if not repelled by my exotic looks; I valued vigor and competence over youth. His eyes took in my rookish legs, their hooves, then flicked to the ibex horns that encircled my head like a laurel wreath. He looked like he'd walk past, but stopped to regard my back. No hiding what peaked out under a smock.

He asked, "Is there a village with humans like you? You remind me of my mother."

No. My legs, my back: not somatic changes.

Had I lived here once? Circling the table the /opposite/ way, I asked, "Where's the bath house?"

"I'll show you," he said, not taking the hint.

His cart of wrenches, hammers, and oven parts rattled as I asked, "How young—?"

"94." Longevity from working difficult miracles his entire life? I felt eyes on my backside. I lacked a rook's horse tail, so I couldn't run fast. It wasn't what held his attention.

I pointed as we walked east. In this hot region, most buildings were adobe domes with ramadas. The other dozen-floor chimney-like buildings were where the day angels, flying and hauling items through the sky, lived. Scattered shade trees didn't hide the horizon. I smelled the iron smell of a sweaty metalworker as he passed, following my finger.

He didn't see as a miraculous glow surrounded me, before the horizon brightened.

I felt the heat as I looked away, but it wouldn't go above -3º blood temperature, like everywhere I traveled. "The baths?"

"Left. I-It's shift-end and—"

"I'll treat." /Unbalance, then distract./ "Any news in town?"

"We're getting a railroad spur. Little Star is officially becoming Star Junction..."

/Little Star/ sounded familiar.

A spring fed a series of roofed-over pools. He fixed the owner's heat pump, so I saved my coppers, while I chose the busy baths for the "unattached" as I had /plans./ When he showed up with a towel around his hips, meaning "not hunting," I told him to scrub my back, hopefully answering his question or cluing him into leaving.

While I sat, shampooing, he grabbed a soap bar and sponge. He knew how to preen feathers.


It was a manly skill, though.

"Mother had a large blue wing and a smaller red one—" He knew to not over-soap, and to zip them together with a dot of oil. "—like you."

I glanced back, having to blink away suds. His skin had the same chalky-white pigment as mine. Two small horns above his temple twined together like trees. Ibex. I shivered. "You remember her?"

"She left her business and my sisters to raise me when I was 7. Yeah."

"Two sisters?"

He nodded. "A red day angel..."

Like her father. Another, raven-haired, with—

"—horns like ours."

I dumped the water bucket over my head. His stool skidded back on the tile as I recalled settling for 19 years, having gotten pregnant. Star looked modern now, had more trees, but was smaller. That this bath hadn't existed didn't make it less likely he was my son. I still looked 24.

Always would. Thus his question.

"Nieces and nephews?"

After a pause: "33, over four generations in the registry." Not counting the ones /he/ and other male children had fathered in other women's registries. The genetic math meant I was closely related to many my apparent age, many I'd consider spending time with. It didn't help that, at my age, I shared genes with everyone alive. Except, /probably,/ dragons.

I flashed on a crying little blond toddler whose horns were erupting, strangling my leg, refusing to let go—dotting me with blood. So adorable, with his big sis manically flapping red wings to tug him off.

My hair dripped, which helped—and I had the excuse of suds. A head only held so much space for memories, not ones I worked hard to forget lest I be haunted by generations who'd lived, loved, and left.

I turned and hugged him, sobbing. He patted me after a time. Later I stayed at my daughter's former home, enduring, never admitting any relation to a great-great parent who'd left no pictures of herself.

[Author retains copyright.]

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Musically (Cally) 🎧
3 days ago

In moonlit embrace, their hearts entwined,
Two souls aflame, love undefined.
Silent whispers, a tender grace,
Eyes reflecting a shared embrace.
Hand in hand, they dance through time,
Love's sweet rhythm, a melody sublime.
#poetry #art
#writer #paimting

Two girls walking hand in hand on a background of the moon
RS, Author, Novelist
3 days ago

1/2 Poll Intro There are "Edit" notification settings in the Notification column of your instance web app for Mastodon. This notifies you if a post you starred or boosted was modified by the poster.

Question Is Edit notification on or off? Please take a moment to say whether you turned it on or off in a reply. Feel free to comment about what you think of this setting.

Please boost for the widest possible sample size.

#hashtags: #fiction #fantasy #sf #sff #sciencefiction #writing #writer #writers #author #writingcommunity #writersOfMastodon
#RSdiscussion #poll #fedi #fediTips #fediVerse #mastodon

RS, Author, Novelist
3 days ago

2/2 Poll Intro There are "Edit" notification settings in the Notification column of your instance web app for Mastodon. This notifies you if a post you starred or boosted was modified by the poster.

Question Do you get upset when someone modifies their post? Please take a moment to explain what you think in a reply.

Please boost for the widest possible sample size.

#hashtags: #fiction #fantasy #sf #sff #sciencefiction #writing #writer #writers #author #writingcommunity #writersOfMastodon
#RSdiscussion #poll #fedi #fediTips #fediVerse #mastodon

Yahia Lababidi
4 days ago

Grateful for the #translation of my #poetry into Spanish 😇

by Argentinian #writer/#artist, Blanca Strepponi 🙏🏼✨

For my lucky #poem in #English, click on link, below👇🏼

Hoping that, one day in the not-too-distant future, I might look forward to an entire #book of mine in #Spanish. 🙌🏼

#bookstodon #books #writing #WritingCommunity #poetrycommunity #animals

4 days ago

Today in Labor History December 6, 1889: The trial of the Chicago Haymarket anarchists began amidst national and international outrage and protest. None of the men on trial had even been at Haymarket Square when the bomb was set off. They were on trial because of their anarchist political affiliations and their labor organizing for the 8-hour work-day. 4 were ultimately executed, including Alber Parsons, husband of future IWW founding member Lucy Parsons. One, Louis Ling, cheated the hangman by committing suicide in his cell. The Haymarket Affairs is considered the origin of International Workers Day, May 1st, celebrated in virtually every country in the world, except for the U.S., where the atrocity occurred. Historically, it was also considered the culmination of the Great Upheaval, which a series of strike waves and labor unrest that began in Martinsburg, West Virginia, 1877, and spread throughout the U.S., including the Saint Louis Commune, when communists took over and controlled the city for several days. Over 100 workers were killed across the U.S. in the weeks of strikes and protests. Communists and anarchists also organized strikes in Chicago, where police killed 20 men and boys. Albert and Lucy Parsons participated and were influenced by these events. I write about this historical period in my Great Upheaval Trilogy. The first book in this series, Anywhere But Schuylkill, came out in September, 2023, from Historium Press. Check it out here: and

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #haymarket #anarchism #IWW #strike #union #solidarity #Riot #police #PoliceMurder #policebrutality #chicago #EightHourDay #GreatUpheaval #AnywhereButSchuylkill #historicalfiction #hisfic #books #novel #author #writer @bookstadon

This 1886 engraving was the most widely reproduced image of the Haymarket massacre. It shows Methodist pastor Samuel Fielden speaking, the bomb exploding, and the riot beginning simultaneously; in reality, Fielden had finished speaking before the explosion. By Harper's Weekly -, Public Domain,
E. Ardincaple
4 days ago

"Why Are Writers Expected To Do So Much Self-Promotion?" by @janiceharayda is an article on #Medium that has really stuck with me.

If you're a #writer who has issues with the fact that #publishers care about your social media following, check this one out!

Read for free and support the author with this friend link, courtesy of my @medium membership:

#writing #reading #writers #authors #SocialMedia #fiction #FictionWriting #books #WritingCommunity #RecommendedReads

Fantasy art( fantasy_art_z)
5 days ago

Christmas big SALE from 01.12.23 till 31.12.23!
Any illustration/book cover/ music cover that cost
150-130$ now is only 100$!
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Because I am lazy and didn't change the database, you can't get sale prices on my website.
But you can send me the reference number of the image and I will send it to you for these discounts!

#christmassale #discount #sale #bookcover #music #writer #author #indiewriter #indiemusic
#fantasyart #fantasy #humanart #darkart #mastoart #mastodon #fediart #fediverse #dnd #epicart

5 days ago

Today in Labor History December 5, 1928: The Colombian military slaughtered up to 2,000 people in the Banana Massacre. Workers had been on strike against United Fruit Company since November 12. They were participating in a peaceful demonstration, with their wives and children. The Columbian troops set up machine guns on the rooftops near the demonstration and closed off the access streets so no one could escape. The soldiers threw the dead into mass graves or dumped them in the sea. U.S. officials in Colombia had portrayed the workers as communists and subversives and even threatened to invade if the Colombian government didn’t protect United Fruit’s interests. Gabriel García Márquez depicted the massacre in his novel “One Hundred Years of Solitude,” as did Álvaro Cepeda Samudio in his “La Casa Grande.”

United Fruit, which is now called Chiquita, controlled vast quantities of territory in Central America, and the Caribbean, maintained a near monopoly in many of the banana republics in which it operated (e.g., Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica). By 1930, it was the largest employer in Central America and the largest land owner. In 1952, the government of Jacobo Arbenz, in Guatemala, began giving away unused land, owned by United Fruit, to landless peasants. In 1954, the CIA deposed the Arbenz government, leading to decades of brutal dictatorship and genocide of Guatemala’s indigenous population. The head of the CIA at that time was former board member of United Fruit, Allen Dulles, who also oversaw the over throw of the democratically elected prime minister of Iran, the Bay of Pigs invasion, and the MK Ultra LSD mind control experiments.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #strike #massacre #columbia #UnitedFruit #children #communism #cia #genocide #indigenous #GabrielGarciaMarquez #fiction #novel #books #author #writer @bookstadon

First edition of One Hundred Years of Solitude: Editorial Sudamericana, Buenos Aires, 1967. By Book cover, Fair use,

Drinking some coffee. Answering fae post.

#FaerieManager #magic #writer #books #fantasy

In the background is a note written by a neighborhood boy of 7, which reads:

Marry [sic] Christmas! i hope you have a good winter break. Sorry for my poor tiny handwriting. May I ask, are you related to the tooth fairy?

The faerie manager reply in the foreground:

Dear Casper,
Your handwriting is PERFECT!! We get so much joy from reading your notes. :)

We ARE related to the tooth fairy, but like all fae, they can change based on the country in which they appear. Be sure to floss because your teeth are very important. Merry Happy Christmas!! :) <3 Rosie

Also drawn is a picture of a tooth
Sage Tyrtle
5 days ago

Hey, if you can really use a free spot in a Crow Collective online writing workshop, the tip jar is full. Please get in touch with the name of the workshop and I'll set it up for you. No questions asked.

Please boost.

#WritingCommunity #Writer #Writers #Writing #AmWriting

Two blue macrons next to a cup of tea.
Nate Shore 🌎
5 days ago

Any experiences, tips for self-publishing your own book? 🙏
(Amazon or otherwise)

#Writer #WritingCommunity #Haiku #poetry #photography #nature

While I appreciate *all* book sales, if you buy online, I can’t sign your book. 🙁 Want a personalized copy? Let’s see how this works.

Using either Venmo or CashApp, send $12.00 (paperback) or $25.00 (hardcover) and your address. Free shipping within the United States; $15 USD shipping worldwide. No tax.

Venmo: @mckra1g
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RS, Author, Novelist
6 days ago

I wrote my retirement letter today. It took a village to write. I thank all those that helped me psychologically to get to the point of writing it, as well as those that gave me ideas and the help I needed to get it from my head to the page. The characters in my novels are all sort of confident, but I am all sort of not. I thank everyone on Mastodon who gave me a good word or encouragement, too. I announced last month, but this letter is for the president of the company and makes it official when I hand it over.

I'm expecting an interesting reaction when I hand it over. I may report on that. I may publish the letter (which is quite standard and, I'm told, unexpectedly quite gracious) after my retirement mid-December.


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Give yourself the gift of focusing on your goals. Today’s assignment will begin the process (and start working in your subconscious IMMEDIATELY). Guaranteed.

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1 week ago
John Howes
1 week ago

A reminder that the #WritersCoffeeClub December daily challenge starts today 🎅.

A text version can be found on my blog here:

As ever, if you have any prompt ideas for future months, please let me know.

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays ☃️❄️

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Writers' coffee club December prompts
Catherine Ivers Norton
1 week ago

Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the incomprehensible nature of the universe, choose one star to focus on. In this moment, the star is shining for you, if only because you took the time to notice.

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Photo of starry night sky over a pine forest. The caption reads, "Choose any star. Allow it to inspire you."

So, when a well-known big weight writer decides to use me as an example of "jealous, egoistical and entitled writer", I guess I'm now Internet famous?

PS: #Substack Notes has officially made me nuclear-level FURIOUS.

Look, guys, just because you're published doesn't mean you can be condescending to those who are not published by "official" outlets. Who gives you the right??

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Paolo Amoroso
2 weeks ago

Forty years ago these days my traditionally published book came out. In this post I told the surreal experience of walking into a publishing house as a kid with no book writing experience, pitching an idea, and walking out with a deal.

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I just got mad on #Substack Notes. This is not a good sign 😂

I think this article captures what I have feeling lately about the damn place.

Notes has made the place more competitive, cliquish and social media-ish.

But what made me 🔥 is when established writers lecture me about how I should think or behave as a writer "to be successful".

I hate condescending remarks.

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John Howes
2 weeks ago

The #WritersCoffeeClub prompts for December are ready, I hope you have fun with some of these. 🎅

A text version can be found on my blog here:

As ever, if you have any prompt ideas for future months, please let me know. I currently only have enough until March. ☃️❄️

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Writers' coffee club December prompts

I think some famous writer just called me entitled on #Substack Notes 😅
I was trying to tell her that Substack makes it hard for new writers to be seen, and she says that I am being entitled and that you need to do the work before your work is worth reading. I mean, why does this rub me the wrong way, this elitist attitude among the "published"? 1/2

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Sage Tyrtle
2 weeks ago

Every Friday I update my writing goals. I mean, I know, it’s Sunday. But generally? Friday. I intended last week to write for 8 hours and I wrote for, ahem, 5 hours 10 minutes. HOWEVER, I also intended to finish my short story AND I DID. I am really, really proud of this story (and especially proud because I sent it to a person whose opinion I value very much who loved it) and I have sky high hopes for (see replies)

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Thank you for this day. 🌇

“Every morning I jump out of bed and step on a landmine. The landmine is me. After the explosion, I spend the rest of the day putting the pieces together.” — Ray Bradbury

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Black and white photo of a sign for a business, as seen from the window of a bus as I ride by. It’s a rearing horse, with a rider in the saddle. Next to it is a wall covered with graffiti.
Chris K. Thomas
3 weeks ago

Hi, I'm an as-of-yet unpublished YA author and high school math teacher who just joined Mastodon. I'm looking out for suggestions of who to follow in the writing/teaching community!

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RS, Author, Novelist
3 weeks ago

#WritersCoffeeClub Ch 3 Nbr 21 — What things make a good book cover design?

Something that will intrigue readers into buying the book. I'm no designer and suspect I'll seek professional advise if I self-publish. If I conventionally publish, the publisher will consider such a thing advertising and I will consider myself lucky if they ask for suggestions.

Once I was asked. Two main characters got on the cover, a Japanese teenager and a sheepdog/human chimera. What was drawn were a caucasian vogue model and a wookie. The book sold out the printing, so I guess I can't complain.


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RS, Author, Novelist
3 weeks ago


Do I need to have [an author's website specifically for promoting your writing]?

Not necessarily, but the reality of selling books, even posting stories, is that there are intervals (months, maybe years), where readers aren't seeing anything new from you. The biggest tragedy is to be forgotten in the interval. You want readers to stay engaged. To do this, providing periodic news, story bits, interesting research, engaging links, etc. daily or weekly keeps them in mind. This was explained to me by a successfully self-publishing erotic-romance author and horror author. Even conventionally published authors should consider some sort of self-promotion. My experience with conventional publication is that the publisher may promote the big names over you, so some of it is still your responsibility. Your writing and their publishing are both businesses. That said, even fan fiction sites have blogging and advertising tools one should take advantage of.


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3 weeks ago

Today in Labor History November 20, 1820: An 80-ton sperm whale attacked and sunk the Essex, a whaling ship from Nantucket, Massachusetts. The tragedy occurred off the western coast of South America. 7 members of the 20-man crew died at sea, as they attempted to make land in the lifeboats. Survivors ate their dead comrades to stay alive. The story inspired Herman Melville to write his 1851 novel Moby-Dick. And it inspired modern day orcas to organize and fight back to reclaim the seas from humans.

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Moby Dick attacking a whaling boat. The whale’s head is out of the water, mouth open, with sharp teeth, biting down on the boat. By Augustus Burnham Shute - Moby-Dick edition - C. H. Simonds Co, Public Domain,

It's been a little over a year since I came to Mastodon. I would say "from Twitter," but as much as I had an account, I was pretty piss poor at using it. Now, in fairness, I am pretty bad at using Masto too, but I am using it a lot more than I was ever using Twitter.
Consider this my #MastodonAnniversary #reintroduction
I am Rob, somewhere deep into my 30s, living along the coast of CQ. I am a #writer and have been #writing - in some form or another - since I was single-digit years old. Currently, I write everyday and publish the nonsense that spills out of my keyboard over on my own website, I talk about my writing in a (little) bit more depth on Substack; same username.
I am a member of the Tough Guy Bookclub and enjoy boardgames.
Beyond that, I have a passing interest in tech, comics (both reading and creating), #cooking, #baking, #cats (and other animals) and other things that I cant think of right now.
I'm sure as soon as I hit Toot! I'll think of something else I should have put here.
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Zira Phema ☆ she/they
3 weeks ago

Please enjoy my newest poem, Synaptic Backwash!

"backspacing bardo / spaced-out soliloquies / unwinding electric dreams"

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Linux Magazine
3 weeks ago

From this week's Linux Update newsletter, @BruceByfield shows you how using styles in @libreoffice can save you hours of formatting and let you focus on your writing #OpenSource #style #LibreOffice #FOSS #Writer #formatting

Sir Rochard 'Dock' Bunson
3 weeks ago

Are you a #Writer looking for a collective or collaborators?
What would collaboration among authors even look like?


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Today would have been my grandma’s 110th birthday. Here are nine lessons (among many) that she taught me. The one about tuxedos and brinkmanship with the high school principal was retold every Thanksgiving:

EDIT: It says 109 years old in the post because I first posted it last year.

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