Noelle Mitchell 📚
6 hours ago

#BadApple: WGA Members Turn Their Strike Wrath Toward Apple TV+

"Several writers say that they have done the same amount of work in minirooms as they would for a traditional room, only to see their projects not get greenlit.

And one WGA member Julia Fontana, says she still hasn’t even been paid, detailing her plight in a Twitter thread."

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Judy L Mohr
7 hours ago

Hey #writingcommunity, #writers and other creative types... I'm in the process of rewriting my book on building online platforms safely, incorporating some of the new tricks (and issues) that have cropped up over the last 5 years. But I would love to hear from you about some of the things that you wish you knew but had to find out the hard way.
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David August
7 hours ago

@tim I know this is a bit out of the blue, but I admire your work with the instance and am wondering if you or your users have contacts in writer's unions around the world.

On June 14th a international day of solidarity with the Writers Guild of America is happening (they're now on strike).

Do you know of any ways to help connect people up and let them know about this?

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West of Town
7 hours ago

There were blinding lightning flashes as they hurtled through the storm. The windshield was an expressionist smear.

“Madness!” the driver shouted. “Greed, corruption and madness! What has..."

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David August
7 hours ago

Screenwriters around the world are showing their solidarity with the WGA. June 14th there’s a demonstration already scheduled in London, writers and their supporters are encouraged to join from wherever they are.
#UnionStrong #WGAStrong #SAGAFTRAstrong #union #unions #screenwriters #screenwriting #writers

RS, Author, Novelist
8 hours ago

#WritingWonders 6.5 and 6.6 — What is the meaning of your MC’s name? Does it fit their personality? Does your MC have any nicknames? If so, how’d they come by them?

Because of child mortality rates and low fertility rates, most children are referred to a Child or so-and-so's child, often until they are old enough to manufacture their own name, certainly until their mother or a matriline can give them one that fits their personality. Accordingly, it is common for a person to change their name at least once. Names are descriptive, like Cherry Blossom, Grace, or Broom Wielder. Some chosen names are common, as in Japanese, but also sometimes resemble native American names. Accordingly, my MC has had many, eight in total, three chosen by herself. All had meaning.

The most fun amongst them she coined while being pestered for her name by a male gang member. (See excerpt Dangerous Wordplay: Trained in protecting herself, she avoided his grabs and sweeps, and earned his ire. Eventually, she answered Gelding, explaining it was a verb. It stuck.

Another was Night Mare, which she thought up on the spot when captured then recruited by G-men for something that feels crooked. It was meant as a warning.

The one she kept as her own [spoilers] was bestowed by a mob boss to taunt and control her. When later she saved the woman from assassination and had to be revived twice due to blood loss, the mobster gave her emancipation papers (modern meaning) in that name as her daughter, good in all nations that care about such things. The wonderful feeling that she had earned her praise changed her mind about the name.

Nicknames aren't common. They're usually a diminutive, like Nighty for Night Mare, though most people would worry about using a diminutive for my MC (she has a no-nonsense aura, usually). Broom Wielder(†) once briefly called her D.G., an abbreviation of her prizefighter name, which she misinterpreted as Pidgy. It made her ecstatic but was never repeated. She never realized it was a failed attempt to manipulate her.

† - Broom Wielder's nickname is Witchy. Lack of cultural cognates will likely prevent the nickname from reaching publication.


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Christoffer S.
8 hours ago

Cant help but think that reading books is like having a superpower. By reading you effectively tap into the brains of all these very talented, intelligent, knowledgable and experienced awesome people who decided to share what they have learned.

I almost feel as if I am cheating when I read a new book, almost like some sort of analogue matrix... Arguably somewhat slower, error prone and unreliable yet... Cheating.

To all these hard working authors, writers and knowledge workers who enable me to cheat in life.

#Books #Learning #Curiousity #Authors #Writers

C. L. Nichols
10 hours ago

"Writing SpecFic"
on C. L. Nichols, SpecFic Author

Speculative fiction, a genre that encompasses science fiction, fantasy, and supernatural elements, has captivated readers for centuries. SpecFic transports readers to imaginative worlds and explores the depths of our imagination.

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12 hours ago
Grand Admiral Shaun Duke
13 hours ago

Question for #writers:

Would anyone be interested if I put together a post of tips for doing #podcast interviews?

I've been on-and-off conducting interviews and have a lot of thoughts on things writers could do to prepare, especially if they're nervous about it. Would be happy to share if folks care!

John Mulhall
13 hours ago

Proof reviewed the 7th x4 chapter block of my novel #soldersee. I am 2/3rd of the way through my #novels 1st draft at 56,200 words with more to follow! Stay tuned for developments. #writers #writingcommunity #writing #authors #author

Image of chapter 28, Round Three. It is the 1st draft of the novel Soldersee, by John Mulhall.
23 hours ago

My MC is crossing a threshold of sorts, and it’s absolutely sureal. The anomaly this little passage depicts has to be one of my favorite elements of this story! Trippy+unsettling+magical!🙌🏽 #WritingCommunity, are there any uncanny places or boundaries in your WIP?

Allan Dyen-Shapiro
1 day ago

Hat tip to a beta reader: yes, that character's name was not only previously used but also trademarked. I changed it. Now, I have to get used to thinking of the character with his new name. This one is hard. The old name was so perfect. #WritersOfMastodon #AuthorsOfMastodon #WritingCommunity #AmWritingFiction #AmWritingSciFi #AmWritingScienceFiction #Writers #WritingCommunity

RS, Author, Novelist
1 day ago

#WritingWonders 6.4 — "When was the last time you traveled?"

Title: Sharp Tool a'Traveling

I looked down at the rucksack I'd thrown on the silver satin bedspread, then the few flimsy pieces of under-clothing I'd pulled from a drawer. Anyone could see how worn the travel bag was, especially where the sleeping pad had rubbed against the canvas. Bolt was into her chains, piercings, and hardware, and for what it was worth, lots of complimentary (read: punk) clothing, not to mention cosmetics.

Unlike me.

I wore clothing only to the extent it was functional. I was a minimalist. Minimalism made it easier to run away. It took me a moment to interpret the day angel's expression.

I said, "Yeah, below my station. I don't give a flapping—"

"That's your luggage? Where did you go?"

I shoved in some light green shorts and a form-fitting top, made of technical fabric that could handle the humidity of our destination: Her home town, where the masquerade would take place. [The Masquerade Invitation:] Of course, everyone knew my past and I'd been pardoned of my crimes. Still...

"Well," I started, "I decided I wanted to see more of the country. When I discussed it with a guy, he gave me a map through the costal forests to the southern route to Home City. [Wild Encounter:] I had quit my job in Harbor City, and wanted to take some time off."

Bolt lifted the rucksack, eying it suspiciously, then drew her face back after sniffing it. "You walked all that way?"

"Yeah, I did."

"That had to take, what, two months?"

"Four; should've taken six." I answered. Bolt spotted something, then held the bag and looked ready to scratch it off with a fingernail. "Don't," I added, and she jerked her hand back.

"That looks like blood."

"It is. Citron's."

She dropped the rucksack. "Strange souvenir. Begs a question. Why? Why the trip? Why such a long one?"

I drew a few worn magic books from my bookshelf, and my notebook, and shoved them in with a quill. I shrugged. "I wanted to disappear long enough that people would assume somebody had killed me: gave me cement shoes and thrown me in the bay."

Bolt looked at the blood stain. "You assumed wrong?"

"People don't think you could accidentally go from a nobody to a championship prizefighter to running a crime syndicate in barely three years. You have to be competent. Worse, they don't think someone obviously so competent would suddenly disappear after running the organization for a few weeks. I had. All that. Accidentally.

"I don't think the boss thought I'd really let her die.

"I ghosted the organization—after fixing it so it wouldn't implode after the gang war. Running it was a complete, stupid-headed, diversion from my goal of learning magic. I was totally incompetent to run it. I wasn't bloody-minded enough. I knew factions didn't like the changes I made, and would soon try to kill me, unless I did something about it. What I did was choose to leave." [The Wanted Poster:]

"They went after you?"

"Dunno. Maybe? Probably? Maybe the boss' plans within plans followed after her death? Turns out that Director Rainy Days had been watching me all along. She had thought of my misadventures as training. Of course something happened. Why not? My luck. Who's fault? Them? Her Highness? I dunno. I got tangled up in one of their schemes, and, well, um... I resolved it in the Director's favor. Afterward, she had the temerity to criticize me for wimping out with the syndicate! For not following my vision of wanting to make the organization more legit!"

"Wait? She wanted you to kill— to let people die..." Bolt swallowed visibly. "To fix things?"

"That's Rainy Days for you. That's why you should never trust an absolute ruler."

"And she made you her heir?"

I pulled my ivory-handled jackknife from my messenger bag; popped it open with a click. The razor flashed and gleamed as if it were alive, preening for us. I was being used, by the Director, pretty much as I'd used this very blade, sticking it into someone's chest—oddly enough, to save them. I closed it with the palm of my hand, and dropped the sharp tool into my rucksack.

A sharp tool had to be used improperly to be made evil. Would I use it on this trip? Was I being used? Misused?

I already knew I was evil.

I said, "Yeah. Go figure. She's immortal. You wonder why I don't trust her?"


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RS, Author, Novelist
1 day ago

@joehumphrey Thank you for further context. And further philosophical food for thought.

"A lot of oversharing of overtly sexual stuff with his employees..."

Isn't it funny how being paid allows us to tolerate what we otherwise would not? Work for many people is a different space, a different experience, than any they'd otherwise choose—and it transforms them into somebody they might not otherwise like.

Additionally, let's observe that words are very powerful. As writers and authors and speechwriters, we are well aware of that. Readers, or the audience for the spoken word... not so much.

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RS, Author, Novelist
2 days ago

#WritingWonders 6.3 — Share art [...] of your WIP world.

The art I do is photography and the world I set my stories in doesn't exist. I had to think about this one a lot, what I might share and not mislead, which is why I'm posting this so late. I have commissioned some artwork, covers. They don't reflect the #sff I'm writing now so I'll not show this one entirely, but I do hope this day angel with ruby in his wings will make beyond the first chapter I've written. The full-sized image is inspiring me to ensure that. Sorry to be so circuitous and evasive.

Below: Cartoon detail image of ruby-tipped feathers and blood dripping by Syrupyyy.


#fiction #fantasy #sf #sff #sciencefiction #writing #writer #writers #author #writingcommunity #cover #coverart #writersOfMastodon

Cartoon detail image of ruby-tipped feathers and blood dripping by Syrupyyy.
RC Hopgood
2 days ago

10 more #queries out the door. Up to 40 now. Almost up to the flight attendant 42. So that 7 figure deal is just around the corner. 😂
#amquerying #writingcommunity #writerslife #writers @writers

Vanessa Krauss/Bubbly Brain
2 days ago

Hey, #amquerying #writers

I have a literary agency/agent list that is over 400 agencies long and a publisher list that is over 1600 long.

DM your email, and I'd be happy to send these. In exchange, I'd appreciate you sharing my pin.

The literary agency list isn't broken down by neither agent/genre because they tend to change. The most import thing you need to know is the 1 per agency rule.

For publishers, I include "hybrid" and "questionable" into the "vanity press" list.

Hope this helps!

This concept is so true. I love it! Once an author understands these principles, it's easier to reshape them for the sake of amazing creativity. ❤️

#writer #writers #writing #writersofmastodon #lovetowrite #writerslife #writingcommunity #amwriting #amwritingfiction #amwritingmystery

“An author must learn the principles of good storytelling only in order to write better from the heart. ”
                                          ― Uri Shulevitz
David Todd McCarty
2 days ago

Introducing the one thing no one wants, more talk of all things political. Oh, but wait. There’s actually a huge audience of educated, opinionated policy wonks with fewer places to turn? There has to be some place for we masochists to go.

Enter Rome.
#Politics #Medium #Writers

Rome Magazine logo.
Kathy Karch
2 days ago

I've volunteered to help with the set-up process for this year's ReaderCon (happening July 13--16 at the Quincy Marriott). Specifically, I'll be helping set stuff up on Thursday & staying at the hotel so I can be there as late as they need me. Then, starting Friday, my plan is to enjoy the awesomeness. I'm so glad the Con is back and in-person.

Anyone else going this year?

#ReaderCon #ReaderCon32 #Volunteer #SFF #WritingCommunity #Writers #Readers #Authors

3 days ago

Enjoying Day 2 of @cymerafestival , catching talks by likes of City Doctorow, Neil Williamson , Doug Johnstone, Ian MacDonald & more.

#books #livres #Edinburgh #Edimbourg #Cymera23 #CoryDoctorow #IanMacDonald #ScienceFiction #bookstodon #writers #authors

Lynda Coker
3 days ago

What a great idea!
'A virtual library and coffee shop for fiction writers and readers.' @fictionfriends

#fictio #writers #readers #library

Sage Tyrtle
3 days ago

Free submissions to Whale Road are open: "Whale Road Review publishes poetry, flash fiction, and micro essays that don’t demand too much time up front, but somehow leave readers changed. We hope readers of all sorts will enjoy these short pieces in stolen moments—waiting in line, using the restroom, riding a train, steeping tea."

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Angela Miller
3 days ago

Interesting results there! Most folk don't have Writer's Superpowers within their story world.

For myself, I feel like my insider knowledge itself would be a superpower. It would allow me to change some of the outcomes for characters, but could also make me very useful to certain groups too.

#writing #writers #writersOfMastodon

Noam writes
3 days ago

I performed at a #spokenword event last night for the first time in a long while. I was really nervous, but it was good. The theme was World War III Literary #Cabaret.

My #story, #Balls, is below. It's a performance piece, not sure how it'll come off reading it from a screen. So just picture me turning to stage right, waving my fist and shouting "Plonkers!" at the right moment.
#WritingCommunity #writers #WorldWar3


My grandparents grew up in caves. Granddad says it wasn’t safe to go outside most of the time. Some people who did got sick, some even died.
My parents remember it too from their childhood: they were taken to shelter in the big underground spaces when the burning rain came, or the choking clouds that often followed it.
They say it was because of the wars. World Wars, they call them. They say there were three of them.
But they were all over long before even Granddad was born. There are stories, but I think nobody really knows what happened in the before times.
It all sounds scary, but really – people causing burning rain? It doesn’t seem very likely, does it?

What I do know, is that we’re doing better now. Better than when I was a child, and even better than when the elders were. We’re growing more food and we’ve recovered lots of machines and books and stuff from the before times.
There are a lot more people in our valley than when I was a kid, both from growing families and from strangers who have come to join us. We’ve explored more of the ruins and fixed up homes. It seems to be the same all over the land. We’re in a period of prosperity.

Now, even though we understand some of the old technology, there are still lots of machines we find that we can’t get to work. Mum says they need something called electrisss— something...
She’s in the science team, so she should know. They make a little electrisss in big boxes called batch-reez. Apparently they used to have lots of it, judging my all the machines. No idea what they needed so many machines for.
I think that was one of their ages, in the before time. They had a stone age, and a bronze age, and a plastic age. Maybe also an electrisss age. I wonder what that makes us now.

But even though we’ve figured out so much, it’s not all good news. Since there are more of us, the land is getting crowded. There’s only so much wood to gather, so many animals to hunt. The people in the next valley are getting jealous of us. Plonkers!
There have been some fights over the past couple of years, and it’s getting worse. There were some bad clashes, and a few people were killed just last week.
We’ve had no choice but to build up our defences. We do have some weapons, even some guns from the before times, although the powder is hard to make.

I heard some of the elders talking, saying there were tensions all over the land, with clans grouping together. One of them said it would lead to war. She thinks people are just built that way. We’re doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past.
I think she’s wrong. I’ll tell you why.

We’ve recently recovered a... carrnon? Conan? Cannon. A cannon.
A big old metal thing. Our weapons team got it to work. It shoots big metal balls. It’s not the most accurate thing.
Apparently they found it in a museum. Maybe in the before times they didn’t know how to use it properly. But some of our fighters worked it out. You load it with these big metal balls filled with the fire powder and use more of the powder to send it flying. Something like that.

The cannon balls explode when they land or hit something.
I watched a few days ago. They tested it out on an old building. The devastation!! The whole house collapsed, rubble and dust flying everywhere. And the noise of the explosion!
Imagine – if these cannon balls were fired on people. We could annihilate each other. Surely that fear will cause all civilised people to recoil in horror and end all fighting. Surely with these cannons, there can never be another war!

David August
3 days ago

If enough #writers, #directors, #actors and #crew learn how to #fundraise, #market and #distribute #movies and #TV themselves, the companies now facing a strike and refusing to talk become irrelevant. Thank you @EntPartners.

#WGAStrong #DGAStrong #SAGAFTRAstrong

Robert Kingett
3 days ago

Reminder that I keep up a free aggregated paying calls for submissions email newsletter for writers. Subscribe by RSS or email. Subscribe via email at, or RSS, at #Writers #Writing #WritingCommunity #Publishing #Fiction #Nonfiction

RS, Author, Novelist
3 days ago

#WritingWonders 6.2 — Were any of your fictional settings inspired by real world locations?

I am going to interpret this question so it is yes. (And sneak in some #writingadvice.)

When I wrote the original story, my main character related that she was being blackmailed for having been in a gang. It allowed her to be good at fighting while coming across a nihilist. I got glimpses of a gang war and a city block on fire, and what she had to put up with (and submit to) to rise in the ranks of male lieutenants. The darkness evoked a sooty heartless cityscape, which fit in with detective noir images of the gritty cities of the northeastern US in the mid 1900s. You could call that inspiration, right?

Then I decided to write a prequel to the original story that related that edgy backstory.

I ended up choosing a set of cities: Baltimore, Princeton, and Brooklyn, with secondary roles for the Jersey coast opposite Brooklyn across the bay, Philadelphia, and little towns and parks in between. While I didn't actually set the story in these places, because this story doesn't take place in modern times or a recognizable world, I employed maps of the region.

Using actual geography is helpful for numerous reasons. It limits the movement of characters and suggests obstacles in their adventures. Having to deal with how bus lines are laid out, and posted bus and light rail schedules, can add worsening to a story. It makes the story feel real.

I use Google Maps to find interesting associated businesses and government buildings consistent with the story. I often use street view to suggest what the characters might see, hear, or smell. That filters into the description. Sometimes I use actual street- and place names, as I did in Fight for Real ( The 17 Restaurant in the story exists in Baltimore, as does the intersection. Find it in street view and see what I based the descriptions upon!

Street maps are helpful for laying out a believable marathon route.
Maps with building layouts are good for find a building to duck into to loose a tail that has doors on the opposite street.
Rental maps are good for finding a place for the MC to rent an apartment where there might be a close restaurant for important scenes to take place.

Finding a suitable apartment might lead to determining how far a character might realistically have to run—through an Ivy League university—to reach a train station while being chased by assassins. In that same neighborhood you might need a coffee house to meet a magic tutor, or need to find a suitable a cul-de-sac to be ambushed by goons.

I could randomly layout towns and cities. Sometimes I do. However, city planning, whether it was done via zoning or stupid urban sprawl, has a consistency that adds a layer of realism. The composition of the neighborhoods and the distances between places keep me from making things appear unnaturally hard or easy for the characters. Also, why invent the wheel? Drafting cities is another way to procrastinate. (As is scrolling around online street views, admittedly.)


#writingAdvice #fiction #fantasy #sf #sff #sciencefiction #writing #writer #writers #author #writingcommunity #writersOfMastodon #urbanplanning #map #googlemaps

As a writer who focuses mostly on the intricacies of character, I just love this observation. It really articulates how I look at the people blossoming from my stories and their developments, which often surprise me, along the way. 🤎

#writer #writers #writersofmastodon #writingcommunity #amwriting #writerslife #amwriting #amwritingfiction #amwritingmystery

“Let’s face it, characters are the bedrock of your fiction. Plot is just a series of actions that happen in a sequence, and without someone to either perpetrate or suffer the consequences of those actions, you have no one for your reader to root for, or wish bad things on.” 
                                          — Icy Sedgwick

Since it has been a minute, let's get this going around again.

I've created a #Discord server for #QueerWriters who are looking for a little support in their #writing journey. Created with fiction writers (including fanfic writers) over 21 in mind, this server is for those who need motivation, bulldozing through their writer's block, looking for steady kicks in the ass to get through editing, or whatever else that's preventing you from completing your WIP or hindering your progress.

Its invite only bc I don't want it to be a big server, and anyone under 18 will be considered on a case-by-case basis. So DM me for an invite. While this should be obvious, but some people are obtuse, this is a trans-friendly server.

#QueerWriters #Writers #FictionWriters #DiscordServer #Discord #WriterSupport #Fanfic #SelfPublished #IndieAuthors

Noelle Mitchell 📚
3 days ago

"It turned out that anyone who received AI assistance was twice as likely to go with the bias built into the AI, even if their initial opinion had been different. People who kept seeing techno-optimist language pop up on their screens were more likely to say that social media benefits society, while subjects who saw techno-pessimist language were more likely to argue the opposite."

#AI #writing #essays #writers #tech #technology #news

Ben, Writing Movies :verified:
4 days ago

I almost forgot, happy #FeedbackFriday to all #writers on Mastodon. If you feel like you could benefit from advice, support or suggestions from your fellow creatives, simply use the hashtag to access a mile of beta readers and knowledge. We even have a Discord channel for sharing our work so join us - we're a friendly crew and everyone can benefit from an extra pair of eyes or two, right?

Sage Tyrtle
4 days ago

Only FIVE copies of Elkport left (the ebook process ran up against in insurmountable wall), want one? Near future speculative fiction:

"But here's the wonderful thing about Elkport: I might not be the teenager I was in real-1987 but I don't have to care because I'm never looking at my own face." - The King of Elkport, Sage Tyrtle

#GenX #GenerationX #Eighties #Nostalgia #1980s #WritingCommnity #Writing #Writers #AmWriting #Novella #NearFuture #SpeculativeFiction

IBM XT, white 1980s computer with a CRT monitor and a floppy disk drive.
RC Hopgood
4 days ago

Ha. Love it. Applies to writers, musicians and any others in the battle with AI.
#AI #humor #artists #writers #amwriting #writingcommunity #artistsofmastodon

Classic looking comics image (think Buck Rogers or Flash Gordon) A guy with a nice pompadour, funky shades and aviator jacket is pointing a very long barrelled gun to a robot.  The robot says "Surrender Artist! You are obsolete!" The artist (with the gun) responds "Obsol-Eat deez nuts, Tin Man!"
Robert Kingett
4 days ago

I run a free calls for submissions list for writers. No junk, just submission calls! Subscribe via email at, or RSS, at #Publishing #WritingCommunity #Writing #Writers #Writing

RS, Author, Novelist
4 days ago

Introduction (#writingWonders 6.1 — Intro Day)

I am a feminist SF writer, more details on my profile. I'm planning on pinning this post to my profile, so it will change over time. Since I write a lot of #microfiction / #suddenfiction for #Mastodon, here is a pinned post of links to those stories:

On Mastodon, I am building a network of other writers by being both entertaining and informative, sharing what I learned the hard way. My motto: There Shall Be Content! My community goal is to help people with writing and to help them get over what's keeping them from completing stories. I'm also learning self-publishing as a business. I hope to push back the loneliness that's part and parcel of a solitary profession.

I follow serious authors, which means people diligently writing or working at completing stories or articles or anything containing words with the intent to publish. Whether that's #fiction, #nonfiction, #scripts, #comics or #manga, or #games, that's probably you. I read everyone's profile before following, and generally require some posts to ensure I'm making the right choice. DM me if your posts didn't follow you when switching instances. My timeline is full, so please don't feel bad if I miss something.

I will follow an #artist based on seeing interesting work. This can be #photography or hand drawn/painted #art. I am partial to #charcoals and #pastel, appreciate #sketch art, but love #watercolor (because I can't do that!), or just really good visuals. I will discuss what's great in what you post if wowed, or #critique if you're really close and I think I can help. I occasionally commission cover and interstitial art. I do fine art photography and have done wedding and event photography (

Last: *Did you entertain me? Did you make me think?" I may follow you. I have a weird sense of humor, which follows since many of my characters are snide and cynical.

That brings me favorites, that little star button. I do my very best never to click it to acknowledge I've simply read your post. My favorites generally mean something caught my attention, was particularly apropos to the idea, was entertaining, or somehow pithy. If I favorite replies in a conversation, that could be an acknowledgment. If I reply to your post, I've definitely noticed something!

I believe boosting is sharing, and I sometime wait a while to provide them better visibility. I appreciate when people boost my posts when they affect them in return.


#fiction #fantasy #sf #sff #sciencefiction #writing #writer #writers #author #writingcommunity #writersOfMastodon #writingWonders 6.1 Intro

RS, Author, Novelist
4 days ago

#Links to #Story Samples Written by R.S.

Over the past half-year, I've written very short fiction stories in my universe for #Mastodon under the #writingWonders hashtag. They're first citizen samples of my 1st person writing, my casual—made to be read aloud—writing style, and include my still evolving characters. None tally much more than 750 words, with a hard character limit set by my instance. I think they're an easy read. Some are based on my earlier works, some on works not yet written. With the exception of the excerpts, they represent the time off stage of the novel, between stories or scenes, or before future stories; or scenes rewritten from another POV that isn't in the story.

Most of what was written for Mastodon was written quickly, edited immediately, then posted. It could be better, but I've resisted more than revising typos or inappropriate words. Everything is experimental; nothing should be considered canon. So, each in roughly chronological order:


The Wanted Poster:
Wild Encounter:
Where Most Comfortable:
Friends Amongst Thieves:
The Masquerade Invitation:
Dream of Being Alive, of Laughter:
Love Can't Wait:
Trust Issues:
She has a Birthday in Autumn:

Excerpts with proposed titles:

I'm not the Thaumaturge You're Looking for...:
Not Chattel:
Dangerous Word Play:
Fight for Real:
Daemon at the Door:
Bling with Strings Attached:


"What do you envy about your closest friend?":
"Briefly describe your relationship with your parents.":*
"The three most important things in your life?":
An unusual question:
"If you could teach one subject...":
"What do you never leave home without?":
"What annoys you the most?":
"What do you find attractive in him?":
"What is your idea of a perfect day?":
"What attracted you to her?":
"Who Am I?":


Vignettes asking whether she's attractive:

[Author retains copyright to all posted words]

All my answers to #writingWonders can be found by clicking:

#BoostingIsSharing #CommentingIsCool

#fiction #fantasy #sf #sff #sciencefiction #writing #writer #writers #author #writingcommunity #1stPerson #writersOfMastodon #story #storySamples #excerpt
#microfiction < 500 words
#suddenFiction ~750 words

Noelle Mitchell 📚
4 days ago

Me: *discovers an author on Mastodon, decides to see if they have her book in ebook format on the Libby app*

Me: *finds out that the library indeed does have her book, and that I already added the book to my wishlist in November of 2021* 🤣

This happens all the time lol 😂

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Branwen OShea (she/her)
5 days ago

Inviting all #writers to join us for the fun and friendship of #WritingWonders. You can participate with a WIP or an already published book. Alina, Amelia and I have come up with some hopefully intriguing questions for June. For added fun, several questions are for your characters to answer in their voice. 😊
As always, play the days you want, skip the ones you want. Looking forward to seeing all your answers, finding great books, and meeting new friends. Here you go!
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Questions for the daily #WritingWonders game. If you need these in text form, please contact me, as they won’t all fit here.
5 days ago

I got the Ulysses writing app a while ago to try out (didn’t take and I never wound up using it but still get email from them. Today, I got a newsletter from them that began with this. Writers. Is this the kind of company you want to support? I know I don’t. Wish I could go back in time and not have subscribed to them. #WritingCommunity #writers #Ulysses

It reads: **| love Elon Musk**. Elon is one of my favorite people on Earth, on the Moon, and of course on Mars. He's a great innovator, probably a fantastic lover and an overall nice guy. I wish I was as smart as him. Or just 1% as smart as him. I also love Twitter and what he has done with it.
Twitter was great before Elon, and it's much better now. It's a haven for free speech, a civilized marketplace of ideas, and it should be the blueprint for all social media apps going forward. I also applaud it for teaching kids how to behave in public.
Nick East (Indie Writer)
6 days ago
Sage Tyrtle
6 days ago

I started this free online writing group because I wanted people to have a place to come where they could write to prompts and then share (or not share, also totally cool) their writing.

If you…

* Enjoy spending time with other writers in a supportive, friendly group.
* Like joy and cooperation and giggling a lot.
* Are respectful and kind…

This group is for you!

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Wow this book. So validating 💫

Thank you @gabrieldane for the book recommendation!

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Cover image for The INF] Writer Cracking the Creative Genius of the World's Rarest Type by Lauren Sapala

What do you do when you're down? Are you able to cheer up on your own or do you need help? New TTO writer, Jennifer Bolanos could use some help.

Let Me Know If I Can Do Anything

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N S Ford
6 days ago

Celebrating 6 months of The Indie Books & Authors Newsletter with an indie books series special!

A friendly, free Newsletter for #indieauthors #writingcommunity and supporters of #indiebooks - nearly at 100 subscribers!

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Matthew Loxton
1 week ago

What role do you think Vincent has at the hospital?

"Vincent was a vaper. He was also a skaterboi, an edgelord, and a right royal pain in the neck to the hospital quality & safety program office without them ever knowing it. At 48, his skin revealed a lifetime of exposure to the sun, and his Mowhawk would have been a salt and pepper mix if it were not for the purple and green colors he maintained."


Yahia Lababidi
1 week ago

Pleased to have 4 #poems featured in Live Encounters #Magazine : showcasing leading academics, #writers, #poets, #activists of all hues etc. from around the #world.

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Nick East (Indie Writer)
1 week ago

In the great show don't tell debate, I prefer my things too horrifying to be shown 😂

@horrorbooks @bookstodon @bookstadon @books

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Mark McElroy
1 week ago

So, #writers and #writingCommunity ... can we chat a bit about traditional #publishing vs. #SelfPublishing?

Do you think non-fiction is a better fit than fiction for self-publishing?

Do you think pursuing agents, navigating contracts, and courting publishers is a waste of time in 2023?

Do you value self- and traditionally-published books differently? Do traditionally published books retain a kind of glamor over self-published books?


Dr. Zalka Csenge Virág
1 week ago

I am sharing this one because POSSIBILITIES

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AskReddit post:
If authors "covered" novels, the way musicians cover songs, which novel would you be most excited to read?

Answer 1:
Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy by Terry Pratchett
Rip my boi

Answer 2:
Dune, by Terry Pratchett
Kevin RR :verified:
2 weeks ago

📕 As #writers and #authors how do you come up with character names for stories?

Please #boost for most participants in this #poll and follow #ClinicalNovellas for more #polls , stories, and #writing tips.

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Alina Leonova
2 weeks ago

Hey #WritingCommunity can you recommend a good proofreader you've worked with? I'm making the last changes based on my editor's notes, and I'd love someone to take one last look at the manuscript before I publish.

#writers #AmWriting

Cleo of Topless Topics
2 weeks ago

is anyone on my corner of the fediverse a fan of or themselves a #contentCreator (#youtube #twitch #tiktok #instagram #peertube #pixelfed etc-anything, really)? if so, please connect with me!

i know it's gauche to ask for boosts on the fediverse, and normally I never do. but every time I search for #contentcreator on my own instance I get NOTHING, and I don't want to have to make a half dozen accounts on other instances to find other creators either. if I could just establish a network of fellow #creators (preferably #videoCreators, but #artists, #writers, #photographers etc are fine also) here on my home account, that would be wonderful.

maybe I could even find some creators to say hello to at #anaheim #vidcon in three weeks 😁


This is one in a sea of hundreds of such posts you have seen.

I am trans, suffer from extreme depressive disorder and just over one year sober.

I have crippling social anxiety. Finding work is a bit harder than it needs to be.

I would super appreciate help with rent, medical and quality of life.

Venmo/CashApp help is most immediate and useful.

I still really need $400 a.s.a.p. -I lost the overdraft protection I was given to medical. New medication was really expensive. $400 would cover costs for a few things and relieve pressure in general for about a month.


I have some in my gofundme towards my surgery, would be swell to have more to cover my FFS when that comes. There is a new time frame for this and it would be swell to have something secured before it gets too close.


My YouTube could help me get more cred and exposure. Please go Subscribe and share. Will up the chances of it growing better!


If you have any gig style job like voice acting, video edits, original music, graphic design (I am ok), writing for your OC or TTRPG or any number of things, let me know.

Seriously. I work fast and will be happy to work with anyone.


I have never had such a loving community. Never have had a community like this online. I would just drift alone in the cyber ocean. It now feels like I am traveling with some of you.

If you have other social networks, please repost to those. I do not use fb, insta, whats, tic, twit, snap or generally anything other than Youtube and this.

🖖🏳️‍⚧️🦇🖖​💜​🖤​🖖​​🖤​💜​ 🖖🦇🏳️‍⚧️🖖

VENMO - nailsthatglow
CASHAPP - $nailsthatglow

​🖖🏳️‍⚧️🦇🖖​💜​🖤​🖖​​🖤​💜​ 🖖🦇🏳️‍⚧️🖖

My Venmo and CashApp will help with meds and living expenses. gofund me is most helpful for bigger stuff.

Much Love is felt! I have so much love for all of you!

Another big thanks to those that have helped me out so far!
It is wonderful to feel that support.

#trans #crowdfunding #lgbtqia #disabled #medical #transition #transfem #nonbinary #queer #Transgender #translivesmatter #writers #Neurodivergent #socialanxiety #transhealthcare #rent #Identity #writingcommunity

🦇​🖖🏳️‍⚧️🦇🖖​💜​🖤​🖖​​🖤​💜​ 🖖🦇🏳️‍⚧️🖖🦇​

I love you!

Amazon Wish List




VENMO - nailsthatglow
CASHAPP - $nailsthatglow

Purple and pink light on a space cat with a cute smile standing in front of a green screen
RS, Author, Novelist
2 weeks ago

@gruber Oh noes! IMy #iPad Pro never seemed to be slow for anything... This is unexpected. (I probably thought this about my original Fat Mac in 1985.)

Speaking of which, the image is a B&W of the interior of my original Fat Mac (MacIntosh 512K: Taken with a iPhone 14 Pro Max 1 second exposure.

Enlarge the image and look at the signatures of the original staff that made the MacIntosh a product.

I bought in 1985. While I do most of my writing on the iPad Pro, I wrote my early novels on this machine and thought it would last forever. I wrote my first novel on an Apple ][.

#nostalgia #mooreslaw #macintosh #apple #photography #writing #writers #fiction #sf #writersOfMastodon #author

This is a B&W of the interior of my original Fat Mac 

Note the *signatures*.

I bought in 1984. I wrote my early novels on this and thought it would last forever. I wrote my first novel on an Apple ][.
2 weeks ago

This week just a small number of posts featured on #Tech #Journalists #Writers #ActivityPub, #Wikimedia and more.

Thanks to: @adamsdesk

Great posts to help people find accounts to follow 👏 .

#FollowFriday #BeFound

2 weeks ago


We're looking for Dragon Age fans who are #Writers #ArtistsOnMastodon Betas/Editors, or #GraphicDesigners to join us in creating this year's charity calendar: Compendium Pactorum- a focus on Dragon Ages' Countries and Factions.

Proceeds are going to

✨We could really use more applications from writers, bets, and graphic design!✨

More information is available on our website ( or the original masto thread (

Tags: #DragonAge #DragonAgeAnnual #FanArt #FanFiction #FanFic #Writing #WritingCommunity #Zines

2 weeks ago

I've been meaning to put together a website for authors of sapphic fiction for years now, and today, I finally launched the Sapphic Quill!

Check out the blog on writing, publishing, and marketing sapphic fiction as well as my list of cross-promotions:

#SapphicBooks #WritingCommunity #Writers #LGBTQWriters #SapphicWriters #SapphicMigration @sapphicbooks

The Sapphic Quill - Website for authors of sapphic fiction
WGGB - the writers' union
3 weeks ago

Good news for BBC audio drama writers

WGGB has negotiated a 4% increase on minimum fees (effective 1 April 2023)

You can find the new rate card and full details on our website

Just one of our many wins for #Writers - if you're not yet a member #JoinYourUnion

Eva Amsen
3 weeks ago

Coworking for #scicomm folks and #science #writers starts in 40 minutes in the coworking Discord (video channel).

Writing Blind
3 weeks ago

Looking for a writing friend. Someone I can chat with about writing, projects, and stuff like that. I write horror and weird fiction, but I'll talk to anyone from any genre. Let me know if you're interested. #fiction #writing #horror #weird #WritingCommunity #Writers #books

John Howes
3 weeks ago

@stefan I started out on because I had no idea what I was doing (like many in the great Twitter exodus of November 22).

I've stayed here as I found following hashtags was a great way to meet users on other instances. In my case, other #writers.

I've come to the conclusion that as long as your instance doesn't tolerate abuse (mine doesn't), then it doesn't really matter where you are. We can still connect.

#fediverse #Writer #WritingCommunity #JoinIn

Catherine Friess
3 weeks ago

🏆Huge congratulations to the #WMCNA winners🏆
I'm excited that my worms made it onto the #shortlist - thank you
#WriteMentor #AliceBartosinski #CharlieCastelletti #SanchitaBasuDeSarkar 🐛
Videos of #writers reading their opening pages are in the #blogpost:

3 weeks ago

The "Pillow Writers" - an ME/CFS writing group - posted photos of pillowcases they sent in for the May 12th #MEAction event in Washington, DC.

#MEcfs #LongCovid #MillionsMissing #MEAwarenessDay #PillowWriters #Writers

David August
3 weeks ago

Here Justine Bateman’s thread lays out a case for why AI in entertainment must be addressed now, protections created or writers, actors and directors may not have a profession or career at all very soon. Writers Guild (WGA), SAG-AFTRA and the Directors Guild of America (DGA) are fighting for our professions to exist at all.

#WGAStrong #SAGAFTRAsolidarity #WritersStrike #ArtificialIntelligence #writers #actors #directors #film #tv #actorslife #writerslife #directorslife #UnionStrong #union

Screenshot of tweets by 
I want to talk about Al and how it will affect you.
I'm a former SAG Board Member and former
SAG Negotiating Committee member. 
l'm also WGA and DGA. 1/ 
3:04 PM • 5/13/23 

As a coder and someone with a computer
science degree I want to tell you where I believe Al is going. 2/
1. Al-written scrips & digitally-scanned actors
STRIKE (image and/or voice). Both already exist.
Some talent agencies are actively recruiting their clients to be scanned. You choose the projects and get 75 cents on the dollar. 3/
Screenshot of tweets by 
@JustineBateman • 2h
Your digital image can be triple and quadruple booked, so that bodes well for a 10 percenter. 4/ 
2. Films customized for a viewer, based on their viewing history, which has been collected for many years. Actors will have the option to have their image "bought out" to be used in anything at all. 5/
3. Films "ordered up" by the viewer. For 
example, " want a film about a panda and a unicorn who save the world in a rocket ship. 
And put Bill Murray in it." 6/ 
4. Viewers getting digitally scanned themselves, and paying extra to have themselves inserted in these custom films. 7/
Screenshot of tweets by @JustineBateman 
5. Licensing deals made with studios so that 
viewers can order up older films like STAR WARS and put their face on Luke Skywalker's body and their ex-wife's face on Darth
Vader's body, etc. 8/ 

6. Training an Al program on an older hits TV series, and creating an additional season. 
FAMILY TIES, for example, has 167 episodes. 
An Al program could easily be trained on this, and create an eighth season. We only shot seven. 9/ 

Al has to be addressed now or never. I believe this is the last time any labor action will be effective in our business. If we don't make strong rules now, they simply won't notice if we strike in three years, because at that point they won't need us. 10/end 

Addendum: Actors, you must have iron-clad protection against the Al use of your image and voice in the SAG MBA or your profession is finished. Demand it from @sagaftra and do not accept any AMPTP proposal that does not have it.
3 weeks ago

Just one more week open for applications. We're looking for Dragon Age fans who are #Writers #ArtistsOnMastodon Betas/Editors, or #GraphicDesigners to join us in creating this year's charity calendar: Compendium Pactorum- a focus on Dragon Ages' Countries and Factions.

Proceeds are going to

We need artists for the calendar and merch, writers for the calendar, and production support to help us make sure everything gets out in high quality!

More information is available on our website ( or the original masto thread (

Tags: #DragonAge #DragonAgeAnnual #FanArt #FanFiction #FanFic #Writing #WritingCommunity #Zines

A banner with a grey marble background. In black art deco font it reads "Dragon Age Annual". There is a gold sunburst behind the O in "Dragon". Beneath in teal text of the same font it reads "Contributor Applications Now Open". The banner has a gold double border in an art deco style.
A.L. Blacklyn
4 weeks ago

Dear #authors and #writers,

Because my budget is only enough for a domain renewal, I'm looking for free multipage website hosting options.

• Weebly
• Neocities
• and...?

The options have shrunk over the past several years. However, I like to believe there are more than these.

What am I missing?

4 weeks ago

Working on a new short story of my own, but still taking Editing and Coaching clients. #freelanceeditor #writers #editing #writing #writingcommunity