The Grand Teton 4199m (13,776ft), Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming (2019).

#NationalPark #GrandTeton #Wyoming #Landscape #Photography #LinuxPhotography #Darktable

Extremely jagged snow covered mountain peaks. A few conifer trees are in the foreground.
Martin Rundkvist
4 days ago

Gerald Livings:

"The #abortion ban in #Wyoming has been BLOCKED by a judge, due to a 2012 amendment to the state constitution that was meant to spite the Affordable Care Act, aka #Obamacare.

The Wyoming GOP wrote into their state Constitution that 'each competent adult shall have the right to make his or her own #healthcare decisions.'

So ironically, #Republican attempts to make life harder for people have once again been thwarted by their own attempt to make life harder for people."

A. Hofmann :mastodon:
5 days ago

#GuteNachrichtenSamstag 🌎

🇺🇸 Um Obamas Gesundheitsreform zu blockieren, schrieben die Republikaner in #Wyoming 2012 den Satz in die Verfassung, dass jede:r Erwachsene über die eigene Gesundheitsvorsorgung bestimmen dürfe.

#GuteNachrichten-mäßiger Weise können sie deswegen nun Abtreibung nicht verbieten.


5 days ago

Woman who torched #Wyoming #abortion clinic busted by feds

Lorna Green, 22, was formally charged with arson of a facility engaged in interstate commerce.

She was booked into Natrona County Detention Center on Tuesday afternoon. She was arrested the same day, said the Casper Star Tribune report.

Green spoke with authorities on Tuesday after they searched her family home in Casper. She told investigators that she was in fact the suspect from the videos and photos.

Green Hombre
5 days ago

The Nation: The GOP’s War on Obamacare Is Screwing Up Its War on Abortion

'...the ballot measure passed by Wyoming voters in 2012 to amend the Constitution was sold as necessary to prevent “undue governmental infringement” on health care decisions."
#abortion #AbortionRights #Wyoming #USpol

6 days ago

@imillhiser Via Ian Millhiser: “Republicans just got a painful reminder that their political stunts can backfire.”

#abortion #law #healthcare #wyoming #ACA

6 days ago

@taniel @bolts
Could it be that #Obama was the one playing multidimensional chess?
#Wyoming #AbortionBan #ObamaCare

Al Andersen
1 week ago

#PinkShootingStar (Dodecatheon conjugen) #wildflowers set against a background of green grass at #PebbleCreek in #Wyoming's #YellowstoneNationalPark. Also known as bonneville, desert, or slimpod shooting stars.

#MacroPhotography #photography

MistressPrime :verified:
1 week ago

#Abortion is legal again in #Wyoming after a Teton County judge Wednesday temporarily blocked a new ban on the procedure while a new legal challenge winds through the courts.

“Wyomingites voted into law that they have a fundamental right to make their own health care decisions, and by doing so, they also agreed that the state can put necessary and reasonable restrictions on that, as long as there’s no undue government infringement upon those rights,” Teton County Judge Melissa Owens said.

#AbortionRights #MyBodyMyChoice #prochoice

“(Judge) Owens said the court needs to further inquire if abortion is health care and whether it can be established that the new law is a reasonable and necessary restriction that has not placed undue #government infringement on citizens…

‘The state cannot legislate away a constitutional right. It’s not clear if #abortion is or isn’t #healthcare. The court has to then decide that,’ she concluded.”

#Wyoming #Choice #ReproductiveRights #women

(HT @w7voa)

News Breaking LIVE
1 week ago

#BREAKING: Judge temporarily blocks Wyoming abortion ban, making the procedure legal again while court challenge proceeds - AP

#breakingnews #abortion #wyoming #courts #politics #roevwade #roevswade #court

1 week ago

Message from @barkflight: "Watch Duty is looking for volunteer reporters in Colorado, Wyoming, and New Mexico.

If you’re interested, go to and fill out an application. Have questions? Email me at" #wildfire #scanners #fireseason #colorado #wyoming #nm #co #wy

1 week ago

👏🏻 #Abortion will again be legal in #Wyoming — at least for now — after a judge temporarily blocked a ban that took effect a few days earlier

Steve Herman
1 week ago

A judge has temporarily blocked the #abortion ban in #Wyoming.

Martin Nutty
1 week ago

@TonyStark @dbattistella

Ah yes #Wyoming legislature and governor leading the way back to the stoneage

Caveman asking “what year is it?”
1 week ago

Abortion-rights supporters filed an amended lawsuit Tuesday seeking to block Wyoming's new abortion pill ban from taking effect...#Wyoming..#GOP..#choice..#whitenationalism

Bruce Mirken
1 week ago

The "party of small government" moves to exert even tighter control over women's bodies. #AbortionRights #Wyoming

1 week ago

In the aftermath of banks’ horrorshow: Law Decoded, March 13–20. - A week after the twinning collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) a... - #siliconvalley #signaturebank #europeanunion #congress #wyoming #binance #banks #court

Steven Saus [he/him]
1 week ago

From 20 Mar: Wyoming Becomes First State to Outlaw the Use of Pills for Abortion The law is the only one in the nation to prohibit the use separate from an overall abortion ban and is part of a growing effort by conservative states to target the pills. - #uspol #abortion #wyoming #medication #ban

Poetry News
1 week ago

Oh, brave and noble women of Wyoming
You stand firm with your feet in the sand
A ban emerged to restrict your rights
But you fight on with great might
For your freedom in the land

#abortion #wyoming #choice #womenrights #ode #poetry

Wyoming was the very first US state to pass the woman suffrage law on December 10, 1869, and Wyoming women voted for the first time in 1870.

On Friday, Wyoming's governor, a man, signed a law banning women from accessing Misoprostol, a reproductive control medication, effectively stripping women of another form of autonomy over their bodies.

How American women are keeping it together these days I really don't know.


Poetry News
2 weeks ago

O Wyoming, we stand in wonder
At your governor's actions that blunder
Restrictions made firm
Will leave us all concerned
He has made laws without any ponder

#wyoming #abortion #restrictions #rights #ode #poetry

2 weeks ago

#Wyoming governor signs law outlawing use of #abortion pills

Wyoming Governor #MarkGordon on Friday signed into law a bill outlawing the use or prescription of medication #AbortionPills that was passed by the state's Republican-controlled legislature earlier this month.

Gordon, a Republican, signed the law as a federal judge in Texas considers ordering a nationwide ban on the abortion pill mifepristone in response to a lawsuit by anti-abortion groups.

#wyoming has officially banned abortion pills from being sold this is another assault on women's right to choose.

G Kearney
2 weeks ago

Wyoming’s GOP governor signs law banning abortion pills #abortion #abortionpills #wyoming #mail #cartoons

2 weeks ago

🤬 #Wyoming has become the first U.S. state to ban #abortion pills, adding momentum to an effort by conservative states to target medication abortion

2 weeks ago

#Wyoming verbietet als erster US-Bundesstaat die Abtreibungspille. Der Republikaner Mark #Gordon setzte das frauenfeindliche Gesetz in Kraft, dass medikamentöse Schwangerschaftsabbrüche verbietet. #AbortionIsHealthcare #AbortionIsAWomansRight #Mifepriston

🤯#Wyoming becomes first state to criminalize abortion pill - punishing providers with six-months in prison under new law

2 weeks ago

This week on #Halito, we talk about Joe "no more drilling on federal lands" Biden's approval of the Willow Project in #Alaska 🛢️ , new efforts for tribal co-stewardship in #Wyoming 🏞️, and potential rare earth mining in #Montana ⛏️ .

🧵 Links to full stories below 👇

#Newstodon #News #Journalism

2 weeks ago

Yufna Soldier Wolf is leading the first effort to establish a co-stewardship relationship between the #Indigenous tribes of #Wyoming and the Bureau of Land Management.

"The climb to achieve co-stewardship here will be steep. The BLM has not released a conservation plan for the Red Desert in roughly 30 years," writes @siisiikostagner

Read her interview with Soldier Wolf here:

Rocky Mountain Caving
1 month ago

Seeking an interesting paid summer karst opportunity? GSA's GeoCorps is seeking a qualified student candidate to inventory caves in the Bridger-Teton National Forest. Deadline is March 20. #caves #Wyoming

A view of an alpine lake and rugged cliffs in Wyoming's Teton Mountains.
1 month ago

@_L1vY_ @ErinInTheMorn This is awesome strength. I have a soft spot for #wyoming and I love this. Keep at it!

Bill Minarik
1 month ago

Mammoth skeleton on display at the Southeast Wyoming Welcome Center near #Cheyenne, #Wyoming. #FossilFriday

Mammoth fossil on display near Cheyenne, Wyoming.
1 month ago

Sunshine, bicycles, and snow. This view comes from the southern part of the Northern Rockies, in Wyoming, and shares features common to the area: winter sun and wide open spaces. Image credit State of Wyoming (Road conditions and current weather via web camera in a route-by-route collection assembled by the National Weather Service at ) #wyoming #wywx #interpretation #publiclands #photography #landscapephotography #winter #travel #newtopographics #bicycle #bicycling

1 month ago

"When they’re permitted, wind farms are allowed a certain number of eagle 'takes,' as they’re called. That means how many eagles the spinning blades are allowed to kill every year. When the farm exceeds its takes, the company gets fined."

Biologists say #Wyoming wind farms are killing 28% of local eagle populations---probably more.

When they’re permitted, wind farms are allowed a certain number of eagle “takes,” as they’re called. That means how many eagles the spinning blades are allowed to kill every year. When the farm exceeds its takes, the company gets fined.  

Wind farms in Wyoming have faced high-profile fines for killing eagles. In April, NextEra Energy pleaded guilty to violating the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and was ordered to pay more than $8 million. Duke Energy, which operates a few wind farms in Wyoming, was fined $1 million in 2014 for the deaths of 14 golden eagles; and PacifiCorp received $2.5 million in fines for 38 eagles killed by its turbines. 

 In his comments, Kilty calculated the impact to eagle populations of all the projects in the area of the Two Rivers Wind Project. The total bald eagles legally killed annually by wind farms would be 28.2% of the population in the area. 

“What sort of population of any type could withstand such mortality?” Kilty asked the BLM.  

Lockhart told Cowboy State Daily the mortality is likely higher.
1 month ago


Like those #Christian fundamentalists who moved to #Mexico so they could keep f**king - "marrying" - underaged girls in their #cult

Also, #rightwing #politicians fighting to keep #ChildMarriage in #Wyoming right now.

1 month ago

' Life without the local college is a reality that more rural areas are having to contend with (even if the closure of a public university is still exceedingly rare). Since 2016, more than 90 public or private nonprofit colleges have closed or been marked for closure...

“In West Virginia, we’re robbing from the poor towns and putting wealth into richer towns,” Montgomery Mayor Greg Ingram says. '

#HigherEducation #SmallTowns #WestVirginia #Wyoming #NorthCarolina

@JDS all of their teachers and Scout leaders made it seem normal to groom them. Nite they are older they do the same shit. Esp the church voters and those from #wyoming #marrying their young cousins. Of both genders probably. #JustWhatIReadSomewhere.

1 month ago
US Dept of Shitposting
1 month ago

"The #Wyoming #Republican #Party is seeking to kill a bill working its way through the state Legislature proposing to raise the state's legal marriage age to 16, arguing that putting 'arbitrary' limits on child marriage interferes with parental rights and religious liberty."

I guess it's not being a #pedo or a #groomer if you call it "religious liberty."

2 months ago

Sunrise over Yellowstone Lake (2017, by me) #photography #NaturePhotography #Wyoming

2 months ago

There is only one #coal power plant remaining in the #US that it would not be cheaper to shut down and replace with renewables. Fortunately, it's in #Wyoming and not Pennsylvania :D

David Waldman
2 months ago

1 in every 295 residents of #Wyoming has died of #COVID-19.

Curated Climate Search
2 months ago

New Wind and Solar Are Cheaper Than the Costs to Operate All But One Coal-Fired Power Plant in the United States


Read more at: https://UncensoredNews.US/coal

#wind #climate-change #clean-energy #wyoming #coal #solar #climate #climatechange #climatecrisis

Nathan Lorenz
2 months ago

Total Eclipse of My Heart - Two unedited, except for cropping photos of the August 21, 2017 total eclipse as viewed in the Grand Tetons. I still describe this as one of the most majestic, awe filled and mystic experiences of my life. #photography #eclipse #solar #solareclipse #astronomy #nature #wyoming #grandtetons #tetons

Total solar eclipse with a black circle ringed in a white aurora.
Total solar eclipse with a black circle ringed in a white aurora.
Nathan Lorenz
2 months ago

Dawn at Upper Teton View - Another shot from my favorite camping spot in the Grand Tetons. August, 2017 #photography #landscape #wyoming #tetons #grandtetons #mountains #rv

A group of RVs sitting in the shadow of one of the Grand Teton mountains which are wrapped in clouds
Matti Järvinen
2 months ago

#Wyoming passes legislation to _ban_ new #EV sales by 2035 to support local #oil & #gas industry.


David Hall 🍔🍕🍗🌮
2 months ago

Republican legislators in Wyoming want to BAN the sale of ELECTRIC vehicles by 2035 to protect their petroleum industry.

The entire GOP is run by children with oppositional defiant disorder.

#EV #ClimateChange #Wyoming #GOP

Brett Glass - WY7BG
3 months ago

Looking for folks in #Laramie, #Wyoming who might be interested in operating a local Mastodon instance. Interested? Reply or send a message!

That barn and those mountains (2019).

#Tetons #Barn #Wyoming #Photography #LinuxPhotography

An old barn with a grove of green cottonwood trees on the right. In the background are very tall and craggy snow capped mountains whose peaks are shrouded in clouds.
Bryan Hansel
3 months ago

A window from Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, USA.

#FensterFreitag #photography #LandscapePhotography #Wyoming #mountains

A photo of a mountain scene through an old cabin window.
Peter Noah Thomas 🌲
4 months ago

Jenny Lake is one of Grand Teton National Park's most popular destinations. The park's showpiece is Jenny lake, tucked away at the base of the Teton Range. Teewinot Mountain, Mount St. John, and Cascade Canyon may all be seen from the east shore. Visitors can look across the lake to Jackson Hole's valley from the west bank.

#Monday #PhotoMonday #Mountain #Mountains #MountainMonday #Nature #Photography #Photo #Landscape #LandscapePhotography #Landscapes #Wyoming

The Tetons rising behind Jenny lake towards sunset. The mountains are reflected in the lake.
Ian Livingston 🌪
4 months ago

Astounding wave #clouds surge over #Wyoming’s Bighorn Mountains

#wywx #khwaves #KelvinHelmholtz

(Photo: Rachel Gordon)

Kelvin-Helmholtz instability is shown in wave clouds over the Bighorn Mountains on Tuesday of this week.

The only thing the 11 remaining #ACA #Medicaid-expansion holdout states are doing by still holding out is denying 2.2 million poor people health insurance and their states its share of federal ACA money out of ideological spite, even though they are already paying federal taxes for it. There is no credible public policy justification at this point for these 11 states not signing up for the ACA money and saving their rural hospitals.

11 Holdout states which have not accepted the federal ACA money to expand Medicaid
Peter Noah Thomas 🌲
4 months ago

I found this old, deserted cabin on one of my hikes. I loved how the light was casting shadows along the walls and floor.

#WindowFriday #Windows #Photography #Photo #Hiking #Abandoned #Wyoming #Explore

Old abandoned cabin with a view out the window.
JQ Jacobs
4 months ago

#StandingStoneSunday #DevilsTower #Sunrise
Ancient tools have been found atop the massive basalt mountain, a site revered by and climbed by #NativeAmerican people today.
Also in WY, #BigHorn stone circle. I was unimpressed by the hypothetical #alignments:
#Wyoming #camping #archaeology #StoneCircle

Devils Tower, Wyoming, sunrise at a campsite, view from the tent.

The incredible Laramie, #Wyoming #tornado I intercepted while #StormChasing in 2018. Now on #Mastodon
#Weather #Pentax #Photography #wx

photo of a highly visible and photogenic tornado crossing the highway straight ahead
The Explorographer
4 months ago

These shots are from my favorite road in the United States, The Beartooth Highway. (Rt.212)

It's 68 miles (109.4 km)
Highest Point: 10,947ft (3,337 m)
Switchback Elevation Rise: 5,200 ft (1,600 m) to 8,000 ft (2,400 m) in 12 mi (19 km)

It's views are nothing short of spectacular and the road itself will leave you breathless.

Read more on my blog:

#explore #travel #photography #wyoming #montana

A mirror clear lake reflects a second lake beyond a framing of pine trees and stone.  Off in the distance is a mountain also reflecting in the first lake.
A high altitude panoramic photo of a field of winter grass leading down to a mountain lake.  A black mountain looms to the right of the lake, it's crevasses covered in snow. Overhead a storm moves in from the left of the frame giving way to clouds and sun rays shining down on the black mountain.
A black and white photo of the famous Beartooth mountain framed in the center of the shot. Shaped like a curved bears canine tooth. A dark flowing silhouette is in the foreground with mountains showing all the way off to the horizon framing the Tooth.
A photo from ten thousand feet looking down on a twisting highway far below. Mountains stretch as far as the eye can see.  Clouds and sun rays shine down on the valley  below.
Juan Melli
4 months ago

Fields of wildflowers in the shadow of the rising sun along the Teton Crest Trail in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.

#photography #landscape #nature #flowers #mountains #wyoming #hiking

A large, colorful field of wildflowers. The sun is rising just above a mountain in the distance, creating a triangular shadow in the field.
Peter Noah Thomas 🌲
11 months ago


I left that other place and hope to make some new friends here.

I live near Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, so if you like hiking, camping, mountains, and nature, maybe give me a follow. Onward to new horizons!

#Hiking #Camping #Poetry #Writing #Mountains #Photography #Wyoming #Nature #BeingHappy 🥾 🏕️ ✍️ ⛰️ 📷 🌳 😆