Kevin Bowen :xfce:
21 hours ago

Ooohhh. Just managed to figure out that it was the TamperMonkey extension that was fouling up #Firefox rendering of #XML doctrees. Tiny victories are mine today!

blake shaw
1 day ago

#SXML is the only way to use #XML, of course

2 days ago

Frage an die XPath-Experten: kann mir einer erklären, warum mein Prof einmal die Ausgabe in [ ] und ' ' setzt und einmal nicht? Ich kann es mir selbst nicht erklären und würde es gerne für die Klausur verstehen. #Studium #hsh #Hochschule #hannover #Informationsmanagement #berufsbegleitend #XML #rdf

2 days ago

Please note that these two formerly distinct workshops have been unified:
1) "Workshop sulle edizioni digitali: preparazione con codifica XML TEI e visualizzazione con il software EVT"
2) "Codificare (al)l’Infinito"
#aiucd2023 #DigitalHumanities #xml #tei

@_RyekDarkener_ @Fredman Stimmt, Pfand ist ja auch nur ein kapitalistisches Mittel.
Die nächste Frage wäre aber: haben alle Spezies dann dieselben Standards für Datenaustausch? Wenn ja, wäre es #XML, oder #JSON, oder gar das gute alte #CSV?

Programming Quotes
1 week ago

XML documents are much like humans they are cute and fun to deal with when theyre small but can get really annoying as they grow bigger.

— Andy Hunt


Amadeus Maximilian
1 week ago

My #May blog post is up! 🥳

This month, I’m sharing a method for generating custom #sitemaps with #Astro when the official sitemap integration isn’t flexible enough, for example when you want per-page `lastmod` values, instead of per-site ones, or have internationalised slugs the official integration can’t match to each other.

Enjoy it here: 😊

#webdev #tutorial #xml #jamstack #ssg #i18n

Peter Czanik
1 week ago

Listening to @msmeissn of #SUSE talking at the @opensuse conference about:

#SupplyChain #Security and Security #Automation Data: lost in a maze of #XML and JSON


Chris :donor:
2 weeks ago

Ich suche (#FediHire) eine/n Mid-Level #Developer, der/die verschiedenste Aufgabenstellungen und Sprachen anfassen kann. Es gibt kleine Scripting- und Software-Projekte in #pyhton, #powershell, #bash, #php, #sql, #javascript, usw. Darüber hinaus brauchen wir häufig API-Connectoren zu Netzwerk- und Security-Produkten, die meist mit #xml (z.B. für SIEM-Themen) und #json (z.B. für Automatisierungen) als Austauschformat nutzen. Fokus-Hersteller sind #ExtremeNetworks und #Fortinet. Interne Tools gibt es u.a. mit #Excel #Macros (#vba / #dotNET). Also wirklich vielfältige größere und kleine Projekte...

Meine Kollegin/Mein Kollege sollte also strukturiert und mit Planung an Projekte herangehen können, anstatt, wie aktuell die Projekte laufen "jede/r, der/die ein bisschen Scripten kann, schreibt irgendwie irgendwas, was niemand anderes mehr brauchbar nutzen kann".

#Vollzeit oder #Teilzeit, #Deutschland (Hauptstandort #Pforzheim), zu großem Prozentsatz #remote möglich.
#Jobs #FediJobs #getFediHired

(Details zur Firma im übergeordneten Toot)

Programming Quotes
2 weeks ago

XML is like violence if it doesnt solve your problems, you are not using enough of it.

— anonymous


2 weeks ago

Hi #rust devs!

Is there a package or method or anything that'll read a file in like std::fs::read_to_string() when you don't know what the encoding of the file is?

The #XML test suite has some random UTF-16 files thrown in, which I could easily redo in UTF-8 but that seems like cheating.

2 weeks ago

University of Edinburgh #XML 4th edition test suite, test invalid-sa-140.

<!DOCTYPE doc [
<!ENTITY e "<&#x309a;></&#x309a;>">

Apparantly this is valid in 5th edition but not 4th, but character #x309A is a combining char (COMBINING KATAKANA-HIRAGANA SEMI-VOICED SOUND MARK).

This is a valid character to start elements with, but I cannot find any parser that accepts it. I'm going to conform to standard but this is an odd one.

How could I miss out on #VisiData for so long? This might become my new favorite #CLI tool.

If you do _anything_ with data and enjoy working in the terminal, check it out. It can

• provide a #TUI for viewing and editing data in #CSV, #Excel, #SQLite, #JSON, #YAML & #XML files and quite a few more
• sort, filter, join and edit that data, across files and across formats
• convert between the formats (interactively or not)
• record & play macros
• be scripted in #Python

Programming Quotes
3 weeks ago

XML is like violence if it doesnt solve your problems, you are not using enough of it.

— anonymous


3 weeks ago

@kolev in the sense that both are based on #xml or that almost no one uses them?

Melanie S.
3 weeks ago

Ihr interessiert euch für #CitizenScience, könnt #XML und #Wordpress? Dann ist vielleicht die Stelle bei #GrussUndKuss an der ULB #Darmstadt in Kooperation mit der @tudarmstadt, der @unikoblenzde und der #hda etwas für euch:

Bei Fragen zur Stelle meldet euch gerne bei mir.
#DH #DHd

Just found the entire source of a small English thesaurus I worked on in 1998. It's all in XML. Oh dear.

Somewhere I have a really huge dictionary of English spelling and hyphenation. Good times.

#dictionaries #xml

Jonathan C. Dietrich 🌀
4 weeks ago

I love that I have access to the first folio version of Romeo & Juliet in XML as well, so that I can give it a similar treatment.

#XML #XSL #XSLT #TeXLaTeX #LaTex #TeX #PDF #Shaekspeare #romeo #juliet #firstfolio

O then I fee Queene Mab hath beene with you: She is the Fairies Midwife, & ſhe comes in ſhape no bigger then Agat-ſtone, on the fore-finger of an Alderman, drawne with a teeme of little Atomies, ouer mens noſes as they lie aſleepe: her Waggon Spokes made of long Spinners legs: the Couer of the wings of Graſhoppers, her Traces of the smalleſt Spiders web, her coullers of the Moonthines watry Beames, her Whip of Crickets bone, the Lath of Philome, her Waggoner, a small gray-coated Gnat, not halfe fo bigge as a round little Worme, prickt from the Lazie-finger of a man.

My first job writing code for proper money was as a teenager and involved me parsing huge (for the time) logs that were #xml using Java.

I remember thinking, "Oh, super easy, I'll be done in a jiff!", but quickly realised that the only way I knew to parse XML files was using the DOM api. Reading the XML files into memory was not an option as they far surpassed the 2 or 4Gbs of RAM I had at the time.

I was an entirely self-taught programmer so this sort of felt like an insurmountable hill.

David Megginson
1 month ago

@brunty OK, I'll admit, I love #XML too: I wrote two books about it and was a member of the original #W3C XML WG and chaired the XML Core WG afterwards. 🙂

But all the same, when I was chairing XML 2007, I did invite @douglascrockford to give a closing keynote about #JSON, just to remind the aficionados that there was more to #markup than XML.

Matt Brunt
1 month ago

@david_megginson "Nobody loves #XML"

Me! I do! I love XML! (seriously, with a DTD it's so much nicer, doesn't have whitespace issues like YAML, allows comments which JSON doesn't)

David Megginson
1 month ago

@brunty I think they all have their place. Coders love #JSON because it looks like code (non-coders hate it for the same reason). #YAML is great for config files, but gets awkward for more-advanced data. Nobody loves #XML, but I find that non-coders hate it slightly less than JSON, just because it looks a bit like HTML (many more people know HTML than know how to write code) and handles mixed content elegantly.

Still, complex data is complex, regardless of the representation.

Matt Brunt
1 month ago

Deployed a tool for a personal / #SelfHosted thing recently and it was configured using #XML

There was much rejoicing, no #YAML, no #JSON!

F# Online
1 month ago

FSharp.Data is a library for data access - XML, JSON, CSV including utilitis and strong typing based on schema or samples

The latest version is out now, courtesty of Phillip Carter in the F# community, enjoy!

#fsharp #fablecompiler #xml #json #csv

Jonathan C. Dietrich 🌀
1 month ago

Spent *hours* this weekend working on my


workflow but, I do *love* the quality of the end product.

#shakespeare #xml #xslt #pdf #texlatex #tex #latex #script #romeo #juliet #play

A two page spread of a well typecast script, showing the start of Act I, Scene iii of Romeo and Juliet.
1 month ago

got all the information needed for my next post on my Homepage. all about #java, #beans , #JavaBeans , #xml , #serialization , #javaswing ,#swing , #persistencedelegates, #awt and #badimplementationchoices.... if i would get paid for these posts i would even try to find out at what version exactly this behaviour was introduced...

Till Grallert
1 month ago

@offenesMA @robertcasties ich habe da eine XSLT Implementation für die Umrechnung on gregorianischen, altem und neuem julianischen, hijri, osmanischem Finanzkalender und koptischem Kalender für TEI Editionen geschrieben. Die Konverter sind allerdings unabhängig von TEI:

#Calendar #XML #TEI #JulianCalendar #GregorianCalendar #Hijri #CopticCalendar #OttomanFiscalCalendar

Guest post on @BL_DigiSchol blog by Isaac Dunford, MEng Computer Science student at the University of Southampton, on Detecting Catalogue Entries in Printed Catalogue Data:
#OCR #Transkribus #XML #Metadata

Raw ALTO XML for a page from volume 8 of the Incunabula Catalogue
Harald Klinke
1 month ago

Imagine articles become both human- and machine-readable, allowing for new possibilities like gaining insights via APIs.
Read my new post to learn more about the future of publishing:
#XML #Publishing #FutureOfPublishing #TransformingAcademia

Christophe SAUVEUR
1 month ago

Today I discovered a very weird situation in 2023.

xmllint, a tool designed to validate #XML files is not able to load resources, especially document type definitions (DTD) and XML schemas, if these are available through HTTPS.

The reason is that #libxml2, the library xmllint is part of, embarks its own HTTP client that does not support HTTPS.

That would not be an issue if a lot of tools were not relying on libxml2 for XML validation.


Alain MICHEL 🤓
1 month ago

Au cours de ces 30 années, les découvertes de nouveaux dispositifs techniques se sont enchaînées, en commençant par #HTML et #CSS au tout début en1995, puis #XML, puis #SVG en 2001 ; avec l'arrivée de #WebRTC, du #WCAG au début des années 2010, puis de #JSON en 2014 et #ActivityPub en 2018.
Depuis ces 30 années, c'est une suite incessante d'améliorations du #Web initial, sous la gouvernance du consortium #W3C.

Ian Brown :verified:
1 month ago

I'm a huge fan of StAX. I've implemented it a few times in my career. The only thing the #Java spec/interface fucked up was the parameter ordering.

/cc: Chris Fry @pmorelli

1 month ago

An diesem Stand wurde mir im Gespräch wieder klar, dass #XML-Skills in der #TechComm-Branche unverzichtbar sind. In meinem Lehralltag erlebe ich bzgl. Technologie-Akzeptanz zunehmend das Gegenteil. <Tja/> #tekom

Aussteller auf der tekom-Frühjahrstagung
1 month ago

Earlier today I gave an impromptu demo of how #XSD works to a coworker and you'd swear I just revealed Santa was real.

There is a simply enormous number of Devs whose only knowledge of #XML tech is second hand retellings of stories about how "Draconian" error handling was oh so terrible, ignoring that we don't use notepad anymore and have modern IDEs that sort everything.

I wonder how to fix this. I really need to get XSD working in xRust next I think, possibly before DTDs.

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
2 months ago

@ndw Reading your bio. I’m almost reluctant to point out that the same “worse is better” cycle applies to #markup languages.

#JSON was a reaction to #XML, #Markdown was a reaction to #HTML, and both have since acquired layers to add back what they threw away.

Ok, I'm modifying a #groovy based #Jenkins build script to read an #xpath value from an #xml file, and I'm a little disappointed that my google search for "groovy example to read XML xpath" didn't turn up a Go tutorial from Cheech Marin or Shaggy from Scooby Doo.

Like far out man, so like first define a new XmlSlurper. Slurper? Scoob, I could totally slurp me some tacos right now! Let me just gpath to the taco truck node! *Ruh-roh Raggy. rynrax rexcreption.*

I have a bunch of tasks in a bunch of issues that need to get done. I found that #GitHub doesn't expose the #TaskLists in the #API, so I used the @rOpenSci #RStats package {tinkr} (by myself and @maelle) to parse out these tasks with the power of #XPath and #XML

dubst3pp4 🎧️
2 months ago

Do you know any (XML) Schemas that describe books? Like DocBook but also for non technical books? #Ontologies #XML #schemas #books

2 months ago
Michael Connor Buchan
3 months ago

I never thaught I'd be saying this, but processing #XML from #C to turn #XHTML into #SSML with #libxml2 was an utterly *enjoyable* experience! I know right, in what universe is that possible? But props go to Daniel Veillard, Gnome, and contributors. It's fast, simple, and easy to understand, and everything just worked!

Ænðr E. Feldstraw
3 months ago

I was asked why I use an #xpath approach to read #xml files in #java, rather than #marshaling using #jaxb or #jaxws. Well: apart from not feeling like spending the effort to recreate the XML document in Java, marshaling relies relies on functionality that can be abused and exploited easily, as a result of the XML standards. At least with the #Saxon xpath library, that particular danger can be avoided. #cybersecurity

Nicolas Kosinski
3 months ago

Experimenting with #nushell and #xml 🧪

See the documentation for "from xml":

Experimenting XML parsing in a nushell session.
Doug Parker
3 months ago

@developit Could the error handling be done in some kind of dev mode? I know #Angular and #Lit both have the concept of "dev mode" for additional validation.

Personally I like the strict #XML approach, I just didn't realize #JSX was that strict (it's a new experience for me), and figuring that out took a solid 45 minutes of debugging which an error message would have cut down to 1.

Tomas Ekeli
3 months ago

why do we write our #buildDefinitions in other #languages than we build our systems in?

i mean, i #program in (mostly) c# and typescript, but have to program how to build and deliver my program in xml and yaml.

#xml and #yaml are not good #programming languages - they're data-storage-formats

3 months ago

Are there any good XML tools for the Mac? Looking for a GUI app that can read and parse XML.


SLUB Dresden
3 months ago

👋 Lust auf wissenschaftsnahes Arbeiten im Kontext von #OpenAccess, ein Händchen oder zwei für technische Lösungen inhaltlich spannender Fragestellungen und keine Angst vor #xml?

Dann ist dieser Job vielleicht der richtige:
Zur Verstärkung unseres Teams suchen wir eine:n Technische:r Koordinator:in (m/w/d) Open Access Publizieren!

➡️ Die Stellenausschreibung und alle Infos zur Bewerbung findest du hier:

Ein Schaufenster in dem ein "OPEN"-Neonzeichen hängt.

A small #POSIX #shell script that converts an #RSS (#XML) feed into a #Markdown table. Needs xmllint and #sed to work.

The sed command is a work of art, if I say so myself 😉

3 months ago

Habe mir einen #Vimeo-Account erstellt, um einige #XML-Tutorials aus den Onlinesemestern anzubieten. Ist zunächst ein Versuch. <Have_Fun/>!

3 months ago

χrust 0.8 released. 😄

Work on building out #xml support in #rust continues apace.

Take a look, let us know what ye think! 😄

@rqsd I hate #XML and #YAML...

I want #YADL with #TSV|s because Tabs are superior to spaces!

Weird — #Pleroma 's #WebFinger can return (#XML based) #XRD data (rather than just (#JSON based) #JRD data).

I think the expectation from IETF #RFC7033 is that — WebFinger returns JRD (i.e., JSON Resource Descriptor format).


I wonder if this causes any problems with any 3rd party client apps.

David Maus
4 months ago

Balisage 2023

Conference registration -- Done!

Application to be a Peer Reviewer -- Done!

Looking forward to meeting you all in the virtual rooms of Balisage.

#balisage #balisage2023 #xml #conference

David Bisset
4 months ago

The #XML spec is 25 years old today.

4 months ago

25 years of #xml today!

Here's to the next 25! 😄

Chris Hunt
4 months ago

Hey folks, we're looking for anyone in the community who can dive into a #python / c++ memory leak. This is to support an offline copy of Stack Overflow for communities that don't have reliable internet. #foss #xml

ackack (Andy)
4 months ago

@grumpygamer If you do need to work with XML, I've found @zeux's pugixml to be quite good. Simple to use and not as heavy as any of the others I've used in the past.

#XML #pugixml

4 months ago

@eibhear @anjou That reminds me that this year will mark the 20th anniversary of the first #RSS feed of the European Commission. Took me 6 months of wrangling with their lawyers. We also launched a user-customisable #XML feed generator.

I'd buy a cake and some candles, but those feeds are long gone now, so perhaps a memorial service for the #openweb would be more appropriate.