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#SundayScaggs At the Tsukuba Expo in Japan,1985. Band is freezing their butts off. But the show must go on, eh? Respect! #BozScaggs #ClassicRock #ClassicPop #YachtRock 🎵 🎶 ⛵️ 👍️ 😁

3 weeks ago

Fund des Tages:
Das Debütalbum von #ChristopherCross von 1980. Ein Meilenstein des #yachtrock
#Vinyl #Album #Grammy

Christopher Cross Vinyl-Album
„Chrome Dreams“, ein „verlorenes“ Album von Neil Young, wurde nun veröffentlicht. Musikliebhaber finden darauf schöne Versionen mancher Hits.
Verlorenes Album von Neil Young: Nicht mehr lost, aber ist es great?
Brian Knutson
4 weeks ago

In honor of #JimmyBuffet, I present you with this outstanding #YachtRock homage :

2 months ago

Get on the boat! Cruise onto a smooth summery vibe with this yachty mix, blending old-school/deep-cut classics with neo-yacht newbies — State Cows, Pablo Cruise, Joel Sarakula, Boz Scaggs, Mamas Gun, Surahn, Santino Surfers, Michael Franks, superGOODthings, and more!

#yachtrock #yachtrocknation #neoyacht

2 months ago

Sneak peak of a delightfully yachty, summery mix coming down the pike at the end of the week, blending classic/deep-cut tunes and recent neo-yacht discoveries. This one kicks it off:

#yachtrock #surahn #neoyacht

Fitness Gamer
2 months ago

Most are unaware of the roots of insurgency. It didn't start on battlefields or in the lines of radical texts.
It started when Michael McDonald infiltrated the Yacht rock genre with seemingly innocuous, but inescapably harmonized backing lyrics.

#yachtrock #michaelmcdonald #doobiebrothers #SteeleyDan #kennyloggins

2 months ago


"Long May You Run" - Did Neil and Stephen create #YachtRock on this record?

What's in my cans? Left Coast Seventies from @somafm #RockMusic #MellowRock Some of it might be #YachtRock LOL.

Paul Caggegi
2 months ago

Sat in a packed house listening to some awesome yacht-rock performed by these fine humans last night. You'd think "Camelot Lounge" would be some King Arthur theme. Nope. It's a lot of camels. #livemusic #yachtrock

Paul Andrews in boat captain's hat singing
Camel statue on overhang outside
Peta Caswell in boat captain's hat singing
Bryan Estepa singing in boat captain's hat and sunglasses, right hand waving
3 months ago

#edmotta is a gem and you should go listen to all his stuff. I spent a little time with AOR and Criterion of the Senses over the last couple of days. So much great writing. #jazzrock #yachtrock

S★m V★rm★
3 months ago

#YachtRock last night 😎

🛥️ 🪨 #music #guitar #LiveMusic #musician

A fancy old-fashioned sits in a plastic cup next to a printed Setlist of yacht rock tunes in the foreground, with a view out onto the lawn where the concert goers are gathering
3 months ago

#Toto #TotoIV #YachtRock
Who knew this shit was so good?

Dads FM
3 months ago

Join me again today for Marina Mornings starting around 10:30 eastern US time for a couple smooth hours of #yachtrock, #citypop, #aor, #jazzfusion and other polished cuts from the 70s and 80s.

Dads FM
3 months ago

A few things you'll hear this morning on starting around 10:30 AM eastern (that's in half an hour!)

Just hit 75 follows over there, thank you so much for making that happen

#citypop #yachtrock #vinyldj #djsontwitch #twitch #aor

LPs by maxus, tatsuro yamashita, eric carmen, and michael frank
Dads FM
4 months ago

Join me today and pretty much every Thursday morning at 10:00AM Eastern US time on for #yachtrock #citypop #AOR #jazzfusion and other smooth 70s and 80s cuts on vinyl ⛵️📻🌊

Eric Dannewitz
4 months ago

Good to see that the equipment theft that happened for Yacht Rock Revue didn't screw them up.


4 months ago

A stressful day tangling with idiots at work calls for some #YachtRock.

4 months ago

Pretty excited to be playing the Steely Dan catalogue tonight! Show starts at 7pm PT. Livestream details to follow! #steelydan #jazzrock #yachtrock
#bass #bassist

Bram Meehan
4 months ago

Yes, I know it’s not all certified #YachtRock, but getting out the old player for the annual free SiriusXM Memorial Day weekend is an important ritual around here.

A SiriusXM receiver showing Steely Dan’s “Any Major Dude” playing.
Eric Klein
5 months ago

This week's Bring the Ruckus mix is posted over on Mixcloud! K-Billy's Super Sounds of the 70s with songs from Redbone, Tom Jones, Neil Diamond, Christopher Cross and more!

#music #mixtape #70s #PopRock #YachtRock

Eric Klein
5 months ago

I'm about to go LIVE!!!

Come join me for this week's Bring the Ruckus mixtape!

We have a great conversation in chat about the music and see what shenanigans we can perpetrate.

No politics/religion.

This week: K-Billy's Super Sounds of the 70s!

The stream is here:

Twitch -

#live #stream #livestreaming #70s #PopRock #YachtRock

Dads FM
5 months ago

I'm one #twitch follower away from the affiliate milestone! If you're interested in #vinyl, #aor, #yachtrock, #citypop #jpop #70smusic #80smusic etc, please give me a follow there. Here's a highlight video from my last stream to give you an idea:

Dads FM
5 months ago

It's another morning vinyl stream with Dads FM! I hope to have brought enough coffee this time...

70s and 80s vinyl from my sleeping porch, starting at 10AM EST.

#vinyldj #rotarymixer #aor #yachtrock #vinyl #vinylrecords

5 months ago

What's your favorite "yacht rock" song?
I like "Southern Cross" by Crosby, Stills, and Nash.
The acoustic guitar with the accompanying bass line is so warm.
Some Steely Dan songs up there, too, like "Hey Nineteen".

Image of "Southern Cross" record by Crosby, Stills and Nash
5 months ago

@JamesWNeal I've never heard them mentioned as such either, but it just struck me how blatantly yacht-sounding they were, and I can't think of an earlier example. I'm calling it: #YachtRock started with #Bread.

5 months ago

@fc not sure about the "birth." Never heard Bread mentioned in that respect. But it's not like I'm a #YachtRock expert.

5 months ago

@JamesWNeal It occurs to me - could this be considered the birth of #YachtRock?

Flock of Nazguls
6 months ago

Yacht rock? Why yes, yes I do like #YachtRock.

6 months ago

Has the #SteelyDan contingent started migrating yet? Any of the #YachtRock crowd? Some #SmoothMusic fans?

I'm no hardcore DanFan, but I do have Aja on both CD -and- #vinyl and I enjoy the Dan banter.

Scott Matter
6 months ago

Is Traffic #YachtRock?

Will :toad:
6 months ago

Ep 3 of the #1619Project covers the birth of American music and it's a mindblower. The intro talks about the Black roots of yacht rock. If possible the episode deepened my appreciation of #SteelyDan who featured several legendary Black musicians. Bassist #ChuckRainey plays on classic SD tracks, from Home at Last to Kid Charlemagne & Bad Sneakers--described by #DonaldFagen as a #NewYork song. Love Rainey's playing.

#SoulSaturday #1619Project #yachtrock

Cynthia Wang
7 months ago

I chatted with Drive host Anna Vidot about black dramedy #RainDogs on #Binge; #docuseries #BackInTimeForTheCornerShop on #ABCTV and #TheSwap on #SBS; and #yachtrock series #SometimesWhenWeTouch on #ParamountPlusAU. Happy viewing, and join us Mondays after 5.40pm on #ABCRadioCanberra for What to Watch This Week! Photo courtesy of SBS. #tvshows #drama #comedy #documentary #australia

Photo courtesy of SBS: The Brisbane students participating in The Swap, a program designed by Ali Khadri, the CEO of the Islamic College of Brisbane, to broaden the experiences of teens across cultures and religions by experiencing their lives in each other’s home and school environments.
Professor_Kilroy :donor:
7 months ago

Yes, I listen to #yachtrock just to have some noise in the background while I focus on my work. I grew up on the stuff (along with other genres from the 60s, 70s, and 80s). Don't @ me.

Chillin with some #YachtRock from Soma FM. I bought their #ios app; it's easier on this tiny tablet.

Kommadieb 🌆
7 months ago

#30DaySongChallenge #Day13
»A song from the 1970s«

Another topic we made a podcast episode about some years ago. The Reaper, Teenage Kicks, Paranoid? All great, but would you mind joining me on my bike… or yacht? ⛵

🎵 Christopher Cross – Ride Like The Wind
💿 Christopher Cross (1979, 20. December :blobsweat:)

#TootRadio #YachtRock #1970s

Dave F
7 months ago

The ticket my 8 year old wrote me for listening to the wrong kind music 🎶. #yachtrock #shitMyDaugherSays

7 months ago

What are your favorite "yacht rock" songs?
I like CSN's "Southern Cross" and Steve Winwood's "Valerie".

Marshall Blathers
8 months ago

Hello #mastodon #musicians! I’m a pianist and songwriter, and I play keys of various types for a touring #yachtrock tribute based in #RVA. Last year, my band started a side project selling our own canned wines.

Favorite band: #steelydan
Favorite underrated band: #toymatinee

#IntroPost #introduction

Dads FM
8 months ago

Hello it's #bandcampfriday ! That means 100% of any money you spend on Bandcamp today goes directly to the artist.

This Friday I'm highlighting my #Ysides mix "South Pacific"—an hour of #southernrock #yachtrock featuring #dollyparton, #ronniemilsap and other greats.

Free to listen, pay-what-you-want to own.

And of course, I have merch, mixes, and edits available too!

#introduction Here's a new one, since I moved instances. When I pulled the string, on the Nice Dave doll, the attached is what I heard. My hashtag cloud is large and growing. It won't all fit here. Keep me happy by greeting, favoring, boosting, replying, including me. #gay #GayMastodon #Blind #Blindness #BlindMastodon #Linux #IOS #ScreenReaders #ClassicRock #ProgRock #YachtRock #EDM #ambient #pop #disco #seventiesMusic #EightiesMusic #NewWave

A rambling voice greeting and reintroduction.
Stuart Chalmers
8 months ago

Some smooth 80s #yachtrock from Rupert Holmes on a Sunday afternoon.

8 months ago

Mastodon #introduction:

I'm @emelenjr in many of the usual places. I play 🎹 and sing in a #yachtrock band, and I'm a partner in the band's side project, selling canned wine.

#RVA Northside is best side.

8 months ago

Blissfully setting sail in rejection of the notion that a gimmicky cash grab can't also be 🔥

#Vinyl #VinylRecords #YachtRock

A turntable plays "Now That's What I Call Yacht Rock" with the album cover displayed next to it.
Eric Dannewitz
8 months ago

Wednesdays rehearsal

#yachtrock #x32 #behringer

Proud to say I outlasted my assistants.

You can hear this picture at: #YachtRock #Dishes

Me in the right foreground with 2 sleeping babies in bouncers on the floor next to me
Dads FM
10 months ago

Last night's #vinyldj set at State Park in Cambridge is now available in high quality on #mixcloud:

5 hours(!!!) of #yachtrock #aor #jazzfusion #boogie and other smooth music. Listen and share!

Dads FM
10 months ago

Here's some music I have available on #Bandcamp:

I'm most proud of my #michaelfranks #jazzpop edit of his song "When Sly Calls"—I removed all the slow parts so it's just a solid jazz funk banger:

My mix series is called #YSides.

Y Sides 1 is weird and forgotten #yachtrock, recorded direct to cassette:

Y Sides 2 is covers and less-known original versions of yacht hits:

and Y Sides 3 is my favorite—an hour of southern yacht perfect for a bbq:

Dads FM
10 months ago

#introduction #introductions

Hi! I'm Alex. I use he/him or they/them pronouns. I'm in my early 30s. You might know me as @alex or for the @yachtbot bot.

I also run the 24/7 #70smusic #80smusic internet radio station @fm.

I've created this open-follow account to promote my DJ and merch-designing gig as Dads FM.

Sorry for the upcoming hashtag dump here...

I'm a #dj/#vinyldj who plays and collects #aor #westcoast #softrock #citypop #jpop #yachtrock #vinylrecords and #45s using a #rotarymixer. I also use #serato from time to time.

I have occasional #livemusic gigs around the #massachusetts #newhampshire #newengland area that I will post about here.

I also design and sell my own merch; some designs for sale on my #bandcamp (link in bio) are shown in two of the attached pictures.

I upload rips of rare records to my youtube channel (search "dads fm" there).

Follow me here if you like smooth music and pictures of any two people together with the caption #steelydan.

three citypop-themed bumper stickers; one for toshiki kadomatsu's After 5 Clash, one for Anri's Timely!! and one for Tatsuro Yamashita's Ride on Time
i'm djing on two turntables and a rotary mixer, i'm wearing sunglasses and a blue short sleeve shirt with sunsets on it. I'm wearing tan shorts. I am very tall so my head is inside the roof of the tent
a dads FM shirt I designed with merch designer Favorite Vegetable. It depicts an empty 80s radio booth with many many little references to yacht rock artists and songs. the tee shirt is light blue and printed in dark green/blue ink.
a close up photo of me playing records; there's a record weight on the turntable. i'm holding the sleeve of an al jarreau record

coming up today on LABR
1400-1600 UTC @brothersoul is live with the Midweek Workday chill mix selecting a more relaxed and free form collection of tunes for your midweek.

video simulcast with chat on our #owncast at

(stop in and request all hair metal power ballads and yacht rock. (djknobby was here)

or listen at

#np #fediplay #rock #hiphop #soul #rnb #house #powerballads #yachtrock

hello we are back and we are 30 minutes into a #yachtrock marathon in ASCENDING ORDER OF YACHTINESS. every song played will be yachtier than the last until we reach 100% yacht. listen along----

❗As of January 29 2021❗ FM has:

over 1200 songs 💿
in three languages 🇺🇸 🇯🇵 🇨🇦
that's 3.5 days of music 📆
not all of it #yachtrock
but all of it smooth 🌊


yacht thot
3 years ago

Not *everything* on #dadsFM is #yachtrock but basically all extant yacht rock will eventually get played on the station

yacht thot
3 years ago

ok!!! i am going to play more records this week!!!! it's rainy!!!!!

most people know "steal away," probably the most shameless "what a fool believes" ripoff ever to crack the top 10, but all of robbie dupree's 1980 self-titled debut is extremely yachty.

michael boddicker provides synths, bill labounty backing vocals. excellent rainy morning #yachtrock #nowplaying

a dark photo of robbie dupree's self titled debut on a turntable. there's a hazy rainy scene outside the window
yacht thot
3 years ago

Hi I swear I'm gonna post more here I just haven't had the time to spin clean the batch of records yet. in the meantime i'm listening to the 1980 peabo bryson album "Paradise" which has an extremely boss version of "minute by minute" on it #yachtrock

yacht thot
3 years ago

stating for the record that none of these artists ever recorded a #yachtrock song:

the eagles
fleetwood mac
jimmy buffett
the beach boys

yacht thot
3 years ago

hell yeah

keep the fire, from 1979, is a little country-tinged; kenny pretty much always stayed firmly on the rock side of yacht rock.

three tracks are certified yacht, including the indelible "this is it"; the opening track "love has come of age" (one of my favorites) just missed the boat at a 47.25 on the yachstki scale.

#nowplaying #yachtrock

kenny loggins' keep the fire on a turntable, there's a sunbeam coming through the window behind
yacht thot
3 years ago

the official #yachtrock spotify playlist by jd ryznar (in which every song has been rated over 50 on the Yachtski scale, see was updated last week for the first time in a year and now has a whopping 411 songs on it!

28 hours of yacht rock

yacht thot
3 years ago

one record i'm really excited about in this shipment is the 1979 self-titled solo debut from leah kunkel—i've been listening to it on spotify and it's unreal.

leah is mama cass's little sister; she married legendary soft-rock studio drummer russ kunkel (james taylor, carly simon, stevie nicks), who produced this record.

steve lukather is all over this, too. #yachtrock

Leah Kunkel album cover, it's a brunette woman with her hands on her hips, standing in front of a gray wall and smiling