8 hours ago

We spent part of our group meeting today reminescing about all the worse-than-YAML ways we used to pass parameters into software at runtime.

0) edit the code and recompile
1) it's all command-line arguments
2) "the first five lines of this text file are the first five parameters"
3) like (2) but you can comment the file
4) *&#^nig G4UImanager
5) painfully verbose XML
6) hand-editing JSON
7) the crazy Fortran2000 trick that MESA uses

anyway hooray for YAML #physics #yaml

John Bokma
2 days ago

StrictYAML, and A note on multiple inheritance in Python

#yaml #python

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Amin Khansari
3 days ago

Tips to have autocomplete and documentation when you code .gitlab-ci.yml in VSCode:

- Install
- Usually it will automatically detect the schema from the filename, otherwise add it explicitly to the first line : "# yaml-language-server: $schema="

This is true for all schemas available on
For #Json or #Yaml (Yaml is just a superset of Json)

#GitLab #Schema

Ivan Rodriguez
5 days ago

Here's one of my @medium articles I wrote back in 2022. Did you know that #YAML can be used as a #programming language? Find out more here:

Joe Hubbert 💻☁️
1 week ago

Submitted a couple of workshop sessions for M365Summit. Automation of deploying a SQL Server Always-On Availability Group using #Bicep, #YAML and #PowerShell. Second is deploying #PBIEmbedded into a AAD #B2C site with row level security using C# 🤞

Jason Reed
1 week ago

I suspect who ever came up with #yaml also likes to write code in esoteric programming languages.

Michael Zeevi
2 weeks ago

Do you prefer your #YAML lists indented or not?

- foo
- bar
- foo
- bar

(please boost to gather more replies to the poll!)

#syntax #indentation #prettify #code

2 weeks ago

Wie? Die Konfiguration von #systemd verwendet kein #yaml? Wie unhip ist das denn? So kann das ja nichts werden!

2 weeks ago

Years on I still don't understand why anyone likes #yaml and how it's become so widely adopted for config files.

2 weeks ago

Just came across LinkML, a flexible modeling language allowing you to author schemas in #YAML that describe the structure of your data.
Validate/generate #JSON, #JSONLD, #RDF, #SPARQL, #SHACL, #ShEx, #OWL.
Thanks to #omeNGFF for heads-up

What does everyone think of YAML?

#json #yaml #xml

Tomas Ekeli
3 weeks ago

why do we write our #buildDefinitions in other #languages than we build our systems in?

i mean, i #program in (mostly) c# and typescript, but have to program how to build and deliver my program in xml and yaml.

#xml and #yaml are not good #programming languages - they're data-storage-formats

Dmitry Osipov :emacs:
3 weeks ago

What if, just hear me out, #YAML, but with #LISP notation! :blobfoxcomputerowonotice:

We could've avoid so many grey hairs, burnouts and depressions. The world would've been 100x better place!

John Bokma
3 weeks ago

YAML: probably not so great after all and Don't Fear the Makefile

#yaml #json #make

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Maarten Balliauw
3 weeks ago

Hehehe... #yaml

Meme showing a guy looking at false, with a jealous Norway looking at the guy. That's YAML for you.
Holly Cummins
3 weeks ago

@kevindubois You've reminded me of my #yaml illustration :)

A person labelled 'cloud developer', innocently holding flowers, while a menacing robot looms behind them. The robot's arms are labelled 'spacing' and 'symbol parsing'.

It's all fun and games playing with #Camel K and Camel #JBang until your routes do absolutely nothing.... and after an hour of debugging you realize there's one too few tabs on a line in your #yaml 😑

3 weeks ago The bare essentials are up and running, but the cmake part seems to want to download javascript sources for the frontend, so a sandboxed ebuild is a no go for now. Other than that, it seems to be running fine, its simplicity in run jobs is also pretty neat, as I like #Bash over #YAML for this kind of stuff.

One potential downside I encountered was the inability to sort jobs into directories, but at this stage that's not a problem at all. Might also be easily fixed. Persistent workspaces might be something I could be interested in later down the line, for now it's fine. Pulls are done from a local repository anyway, and I can add
--depth=1 if needed as well.

So far, I think
#Laminar might be the best option I've encountered thus far!

stark@ubuntu:~$ :idle:
4 weeks ago


That's what makes #VSCode great. You get #extentions for everything. I think there are extentions that format #yaml to be more readable on a visual level without compromising the actual file. Allowing it to be shared and used normally. Check it out, I use VSCode to manage and read many different serialized file types.

stark@ubuntu:~$ :idle:
4 weeks ago


Yeah, but that was one of the selling points of #yaml. Ek love indentation and always use it. Even when writing embedded code.

1 month ago

Dyff is awesome and really helpful! Nothing more to say.

Thanks, @towo for posting about it.


Choan Gálvez 🐐
1 month ago

I do #music and #code. I love #emacs and #ukulele. These screenshots show (part of) the process of getting info about my books to the web.

One of them shows the #org table I use as a single-source-of-truth for book contents data, and below, the #yaml representation I use to build the site—using #hugo

The second picture shows a partial rendering of the page at my website that employs such data:

Screenshot of an Emacs screen showing an org table and its data once converted to yaml.
Partial screenshot of a website showing a listing of musical pieces with titles, details about key, tempo and duration, and score previews.
1 month ago

Whoop whoop - yq is kinda "jq for yaml" :

Bonus : yq ist able to transform json to yaml and vice versa 🤟

#jq #yaml #transform #yq

1 month ago

Whoop whoop - yq is kinda "jq for yaml" :

Bonus : yq ist able to transform json to yaml and vice versa 🤟

#jq #yaml #transform #yq

Noah Abrahams
1 month ago

It's tricky to block a line
To block a line that's right in line

Gerrit Kuilder
1 month ago

Nice part of setting up a new #server : you can do it right #docker for the win and #github to back up all the working #dockercompose #yaml files

«The yaml document from hell»
written by Ruud van Asseldonk

Lists a very nice series of gotchas, pitfalls and other hellness with #yaml

(via Les Cast Codeurs Podcast, episode 291 [French])

@rqsd I hate #XML and #YAML...

I want #YADL with #TSV|s because Tabs are superior to spaces!

Ayer me planteé si merecía la pena empezar a utilizar #quarto. Empecé a mirar la documentación, vi que había que editar ficheros #yaml y se me pasaron las ganas.

Till Grallert
1 month ago

@gerald @pekingente @natalie

I haven't tried it yet, but I am worried by these workflows overwhelming reliance on continuously refreshed exports of my entire #Zotero library. With the new annotation features #BetterBibTeX would trigger an export with every note and highlight added to a PDF (even though the annotations are not part of the export format). On my work-issued M1 MacBook the concurrent export and synchronisation with Zotero's servers causes frequent kernel panics.

As most writing doesn't require access to the entire library, it would make sense if #Obsidian, #Zettlr et al. would support linking individual bibliography files from the #YAML block instead of or in addition to a global bibliography.

1 month ago

I know y'all know it, but #devtoys is such a delightful app. A handy pack of tools for #json, #yaml, #jwt, #base64 and other kinds of #encoding, #hash etc.

Now I don't need to keep a ton of browser tabs opened 😅

1 month ago

To complement my studies of #rust, I'm trying to "port" (just an exercise for now) my sites from #Hugo (written in #golang) to #Zola. First task: convert all #YAML to #TOML

Jörg Kastning
1 month ago

Three things I really do not like:
1. Broccoli
2. #YAML multi-line strings
3. Tomatos

I exactly that order!

1 month ago

@kev and @mike, first off, thanks for admining / hosting #fosstodon !

Second I have a ton of experience in the #devops and #sre space, along with the ability to write some mean #yaml XD

Anything I can do to help contribute to the Infra and automation side of Fosstodon ?

1 month ago

YAML is often the language of choice when configuring complex environments. @tscherf helps you get started with YAML and the YAML parser yq #YAML #SystemAdministration #Python #JSON #tools #DevOps #configuration

photo looking up at trees with the sky and sun
1 month ago

Another drawback of generating code: It does not automatically adhere to your coding style. So just having an #EditorConfig is not enough, you absolutely need something else that fixes styling for you. That is especially a problem for something like #YAML, for which I not always have some linter setup.

1 month ago

When all else fails, check the #YAML. 🤬🤦🏼‍♂️

Leszek Ciesielski
1 month ago

Fuck #helm. Fuck #yaml. If I wanted to see a 20 line stack trace without any information about the actual error, I'd use #ruby.

Mario Rimann
1 month ago

Nice writeup on Yaml and all it's shortcomings and why many don't like it.
#yaml #config #rant

Sharon Machlis
1 month ago

I finally figured out how to add a favicon to a Quarto document on my Shiny server.
1) Upload the favicon to a www folder under the app directory
2) Create an html file in the app file, such as header.html, with the code
<link rel="shortcut icon" href="" />" />
3) Add this to the document YAML:
include-in-header: header.html

There may be better/easier ways to do this, but it worked for me.

#QuartoPub #RShiny #YAML

#XML offers built in schema validations, human readable structure, and is supported by every language/environment. I know long ago some tools abused it but the underlying concept is still valid. #JSON / #YAML lack such ergonomics that XML affords.

Can we PLEASE drop the past trauma and consider XML for data interchange for some types of complex data?

Justin du Coeur
2 months ago

This article just crossed my Slack conversation stream:

It concisely enumerates some of the footguns in #yaml, and suggests alternatives.

Having had a negative gut reaction to yaml since I first encountered it, it's good to have some confirmation that I'm not bring irrational. It kind of reminds me of PHP - too much ad-hockery, not enough underlying principle, not enough consistency. Not to my taste...

2 months ago

#yaml hell. Check YAML syntax! 😉

Fynn Becker
2 months ago

I like #YAML for basic configs and stuff like frontmatter because it’s easy to read and easy to write.

But for anything more complex it can get out of hand very fast.

The yaml document from hell,

More proofs that YAML is a _terrible_ format that must no longer be used/considered.

Alternative: TOML for example.

#yaml #toml #format

@pamelafox just ask CoPilot nicely and it will write some YAML for you!

This won't encourage you in your quest:


Eduardo Cuducos
2 months ago

So happy with the 100th ⭐️ on my #YAML plugin for #Neovim.

Thank you all for these tiny acts of kindness : )

Screen shot of GitHub timeline showing the 100th stargazer of cuducos/yaml.nvim
Phil Nash
2 months ago

I had a bit of a dive into yaml and wrote up a blog post on the pitfalls and footguns the data format offers us in the world of #JavaScript. Have you ever wondered how bad #yaml could be?

D. Moonfire
2 months ago

Today's self-inflicted maintenance was to teach Markdowny (NPM link) how to dump arbitrary YAML metadata of chapters into a Markdown list.

$ markdowny list ~/src/fedran/sources/allegro/chapters/*.md --template='- Chapter {{_number}} - {{{title}}} => {{{summary}}}' --trim-whitespace | head -n 2

Chapter 1 - Always Moving => While Linsan waits for her mother to come home, she bounces around on the furniture and talks to her father. She announces that she has named a violin her father is making Palisis and learns that the violin is for her father's first wife who got married to her mother's best friend.
Chapter 2 - Early Lessons => Years later, Linsan is learning how to play the violin from her father. The lesson is interrupted when Dukan, her father's best friend and manager for the business, visits in a panic to tell him that the family's workshop in the valley is on fire.

The default is pretty decent too:

$ markdowny list chapters/*.md | | head -n 3

Always Moving: While Linsan waits for her mother to come home, she bounces around on the furniture and talks to her father. She announces that she has named a violin her father is making Palisis and learns that the violin is for her father's first wife who got married to her mother's best friend.
Early Lessons: Years later, Linsan is learning how to play the violin from her father. The lesson is interrupted when Dukan, her father's best friend and manager for the business, visits in a panic to tell him that the family's workshop in the valley is on fire.

This uses Handlebars for formatting, so I can zero-pad (poorly), and generate the boilerplate I need to submit to my writing group. Or it can be used to generate an index page for a Gemini or simple HTML page from a novel.

[ #Gemini #Markdown #YAML #Writing ]

Mario Sangiorgio
2 months ago

My "yaml engineering" reached the stage where I gave up and setup dyff as the driver git uses to diff yaml files

#programming #yaml

@tebicat I prefer #YADL.

#YAML but with #Tabs instead of #Spaces, cuz Tabs > Spaces!

Ariel Richtman
2 months ago

Anyone know a #FOSS #YAML library for generating documentation? I'm looking to do #DocStrings in #GitLab #CICD files. I've seen a handful of options but they seem abandoned or very nascent.

#Python #DevOps #SoftwareEngineering

Florian Wilhelm
2 months ago

Sometimes I feel like #yaml was invented to proof the point that #xml actually is not a bad format.

Josh Bruce
2 months ago

#GitHub Actions problem?

I have two workflows for 4th Earth. One for #PHP 8.1 and another I just created for 8.2.

To create 8.2, I duplicated 8.1 and updated the version numbers. I'm receiving an already defined error:

It says line 34 column 9 - which is commented out #YAML. Meanwhile, 8.2 ran just fine.

Is this a GitHub issue or am I honestly doing something wrong?

Nicolas Fränkel
2 months ago

The #yaml document from hell

PS: I disagree with all alternatives. The only valid fix is XML - I'm serious!

@timbray Absolutely, I have written a small parser of #YAML on the top of PyYAML ( and God it was the most awful experience! It is absolutely powerful (comparing to JSON is ludicrous), but the result is so complicated that it is almost unuseable.

Jan :rust: :ferris:
3 months ago


> This means that loading an untrusted yaml document is generally unsafe, as it may lead to arbitrary code execution.

Ouch! 😳

#YAML might be the next "billion dollar mistake". Seriously.

It should actually be called "YACT" => Yet Another Compilation Target.

Regarding alternatives: definitely check out #KDL - pure love! ❤️

@zkat is the maintainer of it.

Terence Eden
3 months ago

Whenever I read a rant about #YAML or #JSON, it makes me want to spend more time promoting #KYLI - a far superior format.

@nova Thought on #YADL?

Instead of #YAML which uses #Spaces instead of superior #Tabs, it uses #Tabs and combines #TSV's with #Markdown...

Anyone want to play "spot the #YAML fail"?

AWSTemplateFormatVersion: '2010-09-09'


# ...

Description: Provision the CDN resources
Default: YES
Type: String
- NO
ConstraintDescription: YES or NO

CreateAssetsCDNResources: !Equals
- !Ref DoAssetsCDN

# ...

(assume `# ...` is valid)

Michal Bryxí
4 months ago

> Note
> When mapping ports in the HOST:CONTAINER format, you may experience erroneous results when using a container port lower than 60, because YAML parses numbers in the format xx:yy as a base-60 value. For this reason, we recommend always explicitly specifying your port mappings as strings.

#docker #yaml #OhGodWhy


Here's an example of a content .md file:

The information between the two sets of +++ are the frontmatter area. +++ refers to #TOML method while --- is #YAML. (I personally prefer the former, as in the example.)

To have categories and tags (a.k.a. "taxonomies") you only have to add:

categories = ["cat1", "cat2"]
tags = ["tag1, "tag2"]

Most themes have "categories" and "tags". If it isn't showing, it the theme probably doesn't support it. In which case, you have to add it manually.

This is where the /layout/ folder comes into play.

Each theme author places their code in different files, depending on how they want to organize their code.

Files in the /layout/_default/ folder will always be used when Hugo generates your site. If, say, baseof.html is not in the theme, Hugo will generate an error.

Files in the /layout/partials/ folder are only used when another file calls it. Say, in the baseof.html file, it calls the file /partials/meta.html.


As to making a new post.

My personal method is to copy my template file located in /archetypes/ folder, into my /content/ folder, and rename it accordingly.

The automated way is: hugo new (see: )

This command will copy the appropariate template file (/arghetypes/ folder) into your /content/ folder and rename the new .md file. You can then edit the file's frontmatter and add your content.

After that, you can generate Hugo again, and upload the files.

If you are using, for example, git, you can push it, and let your host (for example, netlify or cloudflare pages), or your server, pull the latest git commit and automatically re-build Hugo. This way, you don't have to re-upload your /public/ directory for every update.


There are "headless CMS" (as it is called) which supports Hugo. What they do is they provide some form of CMS style content editing. It's like a GUI for Hugo.

However, these are third-party projects, and unfortunately, I'm not familiar with them (I don't use them).

Headless CMS (a.k.a. frontend) are useful to remove the techie-ness of static-site generators like Hugo.



Eemeli Aro
4 months ago

#introduction 2/2

I also work on a bunch of other open source, and occasionally speak at tech conferences. I wrote my own #js #yaml library (you should not, just use mine). Here in Helsinki, I help run some meetups and conferences.

Previously, I've helped organise some science fiction conventions, CTO'd a startup trying to reinvent computers, almost finished a doctorate in autonomous underwater robotics (featuring the other sort of localization), and lived in six countries so far.

D. Moonfire
5 months ago

I'm Dylan Moonfire and this is my updated #introduction post. I'm a polymath (jack of trades) and a "large repository of useless knowledge." I'm a generalist in almost everything, but mostly for programming and writing.

On the coding side, I'm primarily a #csharp developer with a strong secondary of #typescript and #rust. I've been contributing to various #foss projects since 1993. I've also been a DBA since 1987. I didn't get a degree until 2010 so almost everything was "trial by fire" and "be an expert by Monday". I had my prima donna days beaten out of me in my early twenties, so I'm very much into maintainable, easy-to-understand code and working well with others.

On the writing side, I've been working on a single #fantasy and #steampunk setting since 2010 called Fedran. I have all genres from #romance, #adventure, #drama, #erotica, #trauma, with plenty of #queer characters. I write using #atom (which I helped maintained) and wrote an entire framework for publishing #Markdown #YAML based files that generates EPUB and PDF files. I'm a believer of the serial/Oxford comma.

Socially, I'm liberal and a socialist, believe in helping those in need, and have already seen how close all of us are from being homeless. I'm also demi, bi/omni, polyam, and gender fluid.

Outside of that, I'm have reasonable skills in #carpentry, #woodworking, electrical, and plumbing, #sewing, #illustration using #inkscape, #plaintextaccounting, and random other skills that would make me valuable in case we are invaded from another dimension.

I typically don't follow back without interactions but I don't mind if others follow me. I'm never intentionally malicious (I walk away instead), but I will say the wrong thing or overstep my bounds on occasion.

Marcus Noble
5 months ago

Aside from being a Kubernetes fan I'm also a full-stack #yaml developer and occasional #GoLang programmer. (Previous a #JavaScript fanatic)

I'm a keen #3DPrinting enthusiast - currently owning an Ender Pro 3, FLSun Q5 and a Elegoo Mars 2 - and like to make nerdy little accessories that I sell on Etsy. 🙂

I'm a fan of the #SCPFoundation lore and like to read and listen to various SCP podcasts.

Recently I've been playing with #AIGenerated Art and having fun with Midjourney.