Jakob Miksch
15 hours ago

Hey webdevs
do you see any major advantage of #yarn vs #npm or is it just a matter of taste?

1 day ago

I have been seeing these crochet coaster sets all over the place suddenly. Leaves, then you put them in a crochet pot to look like leaves in a pot. I got stuck on the idea that you could make them look like flowers. I used buttons so you can attach them to the stems and stand them up in a vase. And that is how I spent my day :)
#crochet #coasters #flowers #yarn #fibercrafts #toledoOH

A trio of pictures. The top one is a screen shot of a google image search of leaf coasters with a pot. The bottom two are four colorful flower coasters I crocheted. They are attached to green stems via an orange button.  Two are laying next the stems, one with a Red Sox coffee mug sitting on it. #GoSox
FanCityKnits 🇺🇦🧶
2 days ago

"Magnolia Crochet Beret" by #designer Lyudmila Hefny from #ukraine

I love magnolias - I'd love to have a tree, but my yard is tiny and those trees get huuuuge. The shape of the flower is beautifully reflected in this design.

#crochet #CrochetersOfMastodon #yarn #wool @crochet @fiberarts #fibercraft #StandWithUkraine

3 days ago

Purrrrrple mittens in progress. #Knitting #Maker #Yarn

Cuff of a purple mitten being knitted on green double pointed needles held by a hand over a black desktop
3 days ago

Manx wool supporting families and troops in Ukraine

Loaghtan farmer urges more producers to join initiative

A sheep farmer from Patrick is urging other producers to donate wool to Ukraine after receiving a thank you letter from recipients in the war-torn country.

#woolforUkraine #yarn #Ukraine #wool

Baa Baa Brighouse
3 days ago

Sign ups are now open for the May Yan Tan Tourer Yarn Club!

We will be taking our inspiration from the image, 'Corran Narrows Lighthouse', by @shutterspot

The image was taken at Loch Linnhe in Scotland.

Find out more and sign up at:

#yarn #knitting #crochet #scotland #corran #corrannarrows #corranlighthouse #lochlinnhe #yarnclub #indiedyer #indiedyedyarn #handdyedyarn #handdyed #water #caledoniancanal

Baa Baa Brighouse
3 days ago

Sign ups for the May Yan Tan Tehtera Yarn Club are now open!

We will be taking our inspiration from the image, 'Bzzzzz', by @shutterspot

The picture was captured in Rastrick, Brighouse, West Yorkshire.

Find out more and sign up at:

#yarn #knitting #crochet #yorkshire #bee #bees #photography #handdyedyarn #handdyed #indieyarn #indieyarndyer #nature #wildlife #yarnclub #insect #pollinator

Picture shows a close up of a bee on some purple heather.
Baa Baa Brighouse
3 days ago

Sign ups are now open for the April 'Elements' Blanket Yarn Club!

This month (and for the next three months) we will be drawing our inspiration from the second element - air.

Find out more and sign up at:

#yarn #knitting #crochet #blanket #blanketyarn #elements #seasons #air #indieyarn #indieyarndyer #handdyedyarn #handdyed #yarnclub

Picture shows the symbols for the elements - earth, water, air and fire - against a striped rainbow background.
Baa Baa Brighouse
3 days ago

Sign ups are now open for the April Paddington Sock Box!

We will be taking our inspiration from the book 'Paddington Abroad' by Michael Bond, the fourth book in the series.

Find out more and sign up at:

#yarn #knitting #crochet #paddington #paddingtonbear #michaelbond #books #reading #socks #sockknitting #london #indieyarn #indieyarndyer #handdyed #handdyedyarn #wool

Picture shows Big Ben in black and white.
Maarten Steenhagen
3 days ago

You can now subscribe to my newsletter on:

After a number of failed attempts, I've finally managed to get #listmonk running on the Raspberry Pi! This means my newsletter is now self-hosted! (Exit MailChimp!)

The difficulty was: The official listmonk binary is x86, but Pi has an ARM chip. So to compile it on the Pi, you need to get all the right dependencies (#Go, #Yarn). There were some permission problems (#chmod) too.

I plan to write up a guide for this.

Baa Baa Brighouse
3 days ago

Calling all those who signed up for the April Yan Tan Tourer Yarn Club - it's time for the big reveal!

Introducing 'St Mary's Spire', a 100g hand dyed skein of 100% British Bluefaced Leicester 4 ply high twist sock yarn based on the image of the same name by @shutterspot

The image was taken at Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire.

We are in the unusual position of having a spare skein of this available but once it's gone, it's gone!

Visit to purchase.

#yarn #knitting

Picture shows the spire of a church seen through trees and bushes.
Picture shows a skein of yarn in shades of blue, green, white, grey, copper, yellow, brown and bronze.
Baa Baa Brighouse
3 days ago

Calling all those who signed up for the March 'Elements' Blanket Yarn Club - it's time for the big reveal!

Introducing 'Heath', a 100g hand dyed skein of 100% British Bluefaced Leicester DK yarn. There are two skeins in each box.

Boxes are already on their wayunless you've ordered multiple clubs which have yet to be dyed.

Happy knitting!

#yarn #knitting #crochet #blanket #blanketyarn #elements #seasons #wool #indieyarndyer #indiedyedyarn #handdyed #handdyedyarn #yarnclub #blanketclub #earth

Picture shows two skeins of yarn in shades of pink.
Picture shows two shades of yarn in shades of pink. They are inside an open A4 box that is inlaid with white tissue paper.
Picture shows a closed A4 box tied with green ribbon.
FanCityKnits 🇺🇦🧶
3 days ago


My #knitting project for any online conference I have to be part of ... With a look on my calender, they'll be finished by the weekend at the latest.

@knitting @fiberarts #sockknitters #sockknitting #fibercraft #wool #yarn

Sock knitting project with on sock already finished and the second about 3/4 finished - only part of the foot and the toe is missing. They are laid out on a computer keyboard. Colors of the socks are short lengths of gold, orange, purple, aqua and turquoise.

it's the exact opposite of how I enjoy traveling (on the rare occasion I get to travel)

I like going to a city and basically living like the locals. when I went to #Portland for a weekend, I found the most magical #yarn store called Yarnia, where I was able to kind of build a custom yarn. like that's going to stay with me forever

the tourist trap shops in Mexico that we stopped at on the cruise? I went to several, and they all blend together. completely unmemorable

Joe B
3 days ago

Does #yarn have task dependencies? I'm kind of tired of having to run "install" before doing other tasks - should be able to just have those depend on "install" being up-to-date

Andy Scott
3 days ago

Dear #android, #rust / #cargo, #cmake, #dbus, #hp, #mozilla #firefox & #thunderbird, #npm, #pipewire / #pulseaudio, #putty, #python, #steam, #wine, #yarn (and I'm sure many, many others),

Why don't you use #xdg defaults? This doesn't seem ridiculous to you?

Screenshot of the results from the "ls -a" command in my home directory. It shows about 15 hidden folders and files belonging to applications that blatantly disregard XDG specifications.
Celeste Ryder 🐾 🐀
3 days ago

Canada Post finally managed to ding a GamerCrafting #yarn order for taxes! I’ve been buying from them for years and it’s the first time it’s happened. Good job, Canada Post! I had a good streak but paying my taxes is only right.

merlin / alex glow
4 days ago

Stoked for today's #HacksterCafe with Carrie Sundra of @alpenglow ! Catch us on the @Hacksterio YT channel for #yarn hacking, #PCB art, and more:

Melody Tap
4 days ago

When you have scrap #yarn so you make some #crochet fish :) #crochetuk #fibreart

Striped crochet fish
4 days ago

I'm #crocheting a sleeveless tunic/vest. The yarn I'm using gives me so much joy I cannot even. It's now discontinued & I'm thinking of buying a bunch more of it just to have stashed forever. Pics don't do justice to the ombre color changes + single silver thread running thru it. NEUTRALS (brown, charcoal, oatmeal) WITH GLITTER, this yarn KNOWS ME! Useless pic attached. #crochet #yarn #CrochetAllDay UPDATE: yeah ok I just bought some more skeins for my stash. #crochet

Crochet work in progress. Yarn color is ombre from oatmeal thru grey thru warm brown, shot thru with silver metallic. The skein is shown sitting on top of project at top right corner.
4 days ago

#Handspinning for lunch. Finished the #ManxLoaghtan for now. Will probably need to buy more fibre to make the project that I'm eyeing for this #yarn.#handspun @fiberarts

Bobbin with brown handspun single made om manx loaghtan fleece.
2-ply yarn made of brown manx loaghtan combined with a pink specled single.
FanCityKnits 🇺🇦🧶
4 days ago

Shawl "Charm" by #knitwear #designer Nelly Fiyal from #ukraine

Crescent shape is my favorite #shawl version - they tent to stay put much better than semi circles. And with their elongated shape they work better with cardigans and jackets.

And don't get me started on triangles (like I need a pointer to my butt ...)

And it's on sale today! (2023-03-28)

#knitting #KnittersOfMastodon @knitting @fiberarts #StandWithUkraine #wool #yarn #fiberarts #fibercraft #textile

Robin Childs
5 days ago

I'm subscribed to a yarn shop newsletter and this time they decided to feature yarns based on how well they matched their pet rabbit.

Honestly, I might have to order some.

#yarn #bunny #crochet #knitting

(The store is called Piney Creek Yarn and they're really lovely. Website is:

A mottled gray bunny next to mottled gray yarn.
A mottled gray bunny next to mottled gray yarn.
FanCityKnits 🇺🇦🧶
5 days ago

Next project - a sweater for my daughter. Now a picture in daylight with accurate colors.

The pattern is Just Dream and I'm using quite large needles compared to my usual projects - 4.0 mm. Upside: much faster progess. Downside: awkward knitting (for me).

It's Finkhof yarn merino. Much less soft than usual merino, but a local wool.

#knitting #KnittersOfMastodon #GiftKnitting @knitting @fiberarts #fibercrafts #wool #yarn #LocalWool

A piece of knitting, about 15 cm high in dark blue and burgundy red. The bottom is in a a rib pattern, above that the start of a stripe pattern. Everything sits on a background of grey concrete tiles
Mothy and the Squid
5 days ago

“Inner Fire” on aran. Also available on sock and DK. Cameras can’t quite capture the intensity of the brightness of UV reactive yarn. 🤷🏼‍♀️

#mothyandthesquid #yarn #knitting #crochet

LocalAreaKnitwork 🧶
6 days ago

Pair one of ??? done

I want to make so many of these

#knitting #knit #yarn #fiberarts #finishedobject

LocalAreaKnitwork 🧶
6 days ago

I stressed myself out too much and screwed up my eye. The solution was an eyepatch I made in 30 minutes from cheapo yarn scraps while half blind. Ignore the RBF, I can't open my eyes much.

#crochet #fiberarts #yarn #diy

Rachel Armstrong
6 days ago

Pants made with electronic yarn could transmit exhaustion alerts #Electronic #Yarn #Medicine

Baa Baa Brighouse
6 days ago

Last call for sign ups for the next Baa Baa Brighouse Book Club Bundle!

We will be taking our inspiration from the cover of Anne Bronte's 'The Tenant of Wildfell Hall' from the Penguin Clothbound Classic book collection.

Visit to find out more and sign up.

#yarn #knitting #crochet #books #reading #annebronte #brontes #brontesisters #yorkshire #haworth #indieyarn #indieyarndyer #handdyedyarn #bookclub #thetenantofwildfellhall

Picture shows the clothbound classic edition of The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. It is a repetitive green leaf pattern on a dark green background.
Baa Baa Brighouse
1 week ago

Last call for the The Flower Fairies of the Spring Mini Skein Club - Box Two! Sign ups are closing next week.

This new club will take its inspiration from Cicely Mary Barker’s Flower Fairies books, celebrated the world over for their botanically accurate drawings of flora and fauna.

Find out more and sign up at:

#yarn #knitting #crochet #miniskein #miniskeinclub #flower #flowers #flowerfairies #fairies #cicelymarybarker #botanical #wool #indieyarn #indieyarndyer

Picture shows a close up of flowers in shades of pink, white and blue.
Mothy and the Squid
1 week ago

“A Winter Rose” on DK; also available on aran and sock. These are fresh batches for @wonderwoolwales but available online if you’re not going to the show. 🌹

#mothyandthesquid #yarn #knitting #crochet

1 week ago

New yarn alert! Bit nervous as it’s 4ply (I normally stick to aran or bigger), but hopefully I’ll be able to make a couple of lightweight cotton shawls / wraps.

#crochet #yarn #craft

Two yarn cakes. One transitions from mid green to black and other other from yellow to purple.
1 week ago

Today started with a pot of tea, winding yarn into cakes and creating yarn pegs for planning projects.
#meditation #slowday #yarn #crochet #craft #mindfullness

4 wooden pegs wound with yarn and labelled Pasture, Grape, Latte and Natural held in the palm of my hand
Emma Birkett
1 week ago

I'm in need of #crochet pattern suggestions, ideas for the Easter holidays, #stash buster ideas even better! Octopi for attention only! #yarn #wool #craft

Two crochet octopus toys in multicoloured yarn sitting with tentacles splayed on a textured cushion.
FanCityKnits 🇺🇦🧶
1 week ago

Cardigan - washed and blocked.

It rained today, so no chance of taking pictures with good light. But it fits well enough. And it's obvious that the box pleat in the back needs some help to stay in shape.

The rework of the center back really worked and I like the symmetry of colors and that the v-shape is really visible.

All in all I'm pleased with the outcome. And there's still quite a bit of #yarn left.

#knitting @knitting @fiberarts #wool #KnittersOfMastodon #MyDesign

Handknit cardigan on a hanger, view of front. The sleeves are a wavy lace pattern, the body is mostly plain stockinette with a lace panel center back.

Colors are wide stripes of mauve, purple and aubergine.
Same cardigan, backside. Center of back is a wide box pleat.
Baa Baa Brighouse
1 week ago

Introducing our Limited Edition Easter Creme Egg Sock Sets.

Each Sock Set comprises a 100g skein of unique hand dyed 100% British Bluefaced Leicester high twist 4 ply sock yarn in purple, red and yellow along with two 20g semi-solid mini skeins perfect for heels, toes and cuffs – one in red and one in purple.

These sets are limited in supply and are highly unlikely to be repeated.

#yarn #knitting #crochet #easter #socks #sockknitting #sockyarn #indieyarndyer

Picture shows a skein of yarn in shades of purple, yellow and red. It is tied together with two mini skeins - one red, one purple. The ribbon is red. There is a Creme Egg next to the yarn.
Picture shows a skein of yarn in shades of purple, yellow and red. It is tied together with two mini skeins - one red, one purple. The ribbon is red. There is a Creme Egg next to the yarn.
Picture shows three sock sets comprising a skein of yarn in shades of purple, yellow and red. It is tied together with two mini skeins - one red, one purple. The ribbon is red.
Karen Dorman
1 week ago

Cardigan is finished. Yay! It was a simple, but engaging process and it's soft and cozy.

#Crochet #FiberArt #Yarn #handmade #YarnArt #FediArt #MastoArt #ArtMatters #MastodonArt #AltText

Photo of a crocheted cardigan lying on a cream bedspread. The sweater is quite boxy in design and the yarn is a variegated double stand in primary and jewel colours; purple, teal, green, orange etc. The stitches are half double crochet and the rows run vertically so the sweater has vertical stripes of random colours. It's my Coat of Many Colours!
1 week ago

After setting the twist. About 175 grams and 550 m, ~12 WPI . The brown part of this #yarn is of #ManxLoaghtan fleece. These are pretty badass four horn #sheep:

#WIPWednesday @fiberarts #handspinning

Thick skein of handspun yarn. It is a 2-ply over brown and speckled pink singles.
FanCityKnits 🇺🇦🧶
1 week ago

Technically still a WIP - so #WIPWednesday it is.

The #cardigan is in it's final stages - ends need to be woven in, then a turn in the (handwash setting of the) washing machine (why yes, I put all my #handknits in the machine) and some blocking although that will mostly be laying out everything flat and pull into shape, no stretching out. I might need an iron in the end, to sharpen the creases of the box pleat.

Tomorrow or friday it should be finished.

#knitting @knitting #wool #yarn

Upper back of a cardigan. Sleeves com in from the side all the way to the center in a wavy pattern. The visible part of the lower back is in stockinette stitch with a box pleat in the center. 

The yarn used is a long gradient mauve - purple - aubergine, so wide stripes of color.
Zachary Powell 🥑:androidHead:
1 week ago

We have a bonus video!

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending a very different kind of event!

I helped my wife with her stall at #EastAngliaYarnFestival and got to see what it's like at a #Yarn event!

I decided it would be a great opportunity to talk about some of the similarities and differences and how many tech events and yarn events could learn from each other!

It's not often I just sit down and talk to the camera so something very different for me!

Baa Baa Brighouse
2 weeks ago

New Speckled Sock Sets just dropped!

Our latest colourway is Raspberry Speckles with a Raspberry Mini on 100% British Bluefaced Leicester 4 ply high twist sock yarn.

#yarn #knitting #crochet #sockknitting #socks #speckledyarn #indieyarn #indieyarndyer #handdyed #handdyedyarn #raspberry

Picture shows a skein of yarn with a mini skein above it. They are tied together with a navy blue ribbon. The main skein is light raspberry with speckles. The mini skein is a deep vibrant raspberry.
FanCityKnits 🇺🇦🧶
2 weeks ago

#knitnight tonight in #Karlsruhe

I brought my sock knitting project, as tinking a sticky #yarn is best done without distraction from talking with others.

This is a mindless enough project for that situation.

#knitting #yarn #wool #KnittersOfMastodon @knitting @fiberarts #fibercraft #socknitting

A sock knitting project: skein of yarn and one finished sock sitting in an open leather bag.

99 problems and a #JavaScript package manager ain't one! #npm #yarn #pnpm

Petra van Cronenburg
2 weeks ago

These tiny details! As our #SpringFestival is about #wool and #yarn, even some #animals ... are #knitted! #FarmMuseum and #CulturalHeritageCentre #MaisonRurale in #Alsace.

Half-timbered house with "exposition" sign beside a door. 2 tiny mice walk on the wood.
Dark grey mouse on wood
Bright grey mouse
Another knitted mouse
Mothy and the Squid
2 weeks ago

“Mustard Seeds”, the final @yorkshireyarnfest special - I created six - available online. I have so many beautiful golds in stock just now.

#mothyandthesquid #yarn #knitting #crochet #yorkshireyarnfest

LocalAreaKnitwork 🧶
2 weeks ago

When life gives you a power and internet outage, make a blanket!

#noreaster #crochet #fiberarts #yarn #make #crafts

FanCityKnits 🇺🇦🧶
2 weeks ago


I finally could cast on for the second sleeve and worked on it during knit night yesterday.

I even hit about the correct spot in the gradient so the sleeves will actually be twins and not fraternal siblings. Always part of the fun with such yarns.

I have to do about 30+ more pattern repeats (4 rounds each) and then the yoke ... I'd guess I'm a bit over 50% done with the cardigan.

#knitting @knitting @fiberarts #fiberarts #fibercrafts #wool #yarn #KnittersOfMastodon #knitnight

The beginning of a knitting project. 
A few centimeters of a small diameter tube, done in a wavy lace pattern. Colors are a long gradient of mauve, purple and aubergine.
Aleen (she/her)
3 weeks ago

"So I have my next knitting project picked out. It's perfect for a lot of reasons: reviews say it's easy to knit but not boring, I figured out how to do it with two ombré yarns instead of six single-color skeins, and I already own the pattern. BUT I don't have the right yarn for it," I told my friend.

"What if we knit it together?" she asked. "Then you *have* to buy the yarn!"

A++ friending, would recommend.

#knitting #yarn #FiberArt

Melody Tap
3 weeks ago

Bought new #yarn and not sure what to make with it… any ideas??? #crochet

Mothy and the Squid
3 weeks ago

Another @yorkshireyarnfest special, “Blue Sky”. It’s what we’re all dreaming of….

#mothyandthesquid #yarn #knitting #crochet #yorkshireyarnfest

3 weeks ago

I'm just learning about planned colour pooling with regards to knitting and crochet, and holy shit these people are like the craft version of.. of.. I don't know? Rocket surgeons?

Like, this is some high level computational knitting, my guy. I simply could not.


FanCityKnits 🇺🇦🧶
3 weeks ago

Now I've seen it all ...

I'm fascinated, what people come up with. And I'm a bit tempted to be there just for the fun of it. I like metal festivals anyway (though I've only been to small, local ones).

#knitting #heavymetal #metalhead @knitting @fiberarts #KnittersOfMastodon #fiberarts #yarn #wool #handcraft #crossover #headbanging #HeadbangingWithKnittingNeedles

Baa Baa Brighouse
3 weeks ago

Introducing the Baa Baa Bouquet – a limited edition collection of unique semi-solid hand dyed mini skeins designed to look like a beautiful bouquet of yarn!

These pretty posies would make the perfect Mother’s Day gift or treat for yourself. They are in limited supply and it is highly unlikely that we will repeat dye them.

#yarn #knitting #crochet #wool #mothersday #motheringsunday #flowers #floral #bouquet #indieyarn #indieyarndyer #handdyed #handdyedyarn

Picture shows mini skeins of yarn wrapped in floral paper.
Picture shows mini skeins of yarn wrapped in floral paper stood in a clear glass vase.
Picture shows mini skeins of yarn wrapped in floral paper with a ribbon tied around the middle.
Picture shows minis skeins of yarn wrapped in floral paper lying on a flat surface.
FanCityKnits 🇺🇦🧶
3 weeks ago

#Selfpromotion - my new #knitting #pattern is live.

I've created the cowl as a gift to a friend for their retirement. I hope, someone else will also have fun with that pattern and maybe have a present for a special person in their life?

Pattern is free everywhere.

or also here

@knitting @fiberarts #wool #yarn #KnittersOfMastodon #fiberarts #fibercraft #cowl #dogs

Mothy and the Squid
3 weeks ago

“Garden Blossom”, another new colourway dyed specially for @yorkshireyarnfest. A pretty mix of blue and pink florals.

#mothyandthesquid #yarn #knitting #crochet #yorkshireyarnfest

FanCityKnits 🇺🇦🧶
3 weeks ago

How to explain 2 color brioche in 3 paragraphs (and one of them only tells you how many sts to cast on).

Pattern 4 - Gentleman's cuff

It's not the first historic pattern, I've seen, I know they tend to be ... brief. But if I didn't already know what to do for at least brioche - no way, no how.

#knitting #brioche #BriocheKnitting #fibercrafts #fiberarts @knitting @fiberarts #wool #yarn #ProjectGutenberg

Project Gutenberg has more such treasuries.

FanCityKnits 🇺🇦🧶
4 weeks ago

Hilarious video on why there are no #crochet machines. And a tiny bit of maths (but only if you look closely).

@crochet @fiberarts #wool #yarn #CrochetersOfMadtodon #knitting #fiberarts #fibercraft #textile #TextileMachines

Please remove the groups from reply

Amber Weinberg
4 weeks ago

Hi friends! I dont normally do this, but a friend of mine who owns a #yarn shop in #salem was attacked by a dog and needed some extensive reconstruction surgery. since she’s #selfemployed, insurance of course stinks, so if anyone has an extra few dollars to send her way, she would be super grateful.

FanCityKnits 🇺🇦🧶
4 weeks ago


Whenever I travel I try to pick up a ball of (sock) yarn as a memory for the holiday. I might buy a local yarn (if that's possible). Or try to shop at a exceptionally nice store. Or search for colors that remind me of where I was.

Or I just ask my SO what colors he would like to have socks. They are usually very colorful.

Are others also buying souvenir yarn?

@knitting #knitting #yarn #wool #sockknitting #sockknitters #KnittersOfMastodon #crochet #fiberarts

A ball of knitting yarn, brand Lana Grossa Meilenweit. The yarn is mostly blue work red, orange and green, the ball band shows that the sock will turn out with a striped pattern.
Karen Dorman
1 month ago

Work in progress. Front panels of a cardigan. The yarn is very soft and has lovely drape.

#crochet #wip #yarn #FediArt #AYearForArt #MastodonArt #MastoArt #AltText #ArtMatters

Photo of crochet work lying on a cream coloured background. Two rectangular crocheted panels with a marbled yarn called "rainbow candy" which is quite a good description. The colours create vertical stripes and are  a variety of purples, blues, turquoise, reds and orange.
1 month ago

Here’s another new one:
“Sonoran Sunset” on extra fine merino. I need to dye up more of these, but I haven’t decided which fiber base yet. @knitting #fiberarts #yarn #indiedyer

A deep maroon and peach hand dyed braid of wool fiber arranged in a spiral.
Celeste Ryder 🐾 🐀
1 month ago

Any day when I receive GamerCrafting #yarn is a good day! #Knitting #Crochet #Crocheting #FiberArts

two bundles wrapped in bright green onion paper
Four hanks of GamerCrafting yarn: Tinsel Tits (very light pink variegated with neon yellow, green and red), Gay and Goth (dark variegated yarn showing greys, greens, browns, blues, purples and reds) and two in Pong, which is the January Video Game Landscapes club selection ( neon green variegated with neon yellow, greens and black).
1 month ago

The bind off on this shawl was pretty neat because it involved something like a 24 row lace pattern that ended with knitting the last stitch with a stitch off the end of the shawl so it was. The result is this decorated edge that resembled leaves. I had enough yarn left for the lace edge to be contain the same colors as the rest of the shawl. Photo two shows how blocking opens up the lace work. #handspun #yarn #knitting #spinning #fiberuary #FiberArts

A shawl with the bottom portion in progress. On the needle there is a lace section resembling leaves followed by the body of the shawl in garter stitch. The shawl has larger stripes of of magenta, gold, emerald green, pistachio green, yellow, and cream primarily with bits of the other colors in each section. Above the shawl in progress is partially unwound ball of yarn
Detail of a shawl with large stripes of magenta, gold, emerald green, pistachio green, yellow, and cream primarily with bits of the colors mixed in. The shawl is sitting on the top of a yellow chair. The detail of the lacework shows visible holes and wave shaped patterns resembling leaves
1 month ago

This is my completed 2-ply yarn. I really liked how all the colors worked together here. My favorite part about plying is seeing how the yarn will come out. I didn’t break apart the braid of fiber on any specific way, I just spun as it was and plied it from both ends of the single ply. The second picture shows the yarn on a niddy-noddy which I used to bundle up and skein my completed yarn. #handspun #HandspunYarn #spinning #knitting #yarn #FiberArts #fiberuary

A skein of yarn that contains segments of yarn with various combinations out of of magenta, gold, emerald green, pistachio green, yellow, and cream colored plied together. This is an overhead shot with the skein is sitting on top of a jade plant on a wooden surface.
Two ply yarn with various combinations of of magenta, gold, emerald green, pistachio green, yellow, and cream plied together wrapped around a wooden niddy-noddy: a device that has two wooden bars that sit perpendicularly on each end of a large wooden dowel so that there is a t shape on each end. The yarn is wrapped around each of the cross bars on a spiral pattern so it’s wound in a continuous circle
Tom Jowitt
1 month ago

Spent the end of last week helping our frontend devs speed up their build/test/deploy times. I'm a bit rusty on #typescript and #javascript in general but it seems every year these systems add another layer of complexity. It's been a fun couple of days though poking around #yarn #webpack and #jest and hopefully the team are happy with significantly faster builds.

Sarah Gelbard (she/her)
1 month ago

Hmm... Miscalculated how much yarn I needed for this crochet throw. Ran out of the green and of course it's a discontinued colour. Can't decide if I like the brown, if I should switch the stitch pattern, and/or if I should have brown on either side or just one.

Currently just a few rows as a test. Need to add another 15-20" or so. Currently about 45".

#Crochet #Yarn

Green crocheted throw blanket with a diamond stitch texture stretched out on a parquet floor. It's approximately 4 foot square. On the right side a few rows of brown yarn have completed a test swatch if the color transition.

Feature branch: delete yarn.lock, yarn install && yarn run test - tests fail

Master/main: rm -rf node_modules && yarn install & yarn run test - ONE test fails

CI: tests pass

#javascript #yarn #cicd #fml

Naomi P
1 month ago

I have an old hand spun, hand woven, gorgeous blanket passed down in my family that needs darning, and I’d like to try to make it not too visible.

I am certain it’s natural dye, given the style of the blanket in general, and my suspicion is that it’s cochineal. It’s a singles yarn, and it looks to be fingering or sport weight. Anyone have a favorite dyer who works with natural dyes?

Please remove these groups from replies: @knitting @weaving

#yarn #Mending #Fiberuary

Bluebell Yarns
1 month ago

Working on some shiny new #yarn colourways coming to on Wednesday at 7pm!

A twisted skein of pink and yellow-green variegated yarn sits on top of a loose skein in the same colours.

So I finally figured out how to deal with some mystery slowness during file extraction in #orogene, and managed to get full extraction working and it is:

👉🏻 4x faster than #pnpm
👉🏻 4x faster than #yarn
👉🏻 3x faster than #npm

...and these are just some initial numbers! There's still some stuff I'm sure I haven't tried to do yet that could bump that further.

On my machine, this means it can fully resolve and install a react app in 11 seconds.

v v exciting results so far.

#rust #rustlang

Liz Fischer
1 month ago

Been doing a lot of #spinning recently! #fibercrafts #yarn

FanCityKnits 🇺🇦🧶
1 month ago


I've published a #knitting pattern yesterday - let me present: Alnus Cowl.

Pattern is here: or here:

It's free!

I got a tangled skein from a hand dyer friend of mine. When it was untangeld, my daughter claimed it and I created the cowl. I think it's so beautiful, I wanted to share it with everyone.

@knitting @fiberarts #KnittingPattern #handcraft #KnittingDesigner #handdyed #wool #yarn

Let me know what you think of it.

A dummy head wearing a hand knit cowl in a variegated green yarn.


Apparently that is the answer to “how many times will it take before I learn not to try winding #yarn by hand?”


horrible snarl of red yarn half-wound around wood chair

A modest #yarn haul from #VKL

Five skeins of yarn in a row. Pink and blue paired DK yarn, a skein of handspun grey, and two skeins of pink and green marled yarn
Mothy and the Squid
2 months ago

Picture yourself here, enjoying the shade and the view on a warm day. It’s better than a British February, right? You need “Summer Lake” for to cure your weather-based disappointment!

#mothyandthesquid #yarn #knitting #crochet

2 months ago

For #fiberuary #TextureWeek: the #crochet Copenhagen jacket designed by Tammy Hildebrand and with added cables for working with thinner #yarn. The yarn is #finnsheep bought at that sells yarn and #fibre from their own flocks of #sheep. The pattern is available on

Warm grey crocheted jacket worn over a dark red shirt. The jacket has cables and other post stitches to create an interesting texture.
Max R. Cerrina (he/him)
2 months ago

I'm not sure if I'm too late for #fiberuary week one -- Color -- but I've got out my yarn purchases from last years Wisconsin Sheep And Wool.

First photo are the two yarns I'm looking for a pattern for today, last photo is all the yarns I purchased, roughly clumped.

It's been ages since I've knit and I've wanted to get back into knitting, sooooo.

The two yarns I've chosen are matching, both DK semisolid BFL from Ewetopia ("BFL BFF") in Tree Swallow and Silver.

#knitting #yarn #squish #color #craft #fiberarts

Two yarns are next to each other. Both are similar weight and are semi-solid, DK, wool (blue-faced leicester). One is a deep green teal, and the other is a warm silvery color.
Six skeins of yarn are spread out on a white sheet. 

The first two are heavily saturated laceweight yarns; the first one is a variegated blend of red, orange, and purple, with hints of stripes hidden throughout. Its pair is bright vivid yellows and golds. Both have some striping plied in.

The next two are the teal and silver from the first picture.

The next yarn is complicated: it looks gradated along the skein from high-chrome blues to pale almost dusty pinks, with a vivid gold in the center. Throughout are chunks of yarn that are barber-poled with deep black yarn.

The last yarn looks soft and deep, and is a deep, warm semi-solid black, with lighter shades of purple peeking out.
Elly Loel ✨🌱
2 months ago

I've been hearing about PNPM for ages now but never had the opportunity to use it on a project.

Before I do though, I want to know what are the pitfalls or reasons not to use it?

:javascript: #JS #Node #NPM #Yarn #PNPM

Cat - One Creative Cat
2 months ago

I am saying good bye to my followers on the other site, after deleting all my posts... it feels weird.
I had a good time there before it went the wrong way, and made friends along the line. I am going to miss them... Odly they don't want to come over - having a hard time letting go I suppose.
I can't compromise. My business is taking it badly but my principles are stronger. I will find a way!
#LookingAhead #Knitting #crochet #yarn

a sample of my work with the words hand dyed yarn with a photo of a skein in red, yellow and turquoise colours, a photo of a knitted textured cowl in blue and turquoise with the words knitting and crochet patterns and the words knitwear with a photo of three knitted hats in blue, red and mustard yellow. At the bottom, the words Inspired by the Alps.

#Color #Crochet for #fiberuary

Rainbow is one of my favorite color combinations. Whenever I see them, they just cheer me up and so I have made quite a selection of rainbow colored projects over the years.

This is a baby blanket, still waiting for a recipient - but one day the right baby will come along.

@crochet @fiberarts #fiberarts #fiberart #yarn

Baby blanket - crochet in rainbow colored stripes, 10 colors. The blanket is draped over a table. The pattern stitch are rows of small circles.
2 months ago

The theme for week one of #Fiberuary is colour, and today I want to show off natural colour.

These are all natural colours of sheep's wool. There are loads more, especially as these are only from British sheep, but they're a good example of the colour variation that can be found.

I used three shades of Jacob #yarn in the #knitting shown.

A group of skeins and balls of wool in lots of shades of grey and brown.
A closeup of some knitting. Mosaic sections using white and dark brown yarn, separated by grey sections.
2 months ago

Woo hoo, it’s 5 minutes after midnight, time for #fiberuary in all its wooly glory!

Here’s some of my handspun! :) BFL I assume (this is a year old). I use a Louet (Scotch tension) most of the time, but go to drop spindles whenever the mood strikes (though I prefer chain plying so I tend to stick to the wheel).

@spinning @fiberarts #handspinning #handspun #yarn #spinning

Two skeins of handspun yarn, barber pole stripes of purple with pink, blue, green, and orange.
2 months ago

Jupiter wants to #crochet more socks, so we ran to the #yarn store. As we were walking back to the car they were bouncing and grinning and saying, “I have so much yarn now!!”

I couldn’t help laughing, “Oh babe I love that you think that’s So Much Yarn,” and they were like “Yes, it’s nothing next to your hoard.” Greg heard Jupe’s exclamation and laughed and rolled his eyes, “Yes I have never SEEN so much yarn all in one place,” waggling his eyebrows at me.

I’m looking forward to #fiberuary

Four small balls of new yarn sit on a wooden table. The top three are various shades of green, the bottom is a rainbow.
2 months ago

finally, a #yarn for me

a hank of “camper” yarn with an image of a small travel trailer (for me because i live in a travel trailer)
Naomi P
2 months ago

Hey, fiber & yarn folks, what are your blogs’ RSS feeds, and do you list the feed address on your blog so people can see it? (Typing “feed” or “RSS” at the end of the blog URL only works sometimes.)

#knitting #crochet #weaving #yarn #HandSpinning #FiberArts #FibreArts

2 months ago

I have too much heavy hair for a hat to fit comfortably, so I made an ear warmer!


Disclaimer: This yarn is from Hobby Lobby, but I didn't buy it. My Christian MIL bought it for her purposes, but she gave up on her project and offloaded the yarn onto me.

It's a nightmare to work with, but it's kind of fluffy, so I put it to use.

Under no circumstances should you give money to Hobby Lobby.

CW: No direct eye contact, but censored anyway, just in case.

#Crochet #FiberArt #Yarn #Crafts

I'm wearing a semi-fuzzy crochet lavender ear warmer with ruffles around the top. There are random streaks of purple and light green in the yarn. It very vaguely looks like a crown. My hair is in a high ponytail through the top of the ear warmer, and it all flows over one shoulder