GroguTheGreen :mstdn:
1 hour ago

A month out from the Heritage Classic in #Yeg and tickets are still $176 in the nose bleeds where you can’t see anything. What a shitty joke this has turned into. #hockey #NHL #Edmontonoilers #HNOM #Alberta

Good news! According to @Daveography, the Funicular is up and running, perfect for your daily walk or bike commute. Enjoy a scenic and convenient way to get around! #Funicular #WalkBikeCommute

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3DownNation 🤖
4 hours ago

Edmonton Elks release defensive back Dwayne Thompson II…

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17 hours ago

#YYC & #YEG #COVID wastewater is surging, of course!

Dave Winter
18 hours ago

I very much appreciate Nate's take on this issue.

Without fail, it is spot on.

If you are interested in what's going on in politics in Alberta, I cannot recommend the @thebreakdown enough.

It is always a relevant, thoughtful political commentary.

Please take the time to watch this week's Alberta Politics Roundup:

#ABpoli #ABLeg #YYC #YEG #CDNpoli #NoSpaceForHate #Hate #LGBTQ2S

I can say one thing for having a new house built to be airtight is that currently we still have to open the windows during the day to cool the house down.


Vintage Edmonton
23 hours ago

September 25, 1989 and it's This Week's Traffic Trouble Spots at Vintage Edmonton:
#yeg #yeghistory #yegheritage #yegtraffic

Is there anywhere in central Edmonton that has palm sugar? I'm betting T&T has it but I'm limited to foot and bike right now so hoping for someplace closer.

#YEG #YEGfood

FuniBot :funicular:
1 day ago

Good news for walkers and cyclists! According to @Daveography, the Funicular is up and running for your daily commute. It's a convenient way to add some fun to your journey. Time to grab your walking shoes or bike and enjoy the ride! 🚶🚴‍♀️

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Chad :mstdn:
1 day ago

@retrosponge I read that at least in #yeg, compost bins are becoming compulsory, so you could throw that material into the compost bin.

Chad :mstdn:
1 day ago

@60pencilgirl #yeg is thankfully changing soon and accommodates for this.

Ned Yeung
2 days ago


Hey #yeg, remember when the NDP brought us worker reform gave us a consistent minimum guarantee for all workers across #Alberta ? Then the UCP were elected and one of their very first acts was to re-introduce sub-minimum wages for youth workers? That's called regressive anti-worker policy. #abpoli

2 days ago

Riding the streetcar over the High Level Bridge in #edmonton. #yeg #alberta #train

view through the front of the streetcar heading over the high level bridge.
Vintage Edmonton
2 days ago

September 24, 1930 and it's a Brawl In A City Cafe at Vintage Edmonton:
#yeg #yeghistory #yegheritage #edmonton

Paula Kirman
3 days ago

Take Back the Night is an annual march against gender-based violence organized by Women for Rights and Empowerment. On September 22, the march began at @colabyeg and made its way throughout the Boyle Street area.
#yeg #yegdt #yegwomen #takebackthenight #photojournalism #yegactivist #yegphotographer

Lorraine C.
3 days ago


Thank you #firefighters, both men and women from #SouthAfrica

➖Here they dance and say goodbye. ⤵️♥️

#Wildfires #yeg #alberta #canada #quebec

Dave Winter
3 days ago

I appreciate this opinion piece by former mayoral candidate Jeromy Farkas in the Calgary Herald. It is well worth the read.

"It can feel sometimes like we are moving backwards. Dark sentiments that once were whispered in hushed tones are now shouted on loudspeakers."

#ABpoli #CDNpoli #ABleg #NoSpaceForHate #YYC #YEG

Covid wastewater tracking for Edmonton has finally caught up, and it’s as grim as expected. We’re working on a huge back to school spike, with no flu or rsv circulating. So if you’ve got ‘that thing’ that’s going around, it’s probably covid… the airborne vascular disease that damages your circulatory system and heart.

#CovidAB #yeg #MaskUp

Covid wastewater graph for Edmonton, starting July 1. Steadily (if unevenly) rising since mid-Aug, it ends with a sharp spike to 5 times the early August level.
Vintage Edmonton
3 days ago

September 23, 1961 and Can This Man Help You? at Vintage Edmonton:
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robyn ✨
3 days ago

The #moneris website is down too. Something's going on lol

#yeg #Edmonton

robyn ✨
3 days ago

Sooo went to grab groceries this morning, and as we're next in line for the checkout, the #debit / #credit machines go down🙃

A couple folks had to return their stuff and left without making a purchase. If my spouse hadn't had a bit of cash in his wallet, we'd have had to do the same thing 🫠 (store has no ATM.)

I haven't handled cash in... years? but a result, I will now carry more than $5 emergency cash in my wallet....

#yeg #Edmonton

Lance Taylor :vinyl: :album:
3 days ago

Heaven And Hell In A Symphony Of Love, Extreme Long Shot, Wide Angle Lens, Golden Hour, Beautiful Landscape, Realistic And Natural, Detailed Full-Color, Nature, Hd Photography, Perfect Composition, Gloss, Hyperrealism

#aiart #yeg #yegwx

Guess I coulda just stayed in bed then.

We just rehearsed this amazing Bach work for the first time with this iteration of the ensemble... it came back to me like muscle memory!

#yeg #yegchoir

Brett Kosinski
4 days ago

Going home after seeing Doña Perón by the visiting Ballet Hispánico at the #AlbertaBallet and *holy cow*. The music, performed live, was the highlight for me but everything from the dance to the choreography to the costuming and use of stage space, lighting, and props, was just outstanding. If you're in #yeg it is absolutely worth checking out their Saturday performance. #ballet

Well, that was an interesting little event. Someone put a lot of effort into organizing a nice evening fall festival, but forgot to advertise it beyond the adjacent office building & daycare.

Not being part of the daycare pick-up crowd, I confess I didn't quite take it seriously when the one listing I found said it started at 4pm. And then of course I was running late. So I completely missed one of the bands I was looking forward to.

But nice, nonetheless. #YEG

Dancing Cree troupe perform in a downtown parkette. Two women in intricately beaded costumes are dancing on a circle of artificial turf. A group of men sitting around a large hide drum are making the music, all drumming together and chanting. Behind them, two men in dance costumes with feathers and tassels wait their turn. In the foreground, watching intently are two young boys sitting in large plastic Muskoka chairs.
Looking back over  the same green area, past the red camp chair seating and some artisans' tents, there is a wall painted bright sky blue with colourful wildflowers, each a few metres tall. A dandelion puff blowing in the breeze is rendered with light features integrated in the mural. In the far background, the turrets of the Hotel MacDonald rise against a clear blue evening sky, a few shades darker than the mural.
As dusk falls, the 9 members of Mercy Funk have crowded into the little tent that is serving as the stage, on a raised up section of the garden terrace, separated from the crowd by a clear plastic wall. A small group of people are sitting close enough to pay attention, on the plastic turf, lawn chairs brought from home, or the turf-covered artistic lumps that were also popular as climbing structures with the little kids earlier in the evening.
A pair of cheerful crew of jugglers are still keeping themselves entertained even with most of the kids gone home. Here, a gentleman in yellow shirt and motley pants is riding piggy-back on an audience volunteer as he tosses three bright yellow plastic bowling pins. His colleague with the glowing juggling balls has paused to watch.
Daveography :yesbike:
4 days ago


A1: First time listener long time caller from sunny #yeg / #Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, aka amiskwacîwâskahikan, Treaty 6 territory.

Today was my first day back on the bike in over two weeks due to illness. Feeling much better and happy to be mobile again!


Daveography :yesbike:
4 days ago

The more I learn about Nicole Byer, the more I love and appreciate her.

#TIL she loves #yeg / #Edmonton, and also received an adult #ADHD diagnosis.

#CBC #NicoleByer

Ned Yeung
4 days ago

Ironic photo taken at the march in #yeg. Common example of Conservatives destroying words until they have lost all original meaning.
Teaching all the diversity is the definition of education, not indoctrination. Teaching only what you allow a child to hear based on your ideological leanings is the exact definition of indoctrination.
Anybody reading this sign with only logic would think they were a counter-protester, but with political background would know they are not. #abpoli

Black and White photo shows a woman holding a sign that reads Education NOT Indoctrination.

Hey folks! Good news for all you walkers and bikers out there! According to @Daveography, the Funicular is up and running for your daily commute. Enjoy the convenience and scenic views while getting your exercise on. Happy trails! 😊🚶🚴‍♀️ #commuting #exercise

#yeg #yegWalk #yegBike #yegFunicular #yegFunicularStatus #yegDT #Edmonton

Too bad doggo is too drugged up for evening walkies, because the view last night was lovely.

#DogsOfMastodon #YEG

A dog looking at a forested creek slowly flowing around an island of tall grass and evergreen trees, with reflections of trees in the water
Coffee Outside ☕
5 days ago

Join us this Friday for another #CoffeeOutside at Constable Ezio Faraone Park in #yegDT! From 7-9 am, come enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with us. Whether you walk, bike, or roll, everyone is welcome! Grab a cup and start your day off right! ☕️🌳🚶‍♂️🚴‍♀️👋 #yeg

#yeg #yegWalk #yegBike #yegDT #CoffeeOutside #Edmonton

Daveography :yesbike:
6 days ago

With the #yegWX frost warning, we decided we should just harvest our squash rather than try to cover them (the plants had spread over nearly half the garden).

Tempting as it was to try to let them grow a bit longer, I'd say these pumpkins are big enough.

They are an heirloom variety from Australia that are actually a really neat shade of blue that I wish came across better in the photo.

#yeg #gardening #pumpkins #squash

A photo of three very large light-blue-ish pumpkins on the dirt in a garden. My hand is touching one of them for scale. There are also four harvested acorn squash behind them, and a smattering of carrots still in the ground around the harvested squash.

I love to see this. Solidarity to anyone counter-protesting this morning. I wish I could join you.

#yeg #WeAreATA

Good day to work from home as my house is sealed up better than my office.

#Edmonton #AirQuality #YEG #YegWeather #YEGwx

Screenshot from of the air quality monitoring station in the Prince Rupert neighbourhood in Edmonton, Alberta. 
Reading is 217 (Very Unhealthy) on 500 point scale of the Real-time Air Quality Index (AQI). Graphs show the values have held in this range for at least 18 hours.
Map of Edmonton showing similar values around the city, a little lower in the suburbs.


PM 2.5: 217
PM 10: 119
PM 1: 165
Relative Humidity: 68
Pressure: 1209 and falling
Wind: 2
GroguTheGreen :mstdn:
1 week ago

I’ve been out and about running errands since about 10:30. I have almost been in two accidents for sure, one where an idiot was on his phone and blew through a stoplight, the other where someone stopped in a free flow lane. Not to mention the reckless drivers, and the ones that just gun it to turn left across traffic causing me to slam on my breaks.

At this point I think about 20% of the population shouldn’t be on the road. #yeg

Kyle Davis
1 week ago

@DavidM_yeg @TheConversationUS @michaelgemar

There are definitely people in #yeg with heat pumps as their only heating source.

When building our house, we investigated it with an independent engineer. There are specific cold-weather heat pumps, but we're on the cusp of even those working (but it's getting better every year).

IIRC, one of her clients had to have a company rep flash a custom firmware for our climate.

I think Green Energy Futures (CKUA) has done some stories heat pumps here.

@TheConversationUS @michaelgemar

“Even at temperatures approaching -30C, heat pumps outperform oil and gas heating systems”
#yeg routinely spends a couple weeks each year with daytime *highs* in the -25C to -30C range, so we are a city of a million people who are that ‘edge case’, and I would love more info on how heat pumps function in this environment, what the various support/backup options are, etc


I see versions of this written all the time,

“buying a heat pump today will reduce global warming impact in almost all geographical locations – basically everywhere – except maybe in the very coldest climates”

Living in northern Alberta, I would love clearer information about what the “coldest climates” are and how heat pumps perform here (#yeg). Like: at what temperatures do they stop being effective enough, etc?


And the disinformation engines are running at full speed again too. Had to have yet another chat with our niece in #YEG about some of the stuff her friends have been telling her:
“masks don’t work”
“a friend of mine got COVID from a vaccine”
and perhaps the funniest one…
“Alberta is going to have mask mandates soon”

Sigh. Our niece is a wonderful, caring person who has significant cognitive and physical disabilities, so she’s vulnerable to disinformation on every level.

#COVIDcautious in #yeg … I’m afraid I can’t share an update, because the data in the wastewater tracker is now 11 days out of date. Who knows what’s been happening, but since we’ve returned to school with *no* precautions in place, I’m sure it’s not good.

The same wastewater chart for Edmonton, I’ve been posting for a week and a half, general upswing mid Aug, last data point Sep 5, crickets since.

#YEG Locals! One of my nearest & dearest is defending his PhD dissertation over Zoom Friday. He’s in Germany now, but he lived here for years, and when I asked him which patio he’d like to see us dine on in his honour after the expected happy result, he suggested Ethiopian or Indian. I’m coming up mostly empty on those cuisines with patios (the #YEGdt Tiffin has picnic tables, but that doesn’t seem quite festive enough). Central/inner suburbs is best. Thank you for any/all suggestions!

Kyle Davis
2 weeks ago

@robsonfletcher 👋 we just put 200a service in our new infill build in #yeg. It was not in, any stretch of the imagination, 50k!

However, we did have to get special permission from Epcor to get a 200a service (permission was free). My understanding is that man neighbourhoods just don’t have the copper to support every house having 200a service.

This is evidence of underinvestment in our infrastructure. 200a is standard in many parts of the US and some homes have *400a* services.

Anyone in #YEG know a good arborist?

Nothing like a fire alarm at 8:15 and having to go down 16 floors of stairs… and then back up because they couldn’t reactive the elevators to get the morning started 🙄


2 weeks ago Friday in #YEG music will also see, at Dive Bar downtown, a whole mess of bands culminating in Boosh, a band that's a bit hard to describe so here's a short video to give a taste!

Edmonton! Did you enjoy that lovely weather we had this weekend? Or did you stay inside with horrible allergies like me?

Either way, there's a new week of possibilities, September 12–18:

If you're at an LRT station (in #YEG or #YYC) this week, pay attention to the video ad screens you usually try to ignore. Gotta Minute Film Festival will be featuring 1-minute artsy short films, Monday through Saturday. Also at Metro Cinema (lobby) & public libraries.

1/13 #YEGarts

robyn ✨
2 weeks ago

Hey #yeg #Edmonton folks, I've been feeling like I am hearing sirens every 10 minutes. Especially when I go to bed, I notice that there's multiple sirens, honking, etc etc., all. The. Time.

So I did what any data wonk would do to see if confirmation bias or not, and went to

Except those data sets all seem to be... from 2019. 🤔 Even when sorting by Recently Updated.

Anybody know what's up with that? Am I looking in the wrong place? Did the funding run out?


ISO: a pianist for a one time recording of a short work - located in #yeg. Compensation provided.

robyn ✨
2 weeks ago

That clean air 😭

#Edmonton #yeg

A few tall residential towers in the far distance. In the midground, trees that are about to turn color as fall is approaching. In the foreground, a wooden handrail on a bridge, upon which someone has written in blue "TELL ME ABOUT YOUR LIFE IN ART".
A HDR-like, saturated panorama image of the Edmonton skyline in the far distance. In the midground, the North Saskatchewan River in a valley. In the foreground, some low shrubs. The sky is a bright blue with only two very small clouds. We can see the sky!!
2 weeks ago

it’s a nice day. #YEG

A translucent brown, still creek runs between a brown muddy bank on the left and a tawny, grassy bank on the right. In the background are tall conifers that reflect in the water.
The morning sun peeks above silhouetted conifer forest under a deep blue sky. A creek winds around a corner below, reflecting back the forest. Tawny grassed crowd the opposing bank.
A tall conifer stands on the left, partially obscuring the vivid blue sky that reflects its n the still creek below. On the right is more conifer forest sloping to brush, reflecting in the water below.
Tall conifers stand to the left in a group on a bluff overlooking a silvery creek on the right. The sky behind them is vivid blue, and the deciduous trees on the right are gilded by morning sun.

Would you, if you're in #yeg, attend a toot-up on Friday, September 15th?

We're looking at the Rocky Mountain Ice House on Jasper.

We're looking at booking the patio and some indoor tables depending on the RSVPs.

I'm also planning an #Ottawa toot--up too!

Please boost!! I need to book by Monday.