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I think it's a western #yellowjacket. Look at its antennae! #insects #bugstodon

A black and yellow banded insect with one set of wings and large black antennae. Face view.
A black and yellow banded insect with one set of wings and large black antennae. Top view, facing right.
A black and yellow banded insect with one set of wings and large black antennae. Top view, facing down.
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All hail the queen

#Wasp #Insectodon #YellowJacket

A queen eastern yellow jacket on a fallen and browned beech leaf.
NYC Glue
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Did not know that #paper was originally made from cotton, bamboo and other materials, until the 1700s, when a French #entomologist observed a species of paper wasp—the North American #yellowJacket—making nests from wood pulp.

Panel at AMNH.
Paper was originally made from cotton, bamboo and other materials, until the 1700s, when a French entomologist observed a species of paper wasp—the North American yellow jacket—making nests from wood pulp. Within a century, wood-pulp paper became the new standard—and you probably have some in your bag.
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It was a beautiful day today; blue skies, light breeze, temperature around 72F/22C. Some flowers, some insects and a bird for you. #birding #birdphotography #insects #insectphotography #bees #yellowjacket #aphids #sparrow #wildflowers

A carpenter bee (big, black and yellow and fuzzy) is just about to land on meadow sage, with deep purple flowers..
There are so many yellow flowers at this time of year, it is hard to tell them apart. This is tall coreopsis. On the left flower is a small dark bee with a striped abdomen, probably a tripartite sweat bee.
I think this is a juvenile song sparrow. It's a small, chunky bird, with a streaked breast and brown and gray head.
This interesting insect is a German yellowjacket, an invasive species. It is black and red, like other yellowjackets, with yellow legs and interesting geometric patterns that look like arrows on its back. The little brown things around it are brown citrus aphids, I think.
(Author) Michael Anthony White
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A #yellowjacket kept buzzing around our #food at our last picnic... 😲🐝

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Mike Nelson Pedde
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Hey! That's MY piece. Sharing only goes so far... 👿

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An image of a cutting board outside on a patio table, with a container of cherry tomatoes and a slice of cotto ham with herbs. A small piece has been torn off for the yellowjackets (who are feeding brood but this one prefers to saw a piece off of the big piece instead...
William Bartlett
4 months ago

Here’s a first 20 second sniff of the style of Dead Mint’s next film “Yellowjacket”. I’ve started filming environments, weather, wasps and other insects. Next step is to find people who would want to be involved and finding source material. Have you got something to say about wasps? I’d love to hear it. Contact me here or at The film will premiere in Spring 2026. #wasp #vespavulgaris #WaspWoman #documentary #yellowjacket

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#hiking adventure this weekend: found a giant nest of #yellowjacket #hornets (enormous... thousands going in and out of a hole in the ground) on my local trail -- mud nest. NOT going to walk past that entrance (!), that could be VERY painful. #DanerDangerWillRobinson

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Fascinating #YellowJacket or #wasp trap idea!! Thank you!

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Common Wasp
A common wasp, also know as a yellow jacket, is getting a drink of water from droplets on the leaves at the ground level of a flower garden.
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Fabiano Cerqueira 🖖
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The Avengers #60
Marvel, January 1969

...Till Death Do Us Part
Script: Roy Thomas
Art: John Buscema

It's the wedding day of Jan, the Wasp, and the strange and unwelcomed Yellowjacket. The Ringmaster and his Circus of Crime attack the ceremony. They are quickly defeated by the Avengers with the surprising revelation that Yellowjacket is Hank Pym, the Goliath.

#Avengers #ComicBooks #RoyThomas #JohnBuscema #Yellowjacket #Wasp #Goliath

Fabiano Cerqueira 🖖
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The Avengers #59
Marvel, December 1968

The Name Is... Yellowjacket
Script: Roy Thomas
Art: John Buscema

A new hero calling himself Yellowjacket appears in the city, claiming to have defeated Henry Pym, the Goliath, and demanding his admittance into the Avengers. While Yellowjacket is being questioned by the Avengers, to the astonishment of all, Jan proclaims that she will marry him.

#Avengers #ComicBooks #RoyThomas #JohnBuscema #Yellowjacket #Wasp

Rob Flint, MD
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A really great approach to hiring and team building. It’s applicable to any time you are hiring or building a leadership team, not just sports. Outstanding leadership and creativity by a fellow #UR #Yellowjacket

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Good morning friends! On Sunday I found this incredible wintry scene that makes you wonder wtf happened?! This #Vespula maculifrons (Eastern #Yellowjacket ) seems to have gotten frozen mid-chomp on #Daedaleopsis confragosa (Thin-walled Maze #Polypore ).
#Bugstodon #Pennsylvania #Mycology

This photo was taken with a handlens of the aforementioned vespid stuck in the top of the brown polypore via mandibles. We are looking straight on at the frons and open mandibles (plus ocelli and setae on top and antennae that are tucked back). Only the face is in focus.
Side view of vespid slightly from the top. Setae are very visible, and the ocelli and head are shiny, reflecting the soft light of a January sky. Only the vespid is in focus but you can see the brown concentric rings underneath.
Vespid from a front-side angle with mandibles stuck in the top flesh of the maze polypore. The vespid is a gorgeous black and yellow with visible light setae on head and thorax, the polypore is a light brown with darker concentric rings attached at the base to a medium?-sized stick covered in moss and lichen.
Underside of the Thin-walled Maze Polypore, which is aptly named. It is dark brown with maze-like gills? Pores? Smaller than the size of my palm. Found on a fallen branch covered in moss and lichen.
Ed Boykin 🔭
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@cwdegidio @nova Hi Curtis! Welcome fellow #yellowjacket! #OMSCS is a great program. Lots of work but worth every minute. I graduated last May.

John Carlson
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#EntomologyConsult: a patient develops hives, face swelling and hand swelling 40 minutes after being stung by a #yellowjacket. Should they be prescribed autoinjectable #epinephrine? My answer below. #venom #allergy #anaphylaxis

John Carlson
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#Yellowjacket males can’t sting; the sting apparatus in all wasps and bees is a modified ovipositor that only females have. However, when threatened, males do a great job of pretending to be dangerous, like this one that was displeased that I came so close to it for a photograph, curving it’s abdomen towards me as I approached to within inches.

A black and yellow striped insect is resting on the sidewalk with black wings held above it and yellow legs stretched towards the fewer. The posterior tip of the abdomen on the left is curved towards the viewer but there is no stinger sticking out. There are black curly antennae coming from the head on the right side of the photograph
Nautile Bleu
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Something different this time with an art by my second son! A mashup of Ladybug and Queen Bee from the Miraculous universe, created for the season 4 of the show. This is his first try with Procreate 👌

He called her Abeillonette !

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Nautile Bleu
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I didn’t have time to post an art with the second episode of What If, so here’s one that mixes it with the third.

Swipe for the details

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I got stung for what is the first time in my life. I was #cycling along today when I suddenly felt a stinging sensation in my thigh. Looking down, I saw a #wasp (I think it was a #YellowJacket) sitting there. I hastily brushed it off my leg. The pain persisted all the way back home. I can see why some people hate these aggressive little gits. I applied some #vinegar to the spot at home which relieved the symptoms quickly.

#Insects #Stings

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La ville de Brest diffuse en directe la manif des gilets jaunes sur la place de la liberté #giletsjaunes #yellowjacket

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RT À #Rome ! les italiens rejoignent le mouvement des #GiletsJaunes !! Est ce le printemps (Automne) Européen ? #GiletsGialli #GeleHesjes #YellowVest #YellowJacket


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