1 day ago

@eickefrohwein hier gab es eben Spaghetti Reste mit Parmesan. Jetzt gibt's Fritten. Später Fischstäbchen.
Wir ernähren uns sehr ausgewogen. #yolo

Stéphane Charette
1 day ago

Blog post published: How to use Darknet/YOLO to rotate an image. #neuralnetwork #darknet #yolo #cpp

Three frames from a video or camera film.  Darknet/YOLO is used to perform object detection.  The neural network was trained to detect the location of each frame, the leftmost perf, and the rightmost perf.

The perforations detected by Darknet/YOLO are then used to calculate the rotation angle of the film since it is not perfectly aligned.

Once the angle is known, a counter-rotation can easily be applied using OpenCV.
3 days ago
3 days ago

Mix potions in combat to "discover" new effects. Who needs an alchemist when you can be a walking surprise? Could be a heal, could explode, who knows? #YOLO #LivingOnTheEdge #BadDnDAdvice

4 days ago

Bij sommige mensen is #FOMO precies echt wel 'a way of life'.
Volgens mijn dochter komt dat door #YOLO.
Anyway, doe mij maar #JOMO.

Greg Donald
6 days ago

Max: 4
Max: 6

#rspec #yolo

Samer Farha
1 week ago

Doing a `brew upgrade` #yolo

1 week ago

Make sure you always split the party. It's more fun when everyone's alone in the dark dungeons facing unspeakable horrors. And for the rogues out there: traps are just suggestions. Poke everything with your hands! #LiveDangerously #YOLO #BadDnDAdvice

Sven (Dr. Who süchtig)
1 week ago

@naatschn du gönnst dir echt alles und lässt keinen Spaß aus, gell?

synapse=# delete from state_groups_state where room_id = '!';

Ich bin erstaunt, dass YOLO eine Marke für vegane Fleischalternativen ist. Denn eigentlich schreit #YOLO ("You only live once") doch nach irgendwas total klimaunfreundlichem, oder? #MarketingFail

Habe grade YOLO Nicht-Lachs-Streifen gekauft. Allerdings noch nicht probiert.

(Und falls sich jemand wundert, warum er die Marke noch nirgends gesehen hat: Ist 'ne Eigenmarke vom Coop, also vermutlich nur dort erhältlich:

🎮 MrLafia
1 week ago

Alter, wie kann man so daneben sein, dass man fast ein ganzes Jahr braucht, um halbwegs wieder zu funktionieren? 🤪 🤯 Na ja muss man auch mal erleben :D #yolo

2 weeks ago

Always split the party, especially in a dungeon full of mind-flayers. It's like a scavenger hunt but instead of trinkets, you're finding potential mind control! #YOLO #BadDnDAdvice

2 weeks ago

Byť je na účtě dost vybíleno, nemohl jsem odolat, #YOLO

Vánoční dobroserství s #DarujHračku je zde a můžeš se ho zúčastnit i ty!

More surprising results from neural networks. Note the detections on the very right of the image. #darknet #yolo #neuralnetworks

Image of mailboxes, with neural network trained detect numbers and locks.

Even numbers truncated at the edge of the image are surprisingly detected.
Tiago Ribeiro
2 weeks ago

O algoritmo de Non-Maximum Suppression (NMS):

1) Descarta as caixas delimitadoras com uma probabilidade abaixo de um limiar.
2) Seleciona a caixa delimitadora com a maior probabilidade entre as restantes.
3) Descarta qualquer caixa delimitadora restante que tenha uma IoU maior ou igual a um determinado valor (normalmente 0,5) com a caixa previamente selecionada.
4) Repete os passos 2 e 3 até que não haja mais caixas delimitadoras restantes.


My neural networks often surprise me with their findings. #darknet #yolo #neuralnetwork #computervision

City street view.  Vehicles, traffic lights, and a bus stop with a bench on the sidewalk.

The image is annotated using a neural network to highlight some objects.

But at the bus stop, an ad showing a person is identified as a "person".

While technically correct, the network is meant to identify pedestrians on the sidewalk and crossing the street, not people in ads.  The output is somewhat surprising.
Windy Wilson - Weatherman
3 weeks ago

Windy says they’ll be no time difference or Jet Lag after I’ve spanked this lot 👀🍺🤪


3 weeks ago

TIL that there’s a #YOLO achievement in #GitHub that you will earn when merging your own PR without code review.

YOLO: You want it? You merge it.

Video I uploaded earlier this week showing how to use Darknet/YOLO to find text fields: #darknet #yolo #neuralnetworks

@GottaLaff Well then, #YOLO.

Nathan Hamiel :2001:
3 weeks ago

Tomorrow in Atlanta, you can listen to my hot takes on AI security in person. Should you be concerned about generative AI? Will AI supercharge attackers? What about your job? What security issues should you be worried about? What steps should you be taking with regard to AI security? Are LLMs proto-AGI? I'll cover these and more. I'll also hang around as long as you'd like and discuss these issues. See you tomorrow. #AI #Security #LLM #YOLO

🗓️ November 9th, 9:30AM

📍Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta

👉 Register:

Promo Image for a speaking event.
3 weeks ago

Want to impress that elf bard with your magical prowess? Cast Fireball at your feet. They dig bravery. And if you survive, think of the tales they'll sing! 😏🔥 #YOLO #BigBoom #BadDnDAdvice

Yes, I suppose a car analogy would be like having to flush the engine’s radiator.

Enterprise rolled into the Starfleet Jiffy-Lube for a complete flush – only hitch is that every organic anything had to be removed, which sounds like more trouble than it’s worth.

Voyager surely had a more traditional way of managing baryon buildup, probably sweeping in sections from a shuttle.
Or not bothering to sweep at all and just rawdogging their way through DeltaQ #yolo

Using Darknet/YOLO neural network with text and images.

Note how Darknet/YOLO correctly distinguishes between "M" for "Male" and "M" for "Married", as well as the class for the 2 dates in this image. #darknet #yolo #neuralnetwork

If anyone is curious, I create videos explaining how to train neural networks, and use them from C++ code. #darknet #yolo

Big Cajun Man [aw]
3 weeks ago

YDNI: How Downsizing Can Revolutionize Your Life
What is the opposite of #YOLO , #YDNI of course

This will not format well on Masto but #yolo

% VM initialized with main(args: str[] = @0), heap: {@0: Array[0]<>}
% Bytecode (46 Bytes):
% | | main: ; main: u32() = { /* ... */ }
% 0x0000 | 01 02 00 00 00 64 | push.u32 100 ; push literal `u32` (100) onto stack
% 0x0006 | 05 | initlocal ; pop into a new local
% 0x0007 | 01 02 00 00 00 02 | push.u32 2 ; push literal `u32` (2) onto stack
% 0x000d | 05 | initlocal ; pop into a new local
% 0x000e | 03 00 | pushlocal 0 ; push local #0
% 0x0010 | 03 01 | pushlocal 1 ; push local #1
% 0x0012 | 0c 02 | sub.u32 ; pop two, subtract into `u32` (checked), push
% 0x0014 | 05 | initlocal ; pop into a new local
% 0x0015 | 03 00 | pushlocal 0 ; push local #0
% 0x0017 | 03 01 | pushlocal 1 ; push local #1
% 0x0019 | 0d 02 | mul.u32 ; pop two, multiply into `u32` (checked), push
% 0x001b | 05 | initlocal ; pop into a new local
% 0x001c | 03 00 | pushlocal 0 ; push local #0
% 0x001e | 03 01 | pushlocal 1 ; push local #1
% 0x0020 | 0e 02 | idiv.u32 ; pop two, integer divide into `u32` (checked), push
% 0x0022 | 05 | initlocal ; pop into a new local
% 0x0023 | 03 02 | pushlocal 2 ; push local #2
% 0x0025 | 03 03 | pushlocal 3 ; push local #3
% 0x0027 | 0b 02 | add.u32 ; pop two, add into `u32` (checked), push
% 0x0029 | 03 04 | pushlocal 4 ; push local #4
% 0x002b | 0b 02 | add.u32 ; pop two, add into `u32` (checked), push
% 0x002d | 0a | ret ; return
% Press enter to run...
% vm terminated after 0.2125ms with exit code 348.
Big Cajun Man [aw]
4 weeks ago

Some Financial YOLOs
Making bad financial decisions just in the name of #YOLO is insanity. The financial world is almost the opposite of YOLO, calm down!

John Shaft
1 month ago

Présentement à Niigata, en train de boire la bière de Niigata (par Sapporo, parce que #yolo) #BeerPorn

Une cannette de bière de 50 cl « Niigata Limited Brew »

Licuado de Mango por que #yolo

1 month ago

#Ansible from a moving train, because #yolo.

Ansible output showing successful deploy of various ZFS-related tasks and the first few tasks of a containerized DNS & LDAP server.
Sampath Pāṇini ®
1 month ago

@professorhank #YOLO amirite 🙃

I would love to once fight against him(friendly sparring or somethin). He would propably knock da bejeezus out of me … But well, #yolo xD

Peter Kröner
1 month ago

Was ist falsch? Die Anzeige am Zug, die sagt, dass das mein Zug ist, oder die Anzeige am Gleis, die sagt, dass das nicht mein Zug ist? #yolo

Jason Mashak 🕊️☮️ =🔒
1 month ago

My cure for #FOMO is… #YOLO!!!

Marcel Bootsman
2 months ago

Ik ga zo eens even een belcel in voor een videocall met een klant. #yolo

¡Ya tengo mis boletos para Keane!

#YOLO :blobaww:

2 months ago

for x in $(lxc list -f csv -c n); do lxc exec "$x" -- bash -c 'apt update && apt upgrade -y'; done

#Debian #LXC #LXD #Upgrade #Linux

David Yates
2 months ago

Abosolute #yolo for me today as I try to update to macOS Sonoma. Time to say good bye to my #hackintosh probably. 😢 Its been a fun ride, be using #fedora as my daily driver after today probably...

Damien Cateau
2 months ago

Co-amoxi 1g 1-1-1 × 10j pour un kyste infecté, avec paracétamol + Ibuprofène + tramadol pour la douleur #YOLO

"Et justement, niveau douleurs, comment ça va?"

"Ah, mais j'ai pas mal du tout, ça va très bien."


On a gardé le tramadol à la pharmacie

Au moins, j'aurais pas fait un #SamediPharmacie pour rien.

Dass die Diskussion aufkommen wird, war vermutlich auch der Orga klar.

#My2Cents persönlich: Der Link zu #yolo war dusselig.

Ich weiß nicht, wie eine Lösung aussehen könnte, denn… Corona geht wohl nicht mehr weg.

Ich persönlich werde hingehen (sofern ich ne Karte bekomme… 🫣)

2 months ago

Just did a minor cascading delete on the production database of one of our customers. Always thrilling. #yolo

Paul "theaardvark" Taylor
2 months ago

On the subject of early morning exercise...

By the time I fall asleep, I'm so fucking fed up of this miserable existence, why would I want to cut short the precious, fleeting oblivion of sleep and drag myself out for some interminable physical exertion in order to extend the whole bleak torture of life for any longer than is absolutely necessary?


#nihilism #depression #YOLO #SleepIsLife #DreamsAndDenial

(Too dark? Maybe, but we've all thought it at least once, right?)

Moellus ™
2 months ago

„Ein Blick auf die Uhr. Das Interview hat 20 Minuten gedauert. Wie lange kam Ihnen das vor?“ - „Auf jeden Fall deutlich länger als die 20 Minuten vor Ihrem Anruf.“ /via #spon #tempusfugit #yolo #chillax #hashtagism

@lednabwm that's nor #YOLO speed but #YODO speed...

Jeff Fortin T.
2 months ago

Current status: upgrading my auntie's #ThinkPad X220 to #Fedora 39 Beta, because I only see auntie once or twice per year, F37 #Linux is soon going to be End-of-Life, and winter is coming, so #YOLO 🤠

Todd Battistelli
2 months ago

#YOLO but what Philip José Farmer presupposes is maybe you don't.

@smeg You buy stuff off amazon that you put in your body? Do you test for fakes/counterfeits or #YOLO?

Carlo Zottmann
2 months ago

The #FridaysForFuture strikes get harder and harder each time. It's wearing me down, all of it. The science is there, the news reports (burning, flooding, devastation) are there, yet so many people choose to ignore it. I mean, honestly, to a degree: I get it. That shit is overwhelming AS FUCK.

Not participating is not an option, though.

I often wonder what I’d do if we had kids. How can you carry on #YOLO’ing your live with your offspring right there with you‽

#ClimateCrisis #Reality

Young me: #YOLO!!!
Old me: “Oh shit, #YOLO.”

Christopher Mims
2 months ago
An alert from Gooogle Chrome browser:

Are you sure you want to open 36 tabs?

[Cancel] [Yes]

Fuck it. #YOLO

#Bluesky continues to be entirely non-responsive to the numerous security vulnerabilities I've reported to them, so I spent the evening writing up a nice README and a framework with exploit modules, and just made it all public.

Have fun.

#infosec #security

Nautile Bleu
3 months ago

11. What's your top advice to an aspiring writer?

Well I am not very far myself, so I am not sure I can give a very useful advice, except maybe this one: if you feel you need to write, do it! It’s a long process with many ups and downs, but we have only one life!

#writerscoffeeclub #writingCommunity #writing #AmWriting #yolo

3 months ago

I found this marvel today in a beautiful private backyard and I had to take a picture.

Please, caption this because I... I...

#FireHazard #DeathWish #SoBadItsGood #IsThisReal #WakeMeUp #FireSafety #DarwinAwardNominee #wow #lol #yolo #BadIdea #Funny #Meme

Cigarette butts inside a paper disposable dish inside a wooden birdhouse with roofing felt on top surrounded by juniper.
The Seven Voyages Of Steve
3 months ago

What could possibly go wrong #ue5 #yolo

Snippet from Unreal Engine DefaultEngine.ini:

Sam Oldman 🐀
3 months ago

Chipmunks are largely fearless. This is truly a You Only Live Once attitude, like they only live for 3½ years anyway and don't have time to hide from possible danger.
#yolo #chipmunk

Chipmunk and cat are separated by a pane of glass

Now a proud member of the Anti JavaScript JavaScript Club! Thanks, @slightlyoff!

Also thanks to @accudio for the "The 'y' in SFTP stands for #YOLO" sticker, which is something I once said when we were discussing website update approaches.

Card with the stylized words "Anti JavaScript JavaScript Club" next to a sticker with flowers and the words "The 'y' in SFTP stands for YOLO".
Evert Pot
3 months ago

@nolan This is not going to work for everyone, but having Typescript everywhere + good test coverage has mostly allowed me to #yolo this.

Sune Auken
3 months ago

På vej til frisøren. Det plejer at betyde, at jeg overgår fra at ligne en uklippet puddel til at ligne en fejlklippet puddel.

Ja, nu prøver jeg en ny frisør. Jeg tror, jeg sætter ambitionsniveauet lidt højt og satser på at komme til at ligne en ganske vist noget fejlkllippet, men i grunden også lidt nuttet puddel.

#ThughLife #YOLO #HårSkæbne #KlipKilp #Gilleleje #dkmastodon

andy george
3 months ago

And because of the show, I don't question myself or my paintings right now. Would this be good enough for framing? Does this deserve museum glass? I don't know, and I don't care. I'm going to be bold. I'm going for it, because life is short.
#YOLO #MastoArt

Valentin Sawadski
4 months ago

Well, this was disappointing. Looks like the Darknet port of YOLOv7 performs worse then the old (darknet native) v4 version.

#YOLO #Darknet #ComputerVision #AI #PyTorch #OpenDataCam #BuildInPublic

A busy street at night with object detections marked by YOLOv4.

YOLOv4 detects most pedestrians, a parked car and a motorbike correctly.
A busy street at night with object detections marked by YOLOv7.

YOLOv7 detects much fewer pedestrians, a parked car is detected as airplane, and a motorbike is not recognized.
Peter Kröner
4 months ago

Upload im ICE #YOLO

Kevin Beaumont
4 months ago

In case you missed it, I wrote up the MobileIron issue and made a logo

It's one of the easiest enterprise product bugs to exploit ever.. and reads like a backdoor, honestly.
#yolo #threatintel

Because the entire API surface is opened without credential validation, it allows any of the MobileIron API to be used remotely. All you have to do is change the API path by a few characters. The API is publicly documented, the different endpoint path is all you need for exploitation.

For example, this allows you run LDAP queries, list user information including potential PII, add administrative users, replace system configuration and change the config of managed mobile devices — including software deployment, device locks and wiping.

All of this can be done with a curl request, or even using a web browser. This is an incredibly easy to exploit vulnerability.

For example, you can call /admins/users to list all admin users. You can call /devices to search all devices, and then /devices/wipe to wipe any device managed by MobileIron. You can use /admins/ldap_entities to search Active Directory inside the organisation.

It is a fundamental product defect that shoots apart the point of the product existing, and Ivanti’s customers should patch as soon as possible.
Thomas 🔭✨
4 months ago

@sushee Having dealt with ansible all week long I'm thinking of going back to editing html on the server #yolo

4 months ago

I had cheese for dinner.


5 months ago

@w7voa I mean, if you really want to #yolo what better way than doing a line in the White House?

Story for the ages. Until the secret service find your snap video 😬

Peter Kröner
5 months ago

TIL: Proxy für non-writable non-configurable Data Properties geht nicht

Betrifft leider u.A. "prototype" auf Klassen-Constructoren. Dann wird das halt einfach oldschool gepatcht #yolo

7 months ago

Don’t deploy on Fridays, they said...

👍 I don’t have any problem doing this as my app has a mighty fine test suite!


Alessio Maffeis
7 months ago

#Marchintosh UPDATE:

- The SSD upgrade went smoothly (besides the fact the cable management is so tight I had to leave it dangling. #yolo

- One of the memory banks I’ve got didn’t work, so it’s “only” 1152MB until I find a working 512MB one

- the ATI 9600 doesn’t fit without relocating the VRM, and I didn’t want to do that. Instead, I ordered a flashed GeForce 6200 256MB 🤞🏻

It’s going to possibly be the most powerful fanless Cube setup, if I can pull that off.

8 months ago

@mbootsman Uiteraard! Maar het bewijst wel weer: het kan nog ALTIJD een beetje leger ;-) #yolo

8 months ago

@mbootsman Er past (minstens) 55 liter in mijn dieseltank die volgens de handleiding 50 liter inhoud heeft... #yolo

@khalidabuhakmeh I don't test, but when I do, it's in production. #yolo

9 months ago
Jelle De Loecker
9 months ago

So, mechanical keyboards. How loud are they really?

My #Logitech K800 is getting kind of old, and I'd like something new.

I also want fancy keycaps, because #yolo.

But I think @roel will kill me if I get a loud, clicky keyboard.


9 months ago

Deployen op vrijdag en niet zomaar vrijdag, maar de start van carnaval. #yolo

Casey Liss
10 months ago

@petergarner Custom code in my bespoke blog engine. It's gross, but it works, so #yolo

My Kindle has 12% battery and there are 120 pages left in this book. I'm going for it. And the haters said I was chronically risk averse. #yolo #RedBull #WitnessMe

ricardo :mastodon:
11 months ago

because #YOLO :blobcatcool:

top down cabrio in a snowy day
Hazel Weakly
11 months ago

@nova ALRIGHT.

The following also work, let's see how long they last!


Kevin Beaumont
1 year ago

#GossiAirways gonna go from Marina del Rey in LA to Malibu at first, assuming I can figure out how to boat. I haven't read the manual, at all. #yolo