anyway it turns out the hardest part of upgrading the barbarian outfit was not defeating 9 lynels for a single piece, but the 30-something minutes i spent pissing myself off searching for a cave when i went looking for some bugs in a forest but got distracted

#zelda #totk

My very first brb art for stream! Gonna make more to cycle through on stream, and also gonna comm artists for these too :3

#toony #zelda #link #wolf link #tears of the kingdom

#zelda #totk tip: using the sensor+ to look for bubbulfrogs might sound like a good idea, but you'll inevitably get a ping in the overworld and go mad with the beeping while looking for a cave entrance that doesn't seem to exist

Julie R
5 hours ago

I just learned that the Master Sword used to be the Goddess Sword, and man, fuck the patriarchy.


Polygon is spot on with defining Tears of the Kingdom (and Breath of the Wild) as an immersive sim. Certainly one of the easiest ones to appeal to wider audiences and even adds more depth to some of the more immersive elements than most games in the space


"they added nicolas cage to a video game"
um yeah, I know
#zelda #nicolascage

7 hours ago

Hopping into some #Zelda for the #CharityStream supporting @TransLawCenter for #PrideMonth! Today will be more of a casual day of secret hunting and side quests. <3 Meet some people, support the cause, spread love!
#LGBT #Gaymer #LGBTQIA+ #gay #Twitch #Charity #TransRights #LoveIsLove

Nous sommes bien. #Zelda #BreathoftheWild #NintendoSwitch :black_bloc_blob:

Capture d'écran du jeu "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" où on distingue Link, le hérosn avec une capuche couvrant le haut de son visage, bouclier, carquois de flèches et massue dans son dos, assis sur un gros étalon noir avec la crinière orange. Le cheval fait penser à celui d'e Ganondorf, un antagoniste réccurent de la série de jeux vidéo. Le cheval et son cavalier sont à l'arrêt à l'ombre d'arbres entourés d'herbe grasse. Au loin on distingue des montages et roches et un rayon horizontal de couleur rouge violacé.

Le reste de la capture d'écran affiche 15 coeurs rouges, 3 coeurs jaunes, un disque d'endurance complet jaune, une température moyenne, une heure à 10h5à, une météo ensolleillée, et des pouvoirs aux maximums de leurs capacités (éléphant bleu, oiseau vert, lézard rouge).
12 hours ago

Hoy os enseño el #IkoneiIsland y después seguimos con las Gerudo en el reino de la llorería:

#ranstream #streaming #gaming #zelda

Glenn Seto
13 hours ago

Today at the Memory Arcade:

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Session #13: Let's kill that boss, so Link can start getting the sand out of ... everything.

#TearsOfTheKingdom | #Zelda | #Twitch

dotAGE - Michele Pirovano
14 hours ago

A little Link inside the world of dotAGE (yes I am playing Zelda, no not the last one yet)

#Zelda #Nintendo #nintendoswitch #pixelart #videogames #indiegame

14 hours ago

#Zelda 挺可怜的。她等link多久了?

15 hours ago

i loathe to say this so early on, but totk might be one of like The Games for me. it's magnitudes better than botw so far #zelda

njamster :godot:
15 hours ago

YouTube just recommended me this video on recreating sounds from #TearsOfTheKingdom and it's great! Recommended!


#Zelda #TOTK #SFX #Foley

18 hours ago

Ale #Zelda ma wkurwiający głos w tym TOTK a wcześniej BOTW. Przypomina mi głos Sansy Stark z GOT. Najgorzej. #giereczkowo

Carrie Shanafelt
1 day ago

Someone should do a croquembouche of red velvet choux with black craquelin and it would look just like marbled rock roast from #totk #zelda

1 day ago

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is consuming my gaming life. It’s just so much fun. I did not expect to like it as much as I do. Nintendo makes great games. They can even look and play better on switch emulators. Looks amazing on 1440p while managing roughly around 45-60fps. I can’t even imagine the amount of work goes into making an emulator work. Technology like this is just truly amazing to me. #gaming #emulation #zelda

Wesley McCraw
1 day ago

I'm slowly working my way through Tears of the Kingdom. I mean, faster than for normal games I play, but the game is so damn big. #totk #zelda

Rich Hodson
1 day ago

I really want to play #DiabloIV but there’s a couple of things holding me back:

1. I can’t stop playing #Zelda TOTK
2. I’m confident one day it will be on #GamePass with all DLC included

#Gaming #VideoGames

1 day ago

And a Sidon to go along with Link :)


#totk #zelda #legend of zelda #sidon #prince sidon

1 day ago

And a Sidon to go along with Link :)


#totk #zelda #legend of zelda #sidon #prince sidon

1 day ago

And a Sidon to go along with Link :)

[#artwork #digitalart]

#totk #zelda #legend of zelda #sidon #prince sidon

1 day ago

I cheesed the #FireTemple in #Zelda #ToTK... Did the devs really expect anyone to do that legit? Especially after wind & water temples.

Travis Tubbs
1 day ago

The downside of not being finished with Tears of the Kingdom yet is I can’t watch YouTube videos or Twitch streams of others playing it!

#zelda #TotK

Experiencer (Mastodon)
1 day ago

Just ended the stream. Today I got lost trying to find Rito Village, but I eventually made it to our destination (won't specify to keep it spoiler free).

We've also gotten an extra heart container, since I'm probably severely unprepared.

Next stream will explore the area we've ended up in, and hopefully fight a boss and get some more hearts.

#zelda #zeldatotk #thelegendofzelda #tearsofthekingdom #totk #gaming #videogame #nintendo #nintendoswitch

1 day ago

Guess what game Link has been playing too much of lately.

The Kamikaze Volume 3 graphic novel is out now! Get your copy today at:

#mastoart #fanart #totk #zelda #webcomics #comics

Digital color sketch of Link from the Kamikaze webcomic dressed up as Link from Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.  He's holding the game's Purah Pad device, which has been fused to a tree branch like a selfie stick.  He's also grinning at it and flashing a bunny ears hand gesture with his free hand.  At his feet a Blupee rabbit from the game looks at Link skeptically.
1 day ago
1 day ago
Scott Williams
1 day ago

Perhaps the eventual Tears of the Kingdom sequel should introduce befriending cats as the way to enter the depths instead of chasms. #TearsoftheKingdom #Nintendo #Zelda #TOTK

Scott Williams
1 day ago

The depths reminded me of something I couldn't put my finger on until just now. The first time in the depths (especially if you don't get there by the story quest) reminds me of the first time Constantine visits Hell in the Keanu Reeves movie. "What is this desolate landscape?" quickly followed by "everything here is trying to find and kill me", but then you can still warp out when things get too intense. #TearsoftheKingdom #Nintendo #Zelda #TOTK

1 day ago

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

#giereczkowo #zelda

Para quien pregunta si bailamos.

Si no es Dale Zelda Dale no quiero saber.

#salsa #dalezeldadale #zelda #ganonrosario

Pareja bailando salsa a ritmo de Dale Zelda Dale de Ganon Rosario.
Scott Williams
1 day ago

It's weird to me that there are people who are playing games other than Tears of the Kingdom right now. I mean, I'm not judging or anything, especially if some don't have a Switch, but wow, this game is so massive.
#TearsoftheKingdom #Zelda #Nintendo #TOTK

1 day ago

Die Realitätsflucht zur #Pandemie hat mit #AnimalCrossing ja ganz gut geklappt. Mir bereitet das Release von #Zelda nun doch Sorgen … das eignet sich nämlich auch prima, um in eine andere Welt zu entfliehen. Nur wovor, daran mag ich gerade nicht denken.

1 day ago

Voy a ver si hoy consigo hacerme lo de los Orni y no me pierdo en secundarias xD

#zelda #TearsOfTheKingdom #streaming #twitch #ranstream #gaming

I love #Zelda #totk, but Nintendo so obviously de-queering Sidon is Nintendo's biggest betrayal to date.

2 days ago

What was his name again? Twink?


#totk #zelda #link #legend of zelda

2 days ago

Ho dimenticato di caricare l'immagine 😅
Le condizioni per l'ammissione al concorso erano abbastanza stringenti ma non limitavano la creatività che rifletteva il gioco, ecco perché nell'illustrazione che ho proposto sono presenti una pala, una scopa, una cravatta, la Master Sword e lo scudo Hylia (di cui però si vede solo il retro).

#zelda #zeldatotk #illustrazionisegrete #illustrazione #fanart

@Rp12Biker :verified:
2 days ago

Kleiner #Bullensee near Rotenburg/Wümme. Best place for a long round with #Zelda. Did you find her?

Kleiner Bullensee
2 days ago

Ho finito il primo #Zelda per #NES per la prima volta e sono molto orgoglioso!

Ho giocato tramite l'hack Zelda Redux, che aggiunge una mappa decente, l'abilità di vedere quali muri si possono rompere e altri miglioramenti che rendono il gioco più abbordabile a chi non ci ha mai giocato prima

#MastArt #art #illustration

John Harris
2 days ago

#zelda #totk I tell you, there's nothing like that feeling of closing in on beating a super tough boss (a Gleeok, specifically) only to see, when it's one hit away from death and after spending like 50 arrows on the thing and two full health refills, that damn red moon hovering in the sky.

thomas 🌸
3 days ago

Tell me if this doesn't look like it's something burnable from tears of the Kingdom, or breath of the wild! #zelda #totk

hpkomic 👻
3 days ago

Living like a goblin in Hyrule's depths.

#TearsOfTheKingdom #Zelda #Nintendo #Switch

Link in a gothy, goblin outfit from Tears of the Kingdom

Here’s the icons I made for the wallpapers as actual #icons! Includes #Mac ICNS files and PNGs for other platforms. Going forward, I’m gonna break icons up into ZIPs by franchise instead of one gigantic ZIP. Enjoy!

Direct links:

🗜️ #Metroid Icons (~31.3 MB):
🗜️ #Zelda Icons (~2.8 MB):

Promotional text and image of the Metroid Emblem icons + Hylian Shield icon.
Alex Simmons
3 days ago

I had to take my Switch to the store twice to fix it before I could play #Zelda.

Like bro why the side-quests before I even turn the game on?

3 days ago

I’m listening to a gaming podcast and the hosts are talking about the building/physics systems in #Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

The way they describe how flexible it is and how it encourages creative solutions immediately made me think “That sounds like programming!”

Maybe that’s a reason why this type of game never really clicked for me, because if i want that kind of mental exercise I just do some programming. There’s a disconnect between that activity and playing a game.

Nilesh D Kapadia
4 days ago

I maxed out stamina in #Zelda #TearsOfTheKingdom last night. Now its time to really start playing the game 😃 #TotK

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom screenshot of when the the stamina wheel ads the last fifth to complete 3 stamina wheels for maxed out stamina
Zazzoo 🇨🇦
4 days ago

Witness the blood moon's rise.
When its red glow shines upon the land the aimless spririts of slain monsters return to flesh.
Just as they did in a war long past.
The world is threatened once again.

Be careful out there, everybody.

IRL: Red moonrise in Ottawa tonight caused from smoke from Quebec wildfires. Annoyed I only noticed those powerlines after packing up my kit.

#VideoGames #Nintendo #Zelda #TearsOfTheKingdom #BloodMoon #Photography #Ottawa

A red moonrise captured, with an annoying pair of power lines in the way. The moon is red from smoke coming in from Quebec wildfires.
Georgia 🔞💗
4 days ago

what if zelda were the protagonist of 'tears of the kingdom'?

#zelda #totk #MastoArt #art #nsfw #nsfwart #lewd #lewdart

a sketchy color drawing of zelda from the legend of zelda tears of the kingdom, but she's dressed like link and has the zonai arm that link has. she carries a weapon made from the horn of a boss bokoblin.
john spurling
4 days ago

Who could have guessed that Jar Jar Binks would go on to be the first king of Hyrule? #Zelda #TearsOfTheKingdom

Avaris Clari
4 days ago

After years of having this joke in my head, I finally put the time into making it real

#lupin #lupinthethird #anime #zelda

Lupin with the Breath of the Wild Stamina Bar
Stéphan Kochen
4 days ago

#Zelda #TotK Uuh, I rummaged around in the dark in the storm above Faron, and started a main quest, without introduction. Is there a lot of introduction leading up to that, that I just skipped?

Ashenwave 👾
4 days ago

✨💧The Princess💧✨

Drawing fanart is not my thing but I managed to use my colors for this one :)
#TotK #zelda #AshenwaveArt #mastoart

Illustration of princess Zelda from Tears of the Kingdom in bold colors and whimsical style. She has a third color eye open on her forehead, meanwhile her other two eyes are closed, shedding luminous tears.
Ged Maheux
5 days ago

Wow. The bonus chest in the Sikukuu Shrine (Spinning Gears) was SUPER cleverly hidden. Bonus points to the puzzle designers of this one. 👏👏👏 #Zelda

Carlos Leituga
5 days ago

Last week, some good folks were comparing solutions to a #TotK shrine and I couldn't recognize that specific puzzle.

Turns out that I had solved that shrine before, just, huh, in a very, VERY, different way. 😳

(spoilers for Tukarok Shrine)

#Zelda #TearsOfTheKingdom

Right at the beginning of the shrine, Link pulls out of a pit a tall stack of parts made from deconstructing a pre-built vehicle, bringing stuck with it the sphere necessary to open the exit door, also located at the start, completely circumventing a long sequence of puzzles.
Sean Coates
5 days ago

“I’m going to the Plateau; want to come?”

10 year old: “the Great Plateau?”

“Plateau Mont Royal, but yeah it’s pretty great.”

10YO: “are we going to visit any shrines?”

“Oh, I see. Yeah sure: the Light Lunch Shrine, the Twist Ice Cream Shrine, the Bagel Shrine…”

We had a good time.

#Montreal #zelda #totk

Paul Fidalgo ♾️
5 days ago

I'm feeling a wee bit overwhelmed by #Zelda #totk. Like, I just don't have the time that it CLEARLY demands. But oh do I want to give it that time.

Depuis le premier #Zelda je casse des pots!

5 days ago

With some luck I might be able to finish Super Mario 3D World in the next decade so that I can start playing #Zelda ...

6 days ago

I was trying to help a korok reach its friend by attaching it to a flying wing I was piloting, but then I fell off by accident and the wing flew off into the sunset over the sea, carrying the korok with it 😱 There is no way to stop wings once they fly off, and it had batteries so it carried on flying for ages until I couldn't see it!

I went back to its starting point, it wasn't there. I walked to its korok friend, and the friend pointed out over the sea saying "They're out there... I wonder what's happened to them?"

I felt SO guilty when they said that! Was worried that this was going to be a permanent state for these two, forever divided 😢

(Fortunately it turns out the koroks reset if you don't rescue them within a certain time, but still... was careful not to repeat that mistake!)

#Zelda #TOTK

Shelly @ inki-Drop
6 days ago

Are you a korok lover or a korok torturer? #totk #zelda #tearsofthekingdom

Image of a fan-made wooden korok from zelda perched in an artificial plant.

So I found out the significance of the Dragon Tears yesterday. I’m not crying, you’re crying 😢

Also: the quality of the storyline in this is far better than BOTW.

#Zelda #TotK

Sherri W (SyntaxSeed)
1 week ago

Made a big #parenting change that has drastically improved my kids' senses of responsibility. And nearly eliminated the 'nagging' I was having to do constantly...

The new rule is, that they get zero screen time by default. None.

At the end of each day... if the house is tidy, their stuff is put away & homework done, & they did their chores without nagging & reminders, etc... then they earn tomorrow's screen time.

Oh boy has their motivation completely turned around. #Zelda may be a factor. 😆

Andrew Briscoe
1 week ago

I wonder why i’m now seeing Switch Zelda edition ads on Youtube? 🤔

I’m thinking of buying a Switch Lite to take backpacking. I spend as much time in camp as hiking so I need something to do. Of course that will require a rethink of my battery pack situation, which is already borderline tolerable. It was dead when I was almost done charging on day 3 and I hadn’t even charged my GPS on that trip.

#Switch #Zelda #Backpacking

1 week ago

What's driving me a little Nuts in #zelda #tearsofthekingdom is that the "Next/Skip/Continue" key switches in different contexts between '+', 'A', 'B' and 'X'

Scott Jenson
1 week ago

The Shrines in #Zelda #TearsOfTheKingdom have only two levels:
1. Dora the Explorer
2. Kobayashi Maru

Rey :ghosthug:
1 week ago

…oh past self… #Zelda #TofK

the list of horses link has in his stables. there are 5, named horse, big horse, horse, horse, and whitehors (there is no e on the last one)
Ethan Marcotte
1 week ago

What’s your favorite thing you’ve *accidentally* built in the new Zelda?

(“Favorite” could extend to “most delightfully catastrophic construction accident”, I am just saying)

#VideoGames #Zelda #ToTk

Dang. That's some PG-13 death there Nintendo.

#Nintendo #NintendoSwitch #Switch #Zelda #TearsoftheKindom #TotK #Gaming

In the fundamental lore of The Legend of Zelda, the primary plot device is the tri-force, divided into Wisdom, Power, and Courage with each facet represented by Zelda, Ganon, and Link respectively.

The very fact that the protagonist of the game, Link, possesses Courage but not Wisdom amounts, essentially, to the developers labeling their main character a dumbass, and in this essay I will


1 week ago

Watched kid play a lot of #Zelda this weekend. She has developed an intense drive to solve as many shrine puzzles as possible by means other than those intended by the designers. They want to teach me to build a raft? I'm going to stick together every single item in this room to make an infinite pole bridge instead, etc. There are entire mechanisms I never came to understand, because big Katamari-like piles of stuff just got force-carried from room to room! 🤣 😆 🤓

Thiago Ferrer Morini
1 week ago

Lo que me gusta del 'The Legend of #Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom' es la vivencia de un mundo de fantasía, en el que hay dragones de tres cabezas, criaturas que pueden subir cascadas nadando y periodistas 'freelance' que reciben sustanciosos emolumentos, en efectivo y de inmediato

2 weeks ago

Is #Beedle everybody else’s favorite #Zelda NPC or is it just me

Ged Maheux
2 weeks ago

Who stores a single arrow or apple inside a giant-ass crate? Who does that anyway? 😂

Speaking of crates what’s your preferred method of breaking them open? Dropping them from high up with Ultrahand? Using up some low-level melee weapon? Something else? #Zelda #TearsOfTheKingdom

2 weeks ago


#TearsOfTheKingdom #Zelda #NintendoSwitch

A korok with his backpack, on a launch runway made of steel plates and guide rods.

The player hits the rocket, it launches the korok at a graceful angle, the rocket explodes and he plummets directly to his destination, with incredible comedic timing.
njamster :godot:
2 weeks ago

@ArchitectofGames brought up an interesting point about #TearsOfTheKingdom that isn't talked enough about, I think:

(timestamped, fairly light spoilers for some stuff in the game)

Unlike in #BreathOfTheWild every activity feels actually worth doing now, because every reward feeds into another activity you'll want to do eventually as well!

#TheLegendOfZelda #Zelda #TOTK #BOTW

Ged Maheux
2 weeks ago

Spent the last 20 minutes trying to get this one silly floaty pussy willow Korok seed and I absolutely cannot get it. 😐 #Zelda

Han Solo: No reward is worth this.
Denman Rooke
2 weeks ago

With the new Zelda out, it reminded me of this fan art I did of BotW that I still really like. Done with pen & ink, warm grey marker, and red gouache.

Here's a video of the making of Blood Moon Link:

#BreathoftheWild #Zelda #FanArt

Link slowly walking towards the viewer with the master sword and shield. The background is all red with the blood moon rising behind link.
2 weeks ago

Him: I found glow in the dark pants.

Me: What?? Which ones glow in the dark?

Him: They’re just normal glow in the dark.

Me: Like, they’re not supposed to glow? I’m confused now.

Him: They let you run around in the underground without shooting brightseeds.


Here I am as a burner, used to glow in the dark stuff. Was trying to remember if I had any glowy pants I’d forgotten about that I’d left on the bedroom floor last night.

Is it #BurningMan or is it #Zelda

Rahim Sonawalla
2 weeks ago

10/10 game #zelda #TotK

Tears of the Kingdom gameplay footage of a failed attempt at using a rocket to get rock roast to the other side of lava turns into an accidental trick shot where the rocket hits a cave toad
2 weeks ago

Today in #Zelda #tearsofthekingdom I fixated a knife to a Roomba and ... it worked.

2 weeks ago

Going to be a slightly chilly and rainy holiday weekend. Stay in and play #Zelda #ToTK? Hmm. Sounds alright to me.

njamster :godot:
2 weeks ago

I think it's kinda interesting that #Nintendo decided to patch the several item duplication glitches in #TearsOfTheKingdom.

I never used them, probably never would have, but I don't give a fuck if anybody else did.

It's a single player game. And the glitches were obscure enough to not do them by accident.

And still: They did patch them! Why?! Who cares?

#Zelda #TotK

2 weeks ago

Ich habe etwas über #Zelda #tearsofthekingdom geschrieben, und zwar über die Einsamkeit des Weltenrettens:

Ged Maheux
2 weeks ago

Wow, I didn’t think this cheat exploit would work or be so easy but it does. Basically you can get copies of anything you can hold while gliding.


1) Find a small elevated area to jump off & glide

2) While Gliding open inventory

3) Choose item(s) to hold (up to five

4) Press Y and + at the same time

When you land you pick up copies of whatever you were holding. In this vid I go from 51 Zonalite to 56 🫣 #Zelda

Ged Maheux
2 weeks ago

Only played #Zelda for about 45 hours! That’s less than I thought though more than many of you out there. Lots less than others. 😂

Played for 45 hours or more.