Jam 🦆 Steddyhands truther
3 hours ago

Apps are now open for our OFMD Stede/Izzy zine! Artists and writers welcome; apps open Sept 30-Oct 31.

Applicants must be 18+, as the zine is NSFW inclusive. Apply here:

#stizzy #ofmdzine #ofmd #zineapplication #zine #zines @IzzyCanyon

Banner for the Cross my Heart Stizzy zine- Stede and Izzy crossing swords in a duel
1 day ago

Good news for all of us who love #zines and #podcasts!

“Screaming Into The Future: A Podcast About Zines and #Storytelling” just released its very first episode!

Jessica Wadleigh talks about the life-saving abilities of zines, and reads some of her work.




Blue sharpie on white background: “Screaming Into The Future A podcast about zines and storytelling”
1 day ago

Any fedi people going to the Portland Zine Symposium next month (Oct 28th + 29th)?

#PDX #Portland #Zines

Portland Zine Symposium 2023 poster by Alex Chiu

Godzilla attacks a building with a stapler, scissors, and fire

October 28th and 29th, 11am -5pm

free and open to the public

Smith memorial student union 3rd floor 1825 SW Broadway

Masks strongly encrouraged
2 days ago

Blackward / Lawrence Lindell - Book Reading

📍 Quirky Books
📅 Friday, 6 October (16:00)

Quirky Used Books & More on Instagram: "Join us next Friday October 6th at 4pm
for special guest Lawrence Lindell who will be reading their book Blackward,
hosted by ABQ Zine Fest! Please see flyer or visit ABQ Zine Fest for more

Jenni 🧋👀
3 days ago

Ich war heute DA und es war SUPERCOOL!

Geht alle hin, geht noch bis Sonntag.

🕦 12-18 Uhr
📌 Martinstrasse 58, Düsseldorf

#Zine #Zines #Zinedistro

Foto: Poster edition demand
Foto: Blick auf eine Wand voller Zines-Aushänge
Foto: Blick auf eine Wand voller Zines-Aushänge
Foto: Gedruckte Zines werden eingepackt
4 days ago

Hallowzine #2 is out now! Where did trick-or-treating and the jack-o'-lantern come from? After reading this zine, you will know. Written by my wife with design and public-domain art direction from me.

Pay what you want PDF:

Also now in print (!):

#zines #halloween

Cover of a zine called "Hallowzine #2" with an illustration of two children dressed as pumpkins, led by a large jack-o-lantern spirit in a dress.
Sample from zine: one page with citations to books about Halloween and a vintage postcard, one page with the beginning of an essay about trick-or-treating.
5 days ago

Finally updated the About page on my website. It's been a long time coming.

#DnD #Zines #DungeonsAndDragons #TTRPG

A photo of a collection of my d12 Monthly zine.
Douglas Gorney
5 days ago

Scenes from B0ardside 6 on Sunday in the Sunset. Demo & performance from visiting artist Sean Russell Hallowell ~ performances from musical guests Entropics and Fuckwolfband ~ and great teamwork from the B0ardside b0ard.

B0ARDSIDE #zine #6 flew off the shelves. @ me to get your copy (or back issues #1-#5).

The B0ardside will be at Stokefest, celebrating Great Highway Park, on Nov. 11 with a new zine (No. 7!) Music by Sideb0ard, readings by Matthew Monte + others, and a make-your-own Zine Zone. Be there!

#sf #sanfrancisco #sfart #sfartist #sfartists #music #sfmusic #zine #zines #zineculture

tim d (he/him)
5 days ago

an awesome blurb about my new zine. thanks antiquated future!!

#Zines #AntiquatedFuture #BostonMA #MutualAid #RadicalHistory

a blurb about my new zine, reading "Tim Devin is arguably the most dedicated researcher working in zines right now, and his series of radical history zines are testaments to what's possible in the zine form."

Someone recently asked me what my first memory of listening to WFMU was. I had to think about it for a minute, and I finally settled on either Wildgirl (while driving to Maxwell's for Saturday night gigs in the late 80s/early 90s), or one of the longtime Sunday afternoon hosts (Gaylord Fields or Bill Kelly) while loitering at the old See Hear shop on E. 7th St. (They were ALWAYS playing 'FMU there.)

Speaking of See Hear, here's a short video tour of the place. I can practically smell the persistent odor of incense, weed, and damp basement all the way across the time vortex.

#zines #nyc #wfmu

1 week ago

Anyway I really love being a part of #zines so hmu

1 week ago

Do people purchase #zines anymore?

Jenni 🧋👀
1 week ago

Ich mach nen Zine-Adventskalender! 🎄

Die gedruckte Version kann man hier für 25 € vorbestellen:
Versendet werden die Kalender dann bis Mitte November.

Im Dezember gibt es dann das jeweilige "Zine des Tages" auch für 24 Stunden in meiner Insta-Story zum kostenlosen herunterladen und selbst ausdrucken. 😊

#zine #zines #ZineAdventskalender #Zinester #Zinemaking

Zine-Adventskalender Vorbestellung
Versand bis Mitte November 2023
Du bekommst:
24 gedruckte (Mini-)Zines, einzeln verpackt und nummeriert, bisher unveröffentlichte Zines.

Versand bis Mitte November, 25€ inkl. Versand
2 weeks ago

C'est vraiment trop bien de faire des #zines en fait.
Je peux faire des poèmes en latin qui parle de laitue angoissante et vous allez rien faire en fait !!

2 weeks ago

Zine Fest Prep Sesh

📍 Off Center Arts
📅 Saturday, 30 September (14:00)

ABQ Zine Fest on Instagram: "An ABQZF Pre-zine fest event in partnership with
OFFCENTER ARTS! @offcenter808 ZINE FEST PREP SESH September 30th 2:00 PM 5:00 PM
OffCenter Community Arts Project (map) Join us at OffCenter Arts for a pre-Zine
Fest prep sesh!! For those local zinesters who are exhibiting at ABQ Zine Fest
on October 7 at Explora! this would be a great time to put the finishing touches
on your zine(s) before you go to print, or create signs and display materials
for your zine fest half table. New to zine-making? Come learn about zines and
try your hand at creating one! Bring your own materials or use OffCenter’s free
art supplies!!"

Zine Fest Prep Sesh
2 weeks ago

Look what just arrived! 😃

Bloody Marie by Sue Todd. ❤️

#Zines #Comics #IndyComics

The cover of a comic called Bloody Marie, by artist Sue Todd. It shown sitting in it's delivery box and wrapped in cellophane.
An internal shot of the Bloody Marie comic.
2 weeks ago

#Zines un court pouet d'histoires de zines et de plaisir et de recherche / apprentissage / partage (thanks @mk & @Aepasek for the reminder

J'adore les zines et je chérie les autrices et auteurs <3 #VendrediLecture

J'y passe tellement bons moments à les lire et tout autant à apprendre (et parfois contribuer à de la recherche hors des murs académiques)

Zine documenting the process of Read the Feminist Manual (thanks @mara )

Prendre soin, prendre pouvoir. Design & empowerment en cuisine | Zine / Tract Queer par Saul Pandelakis

DIY Biology & Biohacking zines (free licensed)

i.e From Biopolitics to BioTransLab is a zine. - Hack This Zine! 04

Transcriptions Zine

A zine made by creative scientists who are trans, nonbinary, and gender non-conforming.

Riot medicine zine

"The Fight for Gender Self-Determination—Confronting the Assault on Trans People"

First release of tmpout zine by an ELF research group.

And <3 Getting into fight with data centers

and so on and so forth

DC Zinefest
2 weeks ago

DC Zinefest is November 18th! Location to be announced soon :JitterEyes:

Art by Sierra Bravo.
#zines #zinesters #WashigntonsDC #DMV #DCLiving

Digital drawing of a horned and winged dragon hunched over and reading a zine. Text overlay reads:
"DCZF! 2023"
"Nov. 18"
2 weeks ago

Hi! 👋 My name is Renkon or renkotsuban. I'm 4世日系人, born and raised in Hawaiʻi. I've been living in #Japan since 2008. I am #nonbinary and go by they/them.

I keep myself busy by...
📝 #blogging @
🎮 #gamedev with my partner Daikon as @nicegeargames
📰 making #zines highlighting #IndieGames from Japan @indietsushin
📚 #reading very slowly
💮 practicing #Japanese
📸 taking amateur #photography
🏕️ yuru #camping

It's nice to meet you! 🤝


tim d (he/him)
2 weeks ago

semi annual gripe that Boston needs to support its zine-makers and self-publishers better

#zines #selfpublishing #BostonMA

I've had a busy month so far but now I'm hoping I can participate in some of the #SciArtSeptember prompts! I'm thinking about picking some of the prompts to turn into pages of a zine.

Darren Di Lieto
3 weeks ago

We've only got two, maybe three artists sending us their comics and zines for review on our blog and to be showcased on our table at upcoming conventions. Are there no other Hireillo members who want to take advantage of this? #Comics #Zines

Jenni 🧋👀
3 weeks ago

Am Freitag war ich auf dem #Bremerzinefestival und das war so cool da!! Hab ganz viele #Zines gekauft und mit anderen Zinemakern gesprochen und bin mit ganz viel Inspiration wieder nach Hause gefahren. 😌

Foto: Jenni sitzt an der Weser im Gras und hält viele Zines in der Hand
el 🌙🐇
3 weeks ago

Vended at an indie art fair today. Debuted “Lily Eater”, part 3 of the We Eat Rabbits zine series
Met some people really into OCs! Miru was popular heheh
#Zines #DIY #AnthroArt #OriginalCharacter

Tatchiana Michaela
3 weeks ago

Speaking of zines, here's the painting of OFMD's Ed Teach/Blackbeard I made for the Kraken zine last year. I'm super excited for Season 2 next month! 🏴‍☠️🥰

#ofmd #ourflagmeansdeath #edwardteach #blackbeard #taikawaititi #pirates #theKraken #zine #zines #art #artist #illustration #illustrator #creative #digitalart #digitalartist #portrait #digitalpainting #wacom #CSP #clipstudiopaint

Chelsea Thompto
3 weeks ago


I am an artist and professor of Creative Technologies at Virginia Tech. In my work, I focus on the ways technologies of visualization and control intersect with and threaten #trans lives.

I work in #creativecode, #sculpture, #writing, #artistbooks, and more. Lately I have been doing a lot of #webdev for my projects and in my teaching.

Earlier this year, I combined my #HTML / #CSS / #JavaScript teaching resources into a single (free and open) site that I am really proud of:

I am also interested in #horror, #scifi, #solarpunk, #permacomputing, #historyoftechnology, #transstudies, #maps, #archives, #zines, and #ttrpgs.


3 weeks ago

@Charlobo #zines

Do what? Catalog my magazines?

I get a variety every month or so from special interest groups and schools. When a new copy comes in, I just throw the old one away.🤷‍♂️

If there's any info I need/want to see from old issues, I either cut it out or look it up on the Net

charlobo (she/her)
3 weeks ago

Circling up all the #zines in my world, and it's a smol pile. Now that I have some free time - do I start a catalog? curious how folks do it..if they do at all.

ein kleines z
3 weeks ago

Morgen ist Queer Zinefest Berlin. Wer geht hin?
#Berlin #queer #zines

Jennifer Moore 😷
3 weeks ago

Lee Shevek a.k.a. butchanarchy has a zine out!

"A Woman Can Be Any Gender He Wants To Be is a zine by trans butch anarchist Lee Shevek ... exploring patriarchy, masculinity, and gender liberation."

#zines #gender #butch #anarchy #patriarchy #masculinity #liberation

Grinning Kitten Press
3 weeks ago

Website has been updated with more pictures of Fire: Art and Style and an updated publication schedule for our upcoming monographs! Support independent, not-for-profit publishing =^.^=

#publishing #zines #bookstodon #anticapitalism

4 weeks ago

friends, i have a few more copies left of my zine series about ~The Great Garbage Continuum!~

"Avoid angry garbage spirits and junk piles run amok in this visual tour of the strange lands beyond the (trash) bin. In a world overflowing with people-made stuff, understanding these flows of unwanted materials will be crucial to the thousand-year cleanup we're going to need next."

(plus, almost all the art was generated with #AI / #ML (, so you can compare how well i did compared to the jokers over at

the set of 6 color zines is $15:

#art #garbage #trash #junk #waste #rubbish #recycling #environment #ecology #cyberpunk #solarpunk #zines

cover of the zine "wading in the great garbage continuum" by marina kukso
section of the zine "lost in the great garbage continuum" by marina kukso. on the left is the cover and on the right is a page showing a person in a mask and warm clothes sitting amidst trash bags. the text says "piles of junk got you down?"
zine pages from "the great garbage continuum" zine pack. on the left is a page showing a wizard sitting in his library. the text says "but obtainium can be such a pain to go through. a wizard can get overwhelmed with stuff. even *thinking* of finding something or organizing it is exhausting."

on the right is a page showing a wizard looking at a bunch of stuff that's flowing out of a house. the text says "plus, obtainium has a habit of multiplying seemingly on its own."
all 6 zines in the series. from top left to bottom right: "wading in the great garbage continuum", "lost in the great garbage continuum", "the thousand year cleanup", "obtainium", "the great garbage continuum," and "garbage spirits"
Douglas Gorney
4 weeks ago

Of you're in the SF Bay Area later this month, come out to B0ardside's fall spectacular. Art, music, and the release of B0ardside Zine No. 6. Behind the very red house at 43rd Ave. & Moraga, Spt. 23, Noon-5:00

#art #electronicart #artshow #artevent #sfart #sfartshow #sf #sanfrancisco #sfba #sfsunset #sunsetsf #music #livemusic #musicshow #electronicmusic #electronicmusicfestival #zine #zines #zinerelease

Konstantin 🏳️‍🌈
4 weeks ago

TIL what the risograph process is 🤩

Spectrolite is a Mac desktop app to make colorful 🌈 risograph prints and zines

#macOS #risograph #zines

Screenshot of the app from their website.
Mauro xLontrax Toselli
4 weeks ago

The new Keep the Creative Juices Flowing issue is out!

It’s a conversation I ahead with Socrates about Zines.

#zines #zine #zinemaking #keepthecreativejuicesflowing

4 weeks ago

This was a crowdfunded project that I put together back in 2020. Since then, I have run out of non-defect physical copies of it, so I thought it would be a good idea to make it more accessible, as well as discount the remaining physical and digital copies of it for everyone else who didn't have the chance to get a copy yet.

So go and grab yours!

📘 Physical:

📁 Digital:

#mastoart #zines #scifi #visualnovel #itchio #mastoartist

Rachel Wil Singh ~ Moos-a-dee
1 month ago

My plan for Saturday is to last minute assemble all my #zines (and maybe redo some zines in a new format) and do all the printing and assembling because Paper Plains Zine Con is SUNDAY and I HAVE NOT YET PREPARED.

1 month ago

Just a few hours left to get a discounted digital version of “Quod Natura Non Dat” and secure an optional POD hard copy at cost plus shipping!

The test print looks pretty good!

#ttrpg #ttrpgcommunity #osr #dnd #zines

Aradia Collective
1 month ago


We present to you our second zine!! We're having fun, fun, fun in this SUMMER IN ARADIA! Miss those classic beach episodes? We have you covered with 16 pages, full color! :blobwizard:

Get it for FREE here!

#itchio #zine #zines #AradiaCollective #MagicalGirl #MagicalGirls #comics #comic #illustration #art #webcomic #webcomics #summer #free #freeZine

Color cover drawn by Feather J. Fern. The text at top is the logo that says "Summer in Aradia: A Magical Beach party!" The text at the bottom says: "The Aradia Collective for Magical Girl Comics."

The cover features different items themed after the comics featured in the zine. This includes a summer drink with celestial symbols and a handle with angel and devil wings; goggles; the crystal lotus; tarot cards; a necklace of magic; and a radio with heart- and star-themed colors.
Color ad for the zine. It features the cover, details and ways to get the zine. The page size is 6x9 inches, 15.2x22.8cm, with 16 pages of full color art. This zine comes in two PDF forms: separate pages and page spreads.

There's no need to buy it, as it is free to download and read on any device.
Color ad for the zine. It features a visual list of all members who contributed, in a pineapple shape! Text at the top says "Majestic Members of the Heat." Each member has their art representing them, and in order they are: Kata Kane, Batichi, Joi Massat, Arcana7 Studios, Feather J. Fern, NAAN and Blue Dragon.

hey #sfba, i'm tabling at #sfzinefest (my fav annual art fest in sf!) this upcoming sunday, sep. 3 from 11 to 5.

i draw & paint about #sanfrancisco, bay area wildlife, #unions, #porn, relationships, anti-imperialism, #japan, the #philippines, etc.

most of my art can *only* be seen offline, so please come by my table, check out my art, and talk to me about how it makes you feel. or just say hi lol

#sfzf #zines #illustration #neko #birds #landback #digitalart #indieart #mastoart

Tyler Cohen
1 month ago

Sunday, Sep. 3 is SF ZineFest! 11-5pm
City View at Metreon, San Francisco.
Free entry!
Masking required.
Come check out great #comics, #zines, art, & ephemera!
#sfzinefest puts together a beautifully diverse queer-friendly event. There’s even a special kid-friendly section!
Hope to see you there #sfba!

Rachel Wil Singh ~ Moos-a-dee
1 month ago

OKAY. My three "side hustle" goal projects for the week:

📓 Assemble and print zines (since Paper Plains Zine Con in Lawrence, KS is this next weekend!)

📹 Create a few "C++ [topic] in 60 seconds" shorts, queue up on YouTube.

🖌️ Create some art for an itchio asset pack. (Perhaps bases and parts to build Visual Novel characters? RPG characters? Something...)

💡 And since I'm gonna do class prep anyway, that all goes on my website, too.

#gamedev #indiedev #programming #zines

Firehorseart lives!
1 month ago

Do any artists, crafters or zine makers on here use eBay to buy art materials and sell their work?

I eventually want to have a shop and wondered if eBay might be a good place to start.

Any thoughts welcome.

#art #eBayUK #illustrator #zines #MastoArt

Photo collage in 2 sections.
The top segment shows a colour illustration in a frame.
The bottom section shows a roll of tape and scissors on a cutting mat.
1 month ago

i've started working on a new #zine. it's about two ghost kitties at a haunted house :}

do they look like ghost kitties?!

#wip #zines #DigitalArt

work in progress showing two ghost cats - one yellow and one pink - on the front steps of a classic haunted house.
Rachel Cholst
1 month ago

It's baby's first Hester Street Fair! Come for the queer country zines, stay for the indie comics with art by Angela Boyle, enamel pins, and linocut prints!

#queercountry #nyc #zines #zine #zinefair #lgbtqzine #queerzines #musiczines #countrymusic #Americana

1 month ago

Sabre Games is having a sale on all in-stock zines until Sunday the 20th. Use the code "Summer'sEnd" at checkout to get 15% off all zines in your cart. #dnd #ttrpg #zines #indiezines

Hieronymous Smash
2 months ago

The computer nerds said I'd regret having so many physical #books ...they were wrong.

The book nerds said I'd regret getting so many #ebooks, files and digital #manga ... also wrong.

Modernists said I'd regret spending so much time on the #classics...nope.

Classicists said I was wasting my time on #zines and counterculture and the bubbly edge of new shit...not at all.

It's getting to the point where when I need good brainfuel, I look for what I'm being told is useless. :D

The Japan Times
2 months ago

Small-circulation, self-published works known as zines are quietly gaining traction in Japan, as a growing number of writers and artists are moving away from showcasing their creations on social media. #japan #media #publishing #magazines #zines

2 months ago

i have this image open in a tab just so i can reference it multiple times a day.

it's from here:

#success #FreamsComeTrue #NotAPhase #art #zines #GirlBoss #neocities

zine cover art that shows an illustrated critter sitting glumly on the floor. large text says "I'm at my last "it is what it is"". there are fun glitch effects all around.
Dmitri ☕️
2 months ago

Hey #believeinfilm friends,

I wrote a short review of a new zine that arrived on my doorstep about a month ago. Even though it has no captions or written stories to supplement the images, I felt connected to it.

Between Here and There by Steve Rydz

#filmphotography #filmisnotdead #photography #analogphotography #zines

A small zine lying on the sunny side of a yard table with a white coffee mug next to it.
2 months ago

living on a #farm, i am often confronted with that most inevitable of problems: TRASH.

we don't get garbage service, so all the trash we produce, we have to take to the dump ourselves. and since i'm pretty lazy, i try to repurpose & re-use as much stuff as i can (to minimize trips to the dump).

observing this "lifecycle of materials" led me to the concept of the GREAT GARBAGE CONTINUUM: a great swirling vortex of materials in various stages of use and function.

we are all in the continuum. items flow into our homes, are put to use for some time, and then flow out of our homes via weekly trash pickup, toilet flushes, and donations to the goodwill.

given how much trash humanity makes, it would serve us all well to understand how to navigate this continuum.

so i made a series of 6 zines dealing w/many aspect of the GGC: from an introduction to garbage flows, to descriptions of the creatures that reside there, and ways to deal with Too Much Stuff.

this 6 pack of #zines is available for $15 here:

(there is no online version yet, my apologies!)

#ecology #trash #recycling #environment #diy #homesteading #offgrid #garbage #zines #MastoArt #ForSale #ClimateChange #cyberpunk #solarpunk

Yoni Den
2 months ago

Journey Planet Issue 75 focuses on Science Fiction and Fantasy #Music and Musical Instruments, it's a free DL(in .pdf format), and has a wide variety of articles.

So if you dig #SciFi and #Fantastical Music, you should check it out!

#FanZine #Zines #Zine #Fantasy #StarTrek #Dune #Futurama

tim d (he/him)
2 months ago

Hey! Here's my new zine, all about Boston's Italian mutual aid societies in the early 1900s. It includes some wonderful illustrations from the epic Pat Falco....

link to order it:

#MutualAid #BostonMA #NorthEnd #BostonItalian #zines

cover of zine entitled "Mutuo soccorso: Tim Devin tells you all about Boston's Italian mutual aid societies"
inside page spread, with a drawing of some musicians next to text
back cover of the zine, with a short blurb about the zine.
2 months ago

Good news, my lovely #joyous and #rageful siblings!!

“Trans Joy as Resistance: A Zine of Affirmation and Rage”

Is now available through Screaming Into The Future

#zines #transJoy @transjoy

Zine cover, “Trans Joy as Resistance:  a Zine of Affirmation and Rage”
Internal spread: “sometimes Joy find you.”
Internal spread. “Sometimes Joy needs a little help”
“For me, joy means,” and six blank lines for the reader to add their own thoughts
2 months ago

Exciting News!!

@mappingtransjoy is teaming up with our favorite little scrappy zine-making collective Screaming Into the Future to make Trans Joy #zines

Check out the first batch here

#transJoy #queerJoy @transjoy

#fanzine #zines "imposition" study
using #py5 (#Processing + #Python)

# A screenshot showing the code below and the resulting image with 8 pages, the upper ones rotated. The XFCE mouse logo is visible in the background desktop wallpaper.

import py5

pages = []

def setup():
    global w, h
    py5.size(210 * 4, 297 * 2)
    w = int(py5.width / 4)
    h = int(py5.height / 2)
    f = py5.create_font('DejaVu Sans', w / 6) 
    for i in range(8):
        page = py5.create_graphics(w, h)
        page.text_align(py5.CENTER, py5.CENTER)
        page.rect(2, 2, w - 4, h - 4)
        t = 'cover' if i == 0 else 'six' if i == 6 else str(i)
        page.text(t, w / 2, h / 2)
def draw():
    x = w / 2
    y = h / 2
    r = -py5.PI
    for i in (0, 7, 6, 5, 1, 2, 3, 4):
        draw_page(pages[i], x, y, r)
        #py5.text(str(i), x, y)
        x += w
        if x > py5.width:
            x = w / 2
            y += h
            r = 0
    py5.stroke(255, 0, 0)
    py5.line(w, h, w * 3, h)
    py5.fill(255, 0, 0)
    py5.text("✂️", w + 2, h - 2)
def draw_page(page, x, y, rot):
    with py5.push_matrix():
        py5.translate(x, y)
        py5.image(page, 0, 0)
2 months ago

hi friends! my fabulous new #zine series about the great swirling cycle of life of garbage is now available!

as many farmers & gardeners know, a lot of things that may be considered garbage are actually useful inputs if processed properly. so i think y'all will like the series!

it is a mere $15 on etsy:

(only print versions available for now)

#farming #gardening #garden #recycling #ecology #permaculture #diy #homestead #trash #garbage #zines

2 months ago

submissions are now open for a #zine featuring art & writing about early consoles like snes & genesis:

i'm definitely at the right age bracket (i played a lot of snes & genesis as a kid), but i wonder what i would say? 🤔

#zines #art #submission #games

natbu 麥月明
2 months ago

re-introducing myself in light of recent twit events~
hi i'm natalie / 麥月明
✒︎ i'm a queer chinese artist in the prairies. i like 2 draw things w a little bit of magic and curiosity. i have 6 million stories in my brain ‧₊˚✩
✒︎ i draw #comics, #zines, #characters, and fanart (anime + ya fantasy)
✒︎ i like 奶皇包 and my favourite digimon is terriermon

🦋 (all sns links)
#MastoArt #introduction #FantasyArt #Art #DigitalArt

Stein’s Moomin OC, Nukkivi sitting in a flower field with sleepy eyes. My Moomin OC, Mimimi stands on a rock to place a flower crown on their head. Nukkivi is a bit different from Moomins, they are much fluffier, have round ears, and a round fluffy tail. Because they sleep so often, moss started growing on their back. Mimimi is a mumrik with black hair, eyes, a pink flower crown, a white shirt and a green pinafore. they both have rosy cheeks and twinkles next to their head. the background is filled with white and pink flowers.
Drawing of my character Niwa, she is wearing pink and purple sino-tibetan influenced robes and a long dark cape. She is lying on the ground bound by tree roots which have also pierced her through the chest and stomach. A clawed armoured foot step on her thigh with the figure's huge shadow settling  across the page. On the right,  "moonflower", is hand lettered vertically in yellow. The background is abstract grass texture.
Black and white comic page. Starts with one horizontal panel at the top with a young black girl poking through forest waste. Below are 3 vertical panels in a row. 1) is a little hamster with butterfly wings in front of a crushed can; 2) a close up on leaves, but 2 of them resemble cicada wings; 3) the girl holds the hamster in her hand. the speech bubble says "You must be a pixie since you have wings and you're so small!"
Below is the little girl sitting on a rock eating a sandwich with the hamster flying near her eating her granola bar. The narrative text says, "I think I am getting closer"
Black woman memaid leaning against a fallen tree in a swampy area. There is a green luminescent mist and her tail is iridescent with purples yellows and greens. The mermaid has purple hair in butterfly locs and purple eyes with slits in them. Her hands are clawed.
Jenna Freedman
2 months ago

From the Queer Archives: Uncovering the impact and legacy of LGBTQ zines

Want to learn more about historical queer zines? Check out the Queer Zine Archive Project based in Milwaukee, WI.

@qzap #zines #ZineLibraries #DigitalArchives #QueerZines

Jenna Freedman
2 months ago

Zine Library Day in Denton: How locals embrace this DIY form of art and creativity

“[Zines are] a vehicle for knowledge, for skill-sharing [and for] collaborating,” Smith-Vaughn said. “We could all make one page of a zine and put it together and make this time capsule of a moment.”

#zines #ZineLibraries #TexasZines #DIYmedia

2 months ago

friends, my long-awaited new #zine series about the Great Garbage Continuum is live!

"Avoid angry garbage spirits and junk piles run amok in this visual tour of the strange lands beyond the (trash) bin."

All 6 zines + a bonus glossy print of Saint Oscar the Grouch (patron saint of garbage) are available for a mere $15 here:

#zines #ArtBiz #ForSale #trash #garbage #recycling #environment #earth #waste #ecology #cyberpunk #solarpunk #art

one of the great garbage continum
Jenna Freedman
2 months ago

It can't possibly be a coincidence that the Barbie movie premiers on International Zine Library Day.

Barbie-themed zines at the Barnard Zine Library. You're welcome.

#IZLD #IZM #ZineLibraries #Barbie #zines

Amanda Wyatt Visconti
2 months ago

Do yall have advice/resources for improving visual accessibility when designing mini #zines? (1 page 8.5x11" paper folded down into a 8 page booklet)

I'll use general print accessibility guidelines, but am wondering about approaches specific to very small (2.75x4") print page size. Thanks!

Hoochie Daddy
3 months ago

I'm including #zines, small press stuff, and #ArtBooks in this 2023 "What I read" thread.

"Civic '99" by #BenjaminPaulKraco is a riso zine about a kick-ass 1999 Honda Civic, "Speed! Action! Violence!" Hell yeah! Before I bought it, we talked about my 1995 Toyota Tercel. Had to get this.

You can find more of Benjamin's work on Instagram @ WorldsBiggestMinecraftSbarro.

#Risograph @bookstodon

Cover has a line drawing in fluorescent pink ink of the car. Hand written in the corner in the same ink: "Trash Can Psychedelia #1". The title of the zine is also handwritten vertically down the page in black: Civic '99. Vroom vroom motherfuckers.
Inside page hand written in black ink: 

"Can you feel it? Can you fucking feel it? The raw power surging through the wheel? You fucking pervert, YOUR desire for sadistic, depraved ultraviolence got US here. I wanted no part in it, but since I'm here, I have to call it as I see it. Are you proud? This car has it all. Lick the fucking road dust left by all this new construction. A WeWork space? Do you NEED it? Are you proud? I'm packing up and heading back to Rockford. At least there YOU have to beg me for mercy. Civic '99.

Benjamin Paul Kraco
Thanks Yewon Kwon Chungo.
Two page spread of a line drawing of the 1999 Honda Civic. Also in black ink is this hand lettering above and below it: 

"It was a Honda Civic. But not just any Honda Civic. It was THE FASTEST I ever got to test drive."

A circular aura emanates from the Honda Civic, rendered in bright fluorescent pink ink. Get in, loser.
3 months ago

Over at @mappingtransjoy, we’re getting our #zines and #stickers ready to send out to our Patreon supporters. Want some? It’s not too late!

#transJoy #queerJoy #supportTransJoyProjects @transjoy

Stack of zines, “Words of Joy Vol1: Quotes from the Trans Joy Map”
Pile of zines, “Trans Joy as Resistance,” and Queer Joy as Resistance”
Stickers, “trans joy, joy as is in fuck transphobia”
3 months ago

Fresh #introduction post as I've been on Mastodon since the first Musty Meltdown but only just migrated to

I'm Suzy, I work in a chaotic little lab in the UK apart from when I'm allowed out into a field for some enrichment. In my spare time I'm a collector of hobbies including #DnD, #MiniaturePainting, #Crossstitch, #Crochet, #3dPrinting and historically, #zines. I've always loved #writing but don't do enough. Also I have a housemate called Teddy/Tedward/Tedopher/Tedocrates. He's small, orange and looks remarkably like a cat.

3 months ago

Hi! I'm a queer zinester based in the PH. I read a lot & write a lot & obsess over a lot of things.

I like cats & hate fascists.

Nerds come find me please:
#zines #MagicTheGathering #CriticalTheory #LeftistTheory #WitchHatAtelier #DnD #OnePiece #Hyouka #manga #StardewValley #RunWithTheWind #TheoryFiction #TheSandman #ShimanamiTasogare #SousouNoFrieren #AsianLiterature #literature #AceAttorney #Pokemon

black and white cat on red background
white cat on yellow background
3 months ago

I'll be handing these buttons and zines out at #punk and #ska shows.

Yes, the #TwitterMigration / #MastodonMigration are doing a lot, but I'm also putting in some work.

#Mastodon #DIY #Zine #Zines

A plastic baggie full of one-inch (25mm) Skastodon buttons, including the mascot and the logo.
A Skastodon mini-zine.