Meccha Japan
6 hours ago

According to Your Zodiac Sign, Which Sanrio Character Are You?🎀🌟
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Vanessa (she/her)
6 days ago

If you've been feeling extra tired lately, it might be because both the Sun & Mars have been building up to a square with Saturn in Pisces ♓ over the past few days, & it's now hit its peak & is receding.

Mars & the Sun can be thought of as ambitions, with the two of them so close together, the future becomes more clear - the need to go out & get what you want or become who you dream of becoming is at the forefront of your mind. Both of them ingressed from Scorpio ♏ to Sagittarius ♐ in the last few days, which forms a direct square with Saturn.

Saturn reveals the limits of whatever it's interacting with, this being your dreams & your natural drive to get it done. Saturn forces us to second-guess ourselves, & align ourselves with our personal morals & values. With it squaring the Sun & Mars, it might show you the limits of your ambitions, the fears that you have of moving forward without checking yourself. It shows that you can't do everything at once, & it's imperative to have a plan to build up to your dream.

Over the course of Sagittarius ♐ season this second-guessing will recede & open ourselves up to more optimism about the future.

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Inked Goddess Creations
1 week ago

2024 is nearly upon us, and this is a great time to get your Busy Witch Monthly Date Planner set up for the new year! This version includes stickers and more astrological data than past years!
#BusyWitch #Planner #VisionaryMagick #Journal #Astrology #Astronomy #Zodiac #Witchcraft #Goals #Magick

A photo of the exclusive "2024 Busy Witch Monthly Date Planner with Stickers" product from IGC.
Starry Time Podcast
1 week ago

Crab Nebula as imaged by the #JWST & #Hubble!

This supernova remnant & pulsar wind nebula is located in the #constsellation #Taurus, which we covered in Season 1 (🔗 :

#Astronomy #Astrodon #astrophotography #Mythology #CrabNebula #podcast #NASA #Science #Space #Zodiac
📷 :

The Crab Nebula. An oval nebula with complex structure against a black background. On the nebula’s exterior, particularly at the top left and bottom left, lie curtains of glowing red and orange fluffy material. Its interior shell shows large-scale loops of mottled filaments of yellow-white and green, studded with clumps and knots. Translucent thin ribbons of smoky white lie within the remnant’s interior, brightest toward its center. The white material follows different directions throughout, including sometimes sharply curving away from certain regions within the remnant. A faint, wispy ring of white material encircles the very center of the nebula. Around and within the supernova remnant are many points of blue, red, and yellow light.
Vanessa (she/her)
1 week ago

Another thing about Mercury and Mercury retrogrades in general - this year, we had Mercury retrograde in earth signs (Capricorn ♑, Taurus ♉, Virgo ♍), meaning people with those placements are usually most affected by them, and develops a general theme for what types of communicative breakdowns are going to happen - significations having to do with earth signs (material stability, practical ideas, etc). This upcoming year will have retrogrades in fire signs instead (Sagittarius ♐, Aries ♈, Leo ♌). This will shift the general theme of Mercury retrogrades to be the significations of fire signs instead. Next year will be water, then air, rinse repeat.

#astrology #astro #zodiac #mercury #retrograde #capricorn #taurus #virgo #sagittarius #aries #leo

Starry Time Podcast
1 week ago

In honor of the beginning of the #astrological #Zodiac season of #Sagittarius -- here's a throw back to our #podcast episode where we explored the #astronomy, #mythology, and pop culture of this constellation!

🔗 :

#Astrodon #space #science #GreekMyth #Myths

Marina Ormes :toad:
1 week ago

Today's #Moon 🌔 in #Aries ♈️ brings #action and #movement. 🏃🏽‍♀️

It's a great time to #emerge into a new sense of #self. 🌈

You can ask yourself:

✨ What are you #becoming? 🌱
✨ How do things feel #new? 🐣
✨ What does your #LifeForce want and need? ❤️‍🔥

Following the dissolution of the Pisces Moon, the Aries Moon brings...

opportunities for #renewal and #rebirth. 🌞

More in this video

#astrology #AstroVibe #AstrologyHeals #Aries #AriesMoon #GetMoving #Zodiac

Vanessa (she/her)
1 week ago

Mercury retrograde really sneaking up on me, the pre-shadow period in Sagittarius ♐ starts on the 25th!! The pre-shadow period is when Mercury starts slowing down, and it's also the place where Mercury goes back to. For example, the pre-shadow period starts when Mercury is at 22° of Sagittarius ♐. When Mercury retrograde eventually begins, it begins at 8° of Capricorn ♑. Then Mercury will go backwards in the sky, entering Sagittarius again, and going all the way back to 22° of Sagittarius before stationing & eventually moving forward again. When Mercury goes *back* along those degrees it has already visited, it will *re-visit* those subjects again, for better or worse. So pay attention when Mercury starts its pre-shadow period, because Mercury will reveal the themes of the retrograde period during that time.

#astrology #astro #zodiac #mercury #retrograde #sagittarius #capricorn

1 week ago
2 weeks ago

It's Zodiac Dragon Scorpio season! Get Zodiac Dragons Calendars in store now! 🐉

✨Main Shop:

✨ Amazon:

[ #zodiac #art #dragons #digitalart ]

Marina Ormes :toad:
2 weeks ago

2/2 🧵

✨ invite in new patterns 💫
✨ open to new possibilities ⚡️
✨ step into what we are becoming 💖

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Vanessa (she/her)
2 weeks ago

Been feeling angry lately? Well, an ever-building anger has been growing within us as the Sun has slowly been catching up to Mars, with today as the culmination. Mars and the Sun are on top of each other in Scorpio ♏, the two hottest planets - rage is boiling over, and people are righteously angry all over the world. Our dreams and what we hope to become are being fueled with what makes us feel impotent and indignant.

Be careful with your interactions over the next few days as this recedes, you might be taking your anger out on people you don't mean to without knowing it. Instead, channel it into the places where you feel impotent. Mars is about assertion and getting what you want, and the Scorpio new Moon was about finding ways to be resourceful in getting what you want.

Extra tidbit: the Sun rules the right eye, and with a malefic planet conjuncting it, things might quite literally happen to your right eye - I've heard some weird stories about Sun-Mars aspects!

#astrology #astro #zodiac #mars #sun #scorpio

2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago

Mark Ruffalo Says ‘Zodiac’ Studio Rep Didn’t ‘Give a Sh*t’ About Casting Him: ‘We Don’t’ Want Him in the Movie
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Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Pisces!

#fakemon #pokemon #zodiac #furry #furryart

ice / poison

a scorpion made of ice?
fire / steel

A 4-legged cannon with 2 more cannons for arms, somewhat resembles a knight chess piece (the horse-headed piece).
Tweecup --> Roosturn --> Chickettle
water / flying

I had enough ideas to make a full start-to-finish evolution chain for this pokemon! If you have all three, it's a chicken-themed tea set!?

I love that the regular kind is like China pottery, and the shiny is terra cotta
water / dragon

Looks like a shark's face on a loch ness plesiosaur. also looks like it wants dino nuggies.

Leo, Virgo, Libra, and Capricorn fakemon!

#fakemon #pokemon #zodiac #furry #furryart

Fire / Fairy

A lion plushie fakemon, sitting with its legs crossed like it's meditating. It has tiny wings and a mane and tail that looks like pink flames (green for the shiny counterpart).
grass / rock

This fakemon resembles river rock geodes covered in flowering moss!
ghost / flying

This fakemon looks like a tired black bird with feathers over its eyes (justice is blind, afterall), and it carries a pole with a vessel on each end of the pole, effectively making them resemble a scale.
water / ground

This fakemon looks like some sort of eel with horns and claws.

I made some fake pokemon (fakemon) inspired by zodiac signs! more to come :3

#fakemon #pokemon #zodiac #astrology #furryart #furry

Fire Electric goat
A pokemon-esque goat with large ears, spiky fur, and a blue flame on its back.
Rock Dark bull fakemon

A bull-shaped fakemon that resembles desert boulders with tall grass shrubs growing in between
Flying Fighting bird

Flying Psychic bird


These twin birds each have one wing and one eye on one side of their bodies, almost 2 halves of a whole. One uses it to fight, the other uses it for hypnosis.
Bug Water crab

this fakemon resembles a crab with horns and a star on its shell. Bioluminescent blue stripes.
Vanessa (she/her)
3 weeks ago

The Moon 🌚 in Sagittarius ♐ is squaring Saturn 🪐 in Pisces ♓. This might bring emotional blockages, second guessing, reminders of the limits of material comfort. This should pass soon, and give way to the Moon conjuncting Mercury in Sagittarius. This provides a good time to experience your emotional limits and blockages, & solidify them in art, journaling, or however you express your feelings in general as it merges the communicative significations with Mercury.

#saturn #moon #dancingwiththemoon #sagittarius #pisces #mercury #astrology #astro #zodiac

Vanessa (she/her)
3 weeks ago

I feel like people are really going through it this new Moon. Just keep in mind, this is a *malefic* new Moon - it's ruled by Mars. Scorpio ♏ isn't really focused on the finer things that life has to provide, that's more up to Venus ruled signs. Scorpio is focused on pain, trauma, suffering. And the planetary alignment for this new Moon really, really emphasizes that.

The Moon is in its fall, meaning strong feelings but it will be harder to access them, name them, & share them. The Sun is in Scorpio - it doesn't want to be perceived as the Sun normally does. They're both ruled by Mars, with the Sun about to exactly conjunct Mars in Scorpio as well. This amplifies that energy, shining a light on things that need to be shed from your life in order to grow, and regenerate yourself.

On top of that, Uranus is opposing all 3 of these planets. Uranus will provide oscillations between extremes of needing deep emotional releases & needing material stability, being resourceful. Uranus aspects usually release pent up energy. You might feel anxious, restless, and not know exactly how to pinpoint it.

I repeat, *this is not going to feel great*, but it does illuminate a path for healing. The things shed during this season, the problems you've uncovered that you can't unsee, will provide a roadmap, and the voids in your life will always be filled again. That is the nature of transformation.

#sun #moon #mars #scorpio #astrology #astro #zodiac #uranus

Vanessa (she/her)
1 month ago

On November 8th, Venus will enter Libra ♎. Because it retrogrades earlier this year, Venus will be slowly catching up to Mercury and the Sun for the next half a year. This has created a malefic pattern this year, where Mars touches each transit first, giving it a martial, hot quality, boiling situations over and clearing away the things we don't need. Venus will be coming through after, sweeping things up and planting benefic seeds, giving us the things that we need and reminding us that life is beautiful.

This is also the first time Venus has been in a dignified sign since either March or April. While Venus will be in its domicile in Libra, Mars will be in its domicile in Scorpio ♏. With both of these planets dignified, martial things and expressions of beauty will be at the forefront for a while.

#libra #scorpio #mars #venus #astro #astrology #zodiac

Vanessa (she/her)
1 month ago

I was writing my Moon transit updates for next week and... The new Moon in Scorpio ♏ is not looking like a walk in the park, folks. This includes the Sun and Moon applying to a conjunction with Mars in its domicile, all in Scorpio, and to top that off, it's *opposing Uranus* in Taurus ♉, the planet of revolution. The new Moon brings new beginnings, and I could imagine that new revolutionary power might come into the limelight around that time.

Jupiter being co-present in Taurus, we've seen some much bigger revolutionary action, with the huge strikes we've witnessed this year, and general material organizing. I expect this new development to be of a more martial nature.

#Sun #Moon #Uranus #Zodiac #Astro #Astrology #Scorpio #Taurus

Vanessa (she/her)
1 month ago

On November 3rd, Saturn in Pisces ♓ will station direct. When a planet "stations" it becomes much more prominent in the global consciousness and in interpersonal consciousness. Think of it as the planet taking center stage for the time being. This will be the second time Saturn "stations" in this sign since it moved into Pisces ♓ in March.

Last time Saturn stationed was June 18th, the day that the Titan submersible went down to see the Titanic and subsequently was crushed by the pressure of the ocean. Saturn shows us the limits of ourselves, this time in a very literal way - the limits of our hubris in thinking we can conquer nature, and in this instance, specifically the water. This was such a prominent event of the year, the billionaires getting memed to oblivion, the carelessness of the CEO of the submarine company, all of it went into the story and was picked apart by the global consciousness.

This station will likely give us another big event. Saturn in Pisces themes: Exposing fake compassion, hypocrites in the realm of community service (celeb culture comes to mind), showing the danger of a lack of balance in our lives with water (contamination, lack thereof, flooding, etc).

#astro #astrology #zodiac #saturn #pisces #saturninpisces

Julie Howlin
1 month ago

Scorpio’s gemstones are ruby, topaz, garnet, aquamarine and malachite. Its plants are Heather, Honeysuckle, nettles, thistle and Chrysanthemum.

10 things you might not know about the Scorpio star sign:

#Scorpio #Astrology #StarSigns #ZodiacSigns #Zodiac

1 month ago

Starting to explore a bit of Zodiacats by Devcats.

#CosyGames #cats #zodiac #witchy

My Chinese #zodiac sign is an Earth Dragon & my Western star sign is Leo. I was born during a Metonic cycle; a synchronization between solar & lunar energies. A lion & a dragon have alchemical significance (coniunctio). That's why I use dragon symbology

Is there a difference between dressing up as a demonic dragon for a #spiritual ritual and dressing up as a dragon as a kink?

#Magick, #Furries, #Vampires, Therians, & Identity:

#lgbtq #astrology #furry #occult

2 months ago

@bikeottawa Bike Ottawa, meet Glen and his canoe adjacent contribution in Victoria BC. #BikeTooter #Victoria #zodiac

Man on a bike is pulling a red zodiac inflatable boat. He is on a city street, a suburban neighbourhood on route to the ocean. If I remember correctly, he was very sweaty when he arrived. 
Vanessa (she/her)
2 months ago

I had a revelation last night that most mundane astrological analysis (mundane meaning the study of astrology affecting society) is lacking in historical materialism. Most of the astrology education being connected to history I've listened to & heard comes from Western thought, & whether knowingly or unknowingly, it follows the "Great Person" type of history, placing most of the responsibility on specific people who changed the course of history.

While I do think those people are relatively important, I believe that they are more of a reflection of the historical material conditions of the time they were in. Material conditions affect cultural changes in more ways than we give them credit for. Those movements were building, & those people embodied the energy at the time - some were at the top of the white supremacist patriarchal power structure, & therefore had the time & resources to undertake those endeavors.

This "Great Person" framework ends up lacking. It misses the material conditions, & instead presents a shallow framework for understanding history, which is then reduced to a moralistic framework & doesn't foster true understanding of history.

Astrology, more than anything, seems to bring events *into the consciousness of society*. If the event is timed, then society will take it up & blow it up & pay attention to it more & forces society to grapple with it. But this "Great Person" understanding reduces astrological analysis on a societal level to a shallow, moralistic framework. I don't think it's a coincidence that there were revivals of astrology now & also during the Civil Rights Movement. Astrology has a way of articulating a person, place, or a movement, & telling the story of them. It puts us into context of the greater story, & that awareness can inform us how to act in accordance with the greater whole. Other ways of knowing, outside of rational & positivist frameworks need to supplant current Western thought.

We are all acting out a story, we enter & exit that story at different times. We have personal stories, & societal ones. Astrology helps us tell them all. I feel that we need to deepen the historical materialist understanding of our stories in order to better understand how we all evolve together.

Of course, this is not to say that this work hasn't been done. There are people who have done this, & others that I probably don't know of. There needs to be more, though!

#astrology #astro #zodiac

Dr. Peter Ranzinger
2 months ago

🔮 Discover the Secrets of #AgileAstrology! 🌟

Did you know your #agile journey is influenced by the stars? Just like celestial bodies align, your #AgileTeam must align their efforts for success.

Is your team a fiery #Aries sprinting ahead, or a patient #Taurus, steadily plowing through tasks? Are you a #Gemini, embracing change like two #agile methodologies in one?

Comment with your agile #ZodiacSign below and let's unveil the #cheese together! 🚀✨ #AgileCheese #AgileMysteries #Zodiac

2 months ago

Libra Dragon of the cosmos ✨

Catch up on the Zodiac Dragons Collections here and the new calendar! ✨🐉✨

#digitalart #zodiacdragons #dragons #fantasyart #zodiac #libra

Libra dragon in space.

Remember when Mysterio, Iron Man, and the Hulk teamed up to stop the Zodiac Killer?

#zodiac #mcu

Vanessa (she/her)
2 months ago

This Aries Full Moon represents the first big step after the shift of the Lunar Nodes from the Scorpio ♏ / Taurus ♉ axis to the Libra ♎ / Aries ♈ axis, which occurred a couple months ago. I view eclipse season as the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one. This Full Moon is a preview for this eclipse season, revealing to us the whole-hearted desire to become more independent while maintaining healthy boundaries in our relationships. Whatever you started in April of this year when the last eclipse season was is now coming to fruition and culminating. Look back on what you started in April, and where it's going now. Are you excited about the direction it's going, or are you frustrated?

The South Node represents something that we already have established in the past, that we may have become reliant upon now. When we become reliant upon something, we take it for granted and unhealthy habits are crystallized. The South Node reminds us that we need to reconsider, and spend time re-working that part of our life to break up the crystallization and to enable more balance. With it in Libra ♎, this is about relationships and collaboration. We have friends and we have support, but have we lost ourselves in it? What is our identity apart from them?

The North Node represents something that we don't currently have that we need in our lives. It takes courage to strive towards it, because it's not necessarily something comfortable that we can just *do*. We have to work at it, practice it. It's clumsy, like something you did long ago and forgot about. We need the North Node to give us our direction - the eclipses are going to be in these axes for 1.5 years. There will be multiple chapters of your life on this axis. With the North Node in Aries ♈, this will push us to strive towards independence through enforcing boundaries in your relationships and purging co-dependent tendencies. This will allow us to have relationships that support our full autonomy, instead of a distorted, people-pleasing version of ourselves. Interdependence, not codependence.

Take some time and ask yourself this Full Moon what independence, and learning through doing, looks like for you. The House Aries is in also denotes where in your life you want to be independent. I'll post below the house combinations for each rising sign.

#astro #astrology #zodiac #scorpio #libra #aries #taurus #DancingWithTheMoon

2 months ago

Tyrannosaurus Zodiac glitter enamel pins is back in stock! I know some of you have been waiting for them - here they are! Fresh from the oven 👏

#zodiac #paleoart #dinosaur #merchandise #glitter #artist @djigr

2 months ago

Happy #Spring or #Autumn #Equinox to those who observe!

This month is my birthday & my art-iversary, so I painted the Virgo constellation to celebrate.

The Maiden is often depicted using a drop spindle, or just standing around benignly holding wheat. I have always thought that this constellation looked more like she was jumping for joy

#mastoArt #Watercolor #SciArt #Space #Stars #Virgo #Zodiac #Fall

Watercolor says "Virgo" with Virgo symbol in shiny purple letters. The constellation is painted with shiny purple circles sized to show which ones are the bigger stars in the constellation & which are smaller. White lines connect the stars. The constellation almost looks like a person is jumping for joy.
Kona Goodhart
2 months ago

I'm very drawn to the Temperance card, but, much like my zodiac sign of Aquarius, it is rarely rendered in a very interesting way. They're both kinda "gimmes" that no one feels passionate about. Who will care for the water bearers?

#tarot #zodiac

Fabrizio Musacchio
3 months ago

The war of the twelve #zodiac animals, #Japanese #handscroll, ink, pigment and gold on paper, #Japan, 17th-18th century. Depicts the #poetry contest of the twelve zodiac animals, the messengers of the Twelve Divine Generals (jūni shinshō) in the retinue of the #MedicineBuddha. Seen in the #Museum of #EastAsian #Art #Cologne.
#JapaneseArt #Folklore #JapaneseFolklore

Japanese handscroll showing The war of the twelve zodiac animals.
3 months ago
Vanessa (she/her)
3 months ago

Today at 1p PST, the Moon will shift into Gemini ♊. We will go from feeling solid, productive, & practical with an aversion to change in Taurus to feeling restless, in need of socializing, & change in Gemini. The Moon in Gemini will make us more curious & intellectual, wanting to reach out to friends & build interpersonal relationships. Take this opportunity to reflect on Mercury retrograde & how it feels different from Mercury being direct. Gemini is ruled by Mercury & therefore this energy will be brought to the forefront for the next few days.

Main Topics by Rising Sign:
♈ Aries - Daily communication, short-distance travel, siblings, relatives
♉ Taurus - Self-worth, possessions, what you do with your money
♊ Gemini - Self, body, appearance, character, vitality
♋ Cancer - Endings, karma, sorrows, afflictions, self-isolation & undoing
♌ Leo - Friendships, group affiliations, network of support
♍ Virgo - Career, public perception, actions taken in society
♎ Libra - Mastery, higher education, long-distance travel, philosophy of the self, religion
♏ Scorpio - Shared possessions, death, debt, taxes, invisible power structures
♐ Sagittarius - Committed partnerships (platonic, business, romantic)
♑ Capricorn - Daily task list, job, health, illness, service
♒ Aquarius - Children, creative self-expression, pleasurable pursuits romance
♓ Pisces - Home, family, private life, foundations

#DancingWithTheMoon #Moon #Astro #Astrology #Gemini #Zodiac

Perhaps you're having a lazy or chill #Sunday morning-- might be a good time to check out some of my collective #tarot and #lenormand readings on #Youtube.


If you're looking for messages for your #zodiac sign, check the playlists dedicated to shorts.

#Videos #BlackMastodon #Community #Cartomancy #Astrology

Obsidian Urbex Photography
3 months ago

📷 Casa Azul / Chalet Do Conde, Portugal

Upper floor room of an abandoned house, with beautiful molded plasterwork on the ceiling. The circular features had #zodiac symbols, which was an pretty interesting feature!

#AbandonedPlaces #UrbanExploration #Photography #Urbex #AbandonedHouse #Portugal #architecturephotograhy #Abandoned

A large abandoned room. It is white. The ceiling is high, with ribs and circles made of molded  plaster. At the far end is an open arched door to a balcony. There are lovely green trees outside
Same room, looking straight up at the ceiling. The circular features of the molded plasterwork features zodiac symbols
4 months ago

My pinned hashtags 2/

#science #Cats
#Astronomy #CatsofMastodon
#JWST #caturday
#COVID #Judaism (Disclaimer: I'm not Jewish) #Kabbalah
#Covid19 #Zohar #Zodiac

Greetings to all noobs on Mastodon!

5 months ago


I'm currently doing a super-casual series on the Chinese zodiac. It's based on the story of the race between the animals to get to Jade Emperor's castle, where he gives each animal a beautiful gift for their attendance.

I'm doing one in each in their corresponding year. I still have to do Rabbit but had some major mega glitches in the Matrix where I just couldn't get it done.


Jade Emperor gives Rat a Gift (2020) 

A digital artwork where a very happy, very humble and kind Jade Emperor is giving a small rat a gift. 

The background is softly done in shades of pink and green nebulous spraypaint-style.

Jade Emperor is in a dark green clothing with elaborate, stiriking embroidery highlights based off Chinese hanfu.  he wears a tall traditional hat with decorative beads falling from it. (I don't know all the technical terms, sorry!)  He's got silvery armor plates on his forearms.  He bends down on one knee to present Rat their gift, which is a brilliant red pillow on which is a tiny mint green rat-sized scarf.  

Rat is very gracious...a dark spot in the composition.  They cause a shadow from Jade Emperor's brilliance lighting the room in soft colors.

"Happy New Year!" is written floating in the air in red, in a delicate cursive font and "2020" is on the bottom right.
Jade Emperor gives Ox a Gift (2021).

The same humble and kind Jade Emperor from the Rat picture is here too. A nebulous pastel background sugests plants and large doorways to the outside.

Jade Emperor is is an elaborate dark green and gold outfit resembling Chinese hanfu.  

Ox is at his right (our left) and is appreciative of their gift...a beautiful cloak of pink flowers.  (I wanted a meaningful flower so think I made them plum flowers.) 

Ox blocks a portion of the light emanating from Jade Emperor.
Jade Emperor gives Tiger a Gift (2022).  

Jade Emperor appears again, this time in a slightly more casual/militant-style outfit based on a mix of ancient armor and hanfu.  The very soft background is more indoors and suggests lots of wood in the background and a glowing hanging lamp.  

Jade Emperor has presented Tiger with a luxurious, fluffy royal purple pillow on an elaborate dark green sort of cat-bed base.  Tiger licks their paw and has HUGE claws.  This doesn't bother the Emperor, he is still humble and kind and smiles that Tiger likes their gift.

The Emeror emanates a soft mint green aura.
5 months ago


I've made this #drawthisinyourstyle for my friend @domnamanolarou

#illustration #zodiac #DigitalArt #CharacterDesign

A woman with smalls horns and ears resembling a Capricorn is , siting inside a cracked egg, floating in space.
Jessie Nabein
5 months ago

I captured one of the Signs Of The Zodiac releases, Aries, from a reel-to-reel 7.5 IPS release. Unfortunately this capture is both flawed and incomplete, however the quality is very nice despite the flaws.

This is spoken word album about the Aries zodiac sign, with background electronic music by Mort Garson.

#MortGarson #Psychedelic #astrology #zodiac #aries #reelToReel #digitization #analogAudio #preservation #electronic #moog #synth #synthesizer

Retro Librarian
5 months ago

Cancers it's our time to shine!
Sydney Omarr’s 1969 June 21 Cancer Book.
#SydneyOmarr #astrology #zodiac #bookcover #books #booksofmastodon #libraries #retro #graphicart #1960s #retro #vintage #artwork #illustration

pop art work of a crab. Very colorful

have a cautious crab 🦀 and a glowing fish 🐟
(surely you can guess what it means)...

#artattack #artsy #digitalart #digitalcreatures #colors #zodiac

Retro Librarian
7 months ago

Taurus folks its your time to shine!
Sydney Omarr’s 1969 Taurus book.
#SydneyOmarr #astrology #zodiac #bookcover #books #booksofmastodon #libraries #retro #graphicart #1960s #retro #vintage #artwork #illustration

Taurus Book Cover
7 months ago

@bascule didn't #NeilStephenson publish #Zodiac quite a long while ago? It tells you how to perform various acts of #EcoTerrorism and does it with a great storyline as well!

Bo Jacobs
8 months ago

"In Photos: Egypt’s first complete Zodiac uncovered in Luxor's Temple of Esna"

#RespectfortheAncestors #Egypt #zodiac @histodons

Part of the colourful astronomical representation of the twelve zodiacal signs uncovered in Esna temple in Luxor. (Photos courtesy of Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities)
Logan Grendel (any pronoun)
8 months ago

A great conversation with a great person on the connection between the celestial and the mundane⚡️✨️ Please listen and share widely!
#astrology #witchcraft #activism #zodiac #jessicalanyadoo #LoganGrendel

Kristian Harstad
10 months ago

I play on the #piano the #theme from the #music #soundtrack to the #film #Zodiac.

I hope you enjoy it! 😁x

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10 months ago

Happy Lunar New Year of the Black Water Rabbit... or Cat, for those following the Vietnamese list! Here's an ink rabbit and cat I did as part of a zodiac series years back. May you go with the flow 🌊 to wonderful things! 🐇 🐈

Full series:

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Ink illustration of a rabbit with dark paws and streaks on the tips of its ears and back springing up from cloud-like forms. It seems to be looking back at the viewer. Handwritten text reads "The Rabbit"
Ink illustration of a spotted cat in motion. It curves against the left edge of the image, its tail curled up at the top right like a question mark and its head turned to right bottom right as if it is chasing something. Cloud forms float near its legs, following the direction in which the cat is turning. Handwritten text reads "The Cat"
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Please listen, follow and share! Astrology pro and top-tier human Jessica Lanyadoo and I go deep on unearthing all the sins of the US Empire as we discuss the Pluto Return currently underway.

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