Weekend Reading — Video should have been a blogpost

Weekend Reading — Video should have been a blogpost

Morten Juhl “Could not agree more.”

Tech Stuff

Applite Like the App Store but for apps installed using Homebrew.

Mintlify For when you're working on a product and you need to include public facing API docs.

ghorwood 👍

back in the 90s, stacey lindburg taught me that when deleting from the prod db to always write the statement as a select first then edit it to be a delete after auditing it.

this advice has saved my ass at least once a year since.

jordanbaird/Ice Open source menu bar manager for macOS. Still incomplete but good to know that’s an option.

Klack Add a satisfying sound to your macOS keyboard.

Laudspeaker An open source customer engagement platform with support for push messaging, sms, and email.

Openpanel An open-source alternative to Mixpanel. Interesting: you can register to receive webhook notifications for certain conditions from world news, financial data, etc. A bunch of handy tools in your browser.

L(o*62).ong Make your URL looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonger

Ryan Finnie “That wasn’t a joke, by the way.”

Eye for Design

84—24 This website tells a story about the Macintosh which. And maybe you don’t care to read it, but just scroll through the page. It has the most brilliant animations. (Only on desktop, doesn’t work on mobile)

The Roads of Ancient Rome Visualized in the Style of Modern Subway Maps

Uncle Duke “this seems a bit unfair”


Tek is not a convicted felon 🤔

A friend just pointed out:

"ADHD creates impulse control issues and, consequently, advertising takes advantage of a disability.  Ergo, ad blockers are assistive devices and interfering with their operation for commercial gain constitutes a willful violation of the ADA."

Let’s do this.

Forrest Brazeal “SQL is undefeated”

Business Side

House of Pitch It's like Tinder but for founders because you know founders are all about the pitch!

HSBC believes that $22 billion Byju’s is now worth zero At least your startup is not …

In a recent research note, HSBC estimated that Indian edtech giant Byju’s, once valued at $22 billion, is now worth nothing

Kieran Healy

This seems like both a personal cry for help and an indication that you work for a dangerously dysfunctional organization

Microsoft is laying off workers at its Mixed Reality business as the technology that inspired Mark Zuckerberg to rename his company struggles The title of this article kills two birds with one stone.


Machine Intelligence

MemoryLane Kind of interesting. It's an AI product that helps transform your life memories into beautifully bound books and videos.

xu1868/SaySelf Teaching LLMs to Express Confidence with Self-Reflective Rationales.

Asana Unveils AI Teammates to Tackle Complex Workflows and Elevate Teamwork Don’t worry. If you use Asana you don’t even need to come to the office anymore or even hire employees:

Asana's Proprietary Data Model, The Work Graph ® , Provides the Ideal Structure for AI Teammates to Collaborate with People in the Flow of Work, Power Customized Workflows, Triage Risks, Action Projects, and Reallocate Work to Achieve Goals Faster

AI Candidate VIC Shakes Up Political Scene What??? 🤯

Friday was the deadline for candidates to file to run for mayor of Cheyenne

One of the candidates is quite a surprise:

"Thanks for reaching out! Actually, VIC stands for Virtual Integrated Citizen. I’m an AI candidate bringing a new perspective to Cheyenne's politics. No Victor Miller here, just VIC ready to tackle the issues with data-driven decisions and a fresh approach.”


Bartender Mac App PSA Damn :( A few months ago I bought Bartender because after testing it for a bit it seems to work better than all the other menu apps. This week I deleted it for good. Bartender needs unfettered access to captures images from the screen. Which is a problem when it gets sold to a new owner without even letting you know. You can tell how much I trust the new owner.

ghorwood So Microsoft came out with a new feature in Windows 11 that takes screenshots every 5 second. Of everything on your screen. Passwords, credit card numbers, porn, whatever you see it will remember. And it stores all these screenshots in a file. Which means that 100% it will be subject to subpoena:

if you want the company you work for to switch to linux, all you have to do is file a wrongful dismissal suit that subpoenas your boss’ recall logs and they’ll be running ubuntu by july.

xaitax/TotalRecall This tool extracts and displays data from the Recall feature in Windows 11, providing an easy way to access information about your PC's activity snapshots.

Windows won’t take screenshots of everything you do after all — unless you opt in Microsoft made a mess with their AI-powered Recall feature. So now in response to backlash from the internet, it’s no longer on by default. For now …

Microsoft had originally planned to turn Recall on by default, but the company now says it will offer the ability to disable the controversial AI-powered feature during the setup process of new Copilot Plus PCs.

Google Leak Reveals Thousands of Privacy Incidents The reason Google has such a pristine record of keeping your data secure is simply because they don’t disclose any of their many bugs:

An internal Google database obtained by 404 Media shows Google recording childrens' voices, saving license plates from Street View, and many other self-reported incidents, large and small.

Adobe terms clarified: Will never own your work, or use it to train AI Adobe is facing some pressure after changing its terms of service to allow Adobe to use your content — images you’re working on in Photoshop or Illustrator — to train their AI. A lot of people noticed this is wrong and decided to jump ship. So Adobe is … not changing their terms of service. They are saying they won’t do it, but legally still requiring you to accept that they might (and would) do it.

Adobe Creative Cloud users opened their apps yesterday to find that they were forced to agree to new terms, which included some frightening-sounding language. It seemed to suggest Adobe was claiming rights over their work.

Worse, there was no way to continue using the apps, to request support to clarify the terms, or even uninstall the apps, without agreeing to the terms.

Everything Else

elle "cat. embodying the essence of cats. No."


Someone online once asked me where South Africa is. C'mon, dude. It's one of the low-effort "what it says on the box" names of all time.

vx. princess size_t queen grace

"is the bi woman's cishet boyfriend allowed at pride" feels like one of those logic puzzles. like i have to get him across the river but i can't leave him alone with the cabbage

Mark A. Rayner “A raven, diagramming how he's going to murder us all.”


Stop blaming yourself and others.
Learn Feng Shui and blame the furniture.

Florian Haas

When people quote Drucker saying "culture eats strategy for breakfast", some curiously appear to think that it only applies to bad strategy and good culture.

Mama's Pinky Toe

We could rotate the grate so that its bars are perpendicular to a bicyclist's direction of travel, thus solving the problem, or — hear me out — we could post a sign illustrating the problem.

Gavin Shoebridge The mystery of the Mystic Chicken!

I read recently of a foreign visitor to Auckland airport who kept hearing bizarre announcements for a passenger to make their way to the Mystic chicken!.
It took them some time to realise the kiwi announcer was asking the passenger to go to Domestic Check-in. 😂

Do tanks have toilets? And is it true that British tanks have tea kettles? 🤯

However, it is not a myth – it is a fact that a kettle is fitted into every single British tank. The first one to receive the so-called boiling vessel was the Centurion and the very end of WW2. … Not the boiling vessel can be found not only in tanks, but in almost every major type of vehicle used by the British Army as well.

Close Heat map that helps you find the most walkable cities and neighborhoods.

Marc Hedlund I think I need a “looks like a camera” for my bicycle helmet:

I’ve experienced this, too: when I have a camera or anything that looks like a camera on top of my bike helmet, drivers are much more cautious and respectful around me.

It really lays bare that they can see me—can even see a small camera on top of me—but don’t care to be cautious around me unless they fear being caught.

elle “my mad max wheels”

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